Saturday, April 27, 2013

OPPT Debate

Here is a debate. Help me understand it all too.

and Keenan here

One hint to me about who is right and wrong comes when I can easily find and plug a video into these no brainer templates through Youtube.

However, as you can see, I cannot plug this Keenan video into this debate because it will not show itself thru this program...

If this template simply asked for a URL... likely no problem but youtube and BLOGGER find these videos by TITLE...

And like I said this Keenan video will not show itself in the no brainer video insert but the other one does....

Anytime that happens I take it under consideration as to which seems to be blocked by the MACHINE.

Is there more sides to this story?

Most likely and whoever knows, please weigh in.


  1. Just remembered I can embed the HTML code so I will do that.... just a second...

  2. Okay so the two opposing sides are represented, so those who know, fill me in....

    Remember just because someone we know takes one side or the other doesn't mean that side is right.

  3. Geno,
    This is the article that I find most interesting in explaining who OPPT is:

    The OPPT Code Has Been Cracked
    By Paul Short on 15/04/2013
    To all the freemen out there who read this: You already know that the reason why you have success in fighting the authorities both in and out of their courts is that you assert your own rights to self determination, and this self determination comes from the living soul within you. That living soul has never been defined in legal jurisdiction because it is not a concrete or tangible thing, even though it is evident by it’s own existence. It is your only defence against those who try and rule over you.
    To those who fall under the umbrella of newage belief systems: You choose not to take part in organized religion because you assert your individual spiritual beliefs that an entity communicating through your soul is your guide, not an organized religion. Your light from within guides your living soul and individual path through life, not governance or leaders whose aim it is to steer you down their path. You walk your own path.
    Every document that OPPT has filed and/or published essentially attempts to define what our essence, aka our soul, is. By using the language in those documents and filing them with various levels of government, our souls become defined within legal jurisdiction. Once anything is defined within legal jurisdiction, whoever the authors of that jurisdiction (the authorities) are can then write into law rules and language to govern it. The courtesy notices further solidify those definitions by having individuals define their individual souls.
    Previously, governments had to trick us into ruling over us through an elaborate web of deception with hidden meanings, dumbing down, facades, etc. because they had no way of claiming ownership of our essence which governs our own self determination.

    Organized religions, which are simply structured belief systems that govern the soul, had to convince people to externalize their souls by accepting beliefs in an outside source of spirituality. They had to trick you into believing in something outside yourself and once you do the authors of the belief system get to control your soul.
    This is why the OPPT thing concentrates so heavily on both freemen and newage religious types – because when you look at the world around you, you see that they are basically the only two groups of people left that assert their individuality and rights to self determination in their governance and spirituality. It’s an attempt to vacuum up the last of us out here who resist volunteering our consent to be governed by someone elses authority and beliefs.
    The implications of having the soul of mankind, the essence, the source, etc. defined within legal jurisdiction and within commercial code is absolutely staggering to anyone who comprehends the purpose of legal systems and code.
    OPPT is, by all intents and purposes, an attempt to define our essence, our soul, the one last thing we have within ourselves, which in and of itself brings it within the jurisdiction of commercial code and legalese, where the authors of said codes can write the rules that govern it.
    I implore you all to think about this within yourself rather than listen to an outside source that might try and deceive you. Do not accept this. Do not allow someone to define your soul, your essence, your source, in legal and commercial code. Do not give anyone or any entity the ability to write the rules governing your soul. It’s your last true hope for freedom.
    See my previous posts about OPPT below.

    1. Get Real
      Well done. Your on the right track.
      Each person IS the keeper of their own Soul. Consciousness is self awareness we are all integral to the total being of consciousness and the effects of our actions.
      Precisely why Humanity has hope when so many on the site are awakening, thinking and challenging. Ultimately, we are all carbon beings of star dust. Creativity, bound simply by the will to be.

    2. I used to hate it when people said welcome back to me but is felt like I didn't have the right to come and go as I chose without fanfare over it.... but good to see you....

    3. The reason this article spoke to me was due to the fact that so much of what OPPT kept focusing on was the "DO-ing" and "BE-ing"... The article clicked for me... made sense.

      I was in a skype room with the OPPT people for a while, open to the possibility of what was happening with OPPT. It became a chant, a mantra, for them.... "To- DO" "To-BE" It came across cult like watching it play out. The following is one of the postings from that Skype room. This one is mild, but there is no doubt that Mind manipulation is happening with this group.

      "The *Awareness* is key - when You see the ***essence*** of the *Paradigm-report* - the "OPPT" - the "UCC-filings" - the °I° - °°°UBUNTU°°° - all beaurocratic BS just drops and becomes irrelevant - because it gives You the inherent *competence* and *confidence* to DO and BE as You´re meant to in each and every encounter and instant!"

      My belief now is that OPPT is focusing on the NewAge Religion groups, which some believe is the religion to bring about One World Religion and will become the religion of the One world government, etc. Most of those in this Skype room were of the NewAge Religion... if it feels right, do it.

