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DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

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 By Doug Hagmann  Thursday, February 7, 2013The following information was provided to me by my DHS contact on two different occasions. Information from my first contact was previously published in two parts (here). I was asked to withhold the final portion of the information that was provided to me at that time until after the inauguration. The following resumes where part II left off. At the request of this source and for the sake of continuity, the following combines the information withheld and the information from our most recent contact on 4 February 2013.
DH: Do I have your permission to record this conversation?
RB: Please do.
DH: We’ve spoken at different times since the information you gave me was published. You have since given me additional information on top of the information you asked me to withhold until after the inauguration. First, what was the reason for asking me to wait to publish the remainder of our discussion until after the inauguration?
RB: This bunch, top level DHS brass, is clamping down on leaks. One way they are finding leakers is to put out false information specific to certain individuals. They can trace the information directly to the leaker due to the nature and specificity of the information. It was part self-preservation, part vetting one of my closest and most important contacts. It was a test to assure that I am not being used for disinformation purposes or being targeted as a leaker. It was something I felt I had to do, and I’m glad I did. I feel more comfortable now about my sources.
DH: So, if I understand you correctly, your sources “passed” whatever test you were performing?
RB: Yes.
DH: And you still have access to information, I mean, whistleblower type information?
RB: I know what you mean, so I guess that’s one way to put it. Okay.
DH: For continuity and to refresh your memory, I’m going to play the remainder of our recorded interview from our contact last month.
[At this point, we listened to the dialogue previously recorded. After the recording concluded, this DHS source suggested that we combine new information with the previously recorded information to avoid unnecessary repetition. It was agreed and the recorder was turned back on with his consent].
DH: Just to be clear, let me hit this again. The main reason you asked me to wait to publish your previous statements had more to do with you, your sources and well, your own self preservation than the content of our discussion.
RB: I guess you could say that. But the information is still valid and becomes even more important when combined with the latest information I have for you.
DH: Okay, we can get on with it, then.
RB: First of all, two days after the inauguration, at exactly 7:00 a.m. on January 23, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated. I heard about this the week after the election, but only saw a hardcopy draft in late December. From what I was told, I believe this is a project that is being paid for through funds from Obama’s political corporation, the 501(c)4 Organizing for Obama, I believe it’s called. I can’t be sure, but that’s what I was told.
At that time, I was shown a white, three-ring binder with Obama’s circular campaign logo imprinted on the outside of the binder with the name “Cyber-Warriors for Obama” printed in blue across the top. Inside were the names and e-mail addresses of 3,575 “cyber assets,” or “warriors,” listed in alphabetical order under about a dozen or so “team leaders.” From a separate sheet I was shown, most of these “assets” are being paid just over minimum wage, but as I understand it, they work from home and have no overhead. I believe there are about two dozen supervisors who make substantially more.
Now I only had the binder for a minute, and could not take it from the room I was in, so this is strictly from memory.
It was tabbed, and one section with the word “targets” had a list of religious web sites, web sites I recognized as Christian. Another section was a listing of conservative Internet sites. There was another tab with the label “problem sites” that seemed quite extensive. I looked at that section, and it was broken down further into “birther” sites, “pro-gun” sites, “anti-abortion” sites, just to name a few.
There was also a section of the usual news sites, like CNN, ABC, you know. Numerous e-mail addresses were conspicuous under each news organization, which also included Fox… [unintelligible]. I figured you were going to ask.
The first page of the binder had bullet points labeled “objectives” and instructions for the cyber-assets. There was also a very detailed non-disclosure agreement with the word “DRAFT” typed in big, light grey letters across the body of the two-page agreement. The agreement and the instructions were typed on white paper with a warning, printed in red on each page, that the document was not to be copied or disseminated.
DH: Where did you see this? I mean, was it at DHS?
RB: Yes, and that’s as much as I can say on the location.
DH: What’s the magic behind the number 3,575?
RB: I asked the person showing me [the binder] that question. Supposedly, it has to do with their budget, or the project funding.
DH: Go on.
RB: The instructions seemed very specific. Infiltrate web forums, collect screen names, avatars, and posters’ tag lines, and attempt to resolve these to their actual identities. I read one paragraph that listed circumstances when the “asset” was only to monitor but do not disrupt without authorization. There was another section titled “Divert, Disrupt and Destroy,” listing “how to’s” in certain cases.
There was also a section on maintaining a social media presence, and another on the most effective use of Twitter.
Lastly, there was a “reference section,” which included statistics, specific language to use to marginalize different posters, and effective methods to discredit people while maintaining a sense of legitimacy.
It was surreal, to say the least.
Oh, one more thing that’s important. As I said, these “kids,” or young people I believe, are known collectively as “Cyber-Warriors for Obama.” The subheading was “And the truth shall set you free.” Truth? Really? They were hired on their hacking abilities, or more precisely on their abilities to make postings through proxy servers and effectively use alternate identities and multiple e-mail addresses. Their purpose is to spread disinformation, not truth.
There were also motivational statements on various pages, including one that referred to Obama as the “Pharaoh of the Internet,” which I thought was an odd characterization.
But what’s important is that suddenly, through the use of Internet aliases, multiple e-mail addresses, and screen names, a project that employs 3,575 people will have the appearance and effectiveness of maybe 10,000 or more different people.
DH: Do you know if these “team members” have their own copies of the binder you saw?
RB: No. I was told that these people were hired through the campaign offices located throughout the country, and that training meetings were held at various locations. The binders were for instructional purposes, not to hand out. Although I think the people have, or were given, a list of web sites.
I don’t know any more on the actual mechanics of the project.
DH: During our previous contact, you said that we should listen to Obama’s comments about the economy, I mean during the inaugural speech. What’s so significant about that?
RB: Well, this is perhaps the most important issue people need to understand. There will be, and was, talk of a recovery and a stronger economy, but it’s all propaganda. As you heard me say in the recording you just played, the complete inaugural address will be a “Baghdad Bob” moment, and it was. Many economists will use false figures and statistics to deceive the American people. People must not downplay the importance of the economic aspect of this address. The sudden collapse of the U.S. dollar (however it actually plays out) and everything that goes with it (such as social chaos and riots) will be one part of a plan that was set in motion a long time ago.
DH: During our previous contact, you said that we should listen to Obama’s comments about the economy, I mean during the inaugural speech. What’s so significant about that?
RB: Well, this is perhaps the most important issue people need to understand. There will be, and was, talk of a recovery and a stronger economy, but it’s all propaganda. As you heard me say in the recording you just played, the complete inaugural address will be a “Baghdad Bob” moment, and it was. Many economists will use false figures and statistics to deceive the American people. People must not downplay the importance of the economic aspect of this address. The sudden collapse of the U.S. dollar (however it actually plays out) and everything that goes with it (such as social chaos and riots) will be one part of a plan that was set in motion a long time ago.
DH: And you are getting this from your current intelligence sources? Frankly, I’m not sure I completely understand the connection between DHS and what’s going on with the economy. Seems like it should be separate.
RB: What’s not to understand? The economic devastation that will take place is an attack, a planned attack on the U.S. Just look at it that way. This “regime” already knows the outcome, which is the debasement of our national currency. Like I said, it’s been in the works most recently since the 1990s. A collapse does not happen without a lot of pain -people losing everything in their retirement accounts, savings and so on. Don’t you think that will cause one hell of a national security problem? And who is running our national or domestic security? DHS.
Oh, and one of the reasons I wanted to include more recent information into our discussion relates to something you did last month, after our talk. I know you said you did not want to source your own work, but there was one important radio program you did that caused a very angry response inside DHS.
DH: How so?
RB: You had a financial insider on your program who went by some letter, like the first or last letter of his name.
DH: Yes, that was “V” who is a source for Steve Quayle. We did a program at the beginning of January, I think - I’d have to look. [Edited to add that the actual program was 11 January 2013.]
RB: Yeah, that was it. If you ask your network, I think you’ll find a request was made for the transcript of that program by DHS. The information given by that source was protected, or confidential, especially regarding the actions of big bankers here in the U.S. and the foreign markets. These international bankers are playing a big role in killing the U.S., and although they’re bold, they still don’t want certain things disclosed before their time.
DH: But that information had nothing to do with national security. I mean, how would this relate to DHS?
RB: Now you’re giving me a headache [laughter]. Let me spell it out for you, and this is the crux of everything. We have Obama (or whatever his real name is) in the Oval Office. You’ve said it before, that America is a “captured operation.” Well, it is, and every top level operative at DHS and Justice knows it. They have his dossier.
Think about Obama’s mother working in microfinance with Timothy Geithner’s father. What are the odds? And that’s just one “coincidence.”
A lot of people won’t get this until it’s too late, or maybe never get it. But take a good look at Obama and the people who surround him. Look at the 2008 economic crisis under Bush. Look at the run up to where we’re at today. The orchestrated boom of the 1990s. The GLB Act signed into law under Clinton that changed the complexion of our domestic economy. Look at the people who are still around, the architects of this. It’s a big lie! It’s all been rigged, and the insiders know this! Look at the continuity of agenda since “Bush senior.”
Now listen to what I am telling you. This is a continuing operation that involves many of the same people on both sides of the aisle in Washington. This is one of the reasons why no one wants to talk about Obama’s past. He is the product of a continuing intelligence operation, put in power to oversee the dismantling of the U.S., with the economy being the lynchpin of our destruction. Obama, Jarrett, and the Clintons are in constant contact with all high level operatives inside the DHS. Perhaps not directly in all cases but through their contacts. They are working together to see to it that the U.S. economy is brought down, robbing the people of their wealth and then blaming partisan politics for the crash.
For the first time in recent history, you’re going to see people hungry and out in the streets. Those unprepared or those thinking this is all [expletive deleted], desperate and begging for food. Think Katrina, but on a national scale. That’s what is being planned for Americans, and few people are willing to see what’s happening, or willing to believe it. Now here’s where DHS, my sources and information comes in.
Everybody is looking at the gun “problem” in America. Fights over the Second Amendment. State laws that go against the Constitution. Blame it on Sandy Hook or Colorado. Tell people we need to be disarmed because it’s for the children. It’s all [expletive deleted]. Most people know it’s all [expletive deleted], but that’s where their rational assessment stops. Why do you think the people in power want to -no - need to disarm the public? It’s because they are planning an economic collapse, and an armed and informed populace is a danger to their plan.
DH: Wait, wouldn’t it make sense to let the guns stay in the hands of the people and have the people shoot it out among themselves? Wouldn’t this fit in with their desire for chaos, and make it easier for Martial Law to be implemented?
RB: In a way, but you’re still not thinking big enough. The way this is being planned includes that scenario, but they are very afraid that once total chaos breaks out, they will become the targets. So to a point you’re right, but then a crackdown must take place.
DH: But the elected ones are well protected.
RB: Yeah, but you are not thinking like them. There are several scenarios or models they have commissioned. They exist in printed form and have been given to Obama and Jarrett specifically. It’s war gaming with the American people. That caused some mid-level military people with a conscience to ask what the hell is going on, and some even refused to take part in these exercises. By the way, Napolitano is the go-to person for these models.
Anyway, there is a fear that their own people won’t be loyal to them when everything begins to implode. You’ve been seeing purges lately. Remember what Jarrett supposedly said about being “hell to pay” after the re-election? That process has started.
DH: Those who have been “purged” - why haven’t we seen anyone speak out about what’s going on?
RB: They’ve been threatened. Some were not worth even being threatened and became “examples.”
DH: Like who?
RB: Oh c’mon, look at the recent mysterious deaths. Pick one.
DH: Okay, but wouldn’t they be safer by speaking out, by telling everything they know? Some ordinary people might call them cowards. Why not just go public[interrupted/over talk]
RB: Yeah, how’d that work out so far? And go public to who? CNN? They are in real danger, and so are their families. Anyone close to them. Even if one or two would go public, how do you think that would work out for them? I’ll tell you how. They would make [Senator] McCarthy look like an American hero, which he was, but that’s… They’ve made it so that no one will be able to make any real difference to their agenda. They know that.
DH: So no one is going to say anything - ever?
RB: That’s not what I said. Some will talk when the time is right. Some have “insurance policies” that will be used at the right time, when they will make the most difference.
DH: I feel like we’re getting off point. So, what is being planned?
RB: The DHS will oversee the domestic crackdown that will happen when the perfect storm bears down on us. And the perfect storm is the economy, meaning the U.S. dollar collapse and hyperinflation, racial or class riots sparked by a high-profile incident, and another mass causality event involving guns. Watch for these three things to happen all at once, or in close succession.
The polarization caused by these events will be sufficient to cause a second civil war.
DH: When? How soon will all of this happen?
RB: I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have seen various reports referencing unprecedented “drills” to take place in later March and April. I’ll mention this because I know a lot of people on the inside at DHS have seen this. A document called “Operation Thunderdome.” It’s maybe 50 or 60 pages, I’m not certain. It describes an economic collapse in the U.S., followed by an attack on the government by “a made-up patriotic group.” It combines gun owners, Constitutionalists, and even Christians into an enemy group that pulls off an attack in Washington.
But don’t fall into the trap of trying to pick the time of these events. Their plans are flexible, but their objectives are carved in stone.
DH: Sounds like a Reichstag type event- sometime.
RB: Exactly. Maybe not just one. They have plans and back-up plans and back-ups for the back-ups. And in spite of the warnings, and history, enough people will be outraged and side with the government. This brings me to my final point. What do you think all of the prepositioning of paramilitary assets, caches of ammunition, and the opening of non-descript buildings owned or leased by the federal government are for?
It’s for you and people like you. It’s for those who are turned in by their neighbors, friends, co-workers, and others who are hungry, broke and broken. What we are about to experience will be like it was during the Civil War, only worse. People will be outgunned, surveillance will be everywhere, and it will be much more difficult to hide and fight back. Not impossible, but more difficult.
DH: So you’re painting a picture of a Mad Max scenario, hence the reference to Thunderdome?
RB: Believe it or not, part of the model, or at least one of them, includes the depiction of a somewhat “normal” society, at least after the initial “hostilities.” People will be controlled by the national government, centralized - in order to escape the chaos. Think of it this way. You want food and medical care? You will not be able to own a gun, period. The current federal legislation is all window dressing - a distraction. No one expects anything meaningful to pass. It won’t have to. States, yes, but those states are lining up for federal money. The elected leaders are of the same ideology as Obama, but aside from those, we’ll see many people turning in their weapons for food, shelter, medical care, and false guarantees of safety. That’s what the new normal will look like.
As I said, you’ve got to think bigger - much bigger. The lies are bigger than most people can imagine. The people at the top are laughing at us. Think about that. They are laughing at us because it’s right in front of our noses. And you know, the bigger the lie…
DH: Yes, the more people will fall for it.
RB: Right. I think we’re done here for now. I’ve given you as much information as I know, as I have seen. Watch the economy - the indicators. Watch for a false flag. We are being baited. Let people pooh-pooh this information, seek information through FOI requests. Not gonna happen. We’re talking about an operation so black and so big, and one that has to be done in the next few years, under Obama.
This is something that is international in scope. The plan is international, and is dedicated to the dismantling or destruction of America. It’s happening right in front of us, but too few can actually see it.
DH: I’m sure you, well… We’ll be accused of scaring people without citable evidence.
RB: People need to wake up. Believe me or don’t. It’s their choice.
DH: Wait, one more thing. What should we be looking for next?
RB: Look around. You’re seeing it. We’ll talk again. Please shut off the recorder.


