Sunday, April 14, 2013

Homeland Security To Do Israel's Bidding

From Brother Nathanial...

THE DISAPPEARING FRONTIERS of America’s Security infrastructure can now be mapped via a direct route between Washington and Tel Aviv.

The breakdown of America’s sovereign infrastructure (which initiated the process of thefederalization of local police) occurred in 2008 when the Anti-Defamation League organizeda joint training program between US Police Chiefs and Israeli Swat Teams.

Since then, Jewish interests have totally absorbed Homeland Security in a broad range of areas including police training, counter-insurgency maneuvers, advanced technology, border security, intelligence, and cyber-security. View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

Alex Jones would have us believe that “Big Sis” Napolitano is running the show at Homeland Security but this reputed lesbian is nothing but a pawn.

The MAIN players (yes, Jews) running DHS areMichael Chertoff and his gang of Jews at theChertoff Group, the lead advisory ‘think tank’ shaping policy for Homeland Security.

And two Jews within DHS: David Heyman andAlan Cohn are the heads of policy. Yes, “policy” at Homeland Security is led and shaped by Jews.

In 2004, the Israeli Export Cooperation Instituteand the US Chamber of Commerce launched the Homeland Security Master-Key Project in order topromote Israeli-American collaboration with 200 Israeli security-related companies fully engaged and participating in the Project.

In February 2007, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff and Israeli Minister of Public Security Avi Dichter signed a joint Memorandum of Mutual Understanding, setting out terms for security cooperation between Israel and the US.

The Memorandum called for joint planning and responses during a US state of emergency; US aviation security - including passenger and baggage inspection; and experimenting and evaluation of methods for detecting explosives.

In March 2010, Janet Napolitano and Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz signed anagreement to increase aviation security collaboration emphasizing drills that review procedures and codes for sending alerts if passengers try to commit acts of terror.

Israel has also constructed an “operations room” for America’s national electricity grid anddoubled the main operating center of computer and communications networks that monitor all commercial aviation in America.

In other words, Big Brother Jew Is Watching You both in TSA lines and when you strap on your seat belt.

Better put, a federal police force run by Jews has been brought to maturity since the 9/11 hoax…and a Jewish police state is now intact.


  1. I told Paladin well over a year ago that it was only logical that all the pureheart stuff led to Tele Aviv...

  2. Now your reaching maturity of fact.
    Google into The Singularity. Read at will and you will then understand the End Game.

    1. If I have to choose my poison I choose the British over the Yiddish...

    2. and yes I know their end game is guillotines and Noahide law....

    3. The British position is simple Geno.
      Why do I help you all with no Profit in it?
      Simple chivalry. Integrity of Soul and a common bond.
      For all that is good, we try.
      Tel Aviv, is just a Kike Empire of Damnation.

  3. Geno,

    Brother nat is a good guy,,,

    He is a former jew converted to orthadoxie....

    Really, long run end game its the Jew's who have much to fear and here is why....

    It is the southern baptists and there racism and anti-semitisim which is historical in america! They will revert back to this in a heartbeat when the S hits the fan as they say yet I have to admire the Jews on how they have about 60 million american christians who are zionists yet that support is a mile wide and an inch deep!

    I know how these folks think Dear Geno since I am in a family full of them and the economic problems are hitting my extended family big time. You know, the gutted pensions and lack of family supporting jobs. Yes they put a Jewish face on this here in the states just in case their plan does fail.

    Yes DHS is here but only for now.....they do not understand what they are stirring up or maybe they do.....


  4. I don't think it is right to call the Baptists racist and antisemitical... First of all antisemitic is a bullshit nonsensical ploy to wall off criticism of those who aren't even semitic and secondly... black and white Baptists learned to get along in the South after both sides were thrown into a mind eff of all mind effs with slavery, civil war, foreign agitation, Biblical insidious agents, right on through the Albert Pike English sabotage leading to KKK and civil rights.... I actually think the understanding between black and white in the south is a stronger bond than the north ever was...

    But I get your points...


    sent to me by John....

  6. Semitic actually comes from Shemitic... descended from Shem. Caucasians, Hebrews and Arabs are all Shemitic people. Asians/Native Americans are from Japheth and Africans are Hamites. Obviously, the entire "anti-Semitic" attack is wack, especially when the Zionist Satanists are not of the same YDNA... through the male lineage. Guess that's why they had to start confirming inclusion into their group through the MOTHER. If Aaron was the High Priest of the tribe of Levi... the kohanim... Cohens....why would the Cohanim Modal Haplotype be a completely different haplotype than other Levites and people from the Middle East?

    Obviously, they have perpetrated a hoax. Here's a vid of Dr. Spock explaining this:

  7. Geno,

    Poor choice of wording on my part....the term anti semite.....more of a theological expression of the history of the bible of who killed Jesus Christ.

    The Baptists always believed until recently that it was the Jews who killed Christ and so do to this day the mainline churches in America and so does brother Nat.....

    And your points about sticking together both blacks and whites is what they do not want for sure.....

    It is the Scofield bible and Baruch and his money and media more than anything that hijacked through billy graham the evangelical church!

    Check this out from our friends the Jews:

    Even now as I write this DHS has and is profiling evangelical Christians as domestic terrorists even as they poor billions to the state of Isreal in donations from their churchs....and figure it out they will....

    That vt report is a gem and no main stream media coverage at all....


  8. John said, "If next week, Lew is able to cajole or force Bernanke to part release some of the GS, in a phased deal we have offered, we will make this one of our priorities. I had hoped this could have been achieved weeks ago. But, a heartless Cabal wont release its dying claw from control.
    A voice of the people needs to emerge."

    So, Lew's back and it's a definite 'no way' to get any money to fund this? Re WF and vouchers, let's think about this. WF was chosen, why? Because of its laundering set-up for the Chicago mob. We know that WF is corrupt as hell. I don't think that I would trust WF to hold onto my dinar in lieu of a voucher! I already know of an attorney here in AZ who was in an investment group that was defrauded in Reno.

    What happened to the talks of Canada? Is that why Reno started rushing to take dinar for vouchers (I have heard from multiple sources that they were giving vouchers/counter tickets, whatever you call it.) You say it didn't happen, but that's weird when you hear from real people AND the blogs that it's happening at the same time! (I'm not saying that there was any real/live RV, but a third party can make any type of deal he/she/it wishes right?)

    This roller coaster ride is so exhausting! exactly do "we" awaken the masses ourselves? I have been trying to awaken people about many things since, at least, Y2K. I have one friend that I've talked to for over a decade that now finally 'gets it' re chemtrails. That's only one topic!

    As far as organizing! Best wishes for that! They have countermeasures to take us out. They are the ones with the WMD's, not Saddam! lol

    I don't know what it will take to awaken the groggy masses and, when they do awaken, what will they have the power to do? This takes knowledge + power.

    Our voting is rigged. Even if there was an honest politician, they often are not elected because of the corruption.

    Coups are usually best accomplished by INSIDERS, those close to the seat of power. The ones with power and conscience need to realize that it doesn't help to have a position in a collapsed nation. It doesn't profit to be wealthy when the world is sinking into the depths of poverty, depravity and ruins.

    BRICS can gloat all they want but, if America sinks into ruin, it will not raise the standard of the rest of the world. Despite the despicable leaders of our country, I have done much work in genealogy and read the actual letters and historical documents of many pilgrims to this country. Americans, by and large, were good, hard-working people. They still have been, by and large, until recent times when the un-Holy-wood priestcraft cast their spell upon the vulnerable of the world. Now, people are spellbound to be continually entertained.

    If America sinks into ruin, the rest of the world will NOT be there to pick up America spiritually. Europe spit out their best and we are them! I give England its due, but Europe preceded us in socialism, in dependency upon the teat of the nanny state (just look back at all the movies and classics showing the class system and how the poor have been treated, including debtor's prison).

    Every nation has its strengths and weaknesses, America also. But those who jeer or gloat at our fall will not prosper!

  9. Much ado about nothing..

    Q Wealth’s own Peter Macfarlane, a proud offshore practitioner who has been involved in offshore finance for more than two decades, comments on why the Offshore Leaks scandal is more hype and scaremongering than anything else.


  10. This is absolutely bizarre! the whole Dinarland community is lit up like a Christmas tree with "news" the RV is happening, yet John insists it is a NO-GO!!

    Did the Global Settlements move to Canada without John's knowledge? Rates on Dinar & Dong supposedly showing up there last two days now. IF it is all lies, who benefits from such a huge conspiracy to dis-inform so many? Why even bother if there is no money to be made by cabal to dis-inform?

    John, thank you for all your efforts.Really! If there is anything I can do to assist, Geno knows my email.


    1. There is, as yet, NO MOVE ON THE DINARS- NO MONEY TO PAY- FACT!With the Admiral at the front of the queue in Reno, who knows better? In whatever form it happens, we will tell you, if and when. Rumors as always are distracting garbage. We have as much interest in getting it done. Reno is dead right now,silent.

  11. Sir Francis Bacon's take or was it Shakespeare doubletake

    on Venetian Commerce.

    1. Yes, Timbo - Pacino makes a good Shylock!

  12. PVG said 'and when the masses awaken, what will they have the power to DO'.
    Exactly ! Knowledge without Power is almost worthless.
    And if John thinks that the masses awakening can have any effect on the Cabal to get their grimey hands off the money, well, thats just ludicrous.
    I like the points that PVG brought out; real down to earth questions most of us have, in the real world.
    There ARE just way too many people who have one on one contacts in many areas, as well as eyes on the ground on location, to think the rv is not happening. I'm at 50-50 on that, as Daryl stated, 'why would people spend so much time on disinformation'regarding that stuff? It serves no purpose to the Cabalists, no profit in it at all.

    And yes, Brother Nathaniel is a good guy; very outspoken and to the point, and has his life under threat for doing so.

    John has done a whole lot of flip flopping in here; one day its 'watch the markets in the next couple of days, the rv might take place'...and the next day or so he says 'how can it happen, there is no money'.
    Then he sounds like he is saying they cant convince the Cabal to take their hands off the throttle, the money......well, who in the world would ever think they WOULD....except by FORCE and simply stealing it BACK.
    Time to change the M.O. here.

    1. John, to be honest, it's becoming very discouraging to come here and be beaten again and again... because we would do something IF we had the ability. In fact, I don't feel inclined to reveal something I'm personally involved in, but I do have a part to play, and it is just one area and will take years to truly have its ultimate effect. So, I give most of my life to this one area, but it's not "overnight". How can it be? This was foisted upon our forefathers and they have been very patient and cunning to overcome an entire nation...eating the elephant bite by bite.

      I know that you mean well... but when you get emotional and spank our fannies, we feel disheartened because we're doing all the we can do. It is overwhelming. But I do believe that there are many more like us "hidden" out there... and I cannot believe that we are without hope or a remedy.

      You have to realize, from our point of view, when you say that "no GS today"...if it's really as bad as you say and without any hope, why would we expect a GS today or any day soon. So, I can only take that to mean that you all are constantly brainstorming and each time you come up with a proposal or possibility, it is rejected or thwarted.

      Why would Tman sit there for 8+ months in Reno if there wasn't some HOPE? I can't believe he's a stupid, Paladin said that they are not just waiting but battling.

      I'm at a loss to know...battling what? how?

      What about Canada? WF is not going to like that one...

      I can only hope that you have been forced to withhold from us, and that there IS some hope and good news forthcoming. In the meantime, I have a colossal headache! Maybe I should put my hands up in the air on this grand roller coaster ride and take it in stride. But, the loop-de-loo's are making me sick to my stomach!

