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Yes your Majesty...

Full Album.... a wink from the stones...

webmaster note: Maybe the Queen is just window dressing but someone in England has always had HUGE power to get what they want in any manner necessary...

Excerpt from Tarpley's biography of Bush, shows orders coming from England...

Bush's meetings with Thatcher in Aspen on Thursday, August 2, and on Monday, August 6 at the
White House are of the most decisive importance in understanding the way in which the AngloAmericans connived to unleash the Gulf war. Before meeting with Thatcher, Bush was clearly in an
agitated and disturbed mental state, but had no bedrock committment to act in the Gulf crisis. After
the sessions with Thatcher, Bush was rapidly transformed into a raving, monomaniacal warmonger
and hawk. The transition was accompanied by a marked accentuation of Bush's overall
psychological impairment, with a much increased tendency towards rage episodes.

The impact of Bush's Aspen meeting with Thatcher was thus to brainwash Bush towards a greater
psychological disintegration, and towards a greater pliability and suggestibility in regard's to
London's imperial plans. One can speculate that the "Iron Lady" was armed with a Tavistock
Institute psychological profile of Bush, possibly centering on young George's feelings of
inadequacy when he was denied the love of his cold, demanding Anglo-Saxon sportswoman
mother. Perhaps Thatcher's underlying psychological gameplan in this (and previous) encounters
with Bush was to place herself along the line of emotional cathexis associated in Bush's psyche with
the internalized image of his mother Dorothy, especially in her demanding and domineering
capacity as the grey eminence of the Ranking Committee. George had to do something to save the
embattled English-speaking peoples, Thatcher might have hinted. Otherwise, he would be letting
down the side in precisely the way which he had always feared would lose him his mother's love.
But to do something for the Anglo-Saxons in their hour of need, George would have to be selfless
and staunch and not think of himself, just as mother Dorothy had always demanded: he would have
to risk his entire political career by deploying US forces in overwhelming strength to the Gulf. This
might have been the underlying emotional content of Thatcher's argument.

On a more explicit level, Thatcher also possessed an array of potent arguments. Back in 1982, she
might have recalled, she had fallen in the polls and was being written off for a second term as a
result of her dismal economic performance. But then the Argentinians seized the Malvinas, and she,
Thatcher, acting in defiance of her entire cabinet and of much of British public opinion, had sent the
fleet into the desperate gamble of the Malvinas war. The British had reconquered the islands, and
the resultant wave of jingoism and racist chauvinism had permitted Thatcher to consolidate her
regime until the present day. Thatcher knew about the "no new taxes" controversy and the Neil
Bush affair, but all of that would be quickly suppressed and forgotten once the regiments began tomarch off to the Saudi front. For Bush, this would have been a compelling package.

As far as Saddam Hussein was concerned, Thatcher's argument is known to have been built around
the ominous warning, "He won't stop!" Her message was that MI-6 and the rest of the fabled British
intelligence apparatus had concluded that Saddam Hussein's goal would be an immediate military
invasion and occupation of the immense Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its sensitive Moslem holy
places, its trackless deserts and its warlike Bedouins. Since Thatcher was familar with Bush's racist
contempt for Arabs and other dark-skinned peoples, which she emphatically shared, she would also
have laid great stress on the figure of Saddam Hussein and the threat he posed to Anglo-Saxon
interests. The Tavistock profile would have included how threatened Bush felt in his psycho-sexual
impotence by tough customers like Saddam, whom nobody had ever referred to as little Lord

At this moment in the Gulf crisis, the only competent political-military estimate of Iraqi intentions
was that Saddam Hussein had no intent of going beyond Kuwait, a territory to which Baghdad had a
long-standing claim, arguing that the British Empire had illegally established its secret protectorate
over the southern part of the Ottoman Empire's province of Basra in 1899. This estimate that Iraq
had no desire to become embroiled with Saudi Arabia was repeated during the first week of the
crisis by such qualified experts as former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Aikens, and by
the prominent French military leader Gen. Lacaze. Even General Schwarzkopf though it highly
unlikely that Saddam would move against Saudi Arabia.

In her public remarks in Aspen, Thatcher began the new phase in the racist demonization of
Saddam Hussein by calling his actions "intolerable" in a way that Syrian and Israeli occupations of
other countries' lands seemingly were not. She asserted that "a collective and effective will of the
nations belonging to the UN" would be necessary to deal with the crisis. Thatcher's travelling
entourage from the Foreign Office had come equipped with a strategy to press for mandatory
economic sanctions and possible mandatory military action against Iraq under the provisions of
Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Soon Bush's entourage had also picked up this new fad.
Bush had now changed his tune markedly. He had suddenly and publicly re-acquired his military
options. When asked about his response, he stated:
We're not ruling any options in but we're not ruling any options out.

Bush also revealed that he had told the Arab leaders with whom he had been in contact during the
morning that the Gulf crisis "had gone beyond simply a regional dispute because of the naked
aggression that violates the United Nations charter." These formulations were I.D. format Thatcherspeak. Bush condemned Saddam for "his intolerable behavior," again parrotting Thatcher's line.
Bush was now "very much concerned" about the safety of other small Gulf states. Bush also
referred to the hostage question, saying that threats to American citizens would "affect the United
States in a very dramatic way because I view a fundamental responsibility of my presidency [as
being] to protect American citzens." Bush added that he had talked with Thatcher about British
proposals to press for "collective efforts" by members of the United Nations against Iraq. The Iraqi
invasion was a "totally unjustified act," Bush went on. It was now imperative that the "international
community act together to ensure that Iraqi forces leave Kuwait immediately. Bush revealed that he
and his advisors were now examing the "next steps" to end the crisis. Bush said he was "somewhat
heartened" by his telephone conversations with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, King Hussein of
Jordan, and Gen. Ali Abdallah Salib of Yemen.

