Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lie Then Lie Some More...

Why was I speeding? Ummmm... I was hoping to meet a hot lady cop?
Looking for love at first citation ... haha... Now that was good... Certainly you let clever people off with a warning...



    IF WE REALLY want to save America then we have to name the JEWISH names.

    Anything less is cover for the real culprits who are running our country into the ground.

    At the top of the food chain (to name a few) are Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs and Janet Yellen of the Fed who is the third Jew in a row to serve as chairman.

    Jewish Lobbies such as AIPAC, ADL, and Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, hang ALL the hacks on Capitol Hill on a Jewstring.

    Carl Levin chairs Senate Armed Services and Diane Feinstein chairs Senate Intelligence. Chuck Hagel and Mike Rogers are simply dupes of their Jewish bosses.

    The US State Department finds Jews in the highest positions of authority.

    The Chertoff Group, Anti-Defamation League, and Israeli Intelligence, run DHS.

    So next time some disinfo agents tell you that “Trilaterists” and “Globalists” run things in America…tell them “Ginsberg, Levin, & Feinstein” sounds more like a Jewish Law Firm.

    That’s the real problem.

    1. those words are from Brother Nathanial... a Jew turned Christian, which to me seems as suspect as anything and Chiarini who also is suspect as anything says it is John Landis in costume but... that is the way the Mossad slogan works... by deception we shall do war... if everything is a lie and only the Jews are privy to truth that gives them the power... and the truth is Jews lie about everything to benefit themselves and more than that... They want everyone but their small collective dead and gone...


    3. and by the way I have stated many times I believe the Luciferians control the Jews and that the Jews systemic way of running their clan allows for the Luciferians to sit back and benefit from this closed society that places materialism and power broker priority as their main goal, thus leaving the rest of us with our heads in the clouds to flounder around in a sea of ineffectuality....

    4. But that doesn't make sense Geno... Landis is a Jew...

      well, this again is my point... deception has 8 turns in the maze or more... what if Israel was never the goal? What if Israel was always meant to be sacrificed... what if America is the goal? What if all those fema camps run by Chertoff is meant for anyone who is not part of that tribe... and by the way, the Zionists ran the camps in Germany to kill off the true semite blood Jews and this will be an extension of that....

      And the worst part of all this is how stupid everyone has become... Handing over trust to those who can squash them at anytime... making excuses for everyone who will either drag them under when the SHTF or assisting the architects of it to become one of them when history shows there is no loyalty to the guard.... and worse yet, surrendering ethics and golden rule type philosophy is just wrong and criminal...

      If the lights are shut off on your life could the last thought be, I knew I stood for what was right for everyone and not just some, while striving to leave behind a message of strength through awareness... ?

  2. AnonymousOctober 15, 2013 at 6:51 PM
    The IMF is the 'gatekeeper" of the GCR? Apparently this woman does not know or understand that the IMF, BIS and Federal Reserve are all owned and controlled by the same individuals? The implementation and 'release' of the GCR is not being done for OUR benefit, but for THEIRS. Even in recent months behind the scenes activities have been operating for THEIR benefit, and STILL ARE. The FACT that the revalue HAS been completed BUT NOT RELEASED TO US is PROOF of this. IT WAS NEVER IN THEIR PLANS FOR YOU OR I TO BE ABLE TO EXCHANGE THE CURRENCIES, IN PARTICULAR THE IRAQI DINAR, PUTTING SOME EXTRA CHANGE IN OUR POCKETS. It is not in their plans for us to be able to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and especially to provide the ability to defend ourselves from their false flag events. The GCR is part of the plan for the final one world financial system. Unless and until the people of the world unite and completely withdraw from the BIS/IMF/Fed Res system, establishing a financial system for each nation separate and apart and unrelated to the IMF/BIS/Fed Res, the same - and worse - criminal activities against the people will continue by the exact same who are causing so much misery for us now. This means each nation and perhaps each state in the united States would establish private and/or state banks totally non-related to the BIS/IMF/Fed Res. The obvious goal here is to put these crooks permamently OUT OF BUSINESS, not able to continue to operate within their criminal system while they continue to steal from us Right now in the states the talk is that the Fed Res is being absorbed in to the UST!!! UST is all capital letters - that should literally wave huge red flags at you!!!! WHY WOULD WE WANT THIS - TO BRING THE FOXES IN TO THE CRIMINALS OWN HEN HOUSE???? OR in to the united States Treasury should it ever again be re-established. Do Americans not discern the truth of what is taking place here? THINK ABOUT THIS. WHICH BRINGS UP ANOTHER POINT - IF THE PRIVATE CORPORATION OPERATING AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOW DEFUNCT - THE CHARTER AND CORPORATION NOW ENDED - WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE WANT THAT PHONEY CRIMINAL BANANNA REPUBLIC 'GOVERNMENT' TO COME BACK FROM THE PHONEY SHUTDOWN AND CONTINUE TO WREAK SUCH HAVOC ON US? ROUND THEM UP - HANG THEM HIGH. They are crooks, thieves, murderers and everything we do NOT want in or for or in charge of this nation. Why on earth would we support their lies and criminal actions - 'obamacare' and all the other unlawful 'laws' they purpetrate upon us but not upon themselves???? This phoney 'government' is in shutdown - as it should be and continue to be PERMANENTLY - with arrests of everyone involved from the head to the floor scrubber and toilet bowl cleaner - all departments - all positions - they are all commiting fraud and criminal activites against We the People. Round them up and be permanently rid of them.

    1. I agree... Only difference is I sort of gave up on justice and was really hoping for a lucky break to get a few bucks and dig in to the side of a hill, as far away as I could get... Our so called good guys are either getting bought off, laid off or waiting in line for their lucky severance pay... Of course I am ashamed to give up on justice but I think I've done as much as I can do... Christ I'm a cartoonist not a cop or a soldier...

  3. "Alone in the Wilderness"

    Living like Dick Proenneke may be the only alternative left for us at this point. :)