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and back to Jim Stone for a bit of an update....

The thing I want you to pay attention to is how generic the video clips are as they most likely have shot thousands of them using actors that TODAY are well known but lets say 5-7 years ago were not. You pay them to say several lines, each time changing their appearance, making sure the statements are GENERIC and have no association to any particular event. Statements like "One of the kids that was shot was laying in the hall when we ran by" then edit that with some b-roll footage of cops standing around their cars with guns drawn. Next add your news reporter doing a voice over saying "X amount of kids were shot today at blah blah blah" Combine that with a call to the police for a fake bomb threat at the school and you will have a thousand people that drove by that saw the police and flashing lights that will swear up and down you are crazy for saying the event never took place because they were there. Not realizing they have been scammed.

It's very simple what they are doing and how they are filming this. You just have to start thinking like them and understand a little bit about post production video to see how easy it is for them to pull it off.
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  • Ed Chiarini I'm sure they have a library of these actors saying BS lines about BS events. They probably have thousands of shots in a courtroom with some crazy looking actor sitting there saying nothing with their lawyer sitting there saying nothing as well. That footage is spliced in at will whenever they need to create the illusion in your minds eye that a person is actually on trial for this fake event. The possibilities are endless as to the combinations they can splice together that will get the public to believe anything they want. BUT UNDER CLOSE QUESTIONING trust me they will run away and their stories will fall apart.
  • Ed Chiarini Everyone is familiar with the illusion created by an actor making some crazy basketball shot from the full length of the court. With good editing they can trick you to believe they made the shot on the first try. But in reality it took 100 takes to get the one shot that they use. You don't know this and you don't think about it because its your natural instinct to trust what you see and not questions if there is some other way that this event could have happened that is more realistic to you walking outside and trying to make the same shot but taking 100 shots to do it.
  • Becky Rodriguez Rickel I agree with this 100%.. 2 years ago we had huge, huge protest at our state capital in Wisconsin. We had 100,000 plus people there every weekend for months. Every news station was camped out there. The protest were very peacefull. No violence. What you saw on the news was police on horses, with palm trees. Protestors being violent, etc. Anyone who lives in the north, knows there is SNOW and NO PALM trees in Wisconsin in the winter. But people fell for it. Even my friends and neighbors who live here. I would tell them to look out the window and then look at the news cast. They only saw what they wanted to see.... They didn't see the people in shorts and palm trees, they just saw what they wanted to see and that was violence.......
  • Gina Fisher ed,did you see jim tucker died?
  • Ty Severance I did a full court shot and made it you just need a strong arm
  • Ed Chiarini Yes now take some of that footage of protestors and put them in the background using a green screen and then have a few actors getting a beat down on a set in front of it, and you can create the illusion that they are really there.

    Here's another trick for you I call it the silent cop voice over. Take a clip of a cop standing there at a protest and with a voice over (ie someone in the studio screaming into a mic about how they are baby killers, and I want your badge number now!! etc) and overlay that voice to the clip where the cop is just standing there and not reacting. Then tell the viewer the cops are beating people up and not supplying us with their bad number and you can create a false sense of reality that then can be reported via the internet to every city on the planet planting that illusion in everyones mind that is was a real event. Combine that with the people who watch the video and believe it then go and tell others about it who in turn then tell their friends that they know a person that saw it happen. An illusion created, perception of reality altered.

    another one ...
    If you watch shows like Jackass and you see a scene where a person is doing something that in reality would get the cops called on you and arrested (example party boy running around the street just about naked groping people that walk by) this is all done on a close set with a green screen. He is not actually in the streets of NY groping people. He's in front of a screen with a few actors payed to walk by and create the illusion.
  • Ed Chiarini Of course he did. I guess you will see George Soros go next.
  • Ty Severance Yea you cannot just capture a random voice at will thats all done in the editing room studio I couldn't give heads or tails what anyone says in a crowed of thousands
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  • Ed Chiarini Then David Rockefeller Sr. will be admittedly dead. Whether or not he really is we will be lied to and he could be safe in Argentina on the Bush/Roosevelt/Kennedy family compound.
  • Ed Chiarini If you look at the footage I shot the night we were told the Occupy Dallas protestors were kicked out of Dallas you will see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears, what DID happen was not what they said happened.

    I shot footage of the news 
    camera men talking to friends having just walked from the site (that was closed off from the public, by the way) saying nothing happened. No arrests were made but the cops said everyone here is under arrest but then they just let them walk away. You can see the Police Chiefs pass right by the camera in their cars leaving the scene with several other officials, none of which had any prisoners. NO person was arrested PERIOD! 

