Sunday, June 9, 2013

Let's Learn Nothing and Let Them Do it Again...

JP Morgan was a Rothschild agent and in 1907 the stage is set for a hundred years of USURY and WORLD WARS.

Walter Burien - CAFR1 - Responds to comments of Judge Dale as copied below the CAFR1 Reply.

CAFR1 in Reply to Judge Dale's Comments
by Walter Burien - CAFR1

Judge Dale's comments, even though appearing to be explaining the game going on, are misdirections away from the core reality. The points he brings up are valid but the underlying core reality is left out.

Yes, the dollar is a "fiat" currency as most currencies are. They are a bartering tool for HARD ASSETS. The currency has no physical value, it is what is acquired with the currency that has value and those hard assets are convertible into ANY currency or barter tool such as Swiss Frank, British Pound, Gold, or even if a farmer wishes to exchange land or crops if it can be arranged.

Judge Dale gives the view of the "curtain" in front of the "Wizard" and at the same time creates a 100% void of the aspect of the Wizard's actions behind the curtain. The following paragraph pulls back the curtain and qualifies what the Wizard has done here:

** The wizard utilizes that fiat currency bartered over the decades for exchange to buy up all of the assets both domestically and globally. Land; buildings; developments; corporations; debt instruments, etc. And said here again, these hard assets can be exchanged for "ANY" bartering tool used globally; dollars, Chinese Yuan, Gold, promissory notes, Mexican Peso, etc. So the issue is not the bartering tool being used, but what is happening with all of the "hard assets" being acquired over the decades. I note the peoples productivity value is also a hard asset being that it is drained from them and then used  to acquire other hard assets.

Here is a hard question for you? (being sarcastic) Who has been acquiring most of the hard assets utilizing currency bartering tools, and taking most of the people's productivity value over the last century?

ANSWER: Collective local and federal government.

Curtain drawn back, Wizard exposed.

This is why you will never see a consolidated ownership report for local and federal government for domestic and international holdings. Total Stock, bonds, land, buildings, foreign currency, promissory notes, bank deposits, derivative positions, cash loans, etc.

You will find individual reports large and small (out of tens-of-thousands) that will show holdings, a few reports if you dig deep enough that show a "selective grouping" of a few local government investment holdings, but never a consolidated report that shows all physical asset holdings from all local and all federal government accounts.

Keep in mind, government both local and federal spends billions of dollars a year on its own accounting. Internally, access to all local and federal account holdings "globally" is there at the stroke of a computer key pad "if designed" to do so at any point in a given year. This is NOT done for public viewing being that the showing of extreme, systematic, and massive power abuses from control therein would be so condemning, the Wizards would be naked and in most probability drug out of their cushioned chairs by an irate populace unified by common knowledge learned, using whatever force was necessary to do so.

Here, the illusion  is masterfully maintained with cause, maintained from precise actions of an international government syndicate, primarily controlled and orchestrated out of the US, and maintained and over-sighted by eager minions of bought and paid for appointed and elected attorneys.

The public is masterfully entertained with spoon-fed distraction, in most cases to direct them to a fiction or non-consequential circumstance that has no-effect on the reality of the government syndicate's total control and ownership of it all, the hard assets owned by them and obtained using those currency bartering tools globally.

I note 80% of the private homes and property in the US is owned by collective government through the mortgages on the same whereby collective government is the #1 investor behind those mortgages and loans.

The Banks and Mortgage companies are just the "in-between" man facilitating the transactions. The profit from the usury interest primarily goes back to the government investment portfolios and the Banks, Mortgage, and insurance companies take their transaction and holding fee cuts from the same..

When looking at US local and federal collective government investment holding accounts globally, as of 2012 a conservative figure would be 110-trillion dollars. Getting a clear look over the obfuscation in place here is a difficult and time consuming effort.

What is "promoted" to the public is the "debt" aspect, raising taxation to satisfy the debt, and meet ever expanding operating costs. I note that if you look at any well established local government that cried bankruptcy threats after the 2008 market orchestrated theft, they increased their gross income by 25% to 35% from 2008 to 2011 (in three years) as they were also promoting to the contrary that they were cutting back to meet expenses. (Look at the local government's CAFR from 2009 to 20012 to verify the same). I also note that the same occurred in 2002 through 200 6 after the 2001  911 event.

As is the standard over the last century, the curtain was flailed in-front of the Wizard to distract the population as the Wizard behind the curtain stuffed his pockets with stacks of hundred dollar bills, created more stacks of hundred dollar bills to acquire more hard assets, and laughed uncontrollably at the public's nativity and ease of manipulation. (Greed and opportunity unrestrained)

Now when you have the full control and eager participation of the talking heads, syndicated media, both primary political parties, controlled education, and the financial and industrial complex out of a very profitable multi-trillion dollar a year symbiotically designed operation, this in their cooperative silence maintaining a void of any cognitive thinking from the population makes the job all so much easier to accomplish.