Administration is engaged in a massive cover-up

Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider”

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 By Doug Hagmann  Thursday, November 29, 2012Benghazi: Behind the scenes (Part II)
This is part one of a multi-part interview with a government insider intimately familiar with the events that took place in Benghazi. In this part, he provides important background, and explains this administration is engaged in a massive cover-up.
DH: It’s been a while since we’ve discussed Benghazi. What have you heard lately?
II: Before I answer that, I want to get a few things off my chest. Every politician, whether it’s a congressman senator, diplomat, or their spokespeople and the media are lying to the American public every time they call the location of the attack a consulate. It was not. There was absolutely no diplomatic consulate in Benghazi. None. Words are important here. They can create a wrong image, an incorrect picture of what was really going on. The property where our Ambassador and other Americans were murdered was a rented villa consisting of a primary residence with a couple of outbuildings behind the actual house. The reason they’re still calling it a consulate is to subtly divert any questions about our activities there.
DH: Let’s go over this again; exactly what was taking place at Benghazi?
II: As I said, the place where the attack happened is one of the largest, one of the most active CIA operation centers in North Africa, if not in the entire Middle East. It was not a diplomatic station. It was a planning and operations center, a logistics hub for weapons and arms being funneled out of Libya. Unlike the embassy in Tripoli, there was limited security in Benghazi. Why? So the operation did not draw attention to what was going on there.
DH: So in reality there were no actual security issues?
II: Oh yes, there were, in Tripoli. Diplomatic cables show that. But it was for the embassy in Tripoli, the Ambassador and the diplomatic staff in general, not specifically for the Benghazi location for two reasons. First, the Benghazi location was a CIA operation, not a diplomatic one. Visible security at that location would draw unwanted attention there. They had to blend in. Remember, the villa was located in a somewhat residential area, sort of like the suburbs. Secondly, additional manpower was not needed there, at this CIA center, as the operation was already winding down.
DH: I know you’ve gone over this before, but let’s get into the specifics of the operation at Benghazi.
II: Good, I want to be clear. After Gaddafi was taken out, there was the matter of his weapons and arms that were hidden all over Libya, including chemical weapons - gas weapons. According to Obama and Hillary Clinton, we were in Libya to collect and destroy these weapons to make for a ‘safer’ Libya. That’s what they were telling the American public. That’s not really what was going on, though, and it seems like all of the other nations except the average American knew it. Anyway, you can find pictures and videos of weapons caches being destroyed, but that is strictly for the public’s consumption.
What was really happening, before Gaddafi’s body was even cold, is that we had people locating caches of weapons, separating the working from those that weren’t, and making a big show of destroying the weapons, but only the weapons that were useless. The working weapons were being given to Islamic terrorists. They were being funneled through Libya, crisscrossing Libya on a Muslim Brotherhood managed strategic supply route. In fact, Michael Reagan called it the modern day equivalent of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in a recent article he wrote, and he is correct.
The entire arms and weapons running operation was headquartered in Benghazi, The weapons were actually being shipped out of Libya from the port city of Dernah, located about a hundred miles east of Benghazi. That was the ‘choke point’ of the weapons being shipped out. Remember the Lusitania? Think in those terms, ships carrying weapons hid among ‘humanitarian aid.’ By the time of the attacks, an estimated 30-40 million pounds of arms were already transported out of Libya.
From there, the weapons were being sent to staging areas in Turkey near the Syrian border, for use by the Free Syrian Army and other ragtag terrorist groups to fight against Assad. The objective was and still is to destabilize the Assad government.

