Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yeah It's Like That...

God provides what we need, not what we want.... He provides us with what he feels he needs you to have for higher goals so the blanket statement that God wants us to have this is intensely self serving and presumptuous of a God whose ways are not for any man to know... God quite clearly stated a rich man has as much chance of getting into heaven as a camel has of passing through the eye of a needle. It is Luciferianism that has run this planet with "currencies" to empower some men over others and to elevate their religion of man as God and do what thou wilt...Babylon itself is of Revelation... Pure Luciferianism... NOT the good God, the fallen angel wannabe...

I want this as much as anyone and can rationalize my desire for riches as what good I will do with it just as any man or woman can justify what contradicts the word of God as written in the Bible... But at least I can know my own hypocrissy and the lies I am telling myself... I want it because I want it and I am one of the many sinners Jesus died for and nothing more. To elevate my importance and insult God that he wants us to have a currency revalue is pretty pathetic.

sent to dinarrecaps, doubt they will post it...way too mired in their Godly self adulation and pious justifications of greed.

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