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The Serpent Knows

The Trail of the Serpent
By Inquire Within

For some years a Ruling Chief of the Mother Temple
of the Stella Matutina and R .R. et A.C.
Author of " Light Bearers of Darkness "
"That which is above is like that which is below,
and that which is below is like that which is
above for the accomplishment of the wonders of
one thing.

" Its father is the Sun ; its mother is the Moon ;
The wind beareth it in the belly thereof ; the earth
is its nurse ;
It is the Universal Principle, the Telesma of the

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes.
"The Serpent, inspirer of disobedience, of insubordination, and of revolt, was cursed by ancient
Theocrats, although it was honoured among
initiates .

To become like unto Divinity, such was the goal
of the Ancient Mysteries. . . To-day the programme of initiation has not changed ."
OSWALD WIRTH-Le Livre du compagnon.
Boswell Publishing Co. Ltd.
Io Essex Street, London, W.C .2

IN 1871 General Albert Pike, Grand Master of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., wrote in Morals
and Dogmas:

" Among the early nations a wild enthusiasm and a sensual
idolatry of nature soon superseded the simple worship of the
Almighty God. . . . The great powers and elements of nature
and the vital principle of production and procreation through all
generations ; then the celestial spirits or heavenly host, the luminous armies of the stars, and the great Sun and mysterious, everchanging Moon (all of which the whole ancient world regarded,
not as mere globes of light or bodies of fire, but as animated living
substances, potent over man's fate and destinies) ; next the genii
and tutelar spirits, and even the souls of the dead, received divine
worship . . . the heavens, earth, and the operations of nature
were personified ; the good and bad principles personified became
also objects of worship."

Further, in New York, 15 August, 1876, at the Supreme
Council of the 33rd degree, he declared :
"Our adversaries, numerous and formidable, will say, and
will have the right to say, that our Principe Createur is identical
with the Principe Generateur of the Indians and Egyptians, and
may fitly be symbolised as it was symbol it was symbolised anciently, by the
lingae. . . . To accept this in lieu of a personal God is to abandon
Christianity and the worship of Jehovah and return to wallow in
the styes of Paganism."
In his book, Diem et les Dieux, 1854, Le Chevalier
Gougenot des Mousseaux gives an exhaustive account of
these many pantheistic, pagan, and phallic forms of
ancient worship .

Geno note: The parts that really jump out at me are the words. Telchine could easily be technology, as it pertains to magic, sorcery and illusion. Also Belytle could be Beatle as it pertains to

The Pagans
imitated the Beth-el of Jacob and consecrated them with
oil and blood, making them gods, calling them Betyles
or Both-al-Jupiter, Cybele, Venus, Mithras . The
greater part of the natural Betyles were the black
meteorites or fire-balls fallen from the heavens and
regarded by the Sabeists as heavenly divinities . These
meteorites were the Cabiri, and the Pelasgi-wandering
or dispersed men-were their most noted worshippers.
Further, in these Cabiri, even as in Sabeism, we
recognise the cult of the stars. Sabeism came from the
Principle of Unity transferred from the Invisible God toSABEISM . ELEUSIS AND MITHRAS

the God of Nature, the Sun-God ; then followed duality,
male-female, Sun-Moon, God-Goddess of Nature. This
passed on to multiplying the gods by the number of the
stars, and led back to unity. For, " soon all the stars
together were merely the God of Light, the God of
Nature, the God of Phenomena . . . everything was
emanation, each thing was God-part-of-God-Pantheism
was created ! " M. Creuzer held the idea that the Cabiri
of Egypt and Phoenicia, as well as the Pelasgic Greek
Cabiri (Japhetic), are the great Planetary Divinities
that is, the Gods of Heaven, universal gods, the many
gods in One which dominate air, earth, and the waves,
and they mingled with those of the Betyles . They were
always the seven Planets-Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun,
Venus, Mercury, and the Moon-which together with
the Earth formed the eight Cabiric Gods.
Having made the Creator the God of Matter the
God of Nature, his principal function was to produce ;
therefore, the organs of generation became the symbol
of divinity. The Stone took the form of the Phallus
and the Cteis, the Lingam-Yoni of India . Thus
Naturalism uniting with the Stone of the Patriarchs
became for the learned men of idolatry the Principe
Gene rateur of all things. As the learned converted
Rabbi Drach wrote

" Our fathers, sons of Sem, preserved in the sanctuary of the
Temple of Jerusalem the Beth-el Stone of Jacob, and in this Stone
they worshipped the Messiah . This cult was imitated by our
neighbours of Phoenicia, sons of Cham, who had a common language with us. From thence spread the cult of the Stones called
Betyles or Beth-el, which the race of Japhet called also lapides
Divi, divine or living stones, and these Betyles were similar to
the animated stones of the Temple of Diana in Laodicea, mentioned
by Lampridius."

