Monday, April 29, 2013

Technocratic Future and Pasture

I was asked to post this as a visual representation of the cybernetic manifesto. For that reason I am doing so. There are many reasons why it goes against my personal grain. Anyone who is really aware of the human rights and animal rights violations of the elite funded sciences knows that this was never about the good of humankind but about total domination by certain families who hate most of us as dirty cattle and consider us a waste of space and air. So this Brave New World pretending it is about our good makes me vomit. But here you are. Enjoy.

Webmaster note: Big sigh.... I don't want to post this for fear it is some sort of endorsement from me. It is not just as the other things exposed here are not. In fact, it needs to be seen and heard and since John states it' coming...

"I hear the train ah comin' it's rollin' down the tracks..."

Then it is indeed a tornado alarm....

But to what avail? They hid this from us...or did they? We watched sitcoms and they published New World Order Policy.... Luciferian technocratic dictatorship. The movies entertained us... massaged us...

Sci-Fi... Future land is Fantasy land....

Dumb people here's your last stop.... Cold blooded people wired with wires and in love with microchips cuz deys so cool... well.... let's plug you into the computer and see what the computer thinks....

Computer says you are young and sexy... that is good but then we could see that.... We always knew we would have sex with you and of course breed you.... umm... maybe depending on DNA readout.

But your circuitry shows us you would make an excellent biotechnician.



Love it or be deleted.

The Cybernetic Manifesto


Philosophy is the putting of our thought and language in order. Philosophy is important. Philosophy is a part of our knowledge.


Cybernetic epistemology defines knowledge as the existence in a cybernetic system of a model of some part of reality as it is perceived by the system. A model is a recursive generator of predictions about the world which allow the cybernetic system to make decisions about its actions. The notions of meaning and truth must be defined from this perspective.
Knowledge is both objective and subjective because it results from the interaction of the subject (the cybernetic system) and the object (its environment). Knowledge about an object is always relative: it exists only as a part of a certain subject. We can study the relation between knowledge and reality (is the knowledge true or false, first of all); then the subject of knowledge becomes, in its turn, an object for another subject of knowledge. But knowledge in any form (a proposition, a prediction, a law), irrespective of any subject is a logical absurdity. A detailed development of cybernetic epistemology on the basis of these definitions is critical for the formalization of the natural science and natural philosophy, and the interpretation of mathematical systems.

3.Freedom, will, control

Cybernetic metaphysics asserts that freedom is a fundamental property of things. Natural laws act as constraints on that freedom; they do not necessarily determine a course of events. This notion of freedom implies the existence of an agency, or agencies, that resolve the indeterminacy implicit in freedom by choosing one of the possible actions. Such an agency is defined as a will. A will exercises controlover a system when the freedom of that system is constrained by actions chosen by the will.


We understand God in the spirit of pantheism. God is the highest level of control in the Universe. God is for the Universe what human will is for human body. Natural laws are one of the manifestations of God's will. Another manifestation is the evolution of the Universe: the Evolution.

5.Metasystem transition

When a number of systems become integrated so that a new level of control emerges, we say that a metasystem has formed. We refer to this process as a metasystem transition.
A metasystem transition is, by definition, a creative act. It cannot be solely directed by the internal structure or logic of a system, but must always comes from outside causes, from "above".


The metasystem transition is the quantum of evolution. Highly organized systems, including living creatures, are multilevel hierarchies of control resulting from metasystem transitions of various scales.
Major evolutionary events are large-scale metasystem transitions which take place in the framework of the trial-and-error processes of natural selection.
Examples include: the formation of self-duplicating macromolecules; formation of multicellular organisms; emergence of intelligent organisms; formation of human society.

7. Human intelligence

Human intelligence, as distinct from the intelligence of non-human animals, emerges from a metasystem transition, which is the organism's ability to control the formation of associations of mental representations. All of specifically human intelligence, including imagination, language, self-consciousness, goal-setting, humor, arts and sciences, can be understood from this perspective.

8.Social integration

The emergence of human intelligence precipitated a further, currently ongoing, metasystem transition, which is the integration of people into human societies. Human societies are qualitatively different from societies of animals because of the ability of the human being to create (not just use) language. Language serves two functions: communication between individuals and modeling of reality. These two functions are, on the level of social integration, analogous to those of the nervous system on the level of integration of cells into a multicellular organism.
Using the material of language, people make new --- symbolic - models of reality (scientific theories, in particular) such as never existed as neural models given us by nature. Language is, as it were, an extension of the human brain. Moreover, it is a unitary common extension of the brains of all members of society. It is a collective model of reality that all members of society labor to improve, and one that preserves the experience of preceding generations.

9.The era of Reason

We make a strong analogy between societies and neural, multicellular organisms. The body of a society is the bodies of all people plus the things made by them. Its "physiology" is the culture of society. The emergence of human society marks the appearance of a new mechanism of Universal Evolution: previously it was natural selection, now it becomes conscious human effort. The variation and selection necessary for the increase of complexity of the organization of matter now takes place in the human brain; it becomes inseparable from the willed act of the human being. This is a turning point in the history of the world: the era of Reason begins.
The human individual becomes a point of concentration of Cosmic Creativity. With the new mechanism of evolution, its rate increases manifold.

10.Global integration

Turning to the future we predict that social integration will continue in two dimensions, which we can call width and depth. On the one hand (width), the growth of existing cultures will lead to the formation of a world society and government, and the ecological unification of the biosphere under human control. The ethics of cybernetical world-view demands that each of us act so as to preserve the species and the ecosystem, and to maximize the potential for continued integration and evolution.

11.Human super-beings

On the other hand (depth), we foresee the physical integration of individual people into "human super-beings", which communicate through the direct connection of their nervous systems. This is a cybernetic way for an individual human person to achieve immortality.

12.Ultimate human values

The problem of immortality is the problem of ultimate human values, and vice versa.
Living creatures display a behavior resulting from having goals. Goals are organized hierarchically, so that in order to achieve a higher-level goal the system has to set and achieve a number of lower-level goals (subgoals). This hierarchy has a top: the supreme, ultimate goals of a creature's life. In an animal this top is inborn: the basic instincts of survival and reproduction. In a human being the top goals can go beyond animal instincts. The supreme goals, or values, of human life are, in the last analysis, set by an individual in an act of free choice. This produces the historic plurality of ethical and religious teachings. There is, however a common denominator to these teachings: the will to immortality. The animal is not aware of its imminent death; the human person is. The human will to immortality is a natural extension of the animal will for life.

13.Decline of metaphysical immortality

One concept of immortality we find in the traditional great religions. We designate it as metaphysical. It is known as immortality of soul, life after death, etc. The protest against death is used here as a stimulus to accept the teaching; after all, from the very beginning it promises immortality. Under the influence of the critical scientific method, the metaphysical notions of immortality, once very concrete and appealing, are becoming increasingly abstract and pale; old religious systems are slowly but surely losing their influence.

14.Creative immortality

Another concept of immortality can be called creative, orevolutionary. The idea is that mortal humans contribute, through their creative acts, to the ongoing universal and eternal process -- call it Evolution, or History, or God -- thus surviving their physical destruction. This uniquely human motive underlies, probably, all major creative feats of human history.

15.Cybernetic immortality

The successes of science make it possible to raise the banner ofcybernetic immortality. The idea is that the human being is, in the last analysis, a certain form of organization of matter. This is a very sophisticated organization, which includes a high multilevel hierarchy of control. What we call our soul, or our consciousness, is associated with the highest level of this control hierarchy. This organization can survive a partial --- perhaps, even a complete --- change of the material from which it is built. It is a shame to die before realizing one hundredth of what you have conceived and being unable to pass on your experience and intuition. It is a shame to forget things even though we know how to store huge amount of information in computers and access them in split seconds.

