Saturday, June 1, 2013

Writing on the Wall...

I really want to delete everything I have on the internet. I have been thinking about it for quite a while. All the videos, all the blogging... Especially this blog since it is like wearing another man's knickers.

Much of it has to do with wanting to cut off the past. Mine certainly...and that miserable history we are attempting to share to the so called sleeping herd.

There are so many reasons and excuses that contribute to being unhappy about this world and my own life and blaming myself is exactly what the elite loves to get away with. Blaming the people for floundering around in a polluted sea that they created-- not us... I actually believe the answer IS --TO BLAME THEM-- and not ourselves...

And yet, it makes me unhappy to continue on this path... I have a massive amount of work that essentially is about a starving/striving artist who makes lemonade out of lemons and yet is often responsible for more lemons than a person should have in stock... For example... No one can argue, certainly not me that gambling has not helped me at all... Although I use it as a plot point in this reality TV program, and it is an issue that deserves the light... it is just one of many problems that needs a clear logical real face off... and taking the bullshit by the horns.

In some ways I made a name this passed decade on the internet but vibrationally I know I am walking a thin line as to whether this effort flowers or dies on the vine. We all know how a TV series gets old and sticks around too long. Well, I need to do what a restaurant in trouble needs to do. Close and regroup, and plan on a re-opening under new management.

I like the 10 people give or take who are contributing and could see a slick blog using the talent to contribute regularly. For example, I post On Monday and Graham on Tuesday and Hugh on Wednesday and Wanda on Thursday. And on through the week. That would give each of us time to spend a week really getting together a professional article with visuals.

And of course a new blog Address...

I want to finish the work I started but it all needs re-editing. The videos, the books, the music, the blogs... Right now I have some good work that could be great work but the volume is suffocating the possibilities.

It's recognizing the writing on the wall.


  1. Thank you... i would positively be down with that.

  2. Very clever video BTW... couldn't share it to F.B. though, it needed a thumbnail and some other stupid something or another.

  3. if people want to, Timbo, KMB, Klondike, Valdi, whomever, we can get together on a skype call and discuss stuff, brainstorm... if someone wants a week off, maybe we have alternative writers... maybe the most rational of us acts as an editor to maybe take it to a more professional... I am thinking Graham... but...?

    1. actually I shouldn't saay gambling hasn't helped me, there has been a few moments such as the day I hit 4 jackpots I paid off 4000 dollars of back child

      Lump sums rule!

    2. "Be glad there's one place in the world where everybody knows your name"...!

    3. that's funny...

      I used to bartend at this Italian hole in the wall and the bar was a square.. surrounded by 4 sides of mafiosos... geno... geno...geno...geno... get them a drink... get sal a drink... buy that paisan a drink... geno...geno...geno....

  4. Geno,
    Do what you have to do if that means starting all over from a clean slate.
    You share the most intimate parts of your life with total strangers, especially the losses you experienced in your life, for whatever reasons, that coincided with the social engineering concocted by the Rockefeller bunch.
    I can’t help but notice the great loss all of you, your beautiful wife and your adorable son, must have experienced. Is there any way that you can mend whatever that went wrong and go back to the innocent time for all of you to be reunited?
    Life is like writing; we keep revising and rewriting what we wrote over and over. At least that is what one of my English professors said in the university I attended.
    Go for what you were born to do. You are the man.

    1. I know it's confusing but the video of mother and child is 21 years old. My son is 24. No going back without a time machine. I consider myself a film maker since that is what I studied in college. So I take stuff from real life and frame it, edit it and put a slant on it. No budget production... but if people are into the idea of a communal blog it would allow me to do less and still maintain an effort.

      And thanks for the very nice surprise I just saw in my email. :)

    2. It was a little Band-Aid while the waiting game continues.
      It sounds like IQD and VND will revalue before USD tanks, so when the value increases, I am thinking about buying some Indonesian Rupee and Chinese Yuan and not keep too much USD. I am not going to cash in all of the IQD and VND until USD resets. I am also concerned about the banks is the US, and if not where? John said St. Kitts and Nevis to hide our assets under a trustee, but how is it better, given that those islands are part of the British Commonwealth. What’s wrong with holding those money in our own possessions and cash only what we need?

