Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kamp Fema


  1. It was a hundred plus in Florida in a trailer with no AC and yes I have pants on.... well... shorts.... while most people would go to the nearest air conditioned location and loiter... I continued to save America with a goofy little jingle.... you can thank me now ot later... ;)

    1. Damn, I love that melody... can't get the SOB out of my head!

      Where/when did you attend school? Tavistock? SRI? Montauk, Long Island? Class of '68, 69?

      Playing it again...

    2. LOL... I would have been 9 and I don't maybe...

  2. Thank you now... it is a very nice jingle.

  3. "Work sets you free!" Great stuff, Geno, Kamp it up!

    Thanks, for now.

  4. 1. We were not the first humans on this planet. We are the descendants of an advanced civilization with high spirituality, high science and high technology.

    2. We are NOT and NEVER have been alone in this Universe. A diverse variety of human and non-human species exists. Most are benevolent and want to meet and exchange with us in peace.

    3. All illness is curable, free energy exists, advanced technologies capable of healing the planet exist, and there is a secret space program.

    4. Physical and scientific evidence of the above three facts exists and can be found in the vaults at the Vatican and its agencies. Spiritual evidence can be found in the core of your own consciousness.

    5. The Vatican also introduced the concept of registered ownership to the world. (Not a very holy action for a church.) The Vatican believes it owns the planet through creation of UCC(law merchant) during the Holy Roman Empire. Kings of the past have applied to the Vatican for charters to manage the land and operation of the kingdom.

    6. The Vatican owned the United States Corporation through the Royal Crown Corporation and the UCC. All countries of the world are corporations which are ultimately owned by the Vatican.

    7. The United States Corporation was set up with the Act of 1871 on Feb. 21, 1871 which replaced the organic Constitution for the United States of American with a corporate Constitution of the United States of America. The fraudulent document pledges US citizens as employees and property of the the US Corporation. Birth certificates were implemented to register the child as property to the state. Since then, this private for-profit corporation has posed as our federal government. This is why they had the power to take your children away. This is why they had the power to violate your rights. This is why “I know my constitutional rights” defense doesn’t work in court. You were taught to refer to the wrong constitution. Judges know this and use their ignorance against you. The legal double talk is know as legalese. (Research: Blacks Law Dictionary, Public vs Private Trusts, Sovereignty, and the Freeman Movement)

    8. This is part of an advanced invisible slavery system(4D matrix) that has been set up by the Vatican and its agents. It has fooled the sleeping masses to this day. (“Let the people believe they are free”) This system has physical components and energetic components. Many of our “elected public officials” know of this at varying levels and degrees and are supporting and participating in this treason. This includes politicians, lawyers and judges. The Holy Roman Empire and Slavery have never ceased to exist. It changed from an overt to covert form of control.

    9. The United States Corporation along with every state and city have been forclosed by UCC filings made by the OPPT last year. This includes the ALL state/city agencies and registered businesses in the 50 states. This includes the NYPD and the MTA.

    10. All world banks and “governments” were included in these UCC filings and they have been foreclosed as well. This includes the UN and the Bank of International Settlements.

    11. Due to foreclosures, ALL DEBT IS CANCELED. This includes your mortgage, auto loans, student loans, credit cards and CANCELS ALL TAXES. ALL FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES ARE FRAUDULENT.

    1. "Due to foreclosures, ALL DEBT IS CANCELED. This includes your mortgage, auto loans, student loans, credit cards and CANCELS ALL TAXES. ALL FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES ARE FRAUDULENT."


      Get educated- ✔
      Talk to neighbors- ✔
      Talk to friends- ✔
      Talk to family- ✔
      Form groups- TBD
      Raise bail money for peaceful demos- TBD
      Purchase bullet proof vests for peaceful demos- TBD

      Graham, who do you know personally that has submitted these CNs to the various entities and followed through on them to their logical conclusion? If you have first hand knowledge, what are they telling you about the results they've received?

    2. Hey Hugh,
      I've personally delivered 5-6 and sent via registered mail at least 10. I know of many people, too many to mention here (thousands now) and more every day.