There is every reason to believe that Bush's decision to launch US military intervention and war
was taken in Aspen, under the hypnotic influence of Thatcher. Any residual hesitancy displayed insecret councils was merely dissembling to prevent his staffs from opposing that decision. Making a
strategic decision of such collossal implications on the basis of a psycho-manipulative pep talk from
Thatcher suggests that Bush's hyperthyroid condition was already operating; the hyperthyroid
patient notoriously tends to resolve complicated and far-reaching alternatives with quick, snap
decisions. Several published accounts have sought to argue that the decision for large-scale
intervention did not come until Saturday at Camp David, but these accounts belong to the "red
Studebaker" school of coverup. The truth is that Bush went to war as the racist tail on the British
imperial kite, cheered on by the Kissinger cabal that permeated and dominated his administration.
As the London Daily Telegraph gloated, Mrs. Thatcher had "stiffened [Bush's] resolve."

Bush had been scheduled to stay overnight in Aspen, but he now departed immediately for
Washington. Later, the White House said that Bush had been on the phone with Saudi King Fahd,
who had agreed that the Iraqi invasion was "absolutely unacceptable." [fn 35] On the return trip and
through the evening, the Kissingerian operative Scowcroft continued to to press for military
intervention, playing down the difficulties which other avdisers had been citing. Given Kissinger's
long-standing relationship with London and the Foreign Office, it was no surprise that Scowcroft
was fully on the London line.

Before the day was out, "the orders started flooding out of the Oval Office. The president had all of
these diplomatic pieces in his head. The UN piece. The NATO piece. The Middle east piece. He
was meticulous, methodical, and personal," according to one official. [fn 36]
The next morning was Friday, August 3, and Bush called another NSC meeting at the White House.
The establishment media like the New York Times were full of accounts of how Iraq was allegedly
massing troops along the southern border of Kuwait, about to pounce on Saudi Arabia. Scowcroft,
with Bush's approval, bludgeoned the doubters into a discussion of war options. Bush ordered the
CIA to prepare a plan to overthrow or assassinate Saddam Hussein, and told Cheney, Powell, and
Gen. Schwarzkopf to prepare military options for the next day. Bush was opening the door to war
slowly, so as to keep all of his civilian and military advisers on board. Later on Friday, Prince
Bandar, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington, met with Bush. According to one version,
Bush pledged his word of honor to Bandar that he would "see this through with you." Bandar was
widely reputed to be working for the CIA and other western intelligence agencies. There were also
reports that he had Ethiopian servants in the Saudi embassy in Washington, near the Kennedy
Center, who were chattel slaves according to United Nations definitions.

When the time came in the afternoon to walk to his helicopter on the White House south lawn for
the short flight to the Camp David retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland, Bush stopped at
the microphones that were set up there, a procedure that became a habit during the Gulf crisis.
There was something about these moments of entering and leaving the White House that heightened
Bush's psychological instability; the leaving and arriving rituals would often be the moments of
some of his worst public tantrums. At this point Bush was psyching himself up towards the fit that
he would act out on his Sunday afternoon return. But there was already no doubt that Bush's
bellicosity was rising by the hour. With Kuwait under occupation, he said, "the status quo is
unacceptable and further expansion" by Iraq "would be even more unacceptable." This formulation
already pointed to an advance into Kuwait. He also stressed Saud Arabia: "If they ask for specific
help-- it depends obviously on what it is-- I would be inclined to help in any way we possibly can."
[fn 37]

On Saturday morning, August 4, Bush met with his entourage in Camp David, present Quayle,
Cheney, Sununu, William Webster, Wolfowitz, Baker, Scowcroft, Powell, Schwarzkopf, Fitzwater,
and Richard Haas of the NSC staff. Military advisers, especially Colin Powell, appear to have
directed Bush's attention to the many problems associated with military intervention. According toone version, Gen. Schwarzkopf estimated that it would take 17 weeks to move a defensive,
deterrent force of 250,000 troops into the region, and between 8 and 12 months to assemble a
ground force capable of driving the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. For the duration of the crisis, the
Army would remain the most reluctant, while the Air Force, including Scowcroft, would be the
most eager to open hostilities. Bush sensed that he had to stress the defense of Saudi Arabia to keep
all of his bureaucratic players on board, and to garner enough public support to carry out the first
phase of the buildup.


  1. One heavily detailed book mentions that Daddy Bush was started in the oil business by British royals. ["The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush", by Webster Tarpley et al., 1992.] In an FBI document, dated November 29, 1963, circulated by us and others, shown is "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" played a key role in the covering up of certain data as to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

    So George Bush The Elder was active in the American spy community long before he was, for eleven and a half months in 1976, Director of Central Intelligence. And ever after, as well. He was instrumental, in the late 1970s, of installing, through politic al assassinations, in Iraq, Saddam Hussein as the Iraqi strongman.

    In the 1980s, Daddy Bush was Saddam's PRIVATE business partner. It was the subject of a little-mentioned Federal Court case in Chicago, where this free lance journalist, was the only reporter covering the court hearing. My exclusive story appeared in a populist weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, August 19, 1991.[Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" for more details.]

