Friday, June 7, 2013


I tried to embed this but it didn't work so here is the link.  There are some pretty darn good songs here, by my brother and I. The Patriotic MARCHING was designed for protests as a simple 3 chord march, orchestrated for multiple harmonies...If anyone out there would like to work it out and send me the video I'd be very honored.

we're marching for our rights...
we're marching into the night...
we're marching for the constitution
we're marching in a peaceful revolution...

we're singing to be heard
freedom is more than a word
we're making a pledge for all time
i'll march for your rights as you march for mine

we're demonstrating our beliefs
for the people who died to keep us free
we're marching for the brave
we're marching for the souls they saved

silence the violence

we're marching for the kids
we're marching because our forefathers did...
we're marching against the corrupt
her marching for the peace they disrupt...

we're asking who is to profit
who would dare make war and money off it...
we're marching for the bill of rights...
we're marching to turn darkness into light

we're marching and we hope to teach
we're demonstrating freedom of speech
we're marching
we're praying...

Money Masters Part 9


  1. And here we see Lincoln handing the country over to the bankers, this saddens him because him because of HIS loss of power. Of course he was killed by the bankers, but lets not assume it was because he had our best interest in mind, no he was killed by the bankers for trying to fly too close to the sun.
    Hind sight is 20/20 but only if viewed by the eye of objectivity.

  2. I don't know about 3 chords. I'd play it this progression...
    Am E
    Am E
    Am C
    F C E
    But then I just recently became good enough to play guitar around a campfire without making people get up and leave :P

    1. Soon as I unpawn my guitar I will try it...thanks...

    2. I tried it on my guitar, it works till the end, but I'm sure a B or Bb whatever it is should be in there somewhere maybe with a lil Guthrie finger flare to make it ethnic sounding. who knows but i had fun playing with it.

      what were the cords you were thinking of?

    3. Did you listen to it? follow the's GCD

    4. Actually I try to avoid links but hey, I guess I can give it a try.

    5. saw it, heard it, liked a lil more uppity than the progression i gave you. but you get that with GCD :P Either way Good job man, keep it up :)

  3. A good article on hemp.

    1. By 1925 over 25,000 different benefits/uses of hemp had already been published in the Untied States.

    2. Levi Strauss and Company top quality tents and riveted jeans were only two of the products of the 25k+ products.

    3. I tried to explain to the cop I only wanted it to make a pair of jeans...

    4. Yeah hemp!!! the all in one herb. what cant it do? No wonder the many incarnations of Vishnu consumed it. I'd almost be surprised it wasn't deified thousands of years ago, if it weren't for the fact that we can prove it's existence and many uses... provable things are never deified. :P

    5. Touche' Dog... provable things are never deified, i'm going to use that.

  4. About the terrifying future of America, i can't help but think of the Family guy episode where Peter is watching on TV a police helicopter and swat team outside his house, and he is too caught up by what he is seeing and too dumb to realize that it is his own house till the door gets kicked in... or maybe even Monty Pythons life of Brian when Lilith comes in to tell the PFJ that Brian was getting crucified and it's time to take action now!!! where the PFJ motions for debate then seconds it.

    Bloody splitters!!!

  5. For anyone interested in learning some occult symbolism in a very interesting and accurate way... check this guy's YouTube page out:

    I have been watching The Tarot Deck - Pi & The English Language... excellent and accurate...

    Here is a response he left to a commenter on his YouTube site:

    martyleeds33 1 month ago

    Every language speaks of the glory of the creator. This is certainly not exclusive to English by any stretch. In my opinion every language has a mathematical base of some sort and that math comes from a divine source. This is proof in my eyes that there is absolutely a higher order and not only that but that we can align ourselves to it. As far as labour/labor, color/colour is something I ask you to start to explore. Learn this and find the answers yourself. Thanks for the post.

    .............. back to my words here....

    He is positively into the positive side of the occult... his name is MartyLeeds33 and he stopped at 66 videos, what would you like to bet that was on purpose?