    But on the way home from the event we had the radio on and an announcement came across the broadest stating that 18 individuals were arrested at the event we just came from. BULLSHIT! Then on top of that after I post the video to YouTube I get hit with a dozen idiots calling me names saying they were there and I was lying (EVEN WITH THE FREAKING VIDEO TO BACK ME UP) so you can see how they operate and how they attempt to get you to fear reporting the facts because of what others may think of you after their little paid trolls attempt to cut you to pieces. Good thing for thick skin!



Why no ambulances? Why no fire trucks? Why no stretchers? Why ZERO real emergency response?

Think about that.
The businesses lost a few windows, because the scammers were assholes about the drill. However, if it had been real, the smoke was there for SO LONG that there is no doubt the fire department would have been called long before it dissipated, and EMT's with their ambulances would have mobbed the scene. The fact that this did not happen proves the bombing to have been a drill all by itself. In fact, the fire department and medical centers would have HAD TO HAVE BEEN TOLD TO STAND DOWN AHEAD OF TIME TO AVOID REAL CITIZENS CALLING THEM IN.
Mister leg bone had his fake leg fall off in front of a private security camera and the police put it back on;
Bomber 2 was chased away from his own "car jacked" Mercedes,
Mother crying that it was her son totally naked in the video ALIVE after being arrested, and then obviously murdered by the police,
Bomber 2 gets out of the boat unhurt and then suddenly cannot speak,
All victims being treated at the same Jewish medical center,
A restaurant saying it did not happen as stated,
Older brother showing up in kraft uniform with younger brother in civilian clothes (how did THAT not make news? the older brother was a freaking AGENT at that bombing,)
No emergency response to the bombing, NO FIRE TRUCKS, NO EMT's NO AMBULANCE
DHS web page found with job applications for Boston bombing, including requests for amputee actors, and for people to arrive with shredded clothes
Whistleblower saying ahead of time that this bombing was staged, and reloading powder and bullets would be restricted as a result.
Witnesses saying the police ran over the brother
Fake blood packs found at scene
Scene additionaly trashed afterwards to look better for the camera (look through the photos)
Mysteriously edited photos and vanishing evidence ongoing, even now (censorship)
And MANY more.


Remember mister blown off legs? The guy with the leg bone showing? The DUAL AMPUTEE ACTOR?
His FAKE LEG FELL OFF and got caught on video. WATCH THIS! It's hilarious.
I keep going back and forth between Boston being a total fake and only partly fake. This pushed me back towards TOTAL FAKE.


  1. Ok that video looks like hes putting something back on the right leg - prosthesis maybe.
    I am going to play this guys voice backwards as well as the hired witnesses I am thinking their ruling spirits will be revealed.

    BTW in past analysis I have learned from Bob Schenkler that *nairf is one of the nefarious preternatural minds/spirits present in most of 'the stars' scripts/songs.

    I have done about 15 independent analysis and seen the same.

  2. That's a hoot. Wonder who shot off his legs to begin with, and now he has continuing occupation in false flag acting roles. I liked Tim's questioning of if the Greenberg family is limited to blood relatives or more a MAFIA, of cast-offs that find their way into the fold.

    Thanks for the snicker with my morning java, Geno.

  3. OK, gonna say it...where's Sir White Knight?


    Miss you, John.

    It had to be said.

    1. Geno....and your "fans" are still here.....

    2. And where is PVG now?! John and others surely miss you as well. ;)

  4. Geno........

    Good morning.... I hope all is well in your world?

  5. Geno,

    Your next project could be the following that has been hyped on huffington post....

    'Sirius' Documentary Reveals DNA Test Results On Ata, The '6-Inch Alien'

    Watch the Youtube associated with this:
    Sirius Official Trailer #1 (2013) - UFO, Extraterrestrials, Alternative Energy Do

  6. Bostonhook Debunking the Hoaxers

    1. I used to like this kid in this video but this video.... though quite true about misinformation.... has me second guessing him as well...first of all he shares the Israel?Mid eastern look we often see from our truthers...Jason Burmas... but also.... Thus far I trust Jim Stone over him... and Jim says it is the same guy in the wheel chair... and I do not believe for a second a guys legs got blown off in Boston... so does it mean we don'y have a lookalike placed ahead of time as the anticipated controversy of who is who?

    2. It may be the same guy. But the guy in the wheelchair doesn't look like Vogt or Bauman to me. Dawson's point of hoaxers coming out of the closet to poison the well on genuine false flags is understandable. The guy in that wheelchair would have bled out if he were, in fact, real and not part of some act. That interview with his rescuer should be interesting.

      Dawson chose a poor example in this case but IMO he's a Zion slayer at every opportunity. And until I see stronger evidence to the contrary (see Alex Jones, Gordon Duff) I will continue to monitor his views on things but always with a dash of discernment.

      Consider all, follow done, find my own path.