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Imperialist Dream

Empire's Double Edged Sword: Global Military + NGOs

April 7, 2013Source: Tony Cartalucci, BLN Contributing Writer
Part 1: Imperialism is Alive and Well

February 18, 2012 - The British Empire didn't just have a fleet that projected its hegemonic will across the planet, it possessed financial networks to consolidate global economic power, and system administrators to ensure the endless efficient flow of resources from distant lands back to London and into the pockets of England's monied elite. It was a well oiled machine, refined by centuries of experience.

While every schoolchild learns about the British Empire, it seems a common modern-day political malady for adults to believe that reality is organized as their history books were in school - in neat well defined chapters. This leads to the common misconception that the age of imperialism is somehow a closed-chapter in human history. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Imperialism did not go extinct. It simply evolved.

Imperialism is alive & well

There are several pertinent examples illustrating how imperialism is still alive and well, and only cleverly disguised with updated nomenclatures. What we know today as "free trade" actually derives its origins from economic concessions the British frequently extorted from nations under its "gunboat diplomacy" strategy - that is, anchoring gunboats off the coast of a foreign capital, and threatening bombardment and military conquest if certain demands were not met.

Colonial Southeast Asia circa 1850'sThailand/Siam
was never colonized but made many concessions.

In the mid-1800's, Thailand, then the Kingdom of Siam, was surrounded on all sides by colonized nations and in turn was made to concede to the British 1855 Bowring Treaty. See how many of these "gunboat policy" imposed concessions sound like today's "economic liberalization:"

1. Siam granted extraterritoriality to British subjects.
2. British could trade freely in all seaports and reside permanently in Bangkok.
3. British could buy and rent property in Bangkok.
4. British subjects could travel freely in the interior with passes provided by the consul.
5. Import and export duties were capped at 3%, except the duty-free opium and bullion.
6. British merchants were to be allowed to buy and sell directly with individual Siamese.

A more contemporary example would be the outright military conquest of Iraq and Paul Bremer's (CFR) economic reformation of the broken state. The Economist enumerates the neo-colonial "economic liberalization" of Iraq in a piece titled "Let's all go to the yard sale: If it all works out, Iraq will be a capitalist's dream:"

1. 100% ownership of Iraqi assets.
2. Full repatriation of profits.
3. Equal legal standing with local firms.
4. Foreign banks allowed to operate or buy into local banks.
5. Income and corporate taxes capped at 15%.
6. Universal tariffs slashed to 5%.

Nomenclatures aside, nothing has changed since 1855 as far as imperialist "wish-lists" go. The Economist argued, as would any 18-19th century imperialist, that Iraq needed foreign expertise to catch up, justifying the evisceration of their national sovereignty and the foreign stewardship (theft) of their resources. Unlike Siam, Iraq refused to concede to the "gunboats" of modern-day Wall Street & London, and often as the British did during the "glory days" of the empire, they made good on their threats.

Image: The Anglo-Zulu War. Causus belli - diamonds & imperial expansion.

And just as the British did when they found diamonds beneath Zululand during the late-1800's, spurring them to invent a causus belli to justify the destruction of the Zulu Kingdom, the schemers of modern-day global imperialism likewise invented a dubious pretext to invade Iraq before commencing its plundering.

Image: Anglo-Zulu War. Mission accomplished. The city of Ulandi burns and the British go about dividing Zululand into 14 chiefdoms led by compliant, obedient proxies. The British took great care to cultivate rivalries between the 14 chiefdoms to ensure they would never again unite and challenge British hegemonic ambitions throughout the region.
At the conclusion of the Anglo-Zulu War, the British despoiled Zululand, divided it into 14 separate cheifdoms, each led by a proxy obedient to the British Empire. The British ensured that these 14 cheifdoms harbored animosities toward one another and fostered petty infighting between them to ensure British interests would never again be challenged by a unified Zulu threat. Today we see what seems to be the "accidental" consequences of military interventions leadeing to vicious, protracted fighting and in some cases civil wars, in Iraq, now in Libya (which also had a direct proxy installed as PM), Pakistan where plans exist to literally carve up the nation Zululand-style, and Syria. These are not accidental but intentional. Divide and conquer is a classic military stratagem that has not escaped the interests and attention of Wall Street & London.

Video: Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on January 17, 1961, warning us of the military industrial complex.

: Iraq For Sale. Remember that military industrial complex President Dwight Eisenhower warned America about? The ultimate bottom line with the Iraq War was that it should never have been fought in the first place. 

If people can study history and see today's events are simply the relabeled repeating of what empire has been doing for centuries, the public as a whole will be less likely to go along with what is in reality an exploitative, murderous crime spree of global proportions - merely sold to us as justified intervention. One need only look at how Iraq has been despoiled and the profits that have been garnered by Fortune 500 corporations, while soldiers and Iraqis alike pay the price with their minds, bodies, blood, futile destinies, and lives.

Part II: British Imperial Administration (proto-NGOs) 

A book of invaluable use in understanding British imperial administration is "Colonial Georgia: A Study in British Imperial Policy in the Eighteenth Century." Published by the University of Georgia Press and written by Trevor Reese, it successfully endeavored to illustrate "practically every facet of British colonial policy" using Georgia as a case study.