    3. “PTB; Couple weeks back I conveyed to you that starting in June, Iraq would begin a currency reform program. I believe you interpreted and reported that as June 1st. The CBI announced just couple days later the same project implementation. This is still the case and this coming week you'll start to see the first steps being realized. I want to caution though : I'm NOT talking here about a full RV of the IQD. Just the start of the CBI stabilizing the rates . This is a BIG DEAL because till now the CBI did not have the necessary protocol and authority handed to them .
      This will still be a long process with many steps in the way . Eventually, Yes the end means is real rates the IQD will hold.
      The one item of importance for the average investor to grasp is that as this process unfolds, YOU will be asked to exchange your notes for the new currency. YOU will be given a small window of time to do that until the old notes will become just "paper".

      john2 June 2013 02:27
      Agreed, with Dinars and others, confusion rules and too many Blog gurus are fueling expectations. Be sure that the key Financial Comptrollers will work in their interests, not yours.
      Note, FIRST, they will make you switch to new IQD.
      Many will miss it and be left holding worthless paper.

      Second, no one guaranteed a fast get rich easy ride. It may be a long hold waiting for market forces to appreciate the currency.

      Correct, stage one will be switching or losing. Then maybe to sit and wait again.
      I hold Zero Dinars. We don't Forex speculate. Seen way too many disasters happen.

      Cliff L2 June 2013 06:56
      What is all of this? Is EVERYONE part of one huge mind screwing of the people of this planet?

      One day we are told everything on track and then the next day...yes you are entering into speculative nonsense! No one promised your Walmart loser arse anything.

      All you people at the top...especially those character who one day act like they are working for good then turn around like some deranged stalker and act like they are your enemy ...make me sick beyond words.

      The entire lot of you are sick, evil and twisted!
      ...and you ALL know who you are!

      Cliff L2 June 2013 08:06
      Nice try, perhaps you need to hide away the obvious to survive in the sick world we live in but not. I know deranged behavior when I see it. I know when someone behaves in a bipolar type manner. I know when someone demonstrates contempt for 99% of the populace of the planet just because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

      Fact is, some will put away their own standards and belief system to get what they want even if it means coddling those who can't relate in any way to their lifestyle and show nothing but contempt for them.

      I will leave it there and wont say another word. I really don't have more to say about all of this. I think for normal thinking people, it's all very apparent!

    4. wow... they published Cliff's rant but blocked Hugh?

      Cliff got in long enough to spike the ball off the devil's head....

      Listen to his words... yes... bipolar and he has bragged to me how much of a pivotal role he plays in all this with the ownership of the trading program and directly working with the Pentagon to trade the GS.... and now he says that "the key Financial Comptrollers will work in their interests, not yours."

      Wow, slippery as it gets.

    5. Wow... listen also to his words: born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The truth is always right in front of us, we fail to see it till it's too late.

      Paper, or linen if you will, is not precious, gold is over rated... that leaves, what?

    6. food and happiness which means family if you can keep them from ingesting synthetic drugs at the high school party...

    7. It's early, but I can only assume that canauzzie is probably thinking the same thing as Cliff but doesn't want to piss off his meal ticket so he let this rant ride. Ole canauzz starting to think those dinars riches slipping thru his fingers? And you're right, my comment and question was tame compared to that even tho, if I'm to be honest, I can't recall what it was. Sixies & seventies were a helleva time to come of age. Thxs Tavistock for the good times. lol

      We've got a ticket to rant, we got ticket to rant rant rant, we got a ticket to rant and we don't baby don't care...

    8. I'd rather have them ingesting drugs for fun and experimentation than have some fraud in a white coat pimp them into taking them daily. Prohibition only creates demand. Guess who knows that?

    9. you obviously don't have loved ones addicted to meth and crack... meth 100% addictive and made from drano and lye and by freaks in a shed in the woods...

      Ecstasy proven to pokes holes in the brain....

      Crack that makes people's heart stop and faint and crack their heads open....

    10. Wanda - Drugs should be out of the question from Day 1 of a childs life, and emphasized strongly. Experimenting is how all with drug problems began. Or by someone else tricking them, by spiking.
      I lived and worked in Calif. for one year. Worked at Autonetics Div. of Hughes Aircraft as a secretary.
      I worked with a nice group in my Section.

      Had a goodbye party for one of them which I attended. I did not drink, but had one socially. Next thing I knew I was in the bathroom falling into the bathtub, skunked. One of my 'nice group' had spiked my drink with something horrible, so bad that I was worthless for the entire weekend.
      I quickly told them on Mon. morning that I would never attend another party; don't invite me.

