Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Money Masters part 6 and My Siamese Brother...

To me this documentary is the foundation of becoming aware... I have watched it 15 times or more. Those who controlled the money financed all the social engineering research at the universities world wide. The Eyes Wide Shut ritualists are clearly at the top of the elite and all that black magic and hidden knowledge. One may try and deny these facts but to me it's like a quarterback denying he needs to study the other teams defenses. How can anyone even attempt to try and wake people up if they don't know the foundation that supported the money game.


and I think it's time you meet my other half...
I made this 10 years before the Matt Damon movie was made by the way.


  1. Gladstone's book is really cool... read about his plants rebirth after his girl friend leaves,,, leaves,,, hmmm


  2. Let's pretend for a moment that it would help; for just once we all had a day in which we could bend the ears of those required to attend this forum.

    Props to the lady...


  3. Geno... just in watching videos you posted above about the secret societies... i have many problems with his information... but the biggest red flag for me is all the the good/god destruction and the insider information that you can't trust government. Heavy on the fear... Fear... FEAR !!! They are trying to destroy God !!!!!!! They hate everything good.

    Okay... in reality you can't trust government... or RELIGION. He is endeavoring to get your confidence by "supposedly" helping you out with some insider information... which, by the way, while containing a modicum of truth, is inaccurate and distorted to the point of being comedic. He is betting you are not up on the subject of what the numbers truly represent on a Mystery School level, which i do have a breakdown on my web-site... http://www.akisstobreakthespell.com/i-b-4-e-except-after-see.html

    Its the oldest trick in the book... terrify you into running from one controlled paradigm straight into another. Government and religion are two arms of the same beast... and this is how they keep you. They give the false creator God some badly needed back-up and that, in turn, keeps you stupid and superstitious. Hand in glove.

  4. This is the basics, get familiar with that and you can build from there... it's off my site:

    There is correspondence in ALL...

    0 - zero... void... no thing... the divine mother
    1 - ego-less man... the particle... adam/atom
    2 - duality, contrast... the next particle...
    3 - trinity - thoughts, feelings and actions
    4 - the elements - earth - wind - fire and water
    5 - the four elements imbued with spirit... man... the new one
    6 - balance of masculine and feminine elements... the new two
    7 - perfection - balance - alignment with higher self… the new three
    8 - infinity, the elements eternal... the new four
    9 - the cycle of death and rebirth... takes you back to one (the number 1... the new zero, but not the original zero)


    10 starts the cycle all over again.

    There are only four numbers. 1, 2, 3 & 4... 5, 6, 7 & 8 are their mirror image... as above, so below.

    Important to note... 9 sets the cycle over again, but we are taken back to 1 - not to the void. Zero only ever exists once in our numeric scale.
    This may be understood as 10 = 1 because 1 + 0 = 1

  5. OMG... your video is hilarious... all of it. They call it cuisine because it makes you queasy... i liked the shaving part the best.

    So, side note, i went to that guy's facebook to dis him face to face... someone else got there before me. BUT - i was shocked to see he is from Breckenridge, Colorado. The place i called home for 27 years... that place is a viper's den. Also, they cream him pretty well in the comments section on JewTube.

    1. I concur, Geno, the more of these vid/histories you post of your travails, reminds me of my own life progress/regress lol.
      I don't know if you ever got as far as joining SAG, but I did and I did the theater stint, wrote shows, got a video showcase up and running down in Naples Fl.
      My brother's a working comedian as well, we moved up to Jersey/NYC together to grovel at the incredibly crowded base of the monolith.

      We found that the union(s) are nothing more than co opted microcosms of government, a necessary evil to 'official' entrance into the circus.

      I continue to maintain that we are on the cusp of an amazing future despite the pummeling we've endured as we exit the 'gauntlet faze' of our collective christening/chrysalis. Then again, maybe I'm a glutton for gauntlets.

  6. I removed it because his face is smug...

  7. Bill Donahue... great rant right in the beginning:


    1. looks like the guy who plays several people...Mcilvoy or something like that...

    2. I think he's cute. And he has a history that goes back decades... he is just a normal guy... like you.

      He said something in one of his podcasts that surprised me... showed me MY short sightedness. He said, "This is the New Age Religion... Cat's out of the bag." I have been railing about the new age religion all the while it is what my belief system is.... duh.