The colony of Georgia, in what is now the southern United States, was founded by what is essentially a proto-NGO - and in this case an organization dedicated to "prison reform." What it really did, was assess suitable prisoners in London who could be sent to Georgia to fulfill the needs of the Crown. Beginning as the "Associates of Dr. Bray" and later becoming the "Trustees for the Establishment of the Colony of Georgia in America," or simply the Georgia Trustees, it encapsulates perfectly the use of noble-intentioned networkers to exploit human tragedy for the benefit of the elite.

Image: One face of the Georgia Trustee's seal. It featured the Latin motto, "Non Sibi Sed Aliis" which means, "Not for self, but for others." Truly a proto-NGO, a "system administrator." The significance of the mulberry leaf, the silkworm, and the cocoon? The silk that Britain's new colony of Georgia was going to export to London to enrich the empire. "For others" indeed. 

While many may argue that prisoners in London were better off being shipped to Georgia, the underlying point is the dictation of one's destiny for the benefit of another, regardless of whether or not such exploitation results in a thriving new life in Georgia, or death defending British expansion in the New World. The same cost/benefit analysis could also be made for slavery, but done so in spite of its essential immorality.

Protestantism for England was also a precursor to modern day NGOs. Religious denominations were divided directly along political lines in 18th century Europe, and when shiploads of Protestants were sent to Georgia, so followed the political networks they represented. Again, noble-intentions were, and to this day are, in the forefront of many devoted to these political functionaries, and much good has been done in their names, but ultimately the purpose of each empire's church was to establish a bottom-up network of people who believed they were fulfilling noble, higher intentions, when in reality they were simply serving the elite of their respective empires. Unfortunately, despite the noble intentions and great works of many of these people, when the time came for the Crown to use these networks for less than noble causes, organizational indoctrination was used to marshal men to it. And just like modern NGOs today, Protestant organizations interfaced with and supported directly the primary regional administrators, in Georgia's case, the Georgia Trustees.

In Reese's book, he even notes on page 21, "in sanctioning the Georgia project the British Government was not motivated by any such charitable intentions as inspired the Trustees. The Ministry was not much interested in the plight of insolvent and unemployed debtors, but it was concerned about the defense of the empire." Similarly today, NGOs have truly dedicated people "inspired" as the "Trustees" were, but ultimately they are carrying water for their sponsors, who almost always end up being George Soros, the OCED, the US State Department's National Endowment for Democracy, and other purveyors of global corporate-fascist imperialism.

The British Empire's interests in Georgia were economic, while the rouse used to fill and administer the colony was altruistic. Another key characteristic to imperialism is keeping subjects dependent. Reese offers on page 27, "the danger of these [private or charter provinces] lay in the scope they provided for the construction of independent authorities, and this was contradictory to the whole principle of colonization."

This, within the contest of mercantilism - essentially the exportation of raw materials from the colonies, which would be refined in Europe, and then imported back into the colonies as manufactured goods - meant servile dependency, both politically and economically - despite the fact that even then, many features of "democracy" could be found throughout the colonies. Today's concept of "free-trade" agreements ensure that resources, manufacturing, refinement, and consumption are equally interdependent on a global scale despite the fact that technology now exists to make any state or province, let alone nation, fully independent economically.

Image: Despite the good intentions, the religious causes, and loyalty to the crown, the ultimate destination of all these good intentions wrought was the "Board of Trade" which managed the unending flow of wealth out of Britain's colonies and into London. 

Like NGOs of today, the administrative networks that made up the British Empire were in many cases entirely dependent on grants from London, as local contributions were almost never adequate. Reese notes on page 39, "constant need of money made the Trustees permanently dependent on Parliament, without whose support their colony could not be maintained." The British Empire maintained a careful balancing act to ensure that its networks received enough resources to fulfill their purpose, but never enough to become independent. Financial policy conformed to imperial standards and while local policy was set by local administrators, it interlocked with the Board of Trade back in London - just as local NGOs now interlock with international organizations in accordance to rule and norms defined by international institutions.

Reese quotes Vincent Harlow in his epilogue, who said of Georgia's eventual independence from Great Britain, "men's minds indeed conceive new thoughts and plan new projects, but out of ancient thinking and under potent influence of long-established characteristics."

Part III: Re-imagining Imperialism for the 21st Century 

We have already seen some examples of how imperialism is very much alive and well. We also saw how imperialism was implemented by the British, but how exactly is it being implemented today? And why are people willingly going along with it?

Video: Thomas Barnett describes the building of an army of "system administrators" (aka civil society) to expand into "peace spaces" while US global military conquers "battle spaces." Soros' Revenue Watch along with the National Endowment for Democracy have created just such an army of NGOs. And just as soldiers witlessly promote imperialism believing they are fighting for "freedom," these NGOs expand Wall Street and London's global hegemony, believing they are promoting "human rights." 

The term "system administrators" was used by US military strategist Thomas Barnett before a cackling audience at a 2008 TED Talk titled, "The Pentagon's New Map for War & Peace." At about 18 minutes into his talk he begins explaining a concept of reforming the military into two separate forces, the "US enabled Leviathan force" and the "system administrators."

