Monday, June 10, 2013

Jim Stone NSA Report

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Edward Snowden did the world a favor by officially blowing the whistle on what I have said has likely been going on for a while - the recording of every phone call, voice message, text message, financial transaction and any other communication in the nation. Even though I said this was probably going on, I was still surprised that this was going on for at least 8 years. Now they got that new data center in Utah, and another in Maryland, which is many times more powerful than anything they have ever had. And I am going to tell you where this is all probably headed. If there is one thing we have learned from this, it is that if they can do it they will do it, so this report is going to show you what the capabilities have GOT TO be right now, and what to expect from the NSA in the future.

The following categories will be in detail when the article is complete, this is being live typed.
1. Recording of all conversations occurring in cars manufactured after 2004 and sold in the United States via an always on cell connection, built into the engine control computer which is always placed in the passenger compartment where it can hear everything. This was mandated by the Federal government and is a legally required component in all new cars, and it started in the late 90's with GM's Onstar.

2. Recording of all conversations happening in the vicinity of a computer equipped with an Intel CoreVPro processor, or Sandy Bridge processor, even if it is not "online". Intel evidently thought it was a good security choice to have full time cell connectivity built into the heart of every CPU they produce, and I bet you don't know that new Intel laptop you just bought is ALWAYS online, even when turned off. YOU don't get to use that connection though, which leaves the question, WHO DOES?

3. All cell phones have been and will continue to be (this started in 2005) in speech to text mode, where the phone listens to conversations, converts them to text, and loads the text to an NSA server during cell phone tower updates, which happen frequently during the day as part of normal cell operation. In the past, whenever they put full time monitoring on cell phones, the batteries would die in a couple of hours and the phone would always be hot, and people noticed this. To circumvent that, all cell phones were equipped with speech to text software, which though it is not perfect, still gives pretty good "intelligence" about the user without draining the battery at all.

4. Recording of all conversations in the vicinity of computers that have an internet connection even if they have no CoreVPro or Sandy Bridge CPU
5. Video and sound recording of household activities within view of a Samsung SmartTV, any of the new video gaming consoles,
6. Possible now - ALL cell phones which have cameras most likely are, right now, constantly taking a sequence of photos while out in public, and uploading them during cell tower updates to hide battery usage.

People need to realize the importance of what Edward Snowden did. He gave us a fixed reference point for what the NSA was capable of in 2005, and from there we can calculate what they can do NOW

Moore's law, and what it means for the NSA
Most everyone knows about Moore's law, which states that computers will double in power once every 18 months as technology advances. Moore was partially right, because in reality, computers ended up doubling in power once every 13 months. But let's just use 18 months as a reference standard anyone could agree on. IF, in 2005, the NSA was able to record and permanently store every phone conversation, video chat, internet record for everyone, every text, every e-mail, and store it forever BACK THEN, let's see how many times that capability just went into that NSA data center in Utah.

2013-2005=8 x 12 = 96 / 18 = 5.3 doublings of processing power since 2005. First doubling will be 1 plus 1, then after that x2. So we have 1+1x2x2x2x2, which equals 32 times the processing power available in 2005. If we take 100 percent, and divide it by 32, we can see how strong, in percent, what they had in 2005 will compare to that new data center in Utah. 100/32 = 3.125% Now, I would like to ask you to appeal to your logic - If they were already permanently recording every phone call, financial transaction, video chat, e-mail, text message, and whatever else with a system that was only a little over 3 percent as powerful as what they just put into Utah, WHAT NEW CAPABILITIES DID THEY JUST GET?
How about:

Every vacation picture you take with any Wifi equipped digital camera instantly uploading to an NSA server for permanent storage as possible future evidence? How about every music project you ever worked on with a PC? How about every family video you ever shot, every place your car ever went and everything you said while driving? How about your smart microwave, via your smart meter, sending out all the audio in your house, to corroborate what your cell phone is sending out, to corroborate what your smartTV is sending out, to corroborate what your PC sent out, to corroborate what your land line sent out, to corroborate what your game console sent out and having ALL of those recordings of what went on in your house being permanently stored on the NSA server, just in case the microwave did not hear it clearly? THAT is what 32 times the capability of what they had in 2005 means, and if we learned anything from Edward, it is that If they can do it, they will do it, which is an affirmation of what I have said all along

I got called a wacko by a few when I said ALL phone conversations were being permanently recorded and stored on an NSA server, as well as all texts and e-mails, regardless of who made them and ended up being right, even if I was behind in saying this by 6 or 7 years. Now I am taking that a step farther, and I would like to ask you, do you think I am wrong this time?

