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Texpert Sexpert Don't You Think The Joker Laughs At You... Beatles Lyric...

This pertains to yesterday's post and the spoken essay will connect some of the dots...

Great documentary on Kinsey....

Youtube comments....

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  • 1wretchedsoul 
    ....and people would call others "kook" or "conspiracy nut" when this documentary proves beyond doubt that there is a concerted conspiracy against our children, and that it is protected at the highest offices of power, that it is a celebrated "arm" of illuminism through it's association with the journals of Aleister Crowley, and that it has succeeded where other 'opiates of the masses' have failed is a testament to the truth.... if this is not a conspiracy, then what would it be called?
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  • scottwebb 
    It is truly insane what is going on but I am glad more people are waking up .
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  • intheknow7 
    Forget the flag, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie or even money...the theme that runs through this wicked nation is Satanism pure and's even embedded in the landscape of its capital. America has become the cage of every foul thing, from the highest levels of gov't, to its churches, academia, military and of course Hollywood/Media...she's a rotten carcass! See how deep the rabbit hole goes
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  1. I am 34 in the comedy act and didn't begin my real awakening until I was 42 but we can see that within the comedy act and the cartoons, obviously influenced by the Playboy cartoons I liked to read as a child in the 60s and 70s...

    The thing that gets me now is the base gynecological perversion of what is considered erotica these days... The human body and genitalia has been shoved into our psyche.... most too young... and the entire idea doesn't promote healthy respect for the fellow human being but turns it into a butcher's meat chart that does nothing for family, romance, relationships, a desire to court and learn to love but destroys the very nature of procreation...

    I want to caution where some of these ideas in this video are leading... Prohibition of all things regarding what we call pornography which will allow our state run bureaucracy to start adding yet more expensive mandatory arrests and "classes" that feed their monetary base and control grid... Notice how everything we do was given to us freely before.... drugs and alcohol.... but now we get stopped on the way home from a bar and spend 25000 dollars in court costs, classes and our very movements red flagged for life....

    This looking at porn will become draconian law and retroactive because it feeds into the PRE-CRIME goal of total control of all humanity.... They will sell it as protecting children.... and yet they were the one's who not only profited off of porn for a hundred years but funded the science they will use against everyone they secretly brainwashed with such ideas as subliminal genitalia in cartoons....

    Sick yes but brilliant in its diabolical nature....

    1. to be clear they scientifically and psychologically groomed society to elevate the levels and acceptance of perversion and will now as a snake always does in their back to eat its own tail.... justify totaletarianism because monsters now exist that threaten children...

      They promoted perversion as they promoted crack smoking in society to destroy large parts of society and to justify their control freak dominance as authority...

    2. Prohibition has an added benefit of driving up the price and demand for illicit goods. It's a business, first and foremost. The more "eccentric"... the higher the going rate.

      Money no object.

      Another separation level between the haves and have nots... the more money you have, the more perverse your penchants... always has been when you reflect on it. Was it not the wealthy class that created a taste for such cruelties as caviar, veal and goose liver pate... not to mention the wearing of exotic furs? Waste and ill regard for life is au courant.

    3. Great 'short', Geno, I finally got around to watching it after the Kinsey Doc. I have a daughter and I wasn't around during a lot of her formative years. We talked a lot on the phone, but I was out of state and it just wasn't the same. Now, I'm trying to rebuild what I never took the time to build, It's not easy but I'm trying to make it a priority for her sake.

    4. Thanks for watching and reviewing.... it's never too late to reach your kids... but sometimes they make you work hard...

  2. I would like to suggest to those who comment and leave links that they choose some choice paragraphs from the articles because links become very difficult to follow up on due to the volume of stuff we are given.... but also add the link...

  3. make sure you watch 37 minutes in to this John Bancrost (English of course) as the Director of the Kinsey Institute minimizing and rewritinf history....

    He says..."3 or 4 men" were the sources of Kinsey on child sexuality that makes up the conclusions...

    Gee that's scientific.... so mathematically precise as to not know whether the sources were 3 men or 4 men.... Too hard to count to 4 to give a definite number.... this sort of vagueness is indicative of lying.... hiding facts....

  4. Essentially by the 45 minute point we learn unequivocally, that these were sado-masochistic men raping children and recording the experience as scientific data.... literally raping babies up to 4 years old... "26 orgasms in 24 hours!!!!"

    Blatant admission of torturing (raping) a 4 year old for 24 hours... and there is a ton of this evidence of thousands of children....

    This was all pedophile's trying to make their sickness seen as respectable "research"

    People...please watch this...

  5. 90 minutes in we learn that Kinsey went in search of Allister Crowley King of the Satanist beasts diaries of child rape, and that a certain desciple of Crowleys ended up doing male porn with Kinsey and became one of manson's murdering cult family....

    Seriously people.... Does anyone dare deny a grand conspiracy of sado masachistic satanist perverts run this world?????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Brutal, when you consider our 'penal' code, is already an out of control train wreck. It really is amazing we aren't more effed up than we are.
    From Wicked pedophelia:
    Masters and Johnson met in 1957 when William Masters hired Virginia Johnson as a research assistant to undertake a comprehensive study of human sexuality. (Masters divorced his first wife to marry Johnson in 1971.[6] They divorced in 1992.) Previously, the study of human sexuality (sexology) had been a largely neglected area of study due to the restrictive social conventions of the time, with one notable exception.

    Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues at Indiana University had previously published two volumes on sexual behavior in the human male and female in 1948 and 1953, respectively (known as the Kinsey Reports), both of which had been revolutionary and controversial in their time. Kinsey's work however, had mainly investigated the frequency with which certain behaviors occurred in the population and was based on personal interviews, not on laboratory observation.

    In contrast, Masters and Johnson set about to study the structure, psychology and physiology of sexual behaviour, through observing and measuring masturbation and sexual intercourse in the laboratory.
    Ha! A bunch of sexual deviants weren't satisfied to just form their own club and party, they had to put on lab coats and turn it all into some whacked out pseudo-science, also having the perverted Rockyfellers finance the whole shebang. Sorry humanity, can we get a do-over and just live our lives, happily, peacefully and profitably without a bunch of, wealthy, deviant, inbred fucks, running the circus of their perverted dreams?

  7. Educational; yet very disturbing to say the least.

    Unfortunately, those who would benefit the most are those most likely not to watch this documentary. I'm referring to the teens and younger adults with all those raging hormones all dressed up with no place to go.

    Btw, did you catch the three depraved morons offering their justifications for child molestation? (@2h:16m in)

    These are sick, pathetic creatures; less than human!

    1. yes disgusting filth... the entire video is well worth the time...