One takes down the existing networks of targeted nations through air campaigns, special operations, or invasions, and consists of military assets including armor, fighters and bombers. The other consists of system administrators who then build upon the ashes left by the "Leviathan force" or the chaos sown by a foreign-backed destabilization. The system administrators consist of everything from NGOs, international organizations, and contractors, to civil affairs officers (psychological warfare), and when necessary, soldiers and Marines.

Barnett warns that if anyone attempts to interfere with the construction of the West's "system administrator" networks, the "Marines are going to come over and kill you." This perhaps like British garrisons did to tamp down dissatisfaction amongst their colonies.

Image: The Boston Massacre. Resistors to the "system administrators" beware, try to stop them and "the Marines are going to come over and kill you." 

The talk was given in 2008, and already we see solid steps being taking to expand and utilize just such a force. Barnett said of the special operations "trigger pullers" that he wanted the rules to be "as loose as possible." Just recently, the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy reported the expanded role proposed for "elite" military forces. Admiral William McRaven of Special Operations Command was said to be seeking "more autonomy to position his forces and their war-fighting equipment where intelligence and global events indicate they are most needed."

Video: Special Operations Command is looking for more "autonomy" in deploying where "intelligence and global events indicate they are most needed." This "loosening of rules" was part of building the double edged sword of neo-imperial conquest, the global army & system administrators. 

Additionally, between 2008 and 2011 before the outbreak of the Arab Spring, the US State Department and its network of global facilitators embarked on a campaign to raise a literal army of NGOs and opposition groups to begin overthrowing governments and building the very global administration network Barnett presented at TED. It was just recently reported in, "Soros Big-Business Accountability Project Funded by Big-Business" that a similar army of NGOs is being mobilized to erect system administrators focused on managing the resources of targeted nations. Called Revenue Watch, and focused primarily on Africa and Southeast Asia it represents the "system administration" approach complimenting aggressive moves made by AFRICOM in Africa, and the declaration of America's "Pacific Century" in Asia.

It is quite clear that Barnett's proposal doesn't necessarily need the "US-enabled Leviathan force" to tear down targeted networks as seen in the US-funded Arab Spring. Fomenting unrest, up to and including armed insurrection falls short of overt military intervention and utilizes assets Barrent descibed in the Levithan force such as "trigger pulling" special operations, as well as civil affairs units, NGOs, and contractors from the system administration side.

In Libya for example, NGOs and civil affairs advisers began the unrest in February of 2011 while weapons were covertly moved in to arm fighters to overthrow the Qaddafi government. International organizations like the ICC were used to poison public opinion against the Libyan government using information supplied to them from NGOs, while NATO began preparing for a full scale air campaign. Once the bombing began, it was only a matter of incrementally increasing the torrent of special operations forces, arms, and other facilitators to fill in the void left by NATO's relentless air campaign. Thus the forces of Leviathan and the system administrators worked in tandem, one clearing a path through the old, the other building new networks to facilitate the installment of long-time US resident and Petroleum Institute chairman, Abdurrahim el-Keib, as PM.

In nations where military options like this are not an option and would be difficult if not impossible to ever justify, like Thailand for example, the full weight of Wall Street and London's support is thrown behind system administrators and suitable opposition movements that will make appropriate proxies if the targeted sovereign networks can be torn down.

In Thailand's case, that proxy is Thaksin Shinawatra, a former Carlyle Group adviser, and recipient of extensive US backing, including lobbying services from fellow Carlyle memberJames Baker and his firm Baker Botts, Bush's personal envoy to Iraq Robert Blackwill ofBarbour Griffith & Rogers, and PNAC signatory Kenneth Adelman of Edelman. During Thaksin's term in office from 2001 until a coup ousted him in 2006, upon the eve of which he was literally reporting to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, he hadcommitted Thai troops to the US invasion of Iraq and allowed the CIA to use Thailand for its abhorrent rendition program.

He now currently leads the forces of a "color revolution," the stand-ins for Barnett's occupation force, since such a Western force is untenable. This included his documented use of armed militants in 2010 during an attempted insurrection. They are billed the "red shirts" or United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) and have met with Soros' Open Society-funded Human Rights Watch, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the U.S.–ASEAN Business Council in an April 2011 Washington D.C. visit.

LinkImage: It is clear that NGOs and opposition movements many believe are spontaneous, indigenous, and independent are in fact part of a larger network for the sole purpose of imposing and maintaining global system administration. This is not a web of elaborate, vague associations. In each case there is direct path of funding leading back to Western foundations and the think-tanks that devise policy for them, all funded and chaired by the Fortune 500 of Wall Street and London. (click image to enlarge) 

There are also circles of academia being produced to support efforts to undermine and overthrow Thailand's sovereign indigenous networks, most notably "Nitirat" or the "Enlightened Jurists" whose audiences consist almost entirely of Thaksin's red shirts, and even included Thaksin's US registered lobbyist, Robert Amsterdam sitting in the front row.

Finally there are the NGOs like propaganda outfit Prachatai, which receives 1oo's of thousands of dollars a year from the US State Department via the National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros' Open Society, and USAID. NED also funds the Campaign Committee for Human Rights, the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF), and the Environmental Litigation and Advocacy for the Wants. In addition to sharing the same foreign sponsors, each cross-posts the other's work, each signs petitions on the others behalf and each perpetuate identical agendas. While their mission statements claim to promote "freedom," "democracy," and "human rights," one cannot help but wonder how they reconcile the backgrounds of their sponsors and the "international" organizations they interlock with, with the causes they allegedly promote, with the work they actually carry out.

