Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fulford's Article April 8 2013 Regarding The North Korean Media Hype For War

Sabbatean mafia plans to stage nuclear terror, blame North Korea.

The Sabbatean mafia that illegally seized control in the West is planning to stage nuclear terror attacks and blame them on North Korea, intelligence agency sources say. Google chief Eric Schmidt and basketball start Dennis Rodman recently visited North Korea as envoys of US President Barak Obama, MI6 and Japan-based North Korean sources say (shortly after Schmidt’s visit to North Korea, there was an attack on South Korean banking and media websites that was originally blamed on North Korea and China turns out to have originated in the US, most likely courtesy of Google).
The visits were aimed at encouraging North Korea to make nuclear provocations so that it could later be plausibly blamed for nuclear terrorist attacks carried out by the Sabbatean mafia, the sources say. To under-score this, the Mossad linked website Debka.com had an article last week that basically threatened a North Korean nuclear terror attack unless Israeli interests were served.
Here is, in part, is what it said:
“So long as the Obama administration sticks to its current separate policies on Syria and Iran, Iran and Korea, Moscow and Beijing won’t lift a finger to apply the brakes to Kim Jong-Un before he drives the world to catastrophe.”
This is not even a fig-leaf of plausible deniability; why would North Korea risk nuclear annihilation to serve Israeli interests?
Both the official North Korean News Service and the pentagon are dialing back tensions even as the Zionist media continues its hysterical campaign to demonize North Korea. The fact of the matter is that two Sabbatean/Zionist/Nazi submarines have been sent to carry out nuclear terror attacks to protect Zionist’s fascist rule of the West. The Navy Intelligence information/disinformation site Sorcha Faal says the submarines are likely to attack either Yokohama (i.e. the US Yokota naval base in Yokohama, Japan), Busan in South Korea, Portland Oregon or Los Angeles.
Nobody will be fooled though and the Gnostic Illuminati are promising a retaliatory attack against Jerusalem if the Sabbateans try to pull off another nuclear terror attack. A South Korean government official also said his government knows North Korea is not planning any attack.
The same cabal is spreading bio-weapons in China, dumping nuclear waste in Japan and threatening to trigger an earthquake in California in a sign of vicious desperation.
The desperation is being triggered by an international dragnet that is closing in on them from all directions.
The attacks against the cabal
are being carried out by multiple intelligence and police agencies using various covers. For example, the US agency backed hacker group anonymous has hacked Israeli database and found the names of 30,000 Mossad agents around the world. These names have been forwarded to the relevant authorities. Anonymous has also announced an attack on Israel’s web presence.
The other big agency attack against the Sabbateans took the form of a release by the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,” of the names of holders of offshore bank accounts worth $32 trillion dollars (over twice the US GDP). Before the website was taken down and put up again in sanitized form, it released the details of accounts held by people like Barak Obama, Tony Blair, the Governor of the Bank of England, Hillary Clinton etc. For example, the Obama offshore account totals $30 billion and is held under the name Henry Ansbacher.
Another attack was the release by Wikileaks of millions of documents linked to arch-cabalist Henry Kissinger including such juicy Kissinger quotes as “the illegal we do overnight, the unconstitutional takes longer.”
The financial attack on the cabal is also intensifying. The widely reported physical gold shortages, such as the line ups at gold outlets in Thailand, are being caused by cabalists desperately trying to use their fiat paper currencies to buy physical gold. In the case of Thailand, the Saudi Royal family and their buddies the Bushes are working with Japanese crime syndicates to buy Thai and Persian royal family gold.
The wife of the Prime Minister of a major Asian country even phoned this writer last week to ask where gold could be found (Hong Kong, Switzerland and Indonesia was my best guesstimate answer).
In Japan, the big monetary easing announced by the Bank of Japan last week is actually a massive move to protect Goldman Sachs and the Rockefellers, according to the executive of a Japanese securities company. Goldman Sachs is in severe trouble in South Korea, Japan and elsewhere and is using yen in a desperate move to keep itself afloat, he said.
“The entire South Korean financial system is controlled by Goldman Sachs and it is imploding under bad debt,” he said. A South Korean government official denied this.
However, a White Dragon Foundation delegation to Seoul was recently shown photographs of large amounts of gold for sale supposedly held at a secret location in South Korea. However, the South Korean side, including representatives of the 6 largest conglomerates and the South Korean government, were unable to provide a photograph of a recent newspaper being held in front of the gold.
There is also a desperate move by North and South Koreans in Japan to liquidate their yen holdings and either buy South Korean won or gold before their money is confiscated by the Japanese tax authorities, the executive said.
The Japanese monetary easing and the attempts to grab Korean assets are a sign of desperation by cabalists stooges in the Japanese political scene who see their Sabbatean bosses being pulled down above their heads.
Until this battle is finally over and the cabal is dealt with, the world faces real risks of another major terror attack. Asked for his reaction to the ongoing takedown of the cabal, a senior member of the fascist P2 freemason lodge said “take a look at the radiation in Fukushima and the flu in China.” He then continued, “millions will die in America on the West Coast.”
Here is a counter prediction: “thousands will be arrested or killed until the cabal surrenders.”


  1. Couple thoughts... on one hand I think the overall big picture analysis is quite accurate...

    Regarding the details such as anonymous... I find anonymous to be so cartoony and stagey that I am pretty damn sure they are some sort of CIA/Mossad operation itself thus negating the idea they are hacking themselves....

    So then WTF?

    Their game always uses the we are being attacked playbook...

    1. Over at Fulfords "cafe" the bloggers discuss everything but his articles... maybe we can discuss his article?

    2. Geno,
      I agree that anonymous is an cia/mossad op... so, for me, what that means is what they are putting out there is what they want us to know... gives us insight into where they are heading and who they are dis-associating themselves from ...

    3. you could be right... all I know is these elite agents seem to have a religion of deception.... I have known a couple and there seems to be some sort of training that includes practical jokes as in putting ones over on people... sort of practicing in their spare time... quite demented but they think it is a big joke...

  2. Geno,
    How about we start with Dennis Rodman as an envoy of Obummer....Seems to tie in with what you brought to light about play-acting with payed actors with all the supporting proof.
    Maybe this one is an in-your-face stage acting actor being sent as an envoy? Telling us, "We don't fucking care that you found us out! We will continue doing it covertly & now overtly!"??

    When I read that sentence when Benjamin released that report, it was so bizarre and surrealistically clear, yet complete insanity at the same time. Maybe next week we'll be reading about talking trees(and/or door-knobs) in on the negotiations!


    1. Brilliantly stated and lol to the talking trees and door knobs.... exactly... you hit the talking nail on the head.... they are saying... so what.... after all they are evil and they don't care and we are the idiots who think they figure stuff out.... and puff the magical dragons have warned the usual suspects that if they come one inch closer than an eskimo kiss they will have to warn them again and again....

    2. Maybe this one is an in-your-face stage acting actor being sent as an envoy? Telling us, "We don't fucking care that you found us out! We will continue doing it covertly & now overtly!"??