The bottom line is that the surveillance state has gotten so powerful that even a creative mind could never dream up what it is really capable of. There is no doubt a lot I missed



  1. So what has our “hero” really told us that we didn’t already know?

    Hell, give him a FACEBOOK hero campaign. Collect money for him. Have a Di$info Jone$ “moneybomb” to pay his “plush hotel” bill “right up the road from the CIA offices in Hong Kong.

    But he ain’t no fuckin hero. Sorry to burst your bubble. He’s told us nothing we didn’t already know and if he weren’t being marketed by the MSM like CNN, Guardian, BBC and the New York Times (along with Twitter and FACEBOOK) he would be just another “conspiracy theorists” with the only difference being he’s about 13 years too late with his big revelation.

    1. There's no business like snow business...

    2. well glad we can reunite then...

  2. The Preemptive Revolution to Stave Off the Real One

    What is happening right now looks an awful lot like a regime change “color revolution” in the making. The American press along with various “alternative” journalists, breathlessly en mass making mountains out of already well established mole-hills as if they are “breaking news” suddenly stirring up unrest and hostility. Typically this pattern has been a clear indicator when they plan to force a color revolution in some other country once our puppet dictator starts acting like he doesn’t want to be our puppet dictator any longer.

  3. Hugh, I have to agree. Extremely polished press rollout on this latest Snowden/snowjob, brother story to wikileaker, Julien Assault my intelligence/Assange.
    They're also trotting out the old Joseph Kony African warlord poaching stuff again.
    Major distraction campaign afoot.


    Open battle raging between Sabbatean Cabal and military industrial complex
    Posted by benjaminJune 11, 2013
    The recent cabal controlled corporate media frenzy of “disclosure” about things like NSA eavesdropping, politically targeted IRS tax investigations and the Bilderberg meeting are signs of full blown panic. All these disclosures seemed to be timed to distract public attention from last week’s pentagon and US agency supported love fest summit meeting between US President Barak Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
    The erupting trade war between Europe and China and the posse of economic hit-men trying to ruin Japan’s economy are also signs of and intensifying battle over control of the world’s financial system and thus the future of our species.
    The attacks on Japan’s economy are motivated by the fact the Abe government just announced $32 billion in economic assistance for Africa in a sign Japan is no longer handing its foreign currency to the cabal in order to finance Zionist wars. They are also motivated by the fact that Japan’s government has just begun to do the obvious and eliminate its “200% GDP debt” with the stroke of a pen. Well known mainstream economist Jeffery Sachs last week

  5. Snowjob? You got that shit right!

    This guy's mug and his "story" has been receiving unprecedented coverage in the MSM for a reason. They do not allow anything they don't want discussed exposed (and what has he really exposed? NOTHING) unless there is something to be gained from it. All of these scandalous "leaks" were leaked for a purpose.

    Distract/misdirect/raise the temperature among the fools willing to fire the first shot and lose the moral high ground; various forms of state self-serving rationals all yet to be disclosed.

    Take your pick from above; but more importantly, keep your powder dry.

  6. Hugh and Graham... i agree, the guy is smug (the guy's mug)... and no hero. I think we witness Jim Stone has been maneuvering us into position... we witness this in all shepherds. I guess a better way to approach it would to be to set out skeptical... to look for the angles instead of throwing our trust into what they tell us... there are no external saviors... we are it.

    Keep your powder dry, and make sure your guns are clean and well oiled... look for deeper meaning in that...:)

    1. They were referring to Alex Blowhole not Stone...

    2. sorry referring to snowden...

    3. I am just responding to the word play... the pun.


  8. A volcano of vitriol; just plain ugly...

    1. packed full of self serving delusional lies that even defy their own religion....

      although the mark twain quote is interesting....

    2. I noticed that that pro Islamic American Joyce coffin-man Kaufman has no qualms about calling America "the Great Satan" in fact she does it twice just to prove it's no mistake, she even calls Israel the little Satan... I'd have to say that I agree with her that America an Israel are Evil, not so much as to call them satan or to state witch is he greater evil.

  9. I transcribed this from the first five minutes of the following video... that's how much i love you.... and how NOT evil i am......

    There are multiple ways to finding the numbers to the English Alphabet... you can use dice, you can use the chromatic music scale... you can use the freemasonic square and compass. What the G in the center represents is the decoding for the numerology (the gemmatria) for the English Alphabet. The square is for encoding angles and the compass for arcs... (arc-angles).

