Sunday, April 21, 2013

The House of Saud and Fraud....

"Revolution" - a revolving, from Latin "revolutus"

Craft paramilitary operator from House of Saud?
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  1. note that Israel used their front company Saudi Arabia in 911 and they are the leaders in world currency revaluation prevention.... every time it is close.... they blow something up....

    Abby, ask the question again...maybe this time it will stick....

    "why can't these people be arrested?"

    well Dear Abby....

    The answer is the elite doesn't want to stop this runaway nightmare because their end game is massive death....

    I am still looking for....
    a few real men and women to be all that they can be....

    Guys like this Jock Doubleday is honing in on reality where all these other truth gurus seem to be confusing matters and I....

    quite foolishly probably should not have posted some of it...

    My mind sees it as showing fraud but most minds do not want to particpate in solving the crime they want the crime to be solved and before the next set of commercials....


    Where's your backpack Bro and why do these complexions wind up blatantly in front of cameras?

    And what kind of an idiot like me should want to identify large piles of explosive manure?

    Well.... this idiot... because I'm too broke to do anything else....

    1. Geno,

      No.That is not it.It is not because you are broke. It is because as Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom is just another word for NOTHING left to lose!". Yet , all Americans fail to see how much they have lost already believing MSM talking head lying whores that everything is fine, or things aren't so bad. Martial Law is unfolding and they don't even see it coming. It has arrived already in Seattle, Boston, ALL airports. How many terrorists have TSA caught spending how much every year? NONE. And, there is no response from the fascists to the public outcry against all the gross violations against private citizens daily everywhere. They just keep rolling on with their plans. The US Constitution is dead, but nobody announced that funeral date. 9-11-2001 it drew it last dying breath. 30% of Americans are unemployed. EVERYONE truly has nothing left to lose, but just don't see it.



      And, does any THINKING person believe once they "catch the crooks" all these goose-stepping minions,clones of vermin, will simply pack up and leave?

      it really, REALLY is pretty late in the game....I doubt an RV & GS release is going to help at all....The enemies of humanity seem to already have WON.


    3. Darylluke
      I read. I hear. Take your Dinars and leave.I agree, for most Americans it IS too late. Tri Laterals policies are clear. Disposal! So go. Find a way. The Dream IS over. Only when the so called Elites find it imploding will they want you all back. Apart from Abby. Jesus is coming in a Batmobile for her. Agreed, it's real and it's here. So- cash and Go!

  2. and once again, please forgive me for sweeping some of you up into something that didn't include you.... But please punch in with your analytic capabilities...

  3. Geno this is right on target. And there are images of his colleague being together before the first detonation. And his colleague is walking in a calculated manner on the street right after the blast just like "the classic killer profile" who has to witness what he has just done taking it all in. He has a backlit screen device about 15"x4"x3" inches looking either like radio detonator, radiation/Geiger meter or C2[Command & Control] device for the operation.

    I bet the guys they are pinning this on were the patsies who had agreed to bomb the JFK library but then chickened out.

    1. horrifying if that is true.... the poor dumb kids...

      In my early years of truthing fed agents would sit next to me at a bar and bring up the subject of weapons and bombs and I would just make wise cracks about my secret plans to water balloon congress....

      but if they were real patsies suckered in in a similar way.... I feel their terror...

      I'm rather hoping it's just actors and fake people killed....

    2. Timbo,

      I really don't think anybody chickened out in the JFK library bombing(confirmed by the police chief and officers on the scene). I believe what happened was that the patsies who were going to get scape-goated for that one had figured it out, and were MIA and not where they were assigned to be.


  4. The stakes are being raised. If they pull this off China or N. Korea will most likely be blamed justifying a response that will take the free falling economy off the front page and filling the pockets of war profiteers yet again. They must be exposed.

    Why in the hell would they create this facebook page? My guess is that FEMA has a drill already scheduled in the area.

    1. yes when we try to apply logic that is when we truly wonder what the end game is....


      so we have actors and fake events to scare most of the masses who believe Bruce Willis is a real cop....

      the rest of us we eventually just curl up in a fetal position and drool away our final days?

  5. How about some ....

    how depressed are you?


    I'm so depressed I went to make a sandwich and only got as far as the mayonaisse?

