Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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"We the people" as the "First Line Beneficiary" and true owners of:

The United States of America

1. What is Taxation?

ANSWER: A revenue source.

2. What is Investment Return?

ANSWER: A revenue Source.

3. What Enterprise operations do?

ANSWER: Generate a revenue Source.

** The Big question of ending all taxation? **

With all on the same page for the first time in History

ANSWER: Use #2 & #3 to "knock out" #1

Webmaster note: See previous post for my comments on "white collar mobs" and see this to dig deeper and support Walter Burien and Clint Richardson. The Fiat money/ Fractional Reserve Mafias... The Tax mafias hate these guys and this concept. If they (white collar mafias) hide trillions in plain sight while raising your property taxes and crying poor... do you think that this may indeed be the ANSWER to ALL the problems we see of fiscal corruption? I do... well...most anyway... A building needs a foundation built on rock not clay.



    My living situation vanishes Sunday... I need a few contributors to help me find a new place to plug in.

    1. Get Real made an excellent point regarding the Plunge Protection Team (PPT)or the Rally Protection Team(RPT). When they fail in their ongoing attempt to continue the allusion that all things are as they should be, the banks will HAVE to blame someone, anyone for their historical malfeasance. Why not terrorists? They are cornered with no more options to employ except a war to end all wars and that means detonating the "big one"; most likely blaming N.Korean or Iranian al-Qaida elements as convenient scapegoats. At this point it doesn't really matter who, does it?

      And why not? They've got their tickets already punched with their cozy underground lairs waiting to sit out the carnage and unless there is some divine intervention in play this is not only possible but plausible.

      I wish I could help bud but things here are tighter than they need to be. We're one late payment removed from setting up shop in a large cardboard box. Could not even buy those dinars that may have given us a little breathing room. Like others, we're in survival mode. Sigh...

      My previous advice still stands; if you have to plug in elsewhere anyway, make it west of Chi'town.

    2. CAFR1 is the 'Jubilee' you and most everyone needs
      because 'the debts' are covered by what is in the 200K plus CAFR's across the USA and Canada.

      Mesa, AZ and Iceland are the models that prove this out.

      Contribute all time and effort you can in your local county and/or state. If you paid 0 income taxes your whole life to date would your situation be better right now? Mesa, AZ is proof no one needs to pay property taxes to pay for projects and services they are already paid 3,4,5 times over.

    3. I'm a mile from Mesa, so I'll be looking into their success and key people. Thanks for letting me know that Mesa was a model. Yeah... Mesa was in bad shape financially awhile back.

  2. Excellent post on solution already successful in Mesa, AZ!!

    CAFR's were used to id where the money was hidden and the city has 0 property tax, 0 restaurant tax, etc.!!!

    Let's give Mr. Walter Van Burien his Howard Hughes moment before the U.S. Senate.

    @John I am confident you and some of your friends and their friends can open some contact doors Mr Van Burien would need opened. Just as I suspect happened with the
    three unbacked illegal transfers
    made known on the floor of the House of Lords.
    IMO this would be more like a resurrection of 'the knights of the roundtable' event.

    He has proven he is one of the men you are looking for to tear away mountains of corruption squirreled away the CAFR's
    by the white Esquires and Public Auditors mobsters infesting all levels of government in US and Canada.

    CPA's usually do not know this stuff since they do different accounting method. Here is a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report walk through conducted in NC with PA.

    Part 1. 10 mins

    Part 2. 10 mins
    at 1:10 seconds in part 2 you will hear him state one aspect of how they created 'liquidity' in the credit crisis of 2008 also
    by sleight of hand this money was shifted up into the state budget for said year 2008. My educated hunch is all states and provinces government agencies did likewise in 2008.

    Part 2. 9:54 long

  3. dang Geno you posted a topic that has me all fired up
    as it holds a real solution in it that has
    worked lawfully for Iceland and Mesa, AZ.

    So just how can there be
    really 200,000+ CAFR's
    with each one in the black
    in both the US and Canada.

    This professional auditors association knows
    these dark secrets hidden in openview.
    *~*Financial Officers Association of *~*
    *~* the United States and Canada *~*
    *~* (GFOA) *~*

    See your cafr state listing here

    Florida State Executive government has
    one CAFR

    Now for a simple breakdown taking my state
    Florida as a massively curtailed example.

    Most the departments have their own CAFR
    along with their quasi-government
    agencies like

    * transportation districts (DOT)
    Florida's Turnpike here.
    South Florida Regional Transit Authority here.

    * water districts
    * electric companies -
    see Jacksonville Electric Authority here.

    Did you think Water Works and Railroads,transportation,
    were in Monoply because it was only a game to play for fun?
    Or their state spinoffs like Floridopoly?

    Florida statewide reports here.

    All Counties
    example Miami-Dade here.