    What this thing can do is truly, truly astounding. Using this cipher i found a lunar/solar procession in the game of chess... i found how Jesus Christ, who is the "son of God" and it is talking about the SUN of God, of course, how his name encodes very particular numbers attributed to the sun... the radius, the diameter, and things like that. And i've also shown how dice encode the number of bones in the human body... and dice are actually called bones... roll your bones.

    You can use this cipher on a bunch of different things... from the holy bible to games like chess and dice. Why i want to get it out to a larger audience is because you don't have to believe anything i'm saying... you can actually go and look at this yourself. You put the numbers to the letters and you find everything i'm talking about. It is scientifically verifyable... and that's why i think it's important.

    So, really what it does it it actually shows what these secret societies are actually doing. Everything from Bohemian Grove to Scull and Bones to Free Masons to the Rosicrucians to the Knights Templar, etc., etc. It gives a good context for explaining: what is the jewish menorah... what is the star of david... what is the freemasonic square and compass... what do these symbols mean. And really what they are doing is really encoding mathematics... and this is what this cipher unveils... this information is what has been occult-ed and kept underground for some time.

    I basically, for the past year and change, have been trying to get this information out... i have a website, i have three books, i have a blog and now i'm doing pod casts.

    All within the first five minutes here:

    The way the school system teaches math we are averse to it... think about that. Math is fascinating and it reveals true creation to us... i hope you will watch this interview of this guy... thanks -Wanda

  10. And Geno... i critiqued that guy for peddling fear the other day and you took down his information... which is kind of a bummer because the reason i was intrigued was because one of the videos showed a cipher... the letters one through nine with the alphabet under it... that's a cipher... it is that simple. The cipher was correct, his information was fear peddling.

  11. It was actually your posting of that guy that lead me to finding Marty Leeds, who is the real deal and you will not hear one word of fear out of him... only information to find your own answers... he just shows you the tools and how to use them... the tools they use on us.

    1. Hey Wanda, thanks for posting this stuff about Marty Leeds. I've read a lot of different concepts pertaining to numerology, the Fibonacci sequence etc.., but I suck at numbers and it's so hard for me to maintain interest for any length of time.

      But, I do like his approach and have always appreciated the honesty of numbers and math, there's no slurring of the concept, or different interpretations. I'll follow more of his teaching if I can keep my brain wrapped around it.

    2. Thanks Graham... i suck at math too. The numerical qualities are very simple to grasp in actuality. I mean, i can't do calculus, but i get the idea of Pi and fibonacci and prime numbers and geometry only because it's rubbed off on me in these studies. They are concepts, when you look at them, you go - oh, snap... and it makes sense... it more or less reveals itself to you.

      They deliberately make us loathe mathematics in school... so we come by our lack of math concepts dis-honestly.

    3. Our homes walls would be curved and wavy and floors would not be level plane from left to right, East to West, North to South.

      Math, Geometry and everything is great. Mastering binary. But a lot of discussion here is counter to the natural world.

      The vast majority of natural things observed by our eyes have zero perfect congruence. There is no sacred geometry in nature. Life and living flows differently.

      It's easy for me to get to wrapped up in algorithm design in my job but that's not the natural world. That's a projected abstraction.

      I propose that whoever does not spend one or more hours interacting with their Garden of Eden and building and working on it in their own daily life will never get it or find the way. That's the big lie that God kicked us out. We kicked ourselves out by the thousands of daily choices we have made for generations individually and collectively.

    4. Heck when I spend more than an hour the computer on a given day. I am making a choice to not move into what is living and natural.

    5. There is no sacred geometry in nature. Life and living flows differently.


      Tim.... you were being facetious right?

  12. Don't adjust that channel; we'll be back after these brief messages...

    1. Hugh, i approached that with an open mind... i struggles with the concepts... then i read this:

      How Humans “See” God

      You’re a piece of the soup of God, which is measured in innumerable parts, yet all is one. The very essence ofentanglement [a physics term describing a quantum attribute where things are locked into one reality regardless of distance] are the attributes of God. When you are in touch with your Higher-Self, you are in touch with all the parts of you.

      Well this piece of soup of God is changing the channel... LOL. How'd you wind up there... a big wind blew you?

    2. Elohim - the creator Us

      The word 'God' is derived from 'gotan' pronounced 'yotan'. gotan/yotan is Odin - the all father in Norse. Named Wotan in German.

      Romish Cuistry ensured that 'gotan' was requeued[cu-ry] god in English,Gott in German.

      More on elohim - other preternatural 'being(s)' who is/are NOT gotan/God