Tuesday, April 2, 2013

White Collar Mobs

Webmaster Note: As I have stated we are dealing with factions and syndicates. I have mentioned every continent has a black market syndicate but each continent has branches to other "families" In the states we can see in the Caucasian Mafias, a Southern Good 'ol Boy mafia, a Chicago Banker Mafia, A New York Trader mafia, a Southwestern in Arizona, a Texas Mafia, and  Western where people like Cheney or Mormons control. And we also have a homosexual mafia as depicted in JFK. These white mafias have the strong arms of corporations such as Wackenhut whose connections cross into Homeland Security.

Stuff like the exposure of the CAFR smoking gun financial reports would be the way to expose all of them because that is where these types are the white collar seemingly upstanding citizens who have the Mayor and Governor type jobs and the best mansions on the lakes. They hide billions in investments that is never seen by we the people and those investments help clean up the rackets. Hiding money, even money that is seemingly lawfully accrued is in itself a racket. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is a yearly report of the gross and net municipal assets and within those figures, millions and billions get hidden in plain sight by sliding the gains into future investment allocations that makes it seem as if the community isn't vastly in the black but think about it...How can they not be? They tax everything, they charge money for everything, golf courses, water, electricity, parks, land use...on and on...

see here


This video is about the Clinton machine but it could just as easily apply to all the other local machines. So if you want to understand the extent of corruption, pull up a seat. It is a web and the regular citizen props it up by going to their 9 to 5 jobs and paying their taxes. Their "tax paying citizen" pride that likes to put people like this on a pedestal of idolization definitely protects these people and enables the snake that wraps around and bites our butts from behind.

The fact that we vote for these master criminals and fail to see in their 40 years of power, they have made our country crumble to dust. The idiocy that Hillary Clinton is said to be "smart" because her PR machine keeps her name on the Yahoo main page telling the sound bite eaters that she is "smart," just perpetuates this endless loop of the same con artists who truly are sociopathic if not psychopathic.

But these are our political heroes... I say political zeroes because they are the reason your bank accounts register zero.

Who is Ed Mezvinsky?

Edward "Ed" Mezvinsky born January 17, 1937, is a former Democrat congressman. 
As a Democrat, he represented Iowa's 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives for two terms, from 1973 to 1977. 
He sat on the House Judiciary Committee that decided the fate of Richard Nixon. 
He and the Clinton's were very politically intertwined for years.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. 
He was sentenced to 80 months in (Federal) prison.   
Ed Mezvinsky embezzled more than $10 million dollars from people via both a ponzi scheme and the notorious Nigerian e-mail scams.

After serving five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008.
He remained on federal probation through 2011, and still owes $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.

So who is he?

He's Chelsea Clinton's father-in law!

Has anyone heard mention of this in any of the media? 
If this guy was Jenna or Barbara Bush's, or better yet, Sarah Palin's daughter's, father-in-law, the news would be an every day headline.

Some say there are NO double standards in politics . . . S-u-r-e there aren't! Wake up America!


EXPLOSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Financial Treason Escalates

* * * N O T I C E * * *

We apologize that this intelligence briefing is currently being hacked by the TREASONOUS U.S. State Department and Department of Homeland Security with loser and lesbian, dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton giving the orders.

Message to loser, Hillary lesbian bitch: You will cease and desist right now in violating the 1st Amendment Constitutional rights of the American People.

At the time of liberation, duly elected President Albert Gore Jr., who elected your stupid husband Bill Clinton, is going to have you arrested and prosecuted for HIGH TREASON against the American People.

Awakening Americans: Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled fascist, extortion-friendly U. S. media covers up

EXPLOSIVE Back Breaking News
Financial Treason Escalates
UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that Morgan Stanley, a holding company of JP Morgan Chase, was issued a $10 BILLION margin call today by the CME Group.

The margin call deals with the illegal cross-collateralized euro currency and S&P put options written on the London LIFFE Exchange with electronic paper IOUs aka worthless junk bonds.

Note: The underwriter for this latest ponzi scheme is The Bank of New York Mellon, Barclays Bank of England and Berkshire Hathaway, a company run by financial terrorist and money launderer, Warren Buffett.

Reference: At this hour we can divulge that The Bank of New York Mellon faces forced liquidation by the CME Group in regards to the still existing $1.5 TRILLION margin call issued by the CME Group against The Bank of New York Mellon last Thursday that The Bank of New York Mellon has yet to meet.

Item: Word on the street is that The Bank of New York Mellon is telling alleged pResident, foreign born Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, that they are too big to fail.

Guess what, folks, they demand another bail out!