      YES and YES... you got it and get it... thank you!

  3. Well, then let's start arresting & killing them, Benjamin!!


    Ever see a rabid rabies infested DOG surrender after successfully being negotiated with to stop the unprovoked insane violent behaviour?

    What the fuck is wrong with the Chinese Dragon Families? They are more than able to start killing these monsters off! oBummer, Biden, Bernanke, duBya, BarBara....BANG!! Now there is a start for humanity's future!


    1. Unfortunately, the world is now basically a dysfunctional series of emerging new powers, seeking to position for influence against the waining Old Guard.

      China has a dual problem.Emergence of the State,with its own long term strategic agenda, and its mercurial Elders/Dragon families seeking a role in a disintegrating power base. China has been neutered so far in both GS and Dinar dealings. So much for great power?

      Russia combined with China, are both key powers of substance able to neutralize Israeli disinformation tactics and counterbalance planned attacks on Iran. Damned right Iran needs its own bomb, so these accursed Israelis can be countered and blocked with Military threats. China and Russia combined have the power to drop a hundred simple Doomsday bombs on the place and finish it all. No one will then respond, or care. See how fast Global Zionists then come to heel. The Snakehead is Israel!

      Vatican influence has wained, and the Papacy is part reforming. Albeit forced, but at least steps are visible.

      Europe is fast emerging as a major trading and power block in its time, albeit with teething problems.
      All the current hiatus comes back to the crumbling Cabal. Here we see the split, competing interests of the Pentagon. The corrupt versus the moderates.

      OBuma ( Soetoro) and other corrupt World Leaders accounts have been published. All proceeds of corruption. To go forwards,America has to deal with its past.
      Who has the authority, integrity,vision and drive, to start the necessary arrests?
      These men are not enemies of the State, but the world. Bush, Greenspan, Herzog, Clinton's,Rubin, Emmanuel, Obama, Soros, Biden, are just a few of hundreds who need to be taken into custody as Economic Terrorists and flown to Gitmo. No Legal Representation. None! They need to be treated as Traitors under Military codes of Justice. We had the Nuremberg Trials, then we hung them!Each deserves a full trial. Then HANG THEM! As with Saddam. An eye for an eye. Film Dubya as he defecates himself as the rope is placed around his neck. Many of their wives knew so deserve justice. As guilty as hell! Have no doubt, if a real clean up does not start in the US,America WILL be attacked by clandestine interests using such entities as HAARP and Genetic Viral warfare. Time marches on and seething hatred is plotting. The unseens hands of real powers are biding time and plotting. America was the breeding ground, along with Israel, for so many gross injustices, and radical fanatics will strike back,settling scores against mass populations.It wont take a lot for a sub to sneak up within firing range of the Los Palmos Cliff overhang, simply rocket that and the tidal wave Tsunami 6 hours later which hits America will total all life for 50 miles inwards from the Caribbean to Canada. the entire East coast will go. A 600 feet high wall of water traveling at 400mph will take out everything and every one. Unstoppable. It's all common Intel knowledge. Damed right Iran will hit it if attacked. But so will many other emerging nations.

    2. Mother earth just flexing her muscle or being aided by nefarious factions on the run?


    3. Iran needs a bomb and a central bank ;)

    4. I nominate again Nuremberg, Pennsylvania as the perfect echo spot for any and all trials for individuals accused of Crimes Against the Peace, not to mention any other Crimes Against Humanity as may be identified by aggrieved parties.

    5. come on John...admit it... The Brits designed all of it from the Fabian society and Tavistock... we all know it... put the credit or blame where it belongs... from the eyes wide shut theater to the Hitler and Saddam boogie men to the scary leaders Putin to the collectives of every religion and pseudo religion to War of the worlds... Orson, Wilson and Churchill...

      None of us buys the Royals as nice innocents... theater maybe... but something very devious emanates from the Jolly ol where the sun and crap never sets...

  4. This takes on a surreal patina when Ms. Eisenhower speaks of a time when she first wondered to herself while growing up, "why the heck did I wind up in the Eisenhower family"...?

    Fascinating nonetheless.. ;)


  5. The trouble with Fulford is that he never gives any progress that is ever made; only states what people are saying or planning. Never anything about any successes or failures in their endeavors. Just leaves people hanging all the time. I don't really trust or believe a lot of what he says.

    John - Since you have said in the past that 'there are some good guys in the Pentegon', just what are they doing, knowing all this stuff and the edge that the usa is teetering on?
    Also, cabal has to use money to do what they do, or try to do, so why is it that their accounts cant, or dont already, have locks put on them??

    1. Exactly our questions Abby. But armed with fat salaries and Pensions they put their fat Butts and guts before you all. Good men, no engines it seems. World forces are moving Abby on those accounts. It took you a century to screw it up so badly, give us time to clean up your mess. Your got Bush-Whacked as a country.

  6. "Over at Fulfords "cafe" the bloggers discuss everything but his articles... maybe we can discuss his article?" Geno

    Maybe a separate blog category is in order such as "Off Topic". This way those freelance posts that don't necessarily align with the most recent topic may find some currency of it's own volition. And as long as it doesn't distract nor steal from the stated mission of this blog, another avenue for views and other news would be welcome.

    I'll admit that most of what is contributed here isn't in line with the topic at hand.

    Such as this...

    Is China the contractor for the dark side? Just who are they preparing these dwellings for? Are they reserved for those with tickets?


  7. "Many believe that the decision has already been made by the top Kingpins, the Old Black Nobility (OBN) to cut loose their chief cutouts, the City of London Banksters and their whole Babylonian system of their worldwide web-of-debt by staging the demise of the US Petro Dollar and by building up the alternative BRICS system using China as their poster child for the NWO Globalist system they have been building for centuries."


    John, I mentioned this once before when you made this comment:

    "With 50% of Global GDP switching to BRICS funding, and 80% of the worlds population, the future is clear. End of an Empire." -John

    End of Empire or just a changing of the guard?
    It is simply logical. If the globalism of the West is being buttressed by the activities of countries represented by the BRICs, then how anti-Western can this growing alternative economic movement actually be? The West, after all, set up the global infrastructure the BRICs are now endorsing. It turns out in almost every way that the BRICs agenda is an internationalist one, supportive of the UN, a one-world currency, etc. This is not hypothetical anymore. Various BRIC documents make the group's intentions clear.

    Does it really mean that the more things change, the more they will remain the same? If you have any "cutout" friends, perhaps they could supply us with an answer.

    The suspense is killing me...

    1. good points.... yes.... all roads lead to globalism and won't be a bit surprised that all these events of corruption from derivatives to terrorism to theatrics to Israel to disinfo to flash crashes to identity theft to Rvs and GS and end of fed and on and on were all planned to have us jump for joy at the Luciferian system beginning coincidentally in Babylon... essentially the point I have made dozens of times for 19 years...

      The idea has been put forth of a fake Alien invasion and that is just one slight of hand distraction of many and I believe that is all part of the con game to confuse...