16.Evolution and immortality

Cybernetic integration of humans must preserve the creative core of human individual, because it is the engine of evolution. And it must make it immortal, because for the purpose of evolution there is no sense in killing humans. In natural selection, the source of change is the mutation of the gene; nature creates by experimenting on genes and seeing what kind of a body they produce. Therefore, nature has to destroy older creations in order to make room for the newer ones. The mortality of multicellular organisms is an evolutionary necessity. At the present new stage of evolution, the evolution of human-made culture, the human brain is the source of creativity, not an object of experimentation. Its loss in death is unjustifiable; it is an evolutionary absurdity. The immortality of human beings is on the agenda of Cosmic Evolution.

17.Evolution of the human person

The future immortality of the human person does not imply its frozen constancy. We can understand the situation by analogy with the preceding level of organization.
Genes are controllers of biological evolution and they are immortal, as they should be. They do not stay unchanged, however, but undergo mutations, so that human chromosomes are a far cry from the chromosomes of primitive viruses.
Cybernetically immortal human persons may mutate and evolve in interaction with other members of the super-being, while possibly reproducing themselves in different materials. Those human persons who will evolve from us may be as different from us as we are different from viruses. But the defining principle of the human person will probably stay fixed, as did the defining principle of the gene.

18. How integration may occur

Should we expect that the whole of humanity will unite into a single super-human being?
This does not seem likely, if we judge from the history of evolution. Life grows like a pyramid; its top goes up while the basis is widening rather than narrowing. Even though we have seized control of the biosphere, our bodies make up only a small part of the whole biomass. The major part of it is still constituted by unicellular and primitive multicellular organisms, such as plankton. Realization of cybernetic immortality will certainly require some sacrifices --- a vehement drive to develop science, to begin with. It is far from obvious that all people and all communities will wish to integrate into immortal super-beings. The will to immortality, as every human feature, varies widely in human populations. Since the integration we speak about can only be free, only a part of mankind -- probably a small part - should be expected to integrate. The rest will continue to exist in the form of "human plankton".

19.Integration on the Cosmic scene

But it is the integrated part of humanity that will ultimately control the Universe. Unintegrated humanity will not be able to compete with the integrated part. This becomes especially clear when we realize that the whole Cosmos, not the planet Earth, will be the battlefield. No cosmic role for the human race is possible without integration. The units that take decisions must be rewarded for those decisions, otherwise they will never take them. Can we imagine "human plankton" crowded in rockets in order to reach a distant star in ten, twenty or fifty generations? Only integrated immortal creatures can conquer the outer space.

20.Current problems

At present our ideas about the cybernetic integration of humans are very abstract and vague. This is inevitable; long range notions and goals may be only abstract. But this does not mean that they are not relevant to our present concerns and problems. The concept of cybernetic immortality can give shape to the supreme goals and values we espouse, even though present-day people can think realistically only in terms of creative immortality (although -- who knows?).
The problem of ultimate values is the central problem of our present society. What should we live for after our basic needs are so easily satisfied by the modern production system? What should we see as Good and what as Evil? Where are the ultimate criteria for judging social organization?
Historically, great civilizations are inseparable from great religions which gave answers to these questions. The decline of traditional religions appealing to metaphysical immortality threatens to degrade modern society. Cybernetic immortality can take the place of metaphysical immortality to provide the ultimate goals and values for the emerging global civilization.

21.Integration and freedom

We are living at a time when we can see the basic contradiction of the constructive evolution of mankind very clearly: it is the contradiction between human integration and human freedom. Integration is an evolutionary necessity. If humanity sets itself goals which are incompatible with integration the result will be an evolutionary dead end: further creative development will become impossible. Then we shall not survive. In the evolving Universe there is no standstill: all that does not develop perishes. On the other hand, freedom is precious for the human being; it is the essence of life. The creative freedom of individuals is the fundamental engine of evolution in the era of Reason. If it is suppressed by integration, as in totalitarianism, we shall find ourselves again in an evolutionary dead end. This contradiction is real, but not insoluble. After all, the same contradiction has been successfully solved on other levels of organization in the process of evolution. When cells integrate into multicellular organisms, they continue to perform their biological functions--metabolism and fission. The new quality, the life of the organism, does not appear despite the biological functions of the individual cells but because of them and through them. The creative act of free will is the "biological function" of the human being. In the integrated super-being it must be preserved as an inviolable foundation, and the new qualities must appear through it and because of it. Thus the fundamental challenge that the humanity faces now is to achieve an organic synthesis of integration and freedom.

Copyright© 1989 Principia Cybernetica - Referencing this page


  1. This is THE most important issue of mankind right now.Please, no religious tub thumping its going to be ignored by the key parties as pissant gibberish. Soul searching Yes, and the God issue, by all means, all the good of what we want a Soul to be, as a carrier of what?
    The real question now is,can parties handle a Grown Up debate? This is the 21st Century and this is a real 21st century issue of where now Mankind? Religions have abused and lied to Humanity for Millenniums. God, IS Greater than Religions! Can you grasp that? God IS the Eternal being and Star matter which binds us all. Your values, perceptions and feelings, are all within the True Soul. You are as one with, and part of the Celestial Power - you all call God.
    The Genie is out of the box and in play. So please, try to give it space, think it out and reason with how we, as a species, try to shape it. Peasant gibberish will simply be ignored by TPTB. Real debate is reasoned point making. This is way too important for ignorant tub thumping. The question now is, who can rise to and reason with it? Truth, but who can handle it? Religions have screwed up the races so badly. Life just IS so much more, and WE must set those values as a thinking and caring species. Religious dogma is pointless. Life is so, so much more important than their crass ignorance. We need to build our species on real values and care. Give credit for what it can do if applied with care. The real question is, how many are ready to handle this?

    1. LOL...debate? Ya'll giving us a chance to debate now that it's a done deal? And on behalf of those who spent their 70 years on Earth going to Church don't you think they deserve a slight transition period to... by the way.... We made Jesus up to stall you while we did this?

    2. Only a small percentage of mankind are into the Jesus fix. What about the mass majority? Have they no right to their God? Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews? And so many more? Of course you will be updated, but YOU all gave them this power by doing nothing. Your own words, we watched the ball games, had a few beers etc, while they organized. They worked and took power.
      But as you say, the problem is the knowledge base.

    3. You know I was speaking on behalf of everyone and every religion that was lied to in one big premeditated fabrication -- and apparently the people you have known for your 70 years-- delighted in hiding it in plain sight while giggling at how dumb we were or are....

      A lie by omission is still a lie and contemptible....

      The Gnostics think as long as they counter their worst actions with what they deem to be "good" actions then one erases the other....

      A sickness of anti-spiritual thought dressed in a pretty box to self serve egocentric gluttony....

    4. As odd as this may sound, as a ordained Christian pastor, I don't disagree with some of John's comments. If you honestly and truthfully examine what is done each day in the name of Jesus Christ, you would find little of his involvement. The Christian label is in some cases just another excuse for the mass marketing of a product. The machinery of institutional Christianity will chew you up and spit you out. It is for the most part self centered and conditional in its make up. The "Three B's (Buildings, Budgets and Baptisms) drives the bus. "Love," is only a veiled cover for controlling a culture thru religious doctrine. There is another reformation on the horizon as someone is going to have to set the record straight. I do not believe this reformation will be bloodless. Start to threaten the orthodoxy of the ultra conservative and watch what happens. Examine closely what "Christians," did to the native American community. I truly believe that "Centers of Justice," will emerge out of the GS programs. These "Centers," will afford the poor, real healthcare, training, organic food production, meaningful lifestyle education, creative problem solving, temporary financial support and above all love without the steeple and pews. Solar, wind, small scale hydro, biomass conversion, energy efficient off the energy grid, off the religious grid, and off of the government entitlement grid community settings. Everybody works, no free rides. New models for new ways of living. The truth of Christ in a community setting without all the baggage from dogmas rooted in third century Roman religious influences. Everyone needs to be afforded a choice in life, including those who want to follow Christ.