      It's like this. If you ran a magic show, and you packed the place every night for generations doing the same old magic tricks. Through the years, you and your crew actually believed you could 'mail' this show in, it was so damn easy.

      Then one day you caught wind that someone, somewhere, had actually figured out the entire magic show from start to finish. They were telling everyone they knew to stop paying good money for this show, every day of the week.

      Well, after a while, you did in fact find out it was true. Someone had in fact figured out every facet of your bogus gig. But, you also figured out that you had nothing to lose by just keeping the show alive, same time, same tricks, because to your amazement, a lot of people were still showing up for the show, and paying the same big bucks for it like nothing ever happened!

      Of course, you're thinking, holy shit, I'm gonna keep this up as long as I can because most of these people seem to really enjoy the show, and it's all you know, it's all they know too, even the ones who've heard about all your bullshit, keep showing up, because, after all, they're afraid not to, they aren't completely sure what might happen but it's easier to just keep doing what they do. After all, it's gotten them this far, whatever that means.

      So, you stay open for business, even though you're legally not even a 'magic show' any longer, these suckers keep lining up every night, looking to you for any sign that you might close, and you keep looking at them for any signs that they might not show up. But they do, and so do you.
      Hugh, I'm not trying to be an asshole here either, I just don't know any other way to put it. We, us, all of us, need to stop showing up to the 'magic show', it's all over. I want to hear that you stopped going to the 'show' in your own way. If I could, I'd send in a CN (courtesy notice) to the judge presiding over your son's case. I'd let him know that if he'd like to 'contract' with you then it's going to cost him (personally). Then I'd list the conditions (cost) of what his personal liability will be if he still wants to contract with you.

      Because, I'd be letting that judge know that the corporation that had employed him is no longer viable, it's been foreclosed upon (so he's all alone), and here's the proof. He will be held legally responsible in the court of common law.

      I'm almost positive there are people, at least in neighboring towns that are involved in this, Hugh. If I could do it for you, I promise you I would, but what if something like this happens again? You need to know what's happened to their magic show, Hugh, it's over. They are the ones that need us to keep believing in it. We need to stop it.

    3. Have any of your CN's garnered a response? I want to send one to the CA for my sons education loan. After making many payments (but not all on time) my original loan of $10,778.00 is now $13,148.00! And the person calling was from the Phillipines. Can we not find someone here that needs that job?

    4. Hey Kevin,
      Usually they keep bulldozing ahead will all their meaningless documentation or they'll refer you to a collection agency in which case you're on easy street as they are just a 'third party' interloper.
      If they even call you again get someone's name, also tell them to stop calling you and carry any further contact through the mail only.

      Look the loan company up online if you have to, but because the corporations have been foreclosed on, you need to deal with a real flesh and blood person.

      They'll usually try to avoid giving you a name for that very reason, but you will need to address the CN to someone specific. After you've sent a CN, wait a couple of weeks, and if they keep bothering you send an invoice. All the documents and links you'll need plus success stories are here:

      You don't have to be aggressive with them as they're only employees doing a job they probably hate. Another great thing is that those CNs educate whomever reads them and it spreads exponentially. Remember it's only been 6 months or so since this entire fog/paradigm has been turned upside down.

      Let us know how you make out!

  5. Distant hands in foreign lands
    Are turning hidden wheels
    Causing things to come about
    Which no one seems to feel
    All invisible from where we stand
    The connections come to pass
    And though too strange to comprehend
    They affect us nonetheless, yes

    Once again a time of change
    O the change makes music
    And the children will dance

    See the pieces of the picture rearrange themselves
    It feels just like a symphony to me,
    With nothing left to chance

    Just look over your shoulder
    It's out of you hands
    It's over for now
    Leave behind what you can
    You can always return

    The rhythm remains unbroken
    Unspoken but loud and clear
    It's a slow vibration. Migration

    Mystery muse, how I hunger for an answer
    Unsung song, how I long to play the changes
    Hidden rhythm, haven't I always been your dancer
    Sacred secrets of the meaning to my dreaming.