    Fear not children, the number 666 is the number of man. All incarnate creations are carbon based... the atomic number for carbon on the periodic table of elements is 666. Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive.

    In looking over his stuff, this guy is the real deal.... if you want to learn more about yourself and the world and how everything connects, this is great knowledge.

    Dog... i would be interested in your take on this.

    1. OK Wanda, I like hidden things. I can't tell you much of that guy because I didn't watch the video but to his comment from my experience everything is mathematical, including language. While there is lots of evidence to prove this, there is no evidence against it. As far as what he means by divine force... What ever allegory he chooses is his choice to decide, the quest is the question, discovery is the treasure.

      though it is true 666 is the atomic mass of carbon because it has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons, and all life on earth is contingent on it. it is actually the mark of the beast because life in all its glory is capable of terrifying actions. Man is 555 having 5 fingers and toes, 5 appendages, 5 senses... but if reviewing this and finding me wrong please let me know.

    2. No Dog... i wanted your opinion of if the guy's information seemed accurate to you... i asked what time is it, not, how do you build a watch... Lol.

    3. Wanda, thanks for posting these vids, good stuff. If I could've gotten ahold of this stuff when I was 5 years-old, koogly moogly, I would've torn Sunday school and kindergarten/kidgotten, apart.

    4. Heard that Graham... i would not have bumbled through life till i was fifty years old my own sweet self. Now... i'm waaaaaay behind the eight ball... but at least the clouds of confusion have moved out.

      Now, all i can do is try to end this crap... and it is is crap... or in a couple of years... there will be no place for me here anymore... i will not be able to survive here. Things are wrong beyond any hope of repair.

    5. 666 is the number of satan, the devil, and darkness.

      And I already know all about myself. Thats cause I've always lived with myself for many eons. If after all that one doesnt know themselves, and has to go seeking for who they are....well, they've got more problems than they know what to do with, lol.

    6. Abby,

      Please name me one instance of Satan killing, torturing, maiming, stealing from, lying to or any other stuff (like we see our loving G-d do) in the bible. Name something rotten Satan ever did besides tempt... because tempting doesn't count as evil... ice cream tempts, and ice cream is not evil.

    7. Also, answer this Abby... the Lord commands to "Have no gods before me." What the hell happened to the gods that were around some couple thousand years before Jehovah showed up, and what the hell too him so long to show up?

      Then explain why it took so much bloodshed and threats and a dark age, which we are still in -by the way, to bring in this Christianity movement?

    8. Wanda - Look around. Satan is the 'god of this world' 2 Cor. 4:4
      Cant you easily see how satan robs us every day? Dont you see the huge unlawful taxes that are taken from you every day? THEN more taxes in the way of fees and charges added to everything? Do you see $4 gasoline?
      What little you can buy at the grocery for a huge amount of money?
      Dont you see the threats if you dont pay something on time? Don't you see the horrific maming satan does in stupid wars over; wars for WHAT? Dont you see the Elites have stolen all our money and horded it away from US? Rothschilds hoard amounts to about 100 Trillion dollars ! And he's just one of them. Where is all the rest of it?
      And dont you see the working of satan, filling our children, gradeschoolers with mind control drugs? Don't you see the ownership the satanic run gov. has taken over peoples children? Schools that are corrupting their minds? Do you see the big 'blank' soulessness in their eyes?
      Yesterday I was at my Cardio for my annual checkup, and there was a not yet 50 yr. old man in there with a plastic grocery bag half full of perscription bottles he brought to show the doc. He acted like a zombie.
      Don't you see the corruption in everything, everywhere today??
      Now do you want to ask again, what bad thing has satan ever done?? Name me one DECENT thing he's ever done.
      NADA. Every problem you have mentioned, in fact, is the working of SATAN. While you are looking in the bible for what bad thing he's done.....he is doing it right in front of you, ever single DAY.

      PISS on Satan. I can't wait till he is totally destroyed....and good riddance !