    Bush the Elder and Saddam Hussein, just like a mafia gang, shook down, extracting "protection money", from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. Also, Bush's criminal business confederates in the 1980s, inside and outside the White House, supplied Saddam with the beginnings of nuclear and bio-chemical materials and research, for the possible development of so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

    See the heavily detailed book, "The Spider's Web--The Secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman, Bantam Books, 1993, never adequately publicized in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.

    Recently, the present Bush White House obtained the original of Saddam's response to the United Nations inspection team, a many thousand page document. Bush, in turn, had copies supposedly made of this and turned it over to other members of the U.N. Sec urity Council. Some assert that the Bush White House eliminated or redacted some of the pages showing the role of the Bush Crime Family in supplying such items to Baghdad. "Annan [U.N. Secretary General] Criticizes Handling of Iraqi Files", New York Tim es, December 11, 2002.

    The Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991, in its simplest form, was just, as we have shown, a falling out of disgruntled private business partners, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. In 1991, Daddy Bush stole billions and billions of dollars of monies and ass ets belonging to Saddam, his former partner. These purloined funds were transferred to twenty five secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family. [Visit our extensive website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", where the secret Federal Reserv e wire transfer records, showing Greenspan's and other secret codes, are attached and can be brought up on the screen. For example, one account shows ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS (partly traceable to assets and funds belonging to former business partner Saddam Hussein) were transferred to a joint Bush account that the Bush Crime Family had with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. And notice how the Queen arranged for the head of her bank to leave and bec! ome a top official of Daddy Bush's purported war-mongering operation, the Carlyle Group, with an armlock on the American war weapons industry. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm." Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.]

  2. so on and on it goes.... who has the guts to tell real truths that defy the collective ass they have lips suchered to?

    How do people become such sycophantic followers crawling behind anything that seems to think they know where they are going?

    Looking for a few real men and women....

  3. All the same names gaming the world...

    Is it them against countries or them against the masses.... herding, molding, penning, picking off?

  4. strangely enough....I....actually feel like I am friends with John.... he may feel differently...given that i am hyper-critical...

    But in my perception...his elitist views are the problem and not the solution....

    That doesn't mean i can't form "understanding" of who he is even when I don't agree...Just as a foster parent may love a child they don't want to react to stimuli in their way...

    And I don't care what people say or think about me as long as they truly understand where i am coming from...

    I am not a puritan.... I love vice.... But vice has to have a conscience.... every angle....

    and then vice becomes a bigger question is why is it illegal? Who is pure enough to enforce anything?

    Ultimately every case is unique and yet we have neanderthal necks reading from da crime book....

    Fuck it it is late...

  5. Like what Geno? what are we ignoring the shit out of?

    Um... the high yield trading platform/program....

    for one,,,

    I continue to get ignored on it but everyone else here somehow seems to miss the extreme importance of the question....

    and if you do get it and ignore it....

    It simply shows you are worthless to truthing...

    You cannot see a weapon of mass destruction under your nose...

    1. Only Trade Program Cash will fund rescuing your sorry ass from YOUR War Profiteering Dinars. Whats it to be Mr Morality? Give it all to charity? Thought not.

    2. First of all I was the first one out on the internet to write of the quandary of blood money.... but every dinar circles back to Iraq at the revalued value? They get their money back.... And when that happens, presumably, they get their country back.

      Who was it that said, "charity begins at home?"

      Oh yeah you.

      I will indeed be spending it to save 3 sisters houses brought about by the depression, banksters (people you know not us) and the like.

      Also two friends houses. I have decided to set up a foundation for the local food pantry/mission who fed me in bad times. Just to make sure they always have food.

      I also have other perpetual motion ideas.

      You want to know why your declaration of WELFARE IS NOT A RIGHT makes me livid?

      Because I know all the details surrounding that past, present and future and what that is-- is-- one, people are in that position because the elite profited off of them in every way possible.... sending their children to die for wars, testing drugs on them because they are so poor they need guinea pig money... slave labor...on and on....

      Secondly, That statement is the short hand hint that feeds every bigots brain that fuels the clash of class and culture and blames the victim and sets up the mind set for round up...Fema camps...population reduction...

      So we have millions of people many of us don't like, fat, poor, dumb, and lacking manners? So... not for anyone to despise so much they plan their demise.

      I the elite who designed these events through Tavistock and the Frankfurt School of subversion and many other think tank university labs... refuses to acknowledge that they are the Frankenstein Monsters and that the end game was always extermination.... Then that leaves people who have true compassion, empathy and understanding of the ethical doctrine that not one of us should own the audacity to such proclamations, let alone the power to begin the culling.

      If people missed it, that was like the 4th time that that subject out of John's fingertips and head has made me livid and I thought we came to an understanding about it?

      I am not here to facilitate such declarations...

      In fact, the next this site go poof in a cloud of smoke.

      I don't kiss royal ass for dinars or GS or jobs or anything.

      And I apologize for including many of you in the ass kissing comment by default.... It's just that we do indeed live in an abrasive world as Abby stated....

      Everything on the TV is one big fat lie and sorting through disinfo on the internet is like swimming with a piano tied to your leg. I expect people to zero in on what is wrong not ignore it....sorry.... that's my role in this effort and if I can't ignite that then what's the point.

      John, what I want from you is the acknowledgment the elite created this mess PURPOSELY and that your answer isn't kill people and start over.... It's to unravel the conspiracy.

