Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Testimony of a Person Who Works With Explosives

This just in....April 19

Also if anyone has knowledge of explosives (I happen to since I worked with Hydrogen for so long) you know the difference between a Hollywood explosion and a real world one. Hollywood explosions are designed to LOOK like they are powerful, when realworld explosions DO NOT. For example: Hollywood you will see a fireball and smoke. REAL WORLD you do not. The force of a real world explosion is PERCUSSIVE meaning the explosion moves so rapidly that fire does not have a chance to burn anything an if there was fire would be blown out by the shock wave.

Now depending on the type of explosive used there are different characteristics to look for. With a Fertilizer bomb you have TWO explosions. First is the detonator that is designed to atomize the fuel particles as the fuel, as it spreads then the second is times to ignite that cloud. THOSE TYPE OF BOMBS are very weak, but will produce a fire ball. In hollywood they will use propane to create the fire ball. But a Fert bomb is very difficult to pull off and takes a high level of skill to accomplish.

A hydrogen bomb is a sharp crack sound (a high pitch like snap like sound) ANY hydrogen oxygen ignition is SOOOOO percussive that even the smallest one has potential to take your ear drums out or cause permanent damage. With a Hydrogen Oxy bomb you get NO flame because it burns in the infrared spectrum and is invisible to you. YOU WILL SEE A SHOCK WAVE that is very fast (on the par of 40,000ft/sec A massive force to be dealt with but fortunately the blast will tend to go upward and not along the ground.

A TNT explosive is a loud thunder sound with low ground shaking vibrations. A good size destructive force with telltale signs of detonation and particular smell. Gunpowder not as good unless you detonate it in a container.

BUT my point being that is you see fire and smoke coming out of the explosion (which we do in this case) you can rest assured that it is a Hollywood FX team behind it. AND the use of green screen protects the actors from having their ears damaged. IF THIS WERE REAL YOU WOULD HAVE MANY PEOPLE with permanent hearing loss if not completely deaf.

Those who educate themselves, and practice critical thinking will always prevail in any of these BS made for TV events.
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  • Ed Chiarini If you recall the gulf war, you might remember there was a large bomb dropped on the city then they stopped for an hour (whether or not it was real I dont know) but their actions were very telling with that first strike. My knowledge in the field of Oil and Gas exploration gives me a little help in figuring out what they were doing. Back before they had digital GEO cubes. a 1x1x1 mile digital representation of the earth and its contents they would take a ream of computer paper. and print out the data on it then take that print out into a small cube room and wrap the walls with it. Then they would take string and thumb tacks and plot out from wall to wall the directions of the minerals deposits. Very crude way and this was VERY inefficient and cause them to pay massive bucks for all the missed/dry holes they dug. 

    As technology advanced so did their ability to accurately look into the earth. They then started to use Landmark Graphics platforms (where I worked which was owned by Halliburton) if you were a Halliburton associated firm you used Landmark all others used Schlumberger our competition. LGC (Landmark Graphic Corporation) developed the first EarthCube. In order to create that earth cube they had to shake the ground and those vibrations are picked up with sensors that they place in the ground a certain positions. The data gathered per the vibration was then computed in a graphical model showing all the veins of minerals and pockets of gas etc. Remember each item will resonate at different frequencies so you can tell what is gold, oil, natural gas, dirt etc. 

    So when they dropped the MOAB bomb then stopped for an hour. In my opinion they were shaking the ground to map it out to see if they had any underground bunkers.
  • Ed Chiarini IF you do be careful, because they will watch you and give you a hard time. While I was in Arizona at the Giffords Safeway i watched several people hassled by police for taking photos. So I had to palm my camera and kept it at my side to get the photos of the cameras that were above the event and all over the store that would have seen the entire thing. So just FYI make sure you dont have any warrants or what not or you will get your ID run and you take on in.

    But if you are successful then send the photos to me and make sure they are not compressed at all and still contain the meta information that is generated with the photo. Ill post them on wellaware and give you full credit if you're willing to deal with the attackers. hehehe

    Boston bombing updates -

    There is an excellent thread about this in the Forum
    I present the following for you to consider, though upon seeing more photos and posting the testimony at the top of this page I can't decide what is going on here.
    It really looks like at least one actor was used in Boston
    Notice that mister Vogt lost his legs entirely in Afghanistan in 2011. He appears to be one of the victims, and if so, where did he get that leg that is sticking out, stripped to the bone? This does not wash with me, that leg has GOT to be a prop.
    This having been said, the photos DEFINITELY look real to me. Why Vogt was there with his little prop is beyond me. I really think there were people hurt for real. And since we have TONS of pictures of this "crime scene" and none from Aurora or Sandy Hook, it is OBVIOUS they are not afraid to show us carnage when they actually do it. I think this was real, and they are PROVING IT this time.
    I just have to wonder about that Marine picture though . . . . . . .