    9. Christianity is not a 'movement'. The Dark Ages consisted of the so called 'catholic church' hiding the bible FROM the people. Do you really think that was God's doing? To want his word hidden? And do you really think Rome has anything to do with the one True God of Heaven? Or that God has anything to do with Rome?

      Ultimately, I find huge fault with these places that portray themselves as being 'christian churches' of all sorts of different names. They have failed TOTALLY in teaching anything; not even teaching people HOW to read the bible, or much less, how to understand it.
      Basically, the OT is addressed to the Jews, under the Law. It was basically to show people that no man can keep the Law. And therefore, the introduction and prelude to the entry of Jesus, whereby one can receive justification.....but by following His Way.

      In the middle there is a transition book, the Book of Acts, which depicts the transition FROM the Law, into the Age of Grace thru Jesus Christ. Many came over from the days of Law, TO the New Way, under Christ.
      Many of them had some difficulty in making that transition, and it took some time for News to travel at that time.
      What is commonly referred to as the '4 Gospels' is still before the death of Christ, tho, even tho it is put in with the New Testament. But note that there are NOT just 4 Gospels; the entire NT is the Gospel, to the end.
      Then we have the NT, which is what is addressed TO the Church based on the resurrected Jesus. None of OT is addressed to us.
      The NT gives us all our instructions that we are to abide by. Aside from the fact that there are still some things yet to take place, written in the OT by the prophets, such as Isaiah and Daniel. Otherwise, our instructions to pay heed to, is the NT.

    10. Abby... Satan is man... God is man... it is all of us.

      Taxes... your stupid book tells us to render to Caesar (siezer) and wait for something to happen that can't happen and never will. The Jesus in your stupid book says that's what God wants... not Satan. I see God and idiots like you who believe that bullshit robbing me daily.

      That is God fearing men who are carrying out these idiotic rules written down by other God fearing men who think some words on paper instead of morality should be obeyed... and blindly, i might add. What does our money say? In GOD we trust, right? Yeah, how's that working for you... it ain't working for anyone, YOU FAIL TO SEE.

      Abby, you are a rucking fetard.

      Besides, i asked for proof, BIBLICAL PROOF, of evil deeds attributed to Satan, no you mindlessly spouting off unsubstantiated mumbo jumbo.

      And the deal was, i would match you one thousand eyes for one eye you give me... you still not have shown me any biblical proofs.


    11. The ultimate of Immorality is....hatred for God.
      The consequences are something you are not gonna like.
      So dont even mention Morality to me; coming out of your god hating mouth, its an oxymoron.
      Morality is something that is very foreign to you.
      You are so consumed by your disdain for the One True God, and your own life, that you cannot see the forest for the trees. It eventually eats you up, so remember that these were the choices that you and you alone made for yourself.
      At least be adult enough to not take your bitterness out on others and bring it into a public venue.

    12. Yeah... and who's saying it? God.

      The ultimate of immorality is pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining... who said that... me.

      You fearful little creature.

    13. Abby your IGNOREance of truth is immoral. More people are harmed by the crap you espouse than anything i could ever reveal... because my revelations are backed up by proof.

      Prove what you say or keep pissing on the porch with the puppies.

  6. Off topic.

    I saw more than 10 email addresses to Wells Fargo’s top executives at John MacHaffie’s web site today.

    A Wells Fargo’s insider must have forwarded those email addresses to him. I almost copied and posted them here, but that would have caused this blog to be hacked as well.

    We are living in a very interesting time, indeed, and I am not about to give in to those degenerates.

    “site was hacked again

    Still investigating the hacking of this site. Intel heading and wells fargo posting was deleted.

    Geeeeee ---- these boys are good!

    Will be replaced over the weekend.