      Otherwise we have no common ground.

    3. very convenient to try and tie the mess all to one syndicate... Bush/Clinton.... But that's not the reality.... we have many ruthless syndicates vying for power....

      I will work for the one that knows the masses didn't deserve the abuse... and can articulate that as a confession and a mission statement to repair the damage....

      Not try and blame one doddering old freak to sweep it all away.

    4. Funny how I can be so angry at something that deserves full anger and then feel bad about being angry.

    5. In response to the weak blood money comment....

      There is a beginning, middle and end to the turmoil and those of us who never once crawled over a sand dune with night vision goggles to murder people in their sleep will use the money as a life line as the world is literally going to hell... To dig in....

      and like every tax dollar we were forced to pay wasn't money given to the elite to kill more innocents....

      we have been handed every man for himself situation and Britain created much of the mess in the middle east.... so we are supposed to not reach for a piece of wood to float on because the wood once belonged to the enemy?

  6. the problem is you just don't get distinctions and that is sort of why i credit Abby.... as wild as she gets she sometimes hits the nail on the head....also Daryl.... He nails the fact that the money of GS was stolen from Russia through the shorting of the ruble that came via of counterfeiting of the ruble....

    Now if you are to be a truther....

    do you pick and choose which truth is popular?

  7. I never ever took it personally when my coaches in sports screamed at me.... I loved it... That is what people feel who want to do better....

  8. Many of the Runners in the London marathon today wore Boston Tea Shirts and collections were held along the way for donations to go to the US as a tribute of respect for those in need. Across the pond our nation is batting for you. Allies who care.
    Then I saw it was Geno emptying the cash boxes into his Swag Sack below. Damn!
    Seriously, it was touching to see---- How fast Geno could outrun Marathon runners with his sack filled. They thought his Robbing Mask was a Gimmick?

  9. John and Geno,
    Thanks for the He said, She said. The most frustrating part of my new journey remains the dilemma of what part of history do I believe.

    In the early 70's, I read "All the President's Men" in one night. I was so fascinated by the entire book and process... yet, I now question what was real and what was contrived for the public at large. Early on at the WhiteHat's website, I asked this very question... where do I go for the real truth? I believe it was Saturnalia that gave me sites to peruse. Those were questionable for me... yet, I know that truth lies somewhere in there because I have read Saturnalia's responses and his responses resonate truth. So what part of it is truth?

    And maybe everyone's version of history is "their" truth (perspective as they experienced it) and all information needs to be made accountable to history.

    I keep hearing that the truth will come to light post global reset... but I am not holding my breath.

    Changing subject:
    @John - I will not regurgitate the 6th point above - however, your information does bring about questions. Are you saying that Reno will be the only play? If you don't have a connection to Reno then you won't have an opportunity to cash out your dinar? Is your information based on information (speculation) from Tman and Pal or is this factual?

    New Subject:
    How does one become a "valued trading partner" with you?

    As far as remaining "tongue in cheek".... welcome to my world... I believe you must approach life tongue in cheek... Otherwise, one might go toward the psychological disintegration as noted by Geno above. ;)

    Get Real

    1. Get Real
      Once we get the Green Light for Dinars, via Reno, We will advise you to exchange and cash out. It will start in Reno and be done with quickly. We will try to advise on Cash Out points. The multi T blocks projected will not be allowed. It will be in controlled steps.

      Valued Trading Partner opportunities with us start at a minimum $500M cash entry, but are normally much higher. Two new ones coming in are by our invitation and both 30B plus. It is normally by invitation only. We have 5 others waiting for access currently, but have no room yet for them. Most of what we do is controlled by strict KYC clearance checks. Trading slots are very limited as no one wants to give up making what they have in play on our Platforms.

      All Blog issues apart,you see the mess our world is in. Family values have collapsed, and Financial conglomerates now run the Eco / Political systems. Jekyll Island started the rot. Bush and the Agencies accelerated it, especially post their Asian Agency and Military backed Filipino Gold looting. The GS offers a true Window of Opportunity to try to put something back. I am truly A- Political, holding all of them in equal contempt. From organized Religions, to Political Shape shifters, I find only Deviants and incompetents, all lacking any focal ethics or purpose of being. Man is becoming defunct as a Spiritual Truth seeker. We will try to do more post the GS releases. That enables us to block access to the Cabal and crooked Agency linked Bank Shysters. The key now is accessing the Sovereign Banks, re positioning and re tasking them. Western Global education in general is diminished from what was. Basic values need to be recovered.

    2. John says, "It will start in Reno and be done with quickly. "

      Get Real ask: are you saying it will start in Reno and finish in Reno?... a Yes or No is sufficient

      John says, "The multi T blocks projected will not be allowed. It will be in controlled steps."

      Get Real ask: T = tiers? if multi - tiers are not allowed - what is meant by controlled steps? or should I be patient... :)

      Value Trading - I will await my invite ;)

      Get Real.

    3. T Blocks are fools talking of Trillions. We are Multi State Treasury Licensed. They are not. They don't know what they are talking about.
      Hopefully it will happen in Reno.No guarantee. Any other cash out options, we will let you know.
      Controlled steps means Tiers 1 and 2 will be done, then a bit of market cleaning and after that, doors may close. No one wants all this noise one the system. Banks don't want a Brokers bun fight while they park their Broomsticks and Wallmart trolleys outside. Once the main tiers are done , it's game over. No one cares about the rest. Get paid fast before they decide its all too messy and too much and close them down. Too many Yapping dogs out there. Lets see if they move first. Ignore idiot Brokers.