    All County School Districts in country!
    Martin County school Districts here.

    All City Governments
    Queen City Academy Charter School here.

    On the Parker Brothers -> Hasbro game connection to the array of CAFR's
    in a state we have been played just like this board game we played as children.

    Hasbro's game in real life has bro-ken many among us
    and just like the game of LIFE
    they were sent to the poor house based on the role of the Money Changers dice.
    Most of us even followed the queues in the game of LIFE acquired some professional
    trade, craft or education, yet still many are unnecessarily in the poor house.

    I venture the CAFR's hold enough in them to clean all the books if not most of them.
    CAFR = Jubilee that has not been granted by those of TDC.

    1. Though I talk about Individualism versus Collectivism and many think collectivism is the logical choice, it is your effort Tim as the individual that is running with the baton... It's Clint's and Walter's work as individuals running with the baton...It's mine doing what I can and everyone else who really cares to see right triumph over wrong...

      Collectives tend to demand a pecking order... a leader... and everyone waits for orders or to be led...

      As my friend Wanda says, death by a billion cuts...

      I believe Anthony Sutton said something very similar about taking down the beast...

      The CAFR is indeed the smoking gun... it's the treasure map to the hidden stash...

      Now all we need to find is where we hid our consciences...

      Where those who stick badges on their chests and in their pockets have hidden their sense of duty as it pertains to the individual understanding of what needs to be done...

      If your unit...your doing the wrong thing and you know it...

      Grow a pair...

  4. here is my province's nice little investment horde...

    sec page....

    list of some of the investments....4.554 billion..

    their board members are hand picked by the lieutenant governor of Alberta which is the "Queen's" representative in Alberta...and here i thought the Queen was just window dressing here in this frozen waste land.....according to their Act...

  5. Overnight Intel reports.
    Sickening. Post the IMF meeting, Lew went to O for a Dinar solution. He was told by an ex low grade, part time Union Organizer, there is no money.Now you have your answers on the Tanks,Armored Cars and Hollow heads! So far, not looking good. No sign of any Cavalry, only a population being led into Little Big Horn. This is not well received so more pressure will be exerted. Lew Can ONLY work with what he is given. Zero so far!Round 2 coming up. Hope by next week, Diplomacy may generate reason. Those at the trough have theirs and don't care. The FEMA camps and Rail cars look ominous.

    1. Sounds like the usual from the J word..."No money" Meanwhile throwing huge parties for their 12 year olds with Brittney Spears performing... I used to disc jockey and bartend and videotape the damn things...

      There is money...

      it is in the CAFR... and their tight little fists are allocating part of it to Istaeli commandos training in the basement of the mall of America...

      Europe can't wait to watch the blood shed can they?

      I will say this on behalf of all Patriots...

      We will take care of our thieves at home then make sure we starve the blue bloods in the old country afterwards...

      We know where the money is Gentleman...It's time we take it back.

      Homeland Security... If you are guilty of some crimes we extend you amnesty for an about face...use those armored cars on the bastards who are plotting the death of born here Americans... Your real family.

    2. john posted: "Overnight Intel reports.
      Sickening. Post the IMF meeting, Lew went to O for a Dinar solution. He was told by an ex low grade, part time Union Organizer, there is no money........ Hope by next week, ......look ominous."

      The above was posted by you at some point early morning... [can't determine when due to the times being off from my computer to actual postings...] However, compared to your postings of yesterday this one is disappointing and depressing to say the least... I know this is a moving target and changes minute to minute... for this reason, I am looking for an update from the above post. Is there any change - good or bad, to what you posted above?
      Get Real.

  6. Gino;

    Maybe John can throw you a few quid since he recently had the big score at 360MM+?

    And take a look at this one here just published. Who dropped the dime?

    1. Cb...I was thinking the same thing; why has John not offered up a little help to his fellow sidekick here. Amazing.

      Get Real - Sheesh, there is way too much at stake here and a lot of mandatory deadlines that have to be met or else Iraq stands to lose the protection of the billions we've frozen from the past. (dld is may 22)
      CL is strongly pushing to get the rv done. A LOT of people standing on the sidelines waiting to go in and set up business. Iraq rushing to get into the WTO.
      Way too much has gone into this for it to go POOF!

      I have to laugh about 'asking O' anything; that worthless usurper? Why would anyone ask him anything. I don't see Lew groveling at the feet of O, like a desperate little wimp.
      Sounds like some little parakeet who watches too much Zionist News Stations, who said 'there is no money'.
      And P.S.....bullschitt !
      YES, there IS plenty of money, and we all know who has it.
      Any questions?

    2. BS is right!!

      Get this thing funded and let's move on already, John. Wasn't it Einstein that said insanity is doing the same thing(diplomacy) over & over again, yet expecting different results?

      And, John, has Cameron gone mad? When you gonna get rid of that clown?