      In some ways one might accept that every single contingency is run by those who designed it and there is no stopping it...

    2. My suspicions have been confirmed that the only real avenue of escape from our "unknown" rulers is ascension to another plane of existence whether it occurs via raising one's own consciousness or thru some arbitrary man made device at my disposal. Hell, I really hate the thought of these assholes ruling over anybody; least of all me.

      Eff' 'em, eff' 'em all. Just like when death has stopped being your ally or adviser and is now only looking over your shoulder waiting for you to acknowledge it for your "transition". I won't acknowledge it, I simply won't come around.

      Fear of dying is overrated...

    3. China and Russia will become key players now. The Brits will be the key bankers. Need I say more?

    4. no seems Britain is exactly where they knew they would be when they promoted and protected ACME stage villains for 100 years... or 500 years...

    5. The British magistrate head dress is a purposeful copy of the Egyptian head dress and now phoenix rises from the ashes as " a new world order comes into view"... cast party after the one world currency and King of the world William.... Game and curtain...

    6. here you go Hugh... When men were men... horses were horses... TV was television and guns got justice done...


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  8. "Dr.Van de Meer admits he was no angel and he had one huge regret in his life. When he was a young medical doctor in the 1950’s he was sent to Africa to work with Dr. Jonas Salk, a man known to us as the developer of the Polio vaccine. According to Dr. Van de Meer, who then went by the name of Dr. Michael Meiring, Salk and his team killed over 200,000 African green monkeys and sent their blood to the US (Nazi) biological weapons facility at Ft. Detrick.

    He found out the blood was being used to develop a disease aimed at depopulating Africa. It is now known as HIV or AIDS.

    Dr. Mary's Monkey:

    He said he grew up in a castle near the ancestral home of Sir Francis Drake. He also once let slip that he was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth and Evelyn de Rothschild, who he described as “not very nice people. To him CIA stood for Christ In Action."


    1. stuff like this is great input...

  9. John Stewart describes how the
    Monsanto Protection Act
    was snuck in under our noses.


  10. John,

    John McHaffie just changed this again(2ND TIME TODAY) at the TOP of his blog:

    Informed by Intel Sources --- from multiple sources that:

    Now hearing rumors that the dinar rates are live with bid/ask numbers on Wells Fargo Bank screens in Reno. Rate was 6.73 and climbing as of yesterday.
    Rate presently 8.00 and still climbing.

    Wells Fargo taking care of politicians first, now cashing in there vouchers in Reno. Executive private jets on the tarmac in Reno.

    Tier 1 & 2 Done Tonight - Tomorrow Tier 3 Public"

    Maybe he knows something that you're not telling us yet? One rumor is that when currencies RV after the GS release, that the VND will come out "at about 10% of the IQD RV-rate". Which, (per this above info) would make it about 80cents per Vietnam dong.


    1. a rumor is a rumor... if he knows insiders that are in fact exchanging that would not be a rumor... so...

      John says BS...

    2. Daryl and Geno - Ive also heard that the big pants have been exchanging already, for the past several days, and from totally different sources, and people who have it 'first hand' who are close to them.

      I also wonder if John knows something he's not telling us....because Tman et al are busy filling their pockets??
      And if they are, I don't think John would tell us that.
      (I always think John knows far more than he ever tells.)

      But something very FISHY is going on and behind our backs IMO.

    3. Abby
      As soon as Geno asked me last night I checked with Reno. There were only 10 jets at the airport and 3 of those were WF. The others were just normal corporates and non for WH. There are NO PRIVATE DEALS TAKING PLACE. ZERO! ITS ALL USUAL BS, MINDLESS GARBAGE.
      Lew is away and will not let any pay out happen without him getting the PR glory.The amounts are so large it can only be banked via us in London. We will know the day before. We are not here to see you all cheated. It's not possible to do any private deals we don't know about. We have Military crawling all over the place. The minute anything happens we WILL let you know. Ignore the Blogs, they are talking ignorant SHITE as usual

    4. "Ignore the Blogs, they are talking ignorant SHITE as usual"

      is this place not a Blog.....

      lol....just kidding....

      I am more interested in the GS....continued progress i hope....

      thanks John....

    5. Turns out the Reno rumor has a twist... The Peppermill is cashing people out if they agree to bet it on 13 black...

    6. PVG
      Sorry to be late replying.

      BB is the key Mandate for Argo. It is Chinese Heritage money.Not Belgian. Belgium is bust. All of the Argo Trading Capital is coming to London for Safekeeping to be Traded by us for Humanitarian development and projects. As was intended before the Cabal got it.
      It will become a huge Global trading block. We will move it out. The Cabal betrayed China and the nation. BB is a good man, an honorable man. We have solid bonds of trust going way back. You don't and can't buy that. Argo Funds will go to good use. Not Cabal greed and betrayal.That Capital can help change nations as was intended PRE BUSH***!!!!

      T Man is no part of Argo.
      However, he is the Principal link to a separate Trust,with the Dinar Capital coming to us to be Banked and traded. See the trails now?

      Lift any major rock containing Gold and a Brit will be under it with a Banking hook. It's not coincidence we have such Global powers but well established relationships and trust. Even better, some of us also have a moral compass and conscience.

      The Arab Oil money is in London.
      The major new Chinese Capital Markets are in London. BRICs Banking will be via London.
      All the major League inter Bank trading and Sovereign Trading is via London. 65% of ALL World Forex Trading is via London. Sure we let the Colonies run free, BUT WE KEPT the Banking. Most Tax Havens are British run. The Global Web of real Financial Power is London. The rest are just Colonies who shine and diminish. Wherever the money moves around, it always has London tags on it. PVG, some of us have over 1,000 years of Family history and power. You can't buy in. Power passes within. Always. Low profile, nothing in public flash or brash.Unseen hands guide all. The US Corporation owes its Soul now to the UK Crown. If they default, we get the lot!Thats the Treaty you signed for us to let you play with the big boys. And play you did, but badly. We see the dereliction of cities and destruction of life and families in the US. We see the vast corruption and Political mediocrities. As World Leaders, they are unfit for purpose and treated with contempt. The Third World takes their dollars and plays them. These are not sophisticated Political players. Just flash, brash and brutal. America has far better among its people. Few good Americans will enter Politics because it's a cesspit of low humanity. No vision, no intellect, just deviants out for a lick at the trough. A truly verminous sub species. The clean up is stage one to recover America as fit for purpose for anything. The rot, is at the Top! Unfit for purpose.

    7. John you clean up a pig better than most and shift ownus as well as anyone can and I will grant you England gave America the rope to hang itself with but it is well known to those of us who have studied that British Gremlins were behind the fiat central bank, the ruin of the constitution, the bar association termites, key placed presidents, and actors hired to play rotten to the core...

      Fine... clean it up and get on with it. You helped create this mess beyond Machiavellian wonder and own every single power point but we refuse to say thank you for the big fat heaping of bullshit with the bow on it.

    8. Geno,
      It works pretty well for us. We did not ruin your Constitution. The Zionists and Bush did that while you sat on your Arses like Sheep and let them.