    4. John, Tier 1 and 2 are everyone but the little people such as us, correct? Won't the currency go live on Forex at some point? Iraq needs an internationally tradeable currency, right?

      "No one cares about the rest.." what does that mean, exactly? Who is 'the rest'??

  10. @John etal

    Can you quantify, with some degree of accuracy, the length of time in which this "window" will be open to exchange the dinars at the initial RV rate? And if this window is missed, what value will the dinars have if any? Finally, WHERE does one go to exchange the dinar? Just any bank or are there specific places to go?

    I remain in the wilderness regarding these particulars and need info to quiet the dragon lady breathing down my neck. She wasn't thrilled that I "invested" in this ponzi. Her words, not mine. Help...

    1. Understood Hugh. When we have a meaningful plan via the Treasury we will publish it for you fast. You may be getting heat from your Dragon Lady, but I suspect even the 5 fingered Widow is turning Geno down just lately from his stressed responses. Position understood. Let us get you a qualified response from the Treasury. Then cash out and get out. Forex is a hairy game.

    2. @Hugh,

      With regard to worth post window of opportunity, I believe John's choice of words were: "Toilet Paper"

      "No one will. You will get a time window to get in and out. Miss it and use it for Toilet Paper then."

      And, I am hearing a different tune from other sources who are in Reno... Of course, their sources are the UST and Pentagon, so one can't know if they are being truthful or not.

      Trying to get any information from John, one needs a degree in"clandestine speak"... I missed that class in my college courses... so am constantly having to ask questions of him... appreciate the backup.

      Get Real.

    3. Thanks John, Real for the responses. Yet I'm still unclear as to the breath of this "window" and WHERE WHERE WHERE they can be redeemed. Am I on a plane to Reno or will there be a place locally that can provide this service? If not local, there could be a problem.

      If the answers to these questions are in any way compromising an advantage you and others may have to ensure redemption, so be it. I understand and won't bring it up again. I feel uneasy pressing for these details because it seems outwardly selfish; and were it not for the dragon lady spewing venom in my direction, I wouldn't even bother.

      Anyone want a business partner after the RV? I'm thinking bar/restaurant to bring in the "hot chicks"(before I go blind lol) and near a fishing pond in S.A.? (open to other ideas)

    4. I'm in....

      who is the dragon lady?

    5. Get Real
      How real has any Reno info been with so called Treasury and Pentagon contacts. I talk to them daily. They are as confused and lost as you. No one with real contacts sits hemorrhaging cash for 8 months in Reno by choice.
      Nor do parties in Reno understand there is and will be, no multi T to fund dreams. Read fantasy. No one, the Treasury, Fed or IMF, will let a bunch of Brokers loose with such amounts as non can manage, or even get banking for. What comes out of Reno, is a lot of flatulence. 8 months and building with nothing to show. A lot will be given reality soon enough. No one will let anyone loose with such amounts as will destabilize markets or economies. Regulators will restrict what's paid out. Fact! Let me be clear for you. In Reno THEIR sources are other just Brokers and Posers. Their problem is the Treasury and Pentagon does NOT talk to them. IF Only! It's all an Ambulance Chase with God knows what end.Non will be let loose with T blocks to waste. It won't happen. Every week, month after month, it's tomorrow. The Leprechauns told me. There will be a window, the decks will be cleared and closed. No Banks wants the chaos which will follow. Iraq is too small an economy to sustain the dreams of so many. Way too much garbage is talked. Cash is too tight to waste on Fools. Get in, get out, be grateful and plan what next. It's a Brokers paper chase of 3 Shell Tricks. What IF, there is NO Reno and the Treasury JUST clear in Baghdad? What then? Why have the Kuwait Investment Office sold half of their holdings to China for less, and with Oil contracts forced behind to motivate the Chinese as well? NOTHING is certain. Yes, Lew tries to get it done, but for how much, when and WHO has the power, or money, to say yes. All the Broker talk of Money Mountains, is all just naive Pig Ignorance. Reno, as of Friday knew NOTHING! As with the last 30 Fridays. The only thing which gives me hope is a certain Attorney now traveling. I talk with the Niece of the ex King of Iraq and her Husband in Kuwait, who I have known for over 40 years. Real powers.
      All is confusion right now. If its not set by Wednesday write off another week. The Arabs week end is Thursday and Friday. So it can't be then. Banks never do any work on Mondays. Lets see on Tuesday. Hope and let's see.

    6. @ John,
      I will be the first to say I don't know if I can trust the sources of the UST and the Pentagon. They have yet to prove they are trust worthy on so many fronts. How could any of us rely on them now?

      Which is one of the reason I am here asking questions? I am trying to vet the sources I have over there. Of course, the answers are juxtaposed and while there are some similarities, there truly remains major differences.

      Three major thoughts that comes to mind:

      The EO 13303 which allows Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has an Interest

      This EO has been extended several times over and the most recent has been until May 22, 2013.


      and follow this with the fact that currency dealers have legitimate registered licensure from the USTreasury. The documentation is posted on each website. And they, the UST, have given each currency dealer the authority to sell IQD to the American public.

      Either I have misread or been misled or is it that I don't fully understand all of the above.

      I am perplexed how this could get by the American public who are participants of the dinarian community. This community [while a broad mix of individuals from every stratification of our social economics], has some very educated individuals.