Translation: Using a financial technique called credit default swaps with crooked banks, Obama and Geithner are about to do another massive "BAIL OUT" under the radar screen without informing the American People.


  1. John how about an update on Ed Falcone? A short essay of why the white hat investigation started by helping him and why we have heard nothing about him in a long time...

  2. A great site that has dug really deep into the white collar mob made up largely of the bosses minion esquires[lawyers] and cpa's[accountants customary accomplices] documents these hidden stashes in the open with a sleight of hand only minimally obfuscating the facts. This shell game has stashed 100's trillions exceeding 10 years of world GDP under 180k shell corporations=fronts!! Incomprehensible but true.

    Doubt this, then how did Iceland get the banks to declare them fully solvent and already paid back long ago? real answers please.

    Visit Cafr1.com (click here.)

    1. This is something we the People in the United States
      can do too just like Icelander's did. Iceland routed out
      and subdued a huge % of esquires in their elected government.

      We just need to make it simple to understand
      so it can be understood in less than 30 seconds

      The vast majority of US suffers from
      a poisoned down,
      arena entertainMEnt system of Rome
      that makes this excessively challenging to communicate
      to walnut sized brain attention spans
      prevalent in the United States today.

      Sometime my impatience has me suspecting that
      my dogs fair much better with their walnut sized
      brains than most dumbed/poisoned/threatened/coerced down Americans I encounter.

    2. I was so spitting mad that I blurted out a whopper mistake indicting CPS's. They are not the accomplices in governments. The Public Auditors, PA's are the accomplices of their Janus bretheren Esquires, PA's (Public Attorneys).

  3. I just sent a donation to Walter VanBurien so he can go do public testimony on the real financial state of America as documented in the 180K Combined Financial Statements of all government agencies in the United States.

    Visit http://cafr1.com/MrSmith.html now.

    This could actually stir up enough earlier adopters to begin a needed reform movement as it would shed spotlights on these mob actions and activities.

    I know there are plenty of deep pockets reading and quasi-posting here who can easily make this happen in a matter of days for Walter VanBurien by relationships and funding.
    Several statehouses opportunities could be used to build momentum may also be opened up but then again that could put the crooks on notice to begin their counter operations.

    I think Walter has demonstrated by hard work and tenacity he has the potential to deliver a KO punch just like Howard Hughes delivered to the Untied States Senate even though public opinion started of wildly against him.

    1. Good work Tim, giving when you don't have much to give seems to be unique to the strongest character America has to offer.

      Did you see the new post on CAFR? Todays?

    2. It's when it's not my flesh. We Joe's,American's, get that.

      Not all of have a friend like Smith Wigglesworth.

  4. correction
    Combined Financial Statements

    this should read Combined Annual Financial Report.

  5. Regarding what I shall henceforth call the Pervert Mafia... Watch a film called the Tailor of Panama with Pierce Brosnan...

    There is a scene early in the film when the Pierce character is in a night club packed with Billionaire perverts... the film maker tells you a lot in that movie if you watch closely...

    Pierce plays an agent who walks away with a few million dollars for arranging an invasion that benefits his own pockets...

    1. I saw that in real life I jumped into Panama my unit took the "Unidad Especial Anti Terror" (UESAT) barracks.

      I was sitting in a room with two brown grocery bags filled heaping full of bundled $20's and $100's. On the desk were three VHS tapes. I was told had recordings of prepubescent pre-teens and assorted Panamanian gov officials and military officers. There were also tie ins to The Citadel and a southern Senator.

      This is a worldwide perv network among vast large portion of the power elite.

      Here is how they build some of this mortar.

    2. Let me guess Senator Byrd?

    3. I forgot to mention. I have since come to think that the power elite of the US were turning in their own rats and that's why these tapes made it to the light of day so that we would go back home and tell our friends and families what a Just Cause it was.

      And guess what that is exactly what I did but I have learned a lot in the last 20+ years.

  6. Geno,

    Could you comment on the Stockton CA bankruptcy and other city's in America and where the money is hidden.....this can not be the truth....they must have cfar funds somewhere that can pay these debts.....


    1. I suggest you ask Clint Richardson that question... google his name...reality blog link is on the latest post...

    2. Pure speculative suggestion. What if any collateral did Hillary and or Tim Geitner promise China in their envoys to China?

  7. Hillary told China if ever someone puts a big hole in the great wall she'd plug it with her big ass...

    1. hahahahahahahahaha.....coffee coming up through my nose....thanks Geno...

    2. no seriously it is the only collateral she had... Bill is already plugging the hole in the dike in Holland and not with his finger...