  6. There are a myriad of ways that the Gulf is being rendered uninhabitable; and add to that the fact that economy in the Gulf has been devastated which has forced even more to leave. If the globalists were to do nothing else to the Gulf, in 20 years the Gulf would be unrecognizable. The death curve will surely spike to due to the invasive nature of the Corexit poisoning in so many facets of the residents' lives. However, I am predicting another game-changing event in the Gulf to exacerbate the exodus which is already happening. Some have noted that the sinkhole phenomenon will spread like wildfire and will nudge more people out of the Gulf. Yet, others have suggested that HAARP will be used to ignite methane in the Gulf waters near coastal cities which would force mass evacuations. I do not know what their move is. However, what I do know is that within most of our lifetimes, we will see a mass relocation from the Gulf into urban areas.

    There is one variable which is also underlying this entire event that I will leave you with in closing. For reasons that I will reveal in a future article, the Gulf needs to be vacated on the coast to facilitate the new energy business run by Soros, Gore and friends, and it can only happen in an ecological dead zone. In achieving the goals of Agenda 21, the ends always justify the means.

    1. "will nudge more people out of the Gulf."

      nudge: a favorite term of democracy engineers of Tavistock, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. by Cass Sunstein - a Consitution 2020 'intellectual'

    2. Sunstein, regulation czar(resigned?), the most dangerous man in Mordor on the Potomac...

  7. "You either learn your way towards writing your own script in life, or you unwittingly become an actor in someone else’s script.” ~John Taylor Gatto it doesn't repeat.

    So much to learn, so little time.


    1. Is there an easy way to learn? Understanding yourself + raw experience. Allowing kids to follow their own instincts. Group projects with tangible goals. "Principia Mathematica" Alfred North Whitehead and statistical sampling prediction. "Aims of Education and Other Essays". (10:14-15:25)

    2. Training fleas before you break their will. "Hubert's Dime Museum and Flea Circus." Breaking autonomy and "taking the lid off". Imposing your will. "Hired as the lid on the container." (15:26-18:53)

    3. Wilhelm Wundt and Laboratory schooling. The Roman Collegia and 5th Century crowd control. (18:54-20:11)

    4. Connections between Calvin and modern theocratic states? The impulsion of certainty, rules, and algorithms. Experimenting with humanity and enlarging its boundaries. Human ingenuity was seeing as a risk for capital formulation. Using financial crisis. "Overproduction" and "Overcapacity", "hyper-democracy" and the inability to suppress the people. The Trilateral Commission and "The Crisis of Democracy". Hyperinflation and warfare. (20:09-27:35)

    5. The role of curiosity as "the lever that produces invention and forces you in a fun way to think for yourself." How schools destroy curiosity. Admiral Perry and Japan. (28:41- 31:10)

    6. When did the American Dream become one of lifelong servitude and debt slavery? Lincoln @the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society. "The American dream was Liberty, Freedom, and personal Sovereignty." "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" and IT technology. Discoveries by "non-experts." New ways to treat cancerous tumors by John Kanzius. Robert Scott Root-Bernstein. How to deal with ambiguity. (31:10-40:57)

    7. "The Principles of Psychology" by William James (1890) "Habit as the enormous flywheel of society..." The world is much bigger than you believe it is, because of conditioning. (40:57-43:43)

    8. "The Six Important Functions of Secondary Education". Alexander James Inglis and "The Principles of Secondary Education"; Adjustive functions, Integrative (conformist) Functions, Directive Function, Differentiating Function, Selective Function, and the Propaedeutic Function. (1918) Getting the Inglis lecture from Harvard. (43:44-56:43)

    9. Cutting out the middle man. Why can't students just read books? Strawberry Fields Monument, "Pizza Palace Sued," paying the way to Paris. Hampshire College. (56:43-109:36)

    10. Something that would "echo through time." "Sensible children do not wish to be incomplete human beings." Stage theories of human development, tormenting and limiting possibilities. Don't be your kids enemy, be a partner and enlarge the opportunity." "No homework please!"(109:36-1:10:41)