Image: Clearly there are "strings attached" to NGO Prachatai's funding from the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House who regularly contributes posts, support, and award nominations to the Thai "independent journalists." It is also clear how these same interests are involved in the support of Thaksin Shinawatra, the imperial proxy of choice for Thailand. (click image to enlarge) 

The National Endowment for Democracy and its subsidiary Freedom House features boards of directors much resembling a revolving door, with current and former members of Congress, the US State Department, corporate lobbying firms, and corporate board members of some of the largest corporations on earth including Exxon, Boeing, Ford, and Goldman Sachs constantly shifting in and out of government, big-business, and NGO positions. They are, just as the British were, "not motivated by any such charitable intentions," as inspire the well-intentioned people drawn into the cause of NGOs like Prachatai they fund.

Their hope is to eventually diminish the power and influence of Thailand's own indigenous networks, by gradually building up the capacity of Wall Street & London's system administrators. Just like in the example of Georgia, ignorance and good intentions are used to swell the ranks of these networks, and just like in Georgia, they are kept purposefully dependent on the constant and substantial support provided by Wall Street & London, as local contributions are almost never enough. And while many of these people may believe they are committed to a "higher cause," they are simply soldiers of another kind within an imperial system perfected over centuries of trial and error.

The activists on the ground may be of genuine good-intentions but surely there are some who realize the conflict between their stated mission and the insincere intentions of those funding them from abroad. Just like the army, this system of NGOs perpetuates itself on the ignorance of the general population - of those drawn in by their good intentions to contribute to what they believe is a noble cause, and those throughout society who see these networks spreading across the planet with no idea of what their true purpose is.

Trevor Reese leaves us with one more relevant observation concerning the state of imperialism in the 18th century that still very much applies today:

"In the Eighteenth century, colonial affairs were subsidiary issues in English political life; Sir John Seeley's dictum that the British people founded an empire in a fit of absence of mind is true in the sense that imperial expansion seldom commanded public attention. Although there were always a few critics in the country who expressed anti-imperialist sentiments and feared that the empire would ultimately escape from the control of the mother-country, they represented only a small minority. Generally, when people thought about the colonies, which was not often, they regard them with mild approval, and believe in the advantage of an empire even though they knew little about it."
In the same way, today many people remain in the dark about what Wall Street & London do overseas. While military interventions grab headlines and create a brief but confusing diversion for most, they are but mildly aware of the concept of NGOs, let alone how they work in tandem with the creeping war machine making its way from Tunisia to Thailand and everywhere in between.

While today's media is able to project images onto our perception of what an NGO is, with pictures of smiling Africans clutching bags of USAID rice, thriving wildlife, and sprouting, dew covered seedlings, in reality it is a centralized operation built to tear down the old world, and replace with a new one. One that does not answer to the people that inhabit it on anything but the most superficial of levels, but rather to the people that rule over it - the monied elite, as they always have, with the most vicious feeding their competitors ruthlessly into their maw and gladly expanding into the place left at the table.

LinkPart IV: Empire's Weakness is Independence 

Empires require subjects. Without subjects there is no empire. There is no fleet, there are no Marines, there are no imperial administrators. There are no laborers to gather and send resources back to be refined, no one to refine them in the factories and send them back, and surely no one to buy these manufactured goods when they arrive.

Empire requires subjects to be preferable ignorant, easily manipulated, indoctrinated in a manner that motivates them to carry out their necessary function within the empire reliably. They need subjects that believe in the empire and most importantly, they need subjects who are hopelessly dependent on it. It is no coincidence then that nations declared their "independence" from England in pursuit of their freedom.

Image: By boycotting the British system, the Founding Fathers were already free and independent men by the time they signed the Declaration of Independence. The coming war would be to defend that freedom.

Before the great battles of the American Revolution took place and the victory that followed, the Founding Fathers took it upon themselves to declare their independence not only by writ, but also by action. Our Founding Fathers ceased the import of British goods, they created their own monetary system, they assembled their own militias, and most importantly they formed their own government based upon their own values, not King George's self-interest.

This truly measurable independence turned out to be the key to their success, for independence is freedom, and freedom from tyranny is victory. The battle they fought was not one to free themselves, instead, it was fought to defend the freedom from the British system they had already achieved.

In "Naming Names: Your Real Government" a list of the most common, reoccuring corporate-financier interests and the think-tanks they use to create, promote, publish, and execute their policy was provide. The article concluded by stating:

"These organizations represent the collective interests of the largest corporations on earth. They not only retain armies of policy wonks and researchers to articulate their agenda and form a consensus internally, but also use their massive accumulation of unwarranted influence in media, industry, [across a global network of NGOs,] and finance to manufacture a self-serving consensus internationally.

To believe that this corporate-financier oligarchy would subject their agenda and fate to the whims of the voting masses is naive at best. They have painstakingly ensured that no matter who gets into office, in whatever country, the guns, the oil, the wealth and the power keep flowing perpetually into their own hands."