    I am so depressed my life left me for a pessimist....

    I am so depressed my dog greets me at the door with my medication....

    I am so depressed the mailman tells me no mail again today....

    I am so depressed manegy cat gave me one of her lives....

    1. what's funnier...wife left me or life left me for a pessimist?

    2. life was a typo but somehow seemed funny also....


    and is this real?

  7. How about faked it jokes?

    After 40 years with the Bureau they faked me a party....

    I married an Israeli and she not only fakes her orgasms but turns out she is a camel.....

    I used to believe in fake it til you make it and then I made it so I am faking a meth addiction so I can later fake a come back....

    1. I owed the IRS 50 grand so I faked my own death and my son called me and asked to borrow 50 grand to pay the taxes I left in my passing...

    2. I wanted to blow up Washington DC and an FBI agent said he could help me write the screenplay....

    3. I tried the fake stick toss on my dog and he outed me all over facebook....

  8. Off topic I know, but I have a question: Always rumblings of our dollar collapsing as well as talk of martial law. We know this COULD happen at any time. So question the fiat dollar being done away with, or not...and a new treasury note replacing it...or not? We gotta know.
    Another big question is how can any of us know any money is safe in any bank, without being stolen, as has been threatened and talked about.
    I'm not all involved in this, but these questions have not been addressed in here, and should be, as I think they are pertinent.

  9. This blog moves so fast, I didn't want John nor Geno to miss this post I made 2 articles back:


    daryllukeApril 21, 2013 at 8:05 PM


    I LOVE this : "I am anti-asshole!". Genocide always was the end-game as Geno has stated. Now John, perhaps some day you will be willing to admit the list of assholes who support that plank is a helluva a lot longer than you currently believe. It is possible, and highly probable as Geno has tried to point out to you via all his prolific documented evidence here. It is extremely problematic to me that you refuse to believe certain points Geno makes with supporting evidence here & on his own blog. He is justifiably livid that you refuse to consider certain of his points to the level of mocking him. It is counter-productive. Besides, I DO NOT WANT THIS BLOG TO DISAPPEAR IN A PUFF OF SMOKE. Perhaps you both can agree to disagree? We are in this together against all the assholes of the world, aren't we?


    1. Yes I saw it and greatly appreciate the back up. There are many ways my style for lack of a better word serves a purpose. Homelessness and street fights are not new to me, after 52 years I take it in stride as a natural repercussion of pissing people off... I don't like it but I am like a grunt living in the mud waiting for the enemy to show themselves.

      I am also and probably more importantly a decoy.... That is why I hope people out there are running with the ball while I create diversions....

      As for the blog disappearing it will only happen if I really lose my temper which is always possible but I'd rather not. I usually regret getting angry. I also recognize this blog has had immediate power... a good cast of characters and John and I in a scuffle may be part of the draw. Conflict in the centerpiece of all entertainment... even though we get hand wringers who declare their aversion to conflict, most people like it.... Frankly, if I didn't attempt to stick my fangs into what I believe to be the lies that enslave us all, then the blog may as well be a PR commercial for the Status Quo... and all of you snapping at the parts of the story that you feel deserve your teeth or minds, and in your way.... also contributes to its success thus far....

      I said it before--- I swept up people into a generalization last night....about the ass kissing.... but I cringe when I see it.... but let me say this...

      A while back I tried to sincerely convey a moment that sticks out in my mind with Tman. We were having lunch in Chicago and he was relating a story about how he told his girlfriend why he was helping me with a legal problem.... she didn't understand why someone would help someone in this situation and he got this sheepish look on his face and out of the corner of his mouth, looking away from her said, "because it's Geno."

      That is once upon a time a couple years ago when I was loved for being funny and not known for acerbic caustic cutting analysis... That side of me came more into play as I started to see many people in this blogosphere were trolls and that really made me angry.... that I didn't know who was on the government pay roll and playing me.

      But getting back to the way Tman told that story to me, it was very funny and sincere and that is why I wish I could be loyal to him but sadly i cannot be loyal to him and be loyal to myself and how I see the truthing effort...

      Over time it became necessary to be critical and remove my videos from their effort because I felt the videos no longer represented an accurate depiction of what was really happening and that was my voice and images on that stuff.