    END TAPE 5 -- What does a college education really get you in the 21st Century? The last hoop to jump through that doesn't deliver much along a prescribed plan. Cornell, Columbia and Reed College experience. No bang for the buck, unless you commit. The value of persistence and the learning process and those that demonstrate merit. George W. Bush and the Iraq War. What was the role of UNESCO in Education? Pestalozzi and "killing them with kindness", Fabian Socialism, and "fundamental principles of human physics." "The Imperial Cruise" and "Perfectibilists" (1:10:41-1:27:20) - See more at:

  8. Just found the one word Obama learned at Cornell.

    1. Man who ever edited this deserves a night out...

    2. His Cornell clone is spookier than his Columbia clone but not nearly has scary these Matriarchs of Death; a passel of witches, with "power" (Ms R2P), sure to deform sweet dreams and turn into a cauldron of unthinkable nightmares.

  9. Graham... More than likely we are the descendants of a civilization that was far advanced than we currently are... i agree with you there. We have evidence of this staring us right in the face. Some logical fallacies you put out up there i do have a problem with... i wil list them:

    Things you state which have not been proven and/or cannot be known and/or are outright false and/or misleading:

    - We are NOT and NEVER been alone in this Universe... no proof.

    - A diverse variety of human and non-human species exists. They may well exist, but there is no evidence of such.

    - There is a secret space program... i know there was a non-secret space program... and it didn't get out of our atmosphere, people claiming there is a secret one use fear and science fiction and have dubious credentials and cannot be considered reliable.

    -That evidence of the aliens and free energy and cures to all diseases can be found in vatican vaults is anecdotal at best.

    - that spiritual evidence can be found in the core of your consciousness is, at best, obfuscation... because it is through the attainment of knowledge of science (genuine science, sci-fi does not count), study of the natural world and astronomy, astrology, history, mathematics, philosophy, mythology and the mystery religions and beyond that we BEGIN to understand our world and ourselves. It doesn't happen without that.

    All you have done with your post is bring the blog around full circle back to the beginning... back to fantasy and science fiction. We have gained nothing.

    1. Awww comon, Wanda. In all fairness, (my fault) I didn't write that post, I copied and pasted from the link....but, I have learned long ago, and I've had a couple of conversations over the phone with Geno on this stuff.
      I've learned (for myself) to never discount anything, anymore, because I have no personal proof anyway, so how could I?

      I tend to go with my gut when the mainstream philosophies and blowhard, obfuscated science, always leads us away from truth and logic.
      When I consider the military industrial complex hoards tech that's 50 or more years ahead of what they weedle into consumer baubles for us to stand in line for, I can only imagine they have all the above and much, much more.

      Man o man, say it aint so, I didn't really bring the whole blog full circle did I? I need to go take a major ayahuasca trip. Where can I score some cherry DMT?

      The bad guys got monster sized imaginations too, and I really do feel that the depiction of that sad little old man behind the curtain on the WOO was dead on. That scene hit me so hard between the eyes that I'll never forget it. It really struck something back in my soul somewhere and I'm not bullshitting.

      It's the psychotic whack jobs running some of the black operations, ones in charge of remote HAARP locations, and the NYPD police commissioner. Those freaks could make some trouble if you try to yank their penis extensions. Me?
      Shit. I think there's magic out there that'll make your head spin, in a good way.

    2. Fair enough. And with your explanation of the cut and paste, i can say, unequivocally... YOU DID NOT BRING THE POST BACK AROUND FULL CIRCLE.

      And thank you. It is refreshing to deal with reasonable, rational people.

  10. Too much? by Adam Taggart
    [pseudonym?- Atlas Shrugged-Taggart Transcontinental Railroad]

    "Our society has entered a fourth turning (consisting of the twenty-year periods leading up to and out of it immediately.)

    It is a season you have to move through before you are born again -- so to speak -- as a society, and regain institutional confidence. You have to go through a crucible to get there."

    more here.

  11. Clones do exist... but not on the level you speak of them Hugh. Witches and witchcraft are merely illusions... any demons that show up, spring from the mind of ignorance.

    Why can't we stick to issues that are at least in the realm of reality?

    1. Graham... present an argument for what the aliens are waiting for? They are as nebulous as the Jesus myth. I would like to know what the proof of their existence is.

