Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Penis and Ink

Heads up....


  1. This is crazy, talk about syncronicity, my gf's a nanny and just the other day she's telling me how a 6&8 yr-old sisters were talking about what to wear, rolling up their shorts as high as possible and quoting some girl/actor on one of the Disney channel programs.

    She told the 8 yr-old to roll her shorts back down and the little girl asked, why? That's the way you're supposed to wear them! She has a lot of trouble prying these two away from the TV and getting them outside on a perfect day. They're like two addicts enjoying the 'fix' she says.

    The bad guys don't let anything give way to chance, the orchestra of programming.

    1. Maybe the nanny can flip the circuit breaker. If the kids have no tv few a few hours maybe they discover real life.

      I would suggest to the nanny ideas like a trip to park, walk some dogs, visit a pet store to see the critters, find something to connect them directly into creation and what life it draws forth from within them.

    2. these kids are obviously deprived from direct connections to creation. a few experiences now while they are still kids can be pretty powerful down the road in 6-10 years when they feel desperation of their separated possession/looks oriented lives.

    3. Hey, Timbo, you know a lot of the problem is with the parents of these kids. They allow the television to do all the babysitting.
      My girlfriend finds that when she can pry them away, they actually have a good time, she brings them to the Farmer's market with her. One of the kids couldn't believe that potatoes came from the ground. He thought they only came in bags, ha!

      These are kids from wealthy homes with parents that are completely detached because they're both so concerned with their worthless careers.

    4. Ive often thought that a good project for kids would be growing a tiny flower garden. Like planting the seeds, taking care of them, watching them grow.
      Imagine the excitement they would have, constantly watching that in stages, to full bloom. And THEN for them to sit back and think, I GREW THAT MYSELF.
      And that little sense of seeing something through to the end and the accomplishment of it. What a 'lesson' they can learn from that.

    5. Great idea and a great way to get them to eat vegetables...

    6. Farmers market that's a great idea.

      Here are some of my childhood and fatherhood favorites:
      - drop a bunch of milkweed seeds nearby so next year lots of caterpillars and butterflies, cacoons....
      - tadpoles
      - croak hunts - after a couple days of run just as the sun is setting seek out the croaking location of toads and frogs. Put a popsicle stick in each location where on was found. Then the next day our imaginations came up with all kinds of stuff.
      - rock houses - tell a story about about how humans learned to make roofs but that few know who taught them. Then a day later go out to spots in garden/yard with larger rocks lift them up and go with a story - could it be the pillbug who taught humans - this can go on and on once the imagination is engaged.

  2. Superb video post. I thought I understood this before but that was just my ego - wooaa that is so wicked conditioning of children to feel guilty for curiosity when victimizer turns that curiosity on its head into a wholey uninvited massively disturbing experience or even molestation.

    Reminds me of some men who lived in a house on my paper route. And they would have a Playboy magazine on a coffee table at the front door that I would see every time I came to collect the money for the paper. Several times after they obviously noticed I was overly curious they asked me if I wanted to come in and take a look at the Playboy. I didn't and I left right away in great discomfort and a sense of fear. Back then at 12 and 13 I din;t know how to tell what a gay guy was but I know now they were sodomizers in using their lure to get what ever they could fish their way.

  3. Besides the obvious perversion....The reason I post it, it is more a lesson in how diabolical everything is around us.... and that is the point I make over and over again.... I am trying to help people see beyond two dimensions to 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 dimensions...

    When the two dimensional story hits the airwaves...muslim fly plane into building... they might ask... how is that possible?

    Once people don't believe a Goddamn word on the TV the sooner we can take the world back...

  4. By the way, if you remember my Moor Hall posts about the London based Animation studio that did the horror movies and the animators were dual role actors, Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood and Boris Karloff and Irene Dunn who apparently played Eva Braun.... we see Cartoonists using the medium of film to create psychological conditioning of world history.... and it ties in with this....

    I was a cartoonist at a very young age and so many of these things ring truer than true to me and I really wonder what may have happened to me in the first few years of my life to make me ultra creative and even have had these sexual themes in my life such as an interest in the playboy magazine cartoons...