      Moral of the story is....DON'T hang out with idiots, even when they pretend to, or appear to 'be such nice people'. Never let anyone bring you anything to drink in an open glass, or take your eyes off what you ingest. PERIOD.

    11. If it were Sophie's choice it would be a lot easier.

      I'm all in for de-crimilization but also for strict controls regarding underage kids intent on taking irreversible mind altering drugs like meth, crack, etc.

      What that age might be remains open for debate...

    12. And yet, it is proven that legalizing drugs takes the desperation out of them in places where it is okay to do them... like Amsterdam (used to be)... and i do have a brother in prison, from the legal drug, Alcohol, but society also made him into a heroine addict. And... my son and i have a friend currently battling heroine addiction, hell of a nice guy too, it is painful for him and to watch him go through it. Do you know, they could put him in a hospital or hospice and taper him off the stuff slowly in just a few days, but instead they give addicts Methadon, which is worse by huge degrees... much more harder to kick. And i've known many heroine addicts in my day and any one of them will tell you that nicotine is harder to kick.

    13. And i've known many drug dealers in my day... not a one of them that marketed to kids. Who does that? I think you know the answer to that.

    14. Personal experiences can cloud our perceptions... we should watch for that. Proper education is the key... and a moral society. You used to be able to buy heroine, cocaine and cannabis right in your local pharmacy not too long ago in America. You didn't hear of a huge epidemic of addiction then, did you?

    15. Abby, i so disagree with your position. I am for freedom. I will be the one to decide what i do with my body. The only valid laws and prohibitions are these: do no harm and cause no loss to another.

      We have to change society, not bring a crap load of rules and regulations into the scene... that's how we got so jacked up to start with. I don't boss people around until they get into my space... and that's how it should be. Some good old cowboy justice would set things right in short time.

      Someone spikes someone's drink, drag them off and beat the sh*t out of them, see how fast they try it again, see how many others think twice.

      That's natural law.


    17. Yep, sudafed. Now you get the hairy eyeball just buying anti-histamines... is that right? Bath salts get you high too (well, ones made from natural salts)... should we prohibit them too?

    18. is proven that "legalizing" drugs takes the desperation out of them"

      We should be careful what we ask for wanda.

      Legalizing anything implies that there is a need for additional laws that would essentially supersede current laws or statutes already on the books. It also infers that there was something morally or ethically wrong with a certain behavior(s) of an individual that precipitated the original law being enacted in the first place.

      De-criminalizing something makes the not so subtle statement that there never should have been a prohibition against it from the very beginning and openly declares that we are responsible for ourselves and our actions.

      Hell, a large percentage of the current laws aren't even enforced as is. We certainly don't need more laws that are not going to be enforced.

      And you're right, we only need one law. Do no harm...

    19. You are right... i merely point to the fact that where they have been legalized, the desperation has been removed, and thus sanity prevails.

      I am wishing for freedom, not legalization and controls... it seems you and i are in agreement... and i thank you for being the cavalry here. Laws take the responsibility for our own lives away from us... like religion has us place our faith in something outside of ourselves, thoughtlessly too, i might add.

    20. Actually, we have way too many people that would never and have never taken responsibility for anything they do.
      And I sure dont want to have to live around any druggies or even tipsey people. There have to be restraints in life, no two ways about that.

      I want to be free to drive down the highway without being crashed into by some drugged up person. There is no 'freedom to do any damned thing you want'. And WHY would anyone want to dabble with drugs anyhow?

      We had a family friend whose daughter got involved in the old Hait Ashbury 'free love and drugs' scene soon after high school. It destroyed her whole life, till she finally just committed suicide at age 50.
      All the schitt that she continuously got involved in during all those years, and the money it cost taxpayers for her keep and hospital stays = a worthless human life because it was totally wasted.

    21. Freedom means freedom. When you clamor for laws over common sense, you wind up where we are today. Why not clamor for common sense, because the laws aren't working.

      We had law based on common sense at one time in this country. It was called common law. It was based on natural law. Your rights end where mine begin. That would cover the problems you seem to think we need Admiralty Law for... no one has a right to endanger you or cause you loss.

    22. Bullshit means bullshit...

      Libertarian bullshit only goes so far....

      My two people who are blood, have been given meth and crack that are 100% addictive and stupidly set themselves on the path of rehabs, prisons, courts, health deterioration and insanity despite the fact I spent years trying to educate them before it happened... They could die TODAY if they ingest it one more time...

