Monday, June 17, 2013

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

I just nailed the Holonet BIG TIME

This may sound like an old theme here that is boring to you, but I suggest you pay attention to this particular rant BIG TIME

It is now obvious that all the supercomputers that have been purchased by various intelligence agencies are likely not for snooping. They are for faking a completely alternate internet universe, to cause people to not see the world as it really is
I just did an ambush log in to the forum server, which I have never accessed since starting the forum over new at a new location three months ago. I did this from a clean Linux boot through a Wifi connection I have never used before, and made the log in the first thing I did, to deny my machine the time it would need to synchronize with any spookware. Totally clean log in. And what I saw blew me away.

Here is what is happening - There were approximately 450,000 hits to the front page list of the forum, where you can see the discussions. But after that, GET THIS - THE NEWS FEED PAGE GOT 87 TOTAL HITS TO THE LOCAL SERVER. AND WHEN YOU HIT THE FORUM THROUGH THE "FRONT DOOR", THAT THREAD HAS 868 COMMENTS. HOW IN THE HELL DOES A PAGE GET 87 HITS AND 868 COMMENTS? ANSWER - THAT PAGE IS HOSTED ON A BLACK OP SERVER, NOT MINE.

After seeing the legitimate stat page for the forum issued from the legitimate server, the connection was terminated and I could not re connect through it even to only access google. And to that I have to say, SCREW YOU, I ALREADY SAW IT.

What this means? The front page to the forum gets hit through the legitimate domain access, and upon the initial hit, you get secretly re-directed to the spook server and my server gets no hits at all. And I don't care if some genius mails me saying that they have software that can detect secret re-directs and he is not seeing that happen at all, THE STAT PAGE ON THE LEGITIMATE SERVER PROVES THIS IS GOING ON, and I really don't care if even with a security program people cannot see it, because that is meaningless when the DNS server is owned by the people performing the redirect. They can show your machine anything they want.

What this means to truth site Web admins -

Your stats are not likely to be true to life. Chances are, your site is in fact running on a spook server, and they do perfect spoof log ins and re-directs, and you don't even know it, it just looks like you are administering your own server. And when you look at stats, they are probably not coming from your own server. People are not hitting your own server. Chances are, you are not seeing things as they really are, and your readers are not seeing things as they think they are. The only reason anyone would have to run your site (or my forum) on a server other than yours or mine is to create a separate holonet reality for everyone accessing it so that key comments can be destroyed, key messages censored, and spooks get the first hit at public opinion, all in the background, ON YOUR OWN WEB SITE.
And to that I have to say: When unfettered peaceful discussion and resolution is made impossible, VIOLENCE THEN BECOMES THE ONLY ANSWER.


  1. the "blah" is derived from my video...not jim stone...

  2. I had no clue they are so aggressive in their tactics, but strangely, I had a different feeling about it that kind of surprised me.
    As with every type of attack on us, it involves multiple angles and the biggest thing for me has been to not discount their levels of technology. I've heard they're ahead of us, 50+ years and that may even be conservative.

    Getting back to my surprise, I continue to feel they have no foundation, it's continually shifting and although they're holding all the 'tech' cards, nature and evolution have been unfazed in the overall progression of the 'awakening.
    I wonder too if this dawning would've taken place without the internet. Since the internet itself seems to mimic the 'hundred monkey' syndrome, although you could argue it's a synthetic version, it's either magnified the already occurring process, or it was put in place as a way to track and thwart the awakening.

    Some will probably discount this commentary I post below but I found it really interesting and as I've said before, I've learned not to discount anything the bad guys may be up to.

    Anyway, see what you think. This is audio only from a few days ago.

    1. Listening and aware of such attacks because I have experienced them even before I was awake... can you imagine that we may piss the wrong people off just in our every day lives without knowing anything about truthing as we understand it post 911... say for example pissing off a woman who turns out to be connected to these sort of rituals or collectives...

  3. "We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

    "The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

    "Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain."

    Dr. Jose Delgado (MKULTRA experimenter who demonstrated a radio- controlled bull on CNN in 1985)

    1. Can't you just see these mind effers now? Sitting in some sterile, windowless room together; arguing over who gets control of the remote. Naturally, they follow their gut and a bloody fight ensues that results in them killing each other primarily because their parents failed to teach them virtues of any kind; especially the one about sharing.

      C'mon guys; we can take a hint. We know when we've worn out our welcome. No need for such extremes on our account.

      Dr. Jose Delgado studied mind control for the Company during the 1950’s as part of the MK-ULTRA program. Delgado determined, “Physical control of many brain functions is a demonstrated fact…it is even possible to create and follow intentions…By electronic stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command…by remote control.”

