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Mossad Handed

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From Jim Stone



These three "police officers" were the STARS of Sandy Hook. So why then are they ALL at the finish line in Boston when the gig goes down? WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR BACK PACKS AS THEY RUN FROM THE SCENE?.

WHERE IS THAT BACK PACK, VISIBLE IN OTHER PHOTOS? Let's see you find better proof against those Muslims you shot and killed. COOL, THE SURVIVOR IS AT BETH ISRAEL HOSPITAL, IN GREAT JEWISH CARE.

 Ha, here is ANOTHER ONE!!!

Whistleblower NAILS IT

Boston bombing outcome ratted to near perfection by whistleblower

People were not going to fall for the white american NRA angle, but there are enough meat heads out there to fall for the Islamic terror angle (still) thanks to a scamming zionist media that focuses on pure fabrication and deception, rather than even trying to hide or tweak the truth

April 19 UPDATE: NRA link now confirmed Read whistleblower testimony below for context

This ended up being bona fide whistleblower testimony with the Boston bombing. A note to the whistleblower: Thank you for loving your country enough to stick your neck out, god only knows if your head is still attached.

The following should NOT be ignored.
"I work on a security commission and I've just received word to start on a campaign we've been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.
I'll keep it as short as I can
They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he's unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.
I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don't let them hurt our rights."
--Admin comment - Let's step by step this as the elite scammers do it. Here we go:
Step 1. - COMPLETE "They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s (he ended up being 19) and say he did it because he's unstable(confirmed, they took the unstable approach." - HERE IS THE ARTICLE THAT PROVES THE LONE WOLF, SINGLE MAN DOING IT -Step 1 in the setup complete - READ THAT FREAKING ARTICLE THAT IS LINKED, IT IS SPOOKY
Step 2 - FINALIZED - GUN POWDER STORY CONFIRMED: They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home - UPDATE- NRA INDICTEDBY MSNBC. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. Step 2 FINALIZED (interesting it is that it is ISRAEL where the gunpowder story is being fronted FIRST. Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . . HERE is another link
Step 3 - OBVIOUSLY NEXT. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.
Step 4. FINALIZED - I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminals charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. - BINGO, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.
MY COMMENTS: Dead accurate, except they opted to frame a Muslim because the meat heads could wrap their brains around that concept, but not have the villain be one of their own

A note to the Jewish community - An air of superiority wafts off of you like the STENCH of a ROTTEN OUT HOUSE, A STENCH SO STRONG IT BLURS YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTH - YOU did NOT get away with this shit. Pay little mind to the fact that you have a perfect scam running in your media, this web site alone has had enough visits from awakened people to SCREW YOU OVER BIG TIME, BACK OFF. And what about ALL THE MIRRORS? My trickle down readership, which includes web sites that drastically surpass this one EXCEEDS YOUR POPULATION IN THIS COUNTRY. I cannot say anything more and stay online, but TAKE MY ADVICE - THE GAME JUST IS NOT WORKING WELL ENOUGH FOR YOU TO REMAIN COMFORTABLE ANYMORE. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE VOLUNTARILY TO AVOID HAVING OTHERS DO IT FOR YOU.

There are good people in your community who will no doubt pay the price FIRST. So goes reality when the psychopaths stab their way to the top and get powerful enough to isolate themselves from their evil and shrug it off on others who appear to be the same. That having been said, there are an awful lot of lower level people in your community who are complicit And OH, you call us non-Jews animals because we only "serve ourselves". How do you explain me then? Are you arrogant enough to call me one of yours, who "went astray"? I would not doubt that one bit!

Emperically PROVEN - ___ael DID THE BOSTON BLAST

Flew in Mossad actors for false flag media police show frame up of Muslim neuroscience student

And HEY, remember Holmes? Why does the Mossad always patsify neuroscience students? I bet he will show up to court heavily drugged also, if he lives that long.
And since I can't really post REAL news here that is critical of ___ael and tells people what to do about it, (regarding their _______ amendment rights) without getting shut down, I am happy to announce that VETERANS TODAY nailed it, and I can just parrot what they say.
The ____aeli police force "helping" with the boston blast had planned for it and scheduled their "help" session BEFORE THE BOMBING EVER HAPPENED. THIS MEANS ___AEL DID IT. Stupid Muslim Patsy flap in the mainstream "press" was needed because Americans won't fall for mister gunpowder right wing wacko. So now the "press" is flapping a MUSLIM GUNPOWDER WACKO rag, hoping to dust the public conscience with a little hallucinogenic printing press dust, and therefore the end goal - BANNING RELOADING POWDER AS STATED BY THE WHISTLEBLOWER may still be achieved with the zombie public which is badly in need of a stiff snort of reality
Anyway, here is the report on Veterans Today, and it's by Kevin Barrett, NOT Gordon Duff. THANKS Kevin, it's a beaut.


Israeli False-Flaggers Flown in for Boston Shoot-Out?

by Kevin Barrett

Update: The  authorities now claim the Boston bombing suspects  are Chechnyan Muslims. How odd! The US and Israel are 
allies of the Chechnyan Muslims in their fight against Russia. In fact, the US and Israel create and fund Chechyan “al-Qaeda” cells to conduct terror attacks against Russia.
So maybe these suspects are the usual al-CIA-duh patsies. And maybe Israeli “terror experts”were flown to the US to oversee the framing of the Muslim patsies.
The father of the suspects, like Mohamed Atta’s father, understands this all too well:

Father of suspected bombers: ‘My sons were set-up’