      We had major resistance marches, strikes and huge revolutions here to change our Aristocracy structures,including beheading a King.We also smashed our Unions. They choke you. Only MLK moved his ass in the the US to change anything. The rest marched to orders and swallowed the crap fed to them. Your Politicians treated you as a nation of Chumps and you bought it. Bush, read my lips, there will be no new taxes.Clinton, I did not have Sexual relationships??? Nixon, I knew nothing?? Kennedy, Bay of Pigs? Carter, the Iran Fiasco. Vietnam? The worlds leading consumers of Drugs? All pushed down your throats. The US will swallow anything Geno.

      As above. Non of these Varmints would have made it in EU Politics. You, as a nation of people let this crap happen to you, and FEMA camps are your thanks. They don't need the Slaves,they cant afford and don't need all the Welfare Bunnies, where do you think this will all end? Apart from badly. Ain't no Money Honey, so the Bunnies will get it in the neck.
      You had your time Geno, you ran free and left the tracks. You put this crap in office. And Yes, we gave you the rope with a choke chain on it. Welcome to the real world. We don't need to clean it up. We just helped BRICS launch so we spread our bets. Already the skids are under you. Not fit for purpose. You just lost half the Global pot. Its gone. As a big dog, you can't live on what's left now. The waste and Military grandstanding has to stop. We will just take your train sets away by cutting off Trading PLATFORM ACCESS. Without the Funny Money, you can run nothing.
      No one is asking for thanks Geno. Just for the US to get off its Butt and change things, or go into the night as end of your days. Game over if the Powers pull the plug Geno. Loan sharks collect. America owes the world. The world is sick of it. Tank the Cabal and restore the Constitution. Get the Weevils out of power. How the hell can you expect respect when you cant even move out an illegal Wookie who is robbing the Ranch? Geno - look inside. Your mess as a nation. You put this crap in power. Yep, the Brits play the Chess Board. Well I hope.
      But it's Brits helping now Geno. Time for Americans a to get a grip. Move it, or lose it. Reality checks Geno. Earn your place on the Board or be Pawns. Whats happening to America people is dreadful. Print the underground tunnels and squatter cities I sent you. Once we get the GS freed up, we will route cash, food and clothes to help these poor human beings. This is all on DC's watch. Disgusting. We are all one family of man.

    9. John/Geno:

      I have long acceded to the fact that the power is centered in Britain and we are not only brethren, but also subjects to a degree. However, I do see some of what Geno is saying: the Queen knighted Dubya and many other of our U.S. "royalty" in the Beltway and in un-holy-wood. But Britain has its problems also - like how did Tony Blair get into power? How come your countrymen are not permitted to bear arms, except on the battlefield? Britain probably went down the road to being surveilled by cameras everywhere. I heard that Europe also had FEMA camps, and it's evident to see on movies, news, etc. that chemtrails are all over Europe and all over the globe. I have read "Targeted Individuals" (TI's) saying that they were in Europe as well as U.S. and all over the world. While the U.S. is infected with parasites, we are not the only nation infected. Europe also has preceded us in having problems with Islamic emigration which are radically changing communities. My European friends HATE it.

      That being said, I am happy for the collaboration and spirit of good will between our peoples who want to improve things. I welcome it and appreciate it very much. I'm sure each of us here does, or else we wouldn't be here.

      Do you have children? Have you brought your children to take over in your stead? I hope that you have a long tradition of upright souls in your house. I hope that your children understand all that you know and can continue your work.

      I think that we have to be quite happy that Britain controls the world's purse and remains an indomitable force on the world stage. That is much preferred over an Asian country or Muslim country completely dominating over the planet.

    10. Ya'll plotted, planned and conspired to introduce each poison to the weakest structure of the bridge and you know you did.... admit it. Your sex drugs and rock n roll tavistock think tank. Get drugs into the school get your foreign agents to destroy monogamy... of course your people were taken hostage long ago so they don't wiggle much. The laundry list of failures here were courtesy the claws of England and we all know it.. We still have our guns, Come and get them. Oh yes, your agent Obama is on that right?

    11. wait, let me rephrase that..

      Ya'll plotted John, planned and conspired John to introduce each poison John to the weakest structure John of the bridge and you know you did John.... admit it John. Your sex drugs and rock n roll tavistock think tank John. Get drugs into the school John get your foreign agents to destroy monogamy John... of course your people were taken hostage John long ago John so they don't wiggle much John. The laundry list of failures here John were courtesy the claws of England John and we all know it John.. We still have our guns John, Come and get them John. Oh yes, your agent Obama is on that right John?

    12. Yes, children, grandchildren and all educated to know their roles and duties. All non smokers, no drugs, and family values.

      Muslims are a backward people, with minds locked in the 11th century, but no less that Jews who mutilate their children in a mindless horror act of circumcision,and a ridiculous mythical offering to God. God asked no such thing! Having had to have one son given such an operation for medical reasons, and nursing him seeing the consequences for weeks, I have to ask how can anyone willfully go through such an appalling and barbaric act on their children unless necessitated. Mindless stupidity but hopeless for poor Jewish and Muslim Children indoctrinated with this garbage.
      As for Muslims circumcising girls, a total absolute horror story and beyond disgusting. A depraved sub species.

      I hear all Geno's views, but look from above in debate.
      We gave the world a common language. Albeit do you know how many Americans in a survey really are so abysmally educated and stupid, they really thought they taught it to us. Those morons are among you. We created the Industrial Revolution. World trade. Democracy. We- the Brits ended Slavery. John Wilberforce. Yes, we had been as guilty, agreed. We gave the world Law, a Civil Service of Government. We established Magna Carta. We created a Global Commonwealth.( Among Opium trading to poor China along the way.) In spite of being only a small Island, NO other Nation has conquered the world like the Brits. Yes, we have made our mistakes, but as for Blair, we got him out. He is now despised here and a figure of contempt and disgust.You still eulogize the Bushes and Clinton's. Unreal. We have our burdens to bear, but issues are sorted in time here. We have the ONLY true World city for Business and Diplomacy. England is pretty safe. There is no need to bear arms here. Nor do we wish to. Nor do our Police wish to. There are very few gun crimes here. You bear a gun or knife in a crime here and you will be shot dead. We are very tough on armed crimes. The Iranian Embassy hostage seizure in London, we broke in and shot the lot. No mercy.
      Carters escapade in Iran at attempting a rescue with US Special Forces, resulted in 3 US helicopters crashing into each other. Compare us to that?
      Bin Laden escaped for 10 years. Unreal. YOU stopped us killing him in Tora Bora canyon. It had to be a US hit. It then took them 3 days to move their Arses and he was long gone then.

