Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cowards Come Home

See if you can pick out the themes that pertain to today....


  1. Geno

    I want you to read this. Tell me who in the hell is he speaking to? This is the most incoherent, rambling, full of worthless bromides/platitudes piece of crap I’ve have heard coming out of the mouth of someone who is supposedly enlightened?

    Good grief, just who is his audience? This desperation rant reeks of someone who has been living off his interest payments his entire life, and now, MAY finally have to dip into his principal savings if things don’t turn around and go his way.

    Who is this poser anyway? If he's so damn connected, why doesn’t he use his influence to effect change with people who CAN effect change instead of hanging around with these lowlifes?

    This guy is a fraud IMO and is up to no good. I sense it in my gut. He is a herder of sheep; but for what purpose?

    Thank god, he at least spared us some agony by dividing this rant into paragraphs for a delightful change of pace.

    PS Just watch as the blind fools acknowledge this Pied Piper BS with comments like; “thanks for that great update John, we heart you, Get Real & PVG.” Or, “John, I would suck your cock if I could find it. Thanks again, Love, Canauzzie”.

    He and his sycophants make me want to puke.


    1. well... we shall wait for all the shoes to fall before I offer my commentary....

  2. Note: It's the Dinarians Round Up of Reality... see - that is reality as they would have you believe it... and Round Up is a life killing pesticide.

    Friend o' - it is my opinion they are making bank off the sales and distribution of the dinar. That requires believe in that worthless paper and that requires the spinning of something that sounds believable... although, it is patently obvious, they fall far short of the mark.

  3. Speaking of cowards coming home...

    ♯♩♬♭♮♪♫♩ How ya gonna keep em down on the farm once they've seen Belizzzzze? ♯♩♬♭♮♪♫♩

    Don't get me started...

    Dear Hugh,

    Sometimes I think I’m in heaven when I’m here.

    The beaches. The fishing. The Rain Forest. The Mayan ruins. Beautiful waterfalls. Amazing caves.

    Everyone speaks English, the pace is permanently set on “Ozzie and Harriet”, and you can buy chicken for a dollar a pound.

    It’s darn good living.

    I’m talking of course about my home away from home… Belize. And as my plane flies over the magnificent jungles of Northern Belize, in preparation for landing in Belize City, my wife Kim informs me that our little island, Ambergris Caye, has been chosen by Trip Advisor readers as the number one island in the entire world to vacation, relax and have fun.

    That’s right. Number one in the world! And if you ever come down here, you’ll know why within minutes after your plane lands.

    But here’s the important thing for you to know: Belize, while being an amazing place, has “ways of doing things” that are very different from any other place on earth.

    And you must know these insider ways before you “Buy Belize” or before you invest in anything here.

    I know, I’ve made my share of mistakes. The good news… is that I’d like to share with you… all that I’ve learned about living and investing here.

    I brought a team down here to do a series of videos showing folks the complete, no holds barred, inside scoop on Belize.

    And you should know that these aren’t ordinary “travel videos”. They’re interviews with Belize experts and people who have lived here for a long time.

    Seriously, if you’ve thought about Belize… these videos are worth a look. I love it here! And I promise you’ll NEVER get “intelligence” like this anywhere else. (I even made a video with a local pastor all about the “dark side” of Belize.)

    The videos will make you an expert too. I guarantee it.

    Well, got to go. Plane is landing and I just received a stern warning to get my tray table back and my seat in the upright position.

    Blessings From Belize,

    Bill Heid

    PS Did I mention The beaches. The fishing. The Rain Forest. The Mayan ruins. Beautiful waterfalls. Amazing caves?

  4. These comments would be amusing if not so pathetic.

    Get a life people......displaying your ignorance is embarrassing.

    1. Ahhhh Paladin, about as too late as a person could ever be... the person who told me countless times that the commenters at Tdark didn't matter when it mattered most, is now showing his feelings are hurt by a comment by a stranger... did you collaborate with John on that?

      Like I said, I have no comment for now but maybe one.... the advice that is 100% certain one has to "invest" the dinar money to keep it.... risk it to keep it? Or give it to John to trade in the 100% fool proof trading platform he offered to me... I have the emails...

      Also have all the emails where you all called each other every name in the book, or groveled to be brought back into the elite blue blood circle.

      I thought we were all fighting elite monsters not complicit to the very same crimes...THE VERY SAME the reports railed about....

      What do you guys plan on doing with my 750 thousand dinar? Punish me as Tman's email indicated.... That wasn't the deal of a cashout group... nowhere in that contract did it say I had to agree with a highly flawed political philosophy that is for all practical purposes selling out America...

      And why should we not delete your comment as the weak do over there... didn't Fina ask a perfectly logical question?

      You were ranting about Obama and she asked if you were so concerned about Obama why did the hats not publish all the promised dirt to keep Obama and Romney from running for president....

      Why are the hats so averse to logical questions?

    2. the only thing that serves JUSTICE is 100% truth that understands justice is not 69% truth that conveniently omits everyone's roles in a larger picture of highly questionable details and that which doesn't help a collective realize riches that should truly be synonymous with mercenary work.