    2. Oh, and my take on aliens is similar to us driving along a ten lane super highway in the middle of the desert. We flash by an anthill (planet earth) doing 110 MPH, ac cranked, windows up, stereo blasting away.

      What balls do we have to think they're gonna come land and say 'hi' just cause we want them to? Again, I don't discount them being out there, because there's just no way we can be the most intelligent life forms in the multiverse.
      We were riding horses a 100 years ago, and we're allowing other humans to make us prisoners of our own minds. That's pretty dopey.

      I think the aliens may wait until there's a good reason to drop by.

    3. I do not posit that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. That would be the height of hubris... but it does not follow that aliens are here and in contact with us.

      The thing about the ant hill is that it is there... it is tangible and we can, at any time, go and take a close up view of it. There is evidence the ant hill is there.

      Why step out of one trap into another? That the Vatican is setting us up for an alien invasion is ample reason to question the very existence of.

    4. Again, I don't discount any of the claims unless it's from a mainstream source and then there's usually a reason for it.

      If I see it with my own eyes then I'll need to explain it to you and everyone else, and that's when 'my truth' gets diluted/added to/discounted etc...

      "To be, or not to be: that is the question:
      Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
      The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
      Or to take arms against a sea of troubles..."

      That's all subjective, Shakespeare, or whomever wrote this. I'd have started it with: "To be truth, or not to be truth: that is the question...
      anyway, that's just me.

    5. Wanda
      I'll need to begin my comments with, "now this is satire" from this point on?

      Jeeez...lighten up francis.... ;)

  12. Here is the Wikipedia page regarding the UCC... it is pretty breathtaking... encoding every thing in the universe in order to own it... but that's my opinion... please read and formulate your own:

    I fail to see how making UCC filings can do anything to harm the "system" since the UCC appears to be the system. See that for yourself.

    1. Wicked pedia is reporting to, or vice versa, I forget.

      And I have to say, as long as we question which door might be the one to walk through, we'll still be in the same room the prison's in.

    2. I do not understand what you are saying. Please clarify.

    3. Peace Graham... we're good. At least, i hope we are.... i am willing to keep an open mind about all you say about the OPP.

      It is my personal view we can't fight the system with the system, but who am i to say on that? All is necessary... death by six billion cuts is my motto.

    4. Wanda, that's exactly what I've been trying to say. The system is over/dead, it just doesn't know it yet and we're refusing to believe it. Read what I wrote to Hugh about the 'magic show' above.

      It is all about walking away, from the old system, not fighting it, that's what they've always wanted, us in their game rooms/courts.
      There were people screaming to keep the myth alive that the world was flat, until at some point, common sense and proof permeated the masses. I believe completely that this is on par with that revelation because it has everything to do with our belief in the old paradigm and they will fight tooth and nail to preserve all they know.

      KMB, jhaines, Keenan, Drake and others who claim that the One People are all bullshit are essentially calling themselves out. The reason I say this is that, we are all the ONE PEOPLE, we are not a cult, or a group to join, we aren't a persecuted group to be taxed and pushed around by a chief/judge and his agents/police and language clowns/lawyers. We are people that are born, free, flesh and blood creators that have everything bled from us as soon as that birth/death certificate is signed.

      Now, we can keep going round and round on this, and that's what I mean by 'questioning which door to walk through' but in the end/beginning, it's still up to us to end the game.

      Take the OPPT out of it, say they never formed that trust and foreclosed on the system, business as usual.
      If, overnight, we all woke up and innately knew that what we were living was a scam/sham and peacefully started a program of non-compliance. Within a matter of weeks, it would be brought to its knees. No one can argue that.

      They need us, not the other way around, and the sooner we begin to see that the trust simply opened up the door for our 'legal non compliance' the better. KMB, Drake and whomever else can keep on with their discounting and fighting within the monolith, that's everyone's right and 'long way around', more power to them, they're all good people.

      Print out a foreclosure notice and read it out loud to yourself, it makes simple sense to me. I don't understand it all completely, but the gist of it is where the 'meat' is. When we collectively understand their system is all smoke and paper, then we can move on. When we argue and disagree, we play right along side it.