      I thank whomever first posted a link to him. I was put off only by his emphasis on meditation because i don't feel it goes hand in hand with awareness. He recently cleared that up for me too when he said that about fifteen seconds is the right amount of time you need to spend alone with your thoughts... but it is so important that you do that.

      Think about that... how many times have you had an epiphany in the shower? The answer, for me, is... just about every time.

  8. An observation that I consider most likely valid
    that can assist in identifying if 'news event' is just a scripted/acted event.


    1. I would have to say that you can tell if a "news event" is just a scripted/acted event, if it's a "news event"... if their lips are moving............

  9. “The information in this report is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, the Commodity Exchange, Inc. disclaims all liability whatsoever with regard to its accuracy or completeness. This report is produced for information purposes only.”

    Just about all commodities in the US trade through the COMEX, this includes beef, soy, gold, silver, West Texas Sweet and much more. Effectively the report has no basis in reality and is strictly provided as propaganda to 'in form the reader' [=mold the reader].

    I was molded for years until Bear Stearn's meltdown wiped out the vast majority of my retirement savings.

    1. in other words the reports are fraudulent..

      it's CYA all the way isn't it?

  10. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know which one you're going to get. So savior the coffee, not the cup...


  11. It was rumored that congressman Jim Bridenstine preselected his coffin prior to this rant as he naturally assumed that he would be found horizontal within days, if not hours afterwards.


    1. bride of frankenstein? I call fake name, fake persona... Also i ask, since the defense is always a white racist criticizing Obama why doesn't the Republican strategy utilize a black congressman or senator to say the same things... why? because it's a mind game to perpetuate the divide...

    2. The other side of the divide...


    3. I agree Geno. It's just a tad obvious, like calling yourself Dr. Franklin Stein.

  12. Another NLP in the name Build-er-Berg?
    Build Our Berg - berg isalso a homophone with burg

    1828 Websters - BERG, n. A borough; a town that sends burgesses to Parliament; a castle. [See Burg.]

    1828 Websters - BURG, n. [This is the same word as borough, the only difference being in the pronunciation of the final letter.]

    A borough; originally a fortified town, but now a city or town, which send members to parliament, whether incorporated or not. [See Borough.]

    Incidentally some older English meanings are mountain and fortress.

  13. When you "invest" with other peoples' money with guarantees that you should lose your investment, your government will bail you out, then it's really not much of a gamble.

    And should you be fortunate enough to have access to trading platforms that require a minumum of $1/2 billion to participate then you too can shop til you drop forever and make promises to your minions that you will address their problems. Just don't protest or complain too much and we'll take care of you.

    Meanwhile, enjoy this glimpse into our world of opulence; it's as close as you'll ever get to experiencing what we have "earned" off the backs of you and your progeny.


    1. Hugh - Hmmmmm. Sounds familiar, doesnt it. Lol.

  14. Another jewish state crimes in Gaza.


    1. doesn't begin to scratch the surface...

      their day will come

  15. Wall-Street funding of Bolsheviks documented strikingly or not at the 33 minute marke in this video.

    A $1,000,000 USD transfer from Chase Bank to Petrograd in 1917 and much more!


  16. A new teaser video released this afternoon shows a slew of celebrities and activists rallying in support of military whistleblower Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, whose trial for leaking 700,000 secret documents to WikiLeaks began today.

    “I am Bradley Manning” is the tagline of the PSA created by the eponymous group and featuring supportive celebrities like filmmaker Oliver Stone; actors Russell Brand, Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Wallace Shawn; musicians Tom Morello and Moby; and journalists Phil Donahue, Matt Taibbi, and Chris Hedges.

    Each speaker takes their turn declaring that they or we “are all Bradley Manning,” imploring viewers to put themselves in a similar situation to Manning’s. “What would you do,” they ask, if you were faced with the decision to leak non-life-threatening information that evidenced “war crimes” and “awful things” and deserved to be in the public domain?


    1. That kind of gives me the impression that after all the poisons and indoctrination, the Controllers are now trying to see if the public is full softened. The fact that most people continue to be entranced by celebrates and news stories put out by the MSM "stars" would indicate they are.

      These actors are idols. What part of idolatry don't we understand? Bradley Manning = Brad Man = Nailed Man = Jesus Christ. Bradley Manning, like Christ on the Cross, like Nazi, like the term Anti-Semite - gets a lot of mileage, so they use it. They do it because it damages our our psyches and prevents us from seeing clearly... cloudy perception leads to a lack of awareness.