      And, I don't really like the competition or comparison between Britain and America, because our history--past, present, and future--is inextricably interwoven. We appreciate all your efforts to pick us up when we have fallen, but please do not club us on the head at the same time! I know that it's easy to want to do that, because America has been very smug and superior and needed some humbling. We are humbled! Please do not add to our sorrow by pointing out again and again, ad nauseum, all of our failings. We know them well... and it's not as though any nation in the world is w/o fault themselves.

      Just kind of a downer day... took a LONG nap in the afternoon. I pray that something breaks loose soon, but I just have to keep in the everyday, real world, as Abby says, in order to survive. None of us has an enclave where we can retreat to and live in luxury. We are facing some real crises ahead, and it's not pretty.

      Oh Lord - let not my enemies triumph over me!

    2. א

      To you, Yahweh, do I lift up my soul.


      2My God, I have trusted in you. Don't let me be shamed. Don't let my enemies triumph over me.


      3Yes, no one who waits for you shall be shamed. They shall be shamed who deal treacherously without cause.


      4Show me your ways, Yahweh. Teach me your paths.


      5Guide me in your truth, and teach me, For you are the God of my salvation, I wait for you all day long.


      6Yahweh, remember your tender mercies and your loving kindness, for they are from old times.


      7Don't remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions. Remember me according to your loving kindness, for your goodness' sake, Yahweh.


      8Good and upright is Yahweh, therefore he will instruct sinners in the way.


      9He will guide the humble in justice. He will teach the humble his way.


      10All the paths of Yahweh are loving kindness and truth to such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.


      11For your name's sake, Yahweh, pardon my iniquity, for it is great.


      12What man is he who fears Yahweh? He shall instruct him in the way that he shall choose.


      13His soul shall dwell at ease. His seed shall inherit the land.


      14The friendship of Yahweh is with those who fear him. He will show them his covenant.


      15My eyes are ever on Yahweh, for he will pluck my feet out of the net.


      16Turn to me, and have mercy on me, for I am desolate and afflicted.


      17The troubles of my heart are enlarged. Oh bring me out of my distresses.


      18Consider my affliction and my travail. Forgive all my sins.

      19Consider my enemies, for they are many. They hate me with cruel hatred.


      20Oh keep my soul, and deliver me. Let me not be disappointed, for I take refuge in you.


      21Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for you.

      22Redeem [true] Israel, God, out all of his troubles. By David.

    3. Wouldn't it be funny if the "Tier One" and "Tier Two" sovereigns and whales were cheated out of their dinar by crooked WF? I guess 'not funny', because we would pay the price in the end. But I would love some type of poetic justice along those lines. One can only hope, right?

    4. Really Abby, and I thought your last rant had Jesus coming to take you and your chosen followers away to your Disneyland in the sky. Yes, Mug a Muppet beats reality every time. Where does the US drag them up from? This is YOUR Buggers muddle, as a Nation. From Sleepless in Seattle, to Clueless as a Nation? BRICS has happened because you deserved it. Now its up and running. The world has given you your marching orders. If your last hope was a free lunch to be paid, in reality, by others, God help you. Don't tell me, it was YOUR RIGHT TO A FREE LUNCH WASN'T IT? YES RIGHT. Dream on.
      Jesus is coming to take you away Abby, you said.
      When those men in white coats arrive, Jesus's helpers Abby. Just keep on taking the medicine.
      If only life were as simple as folk.

    5. careful....tier 2 involve humanitarian trade platforms...perhaps John's....from what I have been led to believe...

      like I said John....Brit bashing a Yank.....

      PVG...I hope John is just tired of dealing with the cabal and takes it out on not take this personally....and there are a lot more like you than you think....look no farther than Ron Paul's success to see it...10 years ago everybody thought the fed was a government 60% want it has started and with everyday day brings more momentum....

      like I have said before.....we all have our crosses to bare....the UK and Canada has its problems too...yours are just more easier to point out and more severe...but don't think for one minute we are not all in this together....

      Remember...John's focus is on the global settlements....and you guys got'em....that makes you public enemy #1....if we were talking about stopping pedophilia ....John would be so busy in his country that he wouldn't have time to look at ours....however ours are as bad as his....gotta stop talking about that ...or I am going to puke.... are here ....for a reason....don't become discouraged....we will in our lifetime see the changes we hope for....the easier way or the hard long as you can look in the mirror and believe you did what you could with what you had....that is all anyone could ever ask of you....

      positive thought creates change.....negative thought perpetually makes things worse....

      Geno thinks I am "gentle"...hahaha...I use my strength to help people up....not knock them down....

    6. Keep the faith. I'm NOT Yank bashing, just featuring those who deserve it. I do credit the good also. Only by rubbing the bad Varmints noses in it can we harass them into settling. They are so used to the greasy Politicos brown nosing them we are a whole new unwelcome species to be dealt with. Start with truth. That is right in their faces.
      We know the issues. I would happily hire all ex forces to wage war on Child Sex Traffickers and Pedophiles, not humanity. Including stringing up a lot of Priests and Cardinals. The Tier 2's come to us. That gives us major control. Our contracts are rock hard. Not a dollar goes to any Military or unethical use. We make it, we say! It goes for Good causes. We focus on the GS and RV's. Hell, we are Brits, of course we have our hands on each tentacle. Those also if its needed!
      We are very focused to do right.

    7. Canauzzie, do I remember that you live in Alberta? I can't remember what you told me.

    8. Canauzzie, just to let people know the generously donated to my paypal and I saw your name was a male name and I had thought up until then you had a "gentle" manner as in that more of a female than a construction worker... which you apparently are.... so I didn't mean it to be a bad thing but a good thing.... an observation of my perception of your demeanor... being gentle and defying the generalization of being a hard hat is something to be proud of....

      and thanks again... Your donation helped me through another day.

  13. Dear Geno,

    The 45 questions was an awesome post!!

    Your friend John is a smart guy....

    That one is bookmarked....

    In fundamental Christian theology the new covenat between God and his people ended the slavery spiritually speaking for his people!

    Jesus disgust was most pointed at the Jewish leaders of his day and a pointed attack on the slavery of the law. In Christian theology Jesus fulfilled the law and set the Jew free yet added the gentile or grafted him in as another branch.....and pruning the tree of those branches that do not bare fruit.

    That pruning in Christian theology is clearly the Jew's and our American churches will in time return to this historic interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.....

    Many many in the white Christian churches can feel in there bones that all is not right and so they arm.....with "O" being the best gun salesman of all time in the States...

    My own lovely sister in law is packing and the arms build up I see in the Christian community is simply unstoppable no matter what some Jew says at homeland security...

    I saw homeland security up close on my job at a huge airport....and they are coming for my guns...are you serious??

    Looking at some of those slobs and "bunnies" as John called them tripping over there feet barely able to walk and chew gum at the same time......I was not impressed nor scarred yet saw this as a joke....

    Yes DHS has some able teams of highly trained ex special forces guys but they are few and far between....homeland security is a job for a pervert and a thief and I am being kind with what I saw of who they hire....


  14. John,

    Please use the opinions and information I have given here to seriously consider changing your diplomacy tactics.Your contacts in Asia should be able to provide the personnel. Why?


    April 11th, 2013 | Author: The Meister

    A chilling report from the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) prepared for Prime Minister Putin warns today that United States President Barack Obama has had served on 14 US Governors National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that if their actions in attempting to form what are called State Defense Forces are not halted they will face “immediate” arrest for the crime of treason.


    1. Darylluke
      Reality. The abuses given out by the US for decades to the world have such resonance no one cares any more. The world will sit and watch as the dung heap implodes. I know, understand and see the tribulations of the people. I have many serious, ethical and moral American friends. This site takes time to help and care. I DO understand all. But the rot in Politics, Banking and Military Cabal, have earned vast Global condemnation and hatred. No country is more despised. The world will actually rejoice its passing. So how easy is it to negotiate with that Albatross around our necks? You saw the celebrations when the Berlin Wall came down.See the firework shows worldwide when the US comes down. Agreed, it will hurt them all, but they don't see that yet. They just feel ???!

      Read up,Google up on The Singularity. Then you will understand more. How we can mass educate and remove this ridiculous, misinformed OTT religious crap and phobias. We will reshape man and our roles in the Cosmos. From there, you, Hugh, Geno, PVG,Canauzzie,Get Real and Saturnalia will understand all.
      I AM trying to help the Geno situation by the hour but in a planned way out. The GS can fund a Free Speech media. That I can justify. It is a very focused activity right now. A few misinformed parties screeching like Banshees are just noise on the system, no more. Ignorance is no way to resolve what we deal with. The Homeless issue is up because I read, I provided it, and I care. I tolerate the naive arrogance of misinformed Religious parties because they are just emerging life forms yet. They have been fed this crap from childhood. How can they know better?

      Read up on The Singularity.That is where where the future of all Mankind is going to. Our destiny, and who cares who says not for me. Pleb's we leave behind. We have 7 billion. Enough seed crop. Cosmic reality is the future. Read, understand and see the game plan. Not good for Israel or the Zionists. Game changer and ender. Health care- sorted. Food provided. The new way. Planning for an advanced species. Inclusion for all. This IS where its all heading. Beyond Politicos ability to mess and extort. No place to be a "Chosen People". All inclusive. Well, we may have to rethink Muslims and Israelis, sorry. .

    2. John - Dream on, LOL. You just love to think that you are really going to fix a rotting world. You THINK YOU can design the paradise that you 'plan' out here. You THINK you know what the future is going to be. Well, YOU do not.
      So dream on John.

      And if you think your ABUSIVE LANGUAGE toward me and your MOCKING of Jesus and trying to paint your tainted picture of ME, is going to shut me up or run me off here....THINK AGAIN asshole. I can see right through you, you can't fool me and that just bugs the crap out of you LOL.
      So just get used to me being around, cause I am not going anywhere, in spite of your ASSAULTING tongue.
      You need help !

    3. Well not from whatever Luny Bin your heading for. Hell, sorry, with a hundred bucks left you can buy what? A life achieving what? worry not, your god will sort you out. You dont bug me Abby, its just sad 75 years to have learned zilch. As your last hundred bucks tell you. Not worth the dialog time.

  15. John, Free speech implies diversity of opinions. Your posts here sound more like quieting the dissent of those who do not share your view. Moreover, your views on Brits seem to reflect that they are "chosen", even if you haven't exactly labeled it so. Big deal... each child should feel special and chosen by its parent, and it's no big deal for a tribe or nation to feel chosen in general or for a particular purpose.

    The Zionist Satanists have exploited that for evil, and they will one day pay a price. I don't think that means you have to throw the baby out with the bath water, even if the water is pretty dirty.

    So, Tier 2 is NOT the whales....whales are Tier 3? Tier 1 is the Sovereigns, including Indian Reservations. Does Tier 1 include political leaders, like Obama, Biden, etc.?

    Well, any encouragement you can give is welcome. I don't understand why you think that barking at the cabal on this site would have any effect upon them? What it is doing is making me really upset to hear it again and again. It's not like any other nation in the world stands out as being exemplary. It just breeds contempt in the rest of us who don't feel we deserve being mocked or ridiculed when we already feel sorrowful about what is happening in our own country. Shame on all of you to gloat at our mistfortune. Americans have done a lot of good in the world, and have been very charitable. Those 'religious' kooks you are addressing have gone far and wide on their own dimes, caring for people all over the planet. Funny how I don't see relief efforts from Muslims or Buddists or anyone else coming to the aid of our American homeless. All I see are vultures overhead.