Video: Voting is not an option. Noam Chomsky in 1993 regarding NED: "It's about what you would expect from a bipartisan democracy campaign - it's an attempt to impose what is called democracy, meaning rule by the rich and the powerful, without interference by the mob but within the framework of formal electoral procedures." 

This is confirmed in a talk given by Noam Chomsky in 1993, where he stated or the National Endowment for Democracy's work, "it's an attempt to impose what is called democracy, meaning rule by the rich and the powerful, without interference by the mob but within the framework of formal electoral procedures." Quite clearly it is, along with Open Society, and the vast network of system administrators being built up across the planet, working in witless tandem with NATO, building in the swath of destruction it leaves behind the homogeneous workings of a global corporate-financier-run empire.

If the world is indeed run by corporate-financier interests, and voting is not only futile but gives the population a false sense of security, what can we do instead to declare our independence from modern empire?

On a daily basis, across the planet, billions of people witlessly pay into this empire, buying their products, paying them their attention on diversions like TV, radio, and at the theater, and participating in systems, organizations, and causes that like the "Georgia Trustees" may have started out working for prison reform, ended up handing the empire another thriving colony to exploit. It is clear then that vast campaigning, elections, rallies, and protests are not necessary or even viable options in dismantling this system - rather our daily decisions to boycott their corporations, pull the plug on our TVs, switch off the radio, leave the theaters empty and refuse to recognize the legitimacy of corporate-backed institutions and organizations on both national and international levels.

Video: The Fab Lab. Turning consumers into producers with manufacturing technology, open source collaboration, and innovation. It also opens the doors for communities to work together and solve their own problems, rather than waiting for them to be solved by disingenuous elected representatives.

Instead, find local solutions, pursue self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and leverage technologyto do for ourselves tomorrow what we depend on corporations to do for us today. We can start today, by simply "voting" local with our wallets, "voting" to read, watch, and listen to truly independent media instead of Hollywood - or better yet - creating our own content ourselves. The same could be said with the news. Stop humoring the professional liars on BBC who get caught in serial scams involving paid-for documentaries, biased reporting, and flat out lying to their audience. There is a thriving alternative media that already proves the merits of doing more, doing better, and doing it all ourselves.

As concluded in "The Real Revolution,"
"They need us, we don’t need them. That’s the big secret. We get our freedom back as soon as we take back our responsibilities for food, water, security, the monetary system, power, and manufacturing; that is independence. Independence is freedom, freedom is independence. We’ll never be free as long as we depend on the Fortune 500 for our survival.
Fixing these problems unfolding overseas starts with fixing the problems in our own backyards. Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end."


  1. The Imperialism article is to show you, nothing lasts, and the demand for freedom from emergent nations, will collapse the NWO Neocons and end the Cabal which can only exist on the backs of others.The English had a Global Commonwealth of Trade interests and Banking. Also vast Cultural links. America has built nothing, just taken everything. As the sun sets on its Empire, it will need friends. Who?

  2. John,

    I stated as much regarding building relationships with Russia by returning the Russian peoples money which was stolen by Reagan via Leo Wanta. But, I am a simpleton and really nobody....There is so much to do & to correct that it seems very depressing to me the more I learn here from you & Geno. Because it seems so hopeless & completely beyond control to reverse all the evils.....Very depressing & hopeless.....sorry for being such a downer. ~darylluke.

    1. You're not a simpleton or a nobody. And the great thing is that whenever you believe in something, you put your heart and soul into it.

    2. Darylluke.
      There are many good and focused people working to turn things around. The Cabal are in total dissaray.Their banking is all unraveling on them. New Leaders are emerging who wont put up with their games. This century is a whole new playing field. New concepts and new vision. The Baton has passed from the US now. America has it all to do to even stay in the race. New visions mean new Global awareness. The Web has exposed so many of them.

    3. i believe the internet was their Achilles heal...after the ponzi scheme of course .... it changed the world like the printing press they are kickin themselves in the ass for not having more controls in place before flipping switch....

      i can't wait til this is all over....and we can move on....

  3. @john,
    "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins showed me what my country was up to... That was the first time I realized why we were hated by other countries and the first time I could actually say I was embarrassed by my leader's and fellow country men's actions.

    Great Article... I will definitely pass it onto to others.

  4. @ John....

    what is your opinion of the Canadian backing system....with the government passing legislation on a "bail in" to prevent a "bail out"...

    they say depositors would not be touched....but i think it would depend on how bad it is....and when the government tells me something....I tend to believe the opposite to be true....

    cause when the Usa was giving bail outs.....canada gave the banks some money.....said it wasn't a bail out....said it was to ensure stability by increasing the reserves of the banks and help with liquidity....the banks took that money and went on a buying spree....picking up offices , real estate and financial companies in the US for pennies on the my tax dollars went to making the banks larger and more profitable....I think we have a few crooks of our own here that need to be brought out into the spotlight....

    1. Canada's Banking is far better run than most. Their Securities Trading restrictions stopped the Sub Primes touching Canada and saved them. They are prudent and sensible. Unlike the Yahoos South of the Border.