    John MacHaffie”

  7. The artist taxi driver welcomes Alex Jones and the Keiser

  8. Hey, my site was hacked to day too.

    1. No it wasn't... but you realize that they can say anything... they are still 0 for 0.

  9. Here is the contact list (emails for all WF corporate officers) serve them. You can feel free to use this letter and just insert your name, especially if you're currently a WF customer. They know it's coming, might as well let them know.; CEO, Co-President WFHM; Co-President WFHM; SVP WFHM; VP WFHM; Assistant to Mary Coffin; General Counsel WFHM; Board of Directors, WF; CEO, WellsFargo; CFO, WellsFargo; EVP and General Counsel, WF; EVP and Controller, WellsFargo; EVP, WellsFargo; EVP, WellsFargo


    Hello, my name is Graham Hayward and I'm representing the One People. You may or may not be aware of these latest documents and Courtesy Notices that have gone out to all Government Agencies and sub-agencies.
    Please read these documents and and explore all the supplied links to attached information. All that has and will be furnished is absolute data.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, and with truth,

    Graham Hayward


    The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks and “governments” on December 25th 2012 stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system: http:// INDUSTRIESTRASSE-21-CH-6055ALPNACH-DORF-SWITZERLAND.

    What happened?

    The OPPT posed to the world’s Banks and Governments:
    1. that they had by deceptive acts and practices been stealing from the people for hundreds of years, and; 2. nothing stood between the Creator and each of the Creator’s creations,
    and gave due opportunity to rebut both statements. They could not and did not. To understand this fully please read the Declaration of Facts at > UCC Filings > 2012 ptII > Declaration of Facts. Here are two excerpts:

  10. I'd like to believe that has teeth Graham, but if i try that i could wind up in leg irons and who will come to my aid?

  11. Be bold and might forces will come to your aid... be stupid and you're on your own.

  12. Hey Gram, is this something you are heading or are you a part of it? the only reason I ask is because it helps to determine the size of your balls. Though I didn't read all of it do to legal jargon, I get the gist of what you are saying and Kudos to you. good luck :)

    I would be interested in reading more on it.

    1. I've learned that no problem can be solved by applying more of the same consciousness that created the problem. In other words you can't fight the system by using the system, all that happens is the propagation of more of the same. But I'm all for people thinking and acting. Win or loose, I wish you well.

  13. “I've learned that no problem can be solved by applying more of the same consciousness that created the problem. In other words you can't fight the system by using the system, all that happens is the propagation of more of the same. But I'm all for people thinking and acting. Win or loose, I wish you well.”
    wandaJune 7, 2013 at 9:48 PM
    “I'd like to believe that has teeth Graham, but if i try that i could wind up in leg irons and who will come to my aid?”
    Diogenesemuse9 and Wanda, and all, this does have more than teeth and it has used the system against the system.
    Simply, they could not offer, or would not offer to rebut the simple question of whether or not they were operating a “slavery system” as a corporation masquerading as government.
    They have been foreclosed upon. Now, will they simply agree to that news, will it be trumpeted through their media arm? No way. Think of turning a hose off at the spigot, the water will continue to run from the other end of the hose for a period of time.
    That’s all that’s going on here. They can only keep up the facade as long as we keep acknowledging the game being played. It’s up to us, the ones whose backs the system really runs off of, to let them know that the game is over. Sure, there will be some bumps along the way but ultimately it will be up to us to inform the magician and his minions that the trick is over.
    Think about it. We do not need to be experts in legalese to politely inform banks and their employees, courts and judges, of news they’re welcome to read and verify for themselves. They are just people like us who’re paying down debt, stuck in illegal student/auto loans, foreclosures etc.
    There are tools you can use to inform the system of its own demise. It will take some effort on our part. The days of being told what to do are over. Responsibility for personal action/freedom comes with the same. We will need to take the time to permeate the air with a new attitude, one of a voice for us all, by us all. That’s the only way this will work. People need to enforce their own freedom through the awareness that they in fact have it, then it can never be removed again as we sleep.
    It has been, and will always be up to us. We’ve always had the power and the will but lacked unity, and the belief that the sum is greater than its parts.
    I’m not trying to cheerlead here, I hate that. But surely you all can see that the savior is us in this scenario, because if it (freedom/solutions) comes from one, or a group, than it can, and will always be taken away by the same.
    We, from now on, need to be heard, not herded.
    Check out some links and just listen to some archived shows if you care to. There is some good stuff going on and it’s been brought around by some good people who are all about truth/disclosure and absolute data.