      I personally don't see OPPT as a positive move in the right direction. There are aspects of OPPT that may be good, but the entire package is similar to Obama Care... In that it has much written in the fine print that will be the final unDO-ing of this country. Those involved can't see the forest for the trees. Many are desperate for a change... Just as with O, people are drinking the koolaid.

      Get Real

    4. smells like another Luciferian New World Religion to me the more I hear....

  4. We are all just strangers in a strange land or you just can't make this shit up.

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

    1. Hugh,

      Jinx... posted a similar article on the proceeding post. Not sure what to make of it.

      My post is from the Huffington Post - If you begin to read the responses over there... some are already trying to discredit Sirius -


      55 minutes ago (10:40 AM)
      In the following seven-minute clip filmed by a Greer supporter, Greer leads a group of people into an invisible spaceship. The spaceship isn't really there, of course, so it's really just a group of dupes who paid good money to Greer so they could stand in the woods and convince themselves that they were actually inside of an invisible flying saucer.

      After seeing such a thing, why would you find Greer's claims about ANYTHING to be credible? He is obviously a crackpot and con artist.

      and this one:

      Questioning Credibility

  5. This new age religion is False Religion. And this is what is going on in most so called churches today. You cannot find most of their thinking and ideas anywhere in the Word of God, the bible.
    (No, men did not write the bible. Men wrote what God said to them.)

    1. Discovering fascinating structures withing the Bible. Which man/men had the foresight to do something with this level of complexity, evidence please?

    2. Timbo - Just what kind of church is Bishop Lowth a bishop of? I also notice the word Apocolypse is used on that site.
      We call it the Book of Revelation, not Apocolyps.
      And then I noticed that the church of mystery is mentioned. ? What is that? Sounds like another catholic term to me, for there is no mystery about it, and only the catholic church is into 'mystery'.


    The above is a link to a simple comprehensive site that thoroughly explains the OPPT and what's been accomplished so far. The best thing for anyone to do is read the information for yourselves and not make up your mind by reading someone else's opinion. We should be trying to escape that paradigm.

    Comparing Keenan and what he's attempting, to the OPPT, is probably futile as he's involved in a completely different journey, using a completely different approach.
    I hope he gets where he's going and stops wasting time at the Irish pubs in Jakarta.

    1. Heh...Neil sure does appear to enjoy tipping frequent pints no doubt. Those (alleged) hitmen sure wouldn't have a hard time finding him at the local watering hole.

  7. Ive read Heathers Site once or maybe twice, and from the beginning I had a bad feeling about it.
    They seem to have the idea there that they 'can speak things into existence or ..if they say it it will happen' and that is flakey religion. It goes on in a number of 'miracle churches' of today. Or if they think it, it will happen.This is indicative of playing God.

    We hear this a lot among the 'think positive and put down any negative thought or anything you hear that is negative'. Well, now isnt that just what the devil wants? That way you will never speak about his dirty deeds, and pretend it doesnt exist? Its also a way to never hold anyone responsible for their own wrong actions.
    You hear this among many so called 'christians' and this is not christianity at all. It is nothing more than a positive thinking class of numbskulls.
    One woman attached herself to such nonsense, thus rejecting the fact that her boyfriend spoke horribly to her, injured her physically,etc.
    This is called following the 'law of attraction' which means 'you will attract whatever you think' therefore never think negatively. And she ended up suddenly just killing him, and in lots of trouble. That is where this nonsense will get you; not facing Reality as it IS.

  8. I've said from the beginning when OPPT first popped, "Who the heel are these people to be taking all of our strawman accounts and putting these into their trusts? I gave them no such permission. Then, there is the fantastically crazy lingo/jargon-speak they use. The, there is th BLOOD used on signatures. They have everyone focused on the end result, yet this whole process they describe is dubious at best. They foreclosed on the Federal Reserve, Vatican, etc....? Really? How are so many seemingly very intelligent people falling for this stuff when there are so many outstanding un-answered questions?

    I WANT TO BELIEVE!! Where's the "beef"?


  9. My dear brother Geno,

    I simply do not care about this issue....I do not care about the dinar eval....I do not invest any time in any of these things.....

    I do not care nor read OPPT docs nor do I take much stock in Mr. Keenan....yet the uproar over his comments and your recent posts have me indeed wondering....and your insider John saying that Keenan is a scammer....I think the truth is more in that civil war going on in our world gubernment.....

    It is disturbing to me that our gubernment is a pure cerimonial gubernment and that elections are a sham and that folks like Keenan and your John call the shots from behind the sceans....yet that is the way things are....

    This is a post on Jeans blog....

    OPPT is a fucking scam.....simple as that....


    1. I am glad to see you guy's weighing in... I feel like the song... "there's something happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear...."

      I lose more and more brain matter to even want to figure it out so presenting two sides and asking for input as a think tank goes a long way to helping others look closer and be aware of sides in play.

      Like I said, Keenan video was made tough to insert and the other wasn't....stuff like that is a clue to me...