      Admiralty law and our cops are TODAY not some sort of Libertarian new republic man on the land natural law that is a hope in the future.... I need the cops to enforce the laws that are on the books today and shut the meth manufacturers down today not tomorrow... before I get a call in the middle of the night that my people are dead....

      And if it was your son Wanda in emergency rooms and rehabds you would be screaming for the local meth and crack dealers to be stopped just as you were stunned to see the ambulance drivers did nothing to save your sister in law... those laws are on the books.... just as the laws I am screaming for are already on the books... So in your inconsistent world view the paramedics are not FREE to protect themselves from law suits by choosing to let the hospital revive someone... don't get me wrong I think they should have done everything they could just as I want the cops to stop with speed traps and marijuana busts and whatever othr bullcrap wastes their time and go stop the rabid pit bulls in the neighborhood before they kill my people...

      The laws are already on the books and a utopian internet essay fantasy land would not work to save your sister in law what would have worked is using the laws that exist... just as what I am calling for...

      We both know who is making these travesties happen and part of the proof lies in the 1 in 50 autism rate for NON JEWS and 1 in 20000 for Jews...

      Jews have declared a covert war on our people, our children, using vaccines, street drugs, misuse of cops, laws, courts and prisons...

      And your inconsistency helps them... no one else... we need people to defy their orders and revive, defy their orders and kick down some doors... to demand how an autism rate like that exists and who the hell came up with the ideas of cooking drano and lye in sheds to destroy good naive people who see it in Jewish Hollywood that synthetic drugs are FREEDOM...

      again ... You are wrong...

    23. Freedom is freedom is a Jewish war cry...

  5. Geno - For what its worth, a good housecleaning of our lives is necessary every once in awhile. Sometimes you just wake up one day and realize we have a lot of cobwebs and deadwood and just plain spread too thin, till we arent sufficiently focused on anything for our own betterment. I call it 'getting the weeds out of our garden'. And sometimes we find that we spend too much time on other people, at the expense of ourselves. (I used to be in a chat room, daily, and I found it was just taking me away from tending to my own life. It was also not accomplishing a damned thing. After I left, totally, my own life was much better.)
    We can only share a certain amount of ourselves, but there has to be a limit, a line drawn in the sand. Everything in moderation, and we and we alone must govern that. Our own happiness is something that only we can tend to; others are generally not cognizant of that aspect of our lives.

    Now, I love this blog, but I know what you mean about getting rid of the past, so to speak. A new blog without this Name on it would be a good thing. BUT if you are the one who began the tdark blog, I suggest you begin by wiping it out; stop giving the enemy the privilege.

    There are some excellent writers right here, tho I'm not one of them, and it would be great to keep them active as you stated, because there is much that needs to be brought out and in a controlled environment, like this one is.

    On the other hand, if you think it best serves you to
    abandon blogging altogether, that is your choice and I, for one, would understand. I know that great feeling at the end of the day when you can reflect back on some real and satisfying accomplishments made.

    1. Thanks Abby, and for the record I would want you as a regular contributor because I like your writing style...

      I did not start tdark, I was there from the beginnng with video and media but the site was begun by a woman from Fulford who later handed it over to another woman.

      That site is a mess.

  6. "Not that there's anything wrong with that"...

    Uh yea, there is something wrong with that, something terribly wrong.

    Larry Sinclair held a meeting at the National Press Club to address his alleged gay relationship with Barack Obama, the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, and answer questions from the Press. Larry Sinclair stated to the press that he and Barack Obama had gay sex while Obama smoked crack, not once but twice. Once in a limo and the next day in a hotel room. Sinclair stated that the murdered Donald Young, Obama's churches gay choir master told him, by phone, he also had sex with Barack Obama, before Young was murdered.

    1. is this one new to you? I could imagine your face if it What better way to humiliate America in the final days but make a crack pipe male prostitute President... then again, Chiarini has me wondering if he isn't an actor and this guy, Larry an actor as well...

    2. lol... check the guy out on the left.... clearly an alien... by the way... the press club facility is "rented out" which makes me wonder about this too.... not that I take it seriously but any fraud or hoax is serious...

    3. No, not new. from the archives. Wouldn't be surprised if it garners more attention this go round. Especially if or when the OBN are through with him.


      Both he and Greer look like they are concealing ossified scales.