Why Syria, why not Iran?

II: It’s both, but Syria is the primary target here for this operation. First, look at the bigger picture, look at the so-called “Arab Spring.” Who benefits and by default, who doesn’t? Who is the architect for what’s going on throughout the Middle East and North Africa? Whose agenda is being implemented? To specifically address Benghazi, though, look at the bigger picture here and what is trying to be accomplished.
The Obama administration is playing the role of Saudi Arabia’s private army. I think if Americans knew this, they would be outraged. Our service men and women are being sold out as mercenaries for the wants and desires of the Royal family, for the Saudi’s interests. It’s about religious dominance and oil. Who is really benefitting from, say, what’s going on in Egypt? Mubarek is out, and the Muslim Brotherhood is in. Who does that benefit? Saudi Arabia.
Look at what we see happening in Egypt. Destabilization. Do you think the Russians want that? Hell no. Syria is Russia’s red line in the sand, as you earlier wrote. If Syria is lost to the Muslim Brotherhood by the actions of Obama, Hillary Clinton and others in this administration, what happens? Well, it will have an adverse impact on Russia from a military standpoint. They will likely lose access to their Mediterranean deep water port in Syria, which is Tartus.
But think further - three dimensionally. Russia is still the world’s largest oil producer, and that’s Russia’s primary source of income. Then there’s Turkey, adjacent to Syria. A large amount of Russian oil and gas, consumed by the West, flows through Turkey, which is also a player in this operation.
So, the destabilization of Syria which is exactly what Obama and Clinton are trying to do, presents a direct military and economic threat to Russia. Assad at least has kept things in check in Syria. Can you imagine Assad being replaced by someone like Morsi? That would strike at the very heart of Russia’s economic health and military capabilities. Think of what’s at stake here. Do Americans want a regional war? World War III? Has Obama or Clinton asked the American people if this is what they want?
Make no mistake, we are doing the bidding for Saudi Arabia. The U.S., NATO and other allies are engaged in a proxy war with Iran and Russia.

What about Assad’s war crimes?

Assad is no angel, but don’t be fooled by the death toll attributed to him. Now this is important. Remember the first Gulf War? In the run up to Desert Storm, a young woman testified before the Human Rights Caucus - she only testified under her first name, which was Nayirah. Remember that she testified that Iraqi soldiers were taking infants from incubators in Kuwait, leaving them to die? Her testimony was supposedly confirmed by Amnesty International. Her testimony went viral, and every war hawk in the U.S. government cited her testimony, saying we needed to right the wrongs, the inhumanity. It was all one big lie!
After Desert Storm, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was Al-Sabah, and she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Her testimony was part of a publicity campaign organized by Citizens for a Free Kuwait, which was run by Hill & Knowlton, a PR firm out of New York. People must learn the back story.
So we see a body count attributed to Assad. Who’s doing the killing, Assad’s people? Maybe at times, but the Free Syrian Army and other groups are doing most of the slaughter. It’s one huge ‘false flag’ operation and the media is selling it hard. And Americans are buying it, just like the testimony of the girl from Kuwait.
It’s one big lie being told by Obama, Clinton, Rice, and others. Many Americans are buying the lie, and the media is selling the lie. The people behind this are laughing at us. Don’t you get it? They’re laughing at us.
And do you want to know what’s at stake? Four Americans were killed in Benghazi. Forty thousand have been killed so far in Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrian people have become refugees. Why? For what? To advance the agenda of Saudi Arabia. For oil.
You know, the so-called right wing establishment were all up in arms about Obama’s submissive bow to the Saudi King. Where are they now? Where’s the outrage that the body count will be much greater than Forty thousand? It is anticipated that if the Obama plan succeeds, not only will America be committed to yet another war, but the body count could be as high as FOUR MILLION. Christians, among others, will be slaughtered. This could trigger a third world war, it’s that serious.

What are Russia and Iran doing? Certainly, they must be fighting back.

Benghazi was a strike against us, the Obama-Clinton agenda. A visible strike, and I’ll explain more about this shortly, because there are events I will point out that will put it all into perspective. But think of it this way. How did we successfully collapse the Soviet Union? I mean, what was the last straw? We attacked their currency - the Ruble. They’re still stinging from that, and Putin was in the KGB at the time. Do you think he forgot about that?
So, how do, or will Russia and Iran strike back if Obama and Clinton continue this insanity? Militarily? Possibly in regional conflicts, but to take us out, to stop us, what is the one area where we are very vulnerable? It’s our economy - our dollar. What’s our dollar tied to? Not gold or silver anymore, and some say it’s not tied to anything. Well, that’s not quite correct. It’s tied to OIL. The free-flow of oil.
Oil transactions everywhere in the world, including Russia and China, are made with U.S. dollars. We buy their oil with our dollars, and they return with those same paper dollars and employ Americans by buying our goods and services. As Michael Reaganwrote: “[t]his system is also crucial to the security of our diplomatic and legal infrastructure, which is ultimately backed by our military. It’s the core of our foreign policy.” He also wrote that “any attack on the free flow of oil is an attack on the dollar. Any attack on the dollar is an attack on our ability to project power and protect Western democracies, economies, and ideals. God have mercy on us all if that attack is successful!”
Tomorrow Part II

Benghazi: Behind the scenes (Part II)