    2. Now if we could just get rid of that zionist puppet, PM Stevie Harper...we'd be doing even better !

  5. Have to expect that good groups and organizations are susceptible to the dark forces who co-opt: this (heirloom seed non-profit in Decatur, IA)

    1. Lew is over here pontificating on the importance of stabilizing the euro and their Banks.
      Stop the Weasel Words! We don't need the sanctimony. Release the GS, PAY what you Goddamn well OWE, and we can Self Trade our own way out and fund the US also.
      Pay what is owed Lew. Free us from DC Fiscal tyranny.
      We just want the money paid. Pay Argo what is owed.Start there. Action not words. Where is the money? When? We don't need you to chew our food for us. Pay up!

    2. Hi John, how was Tuesday? I haven't gone to sleep yet, so when I wake I will want to know how it went, lol.

      So, the GS cannot be released until the U.S. pays ARGO back? How much is owed to Argo? Why was the money ever taken out of trust? Who did it and for what purpose? This is the 10 Trillion that is supposed to be there in trust,right?

      Why is Lew doing this? Is it politicking or does he fail to comprehend? Do you find him to be corrupt as the other political Zionist Satanists in our govt?

      Is it true that any nation holding dinar has a special deal with Iraq to purchase oil at a reduced rate per barrel?

    3. PVG,
      Tuesday started for me at 05-00 having only crashed down at midnight.
      The Argo and other funds have been used and abused by one bent President after another, and all crooked Treasury Secretaries ever since the funds were loaned. Everyone bar the Funds owners had benefit. Now God knows who has the final say to release them. Whatever is conceded to be paid back, will be the amount. I cant give out the info you ask.
      Lew has limited power. Who controls him is the question. The US has raped and pillaged Iraq and set them up with every false reparation claim possible.
      But- IF Argo were repaid, we can make a lot of lives whole again. While Lew is in the EU, I expect nothing to happen. The problem is, once he is back, has he got the power to do anything? Or will? No one put in a role is not owned.

    4. @ john,
      does he even realize how ridiculous he appears to the UK or does he care? Maybe, is he so committed to the position to play his part in the "system administration"?

      My hope was that because of his role in the kuwaiti RV, he was put in place to help make this happen... obviously not!

    5. John, I believe that WH's said that the ARGO Trust was out of Belgium, and was funded by Chinese interests for the purpose that, "America would never fail."

      I also believed that Bill Bonnie (sp.?) and Tman were signatory/counter-signatory and Trustees on that trust? If not, then what was Tman speaking of that he and Bonnie are to sign off on?

      When was the ARGO Trust formed? Is it an irrevocable trust? Or, did the Settlor(s) retain control and benefit of the trust?

      Also, I think that WH said that the money was asset-backed. Is this true, to your knowledge? How does that work?

      What good will it do for the U.S. to print up money to pay ARGO back? What does Argo stand for, btw??

      I know that you have a non-disclosure agreement in place and cannot address all the questions, perhaps. It is still such a mystery to us lil' people!! It's actually looking much more hopeless day by day as I begin to understand the underpinnings of this Great Endeavor. {sigh}

      --phxvalleygirl (pvg)

    6. I think that I may have answered one of my own questions re the U.S. paying back Argo with instant printing press ponzi scheme dollars. Those same deflated dollars would eventually end up in the dinar holder's hands and, in the end, worth much less than before. Not to mention that whatever is in our accounts will be looted as the economy stills sinks into collapse.

  6. Beginning to look like Lew is trying to play middle-of-the-road politics, which means more stagnation as we've been having.
    Christine will need to straighten him out and fast. I thought she had already done that.
    I thought he had called CL first thing, and told her 'if he is confirmed, he will immediately take care of these financial urgencies'.
    And whatever happened to the Wanta Funds that the SC and a Judge ORDERED to be released back on/by April 1? I've seen no more about that.

  7. News today saying NKorea is about to attack SKorea. Also the other day that Wells Fargo Bank System was hacked. (Now I wonder who was behind that, lol)
    And the 'actor parents' of sandy hook on with Obummer trying to get stricter gun laws passed.

    Keep your eyes on the eastern skies.

  8. @ john,
    With the implementation of Basel III, I believe we are moving in a positive direction with Lew and the EU... what are your thoughts concerning this?

    U.S.’s Lew, EU’s Barnier Pledge to Implement Basel III Pact
    By Jim Brunsden - Apr 8, 2013 7:41 AM ET

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew and Michel Barnier, the EU’s financial services chief, reaffirmed their commitment to implementing an international overhaul of capital and liquidity rules for their banks.

    The officials “agreed upon the importance of strong U.S.- EU cooperation on implementing” the standards, known as Basel III, including limits on bank indebtedness, Barnier and Lew said in a joint statement after meeting in Brussels today.

    1. What if the reporting mechanism is bogus and the returning answers are rigged. How can a Ponzi Fed or Treasury join Basle 111? What about the Trillions of US Off Balance Sheet debts? Who audits the Gray Screens? It's a joke. The US Military Budget alone sucks out 55% of all Taxes. Add to that interest on Debts, costs of Federal Agencies, Welfare,Retiree costs,Education, etc and you are already at 300% of GDP. But, it's far worse.

