Thursday, April 25, 2013

War Versus Sport


This article first appeared in 2003 on Friends of Liberty
Submitted by: Gene Kalmes
October 26, 2003

Ask a man why he loves sports and he will give you a laundry list of reasons. He will tell you that it is the action, the unpredictability or the conflict.

Those descriptions could also describe war. Yes war is full of conflict, action and unpredictability but it sorely lacks what sport has to offer.

As a man who spends a little more time then the average man analyzing such things, I want to point something out to my fellow chest beaters.

I know it is a bit womanly to think too much and we as men like to keep things to three or four words and would prefer to just grunt but I want to open a window to your hairy souls. 

There is a much higher plain to sports then action, conflict and unpredictability. You don’t realize it but between your willingness to scream at umpires, refs, coaches and players who make mistakes is a level of a divine nature.

You are quite often in that zone in calmer moments. You instruct a little league team to shake hands after a game or not to purposely try and spike another player or humiliate another team who is losing badly. There in that sense of sportsmanship is the force of goodness that makes you a decent person 99.9% of the time.

Think about that figure because it is accurate. Every day you drive in rush hour traffic and there are plenty of jerks you want to run off the road but you don’t. There are many times in bars you want to punch a loudmouth but you don’t. Most of the time something inside of you says that it is best to turn the other cheek. Of course there are times when you wake up in jail for punching the loudmouth at the bar and there are times you end up in the ditch while racing with a fellow road-rager. But mostly you remain in control of your temper because-believe it or not-you are a spiritual being with pretty good judgment and a higher sense of justice then anyone realizes.

You may be surprised to know you have an amazing ability to be very, very reasonable. Sometimes, downright Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Jesus like. How many times have you broken up fights or calmed a buddy down who wanted to punch out the loud mouth at the bar? How many times have you told the fanatic to stop screaming at the ump or his kid?

99.9% is probably a very fair assessment of in control to out of control. Think about it. You watch the TV and it seems the whole world is killing one another because from that window, edited into a steady stream of violent images it would seem that the world is one big long, kill or be killed proposition. But look out the window of your home. See…There’s probably not anyone killing or fighting or screaming his or her heads off. Sure, sometimes there is. I used to live in LA and it happened a bit more often but mostly, say 98% of the time; no one was fighting outside the window.

If you are living in Palestine perhaps the number is greater but even then, 96% of the time there aren’t any people shooting each other or strapping bombs to themselves.

Even if it is one suicide bombing a day (which it isn’t) how long does that take? A few seconds tops, but out of 24 hours it is still a small percentage of the day. Now think about the entire planet. On any given day how many people and how many geographical locals are engaged in some sort of violent confrontation? Again it is less then 1% no matter how the TV news makes it look. Now ask yourself why is that?

Men are always said to be violent but if you look at these percentages the numbers speak volumes. Guys you are rarely if ever violent. Even a hit man or a soldier is only killing a tiny fraction of the time. Sure battles can flare up and last a few days or weeks but there are always periods of cease-fire...

Now ask yourself what it is that keeps you from being violent or confrontational? Is it because you are afraid of being punished? No. That is ridiculous. That may stop you from punching a loud mouth or shooting your wife but most of the time you stop yourself because you have a very common sense of decency, way more decency then you are given credit for.

Now think about your race. Are you white? Are you American? Are you Christian? Are you Black or Muslim? Chinese or European? And although you may have read somewhere that one ethnic group uses more violence then another ethnic group the facts are that whomever they are…They too are only committing these acts of violence or conflict less then 1% of the time.

It is in that tiny fraction where something called a root cause resides. This tends to be the thing that pisses that particular ethnic group off. I recently read some statistics that said black men were 7 times more likely to commit a crime. Well, within that tiny fraction of a moment when they do commit a crime is much more reason for that aggressive behavior. Follow the reasoning here…Imagine an umpire making bad call after bad call. You have a bet on the game and it’s costing you money. So you throw a bottle at the ump’s head.

99.9% of the time you were peacefully watching the game but that freaking ump just pushed you over the limit. Now imagine a young black man getting bad calls 7 times more often then anyone else. Wouldn’t that make him 7 times more likely to throw a bottle at an ump or a cop’s head?

Now imagine a Palestinian seeing their neighborhood is being bulldozed and ask yourself how you might react. You would probably throw a rock or two also. Again, there may be more violence in that region of the world but it is still a tiny fraction of the time, because ultimately men everywhere are pretty much alike. They all have this inner sense that yearns for fairness. Men actually do like each other and 99% of the time we would rather shake another man’s hand then shoot him dead and leave his children without a father.

This is why men like sports. It is the closest we ever get to complete fairness. Sports are the pinnacle of integrity. Honesty is a goal for everyone playing and watching. Umpires and Refs, players, fans and owners basically conspire to achieve fairness. Throw a funny shaped ball in and now you have conflict, action and unpredictability. However it is the quest for fairness and how close sports comes to realizing that truly incredible meeting of minds and bodies.