    5. Well said Neo, a breath of fresh air and very close to what we truly seek.
      So again, my concept of Jesus, is a simple human being, seeking God,a Humanitarian man seeking a better level of humanity, who died a macabre and brutal death screaming for his God, but to me it shows the courage of his conviction to seek. Only Constantine's bunch made him Divine. Not the Coptic Gospels or Greek Orthodox parties. Christ as a Humanitarian man we can agree on. Also all the principles espoused. The secular power and doctrinaire abuse I loath. I have a lot of time for the mortal man. Even his case we concur and will seek to apply the right principles. Not to enrich the Churches but the lives of the people in true need. I just loath the lies and ignorance, but I support all the principles. You show a good understanding or Priorities. True humanitarian needs.

    6. Agreeded John, some of us get it. Cheers!

    7. Thanks for posting this Geno. I plan to take some time myself and delve into this topic further.

    8. First I must say I heard many years ago, "the real Christians were leaving the church".... It made good sense to me then and makes really good sense to me now.

      Bravo, Neo, for taking your stand, working in the position that you have achieved via education. I am sure, like I feel working in healthcare, so you feel working in the ministry... much frustration!

      With regard to the Cybernetic Manifesto - there is much to be understood by this... unfortunately, you ask for deep thinkers... I believe the last great "deep" thinkers were Socrates, Plato, Aristotle or Lao-Tzu... In our time, many will pass this by only for the fact they have to use brain cells for something other than the most recent computer game, sports show or reality TV. In essences, this will be over the heads of many. And I mentioned this before, much of what takes place in the near future will have to be done out of beneficence for the people at large due to their inability to comprehend the reality of which they live.

      Upon a quick review, the area that causes me much grief - because I see the writing on the wall - is the medical development of Super-Humans. You have to have ethics in order to delve into this arena... Something that the PTB have proven they don't have. Greed is the name of their game... so the development of this will be for evil where they are concerned. Also, and, more importantly prove non-maleficence. Requiring that it does not harm individuals in society... minimizing harm by pursuing the greater good. In this case, I would find it difficult for doctors to successfully apply the "do no harm principle" due to the fact that the PTB have an evil artery flowing through their cold heart.

      In closing... I will say the site I came across will take days, if not years, to absorb.... so I guess I need to get reading... :)

      Get Real

  2. The problem is knowledge base....

    When I see this I think about the horrors I read about in the underground labs....

    The crossing of DNA with insect, animal and human being and robot....

    And depraved games of feeding children to "things"

    Now all that may not be true but I am pretty damn sure much of it was true....

    and the last thing I have left is my outrage... but there is a pill for that.

    1. Centaurs, Satyrs, 12',15' 26' tall humanoids and other beings of olde were trans-humanists products too.

      Who were the original trans-humanists dating back dozens if not hundreds of generations? What is their history? We only know a shadow of the failed trans-humanist experiments in the fables and legends so RITEfully and gloriously displayed in the Olympics.

  3. "Natural laws act as constraints on that freedom;"

    Based on the history I can observe from "Magna Carta Liberatum", 1215-1776-present I have only seen this assertion enforced by threat, duress and coercion [seizure of life] or by psy drugging/seizure/forfeiture of the mind and spirit.

    2. The only documented case of a nations currency increasing in purchasing power more than 2 fold over an 80 year period of the time can be found in the Republic for the united States from 1790-1906. This means that each mans saved labor and thought converted in lawful nature bound currency grew by the very nature that it his store was made in nature. As long as men exist who connive and have a large measure of intelligence they will create and implement systems to take fruits of labor without full disclosure and never 100% absent of coercion.

    Will men be arrested when they have the mental whim a moment to consider the possibility of seizing from another life, liberty or property. The US and UK shadow governments are pioneers in this area of potentiality punishment.

    Humans, plants and other animal species who inbreed over generations become genetically inferior. Examples hemophiliac tending lineages, a majority of psy abnormalities are largely 'jewish', building 'physically refined laborers in blacks by the alleged principles of improvement - by a group of men's definition in the creation of better manual laboring slaves' and nerve tissue scarring multiple sclerosis'. I will need to search out more scientific cases that demonstrates the length of this list of failed trans-humanist breeding, selective pairing to refine a 'desirable trait' to improve hypothesis.

    When I model according to these principles in the end I must eliminate, imprison or reprogram the mind of more than 50% of humans to make this type of system function to the preconceived notion I may concoct of the targeted/desired outcome.

    1. Hog stem cells have been used to regrow cartilage but the healing process of using beast compared to a mans own fat rich in stem cells. These self drawn human stemcells produces actual regenerative regrowth as opposed to growth+donor meds for life. Additionally the technology that use a man's own blubber is facing massive 'legal' onslaughts to shut that down by allowing the grant of patent on each mans own DNA stem cells piled up in his bodies blubber in Canada, USA and EU Germany to my knowledge, I suspect their are other countries too but I do not know which ones. Maybe it's a sick kosher pork psychosis or simply a trans-humanist desire?

      But the mixing of swine DNA and human is a practice with full support and endorsement. In the field of 'medicine' I suspect this is more of a dysfunctional cling to the melding of man and beast solutions over the from yourself solution.

  4. I posted this earlier under subject heading "Everything is Rigged" without reading the Cybernetic Manifesto. It may be more relevant here.

    Today, given a choice between an artificial macro world of man-made transhumanism and its state of alert consciousness or the inner micro world of sweet mother ayahuasca's embrace, I'd prefer the inward spiritual journey of awakening with all realities opened to me over the autocratic rule of self appointed masters of the universe creating their version of one size fits all for my consumption. A world of "Agent Smiths" does not resonate and belies the true nature of being.

    The fractals tell the true tale of self-similarity and is the starting gate in the journey of self discovery.!

    And now to the Cybernetic Manifesto...

  5. Man has interfered with nature for hundreds if not thousands of years to his own detriment....what makes this any different? It will fail as miserably as all the others.

  6. This is nothing more than saying 'I want man to be the way I WANT them to be; I don't believe God knows what He is doing, so WE must re-engineer man the way I WANT him to be'.
    And for John to try to use the excuse for his enthusiastic Plan to re-do Man by trying to say that 'God' wants
    Man to evolve by Man busily working in secret underground labs to take control over HumanKind, so its OK' just plain bullschitt.
    Nothing justifies secretive attempts to manipulate the mind of man.


      "I teach you the overman. Man is something that is to be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?"

      - Fredriech Nietzsche, /Thus Spake Zarathrustra

      I wonder if 'ole Freddy was ever aware of any antidote for the kryptonite that could potentially slay his "superman"?

  7. You don't owe us anything John, but yes, it would help us to clearly differentiate between you and the 'man' behind the curtain.

    There are some with an agenda, that does not include the common man, who would not hesitate to leave behind those whose blood is not blue enough,intellectuality challenged by 'their' measure or whose checking account is left wanting. I hope you're not in this camp, because if you're lying with dogs who have fleas, you can expect to become infected.

    Accept no GMOs. If this is where the singularity is taking us, I implore the engineers to be careful what you wish for. I pray for the subjects of their experiments.

    1. ..."a campaigner against the excesses of medical research said he was disgusted that scientists were ‘dabbling in the grotesque'."

  8. Hola amigos! Check it out...

    Who's going with me?

    PS Casinos, bloody marys poolside and 'hot chick' fishing are abundant.

    Nearer, my God, to thee...

    1. Nice.... but still part of N. America, and what happens if the Mexicans go crazy?

      I like the Seychelles ( and a strong tax haven to boot)

  9. Patriot Militia Attacks Government Forces

    Police and National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed Sunday by elements of apara-military right wing extremist faction.
    Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.

    Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist militia faction has citizens whohave links to the radical right wing tax protest movement.

    Gage blamed the militia for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices.

    The governor who described the group’s organizers as “terrorists” , issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the governments efforts to secure law and order.
    The law enforcement team augmented by elements of the National Guard, were sent to raid a militia arsenal after widespread refusal of right wing extremists to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons.