    3. Have you any idea how many times I get hit on for hand outs each week. It becomes sickening and never ending. Do it once and they are back again. You turn them down and you become their worst enemy. Experience teaches us its far simpler to simply let them go them go under the first time. I have bailed many and lived to regret all of them. So, I am no mans keeper.Every dollar is my Prisoner and stays that way. We usually end up where we deserve to be one way or another. Hard work makes luck.

    4. Are you suggesting I have nor earned support?

    5. We all support ourselves. No one bails us. The US screwed us for 60 years of WW11 War Debt for grossly overpriced rust buckets and scavenger pricing. Had we not taken the real brunt for 4 years alone, the Germans would have been landing on the East Coast and they would have had the A bomb first. They had the rockets, not the US, and were using them on London. Reality is far different from that Hollywood shite. Had we gone under, you for sure were next. Then Adolf would have mass nuked you for sure. Every night they blitkreiged us. Like 100 9/11s every night, but we did not go mass hysterical as a nation,we crawled out of our Bunkers every morning rebuilt fast and fought back. No one gave us a dime. Like the Alamo, we and the Russians took the pounding. The battle of Britain was the turning point when about 500 British Spitfires held in hiding for their mass offensive we knew was coming, appeared out of the sky when they launched 600 Bombers at us to finish us off as defenseless. They walked right into the trap. Over 200 bombers were lost that day. We lured them in letting them destroy Coventry so they thought we were defenseless to lure them into their mass attack by day. They swallowed it. We killed a third of their air power that night. Our young kids, 18 to 30 year olds fighting for their lives and ours. They came again day 2 and this time we came out of the sun and wiped out their fighters first. The great Nazi bully boys were in tears. Day 3 they came again and we wiped them out. It trashed them air power then we started attacking them. Did they like it? Not a lot! Dresden was worth it. Damn right we fried the lot. So, as a nation, hang in, believe and win. We made it happen. You will. You make your luck. We ate crap for 10 years. 6 years war and 4 more years starvation. We came back. You, as a nation, needed leveling back. A reality check. Do what you have to do to eat as a nation.Who cares? You don't keep a good man down.He gets back. Just stop believing in Disneyland and that crap in DC. Your fight as a nation is now. Get back, get even! See if next weeks funds are allowed out. A LOT is going on behind the scenes. The GS and Dinars will help a lot of you. You just need that break now.

  7. Sorry Tim, I tried to delete the deleted comment and the other one disappeared... But I took all 3 down...thanks for the heads up on that...

  8. Geno

    Keep your hands off the old Blue Bloods money. We know how to manage it, you don't. Making money is not the hardest part, keeping it is. LOL
    Hands off! We fought wars for less. Even think of moving on my pile and I WILL take your sources off you! That will slim your butt.

    For all Camerons problems, ( agreed) have you seen the alternative? After Bush Jr you tell us??????
    Then you let the Janitor in? Give him a mop and bucket first.

    Why keep telling us how to get your lost money freed up? Why for Gods sake, wont neutered American men man up? Sadly, having seen how their women run them, we know. BRICS has happened because the world is sick of US games. The UK kept the pound, we cross trade Euros and dollars, we are the new global banking base for Chinese money and soon we will be the the BRICS Bankers also.
    We are the worlds largest BG/ FOREX/ MTN and Bullion markets. Smart. Small Island, big reach.
    And Geno thinks of moving on us? We have skinned men for less.
    For all of you, we do care. Why else give you info help as we do? But, this is an American Skunk Pile and a US fix!

    We can't stand by and let you blow it, because if you do,under the signed UK- US Corp charter, you all revert back to us. We can't carry 310M on Welfare.
    Sort your Zionists and Texan mafia. Set America free.

    You HAVE all the Oil resources you need and gas. Why fund the Arabs? America can be turned around.
    Contrary to silly statements, real Diplomacy will help and is doing. At least you have real debate now on site and many key issues are discussed. Leave the Trailer Trash in the Senate and Congress where they will even stand out in IQ.
    The GS is imminent. O was run over for dissing the Dinars. Brits have solid relationships with the Arabs. We are "Working it!". Politically tightening the screws. We know how to wind in Muslim Mickey.

    1. I said "starve" the blue bloods not take their money...render unto Caesar...

      That means no longer feed their power fed by illusion... Their Tavistock mind games on the world...

      Such as their blood is special or that they didn't get their wealth from opium or diamonds or oil or imperialism or high yield trading programs...

      What exactly is a high yield trading program? A computer program that out trades all the schmucks doing it by hand on the trading room floors?

      analyzing data in microseconds and butting way in front of the line?

      Megaprofits rationalized how? Owning the game?

      Let's hear how CMKX faired in this trading or the thousands of others who were put out of business with flash crashes and pirate trading...

