Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guess The Actor....


Look for Tracy Ullman, Daryl hammond, Molly Shannon....and they wear different disguises more than once....

See How many ACTORS (SNL especially) you can find playing authorities on this subject....


I guess if you throw bread crumbs wildly everywhere the real trail gets obscured....

What is the real trail?

I'm not sure other than deception itself and those who are behind that curtain....



Note their funny little names?

Mockshau = Make show?

Null..... Popper.... 


  1. LOL


    a girl named "a liar" at 1:04

  2. Connecting more familial dots:



    Interesting blog...

    PS Synchronicity? One of my captcha words is "family"

  3. @John you may already know that your ARGO trust is a target in the event of publicly traded bank bail-ins. UK, Canada and Switzerland havens you mentioned you consider safer are subject to cash account seizures based on existing legislation passed in each of these countries in the last 5 years.

    The Cyprus haircut precedent for bank failures is coming to the entire Western banking system, a fact that SD has repeatedly driven home upon uncovering bail-in legislation in Italy, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

    1. the legislation for bail-ins passed in Canada are for investment liabilities and such....deposits were not to be part of this at all...however that was how it was explained by the Canadian Government....so can't rely on that....furthermore if you actually read the legislation ....interpreting it to include deposits would be a stretch...a big stretch... but I am sure government and lawyers can interpret it anyway it suits them...

    2. Agreed the Argo deposits WILL take a Tax Hit, but the rest is coming to London to be as safe as can be and without giving up secrets, we have a REAL solution to protect those. The value for the Treasury to pay Argo is to get their Tax Cut back.
      The Net Capital will leave the US once paid.Only profits will return for Projects and Charity.

  4. John,
    I am a cmkm shareholder, you put out that AH was on a possible trip to accomplish something GS related, was he successful in his endeavors or is there anything you can say as to where we stand now or elaborate on this, thank you

    1. ZN
      No PUBLIC GS progress, but Yes, a lot behind the scenes.
      CMKN is only likely to go forwards after the Argo plus other deals clear. I talked with BB this morning. It is close, but let's see Argo and BB clear first. The trigger for all will be those releases first with, hopefully, the others following behind in stages. Does that help? With constraints on Duty of Care we can only say so much. But, with respect to all, we will try where possible.

    2. Thanks for the insight John. Appreciate any and all informaiton you can share without violating your protocols. Honoring your relationships is important to us all.

    3. Neo
      You seem to be about 95% in with our thinking.Have faith, once we accomplish whats needed so much progress will be made. 21st century thinking now. The Vatican had a 1,700 year old free ride on lies. Judaism 5,700 years. Abrahamian faiths have a lot of holes. As he was himself, neither Muslim, nor Jewish, is he now Goyim or Infidel? The Moses Tablet of Stone con? Non still question. Ignorance rules. Truth, as ever, is infinitely more complex. But reality, ever more awesome. I sense you understand, so I say, with respect, you will be amazed at what is. Enlightenment will take time after the crocks they have been sold. So how can they yet handle a thousand fold for what is beyond?

    4. But 'Okie' says it's all done! :(

    5. And how many times before? Take is as a No, Not Yet!But hopefully soon. Okie is no Oracle.

    6. Now that is funny....maybe we should sell the bumper sticker....

      Okie is no oracle....

    7. Okie is a good man....will not smear him....but surprised you know who he is....considering you recommend ignoring such people....lol

    8. Standing with you and your team John. Cheers!

    9. Canauzzie.
      We know more than you may credit. Knowing also means- knowing who to avoid. We all keep our humour. STOP TAKING THE U's OUT OF ENGLISH!

    10. It's been "rumoured" that Okie (Lonnie Freels) gets some of his higher up intel from the Cheney camp...nuff said!

    11. ``We know more than you may credit``

      how can i give credit for that which you don`t share....lol

  5. ZN,

    Wish I knew where John said that.....

    Maybe GENO can create a single page where John would update at re: GS/RV??

    I don't see a hit-counter up here yet....


    1. neither will be happening but feel free to post Angry Taxi cab driver videos... how about a french one?

      Ever see mine?


  6. Well....

    It is May 1st.

    Blog still here, and Geno's not acting like he's gonna pull the drain plug. HOPE you have permanently ditched that idea from your mind, and bar that idea from returning Geno.

    I don't see the point in getting all this great info at a central hub, then at a whim torching the whole thing. It was an out of proportion reaction. Sure is your right, but is it wise, in the scheme of things?


