Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dicks and Dollars....

The Bankers constrict the money supply after the Civil War before Lincoln can counter his own moves on the chess board, watch the video to understand.

The Phallic worshippers continue to dick the world...


  1. Ed Chiarini shared a link.
    3 hours ago
    I have completely enjoyed myself today and look forward to what today brings, as I sit and watch the pseudonyms frantically attempt damage control knowing the clock is tick tick ticking on down to their formal exposure.

    Here I thought you as well as those involved in the upcoming civil trial that will be the first to name the shills on court documented records.

    Just to watch William Lewis, director of the Alex Jones FEMA camps BS who is also Hatrickpenry and Anthony Mugga, along with Jeff Hallock AKA Mark Dice burn the candle at both ends with their last ditch efforts to scam you one last time with their ALEX JONES created BULLSH*T.

    Look at them scatter like cockroaches that just got the light turned on them. Accountability is a bitch when you suddenly now have to address the years of crap they so diligently shoveled down the throats of the American public as they enjoyed the cash they scammed but did so as their birth names fearless and convinced their skills are far to superior to the public who would NEVER connect their fictitious personas to their REAL WORLD LIVES. SO they attacked anyone and everyone they thought would create conflict and drive traffic to their little crap sights like the Intel Hub (of which I did their show a few times, unfortunately not knowing they were the very source of the problem and tension many had to deal with viar there straw accounts that they would use to fill a persons comments with their style of nonsense.

    But now the tables have turned and this REAL person who uses his BIRTH NAME and HAS SINCE DAY ONE finally broke the code and connected their little cess pools of crap to the crapper Alex Jones himself. And to think Jeff works at UT Austin a place where he has access to production equipment and since we see him attacking me all hours of the day logged on to do so with his employers equipment and while on work time. Tisk Tisk Jeff. These two brothers have their very own SISTER TO THANK for their sudden catapult into the hall of SHAME
    ( ), since it was her initial attack of me that cause me to take a second look at her account. Stevie Wonder could have seen that one and that her husband is Glenn Beck, just ups the jackpot.

    So thank goodness these actors will never REALLY achieve the levels of accomplishment in the real world that they are shown to have in their fantasy reality they condition us with. I guess all those years of being in control just in turn conditioned their own to become overconfident and therefore lack the discipline that their relatives who passed the baton to the next generation. So in a way they prove by their own actions that they are no different than anyone else on this planet, so never let their annonopuss comments they attack you with to do more then put a smile on your face as you then know you are having an effect on them.

    This is so much fun, you couldn't pay me to stop.

    1. Just to clarify Ed said it was can definitely pay me to

    2. GENO- On the money changers, it just goes to show that the value of currency is what whatever they say it is, the only reason needed not to trust the bank.

      On method in the madness- sadly funny, I could have laughed and cried. Love the sock puppet, though I believe belladonna is a plant not a mushroom" could also be a mushroom, but I didn't find evidence for it"

      On Ed Chairini- I don't believe all of what he says to be true, but if only one scenario is true then it shows all media is staged. I happen to find more than one of his post true.

    3. GRAHAM- I'm glad you reposted, I posted my comment but it was lost in gAbby dribble. this is what I posted.

      Graham, I hear what you are saying, even agree with a lot of it. Absolute non-compliance with the system is the only way to beat the system. The problem I have with what you are saying is that somehow playing the game by their rules "even if you win" they will give an inch. They never have, never will. All that will happen is they will either; change the rules of the game so nothing is won, or knock over the game board and attack you directly. Until people are willing to loose everything they have and face incarceration and death before compliance, they will never be free.
      I went to and watched the first few videos, I find it full of conjecture and speculation, they use the terms "could this be..." and "seems to me..." all throughout them, and never definitively say "this is the way it is".
      Seeing as the guy hasn't been locked up, killed, or proven a victory yet. " unless I stopped watching too soon, if I'm wrong please let me know" this lends itself to being another last ditch cul-de-sac before the gold mine. Another distraction designed to keep people from doing what is in the heart of this movement, "Non-compliance" but be prepared to loose everything, face incarceration, and potentially be killed.

      Lastly the documentation that was shown in the videos leaves me with this quote.
      "Words, nothing but beautiful sweet words that turn to bitter orange wax in my ears" Phillip J. Fry

      Nothing against you or what you are trying to do, I just don't think it will play out that well.