Sports is as close to perfection as man comes and yet each game, play, pitch, call, run or inning is as unique as the individual who is playing, watching, or umpping. It is there on that battlefield where we have a real government for the people by the people. Decisions are made that we usually agree on and even when we don’t we come to accept them because we recognize that even if a call was blown that the system was mostly fair and on average sports are as close to honest as we will ever get.

We love that as a species we have found a way to do battle but pat each other on the behind after the dust has settled, then instead of burying the dead we all take a shower together. And it all happens in broad daylight, (the game not the shower although had the XFL been given a little more time) under the lights and in front of thousands if not millions of people who witness this amazing arena of fairness. Integrity battling integrity and may the best man win.

Now compare sports to war

In theory there are rules to war but how can anyone be an umpire when one side is carpet-bombing a city or village? How can it possibly be fair to blow some innocent civilians into bits and pieces because somebody bombed someone else, somewhere else?

There is nothing honest or fair about war. Generals are in bed with defense manufacturers and they all get rich and watch from miles away as soldiers who only wanted a school loan (something they shouldn’t have to kill or die for) are being irradiated by their own depleted uranium and making thirteen thousand dollars a year to boot. These soldiers were also lied to in that they were told the rules of the game were to fight for one’s country yet that country has proven time and time again through history that those soldiers are merely fodder.

They came home from the Gulf War in 1991 with an illness that their superiors have denied exists. They have left POW’s to rot in prisons in Viet Nam. The list goes on and on and even if you only know a fraction of the story you should know enough to see that the game of war is completely lacking integrity. In fact it is so full of secrets and dark closed rooms and plans that only benefit a few that it is so far from sport as to make it much more akin to throwing Christians to lions or raping children then it is to a football game.

Therefore guys, you need to stop acting like war is a sport and that it is somehow justified.

Those of us who oppose war are generally those who don’t have any stock in the companies that will profit from it. In other words we find it so unjust and wrong that we find it impossible to wave a flag like a pennant. We feel strongly that one soldier or civilian dying so the rest of us can kick back and watch the world series is way too much for any man of conscience to accept without one hell of a fierce argument.

This is about as close to integrity as war ever gets. The people who oppose it are like the fans who find out that a boxer has taken a dive. We demand an investigation. We should demand fairness, integrity and for any conflict whether it be an election, a vote in congress, a murder trial or a baseball game to play out in front of thousands if not millions of eyes in broad daylight or under bright lights to preserve the integrity of the game. We want the rules to be upheld and put on a pedestal, any renegotiations to take place at a table with all sides present. If the rules change it is through a democratic process and everyone understands and plays by them because the umpires see to it that they apply equally to everyone.

And that is why we love sports because it is the closest we have ever gotten to perfection between highly imperfect beings. It is why all closed door sessions and meetings in politics are nothing short of cheating. When lawyers and judges make deals behind closed doors and war planners draw up battle plans behind closed doors and assassins are sent out into the night to shoot someone who opposes a small minority. Whoever employs these mercenaries in dark conspiratorial secrecy is anything but fair and honest.

So the next time you get worked up into lather by an AM radio DJ who convinces you to hate a liberal on your way home from work think about this. The dictionary defines liberal as: generous and giving in an open handed way. Therefore the opposite of liberal must be a person who is greedy and unwilling to share.

But here’s an idea to try and put this in perspective. What if the liberals were to start a football team and the conservatives were to start a football team and play a game to decide some issue. Would you want that game to be played in broad day light with good honest umpires and fans who would not riot and kill each other at the end of the game?

Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin and the rest of our forefathers attempted to create a government that could be compared to the rules we have in sports. The check and balance system had rules to see that the legislative, judicial and federal branches of the government kept the game honest and in the light of day. Our constitution and bill of rights are (or were) like the rules to any sport. The opposing teams were to be kept in check by umpires who were kept honest by thousands and millions of eyes who knew the rules, agreed to the rules and accepted the outcome as long as no one cheated. But that has not been the case. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been torn up by a few who began to play crucial innings of the game behind closed doors. The officials have been bribed with money and other favors to secure fixed outcomes to the rules. Umpires and the rules they enforce have been destroyed and with it the integrity of our government.
Taxes have been levied, wars have been waged and people have been enslaved and imprisoned by laws that don’t even resemble fairness or justice. A game designed to be played in the light of day before thousands of eyes who would keep the sense of fair play as close to perfect as humanly possible is now nothing more then a fixed fight.

In any sport if a team or a player play dirty they try not to be seen doing it. Corked bats and spitballs are hidden just as politicians who take bribes try not to be seen.