Posted Friday morning, April 19th, 2013
Were Israeli false-flag terror experts – maybe even some who helped pull off 9/11, the operation thatMossad operative Mike Harari bragged about – flown in to Boston to set up a shoot-out as dénouement to the Boston Marathon bombing?
At this point it’s just a hypothesis. But suspicions were aroused two days ago, when Israeli Police Chief Yohanan Danino announced that his officers had flown to Boston to “meet with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and other authorities” to participate in the investigation of the Boston bombing.   As RT reported, Daninodispatched police officers to participate in discussions that “will center on the Boston Marathon bombings and deepening professional cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of both countries.
But wait a minute…why would American police need Israelis, or other foreigners, to investigate an American crime?  And more pertinently: How did Danino know that there would be any Boston Marathon bombings for his team to investigate? According to RT, “Israeli law enforcement planned the trip before the deadly pair of bombings on Monday that has so far claimed three lives.”
When government agents pre-plan their trip to a crime scene, it means they – or their governments – had foreknowledge of the crime. One notorious example: Just a few minutes after the Pentagon was devastated by explosions on 9/11, FBI agents showed up at the gas station and hotel across the street and confiscated security videos showing what had happened. Obviously those agents were sent to confiscate the videos beforethe Pentagon had been attacked, by people who orchestrated the attack. It was a crime scene clean-up, not an investigation.
Another example: FBI agents left their offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota to drive to Duluth to investigate the scene of Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane crash. The problem: When the agents left, Wellstone’s plane had not yet crashed. They arrived at the crash site far too early – and proceeded to cover up the crime rather than investigating it.
Israelis, even more than the FBI, have a habit of “showing up too early” for terror events. The notorious dancing Israelis, Mossad agents who were arrested on 9/11 for filming and celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center, had their cameras in place, trained on the Twin Towers, before the first plane hit. They even admitted their foreknowledge on Israeli national television, saying “Our purpose was to document the event.”
Another Israeli who “showed up too early” on 9/11 was Ehud Barak. As Christopher Bollyn writes:
Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9-11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of the Israeli military’s covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world.  Barak, the real mastermind of 9-11, was the first person to call for a “War on Terror” – and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East. 
Benjamin Netanyahu was another “early responder” on 9/11.  His first response, when asked for a reaction to 9/11, was: “It’s very good.”
Another example of Israel’s overly-rapid response to disasters: The Israeli team sent to offer “humanitarian aid” to Haiti after the earthquake was dispatched almost before the aftershocks had subsided. How were they organized so quickly? Perhaps the recently-assassinated President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was right when he charged that the Haitian earthquake was created by HAARP or other artificial means.
Another Israeli rapid-response to the Haiti earthquake was…believe it or not…hilarity. But you’re not allowed to see the proof.
Yet another amazingly rapid Israeli response: Netanyahu fled the scene of the 7/7 London bombings…before they even happened. Now THAT is a rapid response! The Mossad itself has confirmed that Netanyahu received a prior warning about the London bombings, and canceled his trip to a conference that took place next to Liverpool Station, where one of the bombs exploded.
So when Israeli “terror experts” get ready to fly to Boston to investigate a bombing, before the bombing has even happened, it does give one pause.
What could be the role of the Israeli team deployed to Boston?
Perhaps the bombing itself was set up by Israeli-linked organized crime assets, or Israeli-linked private military contractors. (One report implicates Craft International Private Military Forces.) Such people might not be in a position to completely control the investigation by US authorities, including the Boston police and FBI. So the Israelis would need to have another team, made up of police officials and “terror experts,” to interface with the US investigators, set up the patsies, and organize a dénouement. Their trip to the US would have been planned before the bombing, so they could “hit the ground running” in its immediate aftermath.
The fact that US investigators have put out two different, conflicting IDs of the bombing suspects indicates the possibility of such subterfuge. As the shoot-out reports began this morning, the AP headline reported: “Surviving Boston Bomb Suspect Identified as A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts.” But other media reports identified the two suspects as Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi.
Problems like this in keeping suspects’ (or patsies’) identities straight are a regular feature of the aftermath of false-flag events. Many readers will be familiar with the case of the second Oswald involved in the JFK assassination. Another recent example: Confusion about whether the alleged shooter at Sandy Hook was Adam Lanza or his brother, Ryan Lanza. Another, less-well-known example is the way the original list of 19 suspected 9/11 hijackers was miraculously produced, hastily revised, and finally admitted by the FBI to be dubious. The original list of patsies, apparently prepared in advance by the perpetrators and produced even before the World Trade Center dust had settled, seems to have been primarily made up of identity theft victims. It included the names Adnan and Ameer Bukhari – whose names had to be hastily removed, and replaced by those of other identity-theft victims, when one turned up alive and the other had been dead for a year. But the new list was never subsequently revised – even after half the people on the list turned up alive and were obviously innocent. (The source of this information, by the way, is not a “conspiracy web site” – it’s a scholarly article published by Elsevier, Europe’s leading academic publisher.)
As of this writing, one of the Boston bombing suspects has been “killed in a shoot-out” while the other is still being pursued and/or shot at. Dead patsies are always convenient – it makes a trial unnecessary. And a trial, in which the suspect is presumed innocent, and in which the defense can use discovery, is not what false-flag terrorists want. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot down by mob hit-man Jack Ruby, and then Ruby injected with cancer, to prevent either case from coming to trial. The alleged 19 hijackers were rubbed out, one way or another. Adam Lanza is dead. That way, William Pepper and other truth-seeking lawyers can’t step in and represent innocent patsies like James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan, thereby opening the cans of worms that the perps wish to keep closed.
The Israeli Mossad, the world-class A Team of false-flag terror, has admitted to bombing US targets in Egypt during the Lavon Affair. (Admitted, hell – they actually lavished honors on the perpetrators!) Mossad defectors like Victor Ostrovsky and Ari Ben-Menashe have revealed that virtually all of the high-profile terror incidents affecting Israel, from the Achille Lauro incident to the Entebbe hijacking, have been arranged by the Mossad. And, as mentioned before, legendary Mossad operative Mike Harari has openly bragged of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.
And then there is the USS Liberty attack. Israelis obviously have no scruples about mass-murdering Americans.
If you don’t want people to suspect you of every terror attack, you should stop committing so much false flag terrorism.
Yowling about “anti-Semitism” isn’t going to cut it much longer.
And while you’re at it, maybe you should change your motto.
By way of deception thou shalt do war” is a dead giveaway.
It almost sounds like a confession.


  1. Even though Kevin Barrett is right here in this town I am in.... Using RT bothers me.... RT is owned by these same families....

    And when I wrote Kevin a year ago about the actors playing these parts he rejected it...

    definitely look at this link and make sure your speakers are on....

    1. try this link instead....

  2. @Geno,

    "LOOK At this page....make sure your speakers are on.... "


    With regard to the above.... all I can say is WOW : WOW : WOW!
    If I am truly understanding what I am seeing there.... That has really blown me away tonight and I am having a hard time getting my head wrapped around the fact that these guys have a website promoting their potential talents as such...

    Once again, you can't make this stuff up.... truly remarkable!!!

    Get Real.

    1. I think if any person watches it their brain will flip the light switch on...and ask themselves...

      hmmmm.... this looks so real.... how do we know wars are really wars?

      remember the Bible passages that said, "wars and rumors of wars" ?

      I think that is where we are....

      and though I have tried to get people to understand the actor thing this web page is the perfect first step to the realization that we are in all likelihood being conned....

      and yes it's a commercial for governments to train their soldiers etc. but also Hollywood movies to train and shoot.....

      and ultimately, it certainly could go on location to-- say.... Boston? and convince people it was real as a LIVE PROGRAM... these mall shootings?

      Case closed in my opinion....

    2. @Geno,
      This is an interesting perspective on what is happening with the Boston false flags... This guy is bringing in the FED and the part they play....

      Published on Apr 17, 2013
      Independent investigators uncover the government operatives involved in executing the Marathon bombing. Other information I present shows the desperation of opposing elements in our government at war with each other, and the American People.

    3. yeah Hugh posted that a few days ago on the other thread...

      any time people use alex jones I know they are only half awake or one of the ops...

    4. Geno,
      Have you seen the most recent Gordon Duff - Veterans Today report on this?

      Boston Terror: The Real Attack (VT Had It First)

  3. Geno,

    I was watching nbc with a tearful interview of a running family.....all the tears ....the whole deal....seemed acted like Sandy hook and as John says it looks like they got their wookie....


  4. A side note interjected here: Tonight is the first time I've seen a Houston baseball game that the Bush family was not in attendance.
    Strange, huh. lol.

  5. All conspiracy theories apart, may I suggest parties wait until clear information and FACTS do emerge before judgment calls are made?
    But :
    1. Look at how long it took them to catch a single, wounded 19 year old. Now, imagine if he had been a real, experienced Terrorist? Evidence so far? Usual bloody inept incompetence.
    2. Look at the sheer scale of Militarily Armed Police crackdown on a Civilian population. Why the hell do they need so many Armored Personnel Carriers (APC's) for the public? This is Civil War preparation against YOU!Look at the raw power they have amassed waiting to unleash against you. Very disturbing. A really NASTY Police State was visible. An ugly shape of FEMA Camp collections which may come and brute force.
    3. A lot IS in play behind the scenes on the GS and Dinars. I alluded to a lot on the last ending old post. One good thing I do look forward to is helping shelter and protect Geno with the Dinar exchanges because he deserves a break. America needs its alternative Freedom challengers, and the Rats on the River Bank need a Chance at the feeding skip before Geno take the lot LOL Geno. Joking! He knows I have his back covered in Reno. Guys like him need, and deserve a break. So do many. Lets see how the next 2 weeks go. I can not risk compromising what is unfolding by disclosing anything yet. Wait and see. We will let you know in time. Diplomacy is essential right now. Yapping dogs are just Mutts needing muzzling. Just be assured huge efforts are playing out.
    I was amused to read the Heneghan crap about Liechtenstein Airport. IT DOESN'T HAVE ONE!!!! And the National Bank of Liechtenstein? LLB ( LandesBank) does that! What the hell, it's only facts! Why ruin a good fantasy heh?