    This decision followed a meeting in early July between government and law enforcement which authorized the confiscation of the illegal arms, known as the weapons of choice among criminals and militias.

    One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out “that none of these people would have been killed had right wing extremist obeyed the law and turned over the weapons voluntarily”.

    Police and government forces initially succeeded in confiscating a large supply of outlawed weapons and ammunition. However, troops attempting to seize arms and ammunition in Lexington met with resistance from heavily armed militia extremist who had been tipped off regarding the government’s plans.

    During a tense stand-off in Lexington ‘s town park, National Guard Colonel Francis Smith, commander of the government operation, ordered the armed group to surrender and return to their homes.

    The impasse was broken by a single shot, which was reportedly fired by one of the right wing extremist. Eight civilians were killed in the ensuing exchange.

    Ironically, the local citizens blamed the government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths. Before order could be restored, heavily armed militia groups from surrounding areas had descended upon the police and guard units. Colonel Smith, finding his forces over matched by militia mobs, ordered a retreat.

    Governor Gage has called upon citizens to support the state/national joint task force in its effort to restore law and order. The governor has also demanded the surrender of those responsible for planning and leading the attack against the government. Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, who have been identified as “ringleaders” of the extremist militia faction remain at large.

    A Lesson in History, one’s labeled a terrorist is another’s historical patriotic hero.

    1. Extremists, radicals, terrorists - just look at what derogatory terms are given to people who simply want their Republic.
      And always referring to Militia as if they are scum, to give the citizens the idea that they are criminals. However, the People have constitutionality, but never mind all that.

      they wanted to confiscate 'illegal weapons'? Oh, yeah, forget your right to bear arms.

      Its becoming very obvious that the old, original constitution has been replaced with the New one, which gives all power to the PTB's.

  10. Hugh
    Correct, I owe you nothing.Nor can I breach sensitive issues.

    I am NOT part of any operation which seeks to harm Humanity.
    Nor do I condone any such issues and abhor them as much as you. Why else do we help you debate and raise consciousness?
    If we can help eradicate diseases, help rectify so many Gene faults to help remove our faulty Genes, it's a huge step. You have Glaucoma. A Genetic fault. I work with vicious Genetic faults like Cystic Fibrosis which denies life to our children, it's a life sentence to their poor parents, and a horror story to live gasping for breath daily, with congealed lungs. Damned right I vote to help man. Ignorant crass Bible Bashers with their idiotic perfect species, need a night stick laying on their moronic heads, or pass them to me as Organ Donors please. Ignorance and stupidity are child killers. Children need the right to live by better medical help. Who are these ignorant limp brains to deny the child a healthy life if we correct the Gene faults? Crass, ignorant idiots need to go back to the Dark Ages and SHUT UP!

    I want the right to help you with medical breakthroughs and to extend the lives and contributions of our best Doctors etc. Man was given consciousness to develop it. This is NOT a Frankenstein Agenda. Do you deny transplants? Blood transfusions?
    I detest Soros and Sr. I detest Zionism in it's worst forms.But I respect Judaism at its best.
    What of our kids with lost limbs from vile Petro dollar wars? Do we deny them cybernetic limbs? Wars ARE appalling. Until you take part you have no idea. IEDs, Land mines? Shrapnel.

    Millions of innocent kid born with and dying of HIV because of Arse bandits. How can we cure this vile disease? Technology helps. We are a badly flawed species. The appliance of science helps. We can not handle the G forces of Space Flights. What's wrong with adjusting and improving our Cellular systems if we can? I value the right to life. Without parties behind the curtain you have no voice.
    I wish ONLY what is good for man. As do most. In our hands the GS will work for the people not the Cabal. I welcome the contributions of PVG ,Canauzzie, Get Real, Darryluke, Saturnalia etc. I try to inspire Geno to fight for good, to hang in and believe. Neo was a breath of fresh air today. I am NOT anti God. Totally the reverse. I KNOW so much more, not believe-KNOW!
    We are going forwards and onwards. My way we save lives. God is way more complex an issue than most humanity can even start to understand yet. Those who get it are working for the greater good.

    1. What do you think I am fighting for? Bad?

      Your egocentricity again... You are 100 percent convinced you have had all the right peoples in your scopes your entire life and I would bet you the GS they would say otherwise...

    2. I meant to keep your site going and not give up under stress. These are real issues.

    3. Web pages, websites, and web hosting
      634 million – Number of websites (December).
      51 million – Number of websites added during the year.
      43% – Share of the top 1 million websites that are hosted in the U.S.
      48% – Share of the the top 100 blogs that run WordPress.
      75% – Share of the top 10,000 websites that are served by open source software.
      87.8 million – Number of Tumblr blogs.
      17.8 billion – Number of page views for Tumblr.
      59.4 million – Number of WordPress sites around the world.
      3.5 billion – Number of webpages run by WordPress viewed each month.
      37 billion – Number of pageviews for in 2012.
      35% – The average web page became this much larger during 2012.
      4% – The average web page became this much slower to load during 2012.
      191 million – Number of visitors to Google Sites, the number 1 web property in the U.S. in November.
      Web servers


      Our blog with 1300 daily readers is hardly anything special, unique, world changing....

      Although a few people have told me they like the content...

    4. John I think you mean well but that doesn't mean you are right... just as it wouldn't necessarily mean that for me...

      for example... the Tavistock psychologies are so ahead in planning that me... thinking I am helping may be helping create the chaos, confusion and lead up to more war....

      How can I ever be sure I am doing the right thing....

      I can't....

      That is why I question from as many sides as I can think of.... and why I get ulcers worrying about this crap....

    5. I know cyberneticnano TUMS can cure ulcers...

    6. Look at the quality of debate you are encouraging now. It will grow. Who out there is reaching out with such good content as this? Your on cutting edge now Geno.
      Tavistock is old hat Geno now. Its way forward now. No one else is close to where you are now. The Boys done good!
      ( Lol) This does help America. And humanity. Feel Self worth now Geno.

    7. John,

      I never intended to question your sincerity about the crusade you seemed to have embarked upon to better humanity. However, and it's really not your job to educate, but you do seem to promote the potential positives while failing to take note of the dangers of opening this Pandora's box. In the wrong hands, this could be as catastrophic as anything experienced in human history.

      Before a consensus can be reached for a man-made paradigm shift in human conscientiousness and an acceptance of scientifically assisted artificial evolution, and this is what I think is being proposed, all the cards have to be laid on the table. This can not be sold to people who lack the necessary information to make an informed decision. Saying no to this shift in thinking, while understandable and expected, isn't really an objection more than it is a request for additional knowledge in order to make a wise choice. We all want to make the intelligent decisions, right?

      Questions remain and many others have yet to be formalized awaiting additional insight into the benefits and the perils of this change. The answers provided to these numerous questions cannot be limited only to those in a particular field of scientific study, especially to those whose work is funded by certain groups with vested economical interests where results of an investigation of appropriateness goes unchallenged. The answers must come from the entire spectrum of academia, all the sciences, all that comprise the social landscape and yes, even religions will need to weigh in with all of its bias. Most significant is the man in the street, whose voice has to be heard and may relate to some questions being asked better than the scholar or the technician in the research lab.

      When you discover that you have been lied to for your ENTIRE life, it's easy to become suspicious and cynical about any altruistic endeavor being proposed and a person would be a fool not to wonder about the motives. Statements like "I KNOW so much more, not believe-KNOW!", does not reassure me or others, I would assume, who are on the road to find out but must cling too often to beliefs because the truth has been and continues to be withheld by those who now inform us of a master plan in the works.

      As long as the truth is suppressed, expect little cooperation as this venture of the new and improved man will be perceived as just another control mechanism of our shadow rulers to keep in check the spiritual awakening that is occurring.