      Could the government - 3 letter agencies think that this community would sit back and not make some effort to challenge all of the above.

      Your thoughts please???
      Get Real

  11. ...who is the dragon lady?

    Himmler; er, I mean my wife...or ex if she doesn't her stop badgering. lol

  12. Hugh, Geno wants first Dibs on anything with a pulse.
    Can she open bottles with her teeth? Lying down?

    1. pulses are over rated...

    2. Geno
      There are no long range Visionary Elites over here. Doddering old fools maybe, but non of such power. Yes, Britain did a lot wrong in the Arab world but 50 to 100 years ago. Not since. Oil has long since replaced us. Oil and Islamic Mullahs. There is no anti Agenda here apart from sensible Asian and BRICS re alignment. Tavistock is toothless. Old hat. Your problems need a Stateside fix. But the real parties who should act, are the Supremes and Congress.The rest you know. Real action now is with China. No one seems open for business Stateside to support the Dinars do they? Lew is trying, but?
      Name our Elites as we have few here? They are long gone. Everything has changed. All we can do is try to help you with info and ideas. I note all your anger and aspirations with Welfare, but that collapse started Stateside with Jekyll Island and the Fed. The Cabal and the Fed squandered most of it. Then Wall Street.
      A real push is being tried again with the GS next week. Let's wait and see. Good people, real ideas.

    3. Fair enough....

      But somehow, the reality is trillions go through you....

      That is no small power...

      and the pathetic peons who were peed on.... can be better people if given truth and opportunity....

      They will choose what is better for themselves and everyone when they are allowed to see the poison in everything they are told is "the way"

      And I still contend with proof that there is an elite desire to kill off "useless eaters" and the simple phrase of contempt applies to the other guy.... not me, not you, not our family and friends but you know....

      Those pathetic guys deserve to die.... they are worthless.... next thing you know we have genocide....

      And somehow in our struggle to not fight on a blog we compromise right and wrong to get along....

      And we dismiss the facts that genocide is in full motion all around us.... Chemtrails....GMO.... prison industry.... vaccines.... wars....lies lies and lies on TV in the form of fake bombings and shootings....

      So I guess I'll have to ask for forgiveness for being acutely aware of things that just don't add up....

    4. "Geno wants first Dibs on anything with a pulse."

      Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on a Saturday night. -Woody Allen

      "Can she open bottles with her teeth? Lying down?"

      Love will find a lay. -Robert Byrne

    5. The important thing is how will she feel about living in a van.... after the RV I am going to get seat covers....

    6. Naugahyde can be a female's worst nightmare especially on a hot Chicago evening. Avoid at all cost.

      Velvet on the other hand will have Ms Mange purring like a kitten. On second thought, skip the velvet. She'll easily rip it to shreds the first time you're late with the rent.

    7. why buy the milk when you can have the kitty lick the milk off for free.... am I right huh? huh?

  13. By the way, it is John who does the most ignoring of facts....

    He keeps returning to welfare being unsustainable and yet refuses to acknowledge we know where 110 trillion is hidden in America....


    White collar Mafias trading our money and hiding it from us....

    The poor need not be poor but the rulers seem to want the poor to too fat and dumb and subservient to the monthly check as to not be able to rebell.... to not be able to refuse the injection that will certainly make them less well.... because no prick no check....

    and if we had voices screaming injustice to the poor in every conceivable attack and identified that there is indeed 110 trillion dollars we can allocate to jobs, education and home steading type ideas.... we would then have a real leader....

    I think you could be that leader John but that doesn't seem to be the plan you have any interest in....

    And there is little doubt that decades have been spent destroying the evidence you request that would pinpoint guilt to so many elites including the top 300....

    and again....

    110 trillion hidden in plain sight, allocated to foreign investing that probably goes through London....

    If Geno has a big mouth.... Pay me to shut up because my mouth is getting nowhere anyway....

    Isn't that honest? Pay me to stop pointing at where the money is hidden and who is hiding it.... then let someone else toss and turn over this shit.

    1. Publish fully which banks and accounts then it can be pushed. I got the $15T fronted in the Lords. I have got a lot now being looked at. Most important are the GS.From that we can get real changes. That is world changing. Yes, ALL of that will come via London,and for the first time EVER, the Cabal will be denied use. We have real plans for that, and it will be Nation changing. I cant recover the past, but I can change the future. Lets see how the GS plays out. The rest is just noise. The GS falls into one guys control now, a Guy whose spent 20 years getting it re tracked. No one will realize until its too late, the good Guys will have won. Lets wait and see first. DC still has to pay out.

    2. "From that we can get real changes. That is world changing."

      I know my fingernails are getting longer, but I never see them grow.

      Will these changes make a sudden loud splash on the world stage with all its inherent hype, elevating the collective cognizance or will it be subtle so as to not warrant a byline in the Fargo Free Press?

    3. @John

      I will gladly take the gauntlet on CAFR's for Florida and my County Broward. If you think you could be more fruitful on behalf of Canadian Province name the province and I will do my best. I can document by each 'public water works','toll road system','Community College', 'State University', City Government, Country Government and State level agency their equity assets listed annually in the public domain. Unfortunately I likely will not be so lucky to get even the last two or three digits of each account number. Additionally I do not have access to where they hold these accounts although I may be able to get the custodian/trustees name and distribution of investments to custodian by FOIA request. Can you effect corrective actions without the linked account numbers?