    1. Excellent points, John. Luckily there are alternatives to battling opponents at where they are strongest. If an oppressive government is heavily armed it makes no sense to take up arms against that government unless one is suicidal. Instead one should thus target its weaknesses. Never its strengths.

      First of all this means one should apply weapons of non-violent combat. Gene Sharp is the leading expert on weapons of non-violent combat and regime change. It seems more than plausible that the people of the United States are going to need it to undermine its out of control government. After all....why would this same government otherwise need all those hollow point bullets and all those gun control maneuvers now? Of course it is easily said that one´s government is not like that and that it only happened in Nazi Germany.....What happened in Germany can happen everywhere. Men remain mere men. Without careful checks it can and will happen anywhere.

      The best Gene Sharp movie can be downloaded here:

      Maybe the one above is not the easiest one to acquire (as it works via Torrents), but it should be worth your time. Gene Sharp is a masterful strategist. He truly conditions atmospheres.

      The trailer of the above movie can be viewed below:


    2. with respect to both you guys we will not see truth emerge over time but official coverup bullshit.... the first 48 hours is the time to scream what makes sense.... even if wrong....

      Our ops teams are writing this on the fly.... they effed up in Boston and are diverting the guilt off themselves and setting up strawmen to murder and tie up in a bow as they always do....

      I don't believe these kids are real and if they are they may have been chosen for another reason or simply be moved into a relocation scenario...

      as for this display of might...

      It will fail.... it will be like herding well armed cats...

    3. I think it's important to report possible realities asap so that everyone does not get caught up in the politically-correct mourning ritual and forget the obvious...that we've been duped again. I agree with John re reporting accurately... that something is not absolute fact but say it appears to be so. And for gosh sake, don't pull facts out of your butt! An airport and a bank created with the stroke of a, keystroke. How lovely. Today's journalism at its finest...

  6. Hugh, the audio plays on that page to videos lower on the page...automatically.... the top of the page looks unimpressive but below.... it is a mind blower....

  7. here we go....another link....

  8. As John states, not only is Heneghan's stuff flawed but so is the Kevin Barrett and as a result Jim Stone for promoting it....

    What I take away from all of it is what is being reported to the drooling TV potatoes is that it is an op born of deceptive purpose....

    We all seem to agree Israel is involved and whenever that is the case....

    They figure as long as they confuse with conflicting information, nothing can be pinned on them....

    We need plodding detectives to simply trudge on through and file the evidence and make notes of what adds up and what doesn't....

    It would be nice if our team here brings together analysis that helps people piece the truth together....

  9. Did you all see the new Jim Stone evidence I pasted on the above article this morning?

    Thanks to Jim....

    note to those whose work I am using as content here...

    You are credited and your links are present, we are in this together and we must assume that the more viral your work the better for everyone as it builds your audience...

    The internet is the wild west of media and proprietorship needs to take a back seat to getting the truth out... and although I may give mild criticism the very fact that I present it in whole means I feel the work needs to be seen....

    We can let our viewers decide where we fail and succeed...and that is over time...

  10. John said, "So Yes,Get Real, money will move, for selective Pay Outs, and good luck with yours."

    So, are you saying the rest of us little guys are pretty much screwed with regard to the dinar and VND? That is discouraging.


    1. @PVG,
      I believe the point he is making his in his following statement,

      "But I can give you one solid promise. Hell will freeze over before the Politicos or Cabal gets a dime from our GS Profits.... "

      That once we cash out the exchange, good luck in how we preserve it. Could be wrong but that was how I read it. Which has truly been a concern of mine for many months now... If the fox is guarding the hen house, then we are screwed. It will be subtle but within months [or maybe a year or two], those who run corporate America will have it all right back in their pockets... by cost of goods or by gangster banker means, we will lose monies... As has been noted, we need to become misers and watch our spending and look for shelters for our money.

      Get Real

    2. PVG
      I am saying good luck to all of you for Dinars. We ARE trying to keep you informed,all of you. Use it well. Don't feed hangers on from it. It's your last Get Out of Jail card. Put it into solid assets. Do NOT leave too much showing or exposed in Banks. Dollars will crash 30% in value. Even if it costs c3% more as a Premium for Silver, at least you stay with a real asset and you can hide it. You were smart enough to position yourselves so good luck.

    3. John (and Get Real),

      I've been sick, so my head must have been in a fog when I read that. I thought it to mean that you were going to protect Geno's dinars in Reno but, "good luck" to us. Thanks for clarifying... and caring...even though you have no real duty to us. We appreciate your care and concern ENORMOUSLY. I appreciate also that the other nations of the world have seen fit to separate the American people from the cabal ruling over us, as they have been quite patient and have, in my view, exercised much restraint in recent times.

      I just pray that this can all come to a good resolution and I do agree with your counsel re preservation of assets.

    4. PVG and Get Real - It has all been such a mess and lots of info that people have just spewed out of their butts, and with the banks in such a mess, for myself Ive decided to only exchange enough for immediate necessities plus enough to exist comfortably on for the upcoming months
      UNTIL I see where the banking system lands.
      I just cannot find it in myself to sleep at nights if it was in a bank, any bank. However, Credit Unions are a safer bet. Have a talk with them to help you make up your mind.
      But 'in my gut' I feel that 'they' are busy at nites designing ways to steal it from us, one way or another.
      This is where it is going to take a brazen stand to defend and stand up for yourself, and not just believe people who appear to be in authoritive positions. (Remember our worst culprits have been bankers, lawyers, attorneys,et al.
      Some of them do not hesitate to deceive and lie; some due to their own ignorance and falling for the System.
      And I sure wouldnt trust any investment counselor or accountants; remember they all work for Big Brother, generally.
      One advantage of living to 'be an old hag grouch' is that WE HAVE SEEN IT ALL and often it comes in a 'pretty package' .....full of deceit.

    5. I agree, Abby.

      One thing I thought was funny on the dinar blogs was that people are going to convert their money to silver and take physical possession. Do you know how much weight and room that would take up!!

      I really don't trust any investments in the markets except what we could afford to lose. A couple hundred thousand could yield about $25K-$35K, I believe, each year in dividends if you invested in dividend-producing stocks. OR you can reinvest the dividends and watch it grow for awhile. You can invest in dividend-producing stocks outside the country. But I would never just put it all in the markets. Cuz I agree with you that they sit up nites thinking of their next theft.

    6. Abby,
      I am aware of the Credit Unions and have looked into these as well. However at this point, I still don't have any warm fuzzy's over any of these financial institutions. I am feeling better about the Canadian system thanks to Canauzzie and John... was leaning in that direction already...

      Another thought is to associate with any banking institution that is with the BRICS system. Due to the recent positive statements by Lew and Jim Yong Kim... we obviously know that John likes the BRICS system, yet he didn't recommend them, he recommended the RBC....