  4. This is way beyond '84. Not satisfied with just monitoring, the controllers want to manage and most likely create content.

    Not too much gets pass Stone.

  5. ROTFLMAO...

  6. Eyes and ears are insufficient; waiting too touch, taste or feel..., check that, I'll take a pass on taste too.

    “Well, the truth embargo, first of all, is going to keep you pretty much in the same place during our evolution. What we are actually suffering from is not only technical evolution but a lack of spiritual evolution which is caused by the same truth embargo. The whole point about the truth embargo is that you are not meant to know that there are higher life forms. You are not meant to know that there are alternatives to energy. You are not meant to know there are 101 methods to do many things we take for granted as facts.

    And as long as you're kept in the dark you are not aware of these other technologies, you will continue to benefit the pockets of the elites who have set you up and expect you to go out and spend your money on fuel and pay through the nose.

    Think about what you do on this planet. When you buy an orange, that orange has got to be cultivated, it takes energy, It has got to be picked; it takes energy. It has got to be shipped; it takes energy. When you get it, you take it home; it takes energy. Everything is revolving around oil. They don't want you to know that oil is not necessary. It's a multi-Zillion Katrillion industry – and they kill for it.

    Because we are not aware of 99.9% of our reality. We are only aware, as I said to you in my talk about the politics of Ontology, as Dr. John Mack said to me, the Harvard Psychiatrist, our reality is determined by a handful of people, using those pillars of a world view. I explained to you is the education system, the financial system, the military industrial complex, the intelligence operatives, etc. They are determining what's true and what's not true, what's real and what's not real. They make the press, who totally fail us, that's another pillar of the world view, ridicule the subject. And yet, we know that it is totally true!” By: Neil Gould, Founder of Exopolitics – Hong Kong

    1. Interesting comment made by Dolan at approximately 1:10:40 regarding how desperately intelligence agencies will guard against "the" secret from surfacing and also how sophisticated they've become at "accidental death". All in an effort to prevent disclosure; which of course ultimately means end of empire as they know it.

    2. Do you mean the secret that is blabbed all over the place... i'd say cat's out of the bag, wouldn't you?

      If i wanted to find out if aliens were real, i would start by learning science. The science of the Van Allen Belts radiation belts for one. They are the reason the moon is pocked with craters while meteors merely cause a streak of light in the sky here on earth. Nothing is getting through that isn't the size of a small moon... and absolutely nothing in a meat suit can pass through... which is why we never went to the moon.

      Should life somehow get through... they'd be in bad shape... and then our microbes would finish them off... just like in War of the Worlds. Hell, the American Indians were fairly decimated by cholera laced blankets... and they are earthlings.

  7. Wanda you are welcome to talk about anything you want as long as you aren't crossing into my space to decide how I fight, who I fight, why I fight, when I fight, where I fight and if I fight... Judgment calls on me is why I said what I said... do I judge you? No I don't...

    1. Geno - OR my space.

      P.S. Geno I am so excited I just gotta tell you that I actually beat the System today and got everything 'my way'. Told the attorney exactly what I wanted, and wouldnt accept anything less, and the 'other side' backed right down, LOL.
      (Pray really does work, especially when you are right and they are wrong.)

      SQUISH ! Its a wonderful sight to see an asshole attorney with her head down low, and tail tucked between her legs, LOL.

    2. Well, since I dont know who may be reading this, I'd rather not expound on it. Wish I could tho, as I don't mean to be vague, just feel its best for now at least.

    3. YOU are only perceiving i am attacking you. I think you struggle with demons of your own making.

      Scrooge McDuck: 1998

      PeeWee Herman: Mecca Lekka Hi, Mecca Heinie Ho

      Mecca... where they worship the cube. Islamic terrorists... or abrahamic religions?

    4. you declare my honest feelings to be "absurd..." insinuate some sort of cowardice when I do more than most and abrasively bully me to do what you think I should do... do I do that to you?

      I certainly could challenge the way you break boundaries on just about everyone.... It is one thing when someone proves themselves to be dishonest it's another when we are choosing such things as who we choose to worship or whether we see any point in fighting an enemy that has already won... you make statements like there is no god, no aliens, no nukes and other absolutes based on what you watched or read when clearly most of us are not sure of anything anymore... my demons are mine not yours and whatever yours are -- are yours... If I were like you I would challenge your beliefs in what appears to be wiccan or something of that sort... but I don't because it's your business to be as it is my business to be as long as I am not leading people on a pied piper adventure for self service as are certain people we have recently called out for their dishonest mind games and their followers who fail to see that clear as day evidence.... there is a distinction.... I could go on and even recently you made some cryptic statement accusing me of deception and I know for a fact all I ever do is state the reality that is me and what people do with that truth is either accept it or go somewhere else...