      I think it's great that you 'know' but without your insight and access and relying only on an indoctrinated life-long held system of beliefs, it's going to be difficult for the average person to make that quantum leap. People must be operating from the same knowledge base before they can make an intelligent decision; especially one that will impact them in ways yet unimagined and quite possibly forever.

    8. John's Hopkins has completed a device study that works as sort of multi-outlet surge protector along the pons, medula oblongata, and spinal cord. This sort of crossing between AI and human to overcome the wracking pain of MS or traumatic EID injuries that have scarred these sensitive tissues directly through blunt forceful impact I see as good thing.

      Applying a device to a human that allows them to walk and removes their wheelchair bound state I judge to be a good thing.

      Just one person with this device is Montel Williams. He is an MS victim who is living walking thriving proof of the effectiveness of clean food vibrant eating and human adapted AI device.

    9. Timbo - I also know of a man who was bound to a wheelchair due to servere MS, who eventually got out of the chair and became normal again.
      But his 'healing device' was simply large doses of Octacosanol, which is a wheat germ derivative in the right form.
      So you are correct again about it coming down to Nutrition. MS is caused simply by a defect or opening in the shaft that is the covering protector of the brain. This shaft simply needs to be rebuilt, and that is what Octa does. No need for any devices, as I suspect are implanted.
      But theres absolutely no money in it for the medical profession to tell people this bonafide cure. They would rather 'treat' people, rather than cure anything.

  11. Expounding on my last comment....just 2 examples of the many failed attempts at human intervention into nature. Animal cloning and genetically modified foods...both miserable failures!... (not to mention the negative environmental impact!) John you speak of wanting to help the child with a genetic mutation....the truth of the matter is God or Source energy(I am not religious so I prefer source energy) or whatever you want to call it did not make any mistakes when creating life of any variety. It has been egomaniacal men who thought they could improve upon nature that have been the cause of every genetic mutation, every illness, every environmental disaster....nature is perfect....if men would just stop f'ing with it!!

    1. CF? Leukemia? Glaucoma, Cancers? Anemias? Hospitals are inundated with your perfect species. BS nature is perfect. Far from it. Try holding dying children with genetic malfunctions. Zero to do with man! If only only it were so. I wish. We are a flawed species.

    2. Hospitals are inundated with patients....NOW....go back 50 yrs and there was much less......look at the work of Dr Weston A Price who studied indigenous tribes of people around the world in the 1930's....their environments were near pristine as were their food sources and they lived with little stress (as we all do today)....and they had extremely little or NO disease and no genetic mutations...none!....Do you mean to imply that chemtrails, gmos, vaccines, pollution, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemical additives(ALL man made) and the like have not played a major role in disease including the so called genetic diseases?? That notion is naive at best!

    3. The Amish don't have the autism rate either...

      1 in 50 with autism that took vaccines

      1 in 25000 that did not take vaccines....

      I need Wanda to make the 112 genetic diseases associated with the Jews...

      Who if they can't cure themselves have been trying to give us their problems with GMO and pharmaceutical poison....


    4. There are 112 genetic/hereditary diseases among Jews… among blacks there are two – Myasthenia Gravis and Sickle Cell Anemia... among whites there are none. Efforts abound in trying to induce disease, but so far, we can fend those off and generally clear them up with proper nutrition. It begs the question: Is this what all the genetically modified food is for? What of vaccines? The premise behind vaccines is that introducing the disease to the bloodstream the body builds immunity. Injecting disease to cure disease, in refection, is the opposite of healthy. It is injecting disease.

      In studying further the 112 genetic/hereditary Jewish diseases, noticed is an inordinate percentage of insanity relative to general population…a preponderance of brain and neurological disorders which appears to stem from their unclean sexual perversions reinforced by their religion, which is phallic worship. Syphilis originated in the Jewish population which no doubt tainted the entire lineage and has carried through to today through genetic inbreeding.

      Mental illness is caused by many factors across all genetic lines... stress, abuse and poor nutrition are factors which create mental imbalance. A huge point, however, is the 112 genetic diseases unique to the Jews which is medical confirmation that something is awry and the correlation to parasites (syphilis is a parasite) is a smoking gun that crosses into every form of blood disease and parasites love the brain.

      The Khazar and other Jewish tribes raped, sacked, pillaged, drank blood and practiced occult religion. Hittite, Mayan and Canaanite had similar blood rituals of drinking blood and eating flesh and phallic worship.


    5. Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Diseases
      Bloom’s Syndrome (BS)
      Canavan Disease
      Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
      Familial Dysautonomia (FD)
      Familial Hyperinsulinism
      Fanconi Anemia Type C
      Gaucher Disease Type 1
      Glycogen Storage Disorder Type 1A (GSD 1A)
      Joubert Syndrome Type 2
      Lipoamide Dehydrogenase Deficiency (E3)
      Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD)
      Mucolipidosis Type 4 (ML4)
      Nemaline Myopathy
      Niemann-Pick Disease Type A
      Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
      Tay-Sachs Disease
      Usher Syndrome Type 3
      Usher Syndrome Type I
      Walker Warburg Syndrome (WWS)
      Sephardic/Mizrahi Jewish Genetic Diseases
      Ataxia Telangiectasia
      Corticosterone Methyloxidase Type II Deficiency
      Costeff Optical Atrophy
      Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
      Familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
      Familial Mediterranean Fever
      Familial Tumoral Calcinosis (Normophosphatemic Type)
      Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydogenase Deficiency (G6PD)
      Inclusion Body Myopathy 2
      Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2B
      Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)
      Polyglandular Deficiency Syndrome
      Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency
      Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
      Wolman Disease
      Jewish Genetic Diseases

      There are a number of serious genetic diseases for which persons of Jewish heritage are more likely to be carriers than the general population. Carriers are healthy individuals and are unaffected by the disease for which they were identified as carriers.. Two carriers of the same disease have a 1 in 4 risk with each pregnancy of having a child affected with the disease for which they were identified as carriers. Genetic screening, which can determine carrier status, is available. There are separate screening recommendations for Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews.
      There are a number of diseases for which persons of Jewish heritage (at least one grandparent) are more likely to be carriers than the general population.
      A carrier is not affected by the disease; however two carriers of the same disease have a 1 in 4 chance with each pregnancy of having a child affected by the disease (See Genetics and Carrier Screening).
      These diseases are serious: fatal, life threatening or life-altering to the children born with them.
      There are different genetic concerns for people of Ashkenazi Jewish background (Germany or Eastern Europe), and persons of Sephardic or Mizrahi Jewish background (Mediterranean, Iran/Persia or Middle Eastern).
      Ashkenazi Diseases

      Currently, carrier screening for 19 genetic diseases which affect persons of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage is available (see list below). With advances in genetics this list is likely to grow in the future.
      Sephardic and Mizrahi Diseases

      There is no single pre-conception screening panel for persons of Sephardic or Mizrahi Jewish background. Persons of Sephardic or Mizrahi background should discuss their own particular family heritage with a doctor or genetic counselor and be screened accordingly.
      There are currently 16 genetic diseases that affect persons of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewish heritage for which screening is available. Screening recommendations are based on geographic origin.
      Cystic Fibrosis and Spinal Muscular Atrophy

      Screening for Cystic Fibrosis and Spinal Muscular Atrophy are recommended for persons of all backgrounds. We include them in both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic and Mizrahi disease lists.

      Ashkenazi Diseases (PDF)
      Sephardic and Mizrahi Diseases (PDF)
      Screening Programs

    6. so this proves several things.... and likely the blood sucking rituals and unclean environment of the mongrel hordes from the lifestyle in Khazaria to the Warsaw ghettos created poor nutrition and blood diseases born from inter breeding and syphillis type parasites....

      People don't need nanotechnology....

      they need clean habits, food and water and to not devour blood... and the vaccines are full of fetus parts and all sorts of creepy ingredients ... blood ritualists.... run our world....

    7. Sounds like built in Khazar "control". Too bad they can't keep their diseases and disgusting ways to themselves though.

