Monday, August 12, 2013

Wishing Gits It Done....

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
- Jim Rohn
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  • Geno Kalmes didn't know "wishing" was part of the success equation... wishing wells..wish bones... shooting stars all approved means of achieving goals? Can I wish I knew this 50 years ago, get my wish and be a very successful 2 year old and have a way better life than this one?
  • Geno Kalmes lol...Robert knows I am just being funny... you have to admit the idea of wishing one is better is almost treasonous to the usual wealth guru mantra of working for it, positive thinking, etc. To me it sets up a very comical premise... the wish method... which in a way is sort of like "the secret..." which is another convenient way for the wealth controllers to herd people into the One world Luciferian new age religions that fill stadiums.... if I own power... what better way to control the people than to reward their materialistic dreams for following a dogma prescribed by the power controller... if you read all email and listen to all calls and a huge computer analyzes all data and the entire societal control grid of secret societies and policing mechanisms can chum up to you anywhere at any time and convince you of synchronicity because they know what you are thinking from your very own algorithms... if you don't believe me have you noticed your computer or phone knows when you are shopping for something? either by sound or text? well that all works to the global one world dictatorship that convinces people that a magic filters through the air to reward them for one world thinking while punishing individualism as anti it takes a village... Hitler once said, if you get the women, you get the children... and Freud and Edward Bernays, along with people like Aldous Huxley told us we would come to love a servitude we should never come to love, simply by rewarding all the wrong behaviors as right behaviors... Man as God.... do what thou wilt.... so yes I find the idea of a sports commentator invoking wishing as some sort of proverb as both funny and wickedly sly...
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    • Ezra Law Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up first.
      "bad santa".
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    • Geno Kalmes Rohn started his professional life by working as a stock clerk for Sears. Around this time, a friend invited him to a lecture given by entrepreneur John Earl Shoaff. In 1955, Rohn joined AbundaVita and became a distributor of the company's product line.
      In 1957, Rohn resigned his distributorship with AbundaVita and joined Nutri-Bio. It was at this point that the company's founders, including Shoaff, started to mentor him. After this mentorship, Rohn built one of the largest organizations in the company. In 1960 when Nutri-Bio expanded into Canada, Shoaff and the other founders selected Rohn as a Vice President for the organization due to his performance.
    • Geno Kalmes There are two major social evolutions happening at once... those psychologically engineered and those that are a natural by product (mutation) of the system... certain people own the wealth and power constructs and free enterprise is the basic game given to everyone else... which contains favoritism, cronyism, nepitism, secret order collaboration, black market and even cottage industries of governmental control such as prison industries... so this Rohn guy is a real go getter selling products and an attitude that achieves and succeeds... and this phenomena could be either or or both... a natural development of capitalism... success selling success... and or... the Edward Bernays/Tavistock psychologies that were used to sell Wheaties and Wars... often times a guy like Rohn shows up on the scene "before" social engineers understand how motivational speaking has many uses to lead the people... and within our capitalistic system we have boom and bust cycles based on the controllers need to give to get which leads to inches eventually garnering miles... when the stock market crashes, a Buffet or Soros working for the elite, come in and buy the bargain basement stocks and then own even more... depressions cause people to sell off and use up... and the distance between the dominant and the subservient grows in divide... and for all the talk of unemployment or welfare there are facts such as there not being a billion jobs for a billion people... at least not within this system.... this system feeds on boom and bust and this creates maybe a hundred million jobs for a billion adults.... so the controllers know controlling is way more important than money... they already control the issuance of currency so they control boom and bust so they know it's just digital numbers to give people welfare to keep a huge section of society complacent and feeding other cottage industries of control like giving law enforcement something to do... add crack and meth to the unemployed and black market drug trade and prison industry and of course poor people who volunteer for military jobs... the heirarchy is purposeful and not accidental... Mind you, we chose to uphold our foreign debt all the way back in the Constitution at usury interest rates so every dime in income tax services that endless debt and NOT services such as roads or schools or even welfare...other taxes service those things... although thats not really true either when he who controls the numbers on the computer controls the world... so all the motivational speakers in the world and all the rah rah positive thinking only serves a few who are willing to work their asses off for the moments between boom and bust when the illusion of success in commerce serves the most important mind trick of all... that the individual is solely responsible for the individual... and yes he is but within this system... this system knows the individual is actually the means of wealth production and that is why the corporation of america trades our individual personhood... birth certificates on the stock exchange as commodities... and how they own us based on a game very few know the actual rules to... when our parents sign our birth certificates they sign a contract that uses admiralty law... the law of the seas as opposed to man on the land... and after 7 years when no one claims the body.... you are lost at sea.... you are a CORPSE and the CORPORATION then owns you and your strawman capital LETTERS you on your license and paper work is the person they have accept their contractual obligations and ownership when you as a man on the land... with "inalienable rights" has no idea that you are owned and controlled by NOT knowing HOW and WHY the state holds power over you.... holds your personhood as their commodity.... that value is the true value of all wealth.... labor, life, consumption.... not gold or silver or oil... you.... they know you are their ticket to ride... and they trick you into signing over your children from day one... FACT.... so all that energy trying to be a Rohn or a Tony Robinson would better be served freeing oneself from the trick... the con... the contract needs to be torn up because it is a con...

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