    2. I don't know why this word 'awareness' is used so much lately. I think its really a rather insignificant and shallow word, actually.
      For instance, I can be out walking on a long walk, and become AWARE that it is becoming chillier; sure, BUT theres not a damned thing I can do about it; being aware of that doesnt change anything....except perhaps to put a jacket on.
      Or be AWARE that weather report reported that its GOING to become chilly, so then you take your wrap along. But the fact still remains, its STILL going to be chilly, and that will not change one bit.

      Just sayin...

    3. Oddly enough the word bothers me too even though i used it a couple times myself recently... obviously we are struggling to find a word that describes the difference of having one's head up their ass and not...

      and yet we are all struggling to figure out if we really are "aware" or conned down yet another culdesac or detour...

      I named my other blog open minded juror because it was my opinion the trial is not over and we need to be listening and questioning everything we see and hear....

    4. In all my days, its been 'did you know that...' or 'have you heard about such and such'.
      I am generally very suspicious when I hear people speak of this 'awareness' ...because it has some eery reference to some spaced out guru type 'religious experience'. In fact 'experience' is another word closely tied with the awareness word.
      Now all this is leaning toward a meditating which is really getting in touch with evil spirits, and is done is some whacky religion.

      Go looking for the devil, and he will gladly accomodate ya. This is the danger of 'going looking for answers 'out there'. And satan can 'come as an angel of light'.....to deceive.

      Just sayin'

    5. I agree with you about the meditating stuff... but that is from the old, false, religions... like Buddhism. Sitting around and focusing on BLANK, in my opinion, never solved anything. It is when we focus on our problems that the answers come to us.

      As far as the devil goes... any devil that shows up, you created out of your mind. There is no real devil, but if we believe in one, one will show up... and i speak from experience on that.

      Angels and demons, those are just aspects of self. Think about it... an archangel is an arc and an angle. Everything in existence is either an arc or an angle... the angles are considered evil because they are sharp... the arcs are good because they are soft and round.

      All of the religions in the world were created and handed to us... they all contain a flawed holy trinity. Christianity's is the father, son and holy ghost. They take the female out of the equation and replace her with a fecking ghost... any co-incidence we live in a misogynistic world? There is no creation without the female... a womb is an absolute requirement.

      The cup of blood, Jesus blood… the blood of Christ… that is woman. That is how they sneak the secret of the divine feminine into religion and conveniently forget to tell you about it and also tell lies about it. It is the old “not technically-a-lie” lie.

      The symbol for man is a spear. Man spears woman, man fulfills woman… she in return gives up her essence, when he drinks her in, she fulfills him. A symbol for woman is a chalice… the cup that bleeds. Either that or Jesus is the mother, the true god... his/her words and works are good and true.

      Abby, i studied the bible for years... nothing made sense until i began to look at the mystery religions, mythology, latin and ancient history to gain deeper insights... that's when things began to come together. No more superstitions... and i don't need belief. I have knowing... everything fits together and makes sense... there IS correspondence in all.

      Believe what you wish... but you owe it to yourself to peer outside of the box and seek. Spellcrafted, seek means See K = See Spirit. K= Ka = Spirit. We are the living word of God... and she don't require worship... you will see, i feel confident.

    6. Try that in your "religion"... try making some free flow connections... you can't. And there's the flaw... there's the evil. When you begin to know the laws of nature and the universe, you learn that there is connectedness in all... you see it... it is expansive... it teaches you.

    7. Sorry, but there are both evil spirits and angels.
      Disbelief of this does not make that go away. This is why we have both good and evil in our world. And they are most certainly not connected, but in furious battle with one another.
      The blood of Christ IS the blood of Christ. We cannot change that to other meanings. And I think spellcraft is rediculous and intended to confuse. Satan is the author of confusion. This is why we have so many misunderstandings in just about everything, among people. (how many times have we heard 'thats not what I meant'. Look at how people dont understand each other any more. This is the workings of those evil spirits)

      The bible makes total sense to me, and shows a beginning, the in-between, and the most sensible ending; even the reasons for it.

      Now we all do know that words have various parts; but spellcraft people are putting their own meanings to them, which are 'far out' and incorrect, and unnecessary. They add to the confusion already prevalent, and create multiple choice. They contribute nothing to society in general, as in...what the hell difference does it make.