      And let us return to the question of the CAFR 110 trillion dollars hidden in "trades" while the white collar mob gets dividend checks and sit in choice realestate...

      So my work has no value John because I don't serve one of the many syndicates...

      Problem with being in blue blood forest, the trees blind you to the fact that the obvious isn't obvious...

      I hope true American Patriots are paying close attention...

  9. John said:

    "The GS is imminent. O was run over for dissing the Dinars. Brits have solid relationships with the Arabs. We are "Working it!". Politically tightening the screws. We know how to wind in Muslim Mickey. "

    THANK YOU for this HOPE, John!!!

    Yet, I do not appreciate the way you daily blame us for this bunch of vipers in our midst! WE DIDN'T ALLOW THEM, John. We were not even aware it was done to us (US citizens) until the Jekyll Island book got published! And, John, of course we DO NOT want to go back into "receivorship" to Britain, especially since we had ZERO KNOWLEDGE that had been done, going all the way back before Bretton Woods as Geno has so eloquently outlined for us all here to read. Geno is a national treasure, John, to me at least for ALL the work has done helping you & the White Hats, and his other stellar endeavors. Yes, we have a huge good gene-pool here, and have no wish to be taken care of by Britain, or anybody else for that matter! Agreed, work makes luck, that's a FACT! Thank YOU John, for all you are doing. Your updates on the GS, RV, etc...are so much appreciated!


    1. I guess I have to thank you for a very nice compliment... but I also have to humbly say I am not worthy of such a compliment...

      Now for the wisecrack...

      If I'm a national treasure we are in worst shape than I thought...

  10. darylluke
    I sometimes tease and send up Geno when he gets too uppity on the Brits if he gets it wrong. Where criticism is due, I stand back. Where deserved. Where not, I correct him and address a few realities.
    The real purpose of the site is debate and to unite you all in the fight. Doing nothing is an easy option for me.
    And Yes, I DO encourage him to fight for America. Throwing him a cryptic curve ball from time to time helps fight the flab with all those sauces he sucks in. Lol
    Fingers x- again- that maybe this week the GS and Dinars can break free. If so we can do a lot to help you.
    But for Genos knocks on our Blue Bloods I am going to make him sit up and beg like Pavlovs dogs for his. God will I pull his tail!
    Think of the Brits like Sneaky little Mexicans. However you spin the coin, we always make it land as heads up for us. natures survivors.

  11. The Stockton Bankruptcy Lie
    by realitybloger
    Is the City of Stockton municipal corporation really Bankrupt? No. Absolutely, 100% not. Upon further examination, this is not quite the correct question to ask regarding the financial state of City of Stockton. The correct question is... Which financial statements are being used in the Stockton bankruptcy proceedings, and which are being hidden or exempt? [...]

    Read more of this post

  12. From - (about 80% down in the article)
    - - -
    But here is the kicker…

    While government has taken the proceeds of that loan and reinvested that money into another investment fund, with a guaranteed rate of return on the investment, the government is at the same time charging the payments of the interest and principle of that original bond issuance (loan) on to the taxpayers. So the taxpayers will be paying off that loan for months, years, or decades, benefiting some other government, fund, or private corporation for which that bond was issued from, while government then invests that money and earns even more interest on that loaned money! And those payments will be paying back the bond even though the bond proceeds aren’t even being used!!!

    This is just one of many tricks for this legal organized criminal syndicate to suck the taxpayers dry.

    Also important to note here is that since the proceeds of that bond are “restricted”, those funds cannot be used for any other purposes by law. This is why government loves to put these types of restrictions on taxpayer monies, and indeed goes out of its way to not leave any money in the unrestricted fund balances! After all, governments are only following the law… and the law that they created says that restricted funds can’t be spent on other taxpayer needs (unless they want them to), and instead should or must be invested! What a brilliant scheme indeed.

    And thus, the “golden rule” is very true… He who holds the gold makes the rules … except in America, where government makes its own rules to govern itself, in order to hold onto the peoples wealth and property and turn it into gold at the peoples expense.

    Think about it this way, folks: If you had the chance to borrow $1 million dollars at 2% interest for 30 years, and at the same time had the chance to invest that same $1 million dollars and receive a guaranteed investment contract with a return on that $1 million dollar investment of 5%, while being able to withdraw that money at no charge to make payments on your original loan while keeping the extra interest as a profit, would you do it? That is, if you had no ethics, standards, morals, or values?

    Well, this scheme is only possible because government passed a law that said it was legal! That interest or capital gain does not by law have to be used for the purposes of the restricted funds of that original bond. Think about what is possible with this kind of unlimited power of law and money creation and tax money exaction and extortion through bond creation, with no punishments and no worries that the people might actually stand up and fight back or say no… let alone have a clue as to what is actually happening behind their backs in the first place!

    ---END OF SNIP---

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