    There are a lot of links at these sites, videos etc. There are tools you can use to start getting the word out through physical snail mail if you’re in foreclosure, car repo, student loans, credit card issues, debt collectors etc..
    Use simple templates to send out emails to principals at courts and corporations. I sent out numerous emails last night to local district courthouses and WF bank corporate officers. It is literally as simple as that, let the wizard know, that YOU know. Holy shit, at least ‘fake it till ya make it’ and move this thing forward. Abby knows, “God helps those who help themselves.” Stop paying into a dead system with negative beliefs, just walk away from it, it’s about leaving it behind, not arguing/fighting it.

  14. Okay Graham...

    First, i would like to say Abby knows nothing. I have forgotten more of the bible than she has ever known. Where are her enlightening bits of wisdom about all the evil Satan has done in the world... NOWHERE, that's where... because it's not in the bible, and if she were so on it, as you claim, even she would have to acknowledge that that is a big IN YOUR FACE contradiction.

    She is here to prop up a dead on the vine religion... and the latin for religion is to tie back... to retard.

    Red flags for me is this galactic stuff on OPPT. I went here:

    Here's an insightful (incite full) comment from Shakti:

    Saying that you are “talking” with other entities does not necessarily make it so just because you say so. It is still activity in the mind of the one talking. This is no different that all the people in the past claiming that “god” talking to them. I acknowledge the wisdom in the words, but it is Julien’s wisdom and experience, for it is his energy which is manifesting it.. Sanity is being able to understand the world as it is, not what you think it is. The power of the human brain is in its ability to form abstractions, which means it can make things up that are not present in real life. This ability is also what we use to solve problems, for it is the ability to form abstract concepts that allows us to do that. The animals cannot so that in the same way humans do. When we have physical evidence that these entities are here it will be true, until then it I someone’s thought bubble.

    There is only 1% DNA different from us and the apes, and the best an ape can do is like a 5 year old child. If the aliens are only 1% different to us in the same manner as we are to the apes, they will not be able to communicate with us. It would be like you trying to communicate to a worm. All the anthropomorphism that we do has no reflection on what an alien may do.

    To which i say, yeah... right and: Why is it those people who channel the aliens always have names like Julien? How's that not come out as Jew + Lien?

    I like you Graham, you make all the right sounds, usually, but this OPPT thing does not instill confidence in me.

  15. Oh wait... and this: the UCC, isn't that the Universal Code Council? Yes, it is. Thanks but no thanks, i am already coded by THAT WITCH CREATED ME.

  16. Universal Commercial Code... bad jew jew.

  17. Graham, I hear what you are saying, even agree with a lot of it. Absolute non-compliance with the system is the only way to beat the system. The problem I have with what you are saying is that somehow playing the game by their rules "even if you win" they will give an inch. They never have, never will. All that will happen is they will either; change the rules of the game so nothing is won, or knock over the game board and attack you directly. Until people are willing to loose everything they have and face incarceration and death before compliance, they will never be free.
    I went to and watched the first few videos, I find it full of conjecture and speculation, they use the terms "could this be..." and "seems to me..." all throughout them, and never definitively say "this is the way it is".
    Seeing as the guy hasn't been locked up, killed, or proven a victory yet. " unless I stopped watching too soon, if I'm wrong please let me know" this lends itself to being another last ditch cul-de-sac before the gold mine. Another distraction designed to keep people from doing what is in the heart of this movement, "Non-compliance" but be prepared to loose everything, face incarceration, and potentially be killed.

    Lastly the documentation that was shown in the videos leaves me with this quote.
    "Words, nothing but beautiful sweet words that turn to bitter orange wax in my ears" Phillip J. Fry




    Saying that God calls Satan evil... Jesus calls Satan evil... is not proof.