    I guarantee if it was anything it had nothing to do with my parents but perhaps hospitals or schools or something.... I was born in a Catholic Hospital near Northwestern University, at that time Kinsey was a hundred miles away in Indiana in the University launching these strange experiments... I truly wonder if they expose babies to something that flashes cartoon imagery to them?

    But cartoons...

    Timbo, interestingly enough I parody the Warner brothers circle as the Mad cartoonist and you brought it to my attention that that was a sphincter...

    I constantly come to realize the work I produced is FULL of all these concepts which is very frightening since I did not do it consciously....

    although I am starting to now because I now have awareness and it's a strange desire to want to be creative with all this insanity... I'll post a bit of it tomorrow...

    1. Wanda would have unique perspectives on this subject if she cares to join in...

    2. Thank you Geno.

      I respond to your resonance... not sure why exactly, and why should that matter... for that matter? I am oddly compelled. Moth to the flame comes to mind.

      And i dreamed i was dying. I dreamed my soul rose unexpectantly... and looking back down at me, smiled re-assuredly..............

      An American Tune:

      Perhaps i am evil as Abby so vehemently declaims... and certainly, i do have a take no prisoners mien. May i be nailed to the cross... deservedly so... by one so righteous... condemned for the sin of having read more than one book... i can't help but wonder what's gone wrong.

    3. I remember them... the Moor Hall posts... quite significant... you should post them again. And Timbo is also on the money with the asterisk, star, anus correlation... it is anti - female... is/was/ever shall be... world without end? Try that without the female... see how far you get.

      Father/Son/Holy Ghost... thanks for nothing God... i am not a fucking ghost... YOU are... you're the monster in everyone's closet and under everyone's bed... if i am wrong... STRIKE ME DEAD... DO IT NOW... Fuck YOU GOD... in the name of my sister who has a brain tumor and is putting faith in your sun Jesus fucking Christ...... if you are God, why don't you die and do us all a favor?

    4. Wanda - Go to hell. God does NOT owe you or your sister anything. Who do you think YOU ARE to even think you can demand anything from God.
      Hell surely does await you, and you should know why.
      Now go get lost somewhere and spare us of your hateful presence.
      (And if you think you are getting to me, with your hateful words to God.....well, think again. MY RIGHTEOUSNESS is still in tact, and yours is not.
      You only serve to show your ignorance and your ass and make a fool of yourself, further. So go ahead and have at it; I'm well insulated, but don't have to waste my time with such a messed up person as you are.)

    5. Then why does God make promises then? It is well past time for people who believe that nonsense to go and meet their maker Abby.

      Yeah, i'm ignorant... go look in the mirror Abs. Your righteousness is in tact. Still waiting for some biblical proof of Satan's evil.... tick tock, tick tock.

  5. I started a joke... which started the whole world crying.
    I started to cry... which started the whole world laughing...

    Till i finally died... which started the whole world living... oh, if i'd only seen... that the joke was on me.

  6. I drank last night... got really polluted. Went on my sister Karin's facebook and found she is now reaching out to God for help with her brain tumor... guess what i did?

    When she was first diagnosed i tried to get her to find a way to get hemp oil... but no. First she believed in some charity frauds who said they would help her with, not only her brain tumor medical bills, but all her medical issues.

    So, of course, a medical doctor is her best choice and i can respect her decision there... so she waits 3 months for an initial visit with a big shot doctor. What happens? He tells her that because her tumor is on her optic nerve instead of inside her brain, he can't fix it... AND then he becomes a psychic and tells her that there is no one in all of Brevard County who will be able to help her.

    Then the charity, for some reason, isn't going to help anymore.

    So... two external saviors down... one more to go.

    1. find a really good video on natural and cannabis cures and make her watch it.....

  7. I meant cannabis oil. And she knows some growers... and she has a fat tax refund coming... so she could afford it. Finally i sent the Rick Simpson video on how to make it yourself... it was a two and a half minute video... so it's not that difficult. I don't know what she plans to do about cannabis now, if anything... tick tock tick tock... God will save her.

    My brother's wife died from taking a ride in an ambulance early this year. Her heart stopped in the ambulance and they applied some CPR... but they never put the defibrillator on her, not once.... in an ambulance. They didn't even try to revive her in the hospital... code blue. All this in a five minute ride.