    8. I don't like Snopes but here is the background on the discussion of fetus parts and blood parts in food products such as Pepsi....

    9. Far too many people still do not understand God, but profess to. God did NOT make any mistake when creating man; but he only created one woman, one man...the rest of us ALL has been procreated; born. God had nothing to do with us all being born, telling mankind ''go YE and multiply'.

      If anyone thinks God created each of us, AFTER he already stated that 'He wished he had never made man to begin with'!! then why would he continue to make people, when He regretted the whole idea in the first place.

      So it stands to reason and set in stone that we are all BORN; and that that is left to decision of man. Some choose to have children while others chose not to. Makes no difference to God one way or the other.

      Now how healthy we are born, or not, is dependent upon nutrition. Its well known for example that a lack of folic acid during pregnancy will cause spinal bifida in the child.
      John has an elaborate scientific way to fix what nutrition would do, easily, and 'fix GODS screwups' lol.
      Oh my are ya ever getting 'far out there' all from a lack of simple understandings.

      I agree with Geno, and others here, hitting the nail on the head. Its the schitt that we are having foisted upon us that IS THE PROBLEM. And we don't need sci-fi to fix it.

    10. @John "Cancers?"

      If you are drawing much of your medical insights from a panel of experts. Perhaps its time to consider that some of your advisors may not be worth their salt if they are not also advising you on promising blackballed studies that offer no path to patent residuals treatments with long term lack of regression [five,ten,fifteen years plus] . Advisors/counselors have proven thousands of time over to have been the detriment of the publicly declared intentions of many men of renown.

      This is just one of many known documented alleged cures to cancer that has been blackballed and never given the light of peer review.

      Gerson Therapy - a documentary of nine long term cancer survivors available at Hmm, survivors without relapse well over 5 years and you still cannot call it a cure.

      A Cancer Therapy : Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Max Gerson (1958, Paperback)

      Red palm oil's role in a long term cancer survivor

      3. Another alleged Colon cancer cure- look for the yucca shidegera studies

    11. It is well known that the "business" of curing cancer is much more lucrative than the curing of cancer... I know, I have personally experienced it and I didn't have cancer...

      Get Real...

  12. John:

    Just go back in time 30 years and you see childhood cancers were unheard of. The diseases we are looking at are not created from nature... it is the opposite of nature that is creating them.

    This obsession with doctors and pill bottles is a strange sort of necromancy... it is unnatural.

    Hippocrates: Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

    1. Spot on Wanda! Also agent orange, depleted uranium, leaked radiation all cause genetic mutations...all which evil or misguided or plain ignorant men thought were a good idea....DNA repairs itself when toxins are taken out of the equation and the body is nourished properly. Humans can live well into their hundreds and be active and live productive lives if given half a chance...If you want to do something really good for mankind John, then this is what you should focus on(clean air, clean water, clean food, clean energy)...not replacement parts because man caused the breakdown of the body and now needs to fix it...

  13. Well done Geno... you forgot the link to the 112 Genetic Diseases article, here it is:

    While we're at it... go to this page, scroll to the bottom and ask yourself why they changed the ambulance Caduceus has been changed, you'll have to see this one to appreciate it:

    1. no thank you and sorry about the lack of link....

    2. Wanda found the 112 diseases and her and I put our heads together on some theories.... theories we hope more qualified people could expound upon....

      Not those seeking elite approval and grants though....

  14. who watched Lethal Injection?

  15. John - You see you have lost the battle. It just aint a gonna fly here; too many people jumping on your tail, and you arent gonna be able to get off the ground.

    An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure' and the best place to start is with a good Detox program.

    1. Im not in a battle Abby.The issue long since left the stations. All major countries are heavily researching. Non can afford to be left behind. Your own country is the largest researcher. Vast budgets are expended. No one can or will stop it now. With respect, you cant even retain your own Constitution. You have no say in any key affairs and an Illegal rules backed by a lot of very malevolent parties. All any of us can hope to do is encourage ethical use and direction. Hard fact, millions suffer now, who fixes them? They caused non of the problems. Your case, we throw away the key to knowledge and just let them die? There are no worse prats than Zealots. Wasn't Jesus " Allegedly" killed by Dogma peddlers? Did he not seek to cure the sick? Life will go on, and our species will progress. The gene faults are among us now. En masse. You want them to die, or we fix them?

    2. Geno
      Good list. Well done. Vast millions. Do we fix them up where possible, deny them breeding rights as it keeps passing on allowing them to procreate, or give them Abby's clean water and ignore reality? What of the needs and rights of the vast millions now living with so many problems? Which God will fix that? Any we can help cure, to me, is Gods blessing. Ignorance is not. Many of these DNA faults started Millenniums ago. CF came from Scandinavia in the 7th Century with the Vikings. 1,400 years that alone has ravaged man. Now, as with many such horrors, we are unlocking the faulty Gene codes and splicing a clean DNA back in. Rather this than wars killing millions. Saving lives is no bad thing. Your own list Geno, count the numbers. Do we let them die, or fix them up where possible now? Do we stop them cross breeding and passing it on? Really? Try it. Or do we, as an advancing humane species, work on good projects to help the sick? Do we take away the new limbs from War victims? Stop restoring hearing? All science. Good list, good job, many questions. Many suffering. Do we help them, or give them " Clean Water" and a bible to bash?
      The problem gets bigger now, until we fix it. Cure the sick, or fund wars? Can you wonder why they don't even Consult or ask now? Faced with that?

    3. I say clean water too... and organic food...

      and yes...let nature decide... they are sewing disease into the vaccines, can you for once let what we are all telling you sink in?

      You are like a dogged car salesman.... nothing deters you from your path and we are telling you it's egomaniacal...

      sorry but it is....

      You have been believing the wrong people far too long....

    4. Now you see why TPTB just don't bother advising or consulting any more. Some get it. The rest, how do you educate ignorance? One can take a sit down part as the third Witch in Macbeth. Maybe the herd are happiest just left in the dark. God help you left to nature. At least we can help some. Sr and his cohorts will just herd the rest. An Illegal as top man. Justice owned by Israel. The Fed and Treasury controlled by Zionists, as are the banks.Are there any non Jewish Supremes left?
      Of course we are looking at cleaning up the environment, but who acts for the Millions of sick who do need help now? Non of who are to blame for any of this. Your country causes the Wars. We just try to help your sick. our Leaders won't. God, ignorance is Bliss.

    5. John: Really? You really believe what you just wrote? Evidence abounds TPTB have done just that... they have educated ignorance.

      You are familiar with the black and white tile floor of the masonic tracing board? Well, think about this... when you get educated (INDOCTRINATED) they place a mortarboard on your head and hand you a sheep's skin. The symbology should tell you that you have been shorn and they now consider you lower than the floor of the temple... that's pretty low. Now that you have your D-gree you find you are seldom able to A-gree with anyone possessing more holistic intelligence. Educating ignorance is exactly what they do... they don't want an educated populace.

      Here's an idea... do nothing. Stop adding to the pyre... stop confounding... stop trying to "help"... step back and think. Apply the kiss (keep it simple, stupid).

    6. Up close and personal... a glimpse at elitist thinking....

      We monkeys appreciate the occasional banana.... and love the new cage.... and the shot you gave all of us have us really calmed down.... no more of that climbing and mating stuff.... we look at you looking at us...

      when new banana come?

    7. Base on my own gardening experience and studies I have adopted a much higher life quality standard commonly called bio-intensive gardening.

      IMO based on the scientific evidence I have found externally and in my own garden. 'organic methods' can only serve as a better bridge, than what we have now in 'industrial agriculture', back to more robust thriving nature with exponentially accelerated symbiosis.

      The signposts and hard analysis demonstrate that bio-intensive is yet a grade or more superior to organic gardening. (see some of the evidence, click here.)

    8. yes but what if we splice your DNA with Hercules? Or a Pterodactyl?