  1. what we are dealing with is psychological warfare...plausible deniability woven in and most media people are agents all with their role to confuse...

    It is your brain you are responsible for... if every time these things happen you don't become emotional and run with the official story, that is less power for THEM...

  2. @Geno

    All the worlds' a stage...continued...

    Someone put this video on a forum. Remember that MSM can create things live now. It seems the video below shows some type of images being created/erased. It is very odd.


  3. We should not let ourselves get distracted with this incidence.
    Let Boston handle it; nothing we can do to help anyone.

  4. "There are many outlets for Silver, and go up to Canada if need be for bars and coins. Check the net." -John

    I'll look but I'm not so sure John that any silver, at least without a monster premium attached, will be had by anyone by the time we see RV.

    "The pricing structure” will now push any and all physical sellers away from the markets and the “door” to safety is effectively being shut. Either you own metal or you don’t."


    1. Franklin Sanders of the Moneychangers said that he couldn't believe how thin the market was for PM's. Wholesalers literally had none to sell.

  5. Worthy of a read:

    Members of royalty, PhD’s, lawyers, squires and bankers, “Titles of Nobility,” have left an historic wake of deceit, destruction and corruption behind them on this planet and I would like to believe that it was the majority intent of the Founding Fathers and the first federal convention, to shield America from those proven elements of destruction and corruption. In so doing they proposed and ratified several amendments, one being Article XIII or the 13th Amendment, specifically designed to bar candidates who held such “Titles of Nobility,” from ever holding a seat in government! Each year since 1871, Lincoln’s Marshal Law has been renewed by Congress and currently, all state and federal governments are dominated by legislators with, “Titles of Nobility.” What was once regarded as a service to country is now a political career.


  6. Geno,

    You made it up to dinarrecaps! BIG audience there. See comments(by "blueskies"):



  7. Well, it's Wednesday now in UK, so John said if "something" not completed by then it goes to next week....

    Few weeks ago John stated NOT to put in offshore banks because ALL those will be watched, because the crooks bank there. Today he says for us to put in NASSAU, and mentioned some other places I know NOTHING about that he referenced, stating that "Bush banks there".....Wtf????? I hope he can clarify.

    Plus, he stated 36% TAX right when we convert. I expected nothing less. This "CURRENCY EXCHANGE" terminology rumored for us to use to avoid tax was/is all bullshit. John just confirmed this with his "36% TAX at conversion". RBC has still not replied to my emails sent on the 12th. NSA likely intercepted and destroyed that reply!! GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................


    1. I maybe wrong....but I recall something along the lines that 36% was a Tier 2 tax rate.....

      looked but couldn't find his original post.....well got tired of looking....

  8. JFK Library bomb UPDATE:


    Within an hour, the Boston Police Department began spreading reports, via statements to the media, that the damage to the library was actually caused by an explosion which may or may not have been linked to the earlier explosions. One press officer for BPD told the Talking Points Memo that "There was another device, confirmed at JFK" that went off around or after 2:55 p.m.; another said the same to the New York Post, which noted that "Boston fire officials previously said that the third explosion was linked to the ones that occurred at the Marathon but later updated their information to say that the explosion was not related."

    Then, at a press conference with Governor Deval Patrick at 3:50 p.m., Police Commissioner Edward Davis, based on his department's latest intel, announced that an explosion did take place at the JFK Library — contradicting reports by the library's own staff that the damage was caused by a small fire limited to a room housing the building's HVAC equipment. Davis indicated in one statement that he did not yet know whether the two incidents were related, but that "we are treating them as if they are." Later in the same press conference, Davis said they may be related.

    I guess they didn't have red paint and actors in place!! ~darylluke.

    1. Jewish community attacks power substation with late night gunfire


      How, you may ask, do I know it was the Jewish community? Why would I be so brazen about it? Well, the answer is in the fact that when the attack happened, it was not possible to make a 911 call via any land line in the area (something the police are investigating right now) yet it was possible to make calls to other numbers via the same land lines, which proves the phone system was working and selectively sabotaged to NOT be able to accept a 911 call.
      Now, why block 911 from a land line? Simple. The work telephones at the PG&E substation used land lines, and cell phones are often not allowed into that type of work environment. The short time that confusion in calling the police gave the shooter an extra ability to escape would be a favor made possible only by the Jewish community, which owns the phone company. They would definitely prevent calls to a specific number from working to protect one of their own while that special someone finished the job there.