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 By Doug Hagmann  Friday, November 30, 2012
Author’s note: This is part two of a multi-part interview with a government insider intimately familiar with the events that took place in Benghazi. It is important to note that the information contained in this series was developed from interviews that spanned over 100 hours. In this part, the insider provides information about the events of the attack and the continuation of the cover-up at the highest levels of our government. (For Part I, please click here).
We’ve heard different accounts and different timelines concerning the attack at Benghazi. What exactly happened?
First, people must understand that the compound that was attacked was situated in a somewhat rural area and was not a consulate, but a rented villa, or a residential structure. The residence was the primary building, and what has been referred to as the annex was located about 1800 feet away as the crow flies, but just over a mile to travel by road. And again, visible security was not present as the compound was the headquarters for a covert operation. No one wanted to draw attention to what was taking place at this location.
The first indications of problems there began at least twelve-(12) hours before the first shot was even fired. One of the men at the compound observed a policeman or Libyan security officer taking photographs outside of the villa. Keep in mind that Ambassador Stevens, the point man in this Obama-sanctioned weapons running operation, was hastily scheduled to meet with the Turkish consul general at this location. The meeting was deliberately planned for dinner time, toward evening, when the events that happened next could be performed under the cover of darkness.
It’s also important to consider the location of this meeting. Tripoli is the seat of power in Libya, and a genuine diplomatic meeting could more safely have been conducted there, at the embassy. Also, what most people don’t know is that Libya is split, much like East and West Germany before the wall. The eastern part is more closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, the same group that controls Egypt. The Turkish consul general had to meet there, not just with Stevens but with other factions involved in this covert operation.
Now I’ll digress for a moment. It is reasonable to ask whether the Turkish consul general was setting Stevens up for a hit, like a classic mob-style hit. First, there is no dispute that there was surveillance done at 6:30 a.m. and intermittently throughout the day. Next, consider that three hours before the first shot was fired, about 6:30 p.m. local time, some strange things were observed taking place near the compound. Military type vehicles began closing of the streets with trucks that had 50 caliber guns mounted on them. Checkpoints on the streets and at intersections were being quietly closed off around the compound. Nearby residents began going inside their homes. Anyone walking in the area got off the streets, like a scene from a movie in the Godfather series. It was obvious that the stage was being set for a strike against the compound. This alone reveals preplanning and coordination.
It’s also noteworthy to point out that the Turkish counsel general most likely passed through one or more of these checkpoints, or at least would have noticed that things were not right in the area. You must remember that just as Stevens was previously CIA working under diplomatic cover, the Turkish counsel general was his counterpart. It’s typical spy-versus-spy stuff.
Also consider this. One of the men stationed at the compound, a British national, left the compound at about 9:20 p.m., reportedly to get more phone cards. That’s right, phone cards, like you would buy at Walmart. Why? Because the men at the compound ran out of minutes. Just who do you think they were talking to that day to burn through the minutes, and why do you think they needed them at that exact time?
They were using the phones as a last and perhaps only line of communications to provide assessments of the strange things going on earlier. They knew that something was being planned and they were conveying that information - their observations to those who could assist them, in Tripoli and DC.
Based on these activities, it is clear that the men at the compound suspected that they were in trouble long before the first shot was ever fired. They were calling anyone who would listen, or who should have listened. We knew trouble was brewing and no one responded in any meaningful way.
Could the man who left to buy more phone cards have known what was about to take place?
Well, it’s possible, but there is no indication of that.
Was the Turkish counsel general in on this, to set Stevens up?
Well, what have we heard from our government? Has anyone even bothered to interview him? What did he say? Don’t forget, this administration decided to handle this attack as a crime and not a terrorist attack. How long did it take for the FBI to be able to access the ‘crime scene’ after the attack? More importantly, what was left at the ‘crime scene’ to examine by the FBI due to this delay? Do you think the delay was accidental?
Do you know what was discussed, or the reason for the meeting between Stevens and the Turkish consul general?
Yes, I know some key points. First, keep in mind what this arms running operation was all about. It was to topple Assad and replace him with a Muslim Brotherhood leader. It was to destabilize Syria to advance the agenda of Saudi Arabia. They were using U.S. and NATO forces to do exactly that.
However, Assad is no Gaddafi, and there is no comparison between Assad’s army and the Libyan army. It would take much more than rebels inside Syria to topple Assad. There is no way on earth that the Syrian rebels, or Free Syrian Army, has the capability to accomplish this objective alone. It required U.S. assistance, arms and training.
Now, Turkey is a NATO ally. They were assisting the Obama-Clinton-Saudi plan to funnel weapons ultimately to Syria, but the primary staging areas for these weapons were in Turkey near the Syrian border. Visual surveillance by Russia, using satellites and other means amassed photographic documentation of the U.S. assisting the ‘anti-Assad rebels’ inside Turkey. They developed evidence of the U.S. training these rebels and assisting them into Syria to fight against Assad.
Think about this. What if surveillance images observed anti-Assad rebels being trained to handle and mount chemical weapons - gas shells - onto rockets? The process would be apparent and would obviously be detected by a number of visual indicators. Obviously, Syria wanted this to stop. By extension, so did Russia.
One aspect of the weapons plan was to set up a false flag operation to make it appear that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Imagine the outcry from the civilized world to the news that Assad ‘gassed’ his own people. That would be an invitation to NATO and the West to openly intervene. Don’t forget about the timing of all of this. Two months before the elections, and time was running out. The job of taking out Assad was not yet complete. Such an event would quickly advance this agenda. By this time, however, being caught and placed in a rather unenviable position between Russia and the U.S., the Turkish consul general was in a ‘CYA, clean-up’ mode, assuring that none of the chemical weapons that might have still been in Libya were headed for Turkey.
It is also important to understand that the covert weapons running operation was just about finished. An estimated 40 million pounds of weapons were already shipped from Libya, and things were winding down.
There was another issue as well, a very important and telling one. Seven members of the Iranian Red Crescent had been kidnapped or snatched from the streets of Benghazi on or about July 31, 2012. Again you must understand that virtually anyone walking on the streets of Benghazi not indigenous to the area are spies. Covert operatives, operating under various covers. From all nations.
Along with the message that the weapons running operation was compromised, the Iranians had good reason to suspect that the ‘Red Crescent workers’ were snatched by the CIA or with their assistance. Iran wanted them back. They were spies, and countries want their spies back! So part of the meeting was to address this, as there was pressure by Russia against a wavering Turkey to switch sides. Anyway, you’ll see how this ties in to the way the actual attack was executed.
Please continue.
So at 9:30 pm local time, the compound began to take on small arms fire. Based on all reports I’ve reviewed, there were three twelve-man attack teams armed with small arms, RPGs, and other sophisticated military style weapons. These were not run-of-the-mill street weapons, but military issued type weapons. The types of weapons alone scream that this was a preplanned attack.
Eyes on the area [author’s note: satellites, surveillance drones] confirmed that two of these teams surrounded the villa and the annex. The third team was elsewhere, lying in wait. The two teams began their assault on the compound where Stevens was inside about an hour after the Turkish counsel general left. Remember, he had to pass the checkpoints after the meeting. Just keep that in mind.
Anyway, we all know now that there was an intense firefight that lasted nearly nine hours during which four Americans, Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods were killed. And of course that attack was not over a video and there were no protests before the attack.
Now there are questions that are not being asked. The two well-armed ‘hit teams’ had the capability to reduce the compound and annex to rubble quickly. Why a protracted firefight? There are a couple of reasons.
First, what was the makeup of the ‘hit teams,’ or who were the attackers? We have verified that the attackers were a combination of members of Ansar al Sharia and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), but they were operating under the flag of Ansar al Sharia. Who is Ansar al Sharia? Iranian terrorists. They are a terrorist group that receives their training by and funding from Iran. Now think about this. Carefully consider the implications here. IRAN. It’s the elephant in the room no one wants to mention or talk about.
The attack on our ambassador and our people - Americans - was an attack by Iran. It was an attack at a nation-state level.
AQIM also assisted. They are indigenous to Africa and are extremely dangerous. AQIM is a very ‘elite’ and extremely well-funded group, and very limited in number. Our last assessment suggests that there are only 400 or so members, but they are very influential across Africa and into South and Central America and Western Europe. Their importance and relevance will become evident shortly.
The reason that they did not just take out the compound and everything and everyone in it is that they were looking for their spies. Remember the Red Crescent workers? The Iranian spies? They suspected that they might be held at the annex. As such, they wanted to free them and did not want to risk killing them.
Oh, and there were others ‘missing’ as well. AQIM members. These were terrorists involved in drug running operations from the Tri-border (TBA) areas of South America through North Africa and into Western Europe. By the way, this is the way they made their money. Drugs sell at higher profits in Western Europe than elsewhere, so there is money to be made. The problem is that some of them got caught—snatched up in Benghazi and northeastern Libya.
Now regarding AQIM, this has a direct connection not only to South America, but also to Mexico and Mexican drug gangs. You think that what’s going on in Libya is just ‘over there,’ and far away from the U.S. and has nothing to do with our safety and security? Think again, but more on this in a bit.
There’s also another reason. The hit teams fully expected rescue teams from the U.S. to be dispatched to the compound. Certainly, calls for help went out. By waiting for the back-up or rescue forces, a surprise assault by the other ‘hit team’ team would have exposed our forces to possible causalities and turned the event into a much bigger event where the actual nature of the operation could be exposed to the world. Instead of being a cover-up for which they have yet to be held accountable, it would have been an international incident that would have exposed the entire affair.
So the Ansar al Sharia attack groups deliberately conducted a protracted assault on the compound. Just imagine, our men and even the bad guys never expected team Obama would leave our people twisting in the wind, fighting for their lives. That alone should speak volumes to every American.
As daylight approached, they had to wrap things up so they could disappear under the cover of darkness. Oh, and the crowds that are often cited by this administration, did form in the area as the attack progressed, much like a growing mob in riot. They provided the fog, or the cover, that permitted the attackers to escape amid the crowd.
You mentioned the missing Iranian Red Crescent workers and members of AQIM. Were they ever released or found?
Yes, and this is an extremely important part of this entire story. This reaches into the highest levels of our government. This is so very important that it must be addressed separately.
So the attack was first and the crowd came later. I noted that the administration said that there were protests going on at the Embassy in Cairo at the same time and they compared it to Benghazi.
Yes, that’s their cover story and they know that there is absolutely no comparison. This is one huge lie that is easily addressed and put out of its misery.
How soon did U.S. intelligence officials know who was responsible for the attack?
Almost immediately, if not concurrent with the attack. Every part of that area is under active aerial surveillance by the U.S. There was SIGINT or communication intercepts at the time of the attack. Then, there was even an admission by the attackers. Obama knew. Hillary knew. Clapper knew. Everyone knew, expect the American people. And you know what? The American media knew as well.
I heard a statement that they did not admit knowledge to avoid alerting the perpetrators.
Yes, it was said that Rice and others did not want to alert the ‘bad guys’ or tip their hand or some such nonsense, but did that mean that Susan Rice, for example, had to appear on national television and lie to every one of us, to the country? In my opinion, Rice took on the temporary job of propaganda minister for a day in exchange for a shot at Secretary of State in the future.
You are painting quite a dire picture.
It gets worse, much worse, and it involves real threats across the globe and even to us here in the United States. But it’s all because of our actions, the covert weapons running from Libya to Syria by way of Turkey at the direction of Barack Obama and his Saudi ‘handlers.’
FORTY THOUSAND men, women and children are dead in Syria as a direct result of this attempt at nation building, or tearing down Assad. There are four dead Americans. We are arming some of the very people who are killing our troops. Not only are we on the wrong side of this, we are actively pushing the world to the precipice of World War III.
We are engaged in a real war here with Iran and Syria and by extension, with Russia and China. And we are being lied to about it every step of the way. And the lies are getting worse, but so are the attempts to stop the truth from getting out.
What do you mean?
What do you think the recent directive issued by Obama, the one you wrote about ‘insider threats,’ is all about? Obama does not want the American people to know the truth about what is going on. He’s doubled down to stop leaks, like this. But you know what? He just might be too late, because we’re not done here. I’m not done talking, and there’s much more that needs to be exposed.