So guys I don’t expect you to like me for the things I say but if I were to play your team in a softball tournament I would want a couple umpires we could both trust and a crowd of people watching them and plenty of lights. And I know you wouldn’t want it any other way. Because it is something truly heroic men (and women) have in common when it comes to sports. No one wants to win by cheating unless of course you’re a scumbag. So then why would we allow our elections, courts, corporations and conflicts with other countries to be played in arenas where there is no light, no dedication to fairness, no accountability or integrity?

For instance, a bank lent the money to both Hitler and Winston Churchill to fight World War II. The War to take over the world was funded by a bank who played both sides. First of all, what if neither side could get a loan? And secondly, doesn’t that say that that bank already ran the world and didn’t care who came in second and third place.

In sports we go to great lengths to try and maintain the integrity of the games in spite of the greed that tries so hard to corrupt and we do it by not changing the rules to benefit one team or owner over another. Isn’t it time our world leaders play a world series with the same kind of seriousness and dedication to fairness as we men give to sports?

It may be time to storm the field and tear down the goal posts."


  1. I was always proud of this essay and wanted to post it to commemorate the Iraq War 10 year anniversary...

    I am getting many private requests to keep the blog going but there is a lot more to it than that. I will consider it... and a couple people here actually understand the huge ramifications better than others and to say who and what just makes it more controversial.

    I will say those who fixate on the dinar or GS news need to get over it. That stuff is happening whether or not anyone thinks this so called inside information matters.

    I have been privy to so called inside information for 3 years and thus far no one has been right and it is frustrating to see that people ignore the 180 inconsistencies and choose to worship something that is not anything special in terms of information.

    Is John an important person in the UK finance...yes... can he really tell us what is really going on? No...

    If you notice I have rarely brought it up other than to say I believe the Zionist bankers are the ones blocking everything and I believe John and I agree there.

    The first paragraph I ever posted as a comment on this blog knew exactly what was going to happen but it somehow went over everyone's head...

    How can I articulate it any better than I already have dozens of times? I am hard on John because if he is the answer then he can't be involved in the same old status quo que bono, now can he?

    The war I am fighting is for the shit upon...capiche?

  2. This seems to be your first post which went over our heads?

    "Please watch the part 1 in the link...better version...

    Not sure he nailed Spencer Tracy but the rest are solid.

    Why is this important?

    These small circles of elite families trick us into war by playing politicians and other figures...

    This is the ultimate origin of the Protocols of Zion using "MAKE BELIEVE" and Mossad, "By Deception"

    And the Frankfurt School of subversion and Tavistock that gave us Freud and Edward Bernays.

    Frankfurt where the Redshield counting house began?

    Khazars were gypsies...masters of con games and illusions to trick people out of their money....

    The STING... Grifters... get it?

    I will put a more detailed essay together in April..."

    I get it!! Most of the bloggers here do, too Geno.

    Yet, I'm getting the feeling you are expecting more from us bloggers. So, I'll say it, Geno. What are we missing & what do you expect from us, or expect for us to do Geno? Suggest a course of action,please. We are ALL ears you know?

    Re: Dinar/RV/GS. What you said is John really doesn't know wtf is going on. It is a blanket statement you made. My perspective is that John has a peek into the room, so to speak, which we have no idea who is in there, where the fuck it is, what is being discussed.You get the idea. John gives us a diluted version of his glimpses into that room. You, Geno, are one of the most resilient bastards I have ever met. You fail to grasp regular people needs these glimpses behind the curtain from John. Why fault folks for their feelings and needs?
    I'd be more than happy to press John further here if you like. I have not actively done that because I did not want to do to him, well, what you just did!! I did not want him to run away, and leave us in the dark room, again....Yet, here we sit now. I'll light the candle. here....walking over to door's locked......there we go!! TA DA!! DOOR IS OPEN JOHN!!! Please come back. But, John? Stop talking down to us, okay? We don't like you blaming us for something we had no hand in. You know yourself these are the results of what they started first with THE NEW DEAL, then implemented PHASE 2 after JFK wasn't even cold in the grave!! remember that piece of shit from Texas signing papers cancelling JFK's stuff on Airforce ONE w/Jackie present!! MAY THAT ONE BURN IN HELL ETERNALLY FOR HIS ROLE & ACTIONS AGAINST HUMANITY!!


    1. Well said Daryl. I hope we see John return to this fold as well.

    2. John your adoring fans await...

    3. Well, I do not ever beg anyone, and John is not God nor does he do much but tap dance and give us half-assed info. Like a politician, leaves out too many details. Bits and pieces are not info. But most of his posts were ranting on ' fat wallmart welfare bunnies' none of which are even in here.
      Rant rant rant, and I got sick of the repetitiveness. Don't know what the hell the point was in all that, over and over.
      Not to mention his lying about me, like an elementary school kid.
      I liked John, and became very disappointed in him and his attempt at manipulation to 'his thinking and ways'. And if you didn't abide, he would slur you. Then it became 'pick you up with one hand, and slap you with the other' mentality. Double-tongued in too many ways.