    1. The Brits are not unique.We have our own issues. Big ones.

      But, unlike the US we do address and expose them. Nor do we have this archaic belief of the Master Race so prevalent in the US. We just," Get On" with nations. Our history is actually appalling. Yet, by the skin of our teeth, we survived. Our Elitists families were no less predatory and divisive to their own people. How else was Australia populated and even the US as we exported both our poor and the criminal trash. But I'm talking about today. The real danger to the US and the need to awaken the nation. Where the hell is Paul Revere when you need him? Yet an Alie, one who does care, tries to help you all organize and save America. Constructive criticism is tough love. Face and deal with the real issues. Start by seeing how the world sees you and change it by action. God knows you interfere in every other nation. Yet Home is drug and disease ridden. The contempt you feel for us all, as portrayed in historical deeds. is carried by the world. As typified by that vile misfit on the old WH site. Perception is all. Unfortunately propaganda discolors truth. First, understand the concerns of the world towards this collapsing Dynasau, then you have a chance to re track in time. If not, pass into the night.
      You banks are totally insolvent, and BUST beyond infinity. There is a need to jump ship from the Fed asap. Jekyll Island ate you alive. And took the world with it. Enter the Jewish Money Lenders. Exit the freedom of nations as the Shylocks too control.
      Debate is about understanding what the hell is going wrong. America CAN and NEEDS to be saved. We WILL help once the GS are ripped free. Good Yanks and Brits do work together and do understand the big picture. I'm as happy to trash bad Brits for you and do.


      One thing that we each here CAN do for ourselves is to be debt free. The Shylocks got their hook into us because we were vulnerable. No more debt!

      Also, be as independent and self-reliant as you can be. That is difficult for many right now. If you own property or can use someone else's property, don't plant pretty vegetation...plant a garden. Eat your landscaping! Plant fruit and nut trees... berry vines. I live in the Southwest, and people actually go and buy citrus while it's hanging over the fences all over the place. FORAGE, dammit! There are many people who would LOVE to give you their citrus, if you would only ask.

      If you have other fruit available, learn to can or dehydrate. Produce something from the land yourself. It will likely be better quality than the Frankenfood in the stores unless you're a lazy Roundup or weedkiller person who has contaminated his/her own land.

      Buy or trade for heirloom seeds before they are GMO'd.
      Have backyard hens or chickens if you can. We have a small yard and an HOA, but had silky bantam hens for eggs. It's great to have fresh eggs, and they eat bugs and kitchen waste. Great composters.

      Here's a great video on organic gardening methods that work:

      The more independent, self-reliant you can be, the better. As much as you can, get out of commerce and learn to produce. If you don't have land, there are others who will allow you to live on their land and help them--and share in the harvest. If you are open and willing to work, there are opportunities.

      These are all things that we can strive to do right now. Become a bulk grains, legumes, etc.

      All of these things are steps we can take apart from the Shylocks. These are the things that built our country, and this is the attitude that we need to REBUILD.

      Deal in property as much as possible, including commodities and metals. Make your own clothes, if possible, or at least some of them. Buy yarns, fabrics, etc. so that you can make your own clothes or children's clothes. I'm making baby clothes right now for family members who are expecting. I might watch a show but I pick up my knitting... am making a pink organic cotton baby blanket with cables and lace... it's prettier than most things you can find in the stores.

      If we can live debt-free and become independent and self-reliant we can circumvent much of what they want to do to us. Even if the circumstances cause us to be uprooted and transplanted, we can take the skills with us wherever we go and can be an asset rather than a parasite that has needs but cannot give anything back.

    3. PVG,
      I admire your ability to communicate with dignity and respect... it is refreshing to read your post....

      Negative People need drama like oxygen.

      ...Stay positive, it will take their breath away.

  16. Kind of cool site to help people who want to do documentaries:

    sample budgets, releases, etc.

    I'm thinking of doing one in the future.

  17. While I plead, at least temporarily, ignorance on this notion of the singularity; and although the promise of a panacea looms large with superhumanity, some disturbing aspects remain unclear.

    Is it an all inclusive event? Will all humans be invited to the party and if not, will it be a super intelligence making these decisions on our behalf? Will our position at the top of the food chain be severely diminished or eliminated and at what price, in terms of human suffering, will be extracted?

    There is a lot more to learn than can be presented in this one paper. Yet, I'm left wondering at this stage of my exposure if the singularity is the event horizon in which there is no escape or turning back when we finally realize, too late, that we have traded in our eternal soul model for the promise of utopia only to discover that utopia is soulless. Not a reasonable exchange from where I currently observe.

    This paper on the singularity was presented by Vernon Vinge while at the Department of Mathematical Sciences San Diego State University in March of 1993.

    A few excerpts:

    "Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.

    The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century. I argue in this paper that we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth.

    What are the consequences of this event? When greater-than-human intelligence drives progress, that progress will be much more rapid. In fact, there seems no reason why progress itself would not involve the creation of still more intelligent entities -- on a still-shorter time scale. The best analogy that I see is with the evolutionary past: Animals can adapt to problems and make inventions, but often no faster than natural selection can do its work -- the world acts as its own simulator in the case of natural selection. We humans have the ability to internalize the world and conduct "what if's" in our heads; we can solve many problems thousands of times faster than natural selection. Now, by creating the means to execute those simulations at much higher speeds, we are entering a regime as radically different from our human past as we humans are from the lower animals.

    From the human point of view this change will be a throwing away of all the previous rules, perhaps in the blink of an eye, an exponential runaway beyond any hope of control. Developments that before were thought might only happen in "a million years" (if ever) will likely happen in the next century. (In [5], Greg Bear paints a picture of the major changes happening in a matter of hours.)"

    1. You have it Hugh.Fast tracking down on us all. Take it as a GIVEN! So, agreed how do we influence planning, control and fairness for all? Now perhaps you see why I often give short shift to irrelevant misconceptions which will have no place or role in what is unfolding fast. All Religions, as you know them, are heading straight for the Crapper when this hits. So we need to shape what does need to be kept. Be aware, highly complex inter Agency experiments and research are very advanced. Including inter Dimensional technologies. Way beyond what you can even conceive. With decades of focused Lab work, and Shadow Government organization,it is all well advanced. Also Globally known among Leaders. How else do you think we fund Nano Technology and why? Why waste valuable and knowledgeable Life Forces with the avoidable aging process if we can reverse it? The Singularity is coming. Ignorance won't stop it. How we shape it matters. Either we embrace and harness it, or good luck if left behind.

    2. Did great powers hide the truth of the miraculous powers of the conscience mind just to control us?

      "This mind is the matrix of all matter"
      ~Max Planck!

    3. "Including inter Dimensional"

      I'm just curious as to whether you might know or at least privy to; Is FWH going back and forth in league with the SSG or others?

    4. Talk about nonsense, this Singularity crap will NEVER come to pass. It is simply Man trying to play God, and do away with Spirituality altogether.
      Anyone who thinks God himself will ever allow this, is 'smokin' something whacky'.
      It just aint a gonna happen, try as you may, lol.

      It is tantamount to Star Wars or Robot making. Think thats 'cool'? Gimme a break !

      At least now we can see 'whats wrong with John' here.

    5. Yes, Abby, I would include all that hocus pocus in with RELIGION! A rose by any other name??? cow turd by any other name, etc. etc.

      Believe what you will, boys, and...I will also. Just remember that you have your own pet doctrines that you adhere to, and it's your own subjective world of ideas. Does't bind me, whatsoever. In the end, truth wins out every time, and then we'll see. I'm not worried.

    6. Hugh.Think Shadow Govt and Agencies, including Brits. On a Need to Know, those cleared are fully in the loop. A huge parallel Govt is in place and active. The future is fast tracking. But agreed, huge questions.Who gets the enhancements and who not? For sure, it wont be all. But, once you understand whats now possible and already known. the step forward in in quantum leaps of capability and imagination is staggering. Huge scale field testing is in place. Unfortunately, some early test victims we not mentally able to cope and overload issues were "unfortunate". but it's all bedded down now. Frequency waves were a problem at first. Technology has been improved so as to enable users to build up in steps. Its too late now to turn back. Way too late.
      Entire new gateways of consciousness are now switched on with vast benefits. Nothing ever stays the same. We crossed that Rubicon line many years ago. You said it, the mind is the Matrix. Expand it 10,00 times and you see our dilemma.

  18. A shout out to the militia and a call to arms for the testosterone challenged deer hunters?

    "THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU TOO and when they do those of us willing to fight will not be there to stop them. Hell we may be dead by then but you know what? Death will be far preferable to what they have in store for you so sit back on your lazy uneducated, entitled ##### and wait for massa, he’s a comin! Red and Yellow Black or White, you are equal in his sight! Maybe he’ll promise you 40 acres and a mule!"

    the audio companion:

  19. Another FALSE FLAG in Boston Marathon ~2pm Eastern today....rogue cia, imo.....2 dead, 23 wounded thus far....2 bombs active, 2 more undetonated discovered as of 5pm eastern. here comes martial law. CREATOR HELP US. United Soviet States of America-USSA. RV will not help us now....too late John. ~darylluke.

  20. Action starting on Dinar talks again tonight. We will let you know what is planned and real. Just talks tonight. Its a start.

  21. John McHaffie of nesaranews blog web site keep pumping the "dream" :

    Informed by Intel Sources --- from multiple sources that:

    ANNOUNCEMENT PENDING AND RV FOR TIER 3 PLANNED FOR MONDAY APRIL 15. PUBLIC CAN EXCHANGE IN BANKS/CURRENCY DEALERS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. Christine Lagarde awaiting IRS closure on Monday evening before release. Tuesday appears to be day 1 of exchange.


    GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS & DISTRIBUTIONS --- green button has been pushed. Sign offs completed in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    GERMAINE Trust GRANTS rumored to be mailed out after Global Settlements approval is received.

    OPC "BUG ME" distributions of 10K going out within several days of the RV.

    OPC "DIRE STRAITS" follows the "Bug Me" distributions.

    American Indian Reparations rumored to being distributed."

    But, John says it's all bullshit. How can SO MANY people be consistently dis-informed and completely deceived when there is no money inn doing so? I just do not understand!! I am glad somebody is at least trying to get the GS released.

    Who exactly is stopping this John?


  22. Talks on the Dinars started tonight in Reno. I will let you know.
    GS we track by the hour. Talks are NOT Money! Lew IS trying to RIP money back from the Crooked Fed!
    Huge Global pressures are on the US now. BRICS has scared the hell out of them. The new Gas Pipeline going from Iran, via Pakistan to China is a huge Game Changer for the Oil Barons in Texas. Iran will bypass Dollars and China will sluice out all theirs now so hard times are coming as prices fall. The Cabal is getting shredded.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Darylluke No Creators coming thats Abby hysteria and folks in White Coats.
    Listen, carefully. Real talks in in place right now and we are talking with Beijing re HK in a few hours. If O and the Zionist Cabal do not stop Lew, by Wednesday it is possible money may flow. Don't flip in hysteria because you lost a few bodies. You kill thousands every month.No bad thing for the US to get a taste at home for a change. Lets see over the next 48 hours and good luck. Let Muslim Wookies in and see the costs?

    1. nobody at this blog is going to flip because one we are numb and two we know most of the time it is a fake event... they could have pyrotechnics go off and have stuntmen fall and paramedics surround the pseudo victim and it all gets reported as a real event....

      Lastly, John... seriously.... you should really think about some of the things you say.... it's a reflection on you not anyone else....

      Everyone deserves mourning... you claim compassion then say things like that and think no one here takes note...

    2. "Don't flip in hysteria because you lost a few bodies. You kill thousands every month.No bad thing for the US to get a taste at home for a change."

      Whether real or big fake-o false flag op, we do care...and that would also be true if it happened in London or elsewhere. Loss of life and property is always serious, and even miserable that someone would FAKE something to get over on the public.

      Seriously, John, I'm starting to feel like I'm in a relationship with a bipolar husband who isn't taking his meds. Wow.

    3. I am going to say it's because he never gets any sleep....

    4. Actually, I was going to post that right after my other one. He handles a lot of pressure and BIG stuff. We can forgive... but, please!!! That was way over-the-top. I can be crusty, too, at times. And it's not that I don't get the "point". Some of us do not support the wars, of which the USA and her ALLIES have fought. We didn't do it alone, let's remember.

