Saturday, April 13, 2013

World War Two Fakers...

At the end he tells you why this was done.... and I think it is a pretty simple straight forward explanation. I do believe the second photo was some sort of messy paste up and by whom I don't know but in general I think this shows what is stated at the end of the video.


These elites believe if they lead you to murder and you do it. It is your fault for being stupid. They also believe if they counter their bad with charitable good, they erase the bad. In other words God as man....

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  1. How can people not comment on this? More and more the proof is falling out of the closet that the World Wars were scripted...yes people died by the hundreds of thousands.... but the story was scripted and acted for the camera...

    1. Geno

      This is one of the most difficult things for any person in our time. Especially from the UK, US and their allied countries. The implications of accepting this as fact requires one to throw away last 75 years of 'history'.

      It would mean accepting that fact for many of us to see the good intentions of our mothers and fathers were spent destroying others and much land.

      How do the timelines of WWII and the studio shots align?
      Are these studio photos from after WWII after operation paperclip?

      I can see this is a very plausible hypothesis but I think timelines need to be meshed in a way similar to the way Hilary Clinton doubles was proven by traveling distances far to great based on the public appearance times at several points during her primary campaign in 2008.

    2. well, it is there because I have looked at it.... his other videos and some of Chiarinis stuff coupled with the ability to see things most miss... old movies, old bios in book form.... I look at so much I myself know this is true....

      I offer a starting is all out here...

  2. The script was to trick people into the killing so the powers could move bases into key countries and rob them of their resources and sovereignty...


      Merryl Streep in make up...??

      I think so...

      Listen to the tone and her "tells" as in behavioral clues we all know...

    2. check her laugh and smile

  3. STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!