      So when I tried to convey that story it sounded like ass kissing when really it was sincere as I can be. I owe Tman a huge favor and somewhere along the line I hope to be able to pay him back but it has to be within the parameters I see as the right thing....

      John and I are a very strange phenomena from my perspective. I have no idea why he chose to talk to me privately or chooses to endure our rocky relationship.... what if anything he gets out of it. And I can always take or leave anything with very little sense of loss.... another story altogether about my childhood.... But I pride myself on the don't bullshit a bullshitter thing.... My wit.... My ability to argue almost anything... I should have been a lawyer.

      So there are certain things that push my buttons and one is blaming we the victims for the shit sandwich we are supposed to be happy to devour and John seems to think he has the right to force feed that sandwich to us.... We will continue to go at it if that is the case.

      I am confident I will win that argument for the people I am arguing in behalf of.... and for those who like to blame the victims and get off on scapegoating.... I have no desire to play on your team anyway....

      Our roles are defined.

    2. Darylluke,
      The list of assholes who exist on this planet are longer than I like to believe. From Parasitic scum in Politics, Banking and the Cabal, to the mindlessly stupid backward species, who rally ARE Useless Eaters. I respect, and do care for the poor and disadvantaged. Throwing a bone just has them back the next day. Then your a hero. Fail to give them a bone the next day, they attack you. You learn. Don't feed the dogs.
      I don't blame the Victims, but encourage them to hang in and find a way out. Too many roll on their arses and whine as victims. There are always ways out, moving as herd creatures to where work and food is, is one. For the species who really do want to sit on their arses and be fed, let their God sort them out. I see all sides views. But I also do know the mind sets of the Social Welfare pool. The HARD FACT is that the US Policy IS to deal with their Useless Eaters. How? I never claimed to agree.I just raised it. But cross breeding more on Welfare in the Ghettos is no answer. That just creates more Ghettos. America has not planned for the scale and speed of change coming. Interesting to see the Lock downs isn't it? After that, they will take out the ones they chose. Doing nothing just accelerates the end game. Post GS we will focus help. Real action, real care. But even then, hard choices will have to be made.

    3. Yes you know what those hard choices are already don't you?

    4. No John, there are not ''always ways out''. We live in a society where they have rules, regulations, gotta qualify, gotta join up, gotta be a member of some organization, gotta get thru 3 long gruesome interviews, just to be told 'the position has now been filled' etc etc etc

      I've even heard now it takes at least 2 years to get to your case if you've signed up for Disability no matter how disabled you are. We have people who have been arrested on bogus charges and because of that, they cannot get a job, which doesnt even exist. You forget we have a true unemployment rate of around 25%, same as in the Depression.
      Unemployment offices don't even have any jobs, and the few they do get in, are immediately filled by few, while the rest wait for their phone to ring. Company's are just not doing much hiring. So just keep on telling people 'if they don't work to get any money, they should be thrown away as useless eaters'.
      I myself do not fit into these circumstances, but that does not mean I don't understand them, or know what is going on with a great number of our population, in reality.

      Our school systems are full of inept teachers who obviously have not even taught people how to speak properly, nor to even spell simple words. What are they fit to do then?

      Today is a dog eat dog world requiring a ton of effort and stamina to fight your way to being able to sustain yourself. And then to be stolen from thru taxes and high prices and never get to enjoy the fruits of all that labor. Its even a fight thru traffic or bus transportation to get TO a job. And for what? That measly $10 an hour gross income, that leaves you broke at the end of the week? Round and round on a merry go round for nothing but a roof over your head and some kind of cheap food on the table? Where is the incentive to do all this battle to merely exist, anyhow. So how can we expect people to go to all that effort.
      And dont forget we have at least 50% of college grads with good grades unemployed because then the excuse is 'you don't have any experience and we only hire the experienced'. What kind of a merry go round is that?

      Welcome to the real world, John. Now keep on hitting on the 'useless eaters'. They are the ones living in the ghettos, with their 'whats the hell is the use' attitudes.