      If there is one thing about this whole process that I have loss sleep over it would be the management of this currency exchange post RV. Only because I see now how easily one could be hoodwinked into the loss. And as John has so graciously pointed out on numerous occasions, it is our one "get out of jail free" card.

      I plan to make the most of it.

    7. PVG - These days I'm totally distrusting of almost any investment. And as you already know, the Stock Market is a sham; manipulated.

      Get Real - I have had a County Bank for almost a couple decades now, and back in 08 they sent out a letter emphasizing that they were not involved in any derivatives and wanted us to know how safe their bank was. So local County Banks are also worth having a straight forward talk with, letting them know right up front that you DEMAND that your money BE THERE when you want it. PERIOD.
      This is one of those times you gotta be tough on people in power positions, lol.

      We also have a couple Credit Unions and I plan to do the same with them. ALSO somebody in here please give us more defined info about Insuring our money, where we put it.

      Isnt this something? First no money to speak of, and now we dont feel safe putting it anywhere because our institutions and gov. cannot be fully trusted, or trusted at all. Terrible that we cant even trust what people tell us.

      Can anyone see how I grew up in such days where we never had to give these things a thought and trying to adapt to the schitt we have NOW?
      I do not even recall a time when we ever had to discuss 'do we have enough money for gasoline' or having to budget for it at all.
      A time when you could buy a whole, very nice house for what it costs today just for food and rent EVERY YEAR !

      Give me the 50's.

      Good question ladies; which banks are gonna be BRICS backed?? I think John has way more information on safety of funds than he has told us.

  11. looks like the same cop to me....did you guys get that from the new videos from Jim Stone? I posted today? sandy hook and boston...

  12. John said on last post

    Welfare is NOT a right!


    Our birth certificates were traded on the stock market.... every single one of us wants our money.... our body and soul earned it. Who took that money and made what with it?

    It is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What of the useless Bums who have never worked and draw Welfare as a right each week just breeding, boozing and cruising? What rights have that crap earned? You work, you earn. If you pay some taxes, you get some credits. Don't produce kids you can't pay for. Why should others work to keep anyones? Many of those Bums never produce a dime. Birth Certs for worthless Bums are waste paper worth nothing.Genuine unemployed who have worked, I have time for. The hard fact is that America has gone way too far, allowing way to many low life's to live off all your backs. Welfare for Non Contributors is NOT a right. Give them 6 months on Welfare to find a job, then if failing, the US needs to give them marching orders options of either work on Infrastructure projects until you find a job, or starve. Let Nature sort them out. Create State Infrastructure projects and give them a choice. Work to eat- or the Hell with you. Your choice. America was not built by Welfare Bums. Of course I feel for genuine unemployed, but way too many are not and just Bums bred for the Welfare market who will just cross breed more until it's stopped. Rights must be earned. Many of them regard breeding another as a Welfare ticket to ride. Look at the Reality shows of the majority of them. Pond life scum many of them. Wallmart Crap breeding like Roaches. Basle 111 will not allow you to print never ending money. The country has lived a GIANT LIE for 50 years. Everything has been built on Fraud. It's Ending! Everyone has the right to chose not to work. We have the right NOT to fund or feed them. We ONLY need to help those who want to work. Not the Bums who don't. Real people need real help. Bums need the Bums rush. Birth Certificates are NOT tickets to ride. Don't give Welfare Bums the Vote. Maybe the US does need to fail to get real. Birth Certificates are NOT Welfare Tickets for life. Real people need Real Help. Money is NOT free, it has to be earned. The State is NOT their keeper. Nor is Society. Yes to helping create opportunities for real people. Time to Get Real about Pond Life.

    2. Geno you have a real chance once the Dinars trade out. You WILL be helped do what is needed to help your role to help your country. Have faith and outrun the Skip Rats for a while. Life does not keep a Good Man down.

    3. John,

      Please answer this question based on info currently at your disposal.

      If you viewed this investment in dinars as your only opportunity to become a millionaire, what would be the minimum number of dinars that you would purchase in order to achieve your goal?

    4. @Hugh,
      In my opinion, it depends on the desires of the individual and how much of a millionaire you want to be.

      If the dinar RV's back to the pre-saddam era at approximately $3.50 usd (which it should), then 500,000 dinar should easily make one a millionaire. Speculation is that this currency will be more valuable than the kuwaiti dinar which as of today is equal to $3.51 usd.

      I am not an economist, nor do I understand the commodities market or the currency wars globally. But what I have heard is that the global reset will change all. The USD will no longer be the only petro dollar, and all currencies will either go up or down to make for a fair playing field with countries and their commodities. So in today's market, that doesn't buy you much due to the devaluing of the USD, etc etc after the RV occurs.

      Please don't take what I have said above to the bank, and should anyone else have a better understanding of this, I have no problem being wrong... but this is as I understand it... I always look forward to being educated on this matter :)

      Get Real

    5. But John, all rants aside.... we want to see the black and white numbers of who profited off our being.... we want facts just as you would want if you were trying to see where the money went....

      Your declaration of value is pretty arrogant....

      I created product my entire life... It has value but society measures me in minimum wage type jobs and illegal taxes...

      I have saved lives....

      I am sure there are many people whose very being saved a life that saved a life that saved a life who went on to have what you measure as value...

      We... evry single one of us who got played by the elite wnat facts and numbers... not egocentric rants....

      sorry.... but we will settle for nothing less....

      If it leads to Lords and Queens and Popes we will beat down the doors...

    6. Every human being consumes... buys food, furniture, furnishings, personal articles of adornment and jewelry, etc. If you are going to build a house or a barn, you will need to buy widgets from a widget-maker.

      Geno, did you produce any of the above? If I had to deduce from what I've known of you from your videos, blogs and posts, most of what you have produced appears to be in the entertainment/information sector. While those are things that people do want, it's still a service type industry.

      I have to admit, much of my life has been in a service profession. Most Americans are, yet we all consume products that we need and that we don't produce. We import much of them these days.

      It just doesn't work when so many in our country are in a service profession and we're importing all the PRODUCT from overseas.

      Real wealth comes from the earth... digging for metals, oil, or precious stones... planting food... etc.

      I also believe that women and children should be cared for, as a woman has a huge job nurturing the family and caring for the home. She can still be enterprising, but her role is the most important for continuation of the family and species.

      While I don't begrudge people for putting in an insurance claim on the SOCIAL SECURITY INSURANCE PROGRAM, the fact is that it was an unsustainable, untenable program and doesn't work. So, we have to hold people to the 'if a man will not work, neither let him eat' standard after a short period.

      It's not trying to be mean, it just doesn't work to have a welfare society. The difference between the blacks and the Mexicans is, that if the Mexicans are granted amnesty, they will kick ass like little ants, methodically and tirelessly working, and they will take over the entire economy! I have seen it in Arizona... wow. I miss my little Mexican day laborers. No whiteys or blacks compare to the Mexican work ethic. Sorry to generalize, but I think that it's supported by the facts.

      Plus the entire education system is geared to produce stupid service industry parasites, all on borrowed funds.

      We are not individuals, we need to produce SOMETHING ourselves and set out to do it.

      The president tells us, "What America needs is jobs, jobs, jobs..." America needs just weights and measures (not debt instruments that are worthless), and to produce tangible things to sell at home and abroad.

      But, everything turns on the word "just". If we do not have righteous, principled people in our land, we will not have leadership that serves the interests of JUSTICE.