Doug Hagmann  Bio

Doug Hagmann Most recent columnsCopyright © Douglas Hagmann
Douglas J. Hagmann and his son, Joe Hagmann host The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a live Internet radio program broadcast each weeknight from 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.
Douglas Hagmann, founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.
Doug can be reached at:director@homelandsecurityus.comOlder articles by Doug Hagmann

Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider” (Part III)

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 By Doug Hagmann  Wednesday, December 12, 2012Author’s note: This is part three of a multi-part interview with a government insider intimately familiar with the events that took place in Benghazi. As previously stated, the information contained in this series was developed from interviews that spanned over 100 hours. Included in this update is the most current information following a more recent interview with this insider. (Click here forPart I and Part II).
Events seem to be changing rapidly in Syria, and we know that the operations in Benghazi played a very important role in Syria. Please update the readers on the current situation, but first give a brief recap for context.
Okay, but we’re running out of time. The world is running out of time. Remember when we first began this lengthy interview process? It was in response to your report on September 15, 2012, just four days after the attack in Libya. You wrote that the fuse for WW III has been lit. It is now burning rapidly down, although people are still not understanding what’s taking place right in front of them.
I’ll give a brief, perhaps somewhat oversimplified recap going back to the beginning, giving context for what’s taking place at this very moment. I suppose I cannot overstate this or say this enough. The so-called “Arab Spring” is an initiative by Obama and his foreign policy advisers, Clinton, in her capacity of Secretary of State, and others including some of the most powerful people in the world. International bankers, the power brokers and string pullers. It is a plan to reshape the Middle East and North Africa, and change the geopolitical balance of power. It’s not about some feel-good mission to free the oppressed. Never was. It’s about the U.S., through the CIA, using groups ideologically aligned to al Qaeda aligned to overthrow various Middle East nations to install regimes controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.
It’s a globalist agenda, using the blueprints and agenda created by Saudi Arabia for the North African and Middle East portions of the globe, to shape that area geopolitically. They are using the United States as their surrogate and their military muscle, and the Obama led U.S. “regime” is all too willing to comply.
With regard to Libya, it was in March of 2011 when the Clinton State Department, under orders of Obama, appointed Ambassador Stevens as the point man to the al Qaeda linked Libyan opposition forces to topple Qaddafi. Remember, Osama bin Laden was reportedly killed two months later and al Qaeda was supposedly out of existence, according to Obama. But think about this. Under direct orders of Obama, Clinton appointed Stevens to work with the very same people who reportedly killed 3000-plus Americans on September 11, 2001 for the purposes of overthrowing Qaddafi. It worked, and Qaddafi was deposed and murdered in October of 2011.
Look at what happened next. Clinton announced that the U.S. was throwing $40 million into Libya to “secure” Qaddafi’s weapon arsenals. Oh, really? That’s what was being told to the public and to congress, but it’s not reality, certainly not from the inside. AsI’ve already explained, that money and our personnel were being used to collect the weapons to send them to Syria to topple Assad. Before getting to Syria, they were placed in staging areas in Turkey near the Syrian border, and other places, including Jordan. They were being collected and sent through northern Libya, and the CIA operations center was the headquarters for this operation. As I’ve said many times, there was no embassy or consulate in Benghazi. It was a covert CIA operations center.
Wait, why do people continue to call it a consulate? Why is it identified on Google maps as a consulate.
First, it continues to be called a consulate because this is part of the cover-up. The government is STILL lying to the American people. The media is assisting in the cover-up, and so are some in congress in both parties. For goodness sakes, anyone looking at Google maps on September 10, 2012 will never find the Benghazi location named a consulate. It’s a LIE!
Sorry, please go on.
So every American understands, it is OUR tax money in part that was used to arm Islamic groups ideologically aligned with al Qaeda. Imagine that. Eleven years after 9/11, we’re funding and assisting the very same terrorists who attacked our country to topple another country. And other countries are in this up to their necks as well. The Brits for one. The very country or empire that created some of the post-war borders, many knowingly unmanageable from the outset, is now in part responsible for changing them.
Anyway, the weapons everyone in government said that were “collected” and destroyed were pieces of junk that never worked. The working weapons, including an estimated 10-15,000 shoulder fired missiles were shipped out of Libya. Stevens was the head of logistics, coordinating this operation. He was working with the Turkish consul general as well, the guy who met with him on the night of his death. We already went over this in detail.
The attack was perpetuated by Ansar al-Shariah, an Islamic terrorist group backed by Iran. Also present were members of the terror group AQIM, or al Qaeda in Northern Africa. It was a coordinated attack for a purpose, and never, ever had anythig remotely to do with any internet video.
Please touch on the nature of the attack again for those just catching up
As I explained before, I have information that three “hit teams” were dispatched to Benghazi[iii]. Stevens was lured to the CIA compound to talk about Russia’s knowledge of what the U.S. was doing - running weapons to be used against Assad in Syria, which is Russia’s “red line.” They needed to talk and not at the embassy, but at this out of the way location. The weapons running operation, although it was winding down anyway, was compromised. Over. Done. It is likely that the Turkish consul general told Sevens that the Russians had evidence - proof, of weapons in Turkey, including chemical weapons. Turkey, a NATO ally being squeezed by Russia, wanted the weapons gone from their turf. We also had people up there training the “rebels” on how to use the weapons as well. You heard about training exercises in that area on or about September 11, 2012? Who do you think we were training? Right after the Turkish counsel general left, the attack against the CIA compound began.
What was the reason for the attack?
Remember the story of the Iranian Red Crescent workers being “snatched” from the streets of Benghazi late on July 31 or the early morning of August 1, 2012? This happened at the same time the CIA compound wall was hit by a mortar. These Red Crescent workers were spies. At the same time, some members of the terror group AQIM were also picked up in Benghazi. It was a mystery! Where did they go? Who had them?
The belief was that they were being held at the CIA compound. Iran wanted them back. So, in addition to everything else, Ansar al Shariah was looking for their people. AQIM were looking for their people too. This is the reason the compound was not immediately leveled by the weapons they had on sight. They were trying to find and free their people, who were not being held there, but elsewhere. They were trying to ‘smoke” the people out of the compound and rescue the “hostages.”
Plus, a message had to be sent to Obama, Clinton and others that the weapons operation had to stop. The groups leading the attack, primarily Ansar al Sharia with an AQIM presence as well, were tools of Iran, Syria and of course, Russia.
So there were two reasons for the attack: get their spies back, and expose this operation for what it was. Again, we went over this.
The snatched Red Crescent Workers play prominently into exposing this operation.
Yes, and here is where it gets interesting. They were released exactly 65 days after they were snatched. They were in good health and dropped off on the streets of Tripoli. But why then? This is where it get’s damning to Obama, Clinton, and Valerie Jarrett.
What is not widely known to Americans is that Obama sent Iranian born Valerie Jarrett to Qatar for high level talks with the Iranians about coming to an agreement before the November elections. This, despite Jarrett not having the capacity as official of the U.S. government. She had no business doing what she was doing. That aside, the plan was that Jarrett would broker a deal, and Obama would announce to the world that he had succeeded in diplomatic negotiations with the Iranians where they would halt their nuclear weapons ambitions and Obama would officially live up to his title as savior of the world.
But before the talks kicked into high gear, the Iranians told Jarrett that the Red Crescent workers had to be released before any talks could be done in earnest. Jarrett relayed that to Obama and Clinton, and then, out of nowhere, the missing workers were suddenly released.
If there were talks and the “spies” were released, then why was there no agreement?
Because Jarrett, Obama and Clinton were being played by the Iranians. It was to buy time, especially since the Obama agenda of arming the anti-Assad rebels was continuing. The Iranians are not stupid. They understood that Obama and Clinton were continuing to support the anti-Assad rebels, and with bipartisan support, STILL ARE!
So now we are hearing reports of chemical weapons planned for use by Assad. What’s the real story?
The world is being set up for a false flag operation. Obama, Clinton and every supporter of the anti-Assad initiative are either lying to the American people or are “dupes.” The objective remains taking out Assad and replacing him with a Muslim Brotherhood-backed regime.
