Monday, June 24, 2013


Look at this man's face. It is the physical characteristics of the AshkeNAZI Jew who own us through their Talmudic Mafia. These faces run every power position. Watch this 10 minutes to get it through your heads who the enemy is. They are ruthless cut throats in every respect when it comes to the control of money and power. This 10 minutes is the perfect representation and personification of why we are perpetually on our knees before these people.

Who has had enough and is willing to be as ruthless as them?


  1. Root-less... think about it.

  2. Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

  3. The only way my family will be able to escape the USSA is if the dinar RVs at a rate that makes it affordable to get out; assuming the $USD has not completely been devalued prior to the RV. Then there's the issue of getting the money safely transferred out of the country into a bank that can be trusted. I'm not sure if an account can be set up without traveling to the physical bank(I'm hearing that you have to be there in person); followed by how to safely transfer funds, etc.

    Most of us, myself included, have no experience in dealing with banks of other countries.

    So we're left to ponder many questions; the answers to which may determine... Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

    Can you hear the "clash" of distant bells calling you home?

    1. America is going to remain a reasonable facsimile of what we have become for the last 100 years.... No other country is going to be any better... This brave new world has total control and knowledge of a person and the judgment will be solely on whether you threaten their game.... Hugh, you are not a threat, as most aren't.... once the dinar revalues you should be able to spread your money into many banks and credit unions that have branches here and world wide... Don't over think it... The reason America continues to build all sorts of new buildings and highways is they have every intention of stabilizing even if it's an agenda 21 type model which hopefully true freedom minded people will minimize by refusing to participate... I would love to see the world but I don't need to live anywhere else.... This is our home.... keep it...

    2. No fear. It's not a question of repercussions for what I may have done or said that may be construed as subversive as much as it is a desire for living the remainder of my life in a free and open society. If I don't have any options, then so be it; but it just ain't happening here bud...

      All I seek is a stocked fishing pond; access to a library and a porch with comfortable chair to read books on; a friendly local cafe with noon time specials that includes organic veggies with imported beers/ales and a sip of good scotch now and again; the occasional ayahuasca detour and a cool pillow to lay my head on at night.

  4. WTF is he saying here? Damn, it's like watching the who's on first routine by Abbot and Costello.

    In the first paragraph he implies that the WHs are part of the "Sabbatean corporate media" faction and in the second he says they are siding with the "pentagon and the agencies". Well, which is it Ben?

    "...the Pentagon and the agencies are fighting back against the Sabbatean corporate media machine with their own internet outlets like Prison Planet (CIA white hats and Bronfman family), Tom Henegan (?), Sorcha Faal (Naval Intelligence) and Veteran’s today (Defense Intelligence Agency).

    Judging from what Zionist slave press outlets like the New York Times writes (check out the anti-New York times for a good analysis:, my vote is with the white hats at the pentagon and the agencies. Please note that while I have contributed articles to Veteran’s today, I have not been paid to do that.

  5. Hugh... the site referenced by shift frequency:

    Pretty interesting... in depth too.