Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nothing Israel But Strawberry Blood Forever....


Caught, Israel orchestrating world war

By Gordon Duff

Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:19PM GMT

The Israeli “security publication,” DEBKA, a key part of their “war through deception”
campaign against the world, has now made it inexorably clear, Israel is putting into motion
their “final solution,” a campaign to pit nation against nation.

The result, the planet a smoldering ruin, Israel ruling over the ashes and mass graves, is a
foregone conclusion, at least to Netanyahu and his worldwide terrorist network.
DEBKA openly admits plans to move Israeli troops into Syria and Iraq, to “con” Turkey, Jordan
and the Arab and Gulf States into a war intended to, not just destroy Iran and Pakistan but China
and Russia as well, pitting them against NATO in the fatal Armageddon they and their followers
believe will ensure Satan’s dominion over man.

Do people really think like that?

Yes, they actually do, the Zionists, the Neocons, and the Dominionists, a vast worldwide network
of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and power-mad tyrants. In America, those now seeking
to stage a military coup in the United States, submit to full Israeli control and lead the world into a
new “dark age.”

Conspiracy theory? Of course, very much so, but not just a theory but plans long whispered now
made clear, plans impossible to misconstrue.
Plans in motion

The plans are clear, an invasion of Syria, splitting the Kurdish region of Iraq off, into an Israeli
controlled military bastion for an invasion of Iran. What isn’t being said, however, is that, in order
to push the United States back to war after a decade of military and economic disasters,
assassinations, false flag terror and a campaign of counterfeit WMD intelligence is planned.
The proposed moves, as outlined below and confirmed through DEBKA, would require the
United States to return to “Bush era unilateralism,” moves unlikely if President Obama,
Secretaries Kerry and Hagel and JCOS Chief, General Martin Dempsey were still alive, despite
wild conspiratorial claims quoted below.

Softening up the Goyim

The American president is a likely assassination target. A new 9/11 style terror attack is a
necessity, the groundwork already laid at Sandyhook and the Boston Marathon.4/30/13 PressTV- Caught, Israel orchestrating worldwar

www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/04/27/300590/caught-israel-orchestrating-world-war/ 2/4
The preparations are already underway, with political and military division in the US being
contrived, “sequestration,” threats of gun seizure and a planned economic crash, another “pump
and dump.”

The terrorism is underway as seen in Boston, hoax articles outlining an imaginary 20,000 man
US force to move into Syria as a “buffer” have been placed in American newspapers.
World conquest and planetary annihilation

In the Middle East, Israel is coordinating with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States along with
Turkey, the Mossad supported Communist PKK terrorists in Turkey, key leaders in the Kurdish
Regional Government of Iraq, Al Qaeda led rebels and Druze militias inside Syria.
Syria and Iraq will be dismembered. Jordan has already fallen to Israel and their Al Qaeda allies,
now Israel’s base of operations against not just Syria but Iraq as well.

From there, the move will be Iran, then Afghanistan and the Caspian Basin.
If China and Russia fail to recognize the threat in time and “go nuclear” to block this move
against Asia, the planned attack on Pakistan, scheduled for a 2015-2017 time frame will bring
about a world war.

Beginning with deception and cover
More stories have been planted, more hoaxes, describing an agreement allowing Israel to build
an air base in Turkey to attack Iran. Turkey has failed to issue denials though such an act would
label them a rogue state. They are playing a very dangerous game and can well expect the
betrayal any “friend” of Israel suffers.

Turkey is fully “onboard,” cutting a deal with the Kurdish PKK, a first step toward joining Israel in
a conquest of Northern Iraq. Israel has also promised Turkey an “occupation zone” comprising
nearly a third of Syria.

Azerbaijan has long been steeped in Israeli/Turkish plots. They have been promised Iran’s
Caspian oil reserves.
They actually put it in writing

Key to this is getting the United States to follow the plans DEBKA clearly outlines for them.
Issue 585, dated April 26, 2013 has laid out their startling plans beginning with a broad move into
Syria. Israel has no plans to use its own troops, of course. Since their defeat in Lebanon in
2006, the IDF has been shown as capable of mass punishment and reprisals against unarmed
civilians inside Israel and the occupied zones.

DEBKA’s “fairytale” is carefully coordinated with terror cells and death squads in the US, all
working under the broad cover of America’s Israeli controlled press:
“On Friday, April 26, a few hours after this issue reaches DEBKA-Net-Weekly subscribers,4/30/13 PressTV- Caught, Israel orchestrating worldwar

www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/04/27/300590/caught-israel-orchestrating-world-war/ 3/4
Jordan's King Abdullah II will be sitting down at the White House with President Barack Obama. When they finish talking, they will shake hands on the exact date in the coming days for the
consignment of 20,000 American troops to the Hashemite Kingdom.

Obama has ordered the biggest overt surge of US troops in six years in any Middle East
This air base will be home to the incoming American troops. US engineering corps units have
been working 24/7 to expand the base, adapt it to its new functions and construct
accommodation for the GIs.

Most of the contingents will be airlifted to their new base from US and Europe through Israeli air
space, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly's exclusive military sources.
Israeli Air Force jets will escort the transports over the eastern Mediterranean until they touch
down in Jordan and keep an air umbrella in place over the American force for the duration of its

The heavy equipment - tanks, missiles, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles and Patriot
missile intercept batteries - will be transported by sea to two destinations: Jordan’s Red Sea port
of Aqaba and the Israeli port of Haifa.

These arrangements were tied up by Defense Secretary Hagel in his talks this week with Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Chief of Staff Lt.
Gen. Benny Gantz.

In those conversations, our sources disclose, Israeli leaders offered every assistance, including
air and intelligence resources, needed for preserving the Hashemite throne in Jordan, including
support for the incoming US force. Netanyahu gave this pledge to King Abdullah on the four
occasions that they met in Amman.”

The plans, quoted directly from the highest Israeli and Jordanian sources, could never be
realized without an America crippled by powerful terrorist organizations like AIPAC, long above
any law.

Current American doctrine prohibits any military action without, not only a UN Security Council
resolution but a new National Intelligence Estimate. Previous “NIE’s” had found no evidence of
nuclear programs in Iran. Similarly, current Israeli claims of WMD use by Syria were rejected by Washington this week.

Israel’s plans are clear. What is also clear is that many Americans will die to get Israel the war
they want, the war that Zionism needs to survive.
What is also clear is that, in order to get that war, more Americans will die and that many have
died already.


  1. Thanks for this link from Hugh.....sort of an unplanned "this just in" capping of a turbulent April...

    April flew by... My how time flies while blogging...

    This falls in with the idea the Jews/Zionists are panicking about the currency reset....

    They didn't work this hard at making us poor for nothing....

  2. Oh Israel will get their war alright, but it won't be like they think it will be. They are just stirring up their own demise, as they have by now pissed off every country in the world.
    If they think for a minute they are going to defeat China or Russia, they better think again. Even the bible foretells that 'all nations will rise up against Israel'. Its called the war of armageddon.
    Geno, I agree this sounds like they are sure afraid of global reset, lol. Also, I don't think DEBKA is a place to get real truth, do you?

    1. Or Gordon Duff? lol...sorry Gordon....

      My motto....

      You lie I repeat...lol.... I mean cry out loud....

      Abby it is a house of mirrors...

      I believe the history was written so long ago that it is just the script... One world is ah comin...um....here I mean.... and as someone else stated... been here a long time...

  3. I say bring it on... the more the merrier. If there is any truth to the YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY thing, and i think there is... maybe they are creating a genuine hollo-cost for themselves. All evil contains within itself, the seeds to its own destruction. I hope they suck seed.