      There is a measure of reap what you sow going on, no doubt. There's a time and manner to put that forth... but not in when people are (supposedly?? actually???) dying. Like you say, we don't even know what's real anymore.

    5. PVG said, "Seriously, John, I'm starting to feel like I'm in a relationship with a bipolar husband who isn't taking his meds. Wow."

      Now I actually laughed out loud over that one... you are too funny!

    6. PVG, so am I. I see a lot of 'diplomatic manipulation' even to the point of getting Geno to make this new Blog, waited a bit, and then using it to promote this garnished up 'Singularity religion'.
      Singularity = One = One World Government. Some of us in here can see whats really going on in here; we are not all fooled. He's definitely got an agenda going on, full steam, even to the point of gross insults of anyone who does not 'buy it'.
      Garbage in, garbage out.
      He needs help, alright.

    7. I hope you are not insinuating I am in a conspiracy with John for Luciferianism... John is John and his words are his own....

      In case you haven't noticed I spend more time either in disagreement or posting evidence he would likely not allow if I asked him first....Skolnick on the Queen for example.

      As for this singularity stuff it is freaky beyond words but I am not going to comment until I have studied it further.

      But Abby your wild accusations are getting old...

    8. By the way, John suggested Saturnalia and I start a blog. I started this because I was facing homelessness and was trying to get John to fund something to keep me from being homeless. For a couple weeks I let John's comments fester in me that I was not earning my keep....that my time and talents were not worthy of a few bucks... he spoke of Lords asking for loans from him but I wasn't asking for a loan I was asking for payment for a service... his taking all "dollars prisoner" attitude really bothered me and certain other attitudes that seem to be part of the problem and not the solution....


      I got over that anger and now see John in the context of who he is not what I want him to be... We are allies to a point who will do what we see in our own perspectives what needs to be done... Neither he nor I kiss anyone's ass....although I got dangerously close to kissing the white hats ass when I tried to spin everything they said and did to a positive like a PR man when I finally had to reclaim who I really was and call spades spades...

      I am way more valuable to John and the white hats and anyone else when I am known for brutal honesty as I see it... and it is often very difficult to play on any team and criticize what needs criticizing and still remain a working relationship...

      Their is zero plotting and planning going on.... John sends me some links and I post them.... we are just as truthful to each other privately as we are publicly... I have been angry and said things about both John and the hats but ultimately reality stands on its own as subjected to perceptions... We all carry with us bundles of beliefs and perceptions that may or may not be accurate...

      Certain mottos like "the enemy of my enemy" is my friend does have truth to it even when many other perceptions are in conflict...

      We are approaching a massive war here in the states where we may well end up in camps and executed... But by whom?

      98% of us are not them...they are a ruthless band a-- collective that wants to rule as tyrants and enslave their laborers and sex slaves and science guinea pigs....

      If you think that is wrong.... get off their team... otherwise you will find yourself as one of their slaves and wondering where all the decent free minded people disappeared to...

  25. John,

    I didn't kill anybody, let alone, "thousands every month", sorry....maybe you mixed me up with a satanist or three....

    Sorry if it offends you that I FEEL when even a single INNOCENT is murdered. It just all seems so hopeless, when they continue to walk free to do whatever their insane plans dictate. 9-11, Fukashima, tsunamis, eartquakes, Haiti, HAARP, chemtrails,etc.....NEVER ends!


    1. Daryl, yes indeed some of us do FEEL, such as when an 8 yr. old child is so looking forward to getting off school for the big Patriots Day Marathon on a sunny day...and instantly is killed by a bomb that some evil hearted jackass criminal sets; probably a Mossad operative; we shall see.

      And don't bother to talk to John about the Creator; he prefers to be at the Helm himself, with his outrageous pandering of what amounts to STEALING our feelings, emotions, empathy, compassion and most of all, ALL traces of a Higher Power, our Creator.

      On the one hand he professes to 'care about america' and out of the other side of his mouth, he says we deserve our demise. Go figure.
      I too have never killed anyone, nor ever caused anyone any trouble that I know of; never intentionally. And after all our talking, we still get the Brit Bash.

      This Singularity that he is promoting and so joyously looking forward to, is actually promoting one world government, dictatorship over the masses who he thinks can be BS'd like this, so he wants to be in position to DO HIS WILL; playing God. Turning us all into mind controlled easily manipulated idiots. Even admitting to using people to experiment with; whats that tell us all !!
      WHILE trying to tell us he has our best interests at 'heart'. How funny is that.

      John, Jesus is gonna get ya for that, lol.

    2. Daryl, I almost earlier on asked John which bank was safe, and he really didnt answer you.
      Well, there are TWO London's. Two financial systems there.
      One of them safeguards the elites money and they use that system. Then the other one is for regular people, such as us peons, which they can rob and play with.

    3. Good job on Royal Bank of Canada. DC went into overdrive to stop that happening when we tipped you off. Let's see how it all profiles by Wednesday.
      Do we help the people and Iraq, or save a Sandman's failed Bank in Citibank? Haven't the Oil Sheikh's got the money to save themselves? Let Citibank go and pray Goldman's follow fast.

    4. @john,
      I have several canadian friends who are telling me to say away from the Royal Bank of Canada... Why do you feel that are better choice? and not in relations to the big four of the US... that is a No Brainer.... I am talking about putting my money where I know it is safe... If I can't protect it, then how can I help become a part of the solution and not a part of the problem...

      Get Real

    5. Get Real....

      what did your friends say about RBC, I would truly like to know...I have dealt with almost every bank in existence up here....and I ALWAYS end up going back to RBC...for very good reasons...

      I would always suggest spreading your money around anyways...all eggs never in the same basket...

  26. Abby,

    I don't know how you missed it, because I posted links for ROYAL BANK OF CANADA, which is what he suggested was best.I believe only 4 branches in the US, but they ARE worldwide.

    I don't know what experimentation John was referring to, but it sounded like current nano-experiment upon individuals with life-extension programming. IF that is what he was/is referring to, then, "John, no thanks, I'll pass! I DO NOT want to get injected with evil technology! NO military-created nanites for me to poison what CREATOR created(me), which was made perfect, but has gotten raped from shortly after birth my AMA poisons."

    My prayer was to CREATOR, and not to John to be making comments about.I agree, that was wrong. John needs to understand respect for others belief-systems, no matter how crazy they seem to him. NOT his place to judge. So, I just take it with a grain of salt, as I roll my eyes when I read such. I LOVE him, though, because he IS A WARRIOR!!


  27. Dinar talks progressing overnight. No Rates yet.Repeat ZERO commitment on rates yet. It is progressing but the panic button on Citibank /Corp may derail it all. Time to let a big one hit the wall as a lesson to the rest. Why save Citibank, is money not better in your hands. The points are being made.
    The people and Iraq need the release.
    GS will be in hot debate today. We are hammering for it.

    Beijing, HK, Singapore, Zurich and London went on standby in case today. It will sweep into the US tonight. Now its down to Politics. Does Lew get to make a free choice is is O going to be stopped by his Zionist Handlers again? As Iran WILL get its Pipeline for Gas sales via Pakistan, and any US interference will bring in China/Russia on side with Iran including WAR, the entire Middle Eastern profile will now change and Israel will be ever more isolated. Therefore their ability to mess in US affairs will reduce. Hard facts, its all in play. But, just when real moves start Citibank blows a gasket. The Treasury fear is if they let it go it will spread. If we don't let it go, the Banksters will never learn and stop. Mainly its really the Fed panicking they will lose money if Citibank fails.Their money. But, it really is time to let one or two fail and I hope Goldman's go. That is the most parasiticall Ghoul Bank of all. Hang in and hope. Maybe this week it can work for you all.
    Fact- NO RATES are yet on offer! Wait and we Will help when it's real. We KNOW how important it is for most. We are hammering the points today, the GS and Dinars will fund the world. Do NOT delay again to bail a failed Jackal pack of Banksters. No decisions yet but all in real play.
    Now its down to Judgment calls and shutting up the Zionists. Time to put the world first.

    1. Q: How does one shut up a zionist?

      A: Columbian necktie.


    2. we go , again! I hope this works, but will not be holding my breath. Because you are still using the same strategy as before. And, expect DIFFERENT results do you? That is defined as insanity.

      You have identified repeatedly what the problem is, and have even included that in this update. I have not read that this identified problem has been adressed. Therefore, the illegal will stop this once again, because the identified problem has not been adressed. The other potential problem has been identified by you also. Jack Lew. Also, another problem not adressed.

      Conclusion? Again, past history proves this will be stopped, again.

      I really, really, really hope I am wrong. I smell another false-flag coming....


    3. And YOU will do what? The F** Up IS in YOUR country. Its these criminals the world is dealing with. Exactly why we have launched BRICS, to be rid of Fed and US Treasury games. We expect only ever a man keeps his word, but with Americans? The world is watching, often in disgust and despair. When dealing with a Criminal regime like Beltway, steps are tenuous. Until we remove their influence from world affairs, we are stuck with them for a while longer. The problem has been addressed. It is the inability of Americans to deal with this scum they elected. Physician, heal thyself? The problem - is yours. Your country devastated Iraq illegally, and the US STOLE the GS. How do WE fix that?

    4. John, We inherited this mess that has been methodically put in place over much time... those of us who understand and, hopefully, may receive a windfall can put some of it to use for the projects we believe will improve things. We cannot erase the past, but all of us here on this site want change. But, John... please know that all six of us cannot and WILL NOT go and plan assassinations of these guys. I am not sharing what I'm involved in, but I believe that it is one big thread in a seam that is unwinding. Just one person with one little part to play, but it's a noble cause. I would like to see the GS to go through so that we can see that elated, happy side of you more often and not the frustrated John. It will be so good to see the demise of the cabal... even though, it may be painful for a time here in our country. We await your news, and thank you for your tireless efforts.

  28. Darylluke.
    Interesting comments.

    Please, think of the vast number of Genetic faults we carry. So much for made perfect by a Creator heh? One in 20 of all Caucasians carries the Cystic Fybrosis gene. If 2 cross marry they carry a one in 4 chance of a CF child. Of course, their families love them, and will go through Hell for them, but it's hell also for the child. Every day coughing their lungs out wasting life. Downs syndrome.Sickle cell anemia. Jewish genetic faults carry through also.
    No, No God made us perfect. It's a sad horror story for those affected. Cruel and avoidable with sciences now. Time to achieve more breakthroughs.
    If, by well funded applied science, Nano Technologies and higher intelligences can help us correct faulty Gene damage , or other illnesses, it's money well spent. I would far rather spend money on real health care than bombs and ignorant religions like Islam. Their God has them mutilating girls. Circumcising boys. For Gods sake???
    Ignorance alone holds us back.
    No magic figure is sweeping in to save anyone. White Coat territory. We are alone, on a small rock, with Birth rates slipping and fertility in decline. All economic models are failing. Real problems of aging are increasing. A far from perfect population needs real medical help. We are a flawed species, badly so. All we can do is evolve asap or we will disappear. Spend time at hospitals.Look, understand and see the sheer scale of imperfections we carry and suffer as a species. Every breakthrough is positive. Man needs to develop. Enhanced intelligence will multiply that 1,000 fold. From that will come fast tracked breakthroughs. A thousand years from now, our species will look back and think we were Neanderthals. Many are!
    Life goes on and so will progress. Every worthwhile life we can save and enhance, to me, matters. Every DNA fault needs to be corrected and bred out. No God created a perfect model. We are just Genetic evolution, bad DNA error faults and all. We evolve, and applied science is no bad thing. Ignorance alone holds us back.
    My case is hold good values, and progress as a species. Look up and see the Stars. Take your place as a developed species. Use the intelligence we are accruing to correct so many of your God failings. Genetic faults are a curse of humanity.No thanks to any creator. A class botch job. I live in a world where we see the need to so much better. God bothering holds us back so much. Believe for comfort, fine, but reach for more,self help does help. Humanity exists outside of God botherers. More in fact. Much, much more. Religions gave us the Inquisition, the Crusades and mass genocide, Muslims, and Catholicism. Most blighted as history will judge. Human values need to transcend and get to addressing the real needs of our species.End the war on want. End the war on waste. Cut pollution. Cut obesity. Bring in major DNA Gene Splicing breakthroughs and correct the Dufus errors of your "Creator?". Give our species a life worth living. Study the lives of children or adults with DNA gene faults. Kill- Ignorance not people.
    Time to take our species forward. A better life and world. The concept of God as unleashing life is fine,but the rest is down to us. God can exist without religions.In the hearts and minds of men. God is values, love, compassion, nature, and what can be the beauty of life. Religions mind box you and promote ignorance. Did God not give you applied sciences to use for good? Think through the human Soul. Then progress.
    I am NOT anti God. The reverse in fact. I address only the limited ignorance of miss applied concepts. Is a Jehovah right to refuse a blood transfusion or operation for their child? It's the Child's life, not theirs. Cults?
    In a balanced world, which we must all strive for, applied sciences are your Godsend. We just need to focus on values. Because, it's all down to us. No mega ships, or magic highways are coming to take anyone away to Wookie land. We live and die on this rock, so make the best of it.

