Thursday, October 24, 2013

The End

Ever watch the end of a movie first and say to yourself...huh.. that was kind of cool... I might have to watch the beginning now.... And while you are discovering the other 200 videos I have produced and the other two hundred essays I have written, seriously consider donating to me because I have a huge problem that needs money... I mean huge... I call it everyfuckingthing.... 


  1. It's coming...It's formulating in my mind.... I have not written one of my absurdist ranting articles in a really long time... I think about a year now... The well dried up because making fun of bullshit insanity was becoming unfunny the way someone who loves rain hates it in a flood and someone who loves the sun hates it in a drought... And this is how it works with me... A seed drops on my head and I allow it to sit in my hair and sprout... eventually the roots make their way into my mind and out it comes... blasting irreverence and incredulous astonishment at the insanity on TV and the internet seemingly designed by the type of pricks that think practical jokes are funny...

    So... stay tuned... coming soon... an over due rant of colorful imagery whacking the absurd on their knees with a ball peen hammer... Where will you be when it happens... I don't know but I bet in front of a screen of sorts... where were you when Kennedy died? Probably in front of a screen... and same with shuttles blowing up, 911 and Geraldo getting hit in the nose with a chair....

    See how it is beginning to flow again? Aren't you excited?