      Or I may because I know my truth....

    5. Yes... i do have a bull in a china shop approach. I apologize for the choice of the absurd word. May i say... without risk of offending you. I have read things twenty times more damaging to the powers that be on hundreds of sites and blogs than i have ever read on your sites. And i have written some damning things on my own site... All the fear is in place to prevent people from speaking out... and it works... that is the face of our enemy... FEAR.

      I do not wish to risk casting bones... but neither will i shut up out of some perceived fear i will be taken out. Who is going to do it? Another human... and for what, because i stood up and told the truth? So be it... there is no safety in silence. I will not shut up... if more people were like me, we wouldn't be looking at the kind of world we are looking at.

      Religion is government and both are mind control. You cannot reason with a one-book-wonder... they already have all the answers they need... it's in the goddam bible. Abby, IMO is a shill... because i know people who used to believe but at least they were able to look at new information... eventually, they have all come to realize the truth for themselves. Abby refuses to look... that tells me something. Looking for truth flies in the face of refusing to look at reality, doesn't it?

    6. And... i think you know this... i don't insinuate. I'm blunt, if nothing else... i don't dance around an issue, don't have the time. If i thought you were deceptive, i would come right out and say it.... Don't cha think?

  8. For the record... and thank you for bringing it out... now we can discuss it.

    Wicca is for children... the use of magic wands and rituals and Wicca comes with a whole set of rules, and a hierarchy and loyalty oaths. It is like religion for so-called pagans. It keeps you ignorant of the true magic inherent in each one of us... it takes you, once again, outside of yourself. External savior comes to mind... the power is in you, not in a goddam wand... not in the hocus pocus of ritual.

    I believe in the study of the ancient mystery schools, mythology, latin, symbols and nature... because the symbols (that represent nature) are being used against us and nature teaches.

    I advocate for people to learn this because it places you ten paces ahead in understanding what is really going on. Believe it or not... you can tell bullshit from reality when you have undertaken these studies.

  9. Finally, i hope we can repair our fractured relationship. I would regret losing you as a friend and a source of information... and a place to post information i feel pertinent to the fight.

    I don't think you fearful. If i appear to be attacking you for cowardice, it is not you i am attacking... it is cowardice i'm attacking... it is buying into the particular brand of fear that they are selling i detest. That said, fear is one of our best emotions... fear is our friend. Fear hones our instincts... but that is not the kind of fear they sell. I know you are a better man than that... i know you know that... i'm just prompting you to remember.

  10. Another great one from Kaminsky:

  11. Timbo... if you're out there... you should field this one:

  12. Wanda - Have you ever considered Therapy? You sure do need it....badly.
    The more you post, the more you expose yourself but you are too SELF absorbed to realize it.

    1. That's awful Christian of you to say that Abby. I still am waiting for biblical evidence of some evil that can be attributed to Satan.

      What do i expose of myself Abs? I investigate and post to my website my own conclusions... and i am willing to have my mind changed on them... anytime. In fact, i welcome it. If you want to point out some error in that, or anything else i say, bring your evidence against that.

      I have endeavored to reason with you... using the bible's own words... complete with chapter and verse... but you ignore that... what other conclusion can a sane person reach? And you make claims you cannot and/or will not substantiate... like i have not spent years studying the bible. And now you fancy yourself qualified to tell me i need therapy.

      At least when i make a claim... i post a link to back it up. My opinions are well reasoned, not merely emotional. Not to say they are never emotional, i am as human as the next person... trying to figure things out. If i have been lied to - i want to know.

    2. Wanda, I said all I intend to say on the above, and I am quite willing to move on....

      Regarding you and Abby, I can understand why Abby is mad, why can't she be allowed her faith.... what war is one by undermining Christianity.... I for one am willing to believe the whole sun god thing as the real story and Jesus being largely myth for controlling people, another construct of the chosen one's but I am also willing to trust that miracles really have happened when I have used the name Jesus in Prayer and that this astounding world/universe is beyong our limited scope.... for example.... could a God not have the ability to foreshadow like poetry the coming son/sun centuries in advance? If a man can write great scripts why couldn't a God?

      But most of all, why should we destroy a 70 year old Christian woman's belief system?

      And Abby, why not consider some of this additional evidence and see that it may well be yet a further perpetuation of endless deception... which correlates to evil which is the polarity of good which may be further evidence of fallen angels and such....