    1. Well, if Nano Technologies and higher intelligences can help us correct faulty Geno damage, I'm all in.

      What's that you say? Oh. Never mind... ;~)

    2. Even Nanos stop short of Genos. Seriously though Hugh, when they allow out details of breakthroughs its mind-blowing for the public. It's all way , way far ahead now of where you think. No one stops progress, and if applied for good, it can and will do so much. It is unstoppable. We need to lift man up from the trough to become a higher power and evolve. From a random accident of creation, become your Gods. It all starts from here to seed crop the Galaxies. Morals and Humanity are withing our mental reach. As are compassion and care. Religions divide and rule- badly! We need inclusive care for all humanity. Ignorance is not bliss. Just plain, misguided Pig ignorance. A thousand years ahead the new man will look back and ask, did they really think like that and buy into that crock? What Muppets. Time to switch a few lights on, in minds especially. Life is and will be so much more. We evolve or die. Age is a disease and avoidable with technologies. Knowledge is power and life. We will become so much more.

  29. A KEY MESSAGE TO ALL. IF you are lucky with the Dinars,remember PLEASE, the most important lesson of all. Making money is NOT the hardest thing. Keeping it is!

    For many of you, this is your last chance. Do not blow it or the money. Charity begins at home! Never mind what you want, do you NEED IT? Save that damned money. It IS your lifeline. Eke it out, it won't last! Forget about voracious families with hands out. Use it as a base for your own lives. It will depreciate in value. Clear your debts and cards. They cost! Take a pull at life and wait. Calm reason now. No rush or that money is gone again, and with it your shot at anything. Take your time and wait. Life will evolve. This is your safety valve and survival money. Your one time get out of jail card. Make every dime your prisoner. Once you spend it, it's gone! Charity begins at home. A lot of people will become easy come, easy go train wrecks. Wacko's let loose.
    Please, with respect to all ride shotgun on those funds. Families will come open handed like Locusts. Keep your mouths, and Wallets, shut. It won't last, so make it! You WILL need every dollar with whats coming down.
    The dollar will crash 30% in value. Huge price rises and more taxes are coming. Calm actions and wait it out. Be smart. Hold on all spending. Clear debts. Take a pull.
    Block Geno out of Casinos. Think smart. Take your time. Every item purchased, just like pulling a hot chick, doesn't look as good the next morning. A lighter wallet is no good thing.
    One time, make it your time and make it count. Let's see IF they release this week, or not. Already the Pigs from Citibank are at the trough squealing for more swill. YOUR SWILL!

    1. Very good counsel. "Make every dime your prisoner..." I agree with you (and Abby) that charity begins at home. Yahhhh, Geno had best keep clear of the casinos or we'll bop him on the head! ;)

      Yeahhh,at a distance I can hear the sooey sooey souey of the pigs snorting through their own shit, all dressed up in pearls but really just filthy swine. Now, THIS is where I don't mourn very much... when a Bankster jumps out a window when he realizes his gig is up and the smell of what he's sinking in... is his own shit.

      Go GS! RV's and dinars!

    2. Yes, these are sensible ideas to consider. Clear all debts and then what? Hold $US? I don't think that's prudent.

      My first thought was to clear all debts including mortgage and use the proceeds to purchase, with all cash, a home on a 4 or 5 acre plot to farm further out in the country and work it to become as self- sustaining as possible. The objective being to get off the grid and not have to depend on any utility or grocer for anything.

      I plan on buying silver but I'm not sure what percent of any windfall should be allocated. Does anyone have advice on how soon we should be doing a conversion after cashing out? My guess is sooner rather than later. I'm looking seriously at these Freedom Girl and Slave Queen coins. The premiums they are asking may or may not be reasonable. Thoughts anyone?

    3. What a revolting development this is...

    4. Interesting comment and response providing some context to the so obvious manipulation of the silver markets that are underway. This is the other hand.

      nsunray09 says:
      April 15, 2013 at 4:03 PM

      In 2000 I was drilling for oil and gas around a place called Pink Mountain…we drilled well after well all winter long.

      I asked why there was no Service Rig following us to bring the wells we drilled on line with Pumps and got $35 a barrel there was no point in bringing the wells online. That means they closed the wells in until prices reached the $100 mark.
      There is no silver in the vaults to sell at these prices.(no surprise there) There will be all the silver you want at much higher prices.(cynical me)

      PatFields says:
      April 16, 2013 at 3:51 AM


      Of course you’re perfectly correct. All around the globe there are huge quantities of silver in sox-drawers, shoe-boxes, safes and holes under rocks, but the historic rational exchange ‘valuation’ is ever further from mathematical prerequsite in the face of effective hyper-inflationary currency explosion.

      Once in a while I point out that, for three centuries prior to the 19th, the average day’s wage was an ounce of silver (1.25 dollars or 5 shillings), which provided an average decent sustenance for two days, leaving capacity to save for feeble years. In today’s American banknotes, that relates to about a WSR of 160:1 banknotes. Even if folks are totally unaware of this long evolved economic factor, its empirical foundations are strong enough to shine through to their intrinsic sensibilities. They INSTINCTIVELY KNOW silver is cheap as dirt, even at 50 banknotes.

      Now, the ‘speed-freak’ get-rich-quick crowd still mired in the false paper paradigm, don’t see past their blinders and still measure value in etherial numbers stamped on officious looking Plantation Scrip, so they gnash their teeth and whine about ‘losing money’ in this event, but those ‘clued in’ to the real world of supply-demand have every solid confidence that despite whatever ‘Magic Show’ the elites put on, no matter how spell-binding and spectacular … truth of reality returns after their entertaining performance.

    5. First, you have to get the money. Taxes? Be sure those pigs will appear threatening. After that,Debt free because debt costs. The energy costs reduced or free as much as possible. Self grow food. Try to produce surplus for sale. It's as easy to get 24 acres as 4. Easier also to breed some livestock. There are many outlets for Silver, and go up to Canada if need be for bars and coins. Check the net. The dollar will tank 30%. Prepare for that. Get a reliable low Gas using car which will last. Not expensive parts. The US WILL bring in Wealth Tax and other nasty grabs. Go over to Nassau, Nevis or BVI as Bush does! Use Nominee accounts and hide! There are ways to hold assets there. It's YOUR money so hide it from those rotten parasites. Hugh, the BRICS move just took 50% off the US power base. Retirees, welfare, health care and Defense are all Unfundable. So the grab will get worse. Hide it all! Smart money will just leave. Within a decade the US will be 55% Mexican / African American. Good luck with that. But first, as I said, you have to GET the money. Be sure tricks will be played.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Plan "B"
      Get the hell out of Dodge...

      "It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the government tried to pin this (Boston) on the anti-tax, pro-gun, anti-state crowd. Yesterday could turn out to be a milestone on the road to dissident round-ups. If you are planning to get out of the US before it's too late, time may be running out."

    8. Hugh, John:

      I agree wholeheartedly and, as I posted yesterday, those are the keys to survival AND loosening the grip from the banksters. Be debt free. Produce as much of your own food as possible - so that you also can control the quality as much as availability. Be industrious, self-reliant and enterprising. Learn how to produce something that other people would buy or barter for. Two acres can be a lot of work if you're setting it up for your hobbies/hobby farm. You can put animals in pasture and not work so hard with MORE acreage. I want to be near a water source. Prepping is a way of life, like our ancestors did. They always had food in storage, for bad times OR when traveling by ship, etc. Important to revive the lost skills that our ancestors possessed. We are alive because the strongest of the strongest prevailed. Let's not be the weak link...and poop out. ;)

    9. just remember, you grow food or have anything valuable, the bands of thugs will find you.... pretty hard decisions to make depending on your faith in how bad things will or won't get....

    10. Will the van survive the trip down the PamAM highway?

    11. and lose my spot next to Pizzaria by the river...? Do you have any idea what they throw out? Stuffed spinach?

    12. I know... and they will torture you or family members to get someone to give up your PM stash, etc. Have to make informed decisions and then realize in "war zone" type of situations, you only trust your family and one or two friends.

      I used to be on and a man named "Selco" started posting about his experience when he was left in Bosnia during the collapse/war in 1992. We all "sat at his feet", so to speak. Really good info. Someone collected those posts and posted here:

      A Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone

      Problem with the survivalists, they admitted that they are focused on tactical stuff, and they plan to rob food and other essentials rather than spend time and money storing them. So, there ya go... human nature at its finest. They will probably rape your sons and daughters on their way out the door, as well.

      The other person to give GREAT info is Ferfal Aguirre from Argentina. Tells what they went through in 2002 during their collapse. You might want to check him out:

    13. That is my reason for my post above... trying to find the right avenues to place our monies post RV...

      I do plan to eke it out but how can one eke out when the banking systems are frauds and it is hard to determine who to trust....

      As I mentioned above, I have several Canadian's who are saying to stay away from the RBC... why do you think they are a good bank?

      In the past two years I have had to learn to translate arabic double speak, understand wealth management, learn about the cabal and PTB, try to understand the mind games that the so called christian communities, as well as, hollywood have played on my life and family all while working a full time job...

      At this point, I am prepared to move to the next step: I don't care if I read another iraqi paper to see if the gazette has posted nada, I stopped watching mainstream news and hollywood [rarely turn on my tv] I DO continue to vet the right place to put my money RV, while gold and silver are places to put them... you can't use them at the grocery stores... I am soooo ready to get rid of the dinarian communities... so sick to death of the opinions of negative people... and bullies... [guess we will never get away from bullies - we have classrooms full of them and until we begin at the kindergarten level to weed out the mind control games being played out... we continue to be doomed]

      I agree charity begins at home and I will help my family members who are willing to do their part... but I will not be a part of a handout society.... we all have something to offer and bring to the table, so step to the plate...

      I agree with PVG's positive post above and have plans for tenant farming in my area for those families without land to farm...

      However, all of the above is wasted if there is no safe haven for the monies post RV... and this continues to be my weakest link in this whole process... protecting the monies....

      Get Real

    14. PVG
      The disturbing truth is a high proportion of the lower grades of Americans are a Feral Breed by environment. Scavengers from the streets with neither humanity nor compassion. If society collapses that huge tidal swell will ravage all in its its path. Total breakdown and way worse than Mad Max. You not only will need arms and lots of bullets , but clear training in how to use them and group defense. Alone they WILL pick you off. Many will die brutal deaths if Apocalypse hits. The society has just not been educated to understand, if there is Global disruption of a major scale, many large Nuclear competitors will see the window and need to strike first. Simply because, with your own predatory history they fear you will if they don't. It wont be a Mexican stand off for long. China and Russia will collude for sure. Surrounded by sea, and with an Arctic backdrop,those missiles can come from hundreds of points. Subs wont be the problem but disguised Cargo ships or Freighters.

