Thursday, October 17, 2013

Smart Sounding Things...

This is an educational video I wrote and produced in collaboration with Rob Hecimovich and The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. The young man is my son, that is me playing the Rod Serling character.

What kills me is how can I produce quality stuff like this and it has 16 views. What is this all encompassing black listing that stops my good works as if my feet were cast in cement?

I just keep creating despite the forces that obviously fear my success and stifle it. I can see my stats on this blog and most all the links lead to spam related crapsites. Some days I ignore my anger, other days I am livid at the people who run this world and destroy talented enterprising people's chances simply because opportunity is rationed out to nepotism and cronyism, those who join their lodges and swear oaths to their control grid.

We see these so called success stories and it is either people connected to the grid controllers or people oblivious to what that real evil does to society and how it will eventually swallow them whole the second their independent business gets big enough. Think about how many restaurants that became chains that the owner/pioneer suddenly came up dead and a corporation and stock holders ended up in the drivers seat? Or many other business enterprises.

So this morning I am livid as I play this video and know the reason I can't catch a break is because I know the game is rigged and by whom. People who meet in the woods and castles and lodges for rituals that would chill you to the bone. That's the reality of your world. Happy Halloween.

I finally decided what avenue of science this design best serves... An Ankle Bracelet for the criminal justice system... Now hang with me here... What I do is hoard education and teach pseudo science and other dumbing down trivialities that defy grooming children to have the tools to apply analytical thinking while simultaneously using the psychology of what is fun and easy and indulging base desires and promoting sloth... while making criminality look sexy and exciting... then I create caves with rocks in front of the doors to sentence people to stay there while instituting huge buildings with columns where men in suits and black robes will order punishments that are largely based in a monetary restitution... and Voila I am rich...

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