      And, you can have righteous individuals who are moral, but if they're too stupid to live, then we'll never get ahead. Unfortunately, some of the best of our citizens are the elderly, but they are also a generation that was very propagandized as well. If you look at the old movies and commercial ads, you see how ridiculous. Lysol used to advertise a lysol product for women to freshen their coochies. Let's not forget the white margarine that supposedly came with a yellow dye packet to mix through the white slab, and baby formula... when you read the ingredients, they are the most disgusting things that you'd never want to feed a human let alone a baby human.

      We need to get back to the American work ethic and learn trades. Need to learn to do something other than play video games all day... etc. etc.

      At the end of the day, a declaration of value has to hold up in the real world...not just the matrix we've come to accept.

    7. Forgotten History: Lysol Douche for women!

      "Concentrated Germ Killer"

    8. Also, the entertainment field takes up too much of our GDP... several jesters served at court, but we have too many today! Not to mention all the faux journalists who are just tanned, pretty teleprompter readers!

      This crap has to go... is unsustainable at this level.

    9. Well, it is still a fact that all our BC's are being used as bundled Mutual Funds and sold on the Market and Earning as long as that is the case, then we the people have a right to our Earnings. Its just that simple.
      Otherwise, the criminals are receiving it. This is a problem of US being used as Collateral; we didn't bundle ourselves up in packages and sell ourselves on the Market.
      Therefore, those who did show forward the profits.
      WE are all a Mutual Fund, and its time for this to get exposed and not let them get one more over on US.
      Why should we help them hide it?

      If we want to put people to work, how about starting with people like O who has never done a lick of work in his life? And the lazy asses who sit in d.c. serving nobody but themselves and there to build their huge nest eggs by being unlawful 24/7.
      And remember our mfg. industry has hugely been shipped out. I wonder what it takes for people to understand that the jobs we have, also have 100 people or more, trying to get that one job. What do we say to the other 99? Go get a job?

    10. Yes, the biggest 'welfare recipients' are the effing thieves sitting in the highest political positions... also in all the bureaus and agencies. Also, the latter...those tenured stay in no matter which party is in office.

      Like I said, I don't begrudge anyone from applying for the insurance plan they were promised would secure them from cradle to grave. Problem is, that insurance plan was a wet dream from the start. Reality is hitting us now, and there's no easy solution. Except, I like what Abby says...start at the top and get some trickle down action going on. Treasonous treacherous bastards!

    11. PVG - IF they had invested our SS deductions over the years, then we would have rightful proceeds from that investment. Instead THEY used it for their own pet projects and wasted it. And afterall, SS is an Insurance program, actually. No different than an Annuity.

  13. for those who don't believe in miracles look up...^^^^^^^^^^^

    I believe John just gave Geno a compliment.....

    Is this your new strategy John....shock and awe ......


    1. A compliment? Well complimenting somebody with one hand, and slugging them with the other right worthless and disingenuous.

  14. FBI Casting Set Stage for Boston Marathon Bombing, Shootout, Charade:

  15. Maybe Glen Beck can pull this off:

    What is the tag system?

  16. John,
    Either you need to ignore it or are not willing to answer the questions, they are not relevant or you missed seeing them. Either way, I am a big girl and can handle any of the above... just say so... :) However, just in case it was the last response... you missed seeing the questions, I am bringing them over to this thread.

    Questions: please answer all. My questions have a ~ and my points and thoughts have *.

    1. ~In your opinion, did the article, “G20 gives 'currency war' stamp of approval” appear to show UST, Lew and World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim as trying to cooperate with the war on global reset/currency/re-alignment (or provide your own name)?

    2. John says, “To accrue such Profits, others must lose big, get it?” I GET IT [hence GET REAL] and, I agree it is unfortunate that I am just getting it.

    ~My question to you is how long have other countries known and understood what was going on here? Why did our allies remain just that? How many years did your group standby and watch the Ponzi scheme being played out?

    *** My point here is that there were many in higher places that watched it happening and did nothing about it. It has only been in the last few years that something on the other side of the pond is being done. Whether all American’s eventually get it, I doubt it. There are too many that are dumbed down from a poor education system and the mind games of the cabal with the help of mass media to get it. They have no true concept of what is at play here and who is at fault. These groups will have to be managed – [unfortunately] with a similar process that was done by the cabal; hopefully this management will be done in the best interest of the people; however, I am sure they will fight it the whole way. We will need to begin with the younger children and designing a new education system has to be paramount to the success of this.***

    3. John states, “Their quandary is we don't need them. Nor are they accustomed to Political indifference and contempt. We are no respecters of positions and they have earned none.”

    ~Once again, I have to ask, why did it take so long for your group to come to these terms of not needing this group of people?

    ***The pressure your group and other countries are applying has done more for the cause than we have seen in a while. The development of the BRICS has been extremely powerful. Since I have been involved, in the last 2 years, now even Jim Yong Kim is singing its praises. Which is providing, as you say, another avenue against the “gangster bankers”.


    1. (Continuation)

      ***With your last paragraph you bring a smile to my face on many levels. I am glad you and yours have the conviction to protect & preserve the monies you are gaining and using with the global settlements. Thank God someone in high levels are doing this. I agree with all you state concerning the reigning in of the gangsters bankers. However, I somehow feel that I am not in the room when you speak in this paragraph.

      ~~Could it be that you are not talking to me but rather trying to make a public point?

      Not that you need it but you have my blessings on your desires to get rid of the waste and the leeches... I come from a family with strong work ethics. I have never been one to sit by and watch. I worked on a graduate level degree while working a full time job and raising a family. I continue to work for the people of my company. In fact, my atty just told me that it was general knowledge within her department that I was a person for the people of my company and would fight for them no matter if the cost was more than it should be. Whether she was trying to chastise me or not, did not matter, because I knew that what I was doing was in the best interest of the employees and ultimately the company would win. Less disgruntled employees are more apt to provide a honest day’s wages and are less likely to sue the company for wrongful termination, etc. It is well known in my department that the person who oversees the corrective action has no sense of decency and views all situations as black and white... there has been no accountability [of her] to anyone all the way to the VP of the department. I have been challenging this and have in the last 4 months prevented 3 (maybe 4) wrongful terminations. It is a lonely road within the company and I am tired but I will not sit back and watch this happen knowing what I know and that her tactics are without merit.

      Sorry for the ramblings... Bottom line: I get it!

      Get Real.

    2. Get Real
      Hand across the sea can reason new directions, of strategies and thinking. You ask why have we not done something before. We have. Politically we were encumbered by a Cheap Snake Oil Salesman in Tony Blair' He compromised our economy with Sleazebag Clinton and lied about WMD's with Bush, causing the death of an Inspector, a noble man who warned it was all bogus, and cost hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives not reported in Jewish Medias. We got rid of Blair. We have spent a decade rebuilding the old Commonwealth and underpinning BRICS. The Brits and French blew out Ghadaffi,and the UK is now the Global center for Chinese currency trading. We have been acting, and massively reducing our links and cross dependencies on the US. We have reduced our links and exposure with the Criminals who have taken over in uS Politics. Our country realizes we first have to make money before we can spend it. Your country spends, then just Fed prints false dollars.when you realize you have earned nothing. It's a Fools Paradise which will end in tears. BRICS is because the world has lost respect for and trust in America. From the sleaze of the Kennedy's onwards, America has lost all its values. Credibility has crumbled.
      America needs to remodel with new values to meet the needs of its people. It has to come from YOU, the people. The America Politicians are too corrupt to do anything. Bush Crime Family theft is unchecked. Our anger is not against the American people. Just the Washington,Wall Street and Texan rot! Constructive suggestions on how to change things for the good of all. Our support is with the rebuilding of the key communities.
      We DO HAVE GOOD AMERICAN PARTNERS,and want only to see good values restored.
      As a smaller nation we have to get the timing and conditions right to help change America, akin to turning an Oil Tanker around. It takes time. How could we help change the idiot Forrest Chump with Daddy and his Texans robbing the store? America elected the Illegal.Not us. We have to chose our moments. Its also needed America people to start responding to a wake up call. We needed to get a new Currency in play to massively reduce our US exposure risk. You ARE being played out of Power. You ARE being replaced on the Global Power Board.