      If they do attack, what's left is what you have to contend with. The enemy then left within. Dog eat dog.
      Having operated in Clandestine warfare,be assured, you have no idea how low mankind will go to and does sink to in sub human conduct. That will be your weak point, trusting in humanity from rabid human dogs coming your way. You will need cooperative neighbors of a like mind. You will need to learn how to make and plant IED's. For real to stop incoming attacks and maximize Shrapnel range. Stake pits and bear traps. A lot to learn fast if it all goes. The world is becoming ever more dangerous. You don't have to become inhuman to learn how to deal with sub Humans. Alone you will all be picked off. Scavenging hoards will find you. You will need heavy fire power and ruthless survival skills. The Bankers may well be the cause of all of this. If so, make damn sure they go down first, hard. So Yes, invest in Survival needs. Ammo! Defense training. Find clean water sources.Drill wells. Rivers will be polluted fast. Live off the beaten track. Move! Everything Stateside looks to profile badly. The Neocons and Zionists stole your future and looted the store. Thanks Hymmie and Bush!

  30. From the same shit, different day department.

    There seems to be some sort of training exercise in progress or scheduled prior to all of these "events". What's the other hand doing while we are being asked to look at the carnage?

    University of Mobile's Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

    "They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it's just a training exercise," Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15.

    (Shades of 9/11 when workers in the South Tower were told to go back into their offices. That the fire was under control.)

    Stevenson said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He's been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before.

    "Evidently, I don't believe they were just having a training exercise," Stevenson said. "I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in."

  31. Dedicated to all my cabal buds; you know who and what you are:

  32. @geno....

    While I realize you are not getting pain any USD to help manage this site... It is one of the most frustrating blogs I have ever been a part of with regard to keeping up with the postings.

    Almost every blog I belong to, one is allowed to sign-up and each and everyday when a new thread is posted, that comes to my email address. For whatever reason, I am not getting that with this blog.

    So each day I come here to see if there has been a new post... I go to the bottom of that thread and have to subscribe to it... Something I did with this one the first day you posted it... but now I am seeing that I have missed almost all of the interaction .... please tell me where I am missing the mark?

    Get Real

    1. the difference is "me" I do not work for the system and I say the things they do not want said... therefore anything attached to me in sabotaged...

      I can see it all fine.... There is a list on the right panel... plain as day...if you can't see it I can't help that....

      If you haven't subscribed ... try that...

    2. BLOGGER is a Google creation, for best viewing use CHROME...other than that I have no idea how people view stuff nor do I care to make it my problem...

    3. @Geno,
      Thank you for responding... I have done all those things... if you will note I am one of 3 people who has joined this site and you can see my avatar to the right.... but that has not made a difference... Not to worry... I will continue to come each and everyday and see what is the latest...

      Thanks, again.

      Get Real

  33. @ John....

    I appreciate the advice I to understand that most of this advice is for the benefit of those in the USA....30% dollar drop and so on....

    any advice specific to a Canuck...would appreciate that...

    as far as keeping prisoner...not a problem...I simple wants and wife is thrifty to say the least....we both just long for financial security...

    1. Yes, mainly to empathize with and help our US colleagues appreciate what may unfold. Truly, I hope not. As a nation, the US knows how to give it. But, as we see, never how to take it. Armageddon is not pleasant. Nor is war. We have waged more than most. Never have we been more exposed financially. Jekyll Island stole the American dream. Bush,Chaney,Goldman's and Soros stole the rest. And these are American heroes?

  34. Dinarians

    Live right now from Reno-Real Reno not Broker fantasies. Earliest now likely, if this week, will be Thursday. Cross Bank liquidity issues still creating delays. Already we have slippage. We will cover Thursday just in case. No Pre Advice documents have yet been issued- so nothing can move until that happens. All money has to show source,Clean and Clear certifications and be bank pre advised as ready to wire, if we confirm ready to receive. Nothing even planned yet, so my guess is it may be next week. Thursday is possible, but give any excuse and they take it. So much for the Sunday closing Bloggers we told you were BS peddlers. We HAVE to know 2 days before. Another week, another mess. GS are faring no better so far this week. Usual BS games in play. Words mean nothing. We keep telling all parties, if you don't have pre advice by Tuesday write the week off. Moving major money means strict controls and planning. It's not a casual event. It's all a Pigs breakfast out there. Confusion rules as Clueless Men are Head Honchos. O is focused on grabbing PR from Boston. Lew is trying to grab Bernankes attention- by the throat! Meanwhile the banking shysters get another weeks free feed at the trough. Crying all the way to the bank!
    If nothing shows for Pre Advice by Wednesday write the week off. There IS NO SET DATE for this to close.
    People continue hemorrhaging money in Reno. In the Land of the Blind- An Illegal is King.

  35. Thanks as always John....

    as much as I hate to see the suffering continue ...I understand the need to do this right...the bastards will have their day come...for this I am sure...and what a beautiful day that will be...

  36. First of all, I agree with John that we need to just let CitiBank fall on its ass. It would serve well as a wake up call to the others to get their shit together.

    Get Real - I have the same concerns. Surely we know 'they' are designing a way to cause all the dinarians to lose it all, even if they have to just plain swipe it out of your accounts. BEWARE.

    Remember, this is NOT a cash-in. Its an Exchange of one currency for another. The tax boys can forget it. Learn how to sidestep that collection agency for the zionists. They are not a govt. agency.

    John is trying to garnish up his Utopian Plan for paradise on earth, but leaves out the bad parts, such as the physical procedure, which he already said they used humans to experiment on 'but they could not withstand it' etc. And how his Plan is encouraging people to forget about Jesus and the Almighty.
    And again does this by lumping ALL religions in together as his weapon to 'rid us of Jesus' who he personally despises.

    He also shows us that HE wants to be and is, one who will DECIDE who lives and who dies; who to keep and who to throw away. Does this sound familiar? Is this any different than our own new Health Plan? Total disregard for human life, while he professes to 'unite all and care about ALL human beings'. Lots of oxymoronic statements here.

    27,000 runners at the Marathon. Gee, what an opportune place to do their false flag. And thats what it was. I also question just where are the pictures of the ground zero blown areas? And how could these have been in backpacks without anyone seeing anyone leave them there? It first appeared to me that the 'poof' came from underneath, such as the understreet beneath manhole covers.?
    Pictures werent very up-close, notice?

    Well, they wasted all that ammo on the WRONG PEOPLE. Again I say, the real culprits are all KNOWN, yet they are left to roam free.
    And so they whine about all these holdups and problems THEY are causing, and gee, we are working to try to slap their hands...
    so maybe next week.

    Hey, its round up time !!

  37. Abby,Abby,Abby
    Lets itemize the reality of this CRAP shoot. To criticize, get it right!
    1. The main Dinar Account holders will be hit with a c36% Withholding Tax. Taken at source. TAKEN! Joe Public I have no idea, but be ready and organized.
    2. This Jesus crap from YOU-Again! First, I do NOT and NEVER have stated any such hatred of the Jesus Myth, and it's wrong to spout such crap. Wrong! To be a Son of God, it IS inconceivable that some hard evidence does not exist. It makes no sense. Forget blind belief, that is weak crap.
    There are many combined figures who fit the Jesus Myth. Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. Legends!
    So let me repeat what I have said to be clear. I see JUST a man, a Humanitarian Man, who sought his pathway to give inclusive belonging to all men in a path to God, not just Jews.
    A Man who wanted an inclusive society. As I suggest today.
    Jesus, as reported was JUST a Traveler on the Road of Life, to find his way to an ethereal Kingdom, to knowledge and God.
    As just a man, seeking to challenge the right of being for all men as Sons of One God, that upset the Gate Keepers of Judaism, as with all Religions, who faced losing their ticket to ride and control minds. No less than you are as guilty of.
    For that, a mortal man,suffered a barbaric, violent and beyond cruel ending. The flagellation alone was horrendous. To be crucified, with a crown of thorns,painful beyond belief. He died screaming for a God who had forsaken him. His words reported,and that has a bearing of truth. A simple Soul trying to challenge Judaism and Humanitarian values for all.
    His death, itemizes the violence, duplicity and control of religions. A simple man who cared, challenged and died horrifically, screaming for his No Show God.
    To me that was brave belief and goodness enough. Just a man challenging consciousness. Instead of "I am the Son of God," substitute,we are all Sons of One God. That was enough to freak the San Hedrin. A good and caring man on a voyage of discovery to find God. A NOBLE and caring reality. Real viability. And as it was, with NON of the Early Christians, including Paul on his travels to Greece,EVER declaring him to be divine. ONLY Constantine's Scribes came up with that Crock to sell it and control their gateway to God. Just more SPIN!
    At NO POINT have I denied God, or a higher power. In fact, I agree! But not the simplistic, naive and childlike aspects of religions as portrayed. There WAS NO VIRGIN BIRTH, I HAVE NOT KIDNAPPED SANTA AND I DID NOT SHOOT BAMBI- OK? There is NO truth in Mary Magdeline being a Prostitute. Catholicism crap again! More misinformation and spin. If you need Jesus to lead you to God, fine,whatever it takes.But don't be so naive or arrogant to believe others who KNOW better, have a lesser path or hold lesser values. I have achieved and contributed 10,000 times more to Humanity than you on this planet. I have experienced and KNOWN realities and truths way beyond your capacity to absorb or understand. I have traveled on paths of life and awareness you can not even begin to contemplate.
    And beyond that, I care, value and respect the human ethos of being. Like you, on a road,to an end being. As we all are.
    I KNOW it's not so simple. The Cosmos is vast and complex. Religions confuse your road to God. They lie and fail you.
    Start THINKING for yourselves. This physical journey is YOUR trip. Experience all it gives.The contributions I make you have no idea. God IS a part of all of us and ALL being. God IS Universal consciousness, but you are no way ready to recognize that.It is NOT an Ethereal power accessed only by Church Gatekeepers or duplicitous part followers. So all religions you think, without the Jesus myth, are false? Is that your case? Excavating the Temple Mount 900 years ago, we discovered so much more. Abby, you cant handle the truth.
    Just don't decry or misreport mine. FACTS.

    1. John - Bla bla blah. Why do you bother to try to continue to sell people your garbage. Go think what you want to think; doesnt matter to me, but keep it to yourself and stop the influence peddling.
      You can't buy your way thru the pearly gates with your self-righteous 'look at all the good I did, and how much money i've given, and helped this many people'.

      I'm not shopping, and I'm not buying; not today, and tomorrow doesnt look too good for it either.
      You have no Truth. So move off it, and come back to reality.

  38. Selco speaks about Bosnia:

    Several readers alerted us to a forum thread at Survivalist Boards that centered around an individual named Selco who spent several years in a city setting during the complete collapse of Bosnia circa 1992. Selco describes the experiences and the survival strategies that he, his family and his community used to stay alive. Many forum members chimed in on the conversation and asked questions of Selco, who took the time to provide vivid details to an interested survival community.

    The following compendium of the most popular questions and answers from the forum thread has been provided by Chris Kitze of well known alternative media web site Before It’s News. It’s a long read, but well worth your time.

    SHTFplan editor’s note: When it hit the fan in Bosnia in the 1990′s the electrical grid and water utilities went down, thus there was no heat in the winter and no potable water available for drinking. The currency and banking system were non-existent and commerce in its traditional form came to a standstill – leaving only barter as a way to acquire goods. The food supply and transportation systems fell apart. Police, fire, and medical services disappeared. Violence, disease and death spread throughout the region. Few were prepared for what would follow. This is Selco’s story. Pay attention, it may save your life one day.