There have been reports out of the U.S. and the UK that Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons against the rebels. Assad denies that he would ever use them, and there is a reason we should believe him in this case. The condemnation that would result is unnecessary and certainly unwarranted. There reports are to condition people to immediately suspect Assad when a chemical incident occurs. In this case, it’s the U.S., the UK and other Western backed countries constantly asserting that Assad will launch a chemical attack, and we’re getting ready just for that case.
But if you look at the evidence, it’s the anti-Assad, Western backed forces that have taken possession of chemical storage areas. There was a recently released video, very graphic in nature of anti-Assad rebels conducting the test of a nerve agent on two rabbits. The video displayed chemicals bottles with the name of a Turkish country on them. I’m not going to give the name or video channel, but people can find the video for themselves on YouTube. It’s a set-up to topple Assad and put a Muslim brotherhood leader in his place.
I told you before, and you printed what I said, that a chemical weapon attack would justify U.S. and NATO intervention, supported by the outcry of the world against Assad. It’s Iraq all over again, except Syria is a hundred times more dangerous. Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan or even Libya, Syria will not implode. It will EXPLODE, and we will be fighting Iranians as well. Russia has “advisers” in Syria as well. Are the American people ready and willing to square off against Iran AND Russia in a regional conflict that will likely turn into a global, full scale war?
What’s going on with Turkey, Syria and Russia now?
It was announced that Turkey will receive patriot Missiles to protect them from the spillover. Actually, these missiles over the northern territory of Syria will create a de-facto no fly zone that will allow the consolidation of anti-Assad rebels to perhaps install a new Western-backed government in the northern part of Syria[vii].
Well, Russia deployed Iskander missiles into Syria, rendering the Patriot missiles ineffective. This move shows exactly how serious Russia is. They are not backing down.
And you know what else? Sunburn missiles are at Iran’s disposal and can be used in that theater. Regardless of what is written or talked about by talking heads, these missiles poses a grave threat to our aircraft carriers. Want to see how fast we can lose an aircraft carrier and the several thousand crew members on board? This is what we face.
Russia is doubling down, Iran is doubling down. Assad is doubling down. Meanwhile, Obama and the U.S. State Department continue to lie to the American people. The lie continues, and the fuse to WW III is burning down while the Obama regime is heading full steam ahead toward regional and global war.
Why haven’t we heard any truth about Benghazi, even from congressional investigators?
Because the lie continues, and we are still supporting the overthrow of Assad, despite Putin’s warnings. Obama, Clinton, the global leaders and their financiers are continuing to lead us into World War III. The lies continue, and to continue operations, the truth must be kept from the American public. We are continuing our operations to overthrow Assad at full throttle right in front of all Americans. And there will be fallout.
In addition to four dead Americans and over 40 thousand dead Syrians, the consequences of our actions will cause the death of an estimated FOUR MILLION in Syria alone, many Christians. When, not if the “conflict” escalates, we’ll see many millions dead. And for what?
Okay, what’s the objective here?
Behind the smoke and mirrors is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s their agenda. We’re just providing the army, the training, performing the logistics and doing the heavy lifting. It’s the Saudi agenda, and it’s about power, control and oil. Who do you think controls the Muslim brotherhood? Has anyone asked why Obama, raised in a Muslim culture, is tied at the hip with the Muslim Brotherhood?
Why aren’t Americans angry that we are using our assets, our men and women to advance the agenda of Saudi Arabia under the orders of Barack Hussein Obama?
Why are members of congress so quick to commit our forces to oust Assad when it benefits Saudi Arabia, not the U.S?
The agenda of Obama is so overt, so “in your face” yet not one member of congress, not one media outlet is calling him out on this. Some might call this mere conspiracy theory. There’s a conspiracy alright, but it involves the government and the media. They are laughing in our faces.
In addition to the obvious regional consequences, there will be blowback from the Obama-Clinton agenda.
What type of blowback?
Well, let’s first look at what’s happened already as this insane Obama agenda has been going on for some time. Remember the plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S? On October 11, 2011, the FBI announced that a plot, identified by the FBI as “Operation Red Coalition,” was foiled to kill Saudi ambassador Adel al-Jubeir in the United States. It was alleged that Iranian nationals were working with a Mexican drug gang to kill al-Jubeir with a bomb while he was dining at a DC restaurant. Do you think he would have been the only one to die there if that plan succeeded? No, innocent men, women and children would have died as well.
Many in the media and the talking heads were having trouble understanding why Iran or Iranian nationals would want the Saudi Ambassador dead. Well, in the context of what you know now, does this make a bit more sense? These events do not happen in a vacuum.
But I’m sure people will question why members of a Mexican drug cartel would be enlisted to assist in this operation? This gets a bit complex, but it goes back to AQIM. Remember them? That’s al Qaeda in Northern Africa. They are an elite Muslim terror group of perhaps 400 or so members. They carefully screen their members, and do a lot of subcontracting. Despite being Muslim, they are running drugs from South America, specifically the Tri-Border Area (TBA) into North Africa for ultimate distribution into Europe. Why Europe instead of North America? Because the drugs are worth more there, and the profit difference is worth it.
While drugs are being funneled from South America, terror groups are also funneling al Qaeda terrorists or terrorists of similar ideology into South America and into Mexico, where they are entering the United States. Think of it as a two-lane highway. Some of these terrorists have been caught at the southern border of the U.S., some with tattoos on their arms of mullahs and Islamic phrases of jihad. Why? Because when the Syria-Iran situation goes hot, there will be terrorists already inside the United States. But we created them and gave them the reason to be here. A few AQIM members, running the drugs east, were caught in Benghazi, which explains their presence and getting picked up there as well.
So Ansar al Shariah and AQIM, both present at Benghazi, were looking for their people.
But back to the blowback, or the consequences of the Obama foreign policy agenda. There is more, and it much more serious.
Attacks in the U.S?
For all intents and purposes, the United States, Russia and China are at war. Although the situation in Syria is being described as a civil war, it is the direct result of U.S. involvement by Obama and Clinton at the behest of Saudi Arabia. While real bullets are flying in Syria, an asymmetrical war exists beyond the confines of Syria’s borders.
Remember, Putin has drawn a hard line in the sand at Syria. The stability of Syria is of extreme strategic economic and military importance to Russia as well as China. Although no hot war exists between Russia, China and the U.S. at the moment, that does not mean things are not taking place behind the scenes in ways that are not readily apparent.
One of the biggest threats to the United States right now is an attack on the U.S. Dollar. At this moment, the fate of the U.S. dollar hangs in the balance. What is the U.S. dollar backed by? Gold? Silver? Neither. Some say the dollar is not backed by anything, and although they might be technically accurate, it’s not entirely true. At this moment, the dollar is backed by one important thing, which is oil. The stability of the dollar rests on the free and unimpeded flow of oil. Once that is interrupted or even threatened, there is a high degree of risk that the dollar will collapse.
The “string pullers” are pulling us into a situation where our actions result in the disruption or the threat of disruption of the free flow of oil. Given the current state of our economy, how fast might this bring down the United States without a shot having to be fired?
Now I know I’m stepping out into some areas that people might consider to be fringe, but think about what is taking place in the U.S. and across the globe. People talk about global governance, or a one order under a single currency. What’s the quickest way to destroy a country from within? What was the major reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union? Remember the Ruble? I can tell you this, Putin does.
So at this point, what’s an expeditious way to strike at the very heart of America while also accomplishing other larger global objectives? Take out the U.S. dollar.
We are in a period of heightened risk and maximum vulnerability, put here by Obama, his foreign policy advisers, czars, and of course Hillary Clinton. What are their objectives, and those of his closest advisers, especially in terms of the fate of the U.S? Fundamental change in ways that can be hardly imagined.
Are you saying that the larger objective is to destroy America?
I’m saying that we are advancing the agenda of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa and the Middle East. We’re doing their work, pitting ourselves against Syria, Iran and ultimately Russia and China. Syria and Iran are firewalls for Russia and China. Russia and China understand the monster created and used by the United States, they understand the Muslim Brotherhood backed terrorists. They will not stop at Syria. They will continue to push into the Federation of Russian States, disrupt oil flow, overthrow nations and threaten the security and sovereignty of Russia and threaten China. We’re playing with fire, and to expect no consequences is ridiculous.
The path that Obama continues to take, without any objection from congress or others in the U.S., will lead us on a path to self destruction. Perhaps the ultimate question is whether it is by incompetence or by design.