    1. Wanda, if you want to kiss up to the devil, go right ahead. Why do you think I care? Its your soul you are playing with, not mine. Has no affect on me whatsoever.

      I don't make deals especially not with God-hater satan lovers. Furthermore, you cant return anything. All you can do is spew your disappointment that God didn't take your Order. I also don't have to give you or anyone else any proof of anything, even tho I've made it all very plain....the stuff you failed to even read.

  20. Wanda - Why dont you scroll back to today's date stuff before you falsely accuse ME of not knowing anything. Go look in the mirror first, you who reads all such other books written by mere men, promoting THEIR own false ideas.

    You, who obviously never understood the bible, can never tell me that I dont.I never post anything until I have gotten proof of what I say, first.
    Unlike you, I'm not here to shove my stuff on other people; take it or leave it, but take your disdain for the bible elsewhere. Neither am I here to teach hardheaded burned people, what they refuse to learn anyhow.

    I also gave some responses to you on some of the other articles, if you'd bother to read them.

    1. You are an idiot because MEN also wrote the bible. You are merely a one book reader... and that, by default makes my opinions more well rounded.

  21. P.S. Abby is not an early riser, and does not get up and jump on the computer. I do have a real life.

  22. Show me the proof then. You have shown none. Like the bible, you are full of empty words and promises. SHOW ME.

    That God, who clearly is an asshole in the bible calls me, or you or Satan for that matter, evil... that cuts no ice with me.

    PROOF ABBY... if i missed biblical proof, cut and paste it so i am certain to not miss it again... but you quoted some chapter and verse, all you "there is only one book" bookies do that... it proves nothing. It is an accusation made by a schizophrenic megalomaniac... it is meaningless.

  23. Wanda - You are on your own.

    Now, everybody, where is Geno today?

  24. God could say that Jello Pudding is the ruler of the world today... it don't make it so. Paul, Matthew, Luke and John could say it... Christ on the cross could say it... it won't make it so.

    It is you without understanding. And you are too mind controlled in fear to look outside of your indoctrination and within your own self to find out truth... and that ain't Christian.

  25. You FAIL Abby... you got nothing.

  26. You got nothing because it is not in there. I KNOW it is not there.

    Here's a couple million eyes for your NOTHING you showed....


    Ritual Human Sacrifice
    Rape in the Bible
    Murder in the Bible
    Slavery in the Bible
    Evil Bible Quotes
    Retard of the Month
    Jesus Lied
    God is Impossible
    Top Ten List
    Biblical Contradictions
    Synthetic Life
    Definition of Atheism
    Discussion Forum

  27. Yeah, change the subject Abby. I would too if i could not admit i was wrong... but i am big enough to do just that when i am.

    That's the difference between religious people and logical people... face it, the religious nuts have had a good run, but it's a new day... one where sh*t makes sense for a change.

  28. Wow, okay, I'm not trying to get anyone to follow anything, sign, become indoctrinated, etc..
    By all means, if what I posted above doesn't resonate with you then keep doing what you're doing if that's what floats your boat.

    Also, Wanda, UCC: Uniform Commercial Code, yes, the way the old system designed the operation of commerce throughout the world. But that's not what I'm following, that's what I left. I'm following resonation within myself, everyone here already does it. It's like knowing how to construct a house but turning down the tools. You'll still get the house built, but....
    diogenesemuse9 June 8, 2013 at 10:23 AM
    Hey, it really is nothing that drastic. The bad guys have been notified that their game is over, it operates on our belief that it is in fact a viable system, we give it the merit of its operation, and we can also shut it down.

    Keep perusing that site and the listed links if you care to. It's all about taking responsibility back on an individual basis. That's why most every person that wins the 'lottery' within the old paradigm, quickly succumbs to the reach and return to the very system they thought they'd escaped from.

    There is nothing to fight except the urge to believe there's a better way to fight the system. You're here because you already have all the answers, that's what it's all about, implementation of the equipment. Think what it must feel like when a bird discovers for the first time that he doesn't have to walk anymore. Neither do we.