      Bent Politicians here are sacked fast. Shamed. We have No Political Crime Families here like the Bushes or Clinton's. So, among nations, unless a better one moves into place for World Diplomacy, who else? America? LOL.
      Yes, we have a stranglehold on World finances. Thank God,or the Bushes and Zionists would have stolen that as well. As regards Knighting Bush, it's done with a nod and a wink here. It keeps the Chumps happy, but we smile with humor. Their real status here is zero. Diplomacy. Suit and boot a Chimp for a day and wink to each other.
      As the world evolves,we play our part in a League of Nations. We offer persuasion. The US uses threats. We maintain and build relationships. Trust. China trusts the UK. The UK gave back Hong Kong. The US steals everything. ( Global Settlements?) MARCOS. Filipino Gold. Fort Knox reality? We have the National Health service to look after all our people. Yours is profit based and the poor die. Who is advanced? We do care PVG.
      We care about what is happening in the US now. We loath those crooks in power. But we have to deal with them until you clean house. Those are YOUR crooks.

    13. and of course we know what you really mean by welfare bunnies..John.

      So lets grab a beer.

    14. Recently, the present Bush White House obtained the original of Saddam's response to the United Nations inspection team, a many thousand page document. Bush, in turn, had copies supposedly made of this and turned it over to other members of the U.N. Sec urity Council. Some assert that the Bush White House eliminated or redacted some of the pages showing the role of the Bush Crime Family in supplying such items to Baghdad. "Annan [U.N. Secretary General] Criticizes Handling of Iraqi Files", New York Tim es, December 11, 2002.

      The Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991, in its simplest form, was just, as we have shown, a falling out of disgruntled private business partners, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. In 1991, Daddy Bush stole billions and billions of dollars of monies and ass ets belonging to Saddam, his former partner. These purloined funds were transferred to twenty five secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family. [Visit our extensive website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", where the secret Federal Reserv e wire transfer records, showing Greenspan's and other secret codes, are attached and can be brought up on the screen. For example, one account shows ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS (partly traceable to assets and funds belonging to former business partner Saddam Hussein) were transferred to a joint Bush account that the Bush Crime Family had with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. And notice how the Queen arranged for the head of her bank to leave and bec! ome a top official of Daddy Bush's purported war-mongering operation, the Carlyle Group, with an armlock on the American war weapons industry. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm." Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.]

      Here is what happened in the 1990s and thereafter, after Daddy Bush stole hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein. Using the American CIA, Bush set about to try to topple the Baghdad regime, the c lassical way using fake money. Historically, it has overthrown governments quicker than dropping bombs.

      A team of highly-skilled counterfeiters, headed by a master "cutter" (the trade lingo for a superior performing steel engraver), produced the plates for counterfeit U.S. paper money. [Of course, actually this paper money of a private central bank, the s o-called FEDERAL Reserve, has long masqueraded, throughout the world, as the so-called "U.S. Dollar".]

    15. Daddy Bush, in various deals (some of them through oil machinery suppliers headed or connected to Richard Cheney), saw to it that Iraq was flooded with superior fake U.S. Hundred Dollar Bills. They were so expertly made, they actually passed through the Federal Reserve's counting machines as if they were genuine. This type of trick worked well when the same counterfeit team, headed by the same master "cutter", then working for a secret unit of the U.S. Treasury and American CIA, flooded the Soviet Uni on with superior quality fake Russian rubles. It caused the collapse of the Moscow government. In the 1990s, Daddy Bush and his gang of criminals purported to be supporting Yeltsin and then Putin, with U.S. Paper Money (actually some 800 billion dollars of superior quality fake U.S. paper money. Putin finally caught on to this trick and is shoveling them BACK to the U.S. by the Moscow government's huge buying of gold in the run-up in December, 2002.)

      [Visit Part 22 of this series.]

      The Bush Crime Family are known to be terrible cheapskates. They reserve the right NOT to pay for goods and services supplied to them. So the crack counterfeit team were, and are, disgruntled, whispering details into the ears of more independent-minded journalists, not part of the monopoly press. The team, as typically handled by the Bushies, has NOT been compensated or paid off, as promised by the American CIA and the U.S. Treasury, at the behest of Daddy Bush. By the way, some of these countefeiters, absolute experts at their work, previously worked on the other side, producing expertly made plates for mafia-style gangs. Some cynics, however, prefer to point to the U.S. Treasury and the American CIA, as two a gencies themselves constituting an underworld.

      Whatever opinion you have made of Saddam Hussein, he is NOT some dummy. The superior quality hundred dollar U.S. paper money bills, that flooded Iraq and the Mid-East, by Daddy Bush---well, Saddam, in turn, dumped them on Europe and from which, they are coming back to haunt and trouble the United States.

    16. To cover up this treason and criminality done by Daddy Bush against the American people and their organic law, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, his son, George W. Bush, the resident and occupant of the Oval Office installed by a military Junta- style Five of the U.S. Supreme Court, feels obligated to find a reason to protect Bush the Elder by violently seeking to remove the Baghdad regime. Saddam's details, documents, and testimony can send Daddy Bush and members of his crime cabal to prison for treason and other high crimes.

      Does anyone in the lap-dog monopoly press ever mention anything positive of the distinguished background of Iraq, once called Mesopotamia? The Greeks called it Mesopotamia, The Land Between the Two Rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris. The word IRAQ is an Arabic noun meaning the shore and grazing area of a river. Iraq was invented by the British, experts on divide and conquer. [As stated e arlier in this website series, the Brits have been trying since the War of 1812, when they burned down the U.S. Capitol, to overthrow the American government, returning us to being mere subjects of the British monarch and this continent returned to bein g just puppet colonies of the Crown.]

      After World War One, the British (also with French help) wanted to put the defeated Ottoman Empire into a historical wreckage. So they carved it up and out of it came, among other things, Iraq, in the beginning just a puppet colony part of the League of Nations Mandates.Who ever reminds us all that the country of Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, is the original Cradle of Civlization, where were first created the city-states, some 4000 B.C. To try to protect his father from treason conviction and prison, George W. Bush is determined to silence his father's now disgruntled former business partner Saddam Hussein. Do we all understand that Baghdad is a cosmopolitan city of some five million i nhabitants. Is the U.S., for the private purposes of the present resident and occupant of the White House, as supervised by Daddy Bush, going to demolish Baghdad by bloody violent force? And for the purpose of taking over Iraq's oilfields, which may, in time, supplant Saudi Arabia as a sizeable supplier of oil to the U.S.?

      [Recently, competitor to U.S. Oil firms,British Petroleum, had a rare statement of their boss. He warned the U.S., that in taking over Iraq, the U.S. better NOT keep Britain out of the oil deal.] Some contend that the U.S., under a supposed leader trying to protect his father, and cause tremendous bloodshed in Iraq and among poorly informed U.S. troops---that the end result may be the change, perhaps violent, of the regime IN WASHINGTON.

    17. I like you John but most of that comment is so partisan and myopic in scope, indeed, devoid of any semblance of concern about the rights of man and god's law in addition to man's nature as equals among men that I'm not inclined to reply except to say that your "cutout" slip is showing.

      There are universal principles at play here that were long ago forgotten and are now being rediscovered worldwide; yes, even here in the "colony". And when that tipping point is reached in America (perhaps the re-installation of the original 13th Amendment will be the trigger) the blue-blood aristocracy can kiss their sorry asses goodbye.