    4. TO EVERYONE- I'd like to apologize to everyone. I didn't come here to mislead or cause chaos. I came here to learn, debate, and offer my studied opinion. I know my arguments with abby have gone too far, way too far, but at that "and I shouldn't have to point this out" sense I've been here, all she has done has been to tell me I'm wrong and call me names without providing any evidence for why, and the one time she did, her evidence was and I quote "What you said about Lincoln was pure bullschit, that's how I know" not why it was BS just that it was. Then Geno posted the 16th amendment verifying I didn't pull anything out of my a$$ and told her to at least watch the video. I treat everyone else with respect and am more than willing to debate any matter of topic. If I don't know about it, I will at least look into it and give an educated opinion based on logic and reasoning.

      Thank you for your time

  2. Geno, I'm going to send you a great cartoon to post if you care to.

  3. Geno, the:
    Vid is gone (removed)

    1. to be clear, Ed posted the debunk video link so that may or may not indicate innocense and no fear, but I tend to believe Ed more than AJ or Dice...

  4. Off topic again, sorry.
    Who/what funds the US military? Where does our tax dollar go that is paid to IRS? Does it end up somewhere in Europe? And who funds the judicial system in the US? Within each jurisdiction, I am sure, but how about the Supreme Court judges?

    1. What would you do-ooooooo for a Klondike bar? And, right... the UN cuts the checks for their treason.

      When have we ever stayed on topic? You look, you debunk, you move on.... NEXT. Lol.

    2. Thank you Wanda.
      I used to listen to Michael Savage on the radio years ago who used to rant about the treasonous degenerates at the UN, and how it was so oxymoron to the American Republic. I knew the income taxes I have been paying for decades are not benefiting the people here in the US as we watched our infrastructures crumble along with its people.
      I also learned not long ago something nefarious about the Post Master in Bern Switzerland, and how the post masters all of the world are serving their agenda.
      I dream about living in acres of land with my source of water and power, grow my own foods with few livestock, and never ever have anything to do with the international mafia cartels again.

    3. KLONDIKE- From my studies no money has any real value, its all printed out of thin air and that's where it returns. Even when it's a gold standard TPTB set the value at what ever they what to. Anything with any real value doesn't get shared with the people, and if it does the people pay for with more than just dollars. I'll make the analogy here...

      Say I bought the game Monopoly using "real" cash, then I invite all of you over to play it. As we sit down we realize that we are using fake money. But we play anyway, it takes a long time to play and is a constant struggle the whole time everyone hopes to land on free parking. Eventually someone wins, you may even beat me at my own game, but it's my game and you can't take it home with you.

      I don't know if that helps, but I tried.

    4. I think what you are saying is, maybe, the money we use to buy and sell goods has the value X to the extent that it benefits the few elites as long as the economy favors them, but when the trend changes, so will the value of the money to value Y.
      I remember when I used to visit commodity traders forums, one of the old seasoned traders used to say “things have to change in order for something to remain constant.” And I am more than sure the same philosophy is shared by the money changers who represent the Federal Reserve Bank, IRS, CFTC, IMF and Bilderberg attendees, etc.
      So what can we do to prevent us from having go through their Algebraic changes like a leaf flowing down the river, always at the mercy of the current to stay afloat?
      What could we hold onto that is constant?

    5. I think money is damned convenient.

      Money is not, in itself, evil... it is the love of money. Love of money is USURY... it's in the words IN GOD WE TRUST. They trust that when you blindly obey THEIR god (Abrahamic GOD)... they will prophet/profit. They've had a good run, but it is played out... people long for something better now.

      Truth is constant... it never changes. Seek the truth... how can truth be contained in a book authored by the very ones that are robbing you? Like corporate logos, you only get a substitution for the real. Be careful where you place your faith.

      Uniform Code seeks to make uniform everything under the sun, so it can claim ownership... it is evil, because THAT WITCH CREATED US... made us all unique and different... and made us to own ourselves... we are good to go, no matter which books we read or believe... even if we read no books at all.

    6. I agree. We are much more than what money can be, and this is why the elites need to keep us diminished with never ending enslavement.

  5. LOL... wood-bury soap... definitely, the soap helps.

    1. See, that guy knew how to use occult words. But, he was decent and honored God and Creation. He had understanding... he was in knowing... he knew No Thing.

      He knew Know-Thing. That is the only true knowledge you can attain.

      Why are nuns called none? The NoThing is female.