Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dump The Dollar?

It's time to get revenge

We need revenge on the "elite" over what they did in Boston.

It matters not WHO actually physically did it, when it is obvious that whoever DID do it worked for the government as either a well paid agent or a patsy of a well paid agent. No matter which way you cut it, the government did the bombing. This government is run by zionists, who need the survival of their central bank - which is already under stress - to continue to fund their corrupt actions and enormous out of control military/spook/spy/black op complex.
SO, I present the following graphic to the Chinese, Brazilians, and all other countries who do not make bombings, missile attacks, wars, and air plane crashes into big buildings their main method of doing business. I am sick of the zionist influence in world affairs and I would like to remind the various nations that all they have to do to kill the monster is DUMP THE DOLLAR. The following graphic ought to show you why you should.


  1. LIVE chart for botcoin price.

    IF it can stay above ~$137.00 another 5 trading days, the upside near-term prospects look very rosy, from my limited chart analysis abilities.
    Here's a good one, but pricey to subscribe for all the inside analysis:


    1. Can you explain bitcoin to me in a few sentences?

    2. Last I read there are 10.7 million BITCOINS in existence right now. A mysterious Japanese (named) man invented it(many believe it was actually Max Keiser).What they actually are is some kind of unbreakable tested code that is trolled from the whole world-wide web that is unhackable and 100% secure. I believe the max rate to find these codes(which get turned into individual 1.00 BITCOIN and accumulated, and brought to market every so often by the founders, I believe, and will STOP at 25MILLION total Bitcoin in existence.I believe the rate they are "found' (w/computer mining algorthmic computers) is 15/hour total, but don't quote me....Price is determined by TRUE market demand, but of course will be manipulated to scare people AWAY, because this thing bill bite right into M/C, Visa,, because they charge just .99% for transactions. It is true VIRTUAL MONEY nobody can track to tax, follow, invade privacy, etc....1,000's of businesses accept them and starting to grow much faster.When that chart of new vendors accepting start to go parabolic like the chart for it itself, is when it will surpass $1,000US per BITCOIN, in my opinion, and we are weeks away. It started when Cyprus raid happened. It is a flight to safety, and will continue to grow in new individual users.

      Fwiw, I was actually gonna buy 10,000 of them at 10cents each, but I got fired right at that time of considering that purchase. NOT fired, I was gonna buy two weeks later after firing date. I'd be worth ~$1.5M right now.....


    3. From the Tribune job? Bitcoin goes back over a year?

    4. ...tried to make the sentences long, but sorry for the long-winded cliff-notes...

      I'm extremely TIRED, and just f*****g SICK!!!

      CLICK on "Continue To Site" for more from Forbes, who since THIS article are now anti-BITCOIN, the F*******RZ!! :


    5. Geno,

      I brought it to Fulford's and of course all the "Its a scam" a-holes came out in droves...Matter of record. It came out in 2008 I believe....

      This is the BITCOIN Exchange, recently bought by somebody:

      Pain in the ass to buy the stuff, though. I'm sure they will streamline it better pretty soon, as interest escalates.How to buy:



  2. Carl Gallups (Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups and PPSIMMONS founder) says that he has recently spoken with Lt. Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the Arpaio Obama Fraud investigation. Here is what Gallups says is happening right now:


    1. Lt. Zullo confirms that a meeting with a large "group" of VIPs is now on the schedule. This is a huge step forward in the potential prosecution of the Obama fraud. This meeting arrangement was just finalized in the last couple of days. The group of VIPs has asked to see the Arpaio evidence, in light of all the recent exposure that Gallups and Zullo have brought to the case with their recent trip to CPAC and Capitol Hill. Zullo will soon give them a presentation that should prove to be overwhelming evidence of the fraud, felony, and fabrication perpetrated by the White House. If this group endorses what Arpaio and Zullo shows them - it could prove to be a huge advancement in the potential prosecution of the case. This presentation is scheduled to happen just weeks from now.

    Crap....I'm tired, and just sick of all this b/s, "in just a few weeks". PRESENT the damning evidence already!! We went through this b/s delays-crap with WHITE HATS REPORT!!! #48 NEVER MATERIALIZED!!

    See what I mean about "tired & SICK"??

    I think we're just being played, and the fema camps await for us who speak against tyranny & evil people in general.....we just keep preaching to the choir, to no avail....


    1. I know how you feel... One day I think we're winning, the next day I wonder when they will take me away...

  3. Daryl - You are NOT alone in that ! I am also very sick and tired, and I mean Literally, as well. Enough of this 'donkey and carrot' crap.
    But I do believe a few good people ARE getting tough now, such as Lagarde and Lew, and the two working well together. Many have been fired in the banking industry but media keeps their sorry asses a off the big screens.
    And lets not forget China. They are now REALLY pissed off with the usa and its bulldung, same as we are. China will not fool with this for long.
    Just yesterday China spoke saying they are very anxious to do business with VietNam. You know what that means.
    I am also suspecting that China is not sitting on its hands regarding the dirty deeds done at WF, as China has a hand in that bank IMO.

    But YES, this whole 'wait until' can make ya sick, literally.
    Any way we look at it, the shit is hitting the fan'.
    So Daryl, and ALL, we gotta hang in there, and hang together now.
    We are all here to spew if necessary, lol.

  4. Still no update from John????

    I'm going to copy/paste what JOHN MACHAFFIE posted today.Looks like his blog was hacked.3/4 is unreadable, and you can't get past his first page:

    Informed by Intel Sources --- from multiple Wells Fargo sources that:



    Late Wed.PM/ Early Thurs.AM Dinar Chatter


    From Recaps Comment Section:

    Semaphore: False: WF lost control as the clearinghouse bank for the RV. True Dragons now have control of board of WF. True execs at WF arrested for attempting to allocate funds for RV/PP/GS into their personal trading platform. Alleged: Bush cabal was the initiator for this illegal action early this week.

    True: Bush cabal directed previous actions to thwart and delay the RV. True: You will never see these or any of the past arrests or house arrests of any bankster or government official in the MSM. Little is said about the 2000 or so who were forced to resign over the past 2 years to make way for the reset. True: Citibank is coming online to participate in the RV.

    This has all to do with which of the US "money-center" banks are becoming Basel III compliant. First was WF. Chase became Basel III compliant last week.

    Unsure if BOA has. They were reluctant because BOA did not want to reveal the ample holdings of derivatives on their books to the investors. True: JL is working with WF and new board to get the RV on track.

    True: Target is to have RV in place by Friday. All this 411 has been confirmed by boots on the ground. True: Okie and WD were not given bad intel."

    These monsters made a deal with the Chinese to get this done, now they stole everything China put into Wells Fargo to make it solvent & Basil III compliant?? TRULY INSANE!! Rabid-Dogs!! They have proven to China once & for all that it is insanity to "negotiate with rabid-dogs" as I have stated all along. I screamed it until I was blue in the face , yet NOBODY listened. Perhaps NOW China will do what needs to be done: DESTROY EVIL.

    This is very troubling not hearing from John already......I hope he is safe & well.

    May CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS keep John safe & well here/now & always.