      The motive is a no brainer - it is a well established fact that it is the zionists pushing for a gun ban, with all the major players in gun banning being Jewish, most notably (it) Dianne Feinstein. Add to this the totally phony Sandy Hook psy op, run by the Jewish owned media, and it should be stick you like a porcupine obvious who wants guns banned in America. The fact that the Jews ran the slave trade proves the reason - they hate our freedoms and want a system in place that totally abolishes all true freedom and replaces it with an illusion. When I was inside their community, they talked about being close to achieving their final victory over mankind, but "were not there yet, because the internet was causing a problem".

      Now to why they would attack a substation to begin with -

      If Americans are not going to fall for a bullshit false flag bombing in Boston, and if they are not going to fall for Sandy Hook type incidents, then the Jews are going to have to justify banning guns (which will enable them to take out America, the last stand against world slavery) by attacking infrastructure, the most vulnerable of which is the electrical system. I am actually surprised the bullets did not short out any of the transformer windings, which then leads to another conclusion - whoever did this knew where to hit the transformers to prevent an immediate explosion, and only drain them of their oil, which acts as an electrical insulator. The oil is needed as an insulator because the voltages are too high and connections too close to not cause explosions in open air. So the idea the shooter obviously used was to cause the transformers to leak their oil, and later explode when the levels dropped enough which would give the shooter time to escape. Lucky thing the PG&E workers were on the ball and prevented explosions from happening (the transformers are enormous and take a while to drain) and as it is, 10,000 gallons of oil got out.

      So here we have a knowledgeable trained shooter, not a typical saboteur, because of the way the transformers were hit, and a disabled 911 call system. This rules out Russia, North Korea, Iran, and any other country that does not have access to the phone system passcodes to disable the 911 number as well as the lone nut case, and leaves ONE CULPRIT, A CULPRIT WITH A MOTIVE - THE JEWISH COMMUNITY.

      And if they think they can ditch the truth by censoring all reports of 911 not working in the area, they can have a nice time trying, because I made a Jpeg of THAT REPORT ALSO.

    2. www.jimstonefreelance.com for the above...

  9. Obummer already took over Seattle, John:




    Seems Russia got involved to fund the pigs-at-Citibank, then somebody called Hong Kong because papers were signed and we'll see this RV shortly re: TerryK who also said metals will tank HARD down as a result, confirming the imminent RV. Gold going down to $800 area!! I think this guy is connected to people John knows....


    1. Darylluke
      Through all the confusion, failed completions and broken promises, we continue to stay locked on.You don't break a British Bulldogs grip. It leaves with your wallet or your Nutts. Dinars are delayed by Fed and Bank chicanery firefighting for their own survival in a daily crap shoot. Each day, akin to Blitzkreig survivors, we re emerge and hit back again. We have made plans for those funds and we will not leave without them. If it's to be a war of attrition, so be it. Dinars and GS are all just one part of a Global screw up of collective failed Leaderships. China MUST revalue and strengthen its own currency exchange rate or it will fail as an economy. For real! To do that means weakening its exports, but dumping surplus goods based on false currency values leads to its own problems. We have a dogfight over RV's.No one wants to give up a tactical trade advantage. Cheap, brutal, ugly resistance and lies prevail. The Chan's are keeping a straight face in negotiations. The US simply has no sophistication of culture to handle them, and the Chinese run rings around them.This is part of the problem.
      It needs a Global collective staring down Chinas throat declining RV offers, and saying no more. The US is way out of its depth here and it's visible. Group power needs to be invited in. Faced with that Beijing will take notice. America they just play as a Culture game, now dealing with what they perceive as Barbarians of a diminishing culture. They see what's coming down Stateside, so why give away tactical advantage?
      Russia and China get ever stronger. There is only one Global feed pot. As Asia takes more, the US will have to settle for less. Evolution of our species. Rights will disappear and aspirations will have to be lowered. Debt is now Americas greatest enemy, not China or Russia. Debt,Welfare,Retiree costs and an unsustainable Military budget.
      Yet within this hotch potch of a failing nation, is abundant talent waiting to re emerge.All is not lost. Poor Leadership is the restraint here. A Mediocre ex small time Union Organizer with illegal papers is the reason America is ailing now. Welfare Wookies and Socialists looking for a free lunch,voted him in. People who produce nothing, and free ride,don't have a right to vote. You don't pay, you don't say!
      This is a Global dilemma. We are all in this fight together. Each of us needs to re evaluate Fiscal reality. How many Non contributors can we share our pot with before the pot is empty? Where do Rights start and end? Because, that pot is about cash. A pot of cash. Empty that, as is happening, and all starve. Its all about money. Protecting a declining pot.
      Right now, we need to agree a Free Trade area between the vast EU and America. That will boost your exports and help your employment issues. Export American products, not jobs. From this dung heap of confusion,we are trying to break free the GS and RVs. and- keep these F** Nasty Zionists in Israel away from starting WW111!. It's all part of a collective screw up of nations. Lead by inept or duplicitous lightweights from most countries. The new nature of the Political beast. Limp wrists as Leaders. In the US owned and run by Bankers! The mess starts untangling that. Their funding O was a smart move to keep control. Now their own world collapses inwards as we try daily to break free funds from a ragged Cabal. Nothing is easy darylluke. If only.