  3. no, my first post was on John shows support to obama where I clearly telegraphed this was going to be full of conflict.... because I knew where it was going...and that it could well be short lived.

    And secondly I stated John "can't" tell us what is really going on... not that he does not know.... but how many times has he stated it is a mess and phrases such as that indicating chaos? So carrying John around on your shoulders like he is showering you with enlightenment isn't even slightly evidenced thus far....

    That's not taking away from John.... He has been pretty honest about reporting the dinar/GS is a clusterF***

    As for things John knows that we don't.... He knows tons of stuff he is privy too that we aren't but even in private conversations he tells me he can't tell me so what you think you are getting in the dinar talk here I have no idea...

    Graham summed things up pretty well, John and I have been in disagreement for quite some time and I posted the bits of history to make my points... certainly that isn't what John would like now is it?

    So how can this site continue with that? It can't... I can start a new blog but the war between the UK and America cannot sustain a peace treaty when we do not agree about things...

    I don't mind continuing the type of stuff I am posting but the whole knight thing is a bit done don't you think?

    I am loyal to America and he is loyal to the UK and I don't see fixing that nor does he...

  4. I got an amusing email from John telling me about my "mood swings".... Lol.... my mood swings? Mr. Onagainoffagain...."you street urchins don't deserve the RV.... I am working to get you good people the RV.... all within a 12 hour span....

    I wake up to being called names for days and then he tells me how he is defending me....from who.... the other you....

    Even PVG said it about an ex-husband who isn't taking his medication...

    It's not a mood swing when someone returns an insult....

    Maybe bluebloods aren't used to that but....

    I like the John who is in his nice half of his mood swings.... But the other guy seems to be the one who works for the Royals....

    1. I like John very much and I understand that he is dealing with so much (and is so tired) that he voices his frustration in rants sometimes. He's tough-loving us, I get that...but some of it is so hard to take when we know that we are with knowledge but not with power.

      Yeah, I said that I felt like I was dealing with a bipolar husband who hadn't taken his meds. I said that in that manner, because I felt like I CARED and was in some sort of positive relationship with John but, frankly, there for awhile, felt really beat up. You feel more injured when it's a friend or intimate person in your life than with a stranger. So, yeah... even if he was tough-loving us, it actually made me CRY one day because it was more than I could bear to carry on my overly-burdened shoulders.

      I want John to come back. I knew that he had to be cryptic, but at least the morsels re the GS and RV were SOMETHING.

      I've been watching the British sitcom "Upstairs/Downstairs" and I'm not sure how the classes conduct themselves today, but shows like these to give you a glimpse of the class differences.

      Well, it only takes a small percentage of a society to make a large difference... can only pray for an awakening and empowerment of the requisite numbers and a turning of the tide. I would love to see America have a come-back. Like you, I love this country.

      American individuals, charities and religious groups have given so much of themselves and their resources all over the globe. Now, when America is in trouble... do you see a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other sect coming and helping our people? We have recognized when a bad regime was in power and helped boat people, etc. etc. etc. Where's our help? Who cares about our homeless and hungry? It's getting really bad here... I know homeless people myself. Never thought I'd see what I've seen even so far in good ole America.

    2. who made them homeless by blowing up their homes? Whether we qualify it as we blew up a bad guy it isn't what they think.

    3. PVG - Who decided we needed 'tough loved'?? No it was just plain unwarrented cruelty and arrogant spewing toward the dont-haves. And who is John to dish out any tough love to begin with. The truth is he was trying to force feed us

      Now as for all the giving that so many groups have given all over the globe - what Return have we ever seen from any of that?

      PVG I did some research on americans moving to europe and so far it sounds like a lot of red tape involved. For example cost of living seemed very high as far as housing at least; lots of mention of purchasing an apartment at a very high price, yet small quarters.
      Paper work in making the switch seems to take a long time.
      And if you should find yourself in a need of work, that too is limited in some places. For example of that, you cannot work in Greece at all unless you are of Greek heritage.

      In Romania, it takes about 2 years to get approval to buy any property and the red tape is like a maze. They are not real open to foreigners ownership.

      I also found mention in some countries that taxes were higher for foreigners, and possibly getting some of it returned after all the red tape of getting established.

      Made me tired just reading some of that, already, lol.
      So far doesnt seems as easy as it might sound. Some people have gotten blind sighted, made the move, and found out later all the unforeseen problems they got faced with.