      You "really" care John? I suspect you do at least to the degree that your investments are protected as you "work to keep what you have".

      I'll believe you care when I have personally seen you go down to the local London or Brighton soup kitchen, pick up a ladle and start dishing it out.

      Americans hate rude behavior in a person, we won't tolerate it.

    18. Surprising, Vietnam.Abu Garabh etc, worldwide treatment of other nations? Wall Street day trading? Good manners?

      As regards giving, I have personally funded the building of schools in African nations for the Black kids, and had bitter battles with Afrikaaner Minsters for doing it. Yes, I have worked laboring also with locals in Zululand and Transkei, giving encouragement to Tribal communities. Yes, I have done a lot in Humanitarian work to help. Most of the GS trouble is that YOUR Cabal, not your people en masse, but the Cabal Vipers, stole the use of those funds and disenfranchised the world. Under our control, those funds will go back for real use as intended. The young girl sex abuse in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines is and was not US ? Good manners to others. Sometimes,tongue in cheek, I wind up Geno when he goes off on a one sided rant here. A counterbalance to constant London knocking. Don't give it if you can't take it. The world has seen US domination. It has now started to respond. We have our problems agreed. But we act on them. We have NO POLITICAL CRIME FAMILIES HERE.

      What you, with respect, don't understand, is that one party with a hand out for help is frustrated. Right behind him sit 2 more. They want between 100K and $5M each. If I give one I start a war zone of demands. Every week we get this worldwide.
      When you have had the Military past I had, and have the scars to show, then you may understand caring. And cleaning up after man. I do many things but not in public. Without me, what will happen with the GS? It would be a feeding frenzy in the Zoo.
      Damed right we protect our Investments from Carnivores. The City is no Sunday School.

    19. "Vietnam. Abu Garabh etc, worldwide treatment of other nations? Wall Street day trading?"

      Never equate those rank and file independent Americans who just want to be left alone to those corrupt "elected" individuals who sit in even more corrupted, if that's possible, institutions of power that is the USG. They are as different with divergent values systems as any non-voting American can clearly see. We are not the flag wavers nor the bomb first ask questions later crowd. We don't give a rat's ass about fiat money power or where the "real" financial center of power is located or 1000 years of anyone's lineage. We are the ones who just want to be left the fu*k alone. Got it?

      Few of us want to acknowledge that these idiots call the shots much less admit that we were sucked into this vortex of deceit and phoney fiat.

      Anyone whose conscience is clear as nothing to worry about. But after the storm passes, god help you if you're found complicit to any crimes against humanity. There will be no succor for the guilty.

      As an aside, it's good to hear you have a few notches in your benevolent belt.

    20. Hugh
      I think we can agree. Throw in Phony Tony Blair from our lot, and other bad Brits I will name for you. I think we need to bag the lot of them. Expose them and close them. Its not one sided. I only focus on the US get them to realize it needs action. So many worship those false Gods.
      I'm well aware of the good also in America. As I am aware of the horrendous past of our nation. My own Family, as Knight Crusaders,were are bloodthirsty as it gets. They ransacked the Middle East.I have no illusions. But all this is past. We need, as a nation of Man to go forwards together. Sharing the best in all of us. Expanding true consciousness. Or what is life and purpose?

    21. John, I understand the strengths and the supremacy of the Brits in the world's geopolitics. I was just trying to add more balance to your statements...you know lil ole me not liking a broad brush and paint roller when a finer brush is required. In addition to the spectacular, Britain has some horrific splotches on its record as well. Let's not forget the terrible British teeth... perhaps the result of the opium dens and trade?

      Nevertheless, we are inextricably linked together so how about some tea and scones, everyone? Shall I be mother? Shall I pour?

      p.s. Yes, the Babylonian Talmudic Synagogue of Satan practices that Timbo brought up this week are so vile, just as the other Muslim practices. No one gets a free pass..

    22. Yes John, we can agree on two things. One, in the final analysis man rules over himself alone and two; Geno is buying.

      Peace out...

    23. Careful Hugh, you are catching onto our Brit self effacing satirical humor.

      As regards our Blue bloods,few are left. A few Hurray Henri's and Chinless Wonders of no consequence pose, but most simply died out or died broke. The real power families stay out of sight, but very focused. Brits offer the White Knights as a Teutonic counterbalance to the Vatican bunch and Black Nobility. We blew out the Rs long game to get Sassoon into the B of E. Low profile, a big punch. Justice! They are reeling.

      I support PVG to keep up her good work. Also Abby to knock the bad guys. Saturnalia put in sound articles. Get real keeps it real. As does Canauzzie and darylluke.
      I lobbied Geno to use his talents and interests to help contribute. Between all parties, there is a collective need to bring Justice and Retribution to the Cabal and Zionist Traitors and Shysters. Bush has caused the death of millions. So has Blair. Do NOT let Tony Blair slip free. He is guilty as hell and a slimy snake. A small minor planet, in an outer Galaxy in the Milky way, a spec of matter, needs to emerge as a Sovereign people united to progress as an advanced life force. What is nationalism? We are one people.
      Most religions are clueless symbolic shams widely missing the big picture. Life is ever more sophisticated and random. We, as a species, have to share and nurture our so valuable planet. And to agree on the most important issue in play today. Gino is buying!

    24. We are in harmony it seems just when it seemed that we were less so. It only took a look at our bottom lines to unite us. Of course, I'm referring to the obvious when I do concur, Geno is buying.

    25. Is Geno buying ale and fish and chips, or was I serving tea and scones?

    26. And the Brits have Benny Hill... while we're tallying.

  11. Sorry, meant to say Bush, Sr. was knighted.

  12. Gold losses seen limited on Cyprus bullion sale plan


  13. Interesting Geno comment.
    We don't get paid either. Nor do we seek it. We contribute for free at our own cost. We are not your keepers.

    1. we is whom John? Once again describe a high yield trading program and how it INSURES success whereas every hand trader on earth usually loses?

      sounds rigged and rigged is supposed to be illegal and unlawful?

    2. the Skolnick article describes some of the wealth Britain got by propping up Bush and Hussein thus making my point.

      My father always said, "don't bullshit a bullshitter."

    3. but let's grab a beer...

    4. Its a credit to the site we can disagree and debate. From such comes freedom. Words, not war, and Geno is buying.

    5. I'm buying and my paypal address is...

    6. But yes John you do very well as a Gentleman, sparring partner and generally not losing your temper.... although I guess that's the allowance here... find ways to relate information whether emotionally charged or not...

  14. From the right hemisphere of the realm...everything is changed after May 3rd or sooner.

    "A massive UFO was spotted by dozens of people over Stephenville, Texas, on Jan. 8, 2008. It was described as half a mile wide and a mile long. Some witnesses claimed to see military aircraft following the object, and others say they saw black helicopters flying at low altitude over their property after the sighting. There were reports of missing livestock and others claimed to have been threatened to keep their mouths shut about what they saw."