Between the stone, tree, spring, or well a singular
and close alliance never ceased to exist ; therefore,
having enclosed their gods in Stone-Betyles, they then
enclosed them in Tree-Betyles, such as the ancient Oak,
with its spring, worshipped at the Temple of Dodona,

Geno note: So Stones and Beatles? The two groups created to pied piper a generation -- men worshipped as Gods, representing the new creativity...

Also if you follow the link and read you will see many words that should invoke a sychronicity with something you are familiar with today... Chaeldren...Children? 

So for those of you who condemn me for drawing the parallels of Luciferianism and Judaism, this book serves as exhibit A entered into court as admissable evidence showing the jury not only is this undeniable but plainly indicative of our dumbed down society who operate on simplistic soundbites that deny the very existence of proof positive of connections and conspiracies to a never ending plot against humanity...

"If you aren't with us, you are against us..."  George Bush Jr.

Again we find the
Betyle under the oldest form, that of the Egg, the universal germ of all things, and often along with it the
Serpent of the dual forces of life . The combined result
of all these forms was Pantheism. Man then sought to
manipulate this divinity, these dual forces, and by magic,
incantations, and evocations the people were seduced and
led astray. Further, the Cabiri, Cybele and Atys, Venus
and Adonis, Isis and Osiris, Ceres and Iacchus, were
represented in all places by the Phallus Betyle, and as the
bases of all their myths are so strikingly connected, one
cannot fail to see under the diversity of names the same
personification of Nature, celestial and terrestrial-the
Universe-therefore material god.

The most ancient of these God-Titans or Cabiri was
Axieros-Unity, the Demiurge, the Creative Principle ;
from him proceeded Axiokersos-Axiokersa--duality of
the generative principles, Heaven and Earth : from this
duality came forth Cadmillus, Eros or Hermes, thus completing the Cabiric Trinity in Unity. In the more debased

forms it was the cult of the lingae and the deification of
sensual and erotic desires . Moreover, in their feasts the
passions of the people were often set on fire only to be
extinguished in orgies and bacchanalias impossible to

In the ceremonies, des Mousseaux says, the Cabiric
priests united themselves so closely with their gods that
they took their names, numbers, and attributions, and on
solemn occasions even gave up their own personality ;
also if the cult demanded it, they imitated them in exact
mystic mummery. Further, General Albert Pike writes
of these Cabiri

" The little island of Samothrace was long the depository of
certain august Mysteries . . . . It is said to have been settled by
the ancient Pelasgi, early Asiatic colonists in Greece, the Gods
adored in the Mysteries of this island were termed Cabiri, called
by Varro, `potent gods-Heaven and Earth,' symbols of the
Active and Passive Principles of universal generation. . . . In
the ceremonies was represented the death of the youngest of the
Cabiri, slain by his brothers, who fled into Etruria, carrying with
them the ark that contained his genitals ; and there the Phallus and
the sacred ark were adored."

"Geno note, so you see the Ark contains a dismembered Penis thus explaining the Phallus symbol as the subject of the pagan/satanic/luciferian/khazar.Sabbatean (to name a few) worship... and how "the egg" being the germ of all things and the ark being female as holding the penis in its womb...

Those of us who are Beatle fans always heard the rumors of their associations with Alistar Crowley who was a Satanist, John Lennon admitting to being led through "Felliniesque orgies" and in Mind Games, "some kind of druid dudes, lifting the veil"

And Paul McCartney rumors of being indoctrinated into the hidden cult and his hints and clues...

Just a few of the many strange coincidences? Not likely...

Red lights, green lights, ummm... Christmas... Paganist colors?

I shall return to reading now, thought you might like to get up to speed also...


  1. My salamander? Paul Sings... another hint to reptilian? In my green metal suit I'm preparing to shoot up the city? Reptilian Alien invasion?

    In their film help, the plot is blood sacrifice...

    This book, the trail of the serpent... published in London in 1936... holds many of the unknowns---- and the fact that these few connections to modern day ICONS and TERMS jumped out at me within the first chapter, and like the dust that sits on a table top that sits on a planet packed full of secrets-- yet to be revealed, something tells me, when I finish reading this book, I am going to be much much wiser...

  2. Thanks for the link Geno. Goes well with one I read recently, (Cults Of The Shadow) which mentions Wisconsin and a person I actually knew on page 188.

    I read this for research purposes, I believe they are mixing fact with fiction.

    1. Thanks... The truth is horrifying... bone chilling and it leads to real life experience... One gets through this by asking for divine protection... and repeated abuses that eventually desensitize and make one stronger... but one has to go through the fire to come out a warrior...

      We cannot fear what could happen, we have to simply fight for what is right and know death is as natural as air...

      Those who have worked for the Imortality technologies are scared to death that there really is a judgment day...

      Can you imagine a mind that has no trouble believing that Earth is all there is to life or life is all there is to life that they have to invent a way never to leave it...

      but they can't wrap their minds around the idea that their soul... their life force actually can move on after death...

      and perhaps they do believe it and like I said, are scared to death of accountability for their crimes against life...

      I simply don't know but I sure and hell will take death the same way I jumped out of an airplane... hoping for the best...