      Didnt see any info on rental prices, or what you get for your money. And of course I have not yet done any thorough search.
      Just sayin'

    4. There are many central & south american countries that are extremely generous with US folks who buy property in their country.Residency is very easy, and you guys just would NOT believe how LOW the taxes are if you put your investment monies there. But, if you do not want to live there 6 months out of the year, and just want to park your investment money outside the US, you should research Belize for an offshore account.For instance, for $1M+ you can get the equivalent of a CD that pays 20% and their tax is way lower than in the US on those gains.They give you a debit card to access the dividends if you like, plus extend a very generous line of credit to boot!! And, if you incorporate, then that corporation is extended a line of credit much larger than the personal line of credit given on a $1M C.D. John got me researching when he mentioned his UK connected offshore havens, which suck, actually, compared to the others I just mentioned!!


  5. And of course John is welcome back any time...

    What part of psychological warfare do people fail to get? When someone is very much in that war he is being hit from all sides.... not just on the internet but real life.

    I reserve the right to adios at any time...

    1. actually Geno....that is one of the few rights you have

      Geno...I thought John would get upset over the dinar chatter...I didn't expect you to....but I see put a lot of effort and at possible risk to bring us articles of truth ...that pulls back the curtain show us the controllers....I have been at this a long time...I would say 65% of what you post I have already stumbled across...but maybe from a different go through the effort ...get it posted ....and the first comment says "hi everybody, what is going on in Dinarland today....I can understand this frustration...however...the reason how most of us got here is because we are "fringe" internet users...and right now the fringe of the internet is at a fever pitch beyond the likes I have ever seen about a possible reset/RV being do you expect us not to talk about throw in the fact that we have/had someone here that knows something about the reset/GS/RV that we feel we can trust...I understand where you are coming from Geno...but do you see where I am coming from...I may talk dinars and GS....but I also talk about Actors, individualism, Brit bashing a Yank, Zionists...and on and on....I am in this for the long haul...and if the reset happened tomorrow it wouldn't change that one iota.....

      Geno...I love ya brother....but take a step back....take a deep breath and reevaluate the "ass kissers" and "adoring fans" what you think of us...really?..what is next....ya gonna call us "useless eaters"

    2. Geno,
      I am going to take a stab at this... my hope is not to piss you off... my belief is that I probably will.

      I believe you don't have to convince any of us who are responding to this blog of what is happening out there. We all GET IT... our perception of what it looks like may be different [due to environment/ upbringing] but we all come together to this blog for one reason…. An understanding of the crimes against humanity.

      So, this brings me to two points:

      Point One: If we think about it, I believe, the original desire for going to the WhiteHat's site was for justice against humanity. We had already discovered the atrocities. The Whitehat's site gave us hope for a better tomorrow. Because we recognized [rightfully so] that we were up against some of the most wealthy individuals out there and who are we? We are nothing but dots on the map of the USA... small tiny blips... And while John encouraged us to organize, you can’t organize against these people without funding and some connections to the top. I know why 48 was not put out there… and it had nothing to do with the possibility of stopping the Reno payouts. Their ultimate goal was probable just that but there was more to it…

      And while your continued desire to point out to any newbie that might come along these atrocities are heroic and noble... it is not necessary for Hugh, Timbo, darylluke, PVG, Abby, Saturnalia, xplorer10, myself, [I know I have left some out].... we ALL get it!!! We got it over there at the WhiteHat’s site.

      So now this takes us to the GS and the RV and my second Point…

      Point Two: This is the one thing that gives us hope... that maybe we, the little guys, can be a part of the humanitarian efforts. We all had some ideas and thoughts as to what this looked like for our own states, families, etc. So John was able to give us insight into what was happening… whether this week was a possibility or not. It played into the hope we had for a possible tomorrow. I realized that John’s background is GS and his knowledge of the dinarian community was not as vast… but I also knew that the GS were needed in order to make the RV successful. So was I interested in the GS? You bet!

      Bottom line is this: The Iraqi’s have to have a tradable currency in order to be a part of the global economy. Even Christine LaGarde stated that Iraq had a strong dinar…. [At this time the IQD is 1 mil IQD to $1,000.00 usd… how does this constitute a strong dinar, when their neighbor Kuwait’s dinar sits at approx. $3.51 usd to 1 dinar. Iraq’s potential far outweighs Kuwaits.]

      “It was a pleasure to meet Prime Minister Al-Maliki today. Over the past several years, Iraq and the International Monetary Fund have engaged in a very successful partnership, anchored by successive IMF-supported economic programs. This partnership has facilitated substantial debt relief and helped achieve macroeconomic stability, including a strong dinar, low inflation, and a resumption of economic growth, in a very challenging political and security environment….”

      The above information is a small part of what is available in the dinarian communities, you have to only look for it. But the facts outweigh the guesses. So, the RV will have to happen. The question is will the little people be left out. My understanding is no. But I do know that the GS are a large part of this picture. John has insight into this. I believe this is why there was much need and desire to have John’s Post.

      My question to you is why not have both?… Geno posting the atrocities to the world and John responding to the GS…. It is a large world and we all need to get along… JMHO and I speak only for myself and no one else on this site.