      Just sayin'

  17. Why did i delete that? Crap... i was on autopilot... i was just trying to reply to my previous comment... anyways...

    Abby... Why do you have a problem with awareness? What's really bothering you?

    1. I gave my reasons, above. But ultimately, awareness is inaction, and gives no plan of action. Just like the 'knowledge is power' ...does no good to have knowledge if you don't or can't do something with it.

      Here we are, knowing all this stuff, increasingly over say the past decade or so, and yet we are TODAY in the worst condition the world has ever, ever been it, and we are all smack in the middle of it.

      I just plain get very uncomfortable with the 'A' word.
      Gives me the heebie jeebies.

    2. Fascinating... and so you attribute the ills of the world to awareness, over... say, the past ten years or so?

      Help me to understand that.

    3. Pollution wise the world is worse off but we have come a long way from times past.... I don't believe things are worse than they have ever been.... That's a symptom of being too "aware" and apparently missing lots of good...

      By the way, I hate the phrase "just sayin'

      It's trite and either you own your beliefs or you don't...don't apologize for it.

    4. Wanda - Now you go and twist my words; I never said that that silly 'A' word has caused all the ills of the world. I think i've expressed quite a bit here about what has contributed to the ills of the world...and its primary contribution has been from EVIL people who are run by evil spirits. Evil doers
      are at the crux of it all, and a lot of them are into 'awareness' by the way; one of them calls himself John, for example.

      Geno, I use 'just sayin' to indicate that I'm just imparting information or my thoughts and it is not directed to any one particular individual and not sparring with anyone. Thats all. And yes I do own my beliefs, but I don't try to shove them on others.

  18. Geno, thank you for saying you hate the term "just sayin"... i would have, but i didn't want to come off as adversarial.

    Abby, awareness is simply people becoming cognizant of things they didn't see before and reacting to that knowledge. Awareness is knowledge, look it up, you'll find it in another good book... the dictionary... although, it's just as corrupted... but they do a fairly straight up version of the word... you have to go back to ancient Greece and the Latin to find the real meanings of words... and that opens up a whole new world to you.

    Truth is awareness. And truth is love. The ones who gave us these false religions, it is known, have this ancient knowledge and have hidden it away from us for evil intent... for usury and ownership of humanity. Over thousands of years... not merely a decade. They either can't or won't honor the connectedness of all because they are arrogant, or more likely, through inbreeding, they severed their connection to the all. And that is anti-nature, and we see this in the world because of all the diseases they are directly attributable to such activities... breeding sexual diseases through their bloodlines causes racial insanity. Nature, herself, is taking them out... but nature, like a just and loving god, does give them an out... they can refresh their blood through out-breeding and remake their connection.

    Christianity came into being the same way all other tyrannies did, through blood shed, ignorance (unawareness) and oppression. And, it is no secret that is just how it's been maintained all these centuries.

    I think you are feeling the winds of change, and for someone as locked into the brain control as you are, that is frightening. Fear is how they keep you... fearful and superstitious. They got you in the dark, calling it light. There is a way out of that prison... but only you hold the keys.

    If you possess your mind, no demon can touch you. I think you should listen to this podcast... just the first seven minutes, and decide from there if this is evil or not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EVT39GZgDE

    It is the true wisdom contained in the bible, interpreted correctly... scientifically. That should not, logically, strike fear in anyone.

    1. I defend Abby's perspective as well.... I know what she means.

      Where is KMB, and Klondike and a few others? Are they not aware of how much I appreciate their input on all things awake or struggling to be? ;)

    2. Abby needs no defense... and i am not attacking. If you perceive that i am, please read my words again.

      I say what i say for the enlightenment of all... because that is how it starts... getting hit full in the face with the hypocrisy of that which you once believed... that is how it happened for me. I used to believe in that crap. It prevented me from looking for deeper wisdom and gave me guilty and sinful feelings for that which i did allow.