    2. For the record I stated clearly to everyone who would not listen for 2.5 years now that the Zionist Jews were the ones blocking the dinar not muslims or blabbering gurus or Bush or Oblamo or cabals or whatever... when Lew was appointed I stated oh great... jack bathroom to flush it down the toilet... not because I am making a cheap joke but because dick jokes and toilet humor are what these Zionist freaks give us in their theater and charade,,, remember Kashkari at the Fed who may be the same actor who plays that RT dancing dufus... whatshis name... ya'll should take the face actor thing more seriously because that is exactly what is going on... they have such a stranglehold on power they continue to laugh their asses off at all their games and future games... Of course it isn't as simple as Kevin Costner or Denzel Washington playing news villains... no.... coupled with one time portrayals we have lookalikes to confuse it....

      This is fuck your brain purposely stuff....

      and I trust almost no one any more...

  9. Wow - I was surprised to find the following opinion piece in the NYT's - AT least they were willing to name some of the villians: bush jr.; paulson; obama; summers; roosevelt; nixon; laffe; burns... to name a few...

    A Gallery of Economic Villains and Heroes

    The United States is on the precipice of economic collapse as a result of increasingly frenetic fiscal and monetary policy activism, according to David A. Stockman, who was President Ronald Reagan’s budget director. In this gallery, he identifies “heroes” who championed sound money and fiscal rectitude and “villains” who led us down the path of insolvency, and comments on their records.

  10. Another opinion piece but Stockman is making the rounds...

    State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

    Published: March 30, 2013

    Another good one:
    David Stockman: We've Been Lied To, Robbed, And Misled

    And we're still at risk of it happening all over again
    by Adam Taggart
    Saturday, March 30, 2013, 12:42 PM

  11. Get Real - We are on the verge of collapse, and yet TV Commercials keep saying 'things are getting better so buy this, do that....'
    Makes me want to throw up, trying to brainwash people with this recovery nonsense to make them worse off by pushing them to make moves like that.
    Media of all sorts have lied to us for so long, how can anyone expect americans to be anything but ignorant of reality.Free press is a joke these days and actually, truth is kept from us. To get it we have to resort to the Net and off shore. Even Russia Today gives us more truth about our own country. They love telling the truth about this country. Even they cannot understand how americans let this stuff go on and on.

    1. @Abby,
      I know... it is frustrating... and I look for a morsel of information moving in a positive direction, only to have it shot down by John... :) Not that I am interested in being placated, it is hard to know who are the key players that I should be looking at to determine what is moving in positive motion.

      We are all so frustrated by the sheeple that surround us and the cabal that continues to weaken our country. My hope is that this is over with soon... in more ways than one...

      Get Real

  12. "Any single man must judge for himself whether circumstances warrant obedience or resistance to the commands of the civil magistrate; we are all qualified, entitled, and morally obliged to evaluate the conduct of our rulers. This political judgment, moreover, is not simply or primarily a right, but like self-preservation, a duty to God. As such it is a judgment that men cannot part with according to the God of Nature. It is the first and foremost of our inalienable rights without which we can preserve no other."
    -- John Locke

    Oh, it's on....

  13. "The carpet too is moving under you; it's all over now baby blue".

    Is a random act of kindness too much to ask?

  14. This is way beyond foul cannibalism of the ordinary type!! - you have been warned. Where is the action against these alleged humans with a devil's conscience.

    Has anyone spotted any public punitive action against the cannibalistic practice of these satanits calling themselves Jews in NYC.? Talking heads of NYC said they would move against it back in March 2012 and now it's so obvious that was a lie and another kind of lip service. The politicians who did not act as promised need to be arrested for failing to protect to the public. Two more babies contracted herpes this last month in the same baby penis sucking cannibal satanic ritual.

    In the month of March 2013 two more male babies contracted herpes with the infection imposed on them through violent force of a sharp blade and a grown mans lips pursed onto the victimized babies freshly cut penis sucking and kissing. These physically fully developed man, with more than a full measure of arrested development and perpetual adolescence,a.k.a. the mohel, ritual circumciser. Are these men not satanic evil scum deserving of immediate execution? And don't worry Bloomberg wants to regulate this practice by requiring the parent to sign a permission slip (here). Is their any doubt left in anyone's minds these Goldmann Sachs execs alumni think they are doing 'god's work'?

    March 2013 a male baby died of neo-natal contraction of hepatitis died of hepatitis (March 2012 more here.). This NYC collective of Jews is so criminal and aligned with satan I cannot believe it myself.

    1. This practice is derived from the Babylonian Talmud,metzitzah b'peh with oral sucction, and Bloomburg plans on giving 'cover' by regulating requiring a parental permission slip.

      Hold onto these facts as you move and try to convince the Jews who say they are against evil practices rampant because this collectives 'leaders' request nothing more than permission slips and regulation of these matters.

    2. Ironically i was at a cocktail party when I checked my email on my phone and saw your post just as I was about to eat one of those little cocktail weinies... thanks... thanks a lot... and I was so psyched to devour a dozen or so... lol...

    3. I agree with you.... brave post... please keep it...

  15. just a suggestion...comments could be sort of about the article... like if we are talking about Jews then there were several articles on the subject, we don't need to add that to every set of comments... oh waait... they figure into everything don't they...?

    Well... maybe we can try to find correlations to posts when we have something to say, and we don't have to camp follow the latest post...

    My point has been to educate and there is a ton of stuff to reveal and not all the time in the world to do it... so if this blog sits in cyberspace for years hopefully we can all educate people together pasting up solid testimonial from researchers coupled with links that aren't likely to disappear...