    4. right-- grinch creatures...

  7. let's discuss these money masters segments... the money changers... usury... goldsmiths... receipts for gold become cash... goldsmiths print more receipts than they have gold... voila... the criminal banking syndicate is born... money racketeering...

    1. this 10 minute segment offers so much knowledge...

  8. I liked his Wizard of Oz presentation. Funny thing about that... Mark Passio did a Wizard of Oz interpretation with an occult slant on it... i suppose there are many such interpretations out there. The thing is, we never see anything until we are ready to. I notice that about myself when i watch something, and sometimes for the third or fourth time, things i didn't see before, but i had seen it, i just didn't SEE it.

    I despair that those whose ears are not pricked up by now are beyond reach... i struggle with how to get to them... how to find the key to unlock those minds.

    And i blame religion and politics... that's one thing, two arms of the same body. They work together to keep us ignorant and superstitious.

  9. Geno, personally I think it may not be a good idea to erase this blog, too many good things and bad on it. Madigliani in the middle of transition??? Art good or bad is still art if it means something to someone, and I do understand what you're saying but there's a history of important transition here, still is.
    Anyway, my two cents/nonsense.
    The Wizard of Oz stuck with me from the very first time I saw it and I think it was meant to. I do think it was a major part of disclosure to hail in the coup de gras, part of 'free will' and the edicts of the universe.
    They had/have to let us know before they are about to bend us over. But, everyone here knows that.

    When Dorothy was told she'd always had the power to go back to Kansas, that really was a comforting thought to me as a kid. I think it purposely encapsulates the power we have if we're conscious of it.

    1. well the danger with me is the day I react quickly... pull a plug... and to tell you the truth the program that has me in this mood is bar rescue... a perfect metaphor for spinning wheels in mud... and makes me want to leave the car there in the mud and walk off into the greener pasture...

      I created a Homer Simpson every man character which isn't necessarily me, it's an artists conceptualization of a starving artist flailing at curveballs... but at what point did my concept become me... I can't say my camera has invented much of the reality I am living even though I saw it as a great concept... now it feels messy and old....

      However, I hear you and will ride the wave a bit longer but who knows how long...

      The rumblings we are going to get screwed on dinar is deflating...

      if we do, you will see me as a slaughterhouse... I will make hamburger of those I feel betrayed all of us...

    2. The Beatles dressed in leather as themselves... then Epstein made them classy in suits... then they started wearing modern swinging London fashion which they chose for themselves..

      That classy sophisticated look and the synchronized bow... is a side of me I want for myself... professional, crisp, polished...rehearsed....

      Instead I am sloppy (casual?) and that again brings up bar rescue... that clean new professional start...

    3. and interestingly I watched the Bush library dedication and all those Presidents in thousand dollar suits looked about as classy as dead bums on skid row... and it was their greying aging guilt ridden souls that betrayed what is supposed to be class and professionalism...

  10. "The rumblings we are going to get screwed on dinar is deflating... "

    John made the comment after bolting, and I'm paraphrasing now, "if the RV doesn't happen by this Tuesday, it probably won't occur until October. Hmmmm...

    After reading Straddleback's essay, "The Grand Finale: Here is What is About to Happen to You", and if you accept the premise of the essay, the reset of a basket of currencies, including the dinar will likely occur at about the same time as the UST roll out of the "new" US dollar. And the only way to exchange those dinars is to accept the "new" which will be heavily discounted. As much as 50%, I believe is what he quoted. People will be led to believe that they have have retained their sovereign status but, in reality, and fearing a total loss of their assets, they will have acquiesce to a one world currency in order to retain some measure of their wealth especially after the grand controlled global economic collapse that is predicted.

    So, if his hypothesis is correct, everything points to October when chaos will reign after the controlled crash and blood is spilled in the streets resulting in everyone clamoring for a solution. And guess who is there to pick up the pieces? The old, new world order of course. Nothing changes except they have more power and control and are that much closer to eradication of the useless eaters.

    The dinars will reset, but if they don't reset prior to the planned tank job, 100,000 or more might buy us a one way ticket Obamaville. At least that's the way it seems.

    If you didn't read the essay when it was posted, here it is again. It would behoove all of us to read and stow away for future reference. He does advise paying attention to some of the signals that will alert us to the controlled crash, what he believes without a doubt to be an absolute certainty.