    3. Wanda - I'm afraid you never really understood the bible to begin with; this is why you trash it as being incorrect. Most of humanity is with you on that; it never seemed to work for them, so they turned and viciously attacked it as junk.
      But there are some prerequisites for it to work for a person. And it works in very subtle and mysterious ways that are not always easily detected. For example, unbeknownst to Geno, he was instrumental in a large way, being used by God to bring me to the knowledge of the dinar. (He recalls how that happened, too, lol) I had heard just a little about it before, but it was mentioned in very off-handed ways, so I didnt take it seriously. Then Geno came along and 'it lit up' right in front of me, no nonsense. I even remember it was the very end of last August, and it was an answer I'd been asking for prior to that.
      I could give many other instances, some quite startling, some very subtle. At my house we've even had several healings, the life saving kind. We've even had our lives saved from would-be accidents, of which there can be no question.

      Its fine if you don't believe the Word of God, the bible, or that you think it is tyranny or whatever...but you ought to say it is your opinion and not announce it as though you are being factual.

      God is a God of construction, as well as a God of destruction. Some things need to be destroyed, just as some things are deserving of being constructed or reconstructed, mended or fixed.
      Men of destruction deserve to be destroyed and it is a righteous thing that they are. Its all about righteousness and deservedness. A favor from God must be merited; what is not merited, gets no merit.

      No, knowledge is not awareness; knowledge is knowledge; it is a knowing. Awareness is not really knowing, it is merely an awareness (man, I hate that word). Like, I can be aware that a storm is coming, but I have no knowledge of the workings of that storm.
      This is another problem: each person has a different meaning for the word, and some are really referring to it in the sense of 'spiritual awareness' which indicates any spirit. And unbeknownst to them, they are opening themselves up to satanic spirits, which can come as 'an angel of light'..but is actually very dark.
      Furthermore, 'religion' is the same way; the word itself. It certainly does not include the one and only One True God of heaven. Its just the variety of whatever People decide to believe, then call it 'religion'.
      Whereas, true Christianity is founded on CHRIST, and Christ only, mixed with nothing. And true Christians do NOT put their faith outside themselves, BUT rather they are co-working WITH God and welcome and look to HIS input in their lives. Then THEY do as they are led by God to do; we do the legwork accordingly.

      It is God who gives us Wisdom; it is a true attribute of a true Christian. We are even commanded to seek his Wisdom. God is rather 'cut and dried' and leaves no gray areas. This is the beauty of it because a thing is either right and good, or else it is not.
      No need for looking in every nook and cranny, or reading lots of extra books written by man, who each have yet a ton of other ideas of their own.

      God has all Wisdom and all knowledge, one just needs to arrive at the prerequisites, and then do it.
      He has even known all along the beginning from the end. This is why the bible is a book of foretelling.
      For example: 'In the last days, men will become worse and worse'.
      There has never been a truer book...ever. There is no hypocrisy about it. Sinful feelings are convictions of sin. Everyone begins with that; they either come to admission and confession...or else they become angry and try to throw it off.
      Etc, etc. etc.

  19. Presidential Model

    At the height of her career, Marilyn got involved with the highest power figure in the world: The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. While some historians classify their relationship as an “affair”, researchers in Monarch mind control claim that she was actually a presidential model – the highest “level” of Beta Programming slaves who are used to “service” Presidents.

    If true, the existence of presidential models is quite a troubling concept, one that proves the power and the importance of Monarch Mind Control in elite circles.

    “Presidential models” were/are allegedly used by big time entertainers and politicians as sexual playthings; mind controlled puppets programmed to perform assorted perverse acts at the bidding of their manipulative “handlers”. Supposedly Marilyn Monroe was the first Monarch sex slave who achieved “celebrity” status. For those unfamiliar with the term “Presidential model”, I’ll refer them to The Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain and Long John Nebel. As the story goes, Long John Nebel–a New York radio personality in the 50′s-70′s–discovered via hypnosis that his wife, Candy Jones, was a victim of just this sort of mind control project, one of the many MK-ULTRA mind slaves, programmed by CIA “spychiatrists” and used by high mucky muck dignitaries to perform their perverse sexual whims, among other assorted duties such as being used as drug mules and message couriers for this vast network of morally deficient power brokers. More has come to light in this regard in recent years by way of similar allegations disbursed widely across the Internet, as well as such highly controversial books as Trance Formation In America by Mark Phillips and Kathy O’Brien, wherein Ms. O’Brien relates her own troubling tales of MK-ULTRA and Monarch abuse. ”

    - Adam Gorightly, “An Interpretation of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut”


    1. Adam Gorightly? Are you aware, (there's that term again) that Pussy Golightly is common pornography? You enter that into search and you get 89 Million returns.