    At her funeral people got up and talked about her life what the loss of her meant to them. I got up and talked about how she should still be here with us... death by ambulance. Not one reaction... prayers followed.

    Now her daughter posts "my mother is in heaven" posts all over her facebook... i tell her: No, you are in heaven... your mother is in the ALL. Jesus said that... it is in the bible. But people afraid to read books don't have the tools to understand what the book really says, if they ever read it at all, because it is written in allegory.

  8. Adam and Eve in the garden... a talking snake came between them. Snakes don't talk, do they? Genesis is the creation story. Atom and Even... odd and even (opposites attract) and a sperm came between them... there's your creation story... we see this. Some fraud in a dress will tell you that was original sin...

  9. Atom and Eve... Eve On... and the one eyed trouser trout. We are given the story doing what comes natural is a sin. Sin is Sine... the sine wave is woven through all of creation... from the micro to the macro. As above, so below. If it doesn't happen on earth, it isn't happening out there... if it doesn't happen out there, it can't happen here... it's a fractal reality.

    We don't even know what the true meaning of the swords we speak mean...

  10. My head hurts and my eyes are red... i must be the devil, i feel it today. I haven't had a hang over in years... it's a different feeling.

    Fuck, i can't even really afford to drink. At the food bank a few weeks back the minister told the story of how Abraham was willing to kill his own son because his daddy, God, told him so... and how righteous Abraham was for that. Yes, he actually called God Daddy. Then he went on about how when God tells us to do something, we should do it without thought... that is how great and wonderful Abraham was. He didn't question God. Prayers followed. Every head in the room was bent, except mine... amen.

  11. God stayed Abraham's hand just before he plunged the knife into his son's chest. God said he was pleased with Abraham because he was so obedient. Kill the ram in place of your son... tortured and roasted flesh is a pleasure to the Lord.

    1. Yes but Luciferians?satanists run this world and religions and believe God to be quite the opposite of the lie that is told... so they may well be serving their God... Is human sacrifice NOT how they pay respect? This has nothing to do with a Good God...

    2. I don't understand what you mean. People run the world... and they are evil. They do evil deeds. There is no Satan... there is no God. Those are only aspects of ourselves. Every moment of every day we choose good over evil... or evil over good.

      Good God... God is good with an o removed. Evil... D-Evil. See how it works? The devil made me do it is a cop out. Lucifer is the SUN of God... we are god. Lucifer is the morning sun which saves us from the darkness. True Luciferians know that. Satanists are simply making a choice.

      Our God = Oh, you are God because...

      O U R = oh, you are.

    3. There is an IOU in consciousness.

      Religion is the opiate of the masses... except without the buzz. I could use an opiate about now.

    4. Luciferians and satanists are people who seek to make God man and nullify the idea of a good God.... I believe in the concept of believing or better yet hoping beyond hope a good God exists as to keep people from placing themselves as self serving Gods...

    5. Choices.

      I don't think they believe it so much as they want us to think they believe it. They know the truth... truth is knowable.

      Illusion... Ill-Usury... that is the craft of the black magicians... spell-casting... cursive. They have placed us under a spell. Religion and governments serve only to keep the spell in place... that is what we need to dis-spell.

  12. I'm done. Sorry. I'll now return you to your already scheduled programming.

    1. Hey Idiot, you prove just how you never understood the bible to begin with. The Original Sin was DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD. But of course you cant keep your mind out of your pants; thats how devils live.
      May your hangover last at LEAST 3 days; a week would be better. You are just in here like Misery looking for company.
      Reap what ya sow.

    2. We all reap what we sow. Ignorance is dishonor to ones self. Religion takes you outside of yourself... there are no external saviors. Jesus said that... seek your salvation in the temple that was not built by human hands... you think it co-incidence you have two temples on the side of your head? Think it co-incidence they are not called churches?

      The masonic compass and scribe... one makes circles and the other makes angles. Arcs and angles... Archangels. Hocus Pocus.

    3. I like this stuff you point out just try and avoid feuds... or provoking angers...

    4. I am pleased you approve Geno.... :)

      I don't come here to fight... believe it or not.