    “Nobody wins, we just survived, with a lot of bad dreams.”

    – Selco

    From Selco:

    OK, i wanna share with you my own experience. (be patient with my English, i am from far away )

    I am from Bosnia, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year i lived and survived in a city of 50 000- 60 000 residents WITHOUT: electricity, fuel,running water,real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.The city was surrounded for 1 year and in that city actually it was SHTF situation.

    We did not have organized army or police force, there was groups of defenders, actually anybody who had a gun, fight for his own house and his own family.

    Some of us was better prepared, but most of families had food for couple of days, some of us had pistol, few owned AK-47 when all started.

    Anyway, after one month or two, gangs started with their nasty job,hospital looked like butchery, police force vanished, 80 percent of hospital staff gone home.
    I was lucky, my family was big in that time (15 members in one big house, 5-6 pistols, 3 Kalashnikov s) so we lived and survived, most of us.

    I remember US Air force dropped MRE every 10 days (god bless USA for that) as help for surrounded city, it just was not enough.Some of houses had little gardens with some vegetables, most did not.
    After three months rumors started abouth first deaths from starvation,deaths from low temperatures, we stripped every door , window frame from abandoned houses for heating, i burned all my own furniture for heating, lot of people died from diseases, mostly from bad water (two of my family members), we used rain water for drink, several times i ate pigeons, once i ate rat.

    Money did not worth sh..

    we traded things, black market worked, few examples: for 1 corned beef can you could have woman for couple of hours(sounds bad, but it was reality) i remember, most of that womans were just desperate mothers, candles, lighters,antibiotics,fuel,batteries, rifle ammo and of course food, we fight like animals for that.

    1. In situation like that lot of things change, most of people turned to monsters, it was ugly.
      Strength was in the numbers, if you were alone in the house, you ve been probably robbed and killed, no matter how well armed.

      Anyway, war ended, again thanks to America (and again god bless USA for that)
      It is not important witch side had right in that war.

      It was almost 20 years ago, but believe me, for me it was just like yesterday, i remember everything, and i think i learned a lot.

      Me and my family are prepared now,i am well armed, stocked and educated.
      It is not important what going to happen, earthquake,war, tsunami,aliens terrorists, important thing is that something gonna be.

      And from my experience, you can not survive alone, strength is in the numbers, be close with your family, prepare with them, choose your friends wisely and prepare with them too.

      And at the end, this is my first post, and my English is not so good, so don t judge me too hard. ”

      Read more at:

    2. more Selco (experiences from Bosnia, early 1990's):

      Q: How did you get around safely?

      Actually city was broken in something like lot of street communities, in my street (15 or 20 houses) we organized patrols (5 armed man every night) to watch on gangs or enemies.

      We traded things between people in that street, 5 miles from my street there was one street with something like organized traders, but it was to dangerous to go there, it worked only during the nighttime (during the day it was sniper alley) and you had more chance to be robed there than to trade, i used that street only 2 times, and belive me, only when i am really need something bad.

      Q: What about wood? It looked like there are many forests around your city, why did you have to burn doors and furniture?

      First, thank you for your questions, i did not expect this amount of interest for my post.

      I ll be glad to share lot of things with you guys beecause i want to learn lot of things from you.


      Bosnia have lot of woods and forests when you check map, but i lived in city closer to the croatian border, more to the south, i don t want to mention name of the city, but if you check map, south part of my country closer to croatia is all in rock.

      Yes we had some trees in my city, parks, fruit trees, but most of the city is building and houses” but belive me all trees in the city is going to be burned very fast when you dont have eletricity for cooking and heating. After that all what you have is furniture, doors, wooden floors… (and belive me that stuff is burning too fast)

      There was almost no car use in town because: most of the roads jammed with ruins, abandoned cars, destroyed houses stuff like that, and petrol was like gold.

      If i needed to go somewhere i almost always used night time, never go alone but also never go in big group (2-3 man maybe), always armed, very fast, always in shadows, trough ruins, rarely openly on the street, actually always hiding.

      We did not have suburbs and farmers, in suburbs were enemy army, we were surrounded with enemy army, and inside town you did not know who is your enemy.

      And yes, there were organized groops of gangs, 10-15 people, sometimes even 50, but also there were normal people like you and me, fathers, granddads, decent folks, who robed and killed, there was not too much good and bad guys, most of us was gray, ready for everything.

    3. (cont.)

      Q: Did you prep and what kind of skills did you need?

      Of course you can ask.

      We use what we had, we was not prepared for that situation,we did not know for prepping.

      So you can imagine in some aspects we go back in stone age, actually in most of.

      We just used everything what we had, one example, i had in my propan(or butan i am not sure) stowe big bottle, cylinder (i am not sure is that right word), and i did not use it for cooking or heating, it was to valuable, i manage to built (fix) that bottle with my friend so i can attach a hose on some kind of ventil (sorry my english is going down here) so i can fill those disposable lighters,(they are not disposable if you knowhow to) those lighter worth a small fortune.

      To make story short, somebody bring me empty lighter to me and i fill that lighter with gas, usually i took one can for that or one candle or whatewer he can offer me.

      I hope you understand my example, my english is poor on some things.

      one more example, i am a registered nurse, in time like that, my knowledge was my thing for trade.

      And yes, be trained and educated, in times like that it worth a fortune if you know how to fix things, all your goods is going to be exhausted one day, but your specific knowledge can be your food.

      I mean learn to fix things (shoes or people, whatewer you can)

      My neighbor use to know how to make some kind of oil for oil lamps( oil in glass, peace of rope) and he was not hungry, he never show me how he made that oil ”

      i belive he use some tree behind his house and small amount of disel, i don t know.

      My point is learn things, people always need somebody who know to fix things.

      It was not survival movie, it was ugly, we did what we have to do to survive.

      Nobody wins, we just survived, with a lot of bad dreams.

      Q: Wasn’t it religious, the war?

      Sorry man wrong info, that was not Cristian vs Muslim war, it was civil war, with lot of switching between sides.

      And sorry i am not to go in to the politics, i dont care to much for that, i am not going into religious stories, i mean i believe in God as higher power, and I am trying to live by his laws, i am not belong to any dogma, Muslim or Christian.

    4. (cont.)

      Q: Who was your support group?

      My group was only my family, my blood (relatives like uncles, grandmother…), in my street and in my town trips i had some close friends, but my best friends was my family. I never take stranger in my close group.

      Q: If you had three months to prepare today, what would you do?

      If i have extra three months to prepare?

      Hmmm, probably run overseas :)


      OK, Now i am very well aware how things can go very bad in very short time so i have food, hygiene, energy etc. supply for 6 months, i live in apartment with some improved security, i have house with shelter in a village some 5 miles from my apartment, in that house also supply for 6 months, that village small community, most of them are my relatives,most of them are prepared (they learned that from war), i have four kind of fire weapons with 2000 bullets for each (sorry, can not go in details, laws are different here for rifles).

      I have big garden with that house and some good knowledge about gardening and farming.

      I think i have knowledge now to smell trouble, you know when everybody is saying that everything is going to be fine you somehow know that is everything going to fall apart.

      I think i have strength to do everything what it takes to keep me and my family alive, because when everything is going to sh.., be sure, you are going to do some bad things to save your kid. You don t want to be hero, you want to survive with your family.

      I am nurse, also i am paramedic (US standards)

      And i am willing to learn from all of you.

      One man survivor, no chance ( OK it is my opinion) no matter how well armed and prepared, at the end you gonna die, i ve seen that, many times. Family groups or closest friend with lot of preparing and lots of different knowledge, i believe that is best.

    5. (cont.)

      Q: What items should we stockpile?

      Thank you

      Well depends, i quess if you stock only one thing you are not going to survive, unless you want to survive like robber, then you need only gun and lot od ammo.

      I believe besides ammo food hygiene and energy things (batteries etc.) you need to focus on small things for trade, pocket knives, lighters, flints.

      Also LOT of alcohol, kind that can stay long, i mean stuff like whiskey and that, does not important what kind, you can have cheapest kind, it is very good thing for trade in desperate time.

      Also lack of hygiene things killed a lot of people, i ve seen that.

      You gonna need to have some simple things, like for example lot of garbage bags, i mean a lot, many uses for that, and a LOT of duct tape, many many uses for that.

      In case of weapon keep it simple, i mean now i always carry Glock 45 with me, because i like that gun, but it is not usual gun and usual caliber here, so i also have two 7,62 mm TT russian pistols hidden, because almost everybody have that gun here and a lot ammunition.

      I don t like Kalashnikov, but here there is that rifle on almost every 3rd house so…

      Most of the time i collect my water from roof in 4 big barrels during the war, then cooked to desinfect, we also had river in that town , too poluted but if you can t choose…

      I don t think i am expert, i am here to learn.

      I quess it depends how far you going to go to survive with your actions, you need to be prepared to do some ugly things.

      Oh yes it changed my perspective on life, i know now that bad things can happens, and on more important thing, actually i believe it is most important: I don’t anymore believe government and authority, not at all. When they really doing their best to assure you that everything going to be fine, you can be sure that something bad is happening.

      Do not just believe, research.

      Q: What about the civil war…and the religious fighting? Did gold and silver help much and how did you get the alcohol and other supplies?

    6. (cont.)

      Q: What about the civil war…and the religious fighting? Did gold and silver help much and how did you get the alcohol and other supplies?

      Hello to all

      It is me again

      I believe in some point this discussion gone wrong way, and no i am not offended, everybody have right for opinion, so here is few of my opinions:

      It was a civil war, yes there was a great influence of religion, but somebody mention “what did you do with people of other religion?”

      Well in my family there are people with different religious beliefs so what do you mean with that?

      I ll try to explain you simple; it was an attackers and defenders, lot of switching sides, civil war. War ended without winners, it ended with truce, thanks mostly to USA.It was the wrong war, wrong reasons. I did not fight for religion or ethnicity, i fought to keep my family and myself alive.

      For last 15 years we have peace, we live with people who use to be our enemies, i do not to want to have war and enemy again because ethnicity or religion or any other reason.

      Please do not try to generalize anything about that war, there was not good and bad side, we all suffered and we all try to live together again.

      And yes every side did bad things, and every side had booth good and bad guys.

      I am here for one and only reason- survival, i want to learn, and i can share some useful stuff with you.
      I don t think about your religious beliefs, your ethnicity or your politic opinion.

      Few words about my city before war, it was a usual Bosnian town, normal life, decent people, schools, theaters, parks, college, airport, crime rate very low, town like most of the smaller towns in USA (i think). I was a young man, just like any of you maybe.

      Now very important think: i am not here to discuss about war reasons, or sides, religion or anything similar.

      Thanks to the war, in my town was REAL SHTF situation, and we can discuss only about that, only that is important.

      You have a lot internet pages, you can learn everything about that war, and you can choose side if you want.
      OK that s it.

      About survival.

      I don t know about other people on this forum, but i have lot of alcohol stacked now.

      At the beginning of war tank grenade smashed front wall of small distillery (alcohol factory) close to my house, so we took something around 500 liters of rakia (it is something like bosnian whiskey, i guess, it made from grape, very strong)

      It was great stuff for trading, people used alcohol a lot, desperate times i think, we also use it for disinfection.

      About hygiene, cups and plates, paper or plastic, you gonna need a LOT, i know, we did not have it at all.

      My opinion that hygiene things is more important maybe than food, you can easily shoot pigeon, if you have grandmother she may know some eatable plants on nearest small hill (my experience) but you can not shoot hand sanitizer

      Water purifying pills, all kind of cleaning stuff, sanitizers, lot of soap, bleach, gloves, masks, all disposable, take very good care about first aid training, learn how to treat smaller cuts, burns or even gunshot wound, there is not hospital, even if you found doctor somewhere he probably do not have any meds, or you do not have stuff to pay him.