    2. Yes I saw that right off but a pen name is different than a fake Senator name...

    3. Yes it is... it doesn't mean he can be trusted any more but Mark Twain is a pen name... 98% of the people on the net have pen names...

      Celticrebel is a pen name...

    4. Just like that OPPwhatever thing. The guy Jag Amera or whatever, sounded just like Che Guevera... and turns out, that's bogus. How bout that?

    5. I posted it it to spark a more interesting debate than whether the word "awake" sucks or not...

      Ed Chiarini who I think is a real name has a much different take on whether Marilyn Monroe was all that...

      Who wants to look into that? Or we can talk dinar....

      Gurudufus says tomorrow at 11 dollars and wells fargo is secretly alien space ships prepared to disappear our cash to planet vegas the casino planet...

  20. Yeah... Celtic Rebel is a pen name... try and make something pornographic out of it... and that is my point. Adam Gorightly is in your face pornographic.

    1. by the way I tried to listen to him again two days ago and the guy is the unfunniest person to think he is funny, ever, and the idea he thinks he thought of everything first and says that every single sentence is to display an egomaniac who apparently is not aware the there is nothing new under the sun... just remixing...

    2. Really? I enjoyed him... thought his latest podcast was very enlightening, especially the computer programming and how we are being programmed. He has worked in the field of programming human minds... according to him, and according to the information in that podcast, it rings true to me.

    3. I do not listen to him for humor value... there are generally, not always, pearls of wisdom in there.

    4. see comment below...yes he is reprogramming the truth movement for guess who?

    5. Exactly, and i agree. That doesn't mean he doesn't drop pearls before us swine... you know they all do... they have to or they would have zero viewers.

      Don't toss the baby out with the bath water.

  21. Post the Chiarini Marilyn/Jacqueline/Rosalyn pictures... and the Kennedy/Carter one... do you want me to email them to you? I got them right in my picture gallery.

    1. I have them too but I am not convinced about Matrilynn, Carter and Kennedy and Jackie and Rosalyn look pretty damn close.... I buy the idea the Kennedy's lineage because to me he proved through other sibling pictures a true resemblance... so we could be talking illegitimate kids like Clinton is to Rockefeller, or again, twins that they found were very handy to groom for power...

      Same could be true for Jackie...twins? Sisters? Cousins? The same person? I tell you the bit that really makes me wonder is the audio video of Jackie talking EXACTLY like Monroe...

      But things this huge get used against truthers not for them... it is best to prove things like the cryer...I'll post that... and Eisner...

    2. I also take exception to CelticRebel suddenly harpooning every term in the language that we use in the truth movement... truthers know what we are trying to convey with the commonly accepted words... That A-Hole is trying to destroy our means of communication however flawed...

    3. Well... here's the deal. Think for yourself and if agreeing with every thing someone says were a criteria, where would we be?

      Suddenly? He has done that historically. One time i was on his chat room when he said Agenda 21 wasn't real... i posted it was complete crap and you only need to look at how they are militarizing water to see that... so he dropped it. Celtic has an agenda, you have an agenda, i have an agenda.

      You are probably mainly honest, as am i, but we do get caught up in our own delusions. With the "a" word and a little help from others, we grow and our perceptions change... and that is what we are all here for... to affect a change.

      Discernment is the key... knowledge is awareness. Truth is love.

    4. Oh yeah, i think the Jackie/Rosalyn/Marilyn photos are relevant... and a woman's eye is a better judge of that due to the fact of putting on a face everyday, which i do not do, but tried make-up in high school, didn't like the way it floated on top of the real me.

  22. I know for a fact I have zero agenda... I recognize all out psychological war I fight with one thing in mind... voicing all the angles I can think of and what I think makes sense...

    That is why I am not in anyone's "camp" any more...

    1. Geno - I was just going to respond that I never saw Geno as having any agenda. Neither do I, never have, never will. I much prefer being outspoken, just telling it like it is.

      Geno - I ran across something that Attorney Hodges quoted from Samuel Adams. Thought you'd like it:

      ''It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather, an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in peoples minds'.

  23. You have an agenda... the same as me, i am pretty sure. To get people to figure out truth. That IS an agenda. You do put out propaganda... same as me. Truth is all one way but propaganda can be both pro and con... and that depends also on which side you are working on... or for.