    As reported in the Huffington Post:


    1. Clearly delivering Illegals in quantities now for economy?

  15. John

    This video is fairly illustrative of the sovereign mindset.

    "Lord? We don't need no bloody Lord".

    Remove his sword and the emperor has no clothes...


  16. Is the Jesuit Pope Francis linked to the deaths of Roberto Calvi and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and to an assassination plan against Queen Elizabeth? This evidence and recent events certainly suggest so.


    Does the ITCC have any teeth?

    1. The Jesuit army marches on, eh?

    2. H-E-dbl hockey sticks, no!!
      Thanks for the article - hate to see QE2 step down, as it would be the end of an era.

    3. PVG,
      She won't step down. No one wants the idiot son Charles with Camilla. William Yes, but Charles is a no hoper. She will not cause a Constitutional crisis. The Brits will not swallow Queen Camilla. Charles exchanged Diana and his Kingdom for a horse? What a mares ass. Hes perceived as a Numpty here, a figure of ridiciule.

    4. Hey John, keep hearing from different sources, not just the dinar sites, that they are working through the tiers in Reno to get everyone vouchers (forget the official banking term they used) in anticipation of a formal announcement. I've heard one person say that there IS someone who will fund, but not while the cabal is in power. You have focused on the futility of the entire endeavor while the cabal is in power. Understandable. So, got any info on why all the brouhaha... have we found a remedy? Is this a dangerous thing for people to "cash out" their dinar with a WF meeting??? It's hard to sort out all the conflicting info. Thanks! phxvalleygirl

    5. PVG - Never use the word 'cash out'. The proper terminology is Exchange of currency. Never sign anything at the bank that has the word 'investment' on it, either. Remember always that the gov. always seems to have their snaring papers to shove under our noses to sign ourselves under their crooked legal system.

      Hugh - Even tho most people laugh at this, Jesus is coming to take his Own off this wicked planet, 'to be with Him where He IS'. (Leave it to God to make a way of escape, because He is in charge, not mankind)

      Daryl, regardless of what is said in here, I'm pretty sure that the dinar situation is being handled in a systematic way. That is, those with huge amounts have had their business handled already, and their Accounts have been Credited with the proper amounts, but cannot access this 'cash' until it officially rv's. Thats where this voucher word has come into play in this past week or so.
      Then those with smaller amounts who need less time with the 'man at the bank' will come next.
      But as far as anyone getting cash, of Officially exchanging, no one has, IMO.
      This is my take on it from all my gleaning, for what its worth to anybody.

    6. @ Abby - point well taken!

    7. And if you are ever 'forced' to sign anything that you don't really want to sign, and is against your will, then write 'under duress' just above your signature.
      This invalidates your signature, in reality.
      (you should always put this above your signature on any tax form you sign, unless you really love paying taxes and testifying against yourself to the b'tards, lol)
      Lots of places you can do this.

  17. "Our fear, anger and despair provide nourishment for the system, and trap us within it as well. Who wants to see their energy get eaten up, or see themselves trapped in anticipation of ‘what if’, or ‘what will they do next’? My question is, can we train ourselves to move through the collapse Obi-Wan style, like spiritual warriors, motivated by devotion and connected to each other through similarity of energy, heart and mind?"

    It's a trail of no fear when you walk divinely, defeating a natural enemy on the way.


  18. Hugh
    Now you are raising core questions of consciousness and inner being. Walk and explore this path and you will find inner awakening. We are all Star Matter beings. What existed before, was the Cosmic Helix of all being in a single unified mass before Big Bang. Intelligent matter seeded the emerging planets. Life didn't just happen, it WAS. This is but a Cosmic Ultra game. Played since time immemorial. Man, is not yet ready to make the cosmic connections, but it's coming.
    Think of a honeycomb. Each as units of a collective cell. To be as one, but also as part of a mass collective with total cellular mass shared knowledge, then Galactic highway knowledge. Experience that collective being and all is changed forever. All empowering knowledge and all makes sense. The being of one, but the collective power and being of all as one. That is your path to seek. Enlightenment.

    1. As above, so below..

      And while I may understand intellectually, enlightenment is a shadowy concept only revealed by experience.

      Our world is but a description given to us; the knowledge baton passed from one generation to the next, handed down to us from birth.

      Our challenge as spiritual warriors is to "stop the world" when we can and as often as we can. We must learn to turn off the incessant internal dialogue, the mind chatter that constantly re-affirms what we perceive to be real and find the silence necessary to expose the cracks between the worlds.

      "Knowing" is one thing, but "seeing"?; ah, there's the rub. Bliss awaits...

    2. JOHN!!!

      Holy cow!! ....and I always thought you were simply an intellectual debater!

      "Think of a honeycomb. Each as units of a collective cell. To be as one, but also as part of a mass collective with total cellular mass shared knowledge, then Galactic highway knowledge. Experience that collective being and all is changed forever. All empowering knowledge and all makes sense. The being of one, but the collective power and being of all as one. That is your path to seek. Enlightenment."

      I call it the Conscious Sea Of Awareness. Therein, ALL IS ONE. Nothing hidden. All revealed.

      I had no clue you were also a student on the true path.


    3. That ain't the true path. Fact is, each person will be judged alone. Each will answer for themselves, no collective anything about it.
      Meanwhile we are to work together as best we can.
      I'm not in any honeycomb and not glued together with the peoples of the world. In reality, we are hard pressed to even find two people who are in agreement on much of anything.

    4. LOL - I have to agree, again, with Abby. As she said, meanwhile, as best as it depends upon us, we seek to have peace with all men. But, I'm not in a honeycomb with "all men" and don't EVEN want to go there.

      Some folk out there just don't want peace.

    5. John - Truth is a great number of people have the Devil residing inside them, and thats why your idea of 'discovering your inner being' is a failure. There 'aint nothing in there but evil doing' for the masses.
      Some are the Designers of it, and many many others are their willing little workers....all for a paycheck.

  19. John;

    Hope you have a solid lieutenant or three that will work the GS trade programs if/when it shakes loose.

    I might be in the old country soon and would be pleased to buy you a beer on Gino's behalf.

    But it might not be till after the universal consciousness cards are played by bothersome Mr. Greer.

  20. Oh boy, here we go again with John trying to convert us to his nonsensical 'there aint no God, depend on yourSELF and 'tuning in to some 'inner SELF' junk again.
    Note: Jesus said, 'just as you SEE me go, you will SEE me come again'.

    1. Drink enough Grog and you may see Leprechauns Abby. Whatever deities you wish to follow, if it makes you comfortable OK. People need a straw to clutch at to bring hope and reason to chaos and confusion.

      Why quote scriptures written by men, entities who never even knew him, centuries after his alleged death? There is not a single scrap of real evidence on this being showing any super natural powers. Nothing. The Essenes with the Dead Sea Scrolls were there at the time. You have alleged Commandments by Moses, plagiarized from Egyptian codes of life nets before,but nothing from this being. Zero! People need to GROW UP! Get REAL! Get a life.