      The Spy Versus Spy game is the problem NOT the solution... Each collective has the uncanny ability to convince themselves and some around them they are right and everyone else is wrong and that the end justifies the means... but the other hundred or so collectives have their henchmen who think the same thing... and history repeats and repeats and repeats....

      Man Paldin, I so believed in you. You were the only one who said all the right things, your words made me want to serve your cause because of you not because of the rest of them whose red flags glowed in the dark.... Your frustration with them and their plans, "It's disgusting" you said.... and those words made me think you were a cut above and as long as I collaborated with you we could right the ship and a real posse would deliver justice to the lawless town.... But you chose the official line over what you knew wasn't right... and though you were very bust with family matters and your investigative role, it is all very messy for a reason. The foreign matter of crap is in the punch bowl and has been going back to report number 1 which I wrongly rationalized away and created an illusion as a benefit of doubt.... The Federal Reserve, The Queen, The IRS, have good guys who just need a few Patriots to stick up for their quadrillions.... jeesh.

    3. Are you naive enough to think that everyone is in agreement with everything at all times? The concept of a team player seems to escape you.

      And you were involved in something you don't understand or comprehend fully and the process and I won't debate it with you in a public forum.

    4. When the people you believe in sell out what you think the reality is in their very own words, email, phone or otherwise, or nose to nose.... and those words indicate no difference between the accusations made in the reports... one has to seriously wonder one's responsibility to whom?

      Most Patriots know Britain has always been the number one enemy to America, and her collection agencies. Not to mention the Zionist role you once agreed with me about but apparently that is too truthful to deal with.

      I always contend that a newspaper editor controls the content of the editorial page... a blog is private enterprise... free speech applies to any venue that is not privately owned. TV Program directors and newspaper editors decide what gets printed... Moderation is used in 90% of the blogs on the net and this one posts immediately without moderation. I put it on temporarily while we cleared the premises of butt dwelling rodents.

      The emails will remain private but the point is, any entity that pretends to be heroes and saviors to criminal activity must be the opposite of what they portend to be.

      As for the dinar, please send it to 6420 Bridge road Monona wisconsin 53713 so I no longer have to have a favor to be grateful for...

      Make sure it is the same envelope that was all purchased from dinarbanker.

      As for "prison" it was quite public that I got caught with a pound of pot and that I asked the white hats for help. It is all on the fulford blog for weeks. The phone call made on my behalf helped but what was said in that conversation? Not what should have been said.

      Fina's question? you are ranting about Obama but had the power to stop him but all this talk of 48 being held back for a reason nullifies the ranting about Obama... any person with half a brain sees that the white hats have gaping holes in their logic...

      I was a media creator long before the hats, and one of the things that really made my opinion change was our meeting in Chicago. You guys lie to a person's face with tall tales and then laugh at him behind his back. As reported to me from one of the people who appears to work as close to you guys as he can get... and then of course there is John's words about the subject.

      Highly unpleasant. I saw the details and I can't wait to fold up this teent and be done with this glimpse into spy versus spy. Not enough water and soap to wash it off.

    5. By the way, aren't you guys singing the NSA whistle blowers praises in this article? Didn't he make off with emails as evidence of contradictions of justice?

      Again, no consistency.

    6. By the way Wanda never said anything about the white hats... she was referring to the dinar sellers...

      how did that hit a nerve?

    7. This is going nowhere fast.

      I don't have your dinar, direct your issues with the one who does.

      One last thing, your explanation of your rationale for censoring people falls right in line with the mainstream media you cite as reference.

      This is the same prostituted, Zionist owned media that keeps all the sheep in the dark. Accomplices to all the crimes the cabal commits against humanity and just as treasonous as the ones perpetrating the crimes.

      Interesting that you're in complete lockstep with them when it comes to the censorship issue.

      And I'll take my leave....you know I detest these meaningless forays into idiocy.

    8. and yet you deleted everything said by Fina on one world...oh okay...it's not you in control...

      as for idiocy, you will be surprised how many have eyes to see through the thin veil of bullshit that barely holds up one world or tdark...

      but you can have the last word... did you get a GPS location on me yet?

    9. LOL

      Still the same old paranoid Geno.

      Sheesh...give it up, man.....

      and take care....

  5. oh and about blackmail... I would need to ask for something in return... I have always asked for truth.... and the big picture of all communications reveals truth...

    I just love how The hats reveal all these facts about the "cabal" or threaten to on tdark in demand of the release of global settlements so that they can trade billions of dollars but that isn't self serving black mail...

    not to mention the cabal is as fictional as the alien invasion... all pals of the elite... attending all the same functions.... sometimes in disguise....

    Liars and con artists and this leo wanta interview is awful suspect also...

    I said it before, the hive of fakers seemed to buzz all around Fulford... Chiarini has ludicrous exposes but he also has on the money exposes that indicate theater.... people playing bad guys so the elite can remain elite and scare the cows...

    All the sad pathetic little spineless weasels who think they are cosying up to power and pretending to fight injustice...

    Gee whiz some food fell out of the tyrants beard, how dare me for being so hungry as to eat it.