    7. (Cont.) Learn how and when to use antibiotics and have it a lot.

      Belive me with good knowledge and good amount of meds you are gonna be rich.

      About gold and silver, yes, me personally gave all my gold for ammunition in that time, but it did not worth too much.

      About pets, i did not have it, i did not notice a lot pets in that time, did somebody ate it? I don t know, probably.

      About small family, hmm, not good, usualy few smaller families get together in biggest house and stay together, all relatives (my case)

      Small family or single man, not good for survive in town SHTF, maybe in wilderness (i don t have expirience in that) Even if you stay low profile, hidden in your house with lot of food etc, sooner or later mob will come, and you have maybe have one or two guns, very hard. I agree with low profile policy, it is very important not to attract people with anything, but when they come, you need to have numbers, people and guns, best people is your family.

      About moving trough the city: always night time as i mentioned, never alone, 2-3 man, very fast, never attract with anything, look like everybody else, if most folks look desperate, poor, dirty you need to look same, there is no need that everybody know you have good amount of food, ammo , clean cloths and everything else back at home. Look and act like everybody else.

      When somebody attack you or your family then you need to show that you are very ready.

      I never walked in big groups,in that time and that situation big group is gang.

      Now, this is all my experience, it was then, i did a lot of mistakes, i am not expert, i am here just like any of you, to learn and share.

      For example i don t know too much about wilderness survival, i am here to check it.

      Oh yes, few things to the Sedoy: my wife is different ethnicity, and she is also a Catholic, i am not, and to answer you : no i am not going to shoot her.

    8. (cont.)

      Q: What happened to those who died? Where did people get firewood?

      Well, who ever died or get killed in that period, did not get proper funeral.

      Folks used used every peace of free land, close to house for burial, sometimes even in the garden, 2-3 city parks turned to graveyards,after war most of them are exhumed and properly buried.

      There was not noting like burning bodies or anything similar, as far as i know.

      Oh one more interesting thing about fire, some people use to go few miles during the night only to find fire somewhere so they can fire peace of wood and bring it home, and start fire for cooking or heating, lighters and matches was really precious, and most of the folks did not have enough firewood do keep always fire. For most of the people it was constant search for something, fire,wood,food,ammo…

      Q: Was salt valuable?

      It was valuable yes, but not too much, for example coffee or cigarettes worth-ed much more.

      Q What about cigarettes?

      Hm, i had a lot of alcohol as i mentioned before, i traded almost everything without any problem, let me say it like this: consumption of alcohol was probably 10 times more than in normal time.Not to mention cleaning and disinfection.

      On the other side you made a very good point, if you have money and time and you have a storage it is probably better to store cigarettes or candles and batteries for trade, or food.

      I was not prepper at that time, we did not have time to prepare, few days before SHTF politicians on TV stated that everything is fine, when sky fell down we just take what you can.

      Q: Tell us more about cooking and the foods you were able to prepare. Were you concerned about the smell getting around and alerting people that there was food over there?

      About cooking, before the SHTF i used in my house electricity for booth, cooking and heating, so when everything started i traded some stuff for some kind of old wood stove, i put it in kitchen ad fix exhaust pipe (right word?) trough hole in wall, i use that for cooking and heating.

      During the summer i cooked in my backyard (walled fence, brick, luckily)

      Concerning the smell of the food, hm, i ll try to picture situation: no electricity, no running water, sewage off for months, dead bodies in ruined houses, grime and mess, believe me it was very hard to smell something nice.

      It was not like in movies, it was ugly,dirty, and smelly.

      Yes i had few problems because of cooking, only few, but as i sad before, enough people, properly armed and with will to defend and you can manage most of the problems with that.

      Probably situation would be different in wilderness.

      I ate mostly some kind of pancakes with local herbs (does not require cooking oil and too much firewood), and of course everything what i could get and trade, rice was good to eat, not too much firewood for that.

      I think i had luck, only few times i ate funny things like pigeons.

      I always had something to trade, i guess that saved me, and guns of course.

    9. (cont.)

      Q: 1. Why would the night be safer than daytime? Outside of the obvious of being easier to hide at night, but were the gangs more out during the days? Also, why only small groups of 2-3? What happened to larger groups?

      2. Why would you have to go out at night? For instance, where were you going and why?

      3. How did you handle the mob situation when they came for you, or your family?

      4. You mentioned trading for bullets, etc. How much shooting were you doing during that time and how much ammo did you have, or would like to have had?

      5. How were you able to determine who was an enemy and who wasn’t? How did you manage to get out there trade with people and when/where?

      6. What fortifications did you do to your home and what kind of guard, or protections did you have in place?

      7. Finally, how did you avoid snipers? What precautions did people take against them?

      First almost nobody were out during the day because of snipers, line of defence was very close, so whatever you have to do, you do it during the night, trade something, look for firewood (i can express how much this was important in town, and hard), looking for anything, check somebody, go to hear news (very very important, lot of people get killed because they go somewhere just to see what happening, or what s new) remember, no news, no radio ,no tv, nothing, rumors fed lot of people.

      Already explained, you can stay home and die of hunger and cold, or even infection of some small wound or go out and risk your life, try to find – trade anything useful

      I did have situations concerning my house only, it is no need for too much details, we had more fire power, and brick wall.

      Also we had something like street watch, people from my street were good organized, in case of gangs, now there were a lot shootings.

      There was pretty much shooting in town, i did not have enough weapon at the beginning, one rifle and one pistol (ww2), maybe 100 bullets, later i trade some things for more rifles and ammo, remember i gave car battery for 2 rifles.

      How much ammo ?

      A LOT, as more as you can.

      Most of the time you are not able to determine who is enemy or friend, expect my family and few real friend, everybody else is potential enemy. When your friend must choose between his child s death and your death quess who is going to choose.

      Rumors, somebody tells you that some old guy few block away have some cans and he is looking for ammo or whatever, you go there, as i say you are always looking for something. Same some people would came in my street as traders, witha some goods.

      There was something like trade street during the night, actualy it was a big ruins of sport center, you can go overthere and look for something or offer something, but it was not controlled by anyone so it was too dangerous.

      It was primitive pretty much, brick wall around house,bags of sand on windows and doors, over that bags we used whatever you can, big pieces of metal, stones, inside house we put all kind of stuff on windows, only small openning left for rifle, always 5 members of family ready for fight, one always outside on street hidden.

      Stone age situation

      To avoid snipers, we stay home at day, it was not so much night snipers, even during the night we never walked openly on the streets if we can avoid that, always shortcuts, trough ruins, fast and quiet.

  39. I recall back when Y2K had all these people who were screaming, Prepare! Prepare! The sky is falling. Well, I felt not to prepare for any such thing. So I didn't do one single thing, being one of the few who didnt, and I was correct.

    Well, now I feel the same way, but that is for myself. I don't discourage anyone else from doing whatever they feel they should do; I'm just not going to spend my life focused on future problems that Might happen.

    1. Abby, I feel the exact same way. So much fear being broadcast, the media is at the top of their feauxcasting magic trix, and a large segment of the public isn't even buying it. Even the ones that are still snoozing let this garbage wash over them like a warm spring shower.

      Speaking of showers, I see we're still being hosed down by the dinar carrot at the end of the race track. In Florida at the greyhound track they call the fake electric bunny, 'sparky' and he takes off ahead of those poor hapless greyhounds as they tear around that dirt track.
      Parallel? Who the f**k knows? Not me, just seems to be a glut of intel stuck in the turlet waiting for release out into the cesspit.
      In a semi perfect attempt at putting things back together, one would assume that if all countries (including US) were now Basel III compliant, that an RV wouldn't be a taxable event, as the IRS is an illegal off-shore fed whore house no longer in business. Or it shouldn't be. Something just doesn't feel right, and RV now just means business as usual within a few short months. Nope, right now, I aint' buying the pig they're trying to paint.

      It seems we're being prepped here for more of the same bullshit if we're lucky enough to get our late Easter baskets. Maybe this all sounds a tad cynical but then it seems to dovetail perfectly with sarcasm, bullshit and fake media stories, and movies where fiction augments our reality, and...

      But then maybe we're just being strung along, chasing sparky around and around, and if we do get lucky enough to sink our teeth into that soft, fake bunny, we might only end up with a 'rabbit's foot' and the race will continue, same 'ole track, same 'ole dogs.

    2. Graham - They cant continue playing this game for much longer, for a number of reasons. The people of Iraq are growing extremely impatient and have much influence over there. They protest there; but here we cant or we get tear-gassed.
      Also Iraq only has till like May 22 to get their schitt together, or they lose their frozen funds here in the usa.
      Our gov. has Christine breathing down their backs, as well. And lets not forget BRICs putting pressure on the usa criminals. China and Russia also are forces to be contended with. The usa doesnt hold all the cards anymore, so Lew had better wake up and start acting like a Man.

      I think the 'cat is now out of the bag'...but seeing is believing.

    3. Prepping is a personal thing, and I don't prep out of fear, like the Y2K thing. There are any number of troubles on the horizon, and the more independent and self-reliant one can be, the better. Our grandparents and great-grands were preppers, most of them, especially if they came from rural or farm communities. It's also a way to ensure your food quality, if you can grow it yourself.

      I'm haven't arrived... but, thank God, I've left...

  40. John said:

    "The US WILL bring in Wealth Tax and other nasty grabs. Go over to Nassau, Nevis or BVI as Bush does! Use Nominee accounts and hide! There are ways to hold assets there. It's YOUR money so hide it from those rotten parasites."

    You stated there will be full transparency. Am I to assume that is OUT now? I finally figured out what BVI is: British Virgin Islands. Found this about "Nevis":
    Nevis is of particular historical significance to Americans because it was the birthplace and early childhood home of Alexander Hamilton. For the British, Nevis is the place where Horatio Nelson was stationed as a young sea captain, and is where he met and married a Nevisian, Frances Nisbet, the young widow of a plantation-owner.

    The majority of the approximately 12,000 citizens of Nevis are of primarily African descent. English is the official language, and the literacy rate, 98 percent, is one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere.

    The problem is how does one get one's own assets into accounts in these countries when EVERYTHING is tracked? So, they know you moved it to whatever countries institution "offshore". EVERY bank wire now gets flagged and held up now. Even if it gets through, they know where one sent it to. Hire a professional smuggler? They are not exactly in the phone book, John....

    You keep describing Mad-Max scenarios for us here. I thought that would be averted if we get the GS release & have this RV occur....


    1. Via a Trustee and into Safe Depositories hidden from view. Hold as Bullion or bearer shares or via Nominees.

    2. Does anyone have any idea the sky rocketed value of a can of beans in such times? I will be hiding dinty moore stew and transporting rice and beans not silver...

    3. I haven't dined off a "maggot wagon" in years. For the life of me, I have not found anyone since who would sell me a "buffalo burger". Yumyum.. or maybe it was just yum.... memories fade.

      It's amazing what will pass for elegant cuisine when your choices are limited.

    4. Geno, do you want to brew your own beer? It is a very valuable skill and you will be paid well even when others have very little. Drop me a line if you seriously want to start doing your own brewing. I will send you a full kit after you finish that tome.

      Learn how to grow and procure wheat and barley and you will be able to provide yourself with an mostly uninterupted supply of brew weekly.

    5. lol.... no my meth lab is doing great biz...

    6. Well You know I have three small time ultra-microbrewing-operations in my state - not for profit just for fun.

    7. Okay send it to alley 6, by the river...

  41. Oathkeeper's permit for Lexington Green gathering pulled the excuse for revoking the permit is the Boston Bombing. They should spontaneously march there from another place. A 10 mile march would be a very good show of resolve.