    2. People in our modern 'entertain-me' consumer culture haven't got the slightest idea how to cook food, let alone produce it or anything else. It's just natural consequence that some sort of trouble will pick off this type of person...and they will be doomed. If you don't produce yourself, your economic power base had better be pretty secure to avoid slippery slope. The #'s just don't add up.

      Sad to see the postponement again, but thanks for sharing more of the process with us. It helps to understand, rather than just cryptic clues! Maybe next week... or one day soon. Am thankful for bulldogs.

  11. John,

    Do you have a timeline for the 30% drop in US$ ?


    1. It will be phased over about 3 years starting from the RV's release. They will sneak it in by phased increases and taxes, so you don't notice. America has to take a big step back. Even if phased. Welfare has to be cut big time. Single mothers, absentee fathers, 30 year old permanent Afro American Students??? all have to be faced down. Genuine Welfare cases need real help. Mass cross breeding No Hopers is a reality which has to be checked. Send them all over the Mexican borders for a change. Night fly them over and boot them out with a parachute. The big question, why stay? Emmi grate?

    2. Most world Leaders are either attending, or focused on watching Thatchers funeral in the UK today. Write today off, so next week looms up. Markets are flat today. Forex staff are not there to handle the Dinar swaps.
      Silver is plentiful in the UK. Fly in, go the Jewelery quarter in Birmingham and buy all you need.Store it in Bullion Depositories safely. Not Banks! If the US tanks, it's your Bolt Hole money. Already OUT! Drip feed it back to the US as needed. No one sees or knows. The Comex crash will devastate JPM with all their Gold and Silver certs out. Try product calling that lot. Non- existent!
      So, another week of more crap shoots. It's ALL about US Bank and Treasury Chicanery right now. Muzzling Dogs and booting them to cough up what's owed. Bribed US Presidents are the curse of the world. Without honor and Integrity, where is hope? It really does need Pentagon Men of honor to round up these swine and take them ALL, as Political or Economic Terrorists, to Gitmo! Water Board that lot for account numbers and co conspirators. Take ALL their Attorney mouthpieces with them. No clean up just perpetuates this screw up. Justice has no Justice. Agency Heads are owned by Sr. Take them to Gitmo! Treason charges for all of them. Jr was happy to sanction mass executions in Texas. Treason is a Capital Offense. Time for the US Military to Man Up! Stand up for your country. Or a Military Junta, headed by Commies,Criminals and Wookies comes next.

    3. John,
      Thanks for the update. There are many dinarians out there that believe this will happen this week...

      Personally, I would rather know ahead of the game that it will not happen, than sit here expecting it and be disappointed, once again, that it didn't happen.

      I have noticed on a couple of occasions you using the phrase that it is the "US Banks and the Treasury"... does this mean that the Fed has gone away?

      BTW: Would love to jet over to the UK and go into the Jewelry Quarters... what a wonderful sound that has to it... but, alas, my regular job would not allow it... so I will wait post RV and hope and pray that is a possibility for me at that time.

      @Geno - know that I have encouraged many to come to the blog site and part-take of what is being offered...

      Get Real.

    4. Cool...thanks... What I offer is moderated blog and almost a daily newspaper pacing because we are way behind the curve for information...

      If you notice, besides what John asks me to post I am posting the who and how... know your enemy and know how they win every time...

      The regular crew is doing a good job of bringing stuff that matters, whether questions or links or paste ups...

      The layout is exactly what blogger offers... I don't know how others see it but each new post gets a headline on the right...look at all of them and comment according to the subject matter... if you want people to see your comment say on the busiest one you started a conversation about such and such under such and such...if people are interested they can follow you over there...

      I think camp following the latest post is Fulford programming... I don't need us to be celebrities in our minds but a think tank...

      As for my efforts, I will do just enough nothing more... it's enough effort to survive right now.

    5. "I think camp following the latest post is Fulford programming... I don't need us to be celebrities in our minds but a think tank... "

      He who swims in a fish tank thinks he's a big fish.
      He who swims in a think tank is in a big school.

    6. Very clever number one son...

    7. Get Real
      Until the Pre Advice comes out, nothing will happen. These Blogging clowns talking of last Sunday onwards, are talking with no knowledge of reality. We all want this for you. Asap. Blind hopes are no good. You all need reality. It IS confusion and chaos on the front line. No one knows what is scheduled because there is no schedule yet.
      Everything is cross linked and dependent on chaos. Bernanke is now in a daily rearguard fight saving his Ass. He's Madoff but a million times worse.
      No one in Congress has the brains to ask- Whose Madoff with all the money?