      Get Real

    3. Oh yeah... Canauzzie... I knew I left someone out... sorry ;)

    4. Geno....

      my focus has always been the GS...the GS are funding atrocities around the globe....which were not their original ya...I want the GS in someone elses hands.....will they go to another collective bet...what would you suppose we do with them....

      like I said...I would like to evolve....not rip the band aid would cause the least amount of suffering in the world...what would you suggest Geno....anarchy....I want what you want....I just believe we must evolve to that...

      and stop generalizing us...we all see this from different perspectives...and don't even begin to try to tell me who i am and what i believe....cause you obviously have no idea...if I could end the suffering in Iraq by giving back my Dinar...I would fly to Iraq at my own cost and gladly give it back and ask nothing in return....

      I believe John and other philosophically like him deserve a crack at the GS....and in 5 years we don't see significant change.....change the guard again...once the worlds wealth is returned to the benefit of the people...insted of us all fighting for scraps....I think you would see us evolve towards something of your liking Geno...but with the GS being used like they are now....we have no hope at all.....

    5. We were told GS will fund dinar by the people who want the GS in their hands and I was privy to inside statements regarding it that makes me see little difference in people seeking control of large amounts of money and have stated many times as carefully as possible these are syndicates at war for power and the reason Cheney and company went into Iraq was to control the petro dollar to keep America dominant and not a third world nation....

      So dinar can indeed be revalued without GS... It is a perpetuation of the petro dollar and a nickle gas tx will pay for it....

      So the Cheney/Bush guys are vilified and probably truth to the horror stories we hear but what about the horror stories we hear about the other syndicates?

      What makes you think those professing no faith in Christianity and super computer nanotechnology is not exactly what it sounds like and will be the One World defeating the one country that stands in their way....

      A country also engaged in Satanic behaviors... Satan versus Lucifer... Good cop and bad cop....

      and in regard to no hope at all, you are wrong.... I am fighting for the grand wakeup of decent citizens who reject Lucifer and Satan both... and all the other black market operatives engaged in murder monopoly....

    6. you are assuming that if the GS change hands....that it will be business as usual...that maybe...but without giving it a chance....we will never know.....i don't and never have feared is worth a shot...

      we need to evolve....plain and simple...i believe this is a evolutionary step in the right it the lesser of two evils i like to choose between the lesser of two evils ...NO....but i don't see any other way at present to bring to fruition the world i would like to see....

      sitting in a corner being a pessimist....fearing easy...trying to change things again and again til ya get it right takes far more of these two acts.....which one would you rather be or follow....

    7. maybe you missed this

      and in regard to no hope at all, you are wrong.... I am fighting for the grand wakeup of decent citizens who reject Lucifer and Satan both... and all the other black market operatives engaged in murder monopoly....

      and you talk of the lesser of two evils...ummm...that would be good cop Lucifer....

      and who is sitting in the corner as a pessimist.... the guy actively engaging both Lucifer and Satan and trying to elevate the common decent man to accept neither?

      Please, your philosophy or rationale is not working... especially on me...

    8. what you say here is almost verbatim to what the OPPT is saying... not that I am saying you are in their camp...

      so do you propose anarchy....

    9. I have been preaching this for a decade, maybe they got it from me...

      I fail to see the issue... Satan and Lucifer... badder and bad...

      This is my choice or it's anarchy?

      Our founders tried very hard to set up a system to check and balance the outer influences of that insanity but the old world agenda of a one world masonic control grid of Luciferian dictatorship exploited loopholes and destroyed a great attempt...

      I choose full cognizance of insidious deceptive psychologies cast into light so no one can ever be conned by their tactics again and that is achieved through a huge knowledge base that I can scratch the surface on and we as many can attempt to sort out but the problem will be subversive agents, people who do not get it and distraction, complacency and apathy....

      A label like anarchy on free principles is rather sneaky but par for the course... how do we keep government from ruling with sneaky self serving control...see above... LIGHT....

      Keeping their function.... SMALL... allowing free enterprise to really be FREE... and no monopolies on anything from oil to trading to printing money and what form money is to be....

      Identifying the who is always at the end of the "who benefits" who has declared the end justifies the means, that they are superior and chosen and everyone else lesser and deception is perfectly okay to fool cattle and lead them to slaughter?

      And who sits behind that extending rope for the hanging while waiting to take his bow as the one world answer to all suffering?

  6. If it isn't the articles I post that bring you here but trying to chum up to world finance... get insider info... then it is apparent to me by what you offer in the way of comments to the subject matter... I am so sick of the dinar I could puke.... It will happen when it happens.... running around the net reposting speculation is childish and a true sign of not learning from years of the same insanity which of course defines insanity....

    The Zionists are the one's that DO NOT want the Christians and Muslims to have prosperity... They run everything.... every time the RV is supposed to happen.... things blow up....