The population is controlled, "drained", and maintained, thus the beat goes on. Personal empires are built small and large with the public scratching their heads saying: "There is something terribly wrong here but I just can't put my finger on it."

The population was never intended to "put there finger on it". Much efforts, influence, and billions of dollars were exerted to make sure they never did put their finger on it over the last century due to the money and control involved. If anyone tries to exert for a cognitive thought in this arena from the outside or even the from inside, they run smack into a brick wall of well-entrenched silence and void maintained.

Touching or speaking about the core reality is a dangerous thing to do, and gets a visceral reaction from the all so many players firmly attached to the over-bloated tit of the fatted cow.

Judge Dale was right when he notes the way things are now is "good for business". Yes, government's global conquest business. I note also that the "debt" he refers to is funded directly or indirectly by collective government's own investment capital where the usury interest goes back to their own "global" investment holdings. Another example of draining the public, an undisclosed tax, without the population ever being the wiser. Inflation on goods and services with the increased profit going back to the government global investment holdings, the same. Trade and policy enacted funneling massive amounts of money back to the government investment holdings, the same.

If at this point you scratch your head and say you just can't put your finger on it, then just be a good little boy or girl and go back to your TV and be masterfully entertained by the same syndicate, paid and bought individuals, and organizations that will spoon-fed you in their attempts to masterfully distract and entertain so that they can drain and manage you. Remember, that is good for their business in you doing so.

If you are no longer scratching your head, and now have a cognitive thought pertaining to the core issue effecting your every-day life as outlined above, then you may want to take it to the next step of creating government policy to make you, your family, and the population of this country the "First-Line-Benifitiary" of our government operations and the massive global investment holdings held whereby from the investment return generated therefrom (a revenue source), all taxation (a revenue source) is eliminated and your and your future generation's productivity value is protected for all time to come, and as an end result we all have a very prosperous economy to boot for the next thousand-years and beyond, then: is a site I put up last year with the basics to do so. There is a basic 4-point template initiative linked on the page as a starter.

The City of Mesa, AZ has been doing it in part for 40-years. They require all investment funds; enterprise operations to contribute to the General Purpose operating budget each year. The city owns the power company and they have the lowest electric rates with the enterprise operation pitching in 40 to 100 million a year to the city's general purpose operating funds.

When I looked in 1999, only 35% of the income for the general purpose accounts was satisfied by tax income. The city police had their own fund that supported based on return from 45% to 85% of their operating expenses depending on what year you look at.

Any government pension fund is an example of TRF operation. The pension funds were designed to generate salaries and benefits at retirement.  TRFs are set up exactly the same way only the returns from a TRF are designated to meet that local government's general purpose operating fund requirements so the the income source of taxation is not needed.

The State of NH on the state level up until 1989 satisfied 85% of the state's operating funds from their own investment account.

Two counties will be coming on line with the TRF management principle at the end of 2012 and in operation in 2013.

When the the first county implements the TRF operation, I will be doing a radio simulcast with about 30 independent radio show hosts who go out to a million + each. Should reach 50-million people in one day with what is happening and why and reach 90-million individuals within a week through those that listen to the archive of the simulcast.

My focus at this time is building a data-base under the Tax Retirement Fund Association (TRFA) of 150,000 managers with their track-record going back 5, 10, 15, 20, 25-years. This way if a city, say Miami, FL calls wanting to implement the TRF management principle, at a key-stroke I can pull up 15 local managers to Miami, compile their performance records at a keystroke, and assign them as the team to complete the audit; statistical review; fill in the blanks into the standard (written in stone) TRF 12-point prospectus; and then be the management team over the TRF fund management.

The data base will then monitor performance to make sure the objectives of phasing out all taxation (property; sales; corporate) are being reached or exceeded. If falling behind then corrective action is taken.

In this fashion at a key-stroke I can put thousands of venues into motion from start; to implementation; and then  oversight monitoring. My 4-year projection after the simulcast is to have 10,000 to 15,000 local venues on line under TRF management. Then maybe in 8-years the TRF being the standard across the county in satisfying local government's general purpose operating expenses. I note that in the TRF prospectus, all fines and fees are capped and are targeted for reduction. Again, the TRF establishing the population as the first-line- beneficiary.