    Kindly refrain from the visually descriptive insults to Abby. The bible is her playbook, as it is hundreds of millions of others. It is a belief-system. It should be respected for that reason alone. Regardless of what YOU believe. Your comments are counter-productive. Let's see what comes out in the "wash" later. Then, you can state flatly, "I told you so!", okay?


    Kindly stop reacting. And, thank you for ALL your other fine solid contributions here to the mix! I really LOVE your perspective.


    1. Torch her broomstick?

    2. John,
      thanks for the response. Do you know why CMKM was linked to the WGS in the first place and why it will only be released upon completion of the Argo and what you mentioned? Who made this happen, if you can elaborate? If not, I understand. Thanks

    3. The ONLY source of credible cash will be from the first part of the GS . It will NOT be all the GS in one go. That will only be phased after the RV's. A partial deal for a few special cases now allows the Tax Grab now to help with Budget shortfalls and some Dinars. CMKM hopes to get a hook into that. But timing???? So many cases are hoping for so much. It won't happen all at once. The big money was long spent out. Perpetuating the lie is their game now.

    4. john,
      thank you. I won't ask about cmkm anymore. However, one more thing, why was cmkm included in the GS anyway? As far as AH has stated, it is something separate, the funds were all collected from brokers, dealers, etc., meaning its own funds, can you shed light on this, why does cmkm have to hitch a ride to anything when its funds come from something else?

    5. think of it in a simpler way....some guys over here ripped off many people worldwide... The GS is a big number... Returning a big number to a fund what promises to pay everyone back is basically the deal....

      And looking deeper will only confuse since it's a huge corrupt mess... but many who were regular good decent businesses got ripped off.... by the tune of hundreds and thousands of businesses that is... So worldwide pressure is hey...hey.... I want my freaking money too!!!!

      And I suspect the money is in the claws of the banker mafias and guys like George Bush are the figureheads of something even more clandestine.

      But yeah.... the fund is everyone trying to say me too...they ripped me off too... give me mine too or I will hire punks to beat up your cat...

    6. Your about right Geno. CMKM is NOT in with the GS. NOT- OK? But, Yes Geno, they owe so much , to so many, their only way out is to try to scalp a few big deals, like part of the GS,grab a Tax Scalp, and use part of it to pay some off. What WILL be paid first is NOT GS money, but the Private Loans linked with GS. Money like Argo and BB personally. Money the thieving parasites stole, used with scum like Ackermann at Deutsch, leveraged up off the planet, sometimes with major Central banks who colluded, and misused vast funds. They printed like Confetti paper. They created a Ponzi Fiat Disneyland. Low grade Neanderthals like the Bushes took over with their Germanic cohorts,then took their eye off the ball as Leaders, to focus on robbing the store, and failed to structure or support your industries apart from Arms. THEY caused this mess. YOU are paying this dreadful price now.
      But even behind Treasonous, parasitic scum like Bush,are the Zionists,Soros and the Rockefeller's,who used them as expendable useful idiots, to crank up the money markets and relax Investment Rules so Scammers could thrive.
      So Yes, people like Darylluke, Canauzzie and so many never had a chance facing a stacked deck in life. Tens of millions of lives are ruined.
      That Geno is reality.

      That is why I help you, argue with you, and encourage YOU to publish so it can be a Beacon of Hope to STOP people like Darylluke eating a bullet, and to say, hang in, hang on and once we get the GS and others out, we will try to make better use of it this time with a quality team of Patriots, Global Leaders and Visionaries switched on to the emerging new world. Talking of Visions,Geno tells me he has great plans for cross pollinating a new hybrid of hemp and skunk guaranteed to help you see the stars.
      Do we listen? Of course.
      If your numbers drop, who steps in with new issues to crank it up fast and help keep the market fed and alive?
      Now, about your new Weed? ( Lol)

      But Yes, Its like the 3 Shell Trick. They are juggling now to stay alive. Any Funny Money just to buy time and keep up the Illusion.

  7. John - You have a very foul mouth that takes totally away from the distinguishment which you profess. Your language is more in line with your view of 'those fatty walmart welfare people' which you find such a blight in the world; your throwaways.

    Many men here have bashed you outrightly, yet you are afraid to say one word to them; instead you have chosen to think you can pick on me;but it will never work because I know from what source it comes. This reaks of cowardice.
    Shame on you.

    You use a lot of words, but actually say nothing. And you continue to try to hide the horror behind the curtains of the Show that you are promoting. You are only interested in talking, but we all know by now, you never actually listen.