      But then so is impressions.... Keenan may be a great guy but he could make a great character actor in Good fella movies right?

      And the other guys, in their voices something smells of used car salesman...that Kelly guy. Just impressions I could be wrong.

      This sort of goes to the other fraud/hoaxes of misinformation.... sure it is a constant battle of what is what but the point is "exactly"

      No simple verdicts anymore...

  10. Gil,

    You really may be interested in reading this:


  11. Steven, those are someone else's mistaken opinions and I've read them. Ok, more opinions, but no understanding. The OPPT isn't anymore actually, it was simply a bridge formed within the existing system to accomplish an end result. That result was foreclosure of the world corporations, done, nothing to do with strawman accounts, or going behind your back, or any religious melodrama.

    There's nothing to join, sign, pay for, long as you feed the system your belief and fear, file your taxes with the IRS etc, they will continue, because that's what they do. If you want to file in behind Neil Keenan and his group, by all means do it, it's all according to what resonates with you and your free will.

    If bashing him and or the OPPT floats your boat, then have at it, but until we understand that we hold the energy/power, we will remain spinning tops within the corral. Who are you? Have a voice, form an opinion, say no, say yes, but get behind the wheel and drive your own life. Are you paying off credit cards? Debt? IRS? Car loans? Traffic tickets? Well get off your fucking 'hope' and stand your ground. Fuckem all, who are you?

    This post was not directed at anyone in particular, just everyone in a parallel universe that's having trouble with bad guys running their lives.

  12. Well, like I said, here's John again trying to push his 'awareness, consciousness religion' on us again.
    The truth is, there is simply MORE information coming to the top of the bucket now, more people exposing things, more speed of info due to fast phones and the Net, more people telling on people, the world is just a keystroke away, etc etc etc.
    It has not a damned thing to do with any of that awareness schitt.Some people need to get off their merry-go-round with the tinfoil hat stuff.

    1. Read up on the Cybernetic Manifesto. Wise up or check out of life. A world of ignorance will be no place to be. We advise you ONLY what is COMING. You really need to drop that crass gibberish you got indoctrinated with.Its Old Hat and DEAD. Education will change the nation. Try it.

    2. One thing for absolute certainty, there will be none of this rapture 'fantasy' ever happening.

    3. John,
      I am a cmkm shareholder, you put out that AH was on a possible trip to accomplish something GS related, was he successful in his endeavors or is there anything you can say as to where we stand now or elaborate on this, thank you

  13. Tomorrow I will post the Cybernetic Mambo. Resistance is futile apparently. The borg says so.

    1. Yeah, more of 'do as I tell you or else I will trash you with foul words' LOL

  14. I love your phrases, Abby, they bring a smile to my face. Here is a clip of John dancing, circa 2060, to bring a smile to yours:

    As a schoolboy, spoonfed on reductionist physics, the idea occurred to me that as the entropy of the universe increased and the proportion of metallic elements also increased through stellar processes, organic biological life would gradually evolve into inorganic life-forms: after all, it takes far less energy to shift an electron than it does to move an atom or a complex biomolecule.

    I now realise the universe is teeming with energy and life and is not destined for an inescapable heat death. We are ghosts in the machine; souls having a human experience. Would a kiss taste as sweet from a pair of titanium lips? I don't think so. lol.

    Our souls are already immortal; they create the multidimensional reality which our limited physical perceptions distort. Many of us have become so focused on the drama of it all that we dismiss our spiritual senses as unreliable - our imagination, intuition, sixth-sense, hunches, our deepest feelings. Whoever authored the Cybernetic Mumbo Jumbo has lost the plot.

    We are here on earth to exercise our free will and learn how to use our minds creatively and benevolently before venturing into the cosmic or higher realms. Transhumanism worries me because I suspect it will enable the psychopaths to extend their domain beyond our solar system, or that is their plan. Having trashed this beautiful planet they will seek others to subjugate and despoil. Jesus, I don't think that would make us very popular with the rest of the universe.

    This contention has been promoted by many who advocate UCC arguments. I provide here the above referenced pages from 41 Stat. ch. 214, which was an appropriations act for the federal government. These pages show that this act abolished some Treasury offices and also directed the deposit of government funds with various Federal Reserve Banks. I fail to detect how Treasury was abolished.

    The truth is otherwise. The Department of the Treasury was created in September, 1789; see 1 Stat. 65. In 5 U.S.C. §101, Treasury is listed as an executive department. The establishment of Treasury is codified at 31 U.S.C. §301. We certainly have a federal Treasury today; see 31 U.S.C. §302.

    Rather than being deceived by incorrect information like the above, if you wish to learn about the money issue, read this brief posted on this site, and you should also read Edwin Vieira's Pieces of Eight. Edwin is the foremost legal scholar regarding the money issue.

  16. John,
    I am a cmkm shareholder, you put out that AH was on a possible trip to accomplish something GS related, was he successful in his endeavors or is there anything you can say as to where we stand now or elaborate on this, thank you, posting once more in hopes it gets seen