    2. "Scholars of Christian history have too readily utilized the mycologist Wasson to dismiss Allegro’s theory that there was no Jesus, that the first Christians used entheogens, and that the first Christians considered Jesus to be none other than visionary plants."

      Here's a supposition to ponder; was Jesus a mushroom?

      Allegro assumes that the use of visionary plants was rare, distinctive, and a deviant practice in Hellenistic/Roman culture. He posits secret encryption to hide mushroom use from the Romans.
      Allegro was the first to attempt to combine the historicity of Jesus and the apostles; early Christian use of visionary plants including Amanita mushrooms; and searching Christian writings for entheogen allusions.



    3. Sorry John, but this ole gal does NOT drink anything stronger than coffee, and not a whole lot of that.

      Jesus is not some crutch to me. And he didnt die but rose again. The bible is the only book that has lasted since its completion in 100 A.D. And theres just way too much in there that perfectly describes the mess than mankind has come to, today.
      I do not personally care what other people believe, but this gal is surely not going to depend on Man to fix anything that is so smothered and drowning in evil.

      On a scale of 1 to 100, evil is at around 99% and good is at around 1%. Good luck with that.
      How one can believe in aliens, and yet disqualify a higher power called an almighty God, just blows my mind.

      No wonder Jesus said 'by the time I return, will there even BE any faith left on the earth'.
      Well my answer to that is, nope, not if you keep delaying till us 'last of the crop is dead' lol.

  21. Hugh drinks free all night for biting the hand that pretends to feed us...;)

  22. Ok go ahead and laugh...but Ive heard the voice of the Lord audibly, and otherwise; once even telling me to go buy a certain car and how much to pay for it..which was 2/3 of the asking price.
    It took me 2 days to go do that because I thought the Dealer would laugh me out of the store for offering such a low price. But he gave it to me, saying...'ever since you were in here 2 months ago and test drove that car, NOBODY has even looked at it'...lol
    The Lord also showed Himself to me in a dream, saying nothing, but his eyes spoke volumes. And I was never the same after that.
    My son has also seen his face peering down upon him from a cloud; just his eyes. This was after I had asked Him to watch over him for me, so I wouldnt be a 'hen of a mom'. That was his 'answer' to my prayer.

    (Let me know when your consciousness awareness does that for ya)

    1. Our only difference Abby, is your fixation with the concept of Jesus, embellished by the Scribes of Constantine after 306AD. It is, in total,a CROCK!
      God, for want of a word is different. Far more complex, as befits the Deity which IS.I suggest ONLY to truly explore that vast Cosmic dichotomy of what is, or may be. Seek to be a part as one, and of all.

    2. Sorry to disappoint you John, but the Bible was completed by around 100 A.D. COMPLETED. The asshole crooked deceiver Constantine didnt arrive on the scene till (like you said) over 200 YEARS later.
      Get over your acknowledgement of that IDIOT. He invented the PAGAN RELIGION called catholicism, which God AND JESUS abhor.
      People SAW Jesus; nobody has ever seen God. And why do you bother to even mention God, when you are into all that cosmic stuff; then just call it cosmic, or some electrical forces 'out there'.
      No, John we have a huge difference.
      Does your 'cosmic conceousness have a face'? That you have seen? Or do you just look up and see some big sky.
      Then you 'talk to the sky'.

      And again you must just speed read, because Ive already been very emphatic that I want no part of 'being one with all'. It just ain't a ever gonna happen. And it seems you've forgotten all those that you think should be killed; so there's your double minded 'be a part as one, and of all'.

    3. Like David Icke says, "Even reptilians need love, too." John, you have to love "O" and "Sr."...especially if they're all part of you and ONE...in the honeycomb.

      Besides, the early believers did not have the New Testament. They had all they needed in their Torah/Tanakh (Old Testament), because everything from start to finish in the O.T. speaks of Yahshua the Messiah, Jesus the Anointed One.

      Yahshua said that he did not come to bring peace, but a sword. His message has a way of making those who do not believe furious. It's not meant for everyone, and it's not mean to bring cohesiveness to the universal hive. The arrogance of man wants everything on his own terms, but the Creator has set the terms required to get into "His hive".

      "Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD weighs the hearts." Proverbs 21:2

      That was what the problem was in the period of the Judges in Israel, as it is today. Moral relativity rather than absolute truth. That is what is the problem today...everyone is doing that which is right in his/her eyes with no regard to truth. If it feels good, do it. It there is money out there and I want it, I should kill whomever gets in the way and have what I want.

      Time for some absolutes, and the One who created everything gets to say what He wants that absolute truth shall be, what are the transgressions, and the penalty for violation.

      The Anglo-Saxon nations kept a remnant of the Law of Moses with them and it was Alfred the Great that incorporated the Law of Moses into his dooms. English Common Law excels because it is based on the Law of Moses, not on civil law of the Romans, etc.

    4. if Abby studies the Greek Orthodox version of Christianity, the ONLY First Century Version, interesting times. Non of the early Christians saw Jesus as Divine. Just a Philosopher, no more. I've no idea which Bible Abby raves about, as the only versions used in the Western World, are St James versions of a Protestant Bible, or Vatican versions written over a Millennium by many Monks and contributing parties. Moses plagiarized most of his ideas from the Egyptians,and now many serious students of Torah question if he was ever real as portrayed. So much of the Old Testaments are found to be false. Just historically did not happen.

      Jesus Son of God. Find me a single written document he produced. A son of God was surely literate. Even Josephus, a Roman Scribe who lived at the same time, left written portrayals of life as was. Yet nothing from so important an entity as the Son of God? The Essenes left substantial scrolls.
      Yet so important an assigned Deity as alleged left nothing?
      So important a revelation of being, supported by nothing?

      It's this shambolic naievity of the ignorant, gullible herds I find illuminating. In 2,000 years can they still not think for themselves? Must all die broke and deluded? A truly pointless journey through life.
      The entity of God, is a whole different issue. As are Divinity and Souls. Yet man prefers not to think, herded into shallow, baseless groups, clueless as to their real being. Akin to giving them a First Class ticket but the herd groups up in Coach Class not able to handle the big world? Praying only for a Dinar free lunch, to be funded by whom? Do they learn nothing. Clearly not. It's a long haul with this lot. Unfortunately their tickets to ride are one way short haul. A lifetime to achieve what? Let God sort the wheat from the chaff. Yields are not good.

      Right now, all parties in Reno have zero their hands, just sitting hemorrhaging funds. That ticket to ride is costing with no end in sight. A lot of them have been praying for 8 months. Who hears them? Truth is tough.
      The more the religious, the more self righteous and venal I find. The Dali Lama has a far simpler and loving Divinity. He is on the right path. Closer than any of them as to the true purpose of simply being. Religions divide and confuse. But man is still too woefully ignorant to even appraise the concept of creation and its being. Start them with The Singularity and see if they can take it from there. The conceptional moment of the release of all, in physical matter. The Singularity is the key to the Kingdom.

    5. John - What is it that makes you so hateful and such a sour puss?

    6. Just crass ignorance and stupidity of some.