    And just because we supposedly indentify AN ENEMY... Zionist... Bush.... Satanist.... Evil Ant people from outer space... does not mean we don't have plenty of other enemies waiting to slide into that vacated space and why I continue to call out how the same behaviors beget the same results...

    When I wake up to insults either in my email or blog from a worldwide audience I might not always handle it like a robot. And a street fight can be ugly.

    1. think happy thoughts Geno....remind yourself of those who respect you and appreciate what you do...that should be your focus....

    2. The last happy thought was somewhere is Dinnyworld... 1972 I think....

  7. The Zionists are the one's that DO NOT want the Christians and Muslims to have prosperity... They run everything.

    I totally agree with you, Geno. I would also include the fact that there are some Jews who are lost in synagogue Judaism, but are not Satanists like the Political Zionists. Just like you and I were caught up in Catholicism and got out, I pray that one day these who don't have the same Satanic evil intent (but are deluded). But they will have to forsake the Babylonian practices and Talmud. Judaism today does not resemble the Torah and Old Testament and should be abandoned.

    Also, the Christian Zionists have to get right as well. Even the Bible points out to the fact that there will be a remnant of righteous LIVING in Jerusalem, but that Jerusalem will still be judged... and calls Jerusalem's decadence and character:

    "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." Revelation 11:8

    Sodom and Egypt were odious to the Hebrews.

    I have not disagreed with you that there is a group of Satanic, Zionist Jews running the show. All the contrary.

    1. ...."there is a group of Satanic, Zionist Jews running the show"

      At least we can all agree on that salient point!

    2. Ever since the Jews invented Nazi-ism (and they did) ALL jews are zionists... and i will contend they are all Nazis too. That is why we see in all the hollow cost films (and those are legion) jews in the ghettos, interning other jews. Those were the zionist jews forcing the jews who didn't want to go along with the programme to comply. Resistance is futile.

      Abraham was pimping out his whore wife Sarah. The entire old testacle is brain damage and dementia on parade. Inbreeding, murder, rape, pillage and every other inhuman act condoned by a schizophrenic sociopahtic nepotistic and demented demon. Jehovah is the demon... jews are the minions... their reward for doing the will of their god is monetary... the word of their lord is money. Amen.

    3. 99.9% will have no idea what you are talking about but let me back you....

      The Khazar King called up Rabbis to convert from Paganism to Judaism.... they were ruthless mercenaries who engaged in phallic worship who eventually controlled all trade routes and USURY that helped them establish power through banking and FRANKFURT Germany... where the counting houses and families first started planning total control.... invented psycholgies to herd humanity and the invention of MONSTERS like HITLER was how they achieved their grand scam.... so yes.... they were The Nazis and still are...

  8. Here you go Abby...there is a part 2....

    1. Geno -Thanks. Much of what Ive read in the past, here and there. Great article. Everyone needs to read it. But I dont see Part 2. Wharizit?

    2. Geno,

      This is powerful stuff man!!

      Btw......"I revoke your right to bail out of this blog!" ~darylluke.

    3. Daryl just so you know your appeal to some female lurkers has been related to me privately.... they love your boyish honesty and enthusiasm.

  9. okay... I am just getting on here from a long week of working to find a new backdrop. In reading each of your post, I wanted to laugh out loud because I had this sense I was in a seinfeld sitcom... We were all sitting around commiserating over the loss of someone...

    Geno... you just keep plugging along... so I have to hand it to you with kudos for keeping it going...

    Could someone fill me in on exactly why John left or what actually happened? Was he tired of the muck, did he have a falling out with someone or were we tired of the brit? or was it all of the above. Just would like some closure...

    Get Real

    1. John's a superstar, he will choose his own timing...he wants me to apologize and all I can say is maybe over a beer....cold....

  10. Get Real,

    Geno has not adressed this question directly. I don't know the answer & will not speculate. We have two alpha males, Geno & John and they seems to have a running battle all along, on & off. Just seemed to have climaxed with a BANG, privately!


  11. that sounds

    1. Not intended....It is just what I wrote....NO pun intended Geno.

      I'm too dumb to come up with something that clever.


  12. Sorry, but I don't find anything funny about 'gay'. In fact its despicable. Stash it back in the closet where it belongs.
    Just sayin'

    1. It struck me as funny after a night of drinking with Pal's at the bar... and as always... I defer to your expertise in what is despicable... ;)

      I will say this... The homosexual act is a huge weapon in the blackmail game....

    2. I believe the push toward the homosexuality is a huge goal for the PTB...

      Through the disease alone ... it is a death sentence, it isolates the individual which is another death sentence... you bankrupt the individual in trying to get monies to pay for healthcare, they ultimately lose their job due to inability to keep up at work, another death sentence... While I agree we have come a long way in treating Aids, there is still a huge stigma attached to anyone having the disease.