      Shortly down the road there would need to be action taken by overseeing/auditing authority on the DTCC that it outside of the white collar crime gangs? Amazingly the repository of much of this documentation was allegedly destroyed by flood waters from hurricane Sandy. Amazingly they knew the documents were destroyed before the 32 feet of flood waters were removed from the basement vault room. I guess they intentionally left the vault doors open or sent down a seal team to check.

      Each government corporations equities are published in each government entities Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - CAFR. These reports are audited under GOFA standards, requirements and certification which is to the best of my view mostly if not fully under the control of the Chicago 'West'side Mafia and perhaps to a lesser or greater degree by Commonwealth of Nations. I only throw in the Commonwealth as the UK, NZ and Australia have not sought to expose the misappropriation of these Canadian assets. I cannot conceive how Canada remains enmeshed in this parasitic relationship with the Chicago white collar crime gang unless there is some sort of 'wink' down the river and from across the pond. Unless of course there are several levels of private surveillance going on to document the players to bring them to justice in the event of the impending credit freeze.

      IMO proceeds of these fund should be directed at eliminating taxation on property owners and removal of income taxes of all sorts which are nothing less than slavery by percentages or fractional slavery. A person who saves their wealth to own a lot should not then be required to pay tax to remain a resident of the lot to be kicked out of it by coercive force. At most a lien for unpaid property taxes could be held until time an estate is dissolved/redistributed and even then I find it quite immoral to prevent a father/mother from passing their lawfully acquired wealth, industry and full blessings to their posterity.

    4. Thank you Tim for a brilliant contribution..... makes me feel more hope knowing smart guys even discussing real action....

  14. Hugh - We asked at Huntington Bank if they do exchanges of foreign currencies. They said yes and they charge $8 for any exchange, flat out. When dealing with the smaller amounts that you or I might have, I think any bank that has an exchange dept. will do.

    Get Real - May I offer a suggestion: You seem to be in a tizzy of sorts trying to figure it all out. I suggest that you simplify things and save your noggin, and just go with what you understand as it is given by several confirmations, from different sources, weigh it, and use only what makes sense, tho some of it is outrageous but you can see it and results of it.

    When you run across something and you go 'oh, thats why such and such is this way in real life'...then you pretty much have it.
    I think its best not to let yourself get consumed with all this rot, to the place where it stops your real life living.
    When you get too wrapped up in it all, your own life suffers and thats not a good thing. Gotta keep a balance and catch yourself.

    John - Your arrogance and disdain for the lesser continues.
    Then you try to intimidate people with your 'you are wanting to reap a harvest from the BUSH REGIME's bad actions and shame on you'. Well, I don't shame.
    Your aim in here has been well exposed: You want to push your Singularity agenda just as soon as the dust clears; then you will push it for all its worth and think you will use this bunch in here to help you push it across america.
    Its fine for all to make their ideas known, but its wrong to try to push them on people, have an ulterior motive and try to snare people, cunningly. Best to make your statement then let it go; whoever wants to go with it, fine, but constant persuasion to ones OWN ideas should be a no no in here.

    Geno - You live in the real world, and we real worlders know first hand whats happening on the ground. I admire your forthrightness and fearlessness to tell it like it is. You are down-to-earth correct in much that you say, regarding people.
    As for history, I've never been a history buff, so I leave those things be.
    Regarding anger, God speaks of a Righteous Anger which is fine.
    There ARE things that are Right to be angry about. So it just depends on the righteousness of it. God himself is 'angry with the Wicked all the day long'. (Thats an example of what righteous anger IS)

    I believe a currency is a set value, and when it is established, it IS. They can only possibly fluctuate, so John can save his (again) further scare tactic. Save the windows thingy.

  15. Abby,
    I find you to be endearing on so many levels. I appreciate all that you bring to this board.

    While I do come across in a tizzy this weekend... you need to understand that the weekends are the only time I am able to truly be a part of this site. During the week days... not so much due to work constraints. My workday, once again, begins in a few hours...

    Also, John being in the UK presents a small window of opportunity to speak with him ... so I am trying to get my questions in when I can...

    As far as exchanging dinar... any of the currency exchanges will do this... and I agree with you there will be some banks involved...

    But I am always vetting the process... My sources in Reno paint a completely different picture for me and I hope my search of truth will help others on this site. There are many in the dinarian community at large that don't believe Reno is real. Who knows? My belief is to keep your options open, I am not certain from where the answers will come.

    Get Real

  16. Thanks Abby. I surmised as much that a bank would exchange but for some reason chose to ignore the obvious. Doh!

    A more pressing concern/challenge, it seems to me, is converting a large percentage of those fiat dollars into PMs as well as tangible, tradeable commodities that can be used for barter. Doing all this while a crash of the dollar is looming and may happen at any moment in an environment where everyone holding dollars are trying to unload them? Are you beginning to see the dilemma that some of us who are currently cash poor will be facing and then suddenly we're not?
    Get out of debt: check
    Get in supplies (prepping or buy farm to grow crops, buy arms, food, water etc.) or simply get out of country TBD: check(leaning this way)

    I wasn't kidding when I asked earlier if anyone was interested in leaving the country and becoming a business partner. (bar, internet cafe, book store etc.) they do read south of the border right? ;)

    I don't care if it turns a profit as long as it keeps the rain off and allows me to enjoy a good book and the occasional scotch or cold beer. A view of the beach would be a bonus.

    Ah, to dream...

    1. know...she be there? lol....

    2. Who Goebbels, er, my wife?

    3. will she take the windfall as an opportunity to run away with a heavy metal band and or surfers?