    3. Geno still does not get that UNLESS you MAKE Money, you have No rights. Rights are paid for. Anyone can spout Socialist Utopia with only a limp Todger in their pockets. Freedom is Bought and so are Rights in todays world. Only dreams are free. No money- No honey.
      We will be putting profits back into rebuilding the Communities. But not via Sleazy and corrupt Politicians or Union Fixers. Today you pay to play or you get no game play. We will deliver total Turnkey Jobs. We will Hire and we will Fire! No work, no pay. Communities earn freedom. We will create wealth and that builds communities. Communities need to produce GOOD leaders of Integrity. They can build Social values which are affordable.
      Don't expect changes from the EU. They are as Sleazy and incompetent as DC. Chinese Economic Power and British Cultural power is changing the world. Once the GS are released so can you, from within. Look at the tremendous response from so many of you. The Spirit of Freedom and Enterprise is still strong in America. It just needs rekindling.
      Geno asks who profited off your being? Bush,the Cabal, and the Zionist Bankers. But they spent it. You have to re build America. Stop Funding Wars. Stop the Israelis playing you like fools. The money has gone. Stolen! Get over it and rebuild America Cabal free. Get even later.
      BRICS has taken you right out of play. Basle 111 will stop the crazy Military Cabal.
      Get Real, you ask what are we doing about it? BRICS and the Euro. We just took away 50% of your Global Train Set. We are trying to work with YOU,the REAL American people,not DC, to help rebuild American Communities and values. But we will NOT fund reckless Welfare waste or Baby Factories in the Ghettos downtown America is becoming. A step at a time. Once the GS or Dinars free up, we will help a lot. We lost an Empire and are recovering it. You are way behind on that learning curve yet. A Big Wake Up call is coming your way. Hands across the Oceans, lets help each other. You have to earn the money to re build society. As we did.

    4. John,
      Thanks for responding.

      I, too, have loss respect for America but I have not given up hope for her. As you say, there are GOOD Americans and we are worthy of being saved. Knowing that you have spent a decade turning around your own, it gives me hope that we can turn this around. I want to believe in recent events as positive signs which is why I asked the questions concerning UST, Lew and World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim... Should I see them as a sign that America has placed the oil tanker in a "maneuver of full reverse" and could she be in the process of making the turn?

      Get Real

    5. JOHN does not get that when you run a high yield trading program that is not earning money it is stealing money.... money is transferred.... therefore those who trade by hand... The old fashioned way.... are getting SCREWED....

      How is it a high yield trading program GUARANTEES wealth building when NO OTHER INVESTMENT is anything but risk?????

      And how does one have the monopoly on that?

      And for a hundred years plus The Queen and London bought real estate by profiting off our birth certificates being traded.... People of 5 generations that fought and died so England could get rich....

      People who died working to the bone in factories and farms to feed the world who had children who had no idea their very souls were being traded on the stock exchange...

      Your arrogance is sociopathic John...

      I worked, I drove trucks, waited tables, bartended, taught children, taxis...and on and on and that is NOT THE POINT....

      The point is the wealth you all claim to have won fair and square YOU DID NOT and we need to examine that....

      You say "Since when do the Jews give back what they stole?"

      Well... "Since when do the Brits gibe back what they stole?"

      Don't bullshit a bullshitter John....

      We are NOT STUPID HERE....

      and SHUT THE FUCK UP about America.... 99% of the people were decent until we fell for your Fabian society Tavistock mind game tricks...

      Enough.... Give us facts or just shut up about your tight fist waving in the air at those who dare steal as well as you all did....

      We are looking for real heroes....

      Apply within...

    6. Indeed.And isn't it John who IS encouraging and supporting YOUR right and need for full and free speech here as active debate? Ideas, challenges, sharing opinions? Debating real issues to find workable solutions?
      Broke heroes are as much use as Tits on a Boar. Isn't it the Brit waiting to leverage your Dinar cash up so you can fund the Freedom fight properly? Does the Brit in fact have a truly altruistic streak of humanity trying to help you with workable realities from a wealth base we can help you achieve to do good?

      As regards who is stupid, whose been in lock down as a nation? Do we have FEMA camps? Rendition Centers?
      Stop blaming London.Thats a crock. Bush and the Zionists post Jekyll Island mugged the lot of you. Not London. You keep yacking on about obsolete old British debating societies. Yesteryear. Old news.

      With my way, the Tax Credits you earned by the work you did, on record, would help your Welfare claim case now. Cases who merit help and support now. Not non contributors free riding.
      As regards the Wealth we created, try it and see far you get? Then talk.
      Do you have any idea how Trade Programs work? The innovation and skill needed? The specialist knowledge to be studied and rights earned?

      Get Real. I suspect America may need a period run aground to turn it around. Brits learned the hard way with loss of an Empire. So must you to progress.

      Geno. You were looted from within, not by us. The Queen makes zilch from the US. I wish she did. What part of she is on a Stipend do you not get? She is taxed and monitored. She is way down our Wealth List.
      If you have facts, publish them. First, focus on core US realities to try to help America back. London funds YOU. Sub Primes from Wall Street crooks crashed our economy. Smarter EU Leaders should have told you to shove it when Goldman's cash calls came. We paid big time for Wall Street again!

    7. John my rights are born with the first breath and you have NOTHING to do with that and the very idea you do is fighting words...

  17. This is Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University speaking at the "Fixing the Banking System for Good" conference on April 17, 2013. This audio is absolutely EXPLOSIVE!

    1. We can only hope that Jeffrey Sach's is one of John's "Good American Partners" and, if not, then John needs to recruit him to the team.

    2. Geno - You are correct. John is trying to push us all into shoveling ditches, getting blisters on our hands....or 'go to hell.' And never mind about OUR MUTUAL FUND which is our very being.
      Well Geno, all the more reason now to unearth this entire Trust Fund that is OURS.

    3. it's the idea of the fund that matters...

  18. John doesn't need his ass kissed... he is a billionaire and kissing his ass won't help you. John needs people to point out we are watching everyone very closely, and words clearly define inconsistency to reality as we know it.

    1. Geno,
      I am not certain if you are speaking to me but I do feel the need to respond... for whatever reason.

      I appreciate your need to challenge John, but I don't have that need or desire. I am probably 10 to 15 years your senior and have had more challenges than one desires in a lifetime. At this stage of the game, I find myself constantly on the outside looking back at what happened to this country and my perception of my small existence.

      I am searching for truth and I am interested in peace and understanding... having lived most of my life in a small southern town where my interaction with people was gentle and gracious, I find it hard to be as abrasive as some of you when it comes to searching for truth. However, I do believe that all bring something to the table and I appreciate what you are able to garner from your approach. For this reason I continue to read and absorb.