    8. Only dead fish swim with the stream...

    9. Very clever number two son....

    10. um... Charlie Chan...not a cryptic insult...

    11. If today were a fish, I'd throw it back... ;)

    12. number two son...you show off now...

  12. In addition to the benefits of temporarily distracting the masses from the inevitable collapse and demonizing patriots on the fly, an ulterior motive is posited that advances the longer term strategy of our communist usurpers to eventually disarm Americans. Slowly they turn, step by step, inch by inch until the 2nd is legislated out of existence. Most will not take heed until it's too late.

    "They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he's unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.

    I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminals charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don't let them hurt our rights."


  13. The part that keeps banging on the door of my brain is... why so many horribly obvious OPS at a time when more people are eagerly countering the op with social networks and blogs?

    Sure seems like some collective is being set up.... is it the one we think...the 2nd amendment patriots or are the Jews finally being set up to expose their theater operations?

    And if so...I would have to say who ever is running the top Jew collectives are infiltrated by those who are setting them up....

    Couldn't happen to nicer guys...

  14. I think in these events there are real victims plus actors in the periphery who are 'the stars and talking heads' for the 24/7 propaganda 'news'.

    I would not be surprised if some controller sent a communique in this event. Some potential indicators exist.

    1. K[11]rystle C[3]ampbell 113- is that the true spelling of her name or an obfuscation of Crystal. C[3]rystal C[3]ampbell - 33. On the "crystal children" meme anyone find it a little bit odd one of the oldest Gentile banks Barclays was done in my a money changer mole Dimon [homophone diamond] and the top hog taking down JPM is Diamond. Sure seems scripted to me as a way to communicate to 'those in the know about their roles in a cast[e]ing'

    2. The Cowboy Hat life saver is allegedly a Miami native down the road from me. He was in the news down here for setting a van on fire in 2004 when he got word his son was killed in Iraq. I find it odd normal people like me or most of us end up in national news twice. I must confess I was in CNN Spanish news while on duty at Fort Bragg once myself but that was legit. Incidentally I walked away after 12 years realizing how corruptly the military was being used by both the Republican Bush I and then the Democrat Clinton - that's when I knew inside the existing political groups there was little hopes of seeing the military be solely the defenders of the Peoples constitution of the government a.k.a. The united States Constitution within the next few years.

    3. The top initial suspect disappears from the reporting within the first hour of the FBI asserting federal jurisdiction and taking C2 of the investigation. This seems to happen in every one of these events OKC, Aurora, Newton.

    I am postulating that the delay in announcing the prime suspect is that there are too many photos and videos out there and they are trying to get enough turned in so they can relay a plausible official story. They know social media is finding too many holes and destroying the official stories that they try to proffer and then enforce.

    1. You may be right, or wrong regarding the victims the important thing to know is the staging and that it isn't crazed terrorists....

      Did you see the picture I added to this story? We have a true actor in it...a legless actor...

    2. This video I posted yesterday at 9:01am has been removed by You-LIE-Tube. It showed debris from the scene magically disappearing as the camera panned right. Unless someone saved it to disc, it's gone forever.


    3. I agree this is a actor who really broke a leg.

    4. That video can now be seen here:

  15. What effrontery!

    Reminds me of the Simpsons $9.11 trip to NYC.

    Family Guy

    Also there is a "Joggers" card in the Jackson deck.

  16. Expect more terror by the Fed coast to coast to further establish that they are in control. The days leading up to May 3 (end of 3 day disclosure conference at the National Press Club) are going to be very interesting, especially April 19 (Lexington Green, Waco, Murrah Bld., etc.) and April 22nd. (Debut of Dr. Greer's Sirius movie regarding alien disclosure)

    "Behind the scenes, Secretary Hagel and General Dempsey, those who run America’s military, are quickly rooting out the Generals and Admirals who were planning a “patriotic revolt” to “restore the constitution.”

    Those “FEMA camps” Alex Jones talks about weren’t imaginary. They are real as any nightmare. What is both shameful and sad is that millions of Americans who would have been good, decent Americans, out of total stupidity, became dupes of Wall Street, the Fed and enemies we will never be able to name, buying in on “psyop” emails, wild rumors and childish scare tactics.

    “Boston” is just one in a series of tableaus we can expect, all intended to exploit the flaws in the American character."


  17. Q. How does a corrupt institution go about investigating itself?
    A. It doesn't


    a hard rain's gonna fall...