  16. Geno,
    This past week, I've been posting your blog link at places on the net. 1,300 daily visits should keep growing now, as word spreads by the newbies coming , reading and getting an education like no other unavailable elsewhere. But, I am pleasantly surprised that no troll activity has manifested. I hope I have helped to grow your numbers here. Can you make the hit counter visible for us?

    Do you have any bright ideas how to stop all the damage done by the daily chemtrail spaying planes death, to the planet AND to individuals? Any secret science that removes all the nanites we have in our bloodstreams now thanks to these evil VERMIN? I think those are much more insidious and part of their long-term plans, the aluminum a close second. This is what they do when practicing science in secret, John. They turn it all into weapons instead of the original INTENT of the research. And, what of junk-dna activation research, John. THAT is the answer, not dna-splicing.Repair the dna which was shut down millennia ago to control us. NOT CUT OUT & REPLACE. When science embraces spirituality & recognizes it in it's research is only when I will begin to trust science as the answer. Reactivation of what CREATOR OF ALL put inside of us would be a monumental new beginning. I believe your trust in this new technology as THE answer is misplaced.


    1. the good slave peoples of the planet earth... thank you....

    2. very valid talking points daryl....we are poisoned at every turn....and is totally unavoidable ...

      first we have to stop these things from happening....second we should look at using technology to create a better quality of life...cause if it is done in reverse ....I see the rich getting a longer and better quality of life .....the poor getting sent to the MONSANTO GLUE FACTORY....

      if not.....then nothing has changed....those who have means get it....those without means have no meaning...

  17. 40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don't Know
    A bit of a review of the facts that we know......

    Here are 40 links of a chain that imprison humanity. What good is life-extension & eradication of disease when the links hold us enslaved? It only benefits the plantation-owners, and would be the 41st link added to the chain!!


    1. now posted as its own...thanks....

    2. sort of felt I should leave their videos on their page so people had something extra by going there...excellent videos...

  18. UK "artist taxi driver" is my latest HERO!!
    Here's today's edition of
    BBC Sucks O Cock News:


    Artist Taxi Driver "interviews" Max Keiser 3 days ago in London cab recording, as he drives him in circles to get "the story" from the legendary(?) MAX KEISER.


    1. love this guy and his passion....right , wrong or indifferent....i could seriously have a few beers with this guy...

      thanks for the posts daryl....

    2. You are very WELCOME!! Glad you enjoyed them.

      Could you imagine millions of people like that descending upon all the gubermint buildings??

      HERE is what happens!!

      It's coming. IF their present course stays the way it is presently.... GUARANTEED.


    3. Daryl - Honestly, I think the 'Romanian Treatment' is more in order, lol.

  20. My newest HERO Artist Taxi Driver vid selections in chronological order.

    I bet $$$ he has a job in alternate broadcasting SOON!! Who(Geno?) wants to start an escrow account for donations for this guy to fund him in his OWN SHOW? NOT hard to do, nowadays with internet. Look at RED ICE?? $1.87/mo and he'd get 20,000 subscribers inside 2 months! GENO, of course would be co-chair!!
    Have me(~Steven) controlling incoming chat-line questions live.
    SOUNDS like a plan to me?


    1. The man is like Max Keiser on steroids!!

      Seeing that one with Max Keiser in the cack, I thought was a joke at first. But, no, that was actually Max Keiser! How did he swing that? Did his homework, I guess. Maybe Stacy told him where Max would be at what time? Probable...



    Speaking of keeping us ignorant while the truth has been right here with us all along... we speak it.

    Everything has been pulled apart and confounded... deliberately. To discern the truth you need to go back to the beginning and simplify things.

    I don't know if everyone will be able to grasp what the guy in this video is saying (actually, it is two parts, above is just part 1)... but for those who can... you should be able to connect a lot of dots and see a much clearer bigger picture. This is about the best i've seen.

  22. Does the telephone/technology convergence in our own lifetimes define childish dreams or mature intellect in the net results.

    The most obvious example is what happened to the telephone over the past thirty years. We computerized every phone system in America to “improve communications.” The net effect is that after all that time and expense (billions of capital investment), it is now nearly impossible to get a live human being on the phone, whether you are calling a Fortune 500 corporation, a non-profit charity, or your best friend. Has that improved communication? What you get instead are robots that waste big chunks of your time forcing you to listen to complex call-routing menus – often ending in futility.

    Companies and institutions assume that they benefit from the “efficiency” of not having to pay gangs of human receptionists. But they only succeed in annoying their customers and clients, who are treated as pests to be avoided. In effect, phone systems became firewalls, not communication enhancers.
    (read more here.)

    1. I like this...give us the link....

    2. That's right Tim... plus the added benefit of destroying jobs and taking us farther away from one another... all in the name of "helping" us.

      Meanwhile all the crooks have got their fingers in all the pies... and it all depends on them, the wise guys... and they'll suck every shekel out of it they can, till it's ruined like everything else they sold us as a good idea. We have got to stop taking the bait.

      They have conned us so hard and for so long, they now have no choice but to take us out... that is the breadth and depth of their crimes. Doesn't even matter that all they will be left is with themselves... they clearly don't look down the road and consider those things... they can't... they are psychopaths.

    3. Thanks for the Bonacci link wanda. Many of the secrets being withheld from us are hiding in plain site as Santos makes clear.

      The Latin language, if we were able to read or speak it more fluently, would probably undress this mistress and reveal a lot of what has been suppressed. Do we need to wonder why it's no longer widely taught?

      And speaking of secrets and misinterpretations, the bible can tell us many things if we would stop taking it so literally.

      Bill Donahue has several video presentations that discuss how adhering to religious dogma, and those who promote it, has nearly steered mankind off of a cliff. Thank god (pun intended) people are starting to wake up.

      One good turn deserves another:

    4. Hugh - I think that God put everything in the earth that we need for good health, and for eating.
      One must not look to churches or the people who attend them, as being truthful dogma, but they adhere to 'whatever makes them feel good', and then it is thought that THAT is true dogma. (it is not)

      As I posted above, and probably no longer going back that far, I stated that Octacosanol in high dosages is the CURE for MS. (this is simply a derivative of wheat germ) etc etc. Full post is above in response to timbo.
      P.S. Much of the bible IS literal.

  23. I thought that <a herf tag stuff would work. Sorry.

  24. Wanda - You are soooo right. What has happened is that nobody talks to each other anymore, not even close friends; now they are just hurridly tapping away on a little gizmo, trying to get carpal tunel of the thumbs, lol, which I hope happens real soon. All they see with their eyes is that little gizmo and oblivious to the world around them.

    John - proof you DONT read what we say; I'm not the one who ever mentioned 'clean water' in here. That was Geno.
    And YOU are in charge of the zillions in the GS??

    Timbo - is right. Its all about the nutrients in OUR FOOD, or the now, lack thereof.
    One good example is that just a few short decades ago we did not see people with diabetes. Now we have very young children diagnosed with it. But then I guess these Brainy Researchers in power didnt realize that there is literally NO chromium in any foods today? And that this total lacking has/would provide the medical profession with TONS of diabetics for them to treat for their whole lifetimes? Or that these deliberate chemtrails wont provide them with a whole host of diseases, upcoming? Or that their brainy idea of GMO's and the ban on farmers to use any non-GMO seeds?

    Oops, but John now wants to waste even MORE money on FIXING them, the long round about way. And he refers to US as 'ignorants' because we have simplistic solutions, and don't go whoopee over his scientific ideas.

    1. In comes Abby with her Spitoon, Bible,Cauldon and broom stick again. Wise and broke? A bit late to wise up now isn't it Abby? You don't think, maybe, you are deluded, sad and psychotic?

    2. John - Yeah, nutrional lack is just too simplistic for you, even after Harvard Medical School did the study regarding lack of chromium is what causes hypoglycemia. Plus I know this to be a FACT in my own life. Why do you think I no longer have hypo??