    Just a suggestion...

    1. a think tank without delegation...just do it...

    2. I do agree with you. But I was unaware of how much this has been going on in the US and known to city governments. It struck me so nauseatingly that I had to burst out.

    3. I like that you posted that...

  16. Why would we even think that Bloomberg a JEW would actually do anything about such horrific unspeakable actions.
    And we have some who whine and complain about my little outbursts and or criticisms;they should use that energy to come against these criminals. This stuff nauseates me too, Geno.

    Like I often say around my house, dont sweat the small stuff, even if it is the lid that got knocked off my crystal sugar bowl.

    1. remember khazars were a tribe of phallic worshippers and blood ritualists who wove all these practices into their ceremonies and traditions... so all this does matter and is quite pertinent.... I was just trying to be funny...


      One needs to get into the heads of those who mind eff us...

      read this and think about it....

      I had a very similar experience...

  17. Regarding British imperialism like all the power players in history... there reaches a point when the power is so ingrained they begin to rewrite the reality as to make it look like they aren't in power any more...

    same blood lines, same tricks...

  18. John

    I'm not sure that it matters much in the grand scheme of things, but I was curious. Do you have a sense of which bank will be the first on the block to break ranks by refusing to honor these massive collateral debt obligations? They seem to keep getting shuffled back and forth between the major players in an attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy. Who will be the "Lehmanns" this go round that brings down the whole house of cards? Who has the weakest armor or most likely to repent management?

    1. Weakest and all compromised?
      Goldman's. Chase JPM, B of A exposed as hell, RBS, HSBC with Derivatives nightmares waiting, Wells Fargo walking wounded,Deutsch wide open to massive charges, Citibank, take your pick. Drop any one of these and it's all a bogus House of Cards.

    2. Yesterday, 20% of the physical silver in the COMEX was removed by some very big players. Isn't Morgan still short silver bullion; using their deceptive guile and cunning to deflate? Doesn't this expose them further?

      "Epic drainage of physical silver inventories continued Monday, as Brinks’, CNT, and Scotia all reported massive withdrawals of silver from their COMEX depositories.
      The biggest withdrawal came in the CNT vault, where 1.138 million ounces (including 737k REGISTERED oz) were withdrawn- an astonishing 17.3% of CNT’s entire physical silver inventory vaporized overnight!"

    3. John - All over this country, wells fargo is slated as being 'the one' that is chosen to handle the dinar exchanges, and I've always had my doubts about them.
      I once had a check given to me, which was NG, and written on the WF bank. I knew it so I called the WF bank and asked them if I should send it back to them.
      The person there had a very lax attitude, didnt ask any questions, and just said 'oh just shred it'. Even after I told him that somebody was trying to swipe money from one of their customers accounts.
      Whew, how lax is that.

  19. Think this thought today, think, "This is a Free Planet"

    Anne Barnhardt advises on the basics pre/post collapse; because you deserve to know why and how.

  20. John,

    John McHaffie posted this today at the top of his blog.
    (It was changed from yesterday):

    Informed by Intel Sources --- confirmed that:

    Now hearing rumors that the dinar rates are live with bid/ask numbers on Wells Fargo Bank screens in Reno.

    Rate is 6.73 and climbing as of yesterday.
    Rate presently 7.50 and still climbing.

    Wells Fargo taking care of politicians first, now cashing in there vouchers in Reno. Executive private jets on the tarmac in Reno."

    The current theory is that they got to the feeding barn first, will get vouchers, sign NDA's and actually be able to access 10% until it actually becomes "public". Supposedly "something" was done through Canadian bank(s) last week after the GS/RV was stopped again(by Obummer?), yet what this "something" was/is has been the great mystery nobody seems to give any details nor confirmations about.



    1. Of course we understand that 'those that don't need it should go first' and those who do need it for urgent needs...PFFftt.
      Isn't that their mentality all along?

      And how do we know it will go no further than this; get theirs and leave the peons out altogether and just keep telling us it hasn't been rv'd yet....forever

    2. Darylluke
      Couldn't agree more.

    3. John - I noticed you ignored the point about Tman and the bigshots already got their cash. So I take that to me we are right about that happening.?

  21. Abby,

    My understanding is that there are certain things John just cannot verbalize publicly.

    His statement above speaks VOLUMES, though.


    1. I'd wager that john was agreeing on at least this portion


      As for John McHaffie, he's clearly a well intentioned man, however, his intel is just crazy all over the board. He's also claiming this as of today.

      Dinar Rate still climbing ---- above 8. CONFIRMED
      Dong Rate nearing 1.0 and climbing.

      Tier 2 groups, cashing in there vouchers in Reno Now. MORE Numerous Executive private jets on the tarmac in Reno. WF surprised at the number of dinar holders.


      IRS TERMINATED 4/15/13. All communications to be returned after 4/14/13. AWAITING


      Obama Meeting with Chase Bank Head Dimon today in the White House. Closed meeting - no press allowed.

      Announcement on mainstream media -- STILL OPEN

      Tier 2 Not Done Yesterday --- WF Surprised - still more Tier 2 Groups exchanging,

      Tier 3 exchanges --- STILL OPEN

      GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS & DISTRIBUTIONS --- to be done by this Sunday.

      Okaaaaay ....John M' ;)