      As a healthcare provider, my work requires compassion at every level of the social structure due to the fact that illness does not recognize social levels. Whether John is a billionaire or not, I would treat him no differently than I would treat you, Hugh, PVG, Abby, darylluke [well you get my gist] in trying to gain understanding and truth behind who we are and where we are going as a country. I recognize that much of what is spoken is beyond my pay grade and education and I feel lucky to have been a part of the process.

      My reason for sharing the above is to give insight that while I am angry, my southern spirit will not allow me to be abrasive. I appreciate those who can and are willing to be that for me :)

    2. Get Real - Gentleness and graciousness are admirable qualities, however we are now living in a very abrasive world, and those fine qualities will get one just exactly nowhere. The abrasive will only take that to mean you are an easy mark and run all over you and take you to be a pushover.
      In retrospect I can see where every problem that I ever had heaped upon me was only because I was 'gentle and gracious'. This is why I am now the way I am. And especially so when you are a female and of rather small stature by the average standards, you will get nothing but walked on, lol.
      John is arrogant and wrongly ridicules people for not having a lot of money in their pocket, and never mind why they dont. If you look around, you will find the honest people are the only ones without bulging pockets or bank accounts, while those who DO are dishonest. I know this to be a fact even within my own family, for the most part.

      People who have jobs, for the most part are ass-kissers and will do the bidding of the dishonest cabalist types
      just to keep their own big paychecks coming. Many are liars and deceivers and less than scrupulous; human resources people are game players, and this is dishonest.
      Geno's honesty and forthrightness has put him on a black list. I credit him for not playing the game just to get a paycheck THEIR WAY. And I credit him for not being an ass-kisser. Oh how I find ass kissers contemptuous.

    3. Abby,
      you make me laugh out loud... and I agree the world is more abrasive and some might take me for a push over; but when the rubber meets the road, I am no wimp.

      In my small town I am actually considered bitchy because of my willingness to stand up for the little guy. I expect my badge to not work one day when I walk up to the door. I will not stand by and allow someone to be treated without respect and dignity.

      My most recent feat was to force my legal department to acknowledge information requiring the employee relations department to write a letter rescinding the termination of an employee. It took three days to get their attention but I didn't back down.

      I don't say all of that to make myself look good, only to say, I will be not stand by and allow someone to be tread upon. Think "steel magnolia".

      But with regard to this site, I have no need or desire to blow my chest up and huff and puff to prove anything to John, Geno or you. I am in here to learn and educate myself. So I come from a different perspective. And I am grateful for any and all that you or others have to share.

      Get Real.

    4. I apologize to all you people who felt the sting of ass kisser...and I am sure I am wrong.... but Damn...there are so many blatantly dangling pieces of meat that need eating that to ignore them reeks of brain dead.... kick it up another notch....

      But employ to the best of your ability a certain

      and that doesn't mean anti John... John is right part of the time but when a man who is very wealthy attempts to tell us the way of the world....

      how do you really feel?

  19. Jock Doubleday
    "I'm trying to get a grip on the full spectacle of the police state theater we have all just witnessed in Boston. Where to begin?

    "Do we begin with the "lockdown" order that forced 400,000+ Bostonites to stay off the streets and hide in their homes while nobody admits it's actually martial law?" . . .

    Security theater moves to Act Two following arrest of Boston marathon bombing suspect
    Security theater moves to Act Two following arrest of Boston marathon bombing suspect
    Like · · Share · about an hour ago ·
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    Jock Doubleday Shock and Awe

    "Revolution" - a revolving, from Latin "revolutus"
    "Security theater moves to Act Two following arrest of Boston marathon bombing s...
    See More
    "Revolution" - a revolving, from Latin "revolutus," past participle of "revolvere": turn, roll back
    By: Jock Doubleday
    about an hour ago · Like · 2

    Jock Doubleday FBI admits killing "suspect #1" without due process

    Timeline Photos
    BREAKING NEWS: Obama's FBI finally admits to interviewing suspect older brother,...
    See More
    By: The Liberty Coalition
    about an hour ago · Like · 3

    Daniel James or how about how everyone cheered when they were let out of their cages?
    about an hour ago · Like

    Angie Dobbins Drake We need to wipe the dust off our camera lens and start going to Occupy Everywhere they will be holding any drills. We just need to be proactive and start watching the watchers. We know now of the history of where ever a drill is going on, is where the attacks happen. If we get there before hand and just start filming from roof tops, we can begin showing hard evidence.
    about an hour ago · Like · 1

    Dyane Leight its a stretch to say martial law.
    about an hour ago · Like

    Jock Doubleday Dyane Leight, no tanks are fine. martial law is something different.
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Jock Doubleday who does the bag belong to?

    "Revolution" - a revolving, from Latin "revolutus"
    who does the bag belong to?

    remember, the FBI said you shouldn't look at any ph...
    See More
    "Revolution" - a revolving, from Latin "revolutus," past participle of "revolvere": turn, roll back
    By: Jock Doubleday
    5 minutes ago · Like


    PDF file of Webster Tarpley's book that goes into the business relationship of the Queen and George Bush...

    Partners fall out and all the Queens horses and men try to cover up the egg on their faces...

  21. For all Abby's infuriating polarities at least she is probably the only one with the guts around here to jump on the inconsistencies and NOT KISS UP.

    1. I tried, but he handed me my face....

    2. Daryl, I noticed.... never ever let someone steal your face....

      but I knew you were just pulling back and throttlling....;)

    3. your memory that short....

      i don't agree totally with anyone here....but choosing not to aggressively participate in a debate does not make someone a kiss ass....

      you can argue til the cows come home how you got into this mess....but that really isn't as important as what you are going to do about it....

      we learn history by reading what someone else wrote...this is interpreted in different ways by different people...and we are reading the opinion of the author.... because all evidence given will be that which supports the authors claims....I can form any argument....and given enough time could find a wealth of information to back it up....however this does not make it the truth....

      I keep what resonates with me and discard the rest...does this make me right....NO...but i keep an open mind at ALL is how i learn....the only arguments i have are with ones who have closed minds....see in black and white....

      you want to have a battle with John go ahead...i rather enjoy reading the posts....from BOTH sides....just don't be a sour puss if i don't jump on your bandwagon.... opinion changes with something as simple as what mood I am in...or how many beer I have ....

      further more....I work 6 days a week ....currently 7 days a week...have a family....and am a horrible typist...I am sorry I can not give my opinionated response to everything said... and hang on every word John says to be able to point out inconsistencies in a drop of a hat...

      I respect you Geno.....same as John...and everyone else here....all I ask is the same...

      Am I in the wrong place Geno....?

    4. Nah... it's good to feel the sting isn't it? Did I mean you? I don't think so....certainly your name wasn't the one forthright in my brain.... but I'm not talking about polite.... I am talking about ANGER.... Abby is one of the few...Daryl also...who display real anger....

      John displays it....
      AT US...

      and we don't desrve it.... His upper echelon does....

      and when I wait for someone to display that they get the significance of these distinctions...and wait and wait....

      I try and resurrect the dead....

      you tell me?

      Are you in the right place?

      I appreciate your donation monetarily to my life but the question is about focusing in on the real problems...

      If I made you mad...good.... figure out why....

    5. The point is...if you aren't angry and can't express it.... then just watch cable...

    6. not feel good...

      mean me ... maybe not...but your statement insinuates it...

      brain....cannot read it...have to resort to reading what you write...'s what I I was raised... caused by confusion and is the gateway to violence...