    1. The person goes by the name Saddletramp not

    2. Hugh - I don't believe there will be a crash at all. Now, biblically speaking, there also does not appear to be any one world currency either; however, what IS in there is the Mark of the Beast.
      This Mark will be required BY the one world Dictator who will rule the world, and he is going to establish that the ONLY way in which one can 'buy or sell' is to take the Mark. Without it, one will not be able to do any banking as it will be totally digital and connected with a persons Mark.
      This Mark will be implanted, the size of a grain of rice, and will have ones entire data on it. This tiny mechanism has already been designed, for years now.
      It is said that it will be injected much the way you get a flu shot, in the hand or the forehead.

      As for John, he shows huge signs of being bipolar. Its a bad 'disease' to have, especially if one is in any sort of position of 'control'. I highly doubt he is as powerful as he portrays himself to be. He certainly shows no polish, but a dangerous manipulator of peoples' minds. This is a strange activity that some people thrive on. His disdain for the common man rises to the surface more often than he realizes.

      Not far from sociopathic, these types think all they have to do is say certain words, and people are too stupid to look at their actions. The overesteem themselves, and underestimate all others.

      The dinar? John is a pea in the pod (of destruction).
      There is far too much work that has been going on, far too many companies itching to do lucrative business in Iraq, too many Iraqi people getting too restless, waiting. China is not going to sit still 'till october'.
      Furthermore, John gave NO reason for his october scenario; he just loves to see people squirming.
      At the same time, we all realize nobody has told us just what the hell the hold up is, not one.
      On the other hand, I can understand that nobody wants to tip their hand and let the cabalists know anything, if it can be kept hidden.

      We also have reason to believe that some have gotten their cash, such as wifeintheknow stated that she had.
      I also think perhaps the RV happened back on Apr. 1 but not made public or publicized. But for what reason?
      Also, that suspicious part of me that doesnt trust many people at all, is still wary about an rv for certain people, but not for all.

      Right on, Geno. If we get screwed, we will help you 'make hamburger'.

    3. I guess that makes us Hamburger Helpers, no?

      Well, I hope you're right about the RV because I have read about the plans of others who intend to do great things in service of humanity when it comes to pass.

      Btw, something that has me questioning John's sincerity sometimes is that he has repeatedly stated that he and his circle of high end traders want to also do great things after the GS. Yet, he personally did not/has not bought any dinars. It's small change to him I'm sure but it seems to me that if you really wanted to help some of those around you, you know like those waiting in line at the local soup kitchen etc., that maybe you'd invest a few bucks on some dinars and if it pays off you feed a hell of a lot of people. But he calls the forex too much of a risk? I don't know, there's something that's going over my head, passing me by and I just don't get it.

      I'm sure there is a reason and one day I may understand; just not today...

    4. Wow... yeah, very valid points about John John there... all of them. Gee... why wouldn't he, with all his kajillions, buy a couple dinars... it would be like throw-away goodness, kind of along the lines of paying Geno for his work.. . oh wait, that would have just been the right and respectable thing to do... NEVER MIND.

    5. agenda and truth don't mix...

      In my closer view of what was going on I did not see anyone who put right over agenda.... right is quite simple.... you don't hold back the evidence of Presidential campaigners and allow an election to go down when you hold the evidence the public needs to be informed while boasting of being the people who report what the media refuses to report.... and that reason was an agenda.... men all wanting large windfalls...and that is just a fraction of the fumbles on the field...

      I am being taunted with if I don't fall in line they will "not help me" which means they will not include my 750 thousand dinar payout at whatever rate they are getting...

      If I get 50 cents in a general RV I will take that over them getting me 20 dollars....

      But if the public is going to get screwed then I want them to do what is right... which is one right within a long string of wrongs including privilege to military whose loyalty to wars that promised them riches is criminal...

      So having said that do you see how much danger I am in for attempting to call out top to bottom mercenary behavior that is selling out America...

      And this is just my paragraph, their own words is the true tell...

      and yet it is still spit shined in their minds that they are saviors and Patriots... rationalizing all the way to the bank...

      Yes the same racketeering that gave Bush his power is everyone's right...right?

    6. I showed Graham an exchange he knows... I turned down quite an offer...

    7. In this world we have cops who set people up and it is said to be in the interest of justice... end justifies the means... the end almost always serves the status quo...

      If somehow this all turns out to be a huge sting of bad guys by true Constiutionalists then I am very sorry if I got in the way...

      We shall see...