      The other aspect is lack of procreation... and in the world of the PTB we are already over-populated.

      So we are killing people off with Aids and we no longer producing more babies.

      That is a start in the movement to decrease the size of our populace.

      Get Real

    3. what ADULTS their own privacy....that does not harm any other none of my is far too short to worry what other people think....

      do i want it flaunted in my face ...NO...much like i don't want heterosexuality flaunted in my face either....

      so they both should be in the closet.....

    4. canauzzie,
      I am with you on personal prefaces... I choose my own sexual orientation and you are welcome to choose yours.

      All I am reporting is this is a part of their agenda and recognized as a way to breakdown the conservative family structure, the likelihood of procreation is decreased and the risk of acquiring HIV/aids (disease) is increased.

      If these statistics are to be believed see below.


      By risk group, gay, bisexual, and other MSM of all races remain the population most severely affected by HIV.

      MSM accounted for 61% of all new HIV infections in the U.S. in 2009, as well as nearly half (49%) of people living with HIV in 2008 (the most recent year national prevalence data is available).

      CDC estimates that MSM account for just 2% of the U.S. male population aged 13 and older, but accounted for more than 50% of all new HIV infections annually from 2006 to 2009. In 2010, MSM accounted for 61% of HIV diagnoses.

      In 2009, white MSM accounted for the largest number of annual new HIV infections of any group in the U.S. (11,400), followed closely by black MSM (10,800).

      Young, black MSM were the only risk group in the U.S. to experience statistically significant increases in new HIV infections from 2006–2009—from 4,400 new HIV infections in 2006 to 6,500 infections in 2009.

      Get Real

    5. and how do we know this isn't a bio weapon attack on blacks that came through vaccines that were given to the black clinics?

  13. Even an inkling of homo acts being acceptable, does affect us all.
    Unless the brain matter is not working.
    If people are so demented that they wanna act like dogs, then they should be expected to be treated as such.

  14. John,

    I got an email tonight from a woman in Greece. She stated her husband was talking with a customer of his who is Iraqi-born.The man told her husband(8 hrs ago) that it was announced on TV in Iraq that the people of Iraq now have a strong INTERNATIONAL currency worth $1.00USD per 1.00IQD starting Monday morning there.

    Any word from Tman in Reno? Anything else you can relate here for us re: GS/RV?
    Rumored rates a la various gurus in Dinarland:
    IQD = $1.00-$11.18
    VND = $.24 - $3.51

    Thanks for coming back, John!!


    1. Watch each day this week and hope! Interruptions started again this morning via Zurich when a Masonic Lodge tried organizing delays to stop the transfers to London. We let the Pit Bulls loose. Ignore all rate speculation until we tell you exactly what it is. We don't yet know, nor does anyone yet and Blogs are not helping you spouting BS.
      But Yes, a huge push IS on again this week. I talked EACH day over the week end with the GS parties and all latest contracts have been issued ready.
      You are NOT being left adrift.
      Extra Info- NO I am NOT stressed by any site comments or parties, God knows I encourage the debates and views to push the boundaries. My stepping back was just a Diplomatic issue with Geno which helped no one and needed a cooling off period. If we want key support we don't P off the real PTB by the wrong labels. Influence has to be earned and goodwill kept.
      No one in Reno has been paid, but all parties hope again this week as with the GS. You will get the facts once it is known. Ignore the rumors please. And put the F U back in rumours! lol.

  15. Influence is earned by the PTB who have created this mess of a world... In other words don't say anything they may not like so your wants and desires may get a look see ....

    Our problem John, You and I.... Is I now see you as THEM.... And the reason is this high yield trading program....

    It's like owning the sun....

    You claim to want to do so much good but you prove what you think is good by thinking nanotechnology and singularity is good....

    For those of us who have studied this it is Luciferianism... Man as God....

    You loathe Christianity.... and is it any of our faults that it is a lie also when we were brainwashed with it by the slick planners who lied their way to dominance with religion, scripted war, media, secret societies and owning the right to print money and buying all weaponry to keep the peasants down....

    I wish I could pretend I don't see it but I do.

  16. I don't loath Christianity at all Geno. Just the perverse use of it based on lies from the Vatican out. Including mindless Jehova's who let a child die for want of a blood transfusion. Crass stupidity is what I LOATH. The Vatican's Inquisition. Church pedophiles! Religious tithes. All the crap caused by all their lies and fraud. Who are STILL the major Landowners today? While peasants starve.
    I just don't take all too often moronic Bible Bashers quoting crap. Cant they think for themselves yet? Seems not. 2,000 years of ignorance has got us what?

  17. Thank you John for the update on GS/RV, etc.... WELCOME BACK to the castle!!


    I disagree with 100% of the quotes. These beings are all insane. "UNFIT", as you say, John.