Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peace Officers by Graham Hayward

Peace Officer

A conversation with myself about police officers.

*What is it that makes them seem so unapproachable?
*The uniform?
*Well, that’s obvious, but if you were in need of assistance, that identification would help a lot.
*Right, so a combination of the uniform, a kind of contradictory mix of, thinking I’ve already done something wrong, or they just can’t wait for me to do so.
  • Yes, that’s it, but at the same time, I get a nagging feeling that it’s not their fault, it’s as though they’re caught between being a compassionate human being just doing their job, and being some type of robotic enforcer.

This is where the conversation with myself ends because of the overwhelming ‘empathy’ that has crept in.
Empathy, for not being allowed to forget that they’re human beings, people that have chosen a profession to pursue for all kinds of personal reasons.
Because they are in an important position, a liaison between the public and the enforcement of laws/codes/statutes (faceless edicts) handed down from others in different places for reasons of revenue derivation, they’re caught in an unfortunate position.

I wouldn’t want to be enforcing frivolous, revenue producing, codes/statutes sandwiched between what seem like fundamental, sensible laws. But that’s only a fraction of the detail here and I don’t have all the facts to do this piece justice. I’m not a cop. I did think about it as a viable career choice at one point in time, but ultimately decided to go into business for myself, for some of the reasons stated above.

I have questions for cops though, more importantly, for the people that made that career choice. I remember cops, police officers, in my neighborhood outside Philadelphia, they were friendly, occasionally they’d give us rides home from the bus stop if it were raining. They talked to us about things we were interested in, they seemed to know what was going on in the heads of little boys and probably stopped us from doing stupid things, by having those conversations.

As I became older (not so much wiser) I noticed great ripples of change taking place in society. I moved up and down the East Coast and all that time through the years, I kept an eye on the changes taking place within the realm of ‘law enforcement’. When I was a kid, I wondered about the reasons behind all the ‘cop’ shows on TV, as I became older I wondered if there was some type of motivation behind the production of so many of these police/detective series. They seemed to be a combination of recruitment (that’s what nearly hooked me) and letting the public know they (the police) were your friends and protectors, up until a certain point.

That seemed to be a rather increasing grey area as time went by. There was an evolution taking place surrounding the police and law enforcement. Some may have looked at it as a devolution, but then that would depend on your perspective.
There seemed to be an increasing chasm of separation between the public and police and as time went by. I’ve come to understand this as a completely engineered occurrence.

I began to wonder where and why so many of these rules/regulations/codes/statutes were endlessly handed down through town councils, mayor’s offices etc..., all of them under a corporate umbrella masquerading as governments.
So, we go back to this stream of revenue, always following the money, because the currency is surrounded by the laws and everything in between. All roads lead to someone (a group) somewhere that’s decided who pays and how much, and when you’re the guy(s) that are in charge of making up all those revenue gathering rules and regulations, it’s nice to be able to wrap them all up in paper called ‘law’, even if everything inside the box isn’t quite right, or ‘lawful’.

All this information is not to be left to the public to discern between being ‘right or wrong’, not even the enforcers (cops) need to know, they’re there to do a job, not ask questions. So again, I get hung up on the ‘empathy’ feeling, because what choice do they have? They’re part of a compartmentalized chain of command that’s sequestered the human element by carefully engineered design.
Which leads us back to the derivation of revenue and the engineering of this web. I’ll refer to it as a web because it’s comprised of extremely confusing components to purposely obfuscate the reasonable detection of their intended propose.

There, is that confusing enough? The fact of this entire matter is very simple, it’s all about the control of many, by very few. 

No one is above the law, no one. 


This is a question to police officers. No one person is above the law. Is this correct?
We all know this is subject to so many variables (one sided) that the statement is an oxymoron in and of itself. It should read: ‘We decide who is, or is not above the law.’ Which again brings us back to the flow of currency/revenue, derived from ‘the web’ and all it encompasses. Where exactly does the flow, the currency in that revenue/river go? I’m asking the members of all law enforcement. If I were you, I’d wonder about this with a lot of concern because if you can’t answer it with complete faith and understanding to yourself, then who can?

Do you assume the many politicians (most of them attorneys) have your best interests at heart? Would you expect them to be concerned with the best interests of the public? Have the ones manufacturing these components of ‘the web’ gotten us (engineered us) to a quality social status thus far?

Do you ever wonder who’s handling your pensions? Are you secure in knowing those pensions would never be raided in some kind of emergency cash grab? Do banks or bankers have access?

It would appear we’re in the same boat, although you seem to be in a tougher position from an employment stand point. We share the same issues with credit card debt, mortgage payments/car loans/student loans etc...Do you ever wonder about the social engineers? The ones that have constructed this seemingly impenetrable ‘web’. They’ve built an entire support system around it called, ‘justice’. This is kind of corny, but sometimes it sounds more like, ‘just us’.
Do you really think the lawyers and judges would come rushing to your aid if you found yourselves in financial dire straits? Do you think you’d be above the law?
If you can’t answer the question of where the revenue flows, remember, someone, somewhere, can, and it’s not there for you to know about. It’s by design.