Doug Hagmann  Bio

Doug Hagmann Most recent columnsCopyright © Douglas Hagmann
Douglas J. Hagmann and his son, Joe Hagmann host The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a live Internet radio program broadcast each weeknight from 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.
Douglas Hagmann, founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.
Doug can be reached at:director@homelandsecurityus.comOlder articles by Doug Hagmann


  1. I have yet to read through all this but need to put out a disclaimer... I have no idea whose evidence is to be trusted. When John asks me to post something I will post it.

    Question for John. The White Hats were investigating DHS for their (pureheart) role in the faked gold collateral. Offered up to the world by Lord James. Can you tell us how we distinguish between that Homeland Security apparatus and this one?

  2. The entire Top Infrastructure is heavily compromised. It is, in fact, an alarming position for our world , when the presumptuous World Leading Nation is Leaderless. The entire Cabal and NWO issue is beyond control right now. Americas far and away greatest enemies are within. We have nothing but Americas best interests at heart, but they are really in play with very mendacious predators in control. The question is who, because it's not Obama. When you look at the reality of Pureheart and others,its a sad indictment of a rapacious Cabal. It's time to stop promoting Democracy abroad when Americans have non at home.

  3. Question....

    China is becoming the largest investor in Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure...soon to surpass America as #1 if it hasn't if this is a Saudi agenda being perpetrated by the US...and crossing the "red line'...then why is China investing in Saudi Arabia...?

    somethings in this article does not jive with me.....

  4. Canauzzie, I think it does jive. Surpassing America seems to fall right in line its destruction, dont you think? We already know that there has been an Agenda to stop our country from ''being No. 1"
    and this fits nicely.

    John, since you have already known the ''entire Cabal and NWO is beyond control''...then why all the bother with our infrastructure projects which you spoke largely about? Like I said before...what good is a rebuilt country, if people are starving and under martial law?

    Can anyone suggest a safer place to live; move to? I do not want my life to end at the point of a gun, a gestapo, nor to live in a prison type society.

    So if the article is true, then we have the 'benefit' of living with this 'you never know which day you will wake up to our lives being turned upside down'. And IF it is true, then are we to look at CL and JL as just playing a game...or are we to believe that they are being honest in their efforts 'on our behalf'?

    1. Abby
      Many good and honorable people in America, and the world, are trying to stop this unfolding. America is NOT short of ability or intellect. Maybe a wake up call is all it needed.Nothing is a given, as failing. Corrupt and rotten men caused this. Weevils who need routing and ripping out of power and the system. Japan made this mistake when they woke the sleeping Bear. The world will not stand by and let this happen. Allies who have fought with you, will fight for you. Exposure is their worst fear. Maybe we need to address the American reality on a Global stage. Ignorance is the real issue here. Inform minds and effect change.

    2. There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance.– Goethe

    3. John - Well that is good to hear, and the thought also ran thru my mind...would GB really stand by and just watch. So thanks.

      Get Real - how true it is. And makes me wonder just where the hell our military Heads, heads are these days. I think its time that they made a ''Speech''and set a few people straight.

      For those who have not read it, here's what Christine had to say just 3 days ago, in her speech:

    4. Abby,
      Unfortunately, the military are a part of the problem... if the following is to be believed.... seems they are members of their own twisted "cult" and our military institutes are the breeding grounds for this to take place....

      Oct 21, 2012
      The Kay Griggs Interviews

      Kay Griggs, wife of US Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, unedited 8-hour interview (on 4 DVDs) with Pastor Rick Strawcutter. An amazing report on the real nature of government, military and the power elite.

    5. John/Abby/GetReal, you can even see that Jinpang wants to bring in a Renaissance, not WWIII. I think that there are likely many countries in the world who realize that the cabal is causing this and not the actual citizenry of the U.S. It's very comforting that we have allies in the world.

    6. Get Real - Yes, I've listened to a lot of what Ms. Griggs had to say; its sure not pretty. That poor woman has been put thru hell.

      Yes, much of our military is the problem, however they are divided, IMO. Nevertheless, they took an Oath and actually should make a 'speech'. I'm not nieve tho, and know that they pooped on the Constitution, and don't take it seriously.

  5. Financial Insider V & Steve Quayle Economic Update

    On tonight at 9 pm est

  6. Derivative Meltdown Well Under Way
    by Tom Heneghan
    International Intelligence Expert

    Deutsche Bank
    UNITED States of America - Stay tuned for emergency updates at any moment.

    We are working on various stories including:

    1. That German Nazi "Skull and Bones" Deutsche Bank faces a $3 TRILLION margin call the day Cyprus banks actually open.

    Note: All major commodity exchanges worldwide, including the noted CME Group, are now a counter party to the Deutsche Bank, which is operating most of their crooked dealings in the Cayman Islands.

    2. With the Chinese economy collapsing (reference 60 Minutes piece on ghost cities in China) Chinese devaluation of the yuan is well under way.

    3. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, along with the patriotic elements of the U.S. military-French Intelligence Task Force, has declared total war on Nazi German Deusche Bank stooge, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and her corrupt financial and political allies in the United States.

    P.S. We can now divulge that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has uncovered $1.7 TRILLION of hidden Deutsche Bank derivatives currently parked in the Cayman Islands and directly linked to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's scheme to loot the U.S. Treasury of that aforementioned amount.

    We can now reveal that a percentage of these crooked derivatives have been illegally cross-collateralized by U.S. Citibank and turned into naked long positions on the April unleaded gas market (the rbob).

    Item: Citibank, which is still secretly run by its former CEO and Clinton era U.S. Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, has operated as an illegal counter party to the derivative fraud of JPMorgan Chase.

    In other words, another ponzi scheme.

    P.P.S. We can now report that Hillary aka "Queen Melusina" may be responsible for the murder of Benghazi-gate whistleblower Admiral Gaouette.

    Note: Admiral Gaouette was a member of U.S. Special Operations and a member of the joint patriotic U.S.-French military task force that is fighting to liberate the American People from the Nazi occupation filth that currently controls the U.S. government.

    P.P.P.S. Today treasonous Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke said he could not rule out the possibility that U.S. savings deposits might be taxed.

    Message to Bernanke: You have now totally enraged the American People.

    You have not worked to re-collateralize the banks, you have continued to give them free casino chips using American Taxpayers' money and let these crooked banks continue to make bets and crooked derivative trades using the savings deposits of American citizens as collateral.


    1. Great post - I can't wait to see Hillary and others in orange.

  7. The Cabal has pissed off the whole world, as they know they are causing world wide economic catastrophe. So with that in mind, the question is...just how long will all these countries hold off on 'nipping it in the bud'?
    (ponder that)

  8. to your earlier statements....the only thing i can see China in Saudi Arabia for is to increase sales of oil in a currency other than the USD....which would in fact kill the petro dollar...which is why the USD has kept its value for so long....China holds a lot of US debt and could cause the USA to fold on a drop of a hat....but they choose not to cause it would benefit no one...

    I am not quite sure why you think the USA is under attack for being #1....the only #1 i see is the not sure there...i don't see any country as #1....i fail to see this "agenda"you speak being forced to play fair is not an attack..the asian countries are just fed up with the manipulation and wars....there is tactful positioning going on to create the least creating an equal and level playing field....and there hasn't been a fair game to be played in over a hundred years.....

    1. Canauzzie -- My 'No. 1" comment was referring to the world view of america as being the supper power, the richest country, etc. It's not reality, but its how we've been viewed for like forever. (everybody has wanted to come to america)
      Neither do I view any country as No. 1. And actually, we are not even the big superpower. Russia and China can be forces to be reckoned with. While we have been busy breaking things for decades now, Russia was busily arming up.
      The U.S. is actually in a war; that war is being perpetrated upon its citizens in unscrupulous ways. Call it Tyranny and Economically. Why do you think it is in the worst shape in all its history right now. As John has said, our 'enemy is from within'.