    8. Almost always?

      And you're right... John's own words, T-Man's and all the other frauds - that would include all the cheer-leaders and ones who grovel at their feet - at this stage of the all talk and no show game. You didn't need to point it out so much as you needed to see it.

    9. well, let me say the jury needs full evidence before concluding fraud on anyone... like I said... we may be seeing some sort of sting operation... to me it is the only thing that explains the stuff that doesn't add up... other than everyone on every level is corrupt and struggling to get the best position in line... which may indeed end up with the rest of us holding toilet paper...

    10. Then they don't need a cheering section. In fact, a cheering section is only polluting the evidence.

  11. Back in April John made this comment:

    "BRICS has happened because the world is sick of US games. The UK kept the pound, we cross trade Euros and dollars, we are the new global banking base for Chinese money and soon we will be the the BRICS Bankers also.
    We are the worlds largest BG/ FOREX/ MTN and Bullion markets. Smart. Small Island, big reach.

    Geno's reply:

    • GenoApril 5, 2013 at 1:37 AM
    The opposition is obviously quite good at being the opposition... In a world economy this is what we face. If countries have their own currencies not tied to one office, we may have a fighting chance... I certainly understand BRICS POV but if the flipside is IMF and some other power structure...possibly our corrupt collective in favor of RV then isn't that interesting to us all? Turns out a bit differently than reported....

    John's retort:

    johnApril 5, 2013 at 3:10 AM
    You are starting to zero in on the real power structure via the Round Table. Especially the British end. That is the center of Global banking power.
    These are End of Empire days. Confusion and mischief as they struggle to hang on to what was stolen. All around them is collapsing. New Orders, but not theirs, are emerging.
    BRICS is a good thing. It breaks the Petro dollar monopoly. It enables so many counties to think freely, away from US Hegemony and chicanery. BRICS will take over half the worlds wealth base,and from that will come truly emergent nations. It will curtail the Military Industrial Cabal and force a review of US Wealth management. A good thing. Less will stop more - damage. Less funds, - less mischief.

    My interest was peaked when John mentioned the BRICS because I had just read an article that essentially pointed out that the BRICS were, and as John seemed to support, the new power players in the world. The article suggested that while a game of musical chairs was in motion, there wasn't any real winners because while it appears there is change the puppet masters still held the reigns. So I made this comment to John with a question that he has yet to address. In fact, this was the second time I had asked the question thinking that perhaps he had overlooked it the first time:

    HughApril 10, 2013 at 12:47 PM
    "Many believe that the decision has already been made by the top Kingpins, the Old Black Nobility (OBN) to cut loose their chief cutouts, the City of London Banksters and their whole Babylonian system of their worldwide web-of-debt by staging the demise of the US Petro Dollar and by building up the alternative BRICS system using China as their poster child for the NWO Globalist system they have been building for centuries."

    John, I mentioned this once before when you made this comment:

    "With 50% of Global GDP switching to BRICS funding, and 80% of the worlds population, the future is clear. End of an Empire." -John

    End of Empire or just a changing of the guard?
    It is simply logical. If the globalism of the West is being buttressed by the activities of countries represented by the BRICs, then how anti-Western can this growing alternative economic movement actually be? The West, after all, set up the global infrastructure the BRICs are now endorsing. It turns out in almost every way that the BRICs agenda is an internationalist one, supportive of the UN, a one-world currency, etc. This is not hypothetical anymore. Various BRIC documents make the group's intentions clear.

    Does it really mean that the more things change, the more they will remain the same? If you have any "cutout" friends, perhaps they could supply us with an answer.

    It's becoming clearer to me now why I never received a response. I don't think he had a straight answer.

    I hold out hope that the WHs live up to their creed.

    1. and either our last 40 years of presidents and representatives are all paid clowns or they are trying to hold america as a fortress against the old worlders... my main hypotheise is they are paid clowns but I see a possibility that those who were being blackmailed decided to come together to try and rebell against the old world control...

      now... the good guy collectives we hear about....

      Please be real...let me know how I can help but don't play me.... I may be slow but I learn...

    2. Didn't the Lone Ranger wear a white hat? And didn't Tonto call him Kimo Sabe? Kimo Sabe means horse's ass according to the Apache/English dictionary.

    3. wow what an inside joke...


    see poof recaps for the explanation...

    1. Where do you find poof recaps?


  13. Oh... he came back from the dead... Jesus Christ. Who knew?