Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stone Wall...

Okay so Fukishima wasn't the best alternative, let's try Louisiana...

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    I got hunted down by an American intelligence agency

    Jim Stone, September 24 2013

    I have been forced to use Starbucks and other locations because they keep killing the cell modems, and an American intelligence agency took advantage of this and hunted me down with the IP location.

    The first thing they tried to get me to do is speak out agains the Mexican government, which I have nothing against. This backfired, all I said was Mexico is a lot better than America is now.

    The agent then went on to try to find out exactly where I used to live in America and how I got down here, in my own words, and I bluffed with B.S.

    The agent tried to dig and get whatever information out of me he could. And I now know what the agents are told to justify going after me. They are told I am a drug lord and I need to be investigated. THEY WERE AMERICAN, NOT MEXICAN.

    I then, when I figured out they were taking a narco/drug approach told the agent that I was a journalist, and showed him the web site. I could see a state of shock, like I had busted a lie he had been told (compliments of his compartmentalized clearance). I then showed him the picture of reactor 3, and said I was the one who uncovered the truth about Fukushima, and that is why he was sent, to try to build dirt on me enough to get Mexico to order an extradition. At this point he said that I was going to wreck his world, he could not believe it. I then went on to 911 topics and showed him the video of building 7. He had been told everything got destroyed by the collapse of the towers, and when he saw the video of a seemingly pristine building 7 falling, he was blown away.

    I then showed him the crater flight 93 left and asked him where the wreckage was, and why did the forest not catch fire and the grass not get burned. I showed him a few other 9/11 things and he then popped the question - who controls the world, CHINA? And I said Israel. And he got pissed. And I said, Israel, the Rothchilds, the British crown and the U.S. control the world, with Israel being the key player. He was spitting nails and I said, you know, Israeli control over America is an open joke there, so much that they have telephone ads like THIS - and I showed him the obama/netenyahoo phone ad where Netenyahoo was the master and Obama was the obvious suck up b*tch. And I said, if Israel is so aware of their control over America that they can sell phone service with an ad like this, what does it say about them?

    And that got him thinking.

    I think I wrecked an agent. I breached too many compartments in his security clearance. I obviously woke him up.

    But despite this, I need to give a heads up:

    An American intelligence agency, I don't know which one, is following me in Mexico trying to dig up a reason to destroy me

    This is NOT being done by the Mexican police. This agency is operating outside of its jurisdiction. And If I vanish from the web, you now know why.
    I know I put a crimp in the plans to take me out, because they thought they were sent to nail a narco and instead got a journalist Only one agent spoke with me, but there were at least two others, possibly more. People in intelligence agencies tend to be really good people, and I know I slowed them down. But what will happen next? I know the answer.

    If I succeed in fending them off with the truth, the people who deceived them to begin with will just ramp up their efforts and hire evil people, known to be evil, to do the job of getting rid of me even if it once again comes down to killing me.

    This is a heads up to my readers - something is seriously amiss down here in Mexico for the first time ever, and I know exactly why - because I brought up the topic of Fukushima too hard again and rammed it down Israel's throat. They can't argue what is here, and their only option then is to get rid of me. They failed with the defamation, the intimidation, and with destroying my business and are now left with no options other than direct physical action.


  1. Jim Sone writes: A convergence of logic

    Keep in mind this is a prediction, not stated fact, and predictions are a dime a dozen. I never state predictions with much weight, only as something to watch out for. Some people were confused by this.
    I can't get fancy with this because I do not have time, but a convergence of logic, putting together messages from various people I have received over the last year point to this:

    They are going to blow the Hoover dam, blame it on American Al-ciada from Kenya, say it triggered a nationwide blackout which they are having a drill for soon, and then do a huge crack down on the people. If there is an upcoming event of dread, logic says this will be it.

    An update on the situation

    I am not able to do articles right now because they kill the cell modems immediately and I can no longer safely use Starbucks or other locations with the laptop. I am sporadically using public internet cafe's with lousy computers and incompatible Mexican keyboards configured randomly that take forever to figure out because they all came out of different garbage piles, so things are really inefficient in the short time I do have. At least this computer has a good screen, but the keyboard, UGH.
    For those of you who have ordered Fukushima reports, they are all printed and I have two remaining above and beyond orders. I will send these out shortly.

    Please look up Kenya Photographer hoax, seriously, NO WAY IN HELL could that have been done. If they did kill people in Kenya, the Mossad did it and ran around with a camera telling people how to pose. Perhaps they would get away with it there.