1. Population maintains their productivity value (no taxation)

2. Financial and industrial complex are well funded (almost unlimited capital reinvestment growing under the TRF management accounts)

3. Government has their truck-loads of cash rolling in from the returns on and from the TRF accounts.

Win-win for one-and-all, and a thriving economy to boot! First time event in the last 10,000 years that all three power groups are combined on the same page with the same objectives. Cutting through the greed out of oppertunity that is well entrenched today within government and its symbiotic players will not be an easy job to accomplish, but it can be done..

PS: My birth name is Bubien

My BIO in case you did not catch it is at - 

Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854


You all know about Americas NATIONAL DEBT and heard the arguments about how our government leaders have squandered the labor and assets of future generations for centuries to come! Now here's the truth about that argument: America is a FIAT or debt based government and economy, and in order to stabilize a FIAT system, it is necessary to PERPETUATE DEBT and never pay it off! Hence, the reason why Congress refuses to be held to a balanced budget and the reason for our military involvement in so many foreign wars! Even a high tax structure helps to perpetuate debt, especially when 100% of your tax dollars are exported out of the United States! And I bet you thought your taxes ran the government and wars were all about stopping Communist aggression! In the minds of our government leaders: War and taxes are good for business! Spoken like a true sociopath! ................................. JUDGE DALE RETIRED

Debt represents a negative number and in America, debt is perpetuated with the use of promissory notes called: Federal Reserve Notes. The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor is it a Reserve. It is a privately owned foreign corporation and is also known by the name: The Bank of International Settlements. The Federal Reserve Corporation is owned and controlled by a group of Sabbatean Jewish Bankers based in Israel. Americas NATIONAL DEBT is actually Israels Debt but we all have been taught that it is Americas obligation and responsibility, with the use of clever patriotic slogans like: This is the cost of Freedom! You've got to love those patriotic slogans! The NATIONAL DEBT is a trick bookkeeping entry, which does not involve any real assets because a real asset entry would immediately cancel the debt. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, promissory notes such as a Federal Reserve Note, is defined as a: Negotiable Debt Instrument; and so the National Debt of America is based entirely upon these negotiable debt instruments. In retrospect, Americas National Debt can be cancelled at any time with an asset bookkeeping entry and the payment of one dollar of solid gold or silver! A positive cancels a negative, even when the negative is in the trillions. Its basic Algebra! BY JUDGE DALE 


  1. Alright, I’ll get into a little fantasy here. Let’s say that tomorrow morning, we all awakened to find out the bad guys had some amazing type of epiphany, all they wanted to do was help the world get back on its feet.
    They appealed to us to give them some idea as to where they should start, what did we want personally in our own lives?

    So, suspend this supposed reality and ask yourself what you’d tackle first. Where are your priorities? Look at the big picture and keep in mind what the media did during the Occupy movement (orchestrated by the bad guys of course) but still, they knew what they could mine in that operation and they found plenty of it.

    Remember their interviews with more than a few of the protestors? Granted, they had a direction in which they were heading. They were looking to paint this ‘movement/revolution’ into a ship with no rudder, a bunch of freeloading hippies without a job looking for a handout. They asked protestors, ‘What are you here for? What are you protesting? What do you want the government to do about this situation?’

    A lot of these protestors weren’t really sure what they were there for. Some gave vague answers like, there are too many rich people hoarding their wealth, we need more jobs, everything’s too expensive, or, I just showed up to support everyone else. Valid responses of course were omitted purposely.

    So yes, they simply cut all those vague answers together and fed the public numerous, hopeless, portrayals of large groups of people gathering for no real apparent purpose. George Soros and his group got just what they wanted, almost.
    They wanted rioting and disorganization, but couldn’t really get that ball to roll. It was, in the end, heartily, disheartening for both sides. The bad guys branded the movement, co-opted and manipulated it, just as they did the Tea Party movement and so many others. They just could not quite get it into position to show the public watching at home, that we really don’t know what we want. They failed to spark large scale rioting even with their agent provocateurs and off duty cops dressed as protestors.

    part one

    1. Part two:

      But what they may have succeeded in doing without knowing it, or finding out too late was that a lot of people asked themselves that very question. What do I really want from my life? Where am I going right now, why am I feeling I’m not worth very much because I’ve attached a monetary value to my spirit. They may have not put it into that structure but that’s what they began feeling.

      Some of us began a long time ago, climbing from the ‘ugly duckling’ syndrome and realizing we were allowing our value/spirit to be taken, just as the draining of a battery, simply and quietly being led to slaughter.

      Instead of asking ‘loop questions’ like ‘why me’? They began to say, ‘why not me’? I know what I want out of my life and it’s far more than piles of paper, or digits on a computer screen to pay for multiple lies/loans from banks/overseers. They’ve come to realize that ‘escape’ is too temporary a description of what action needs to be taken, too hyper a word.
      Ownership, of all we are born into is more like it, more permanent.
      We’re understanding that the banks are the debtors, and we are the creditors. They’ve (banks) been under instruction to create a system which monetizes our signatures so they can place a name/person to value we already own and /loan/lend/lie to us, that which is already ours AND have us pay it back, plus interest.