      What I meant about snopes and wikipedia is they're pretty much different flavors of the same ice cream.

  13. Dearest Geno,

    I see you have your little fan club....however you should read this:

    Duff points out some truths about the jewish mafia that is running america at present and the fact that we are in a civil war right now....

    What we need are independent journalists like you and mr tell a story....

    Here is a story right down the road from you Geno to investigate:

    That is the heart of the freedom and local living will break the tyranny....

    Well, I support such folks in my personal private life short of ....well I shall not say...

    Way more to that area of Wisconsin than Hoc-chunk....


  14. OPPT is a focking scam...

    This is a great site for good reading about many things including spiritual things....

    If you mr haywood can counter any argument by miss Jean have at it....I mean about the OPPT scam....

    My dear Jean just blows off this site due to the authors alignment with the fake white hat scammers...

    That would of course mean reading her site...

    I would of course have any curious person just read her site and her commenter's....and read all of her posts....even the ones you just do not understand.....that is what she posts and who she posts about might just be some cutting edge information upon what is going on in this world...

    Wake the fock up....


    1. I agree with this...

      The Matrix is designed to stimulate certain emotions.

      For example: “We had a hero. Then he was taken down. Now we will feel sadness, desolation, and eventually nostalgia for what might have been.”

      For example: “We have a hero. Let’s not look too closely at what he is. Now we will feel hope, a joy at his victories, and a confirmation of our deepest dreams.”

      In both examples, the vast majority of people are an Audience. They experience a vicarious sequence of emotions, by proxy.

      Proxy equals passivity at the core of consciousness. It is in that deep passivity that the labyrinthine Matrix maintains its hold.

      And to disturb the passivity in any way brings out complaints and protests. Their ultimate translation is: “Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping. I’m the Audience.”

      Understand that we’re not talking about a person who, inspired by a hero, takes stock, and then swings into powerful action. No, we’re talking about spectator-ship. True inspiration leads to action.

      But for most people, action is out of the question, because they can’t imagine what it would be. Nor can they find within themselves a profound and stirring desire that ignites imagination.

      Working in toward the center of themselves from either desire or imagination, they draw a blank. The motor spins, but there is no traction, no signal that takes them out into the world.

      They settle for fake hope, and when the source of that hope (a hero) is impugned, they boil and rage. Then they stifle those feelings.

      If you tell them the world is being run by criminals, they say you are promoting futility. But what they really mean is, their pipe dreams that keep them in a hopeful state of suspended animation are being disturbed.

      They are in a quiet war with themselves over the question: Can I create something powerful and meaningful?

      Up until now, the only thing they’ve been able to create is a reaction against anyone who intrudes on their core trance-sleep.

      Short-term battles for a good world were lost a long time ago. The long-term battle never ends. It is going on right now.

      Groups begging at the door of entrenched power for crumbs are going nowhere. That is no revolution. That is no liberation.

      It’s a pathetic stage play.

      Every individual is free, whether he wants to be or not. This freedom isn’t given to him or made legal by any mechanism.

      Freedom is something you take because it is yours. You don’t ask for it. You don’t wait for it. You don’t long for it. You don’t inquire about it.

      Neither do you interfere with the freedom of another.

      With these two facts established, your life is your own. Your life is yours to invent. If you don’t invent it, it becomes a habit, a routine. It becomes an occasion for false hope, with which you can entertain yourself forever.

      It is the opportunity for endless and deep and high and wide Desire, which you can fulfill by making it fact in the world.

      To deny these things in the service of some other aspiration leads back to the core trance and the big sleep, by whatever name.

      All entrenched and monopolistic power is a crime. Its opposite is decentralization, the nemesis of kings, monarchs, and fascists.

      To understand how decentralizing can be accomplished is not merely to understand a program or a system. The understanding comes through unchained imagining, and then uncompromising action based on it.

      “But I can’t!”

      Then you stay in the trance, the land of false hope, the worship of heroes, the need for nostalgia.

      This is neither unfair nor fair, neither just nor unjust. It simply is.