    This situation I am now in is going to be expensive. Help is really important now. We may have to leave the country and seek out one that is unfriendly to the U.S. and zionist interests to get through this. Since my mails are censored, Farganne will help you get through. IMPORTANT: Despite Farganne receiving offers of help, none are making it to my own mail boxes. This means things are whacked. If you received a response to an offer of help, I did not get it and the response came from someone else. Furthermore, other previous offers suddenly fell dead. Intelligence agencies will do that when they are about to nail someone to deny them the ability to get what they need to flee or defend themselves. Please visit the facebook page if directly mailing me fails, and remember, all donation offers are on the log page, if your offer is not there, I did not receive it. I cannot give out my plans, but they will cost a fair amount.

    1. A message from my wife

      I have kept a lot of my life secret for protection, including the fact that I am married. I am far more tied in down here than even the "intelligence" agency realizes. Heads up, there is an information based sampson option that will go in place if anything happens to me or my wife, even if you get us both.
      The message from my wife follows:

      Please consider while reading this that English is not her primary language.
      I have been more than half of my life helping others, most of that time as a volunteer in my church and I have been dealing with all kinds of people, from the lower up to the higher levels of the society. Many people with a high level of awareness - but I have well learned that most of the people live in a false world, convinced of a false reality, a world made by the most evil people of this world.

      Also I have well learned that at the end it doesn't matter if you are aware of the real world and the real evil, what matters here is what you do to change and improve the conditions of this decadent society. Did you make any difference or not?

      Without taking into account all the different races, colors, religions, political beliefs, social class, countries, education, etc., HUMANITY IS ONE, and is composed by mostly by innocent and decent people, this is why I am convinced humanity deserves to survive, this is why every morning I wake up and have a hope that this day I will make a positive change.

      I have been under attack lately because I work with study techniques to help kids with study difficulties so they can overcome their own barriers and learn and think by themselves. I feel some times hopeless but every time I see the smile of a kid, every time a kid looks at me saying "I got it", every time a kid says to me thank you for making a change into me, every time something like that happens I think that is worth enough to keep going and make a little change in the society, may not be much, but at least is something. I ask to myself: doesn't all those kids deserve to at least have a decent future?


    2. I know by reliable sources (many years before I read your web site), that all what you say is true, is hard to believe but is true. All what you say in your web site about evil people, security agencies, fake and created wars, "natural disasters" (not natural at all because they are created artificially), and an endless list of unbelievable stuff like "Big brother", the administration of pain-drug-hypnosis on the army and secret and security agencies staff, introduction of vaccines and Psychiatric drugs (I call them like that because they don't cure, they just make you lose your sanity) into the society, and more; all that is just the face and a blurry reflection of the real evil.

      All the evil people you see in the show, they are just puppets, the real evil people are few and are covered and unknown and what they want is a "perfect society" where people can be completely controlled, where every one is a machine made of meat and bones, without intelligence to think, to take decisions, to see clearly if something is right or not, without feelings, dreams, faith and hope. A society where if you are out of control you are dead.

      Evil people try to destroy everything that seems to be a threat (because they are convinced of what they are doing is completely right), they don't hesitate to take out of their way any one who brings the truth and try to make it known, they will wreck our lives and back stab the image of us just to make sure nobody trusts us.

      Sometimes I think maybe people like us do not deserve a decent life. It is not true, even if many times seems hard to keep this web site, even if many times you don't have enough to make at least the most basic good life, even if you live under threat every day, with out a life sometimes and may be the life seems to not be fear with us, IT IS NOT TRUE (I have been in those shoes for a while). I want to ask you: how many millions of kids and innocent people did you save because your web site exists? That my dear Jim is the most decent life somebody can have.

      I want to thank all the people who have been supporting you and who are supporting you now, for keeping you and your web site alive and as I say here, literally alive, they don't just feed you, all those kind people are keeping you saved; very deep on my heart thank you.

      Also I want to thank them because in one way or another they are in the same fight, shoulder to shoulder with you, providing you important information and evidence; every time they click or link your web site, for being patient when evil people try to make a damage in your web site. Thank you for all the possible ways you have contributed to make the truth known.

      I know that we have, in the opposite side of us, the most evil people existing in the world, but as far as we see kids smiling and decent people around us, is worth enough to keep fighting for a future where humanity can have feelings, goals, dreams and hope.

      Have a great, great life! God is with you and your effort

    3. to be clear these comments are by Jim Stone and his wife...regarding the fact their lives are indanger in Mexico....