    Only those of low mentality go around calling people names and making up things about them. So if you wish to continue making an ass of yourself, go right ahead because you can't ''get to me''.

    1. Abby, you are like the little gal in the westerns when pissed off everyone backs up and says, "uh oh...now you done it." lol...

      "you rustled Ma's feathers...."

      Then a brawl starts and someone ends up hanging from the chandalier from his suspenders....

      Let's call this a draw...

    2. Geno - Hilarious, LOL. Thing is tho, I'm not pissed off at all. In fact Im having a great day. I just don't take any schitt off anyone....just like you dont.

    3. Life is simple. Its all about Judgment Calls. You make your decisions at each crossroad of life when its time to call it.
      Good calls , get progress. Crap calls land you in La La Land with Abby, Spitoon, broomstick and all. All she needs funding is a board with The End of the World is Coming and glue her on a corner somewhere. Ignorance is bliss? I used to defend her before, and Geno had his days with her, but Abby, she kind of grows on you, like a boil, time to lance it. I see no point in commending ornary Yokels stuck in the 1860s!

  8. this is a judgment call.... whether to try to deflect a conflict that is highly unnecessary... defend one or the other.... delete it... act like an arbiter and try to get deeper into it...

    Abby has faith in Jesus, John thinks it is a myth. Along the way they insult each other over beliefs... John believes his beliefs are reality... Abby has faith in hers.

    Is anything funny here at all? Not really.... but people form opinions on perceptions. A choose your battles wisely philosophy that makes one wonder. Why this one. Is John substituting Abby for how angry he is at me? Now that makes more sense to me.

    What is my job here? Let this continue or find a way to diffuse it.

    John is sort of boxed in by who he is and what he can or cannot say. I find knowing details about a person's life allows me to understand where they are coming from but we aren't allowed that.

    I offer details because I believe trust comes from knowing such things. Daryl opened his heart up again and we all sort of roll back on our heals wondering what we can do about anything.

    There is peace in not being afraid of dying. Resolving to go down swinging.

    And celebrity is a mind eff... This to a milder degree is celebrity.... People watching like a soap opera....

    I remember I didn't like bartending because I felt on stage. Surrounded and every move watched. Funny how stress and aggravation looks for a way to vent but usually just makes us look bad. We couch in humor unresolved issues and don't realize the humour isn't really funny.

    I suppose I can ask both sides to ignore what bothers you both about each other. But it definitely becomes my problem. I may just start deleting what feels like energy with too much pain.

    This post is actually pretty fun. These are actors. See the fake prosthetics? Elaborate make up but I see people we all know from TV pretending to be experts.

    Or victims.

    The joke is on us and we are diverted by besides the point pointlessness.

    We need to allow each other imperfection. We need to focus on who the real criminals are, laughing at us, playing us.

    1. Geno - Being the observant person that you are, and knowing what real life is all about, I'm sure any one with wisdom and eyes can see that John's agenda is to try to make me look like a troublemaker so you will remove me....then he can have the whole floor for himself. Pretty easy to see he decided to make me the target, for just that reason, even after I said many times, people can believe whatever they wanna believe; I don't push mine on anybody.

    2. When I consider deleting a post...not the person....it may be a judgment call by me whether this is just a distraction that will waste space and energy....

      I would like to see more real debate on the devil in the details.... did anyone watch this video and look at the actors on the cast alum?

      Or any of the other posts.... we debated the cybernetics pretty well...

      As for Jesus...


      I choose to pray and his name has always worked no matter what anyone says.... and I find all the other stuff...church and bibles and quotes to be not conducive to the simplicity of the golden rule...

    3. the point of this was to have debate....so everyone would have equal say...

      i don't see anyone getting squeezed out....

      we may not agree Abby...but I respect your opinion....

    4. "You use a lot of words, but actually say nothing. And you continue to try to hide the horror behind the curtains of the Show that you are promoting. You are only interested in talking, but we all know by now, you never actually listen."
      @ Abby
      My sentiments exactly, an armored nutshell if you will.

      Hey Geno, whatever happened to Tman? Is he still floating around? I haven't heard from him in a while...Palidin?

  9. Geno - It seems the Vatican may be one of the devils in the details, and I think they need to be exposed regarding the financial arena. According to the Judge he thinks they are one of the culprits interferring in the rv along with the fed. reserve and the UN.

  10. Well arent we all just tickled pink to see yet another new ass kisser, just when we thought we had that problem licked.
    Neo, you look soooo funny with your lips glued to Johns ass.