      But most of all it brings me back to my point Wanda.... why do you have to piss people off to share facts? People who delete your posts may not do it to stop truth but to discourage you from posting.... Constant confrontation is quite unpleasant on a daily basis...

    3. and Wanda, I keep you around because I think you are very smart and unique....

    4. I think i actually have more respect for Abby than you do with a remark like that... i, at least, think she is capable of understanding. Go ahead and believe in aliens and psychic warfare and everything else the lie system wants you to believe. Ignore genuine science and go all sci-fi all the time. Someone comes along who has actually studied and can back it up and you consider it an attack?

      I don't see any real reporting going on here. All i see is repeating. All you do is regurgitate all the sources they put out there for your consumption. Good luck with that.

      I am gone... i don't want to be here anymore.

    5. I admit I have lost all patience for the constant latest lie report and have admitted quite freely that I consider this blog knitting at best and have been busy readying the deletion for quite some time because it has been utterly meaningless since the beginning...

    6. Wanda - You are a bully and a disgrace to womanhood, to say the least. You got disappointed because you never knew how to get God to work on your behalf, so out of rebellion, you went the opposite way and can't seem to (TRY) to beat up God just as much as you can.

      I frankly do not give a schitt WHAT you do or believe; it does not matter to me at all. BUT you march your sorry ass in here and try to overtake the room with your stupid insistance that YOU are right, as a result of your reading every damned thing out there, which is written by other dissapointed assholes like yourself. You are one miserable Club.

      And YES, I am being VERY Christian in telling you just what you are; exposing your wickedness. Eat it.

      Furthermore, you did not seem to even get the fact that I've been totally unresponsive to you, meaning that I want nothing to do with you.

      Im in total agreement with one thing you said....
      your Departure; it would be a huge relief to not have to hear your far out Montra's anymore, your foolish attemps of persuasion to your Anti-God hatred. Miserable people who are just fools going nowhere, and seeking other 'Joiners'.

      Now......leave me alone. !!

    7. Geno - Nearly everything going on is evil, done by those who follow after the workings of satan. Those
      who have used their freedoms to do such things, but there will be consequences for their actions....ultimately. Its called Eternal Damnation.
      That is what they did with their freedom. And it will be well deserved, as in 'we reap what we sow'.
      There will be no body else to blame.

      And in recent years we have come to see how many are seeking for some other god that will see things their way. Satan will gladly accomodate them.

    8. I am always torn about stuff...feuds like this... I definitely felt Wanda was taunting but I find both of you often have very valid and helpful input on subjects...

      I wish neither of you went for the jugular but it always seems to come back to my wondering am I constantly just played by expert psych warfare teams.... it makes it difficult to want to continue...

    9. Geno - I do not do psych warfare. I do not come here to play games with peoples minds. I state my views and let people be free to take it or leave it. I do not speak from my own preferences, but from some 38 years of having lived what I speak, knowing it is valid from first hand experience and knowledge. I have never come here with any hidden agenda, nor to gain followers of any kind.
      But when I see someone with an Agenda, then I speak out against it. This is not the first time I've seen this go on, so I recognize it. Same way that many of us recognized John's agenda, and there is no doubt about his.
      If people don't want to get exposed for their pushing and selling their own wares, then they need'nt spew it around me. Its easy to measure Wanda's Agenda against the rest in here who are just simply speaking or passing along information. She has been the only one who kept shoving and cramming her stuff down our throats, with force.
      And that is when I 'went for the jugular'. Same as I did with John.

      When people's schitt is condoned, it keeps the stink around.

    10. these interactions are a teaching tool for people who read teaches them to think and consider the possible layers beyond the surface of the words... It may be possible we have all been expertly groomed to be termites to the structure by chewing through everything now...

      I keep trying to not confront things too harshly but eventually it becomes necessary to say whose fucking elephant is this....

      That's what happened with Fulford, Hats and Jogn with me and all of that seems to have followed me out of my Fulford experience so I feel like I am part of the holonet Jim Stone speaks of above.... Am I reaching regular people at all?

      Why is it the same people...always?

    11. Abby... you wrote: need'nt... that is a typo. In the term need not... it should be consonant blended as needn't... follow? I know you do, follow, that is. The apostrophe is meant to take the place of the missing vowel, or consonant/vowel combination. The correct alliteration is needn't. Just thought you mightn't want to miss out on that schitt.

    12. Geno - You are too often too willing to overlook people's faults and sins, and just condone them.
      When you do that it gives them the signal that its acceptable to do, and so they continue with it.
      Need to take a strong stand and then STAND on it.

