Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ice Crib

You may watch this simply for what it is... An incredible record of a stunningly brilliant and perfect engineering feat from decades before you might have thought possible... Or you let your imagination wander all around this mind blowing effort. Let's discuss money... well... when there is a heirarchy that controls the printing of money, money really isn't an issue. So this shows that that power was solidly in place and dispatching it's magnificent control grid all over the planet and building beneath us to... do... what? Experimentation of all kinds and think about it... No one will peek over your shoulder here.

What else does this make one think about? Remember the 1950s SciFi classic The Thing? Hollywood was immediately using reality as fiction and how many of you know what the Nazis and the Thule society is? While you are googling that also google the Nazis and the Vrill Society and Inner Earth. And what the heck, Dulce New Mexico under ground base. Hopefully your fingers and your brain will explore what your fellow man has been up to while most are watching FRIENDS reruns.

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