Sunday, September 15, 2013

Missing Scum...

Welcome to Psychoville... Next exit. Somewhere in America, somewhere between a rock and a sane place. Where sock puppets get lost and never found. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sounds, that saved an etch a sketch like me. Where cowards censor brilliance and deny their fellow man equal opportunity to shine. Jealous of decency. Envious of fond memories. Hateful of those who weren't hated and hurt. Seeking revenge on the innocent. Souls as soiled as diapers on the incontinent that litter the continents, clinging to power like filth on an unclean ass. Time to wash you away, wash you clean from the planet Earth. Scum go bye bye...

1 comment:

  1. Poor and struggling keep your hands in your pockets, you do enough as it is. Those who reside within the parameters of say upper middle class or better, I would like to introduce you to a secret that will make you richer.

    See the mystery link above... I have discussed this with the Gods... They promise a tenfold return. ;)