  18. A refresher course; in case you missed it.

    Recent events in Boston are but one of many small steps to ensure that the noose is eventually and securely fixed around the American trachea. We have consistent top down pressures being applied as they patiently await, nee pray, for a bottom up rebellion to justify turning us inside out. And it's all by design.

    "The report concludes that only in the past has war been the only reliable means to achieve peace at home, theorizing that only during times of war – or the threat of war – are the people compliant enough to tolerate the whims and tyrannies of government without complaint or outright revolt. The perpetual fear of invasion and a random unpredictable attack by an unseen enemy instills a sense of duty to obey and accept nationalist efforts to secure the borders defensively by striking offensively, no matter how morally, ethically, or constitutionally wrong those efforts or how many millions are killed. Random violence creates a tool to promote nationalistic feelings of patriotism where no amount of vile human rights violations and retaliatory sacrifice for the act of self-induced terror will be rejected by the public at large. To rally against and protest this national fervor to kill for revenge to maintain the peace is made to seem like treason by the masses of the population."


    1. good to see you are no longer resisting the surreality of this mind hump...

    2. What is true is what I can't help believing.
      -Oliver Wendell Holmes

      More from the not so quiet western front...

      "The Globalist is so desperate to grab the guns because they need our pension funds. The want to loot our bank accounts to bail out the Bankers. They want our gold because the Private Central bank called the Federal Reserve does not have the gold on deposit. They cannot enforce UN Agenda 21 with rolling black outs. The US government is in a stalemate because the people are well armed. They can probe the weak spots. But going out doing a mass arrest relocating people into FEMA camps will be hard for them to carry out. They will face a fierce opposition."


  19. @John,
    The following has to be a positive sign for Lew???

    Lew Says U.S. Gains Leverage in Global Economics Through IMF
    by Ian Katz - Apr 16, 2013 12:02 PM ET

    Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew defended the U.S.’s role in the International Monetary Fund after the Obama administration asked Congress to approve a plan to boost the lender’s resources.
    “We have a veto in the IMF, we have a controlling voice when we need to,” Lew told the House Budget Committee today. “We have leverage so that the United States can influence the economic decisions around the world, and it’s something our international leadership depends on.”
    President Barack Obama on April 10 sent a 2014 budget proposal to lawmakers that would make good on a 2 1/2-year-old pledge that the administration made to the Washington-based IMF, an organization of 188 member nations which lends to governments facing a balance-of-payments or economic crisis. Obama asked to increase the U.S. share, or quota, by shifting about $63 billion from an existing credit line.

    John Campbell, a California Republican, questioned Lew during the hearing about whether spending money to fund the IMF “is a good use of resources.”


  20. @John,
    I know you are sometimes impatient with Heneghan and believe that not all can take at face value what is actually being reported by him...

    The following is his latest... In this report not only does he speak to the war going on between the US Treasury and the Fed but also, speaks to the currencies - the IQD & the VND:

    "UNITED States of America - At this hour we can divulge that the U.S. Treasury (the only Constitutional authority that has a right to coin currency) is now in a total state of war with the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve, which, as former Ronald Reagan economic adviser David Stockman states, is now a complete bucket shop."


    "Reference: The Commerzbank of Dallas, Texas is now currently involved in a foreign currency ponzi scheme with U.S. bank Wells Fargo that deals with an attempt to manipulate the Vietnamese dong and the Iraqi dinar."

    I referenced two articles in earlier threads speaking to David Stockman's recent whirlwind of 'face time' by different news media: Does David Stockman's portrayal of what is happening with the Fed mean something to you? and Could this be one of the signs that we should be observing as the final nudge that the Fed is on its last days?

    Also, above I questioned your own use of The Treasury v. The Fed in your commentary with us... So, once again I ask the question [taken from above]: "I have noticed on a couple of occasions you using the phrase that it is the "US Banks and the Treasury"... does this mean that the Fed has gone away?"

    The report by Heneghan is very lengthy and so I will post the link for easier reading pleasure for those interested in the report in its entirety:

    Sunday April 14, 2013
    U.S. Treasury vs Federal Reserve
    Financial War Escalates and the Countdown Starts
    by Tom Heneghan
    International Intelligence Expert


    1. The Fed is a money bucket shop for the Jews. While, Yes, it's on its last legs, it's now a raging battle of Jew Banker versus Jew Treasury. It's a case of Jewish Physician control trying to heal itself by cauterizing a dead limb, but not wanting to take the body loss. Losing anything to them is untenable. But far greater, closing the Monster means them disclosing the sheer, mind blowing scale of their Ponzi Debts and Fraud.How to bury a diseased monster without admitting the scale of its lies and corruption and all those responsible who fed at the trough. A sneaky deal will probably be done whereby the Treasury absorbs it, and hides from the ignorant and despised Goyim, the colossal scale of lies, deceit and incompetence which was perpetrated upon you. It's ALL about control. Jews and Israel, controlling YOU which so far, has certainly worked. Jews have ringfenced an enslaved population who work until death, taxed by this monstrosity of a race.