      John, you must really pray about your hatred of christians, and of your childish verbage. Do you really think I'm affected by such words? Think again.
      You could really try to fit your responses to the content of what you're responding to.
      Your spitoon is overflowing.

  25. Thanks Hugh... good stuff.

    Although i think he places too much emphasis on meditation, i find it much more straightforward than that. It is just an understanding the symbology that went into the true religion that was based on science... as above, so below. Once you can see how it has been obfuscated and re-packaged by various sects (sex), in freemasonry, in science fiction, in everything, actually... the superstitions and fallacies fall away.

    Far from killing God... it deepens and strengthens the knowledge that there is something in play much larger than us, that which truly created everything... it brings us in and makes us part of it... it is all. The truth is always there in nature. The more they try to destroy truth... the more truth will destroy them.

    I applaud him and all others doing this sort of exposure... you never know how you will reach any given person. Any way we get there is fine by me.

  26. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster
    for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of
    those of us who live in "advanced" countries, but they have
    destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected
    human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological
    suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have
    inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued
    development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly
    subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage
    on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social
    disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased
    physical suffering even in "advanced" countries.

    Ted Kaczynski, asked me to post this response for him, as he has no computer access at this hour, lights out and all.
    My bunk's right below his and he doesn't know how to work his iphone, lol.

    1. Tell Ted I blame him for the 48 cent stamp...

  27. "Millions of innocent kid born with and dying of HIV because of Arse bandits. How can we cure this vile disease? Technology helps. We are a badly flawed species. The appliance of science helps. We can not handle the G forces of Space Flights. What's wrong with adjusting and improving our Cellular systems if we can? I value the right to life. Without parties behind the curtain you have no voice." John

    "A UN-WHO communist trojan horse in our biological warfare center with the full blessing of the U.S. government? The creation of the AIDS virus by the WHO was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. So successful in fact that most of central Africa may be wiped out, 75,000,000 dead within 3-5 years.

    It was not an accident. It was deliberate. In the Federation Proceedings of the United States in 1972, WHO said:
    "In the relation to the immune response a number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized."
    They suggested that a neat way to do this would be to put their new killer virus (AIDS) into a vaccination program, sit back and observe the results.
    "This would be particularly informative in sibships," they said.
    That is, give the AIDS virus to brothers and sisters and see if they die, who dies first, and of what, just like using rats in a laboratory.

    They used smallpox vaccine for their vehicle and the geographical sites chosen in 1972 were Uganda and other African states, Haiti, Brazil and Japan. The present or recent past of AIDS epidemiology coincides with these geographical areas. "
    That took about 2 minutes to google. Arse bandits? Are you kidding me?
    Christ, what the F is this dude blabbering about?

    1. Not just blabber, in power and hands on the controls....;)

    2. Like I said before, John's playing his hand for all to see now, and that's cool, we all have a job and a part to play, we just aren't being paid right now.
      But we'll end up with the pot in more ways than one. Tru dat.

  28. I agree Graham that it's been a disaster for those who were unable to hitch a ride or were denied access. Now our rush to "civilize" the nation and the third world has come full circle and is about to bite us in the ass. Richly deserved I might add. What our "leaders" have done, in our name, to the indigenous peoples and other tribes, including blacks of this land is atrocious.

    There is something very appealing about an agrarian society that rings true in this fast paced world that we inhabit today. The therapeutic benefits of rural living alone is enough to want a reset back to the 18th century or earlier, but coupled with the added bonus of eating some good tasting, healthy food seals the deal for me. How I yearn for a tomato that actually tastes like a tomato. Remember those?

    I've said recently that if I could just be left alone without some statist looking over my shoulder every time I want to inhale I could be happy with just 40 acres and a mule. Just let me kick back after plowing a few shares or after prepping a few catfish for the frying pan that were caught in my pond; prop up my tired dogs and take a swig from a jug of good sippin' whiskey now and again. Damn, I'd be in hillbilly heaven.

    1. Hugh, them days is a comin'! Maybe I'm just naive, but I'm gonna stay that way and keep bouncing along on the river because I gotta say, The bad guys are officially FUCKED and they know it.

      Don't believe it? Keep your eyes and ears peeled, we got us a bright future up ahead and everything you just wished for is on its way, because you put it out there into the universe and intent is an amazing thing. Believe it.

  29. Dear Abby,

    Christians are the stupidest of folks....they and I mean the fundementalists fall for every lame sick demented thing that the zionists put out and it is amazing really how stupid that they are....I used to be one of em...

    I would say that science would show that all of reality is vibrational and that our tiny brains sit in our skulls with little way to see all that is going on in our universe.....and I mean you attack john here with your absolute nonsense.....

    I will give you a simply example of simple technology that gives man a way to move...and fast....the humble bicycle....

    Its faster than any horse and the new ones built out of high tech materieals have conquored most regions of the earth where the horse could never go....

    It would be like a microscope that lets our brains stuck in our skulls to decode a world that we can not see....or the air plane to make us fly....

    Modern evangelical Christians thumping their bibles are ludites....

    The Earth is surounded by magnetic fields and so is every human and so everything is vibrational and there is a new Spirituality that does try to explain this science and I am sure dear John is privy to some science that would blow our minds....

    I indeed do not hate Christians and I love Jesus for what he was not god but a teacher and the truth is that men used his name to fight wars and to keep people in ignorance.....

    I believe that time is now over and that you dear Abby not John needs to re-thing your spirituality....

    That statement is not out of hate but out of much love for you and love for the truth and the truth is that man can influence his world with his thoughts and that is what the "Church" wanted kept in the dark....

    I see a world coming that will have new spirituality and technology to cure sickness and help men move....and to space travel and that cosmic human? It is all vibrations away....and I think that many things in that doc will not be needed....

    And of course my thoughts and words are way above my current pay grade....


    1. Excellent response, and thank you.My remit precludes certain releases,but at least you understand, when I say- I KNOW!
      In the case of Abby, had the real Jesus known that she was a pre cursor, he WOULD have cut a deal with Pilot.
      Our intentions are all honorable and with true wishes for beneficial goodness only. We know what they did to even Jesus? The rabble get rapidly roused once any concept gets beyond their pay grade. Trying leads to dying, as he found out. Theres always an Abby out there. The Old Agers, are the current New Agers who want to stop progress. The real Nutters who seek to deny the emergence of a new era of real consciousness so badly needed.Whats coming will emerge in its time. Not before time.
      Thank you for your valid contribution.

    2. KMB - Well sorry to disappoint you but Im not 'a modern day evangelical (pagan)christian'. Try to learn that you cant get your idea of what a christian is, by looking at people who SAY they are christians, or present themselves as such.
      No, there is not any new spirituality needed. The old original one works just fine, if you really know how it works.
      And it seems you are yet another GUY who loves to think you can beat up on a female here, LOL.
      Its obvious that you have failed to read ALL those other posters in here who are also calling John's ideas bullschitt.
      You buy into this sci-fi idea without even considering the downside, because the downside to it has been cleverly omitted. Now if you want to be implanted with some gizmo that will make you 'more intellectually acceptable to John' -- fine, have at it.
      And while you are at it, go book your flight on the Starship Enterprize and enjoy such a life among robotic intellects. Won't bother me one bit.
      Bon Voyage !

    3. Trouble is, her broomsticks now run out of gas on welfare. How can they see visions in the Kingdom of the blind?

  30. Video Highlights from Citizens Disclosure Hearing - April 29, 2013

    Oopsie!! Aliens, greys, reptilians, mantis, Lyrans, Pleadians don't exsit.....


  31. I think it might be helpful to some of us if we had a visual presentation (video) of this 'Cybernetic' concept as well.

    Is this an accurate presentation of this?

    2045 - A New Era for Humanity

    1. I posted it with a comment. Thank you for participating in research and content.

    2. Glad to help.

      BTW, I'd like to place my pre-order for an adroid duplicate of Geo.Soros to serve as my personal butler, so I can demean and work him at the most menial tasks on a daily basis.