      Daryl...I have supported his points on the white hats blog....the BFC...and via emails...he knows where I stand...

      John....does not display it at me...I am not an American...but I have stood up for you Americans several times.... am i to understand that you wish to wash your hands of any responsibility...

      distinctions...personally I would focus on the NOW....worry about pointing the finger when you gain the upper hand....

      resurrection...try nailing to a cross for a while ....then place in tomb for about three days...has been rumored to work...but i have never tried it...

      right place...with mutual respect yes....without no....

      next one is a private personal matter separate from this...and do not wish to discuss...would rather you wouldn't bring it up....but it is your choice....

      mad...hardly...disappointed yes...if I was mad...I wouldn't have posted...just disappeared....if you think someone thousands of miles away on a keyboard will make me don't know me very well....

    7. point is...I can see both sides....if I feel the need to express something I always not need your permission or guidance to do so...

      "then just watch cable"....who is being arrogant now....?

    8. Canauzzie,

      Thank you for eloquently speaking what I was unable to articulate earlier. You and I are on a similar page with regard to work restraints etc. I argue with managers/employees all day long, the last thing I want to do is come in here and argue with the lot of you. Especially in light of the fact that I recognize that I have not had sufficient amount of time to read all that is on the subject matter.

      As far as I am concerned... case closed.

      Get Real

    9. Canauzzie said 'anger is caused by confusion and is the gateway to violence''.
      Canauzzie that is bullschitt, none of it is true. I wonder whose psychiatrists book you got that from.

      I have an 'anger' that lashes out when I hear bullschitt from people, people who are off the wall, people who are unjust, unfair, arrogant,sneaking and lying, etc etc etc
      And THAT is a righteous anger against wrong doing, evil doing.

      And Anger is no sin. Not a damned thing wrong with it if its fair and with just CAUSE. And it has NEVER ever led me to violence.
      NOR am I confused. The proper word is more like disgusted with certain things or people.

      Furthermore, I have conquered myself, in that I can be angry about something at hand, YET NOT seeth about it or take it out on others. I'm well able to isolate it to just what is at hand at that moment, and the next moment if the next person is FAIR, then I treat them likewise. No carry-overs. I can also slam a person for something, and yet able to agree with them on other points.
      I don't need to pick up my marbles and go home like a first grader.

    10. I agree with both of you to a point here... I have had two women in my life that made me livid because no matter what I stated the information was either ignored or twisted around like licorice and that constant betrayal of the logic I sought to sort out would just lead to more anger....

      so I killed them... lol...

  22. One heavily detailed book mentions that Daddy Bush was started in the oil business by British royals. ["The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush", by Webster Tarpley et al., 1992.] In an FBI document, dated November 29, 1963, circulated by us and others, shown is "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" played a key role in the covering up of certain data as to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

    So George Bush The Elder was active in the American spy community long before he was, for eleven and a half months in 1976, Director of Central Intelligence. And ever after, as well. He was instrumental, in the late 1970s, of installing, through politic al assassinations, in Iraq, Saddam Hussein as the Iraqi strongman.

    In the 1980s, Daddy Bush was Saddam's PRIVATE business partner. It was the subject of a little-mentioned Federal Court case in Chicago, where this free lance journalist, was the only reporter covering the court hearing. My exclusive story appeared in a populist weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, August 19, 1991.[Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" for more details.]

    Bush the Elder and Saddam Hussein, just like a mafia gang, shook down, extracting "protection money", from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. Also, Bush's criminal business confederates in the 1980s, inside and outside the White House, supplied Saddam with the beginnings of nuclear and bio-chemical materials and research, for the possible development of so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

    See the heavily detailed book, "The Spider's Web--The Secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman, Bantam Books, 1993, never adequately publicized in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.

    Recently, the present Bush White House obtained the original of Saddam's response to the United Nations inspection team, a many thousand page document. Bush, in turn, had copies supposedly made of this and turned it over to other members of the U.N. Sec urity Council. Some assert that the Bush White House eliminated or redacted some of the pages showing the role of the Bush Crime Family in supplying such items to Baghdad. "Annan [U.N. Secretary General] Criticizes Handling of Iraqi Files", New York Tim es, December 11, 2002.

    The Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991, in its simplest form, was just, as we have shown, a falling out of disgruntled private business partners, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. In 1991, Daddy Bush stole billions and billions of dollars of monies and ass ets belonging to Saddam, his former partner. These purloined funds were transferred to twenty five secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family. [Visit our extensive website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", where the secret Federal Reserv e wire transfer records, showing Greenspan's and other secret codes, are attached and can be brought up on the screen. For example, one account shows ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS (partly traceable to assets and funds belonging to former business partner Saddam Hussein) were transferred to a joint Bush account that the Bush Crime Family had with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. And notice how the Queen arranged for the head of her bank to leave and bec! ome a top official of Daddy Bush's purported war-mongering operation, the Carlyle Group, with an armlock on the American war weapons industry. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm." Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.]

    1. Coutts Bank is OWNED by RBS which is broke!So much for mega bucks stored heh? Media fabrications again. Coutts are losing money!

    2. I bet you if the trail can be followed (paladin?) we will find that Skolnick and Tarpley were 100% correct about Couts and The Queen and Saddam and George and their accounts and that when it became...


      that money scattered...

      and Couts went broke....

      I bet you my Kingdom.... a 1993 Ford Aerostar...

  23. and where do you think your corporate profits would be if there had not been 6 billion people to eat your twinkies and cheetos and watch your sitcoms and buy your rolling stone records and perpetuate the fia system that served the Rothschild banking dynasty? Every single person helped the elite to be the elite.... they contributed their time at jobs, their stomachs and brains and wallets...

    Can't help but be livid at such arrogance....
    such moments of true insight telling the real inner feelings of the elite who actually think that they are better and deserve what they have....

    Murdererers, thieves and con artists aren't supposed to keep what they steal... It's supposed be an ethical thing....

    People who throw rocks in glass castles and think so little of their subjects....

    Choose your weapon....

    I got truth and a keyboard...

    How about we grab a "cold" beer?

    1. And 2 Hot Chicks to go?

    2. and old.... and very

  24. John you drive me to drink I am going out to put one on...

  25. Geno it gets worse.

  26. clarification.... although I love to spark has to understand the rules of that energy.... we can't insult a perceived enemy to retaliate against wrong energy.... we have to intellectually understand the full paragraph of why something is wrong and use every means and ideas to counter it as succinctly and cleverly as possible....

    1. Christ.... I have posted mind bending shit and people seem to walk passed it like it's a dead tree.... it isn't is the murder weapon that slashed and hacked your family to some cognizance....

    2. for get real wow wow....

      Not only is that a very appropriate response....

      but the subject matter is like finding out Hitler's mustasche was a piece of tape... in other words... what else is fabricated....

    3. Geno,
      Unfortunately, for most hollywood has desensitized the public at large.

      On a personal note, I know that much of what I read takes time to absorb and get my head wrapped around it. Similar to what one goes through with the five stages of Grieving:


      All of these fit what one might be going through with the exception of Bargaining...

      Just a thought.

  27. every once in a while god gives me some shots of patron and beer to make sure I make some important points...;)

  28. Geno - I have had little response to these mind-blowing articles you've put up simply because due to my health condition, I cannot read all the true depth of much of it. Hope you understand.
    But keep up the wonderful work, and thanks for your kind words about me; its rare in here.

  29. Note: Ive added a few responses above (Apr. 22)