    4. Most likely she will construct a ten ft tall barbed wire fence surrounding the perimeter, install strategically placed guards in towers with 50 cal. machine guns. Then she'll blow the rest. ;)

    5. wow....possessive of her surfers huh? blow all of them?

    6. John we need to invite Hugh's wife to our next party.... seat her next to me....

    7. C'mon; Frau Mengele? You have a better chance of being invited to Nat Rothschild's bar mitzvah. Make that his wake. Of course, they'll need to find a body first.

    8. Nat is only 12? Those guys really are financial geniuses... as for your lovely Nazi bride, we have ways of making her talk.... or not talk....

    9. John get a running start and jump in here....

    10. How many imprisoned sex slaves does it take to change a light bulb at the Rothschild mansion?

      6... one to pick the lock and run screaming naked into the woods only to be returned by good Bobbies and 5 to wish they were dead....

      Besides the vampire Butler does the light bulb changing.....

    11. Our bar on the Vietnamese beach Hugh....

      Decorated like a concentration camp with razor wire and guard towers and hot asian girl waitresses and bartenders in short short khakis and camoflage push up bras and drinks with names like

      Name rum and serial number

      Tropical fruit Freedom crushed ice

      Prisoner Pineapple punch

      oh and a volleyball court...

    12. and somehow some way we will figure out a way to have their push up bras sport braile name tags so you have an excuse to go...ummm.... oh Nattyporn.... that's you...or... Singlee....good morning....

    13. hello oh oh this thing on on on?

    14. Hugh IMO Slovenian banks crash next. They 'officially denied they have a liquidity issue' issue with their banks.

      My guess with no factual basis yet is that Slovenia to must hold a substantial amount of Russian wealth as did Cyprus.

      The multi-milenia equation of war is.
      Trade Wars evolve into Currency Wars and then into Blood Wars.

      On another parallel line of thought at least ever since Athenian Democracy the following was identified by Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the
      University of Edinburgh,

      "A democracy is always temporary in nature;
      it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
      A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that
      voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

      From that moment on, the majority always votes for
      the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy,
      (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."

      I hold to the black box adaptation of his historical thesis and apply it my lifetime. We are moving into a phase of massive wealth redistribution.

      Here's the black box adaptation.

      1. resource backed money - gold, silver ... this gets degraded by coin clipping or metal debasement. as in U.S. 90% silver, 40% silver then none. Or in our lifetime US Treasury lawful tender -the copper penny until 1982 transitioned to 95% zinc 55 copper as a penny weight of copper was worth 240% of its weight in copper.

      2. Social Programs and Public Works

      3. Military Spending

      4. USE the military that was 'invested' in (and now armored police units in US. Looks like that was one purpose served by the Boston Bomber Bash)

      5. Replace resource backed money with FIAT money. Usually to fund more war or cover debts that can't be met
      (USA 1971 Bretton Woods I)

      6. Inflation (Devaluation FIAT Currency)

      ****IMO USA is straddling 6 and 7 right now*****

      7. Huge Wealth Transfer where all who are not positioned in tangible physically controlled resource assets are bankrupted.

      Islam - they broke away from their gold-silver-camel-date
      Great Britain
      Soviet ( skipped step 1 )
      History Cycle of Every Empire - I finally have it broken down in SIMPLE language

      This is the way the they have done it for over 3,000 years. Note I hope enough people will are aware that a transition will be required to a new economy this time around as in 'fully gifted according to merit'

    15. I have not evaluated the Holy Roman Empire or Phoenician but I would not be surprised it it followed the same 7 steps of degradation.

      China I am 90% confident followed all these steps as they have early an early trunk trader several centuries ago who identified that no fiat currency including Imperial China's has lasted more than 60 years .

  17. After careful consideration I have reconsidered my stance on mass murdering the poor... I just went to Walmart....

    1. Geno - Hilarious ! But hey, lets not knock Walmart altogether, you just gotta pick a time AFTER they all are gone home, lol.
      We just bought synthetic car oil there for $17 for a jug versus $26 other places. And their Thomas's English Muffins which is my daily breakfast, are half the price of other stores. Along with Florida OJ.
      So there are indeed some things we buy there and I don't really care who else does; I can squeeze my 120 lbs. right on thru them and to the front of the line, LOL

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Wal-mart is an example of generational and then WallStreet debasement of a company with a very fine original mission.

      paraphrased quote

      If I can source it from the USA I will buy and sell it until I can invest in someone in the US who will make it for us. - Sam

    4. I think I have really hacked this paraphrase of the quote sorry my memory is not working to well at the moment

  18. John,

    I LOVE this : "I am anti-asshole!". Genocide always was the end-game as Geno has stated. Now John, perhaps some day you will be willing to admit the list of assholes who support that plank is a helluva a lot longer than you currently believe. It is possible, and highly probable as Geno has tried to point out to you via all his prolific documented evidence here. It is extremely problematic to me that you refuse to believe certain points Geno makes with supporting evidence here & on his own blog. He is justifiably livid that you refuse to consider certain of his points to the level of mocking him. It is counter-productive. Besides, I DO NOT WANT THIS BLOG TO DISAPPEAR IN A PUFF OF SMOKE. Perhaps you both can agree to disagree? We are in this together against all the assholes of the world, aren't we?


  19. When GDP fails the Wizard O and his crew will add intangibles. That way you, this wizards think, will not know there is economic decline.