You have these questions, I know you do because I do. Believe me, I have no motivation past wanting you to be able to answer these simple questions for yourselves. There is an entity, and I’m not trying to be cryptic here, but there’s no other way to put this. These people, this group at the pinnacle, does not concern themselves with you, your families, or your financial stability. You are their enforcement arm, their protection, their paid mercenary force, the tenders of their revenue stream.
Even if you’re working in a small town, or municipality, you can’t escape this fact, or their reach.
You have to ask yourselves if drug enforcement is actually working, or is it actually there to support the system of incarceration and its privatized prison complex/structure?
Why has the prison system been privatized? Who profits from it? Someone, somewhere does, and just like any private corporation, inventory must be maintained in order to see a return on investment. Empty cells do not generate a return.

Our government, and those around the world,  are massive corporations run by another corporation, a private offshore banking cartel. There’s no doubt in my mind that most of those within the system would love to escape the scam they’ve found themselves in. This goes for lawyers, judges, sheriffs, police chiefs, mayors etc.. But like you, they’re caught inside ‘the web’. You’ve heard about this at some point in your lives and so I’ll not dwell on it. I’m simply interested in understanding your collective position on all of this. How do you feel about it and what will it mean to you and your families' futures? 

If we all don’t answer these fundamental questions and make the decision to no longer acquiesce to a selfish, maniacal entity,  then we’ve all agreed to whatever end we come to.

You all must realize though, in the end, we’re all on the same side.


My name’s, Graham Hayward and I disapprove of all the false messages/information we’re receiving.


  1. Thanks for the well thought out essay Gman...

  2. Graham, you say 'what choice do they have'. They chose to go to cop school and become what they are. They are ignorant of real Law, Common Law, and actually think what they are doing is 'the law' because they are born in pre-constitution times.

    They dont know schitt about Statutes are NOT Law, and that 'no law can be made which violates the Constitution'. They are brainwashed under the system; thats all they know, due to their age.

    They chose to go to cop school/training because its a 'hire off the street, get paid to get trained and earn a pretty high pay check'. No college necessary, and no real brains necessary, as long as they can write (PRINT your name in capital letters)tickets with unlawful statute numbers on them.

    Cops back in my day WERE there to help. They were called PEACE Officers. Now they are ENFORCERS; tyrants out to decide you were 'left of center' if necessary, JUST to bring in their pressed-for QUOTA of tickets for the day/night.
    So MAKE UP SOMETHING. There's just you and some driver, his word against YOURS; YOU with the gestapo fancy uniform on !

    We used to have a lovely peaceful community/suburb. Now suddenly we have some newly elected jackasses down at city hall who decided we needed way more cops and cop SPY on everybody. They sit in nooks and crannies on a slow mid-week daytime just READY TO LUNGE at somebody in a 35 mph zone. They hide like that, like the rats that they are now.

    COPS LIE and cops are ALLOWED to lie. And they are the FIRST ones to allude to YOU that YOU better NOT LIE, or they might just slam your azz in the slammer.
    It is AFTER they squeeze you to answer all their questions, that they FINALLY read you your rights, LOL. Ever notice that? It happens all the time. Only an IDIOT would ever answer a cops questions.

    Its the principal of the thing: You do NOT have to help them build a case against yourself. Its called the Fifth Amendment and they did not stop you or ask you these things except to try to build some case against you.

    From the early years of respect, I have come to despise ALL COPS.

  3. I should have added....since they squeeze you awhile before they read you your Rights YOU need to take it upon yourself to choose to remain SILENT right from the get go. TAKE your Rights; don't wait for them to be given or read to you.

  4. Graham... that is one of the best things i've read that addresses our little "policy officers" problem. I can work with that... i will use it, thank you. And it is timely, it is a problem we all need to address.

    Abby... it is easy for people to be deluded, to be trapped, and i'll just point to the fact of how many people forget morality as a choice (despise all cops sound familiar?) and act out of a misguided sense of blind obedience on a nebulous faith that it is the correct thing to do.

    In all cases our actions should be well thought out and the moral choice made... rules be damned. Written rules, codes or laws are all black and white... circumstances and events are seldom black and white... they are all shades in between... according to nature.

    Graham... mind if i reprint this? I will, of course, credit your fine work. - Wanda

    1. Hey, Wanda, thank you. No, not at all, reprint away. :)))))

  5. The only flaw in this otherwise fine essay Graham, is that you assume that those to whom you hope to reach with this message, an appeal to the forthrightness of our public enforcers, are capable of assimilating it's content.

    Too often our trust is betrayed; way too much confidence and credit is bestowed to them by us to believe that, for this moment in time, they would have an interest sufficient enough that would challenge them to forage pass the first two paragraphs before switching channels out of an instinctive CYA trigger or just dozing off out of pure boredom.

    I could be wrong but it seems that they'll change and take up the fight for freedom when their freedoms are finally taken from them or when their checks just stop coming.