    2. Continued...

      Infiltrated through the culture, there are many so-called spiritual teachings and maxims that excuse and even glorify the human need for passivity. These teachings (propaganda) have their roots in ancient societies that were built on the injustice of a rigid caste system.

      These teachings were imported into modern civilization to soften the blow sustained by the widening separation between the haves and the have-nots.

      “If it was meant to be, it will happen. Otherwise, it won’t.”

      “The universe will tell you what to do. Wait for its message.”

      “Remove desire from your life. It’s the source of suffering.”

      “Live your life by accepting what is.”

      “Happiness is achieved by being satisfied with what you already have.”

      “Above all: patience.”

      The popularity of these and other similar teachings are a testament to the big sleep.

      The elevation of so-called heroes, at a distance, is merely another strategy to extend that sleep.

      “But we need heroes.”

      Nothing I’m writing here refutes that. If we need heroes, it’s to inspire action. ACTION.

      Otherwise, people elevate heroes as a reason to a) hope and b) then do nothing.

      The elites of this world are perverse artists who paint reality for us. Understanding that, we can become our own artists of reality.

      What does that entail? We’ll never know until we start painting. Then things will become clear.

      In the battle to decentralize entrenched fascist power, there are already answers and strategies out there. There are thousands more answers that remain to be imagined and created by free, powerful, independent and intensely creative people.

      The future is unshaped space and time. You can either shape it or let it shape you.

      The latter decision is usually undertaken on an unconscious basis, replete with excuses, denials, complaints, maudlin sentiment, false hope, nostalgia, and hero-worship. It’s a cover story for an op of personal surrender.

      Jon Rappoport

  15. Why can't we reach people. Why are so many people so unaffected? These are the questions that are maddening to me. All the news stories are meaningless. The real news is all this is taking place and down here, where it is all having a deep effect, so few are affected...

  16. KMB I welcome you back but does your condescending tone have any levels in which to dial it down a bit. Firstly Jean Haines doesn't like this blog because of my connection to the white hats.... well, we have something in common then.... but in the white hats defense.... the trial isn't over and no way are they as important to the problem as we might have thought.... Our connection to John? Well he is just a crazy blue blood with a huge ego who discovered blogging feeds it... but I digress....

    You are upset I like to gamble? Well, I have 3 novels, 12 screenplays, 200 videos, 70 songs, and hundreds of other projects produced for people not to mention sticking my neck out here so I don't apologize for enjoying some exciting escapism that sends some Native Americans to school and maintains a beautiful area in Wisconsin.... some times I miss the money but mostly the experience is the perfect masochistic pleasure , plus as an asthmatic I simply love the extra oxygen.

    As for the milk.... One I am in Chicago and two I don't have a vehicle and 3.... why not you?

    As for my little fan club? What's not to like? Have you gotten concentration camp out of your head yet?

    1. I hear you Geno... the raw milk is a side issue when the milk of human kindness is absent... there are only so many band-aids.

      Check these links out... these will blow your mind... it goes deeper into insights you and i have developed together:

      i learned something new today...
      snakes do not have emotions.

      The aliens in the television show V, and Mr. Spock, of the television program Star Trek, share certain characteristics. Specifically, they are less emotional than the humans and more logical.

      In the television show V, when the aliens became concerned that some members of their race were working with the humans, they would determine which of them was a potential traitor by showing them a video of humans who were suffering, and measuring their emotional reaction to the video. The "good" aliens would be able to watch humans suffer without showing compassion or sympathy. Any alien that showed concern for human suffering was considered a defective alien, and was killed.

      Once you realize that the aliens in V and the Vulcans in Star Trek are supposed to represent Jews, you ought to wonder, why do the Jews consider themselves as less emotional and more logical than humans? Why are Jews able to remain calm and unemotional while humans suffer?

      more here:

  17. How serious of a problem is this? One could say it is THE problem. Not the news... not are there aliens here from outer space? Not who is the next pope, NOT we need to jump up and do something... RUN... RUN... DON'T WALK... and what, exactly? But the fact they walk among us, look like us, talk like us, express the same concerns as us... but they are not us...

    They run the world and the corner grocery... they own the media and the message. Speaking for myself, i am very afraid.