  21. This sucks!!
    Jacob J. Lew could not get this done.....Will it ever get done?

    Perhaps China can help push this through John??


  22. Here is more information that is OPPOSITE to what John is stating.

    It makes NO SENSE!! There is no money to be made, yet this GIANT conspiracy continues....WHY???


    4-17-13 Tony (PTR Call): Tony has got 3 guys on from Iraq, 2 from Kurdistan, 1 from Baghdad. First of all they have confirmed Frank/Delta's info about the scrolling screen on the TV telling people to take in and exchange their 3 zero notes for the ld's. The ld's are 1, 5, 10 and coins. The Iraqi army has started to be paid as of Monday April 15th.

    One of the guys sounded like he had been in touch with Eagle1 and agrees that between now and close of business today we should see what we have all been waiting for. Also the first guy said his contacts have gone to the bank every day since last Thursday and have been turned away...they were unable to get any dinar at all. Apparently the head of the CBI has requested a meeting tomorrow with US officials to formally ask permission to increase the value of the currency.


    1. friend called me all in a tizzy... dinar guru website had a blank screen all day and then dinar recaps did for a time as well. weird. just told them what John said...but things are weird in guru-land!!????

    2. Until Wells Fargo invite in the parties already organized into approved priority conversion cases, it is, and STAYS, in Limbo. Nothing real will happen UNTIL Wells Fargo, or an alternative appointed Clearer, is given the Green Light to go. All the " Guru" talk is cheap and mindless. Usual Broker garbage. Yes, it CAN happen by the day. But- which day? It's what we don't know which is the answer. And that, is the sheer scale of frenzy by the US Money Controlling Jews who have lost the pot, are losing THEIR Plot!!!, and fear their worst nightmare, of the lot of you waking up one day, realizing you are coraled sheep, and restoring your Constitution. Guru land is a bunch of Brokers making margins for hyping and trading paper. Confused and spouting any crap to appear to be in possession of knowledge. As regards China now doing more, CONFUCIUS- HE SAY - V to all of them!
      It can happen any day, but which day? Until the pre advice starts, there is nothing.
      Do you listen to guys on the steps of Wells Fargo in Reno, or barking dogs in Bongo Land?
      When it happens, you will know here. Until then, no one knows anything. Rumors are nuisance values.
      Lew clearly has massive problems getting that money freed up. Jew fights Zionist. Non have EVER given back what they stole before. Now, they have stolen the lively hood and Soul of a a nation,and have hugely complex problems trying to create yet another Black Hole and to balance the books, a great Fiscal illusion.
      Until ALL Jewish control of the Fed and Treasury is removed, the LOT gone, until then, you have no freedom, hope or future beyond enslaved Chattels. Either ORGANIZE, get America BACK, or goodbye as a nation of Free Souls. You can NOT be FREE and Enslaved. Which?
      This IS your wake up call as a nation. But, is it too late? The Military won't help you. A Jewish Mafia Junta now rules over you, controlling all you do. What will it take to get American people free? Your problem is far greater than a few Dinars. This has now exposed the very core of the nation. America has left the tracks!

    3. Thank you for expounding so succinctly my words online for 17 years.


    4. John,

      This is the 2nd time that you have used the word "pre-advice":
      "Until the pre advice starts, there is nothing."

      What is the "pre-advice" that you are speaking of?

      Get Real

    5. They have to Pre Advise US, as We control the bank accounts,that vast billions are ready to move to us and are we ready to take it? When we signal yet, it moves. We will know before any of you.

    6. Wells Fargo is as crooked a bank as Wall Street is.

      No none of these guru's are in the business of selling dinar. And sometimes they even mention the Cabal interferences. They are not all spewing crap, and have some very valid info which they get from valid sources.
      We pretty much know that its only the Cabal continuously throwing a monkey wrench into what is supposed to have already happened.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Timbo this comment is too important....


      timbo has left a new comment on your post "Testimony of a Person Who Works With Explosives":

      What 2nd amendment liberty are they trying to revoke in this staged bombing?

      With this Boston event I have revised my opinion of the real aim of Sandyhook. They were measuring these among other things:

      1. How many people would arm themselves when threatened with coercive denial of their preserved rights delineated in the constitution.

      2. How much ammo would be stocked up when they knew the potentially faced a minimum of five rounds for every American to heal them into coercive submission.

      3. Determine what other resources required for ammo resupply who come into great demand as ammo consumers discovered they could not purchase factory made rounds.

      other things being measured ....???