  10. ...and, we must do the best we can with what few crumbs(IQD/VND RV) fall from the grand banquet table, which John and the rest feast at. Myself, I will be directly assisting 17 people whose lives have been shattered because of this Depression, once the crumbs fall, and will be ever grateful to John, Tman, Palladin & all the rest of the WH's for that!! Thanks for that idea about funding the food pantry that fed you when you needed that, Geno....You keep leading with your chin with John. Jeez!! Call you Iron-Jaw-Geno now!! ;-)


    1. A lot of amusing, self flagellation portrayed. I simply comment on the facts, and try to keep it real. Truth, justice, reality? If the Blog is to be treated as credible, facts help.
      Geno asks, why do I support it as theres nothing in it for me. Correct. Apart from wanting a community to recognize its own flaws, problems and collective responsibilities to organize and enforce change. Without organization, you will lose, and you WILL pass into the night. Hand wringing and whining gets nowhere. Respect and credibility is what gets attention. So, where I, and others can help you all, we do by contributing opinions, information and valid overviews.
      Once the GS are released,our need to ensure the vast profits we then create are used effectively can be strengthened by heeding the many opinions you all contributed when we asked the group before, as a Collective to contribute. From this seed corn of mixed variations of entities,can come the change Society needs, for the better.
      The ONLY real abuse of America, its ideals and direction, came from within. The Constitution was abandoned by corrupt American Texan and Zionist owned or bribed Politicos within.The systematic Banking fraud, primarily is from Wall Street. I have asked with clear vision and Focus,why the Fed and Treasury are totally Jewish/Zionist. That is a savage abuse of power and carnal corruption of the freedom America needs. I have challenged the systematic rot which has effected American Politics,and which is now reaching its end game. Who else has challenged the FEMA realities? I KNOW it all starts, and ends with money. If we do not incorporate a return to compassion, ethics and Human consciousness, so will you. All of you. It's a world of all of us together. A planet we are poisoning and changing so fast. Children are being brought into a Western Society unfit for purpose.
      Yes, at the Global Political Leadership level, nobody cares. Fat cats abound, with Bankster buddies calling the shots. Finding Bankers with a conscience will be a start. We are fragging ours and breaking them up. You keep bailing Goldman's, which is akin to force feeding your children Heroin and then wondering why they are of off their heads. We sacked Bob Diamond at Barclay's. Fred Goodwin at RBS lost his Knighthood and is reviled. Now we are going after his Pension ans suing him and the Old Board for dereliction of Duty. The US just takes it. Do we try to help change, or stand aside and let it sink? Doing nothing is easy. But, what sort of world will it be to let you implode? Its not the people, but the CRAP at the top who are the problem. The Gut ROTTEN system of getting their lick, permeates through. Rats scavenging for a free lunch and lick is what its end game will be. America is BANKRUPT, BEYOND INFINITY. START FROM THERE. Sadly, morally also at the top. We look, we see. Yet Americans live in a Bubble under a False Flag which deludes the masses. Mohammed Ali coined Rope a Dope. But Bush and the Zionists ring fenced 300M of them it seems. So, if real allies can help inspire debate for change, that comes with our consciousness. We look, we see, we try.

  11. Geno,

    This is what I was referring to when I mentioned Seattle being under martial law right now:


  12. One of the things that MUST GO is our Admirality unconstitutional court system. They rule using their own man made Statutes.
    which are NOT LAW at all, and thus are stealing peoples hard earned money. Statutes are not Law and most all of them VIOLATE the Constitution.

    Today, they laugh at the Constitution in the court system. They laugh at Common Law, which is the real Law. And lawyers are playing along with the court system so the judges wont get mad at them, since they must practice law in front of them in the future.

    This is a dirty little stinking BAD game that is going on, and ties the hands of the People getting a fair shake, tho they speak of 'you are entitled to a fair trial'.....bullschitt !
    These words are used as a mind game; no Admirality law is Fair at all.

    What is needed BADLY is an Organization of Defenders who will do battle for the Accused, who are Non-Lawyers, but will act similarly on behalf of the Accused.

    As this takes hold like fire across our country, ONLY THEN will this sell-people-down-the-river System begin to FALL by the wayside.

    Only then will Officers curtail their stupidity of their rope-a-dope game.

    People are rolling over in the court system simply because they cannot afford attorneys, and I'm sure the Public Defenders Office who gives people a free attorney, are probably getting their Accused to plea to some lesser charges which they are not guilty of.

    Its a bigger mess than the average person knows
    because many have never been to court, so are blind to this railroading.