      It’s the biggest ponzi scheme ever perpetrated against mankind and we’re here to put an end to it. It’s over, and now we need to decide what we want to do/go/be from here on out. We need to know where we’ll begin to operate in a paradigm of truth and absolute transparent data that is at our fingertips and on demand.
      Do not continue to look for help, they want and need that, and will exploit the belief/myth that they’ve constructed.

      A public/people/human/creators/value that has no need for magician/fakery/wizardry, terrifies their remora paradigm. Hold on to what you were born with and let your consciousness be your guide.

    2. I want eskimo slave girls...long time weird unfullfilled fantasy fetish.... not so much to ask...

    3. well written as always, did you try and call me this morning from a 347 number?

    4. Negative, no calls buddy. Must've been some 'wizard minions', just disregard, or answer and let them know what you want them to do for you. The Eskimo slave girl deal, I mean. Why Eskimos? Not that there's anything wrong with that, lol.

    5. nothing sexier than a parka...

  2. Well, to clarify, the Judge did not say 'its good for business'. He said 'according to government, it is good for business'. Not his own words.

    But we do know that the Judge became very muddy about his revelation about the CUSIP No. by first being glib about how to get it, and secondly HOW we could utilize it to our real economic benefit; how to access our individual accounts, etc.

    Seems to me it would be a good idea to print this article and make copies and just hand them out bigtime; let the public read it, pass it round and notify the general public.

    In my own rotten state gov. I noticed our state tax dept. charges $500 late fee if you dont file your state income tax on time. LOL. Talk about schitty, how schitty is that.

    As I see it, the Agenda of gov. is to find as many ways as they can to get as much of our money out of our hands as they can. Increase fees, add more fees on to everything they can think of. Well, they have succeeded, havent they? Workers are ending up with no more than welfare recipients are.

    Maybe some brave group of people should gather and go face to face with the CAFR information, and slap it on them bigtime.
    It at least would let them know People KNOW about your secretive taking of tax dollars and investing them in FOREIGN lands for their own benefit to the tune of Trillions ----WHILE they cry to us that they need to tax us more.
    The collective govts. have at least 100 TRILLION dollars?
    While they try to worry US about 'a 15 Trillion dollar national debt and how it can never be paid off'??

    Well, I say piss on them, and I'm NOT going to contribute.
    Also, never again 'look down' on anyone who is a 'welfare bunny'.....our own govt. is on the TAKE, lives off the take, and STEALS daily.

    P.S. By the way, how much is the tax on ZERO?

    And.....Geno was right; the CAFR IS the ticket to go after and expose. THATS where its at, in every single locale.
    How should we wonder just why Detroit should be in such a shambles? Should their gov. leaders be investigated, and check their pockets?
    Secondly, the CUSIP should get uncovered.

    1. It's a lot of work roll-up your sleeves and be ready to face the rejections as you start making headway in your county. I am working to make inroads in my county and it is very rough going. I won;t be surprised if my phone number gets balcklisted/balled. Two appointments resulted in no shows. It's a way to put holes in the dike but the attorneys are advising left and right no don't talk about that I suppose.

    2. First they will play dumb, like they have no idea what you are talking about, and try to make you feel foolish. Also to try to make you explain it, which is a very long drawn out talk, and they know you cant do all that, as they wouldnt sit and listen to it anyhow.
      They'd probably say, well they wish they had more time, but have a meeting to go to...and leave you hanging in mid air with no where to go.
      They didn't get into their political positions to begin with, except by showing they are a 'game player'. It probably takes a group to go together, and get up and just follow them wherever they try to escape to, and remind them they work for us. At least give them some heart palpatations down at the Capitol bldg. --- inside the place.
      Honestly, it goes back to upsetting the entire crooked govt somehow. And that takes us back to the Pentagon to act, really.

      A site I used to go to to read was but I havent been there in a good long while. Maybe its written without the dashes, don't remember.

  3. I am trying to see the intent behind these articles as having the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) as the instigator that destroyed the US by diving and conquering. I say don’t be fooled. Our phone conversations and emails have been recorded and stored for some time. So why now all of a sudden.

    "Sunday, 9 June 2013
    DID YOU KNOW?: Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA"

    1. Roosevelt said if it happens in politics you can bet it was planned...

    2. How is the NSA any different than NASA? And how is NASA any different than NAZI? Symbolically, there is no difference and you can examine their logos to see that.

    3. I think it is kind of like a fire drill; they are preparing us for the martial law.