Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Contribute to the Revolution...

Pretty please with sugar on top help me keep the lights on...

A reader of my blog, Open Minded Juror offered me these gorgeous hand crafted paddles... To sell as a donation to me.


These are hand carved, ribbon grained Koa wood paddles.  Koa is indigenous to the Big Island Hawaii, and nowhere else in the world.  These paddles are great gifts, and make wonderful wall hangings.  Each one is totally unique, and has a deep hand rubbed finish.  

See what you can do for a paddle sale.  I typically get five hundred to six hundred, but one is yours to do with as you wish.  If you choose to sell it I will ship it from here, you keep the coin.

Keep it Real!

So.... I guess I will ask for a donation of $450.00 and my friend will send this gorgeous paddle to you, he carved himself.

As some know I am living out of my van and sure could use the dough.

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  1. What the hell happened to the White Hats report? I thought they said #48 was 'imminent', about eight months ago?