      With those you mentioned, you neglected to take that Stand, and instead put up with it for way too long, and then one tends to get burned, and burned all the more. Either put out the fire, or get burned, is what it boils down to.
      IMV first we have to listen a bit to make sure people are what we suspect them of being, and then NIP it in the bud. If we dont, it really gets stinking, and then how can we complain that it stinks?

      Now 'because of the stink' take notice of just who else has become less in attendance. And watch one more who is about to disappear.
      Seems like you and the messed up wanda will be in a conver twosome.

    13. I stay as long as people stay and I am too broke to do anything else... I think Timbo, Hugh and Graham are still around.... hopefully.... like to see KMB, Klondike return, few others but honestly on a scale of 1 to 10 giving a damn I am at about a 2....

      And Abby you do a fair amount of barking people up trees too....

      I may wait too long but what do we learn with nothing to learn from?

  13. An corroborative response to Blah Blah Blah in two songs.


    And then the classic from Simon & Garfunkel
    the bold is the main message

    2. The Sound of Silence

    Hello darkness, my old friend,
    I’ve come to talk with you again,
    Because a vision softly creeping,
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains

    Within the sound of silence.

    In restless dreams I walked alone,
    Narrow streets of cobblestone,
    ’neath the halo of a street lamp,
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp.
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of
    A neon light

    That split the night
    And touched the sound of silence.

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more.
    People talking without speaking,
    People hearing without listening,
    People writing songs that voices never share
    And no one dared
    Disturb the sound of silence.

    Fools, said I(-AM), you do not know,
    Silence like a cancer grows.
    Hear my words that I might teach you,
    Take my arms that I might reach you.
    But my words like silent raindrops fell,
    And echoed
    In the wells of silence

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon God they made.

    And the sign flashed out it’s warning,
    In the words that it was forming.
    And the sign said, the words of the prophets
    Are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls.
    And whisper’d in the sounds of silence.

    1. What part of Nielsen vieWORSHIP do most not get?

      And the people bowed and prayed
      To the neon God they made.

    2. And the word said the profit was written on the subway walls... in tenement halls. And echoes in the world, in the swords, in the words... of silence.

      Fools (know any?) say i do not know....

      Here's a beautiful rendition of iambic pentameter... remember that? Do they still teach that?

      You will like this:

      ...and here is the definition of iambic pentameter:

      We are all NoThing.

      Why do you take down my swords Geno? Are we not better than that?

  14. Another communique to the inbreed I had missed on "Boston Massacre" l33 [one stick and two bottoms] or was it "Boston Bombing" [two sticks and two bottoms]

    And what was the real target 652 Boylston or was it
    or do you need to read between the lines to see the communique?

    according to this flaming 3

    It's upwind of 652 Boylston,+Boston,+MA&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x89e37a0c3da06c7b:0xf260b8ed2001a271,660+Boylston+St,+Boston,+MA&gl=us&ei=vuPCUa3dCtKl4APVqIAI&ved=0CC0Q8gEwAA

    And downwind of 670.
    The number is 668,666,664, or 662
    Perhaps someone more precise than me can determine which one it is.

    In any case twin 66 is there with are two pairs of 3 bottoms.

    And then it occurred on Boylston="Loyalist" Street.

    And Center Point of the two blasts is another NLP Sodomite wingdinger.

    Exit - Exeter St.

    It has always been the way of the inbreed oligarchs.
    They love their olives, shiite and mard [Marquid deSade]

    1. More Boylston NLP communique elements?

      Boyl is NLP synonym with boil > chancre (Syphilis)

      variant: Boyls + x marks spot + on

      chancre was it the physical issue being removed in the first circumcisions? Would that be a duplicitous way to hide from your wife the real problem of beasty man's wayward ways?

    2. It is almost always rooted in something like that...

    3. Yep... exiter street... good catch Tim. It is always something like that... it's spell craft. That is how you can tell the story is bull sh*t... it smells.

      We would all do well to learn the symbolism. It is a secret language and they speak it... they use it all the time and they use it on us.

      It isn't daunting to learn it... start out small and keep adding to it... after a bit it begins to teach itself... it is everywhere... it is ubiquitous. You can't miss it.

      Back me up here Tim, i know you know it.

    4. Celtic Rebel and his are you a truth blood hound tacking the trails the want you sniff out or are you stepping back and being a detective broadcast is helping to tune some of the analytics.

    5. Yep... i listened to that one... great show Tim. Excellent insights at the one hour thirty eight minute mark... i meant to post that last night... but i was three sheets in the wind... got a rare wild hair up my ass.

      Puts a great perspective on the ADL and stuff... definitely knocks the fear meter a notch or two. I recommend it... and Geno, i think you'd like it even though you are not real fond of Celtic Rebel... he is back to doing quality shows... IMO