      At the range lots of the guys and gals are talking about reloading their casings now and some have already made the switch. How about reloading power? This is the powder they need to use to reload their own bullet casings. Many people have resourced themselves to develop this skill since the began facing ammo shortages for weeks since Sandyhook.

  24. What 2nd amendment liberty are they trying to revoke in this staged bombing?

    With this Boston event I have revised my opinion of the real aim of Sandyhook. They were measuring these among other things:

    1. How many people would arm themselves when threatened with coercive denial of their preserved rights delineated in the constitution.

    2. How much ammo would be stocked up when they knew the potentially faced a minimum of five hollow-point rounds for every American to heal them into coercive submission.

    3. Determine what other resources would come into demand when factory made ammo resupply demand were not met.

    other things being measured ....???

    At the range lots of the guys and gals are talking about reloading their casings now and some have already made the switch. How about reloading power? This is the powder they use to reload their own bullet casings. Many people have resourced themselves to develop this skill since the onslaught of ammo shortages for weeks since Sandyhook and the massive DHS requisition of hollow point ammo forbidden to used by the laws of international war but wholeheartedly endorsed by our tyrants and their minions.

    1. Won't that be something if the "announcement" was supposed to be made tomorrow and that's the Real Reason the O tyrant was pissed the Senate refused to vote on his background check revisions. He was going to ask for reloading powder to be added in but now he is going to use it to 'reinvigorate' the campaign.


      These turtles are moving with so much force these days
      this must be the culmination finishing pieces of their century plan.


  25. Is this another dot.

    "West", Texas fertilizer plant explosion visible from Waco, Texas.

    3rd deadly explosion of the week. Would have been the fourth if "the fall guy" would have followed the plan to bomb the JFK library. Somehow he figured out that he was being patsied or he is Sun-Tzu acolyte.

    IMO, Remember the explosion the Boston Law Enforcement reported as having happened that was reported because it was in their script BUT WOOPS their Boston Tim McVeigh caught on to the charade before he became the fall guy.

    The "WEST" explosion in Texas may have been a communique from the WESTside gang, route 66 crew, etc. [not a joke this is dead serious!]

    Wondering what the jewish controlled media mafia is all about and how they condition so many Google and view "Don't Go West" by thecelticrebel. Warning this is crude and in my case was extremely dis-settling when I first attempted to view this documentary.

    1. Here is a link to view and/or download.
      Warning graphic for mature audiences who can handle some level of crudeness and process the in your face act of effrontery.


  26. from walter burien

    They say 2-brothers, one now dead the other (the one in the white cap from the video) with a door to door manhunt in the Boston area in progress to locate him.

    From the video of the suspect in the white cap (suspect #2) which clearly shows him "walking" down the sidewalk, it is very obvious that the individual is rather bow-legged as can clearly be seen in his walking.

    My one question is: The second brother, suspect #2 that they are hunting, was "he" bow-legged?

    That is a "yes" or "no" answer.

    If no, which can be verified quickly from anyone who knew him, that answer is very telling and all need to see the answer to that question in mass numbers immediately.

    If yes, then that is further confirmation they are after the right person and these events are not being staged to promote and establish a fall guy.

    Walter Burien - CAFR1.com

  27. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201274315244760&set=a.10200343165726604.200574.1378478661&type=1&theater

  28. http://www.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel/blog

    1. Geno - If these so called 'bombers' in Boston were actually Mossad et al,and with Israeli passports, as we of course suspect to always be the case, then I wonder why the Chechyan got on TV and said it was his brothers children? And why would he be willing to be an 'actor' in this mess?
      Russians in this country are generally very low keyed.

      A question: Just what is 'military flag officers'?

    2. Not so sure I believe Tom Heneghan's version here...did you see the new pic I posted on this? The Greenberg family from Phoenix who seem to be up to their eyeballs in every disaster as crisis actors?

      I wish I could answer you... somehow they think this is all fun and games... laughing at us....

      What does this mean? They have lasers pointed at us from space and they are just taunting?

      They do not seem worried...at all...

    3. I offer the "unofficial" contradictory stuff to the TV bullcrap.... And I am pretty puzzled as to why and how this is supposed to play out...

      Sometimes I feel like I hit my head and went by way of Alice...

    4. Geno or anyone else, my second question was what is a
      military flag officer (that Heneghan mentioned, as well as others have)

    5. got google?

      A flag officer is a commissioned officer in a nation's armed forces senior enough to be entitled to fly a flag to mark where the officer exercises command. The term usually, but not exclusively, refers to the senior officers in an English-speaking nation's navy, specifically those who hold any of the admiral ranks; in some cases it applies also to those holding the rank of commodore. In U.S. usage it is additionally applied to Coast Guard officers and general officers in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps entitled to fly their own flags.