    1. Hey Hugh,
      Sorry for the time it took me to respond, I'm on my gf's computer, mine hasn't been allowing me to post here for some reason.
      You're absolutely correct in your comments and it was difficult for me to approach this subject and 'crack it', to broach it in a way that might get some of these people to address a cancerous situation that has been engineered from the start.

      I read your accounting about what went down in Miami. Bad news, and the damage done to your son by those idiots is terrible. I hope he can separate that day from the rest of his life and move away from it.

      I have close friends that are cops down on the west coast of Florida, Collier County. One of them once told me, the only difference between us and a criminal is a badge. That stuck with me more from the way he put that statement, than what was actually said. It almost seemed like a confession of sorts, as if he'd developed a sort of psychological callus in order to cope. Not good.

      I think it's a delicate subject with extremely deep roots and these men and women have been separated from certain elements of the human apparatus. They've been partially lobotomized with propaganda and stunted with a purposeful lack of human interaction. They're physically insulated with technology and a bullet proof psyche, propelled by the 'us against them' edicts/ultimatums.

      They will run out of gas first unless things change, no armor can protect them from the collective, the math doesn't lie.

  6. From Graham...

    Hey, thanks for posting. Abby's too funny, I tried to post a response to her but can't.

    "Abby, the other day I was out trying to catch bees. I put a jar of vinegar out, no bees. Then, I put a jar of honey out there, bingo, bees." LOL.

    1. I also despise bees. And if people would tell the truth, 99% of them despise so called police officers of any kind.
      Honey draws all sorts of 'pests' which I want to stay far far from me.

  7. On Memorial Day, I took my kids and our new puppy to the beach near our home in Miami. It was supposed to be a treat. But it turned into a nightmare when the police attacked my 14-year-old son for no reason.

    My son Tremaine was horsing around with one of his friends when the police showed up on ATVs. Tremaine was holding a newborn puppy in one hand and a bottle in the other. The police asked him where his mother was, and he turned to walk toward me. That's when the police pounced on him, threw him to the ground, injuring our puppy and choking Tremaine so hard he urinated on himself.

    It was a horrible, violent experience that left my son terrified and depressed. And now the police are charging my son with felony resisting arrest. Resisting arrest -- for what? All he was doing was standing on the beach holding a puppy!

    I started a petition on demanding that Florida State's Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle drop the resisting arrest charges against my son. Will you click here to sign?

    Tremaine loves animals, and we love to watch Animal Planet together. He was so excited about our new puppy. Memorial Day was supposed to be a fun kickoff to our summer together -- since I work in Miami Dade public schools as a nutritional specialist, I get the summer off to be with my kids.

    But now, instead of spending time together, we're preparing for Tremaine's hearing on July 16. Instead of worrying whether he'll stay out too late, I'm worried about finding a good lawyer. I still can't believe this is happening. The police attacked my son for no reason, and now they're throwing these charges at him to justify their brutality.

    But there is some good news -- public pressure can be very powerful in situations like these. Last fall, a man in New York was brutally beaten by police and then charged with resisting arrest, but after more than 100,000 people signed a petition on, all charges were dropped.

    I hope that if enough people sign my petition, State's Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle will drop these trumped up charges against my son.

    Click here to sign my petition demanding that Florida State's Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle drop the charges against my son, who was attacked by police while holding our new puppy.

  8. Even Ms Mange is not safe from the lethal indiscretions of the state apparatus.

    1. no doubt... I have been unsubscribing to unsuccessfully for years... will nothing stop their emails?

    2. Nope... i experience the same thing with the TENTH AMENDMENT CENTER... speaks volumes there, don't it?

  9. So I wonder what glenn beck is going to say tomorrow.

    1. Why? It is common knowledge that he is a liar... that he has lied and will lie again is not in dispute.

      So i ask, in all earnestness... WHY pay any mind whatsoever to what ever happens to drop out of the pathetically tragic/comedic pie hole of the caricature (empty suit) called Glen Beck?

  10. When I move from this community to some other state, I intend to first investigate what kind of police they have; gestapo, or what. That will have a lot to do with where I choose to live then. Who wants the money I would contribute to businesses there....and who doesnt. If they want my money spent there, then leave me alone. Its really just that simple; otherwise I will take it elsewhere.

    It is calculated by a local grocery store, that EACH customer spends an average of $5000 per yr. there. And that is just at the grocery store. NOW, my grocery stores are going to be losing more than that, when I kiss this sorry place goodbye.

    No, I;m not in any trouble with the police; I just don't like them mulling around as IF they are my Parent and need them to keep an eye on ME.

    Police are 'dangerous to the economy'.

    1. Yeah... because it's all about you. We don't all live in this carnivorous fishbowl together. As long as you are okay... it's all good. We get that Abby... very christian of you, by the way.

  11. I was watching the Rangers baseball game and guess who is no longer in attendance. The bushy crime family, LOL.

    1. Maybe they had to attend to a child sacrifice... did you ever think of that?