      Yes, China holds a lot of power over the u.s. as you stated. So......superpower? I don't think so. And Putin is no fool; he knows exactly what is going on, and could probably tell us way more than we ourselves know, living here.
      Much remains to be seen in the upcoming weeks and months IMO.

  9. PVG,Abby,Canauzzie

    1. I have "Suggested" to Geno that the scale of Jewish rhetoric needs to be toned down,and proportionate to reality. Otherwise it becomes xenophobic. The system allows problems. Change the system. PVG, I see you striving for truth and justice. Also for enlightenment. I respect your role and views. My role is to assist Seekers of Truth find Justice and Dignity. Calmly and Diplomatically. Reason as persuasion. You will find a lot of pages have been cleaned out. I am not anti any groups. Good is in all our societies.
    2.Americans have been fed a giant lie for a century, resulting in Bigotry and arrogance. This from a nation who only 60 years ago had vile apartheid.None are more stupid than those who are truly stupid.A new world needs to emerge, and America needs to join it.But, enlightened, humbled and arrogance free.
    Theres not a lot wrong with most American people. But a lot wrong with most of their seriously low IQ and loathsome Leaders. Who put Forrest Gump in the Oval Office for 8 years while Daddy and the Neocons robbed the store?
    If America goes, it all goes.Wake up. There is no Plan B.
    3. Most Religions were created by man. Be careful. Almost all are false. Hallucinations after 7 days in the desert are common.Children are so impressionable to mind bending Mantras. Especially if assured THEY are the Chosen Ones.The rot starts there. How many levels of pain do they want a God to feel? Why? Childlike fantasies. A CREATIVE Kinetic Force of Universal Consciousness is an awesome magnificence which binds the Galaxies, with hierarchies of dedicated regional Intelligences for the support and development of regional Life Forces. Life emerges in each and is infinitely more complex and sophisticated. Religions do not even start to scratch the surface of Kinetic, intelligent energy reality. The Universe is its own string theory and inter connecting highway.


      Didn't you send me this link John?

  10. John - You seem to be promoting Diversity. Well, our country was fine, socially, until MLK began promoting diversity in our society, forcing it upon us. That is when things began to go to hell. And it has only gotten worse since. The more diversity that is forced upon us, the worse it has become, until people here have become basically anti-social, distrusting and fearful. No, Diversity is not our friend. I do not see any problem with people remaining in their own countries and in their own neighborhoods. You cannot force people to just accept everybody, and mixing of cultures just does not work.
    A am for 'you go your way, and I'll go my way' ..why do we have to mix it up, when it is really just disingenuous pretense anyhow. This of course does not mean that we have to hate each other or mistreat each other. I have a right to pick and choose who I want to be around and live around. We cannot reward evil people, nor can we just turn a blind eye to them. There are consequences for bad actions.

    I know the game that is being perpetrated on us; loading up thousands of somalians and bringing them to the u.s., planting them among us. And Pizza delivery refuses to deliver in their neighborhoods where they have been deliberately planted, and destroying those apt. complexes entirely. No delivery simply because they are dangerous. Thats what diversity does. No thank you.

    As for being hush hush about so called 'jews' why should we do that? So we won't upset them....while THEY have ruined our country economically and brought us to the brink of disaster?
    No. I'm in agreement with Geno here. These zionist jews are a plight upon the whole earth; one of the most dangerous as the good ole u.s.a. has been doing the bidding of Israel, especially Netanyahu at the moment, with more of that to come.

    The u.s.a. has been fighting wars FOR this fake Israhell and look where it has gotten us. Doing the dirty deeds on behalf of a filthy lot. Let's call them like we see them. If the shoe fits, then sorry, they will have to wear them. If they don't like it, they can REPENT and straighten up.
    The fruit is in the pudding, no matter who 'you are'.

    1. Let me make this clearer...

      This isn't about JEWS this is about Jewish mafia and MONOPOLY as long as people keep cowering and tripping all over themselves to make excuses as BRAINWASHED to... we will suffer under their dictatorship. Every time people make me out to be the bad guy when I have been stalked in horrific measure for having the guts to separate fact and fiction, you end up on my list of GFY. And I have already done enough in comparison to most so I won't bother to tie my shoes.

    2. and thank you Abby and Daryl for understanding the vital distinctions... remember there are skilled agents who can turn any argument with the emotion their post conveys.

      always ask yourself what was the emotion or message that reading a post leaves you with and if it is definitely spinning an argument or slandering a writer you know you have encountered the work of a skilled linguist.

    3. Thank you Dr. Kevin Barrett for calling a spade a spade!

      "US hated for Kowtowing to Genocidal Zionists"

  11. The bad parties by all means challenge. Decry for their crimes are clear. But- all Jews? What about so many good ones? Doctors,Teachers,Scientists? And so many more. Agreed the Zionist Jews in Finance have caused dreadful Global disruption,and should be decried as such. But what of those who have not? The Vatican has murdered more.Conspired more and enslaved more. But Jews IN Banking by and large fit most of that sectors crimes. But what of the Jews who do so much good? Many do. Can we not judge a person for what they do and credit the good also? Israel certainly has a lot to answer for nowadays. Nothing is black and white. What of the many good, non religious Jews? Where would your Christianity be without Jews? Many, including the Apostles, died a terrible death that you may question the role of man and freedom.

    1. HOOOOOLD EVERYTHING ! Nobody ever said ''all jews' or all anything. Even Geno has separated out the good from the evil, in many of his previous posts, as I recall.

      And JOHN, I also have never said ''all''. I have distinctly said ZIONIST Jews; and Khazar Jews. They are pretending to be Jews but are NOT.

      My primary focus on the criminal jews is....they are the ones running our Economic System or else are dictating to some gentile at the helm, of nearly every agency we have.

      I also previously stated that catholics and jews were equally sinister. This didnt mean every single one. There is a difference between those who pray at the wailing wall, and those who are thieves on Wall St. and at the Fed. Res. and running the show.

      Our country is run by catholics and jews, and look at the mess that it's in. These Zionists are the evil ones and have NO religion about them; they just want to throw the word 'God' around so that people will think they are ''the chosen' and yield to them.
      In fact it is those truely religious jews who are due credence simply because they are not in positions of Power here. And they are not Zionist and probably not Khazars. They are despised by the Zionists.
      John is there any progress regarding the rv?

    2. Abby.
      No completion sequence yet for the RV's and the recent attack on Le Guarde with a 20 years old tired Ministry of Finance issue is the Cabal fighting back to hinder progress.
      Focus your case, collectively,on why ALL key Fed and Treasury positions are totally dominated by Jews. The run an absolute monopoly there. As with the major US Banks. Not a mass attack on all Jews which is rejected as Xenophobic, but a target attack on the very ones abusing power and restricting freedoms. That has synergy. Blanket statements do not. Absolutely right on the Criminal Jews, but what about the Criminal Texans and Cabal? The worst of all is a Neocon Nazi Texan. Nothing is a Singular bad, there are so many issues.
      Parties need to focus on specifics.
      Abby, the RVs and Dinars continue to delay. Diplomacy is stretched and Easter is coming. If not this week, plan for at least 3 weeks then. Who will pay ? The Treasury is bust. Will Bernanki roll the presses? Not looking good right now if not this week. Who makes the final call? The lead article shows you the layers of confusion. There is no magic wand. No easy or ready solution. Just a broken system, run by criminals, for Self Gain. A rocky road is ahead for all. With new Bills in progress, soon Internet sites will be restricted and all news censored. Powers of Trials without legal representation for Internet use are coming in.

    3. I would like to say [as someone on the outside looking in and reading these exchanges]... we are all saying the same thing... it is just a matter of semantics.

      ~~ I believe we can all agree to the fact there are criminal Jews that are running this country with regard to the financial/wall street/global think tanks.

      Who Controls America:
      Inside Job:

      ~~ I believe we can all agree there is a faction of nazi cabal that is extremely harmful to this nation and the world at large.

      Hitler's Jewish Soldiers:

      Several of these sites I found by reading your information... and I thank you for posting them. There is much passion and frustration and anger and we ALL have a right to these feelings. I appreciate each and everyone of your statements.

      Being new to this information... [approximately 20 months] it is much to take in and digest... it has taken me this long to just figure out who are the bad guys and, questionably, who are the good guys. Everyday I am being tested with this information... such as the article recently that went viral trying to paint LaGarde in a negative light on KingWorldNews or the following CNN report:

      However, would it not be better served to put this [in-house arguing] energy to use in more positive ways? Let's not beat each other up... let's find ways that we can collectively present the information and not demean and demoralize each other... Remember that we all come from different levels of understanding in our walk, have different perspectives based on education, age and environmental upbringing... That environmental upbringing is so complex, it forms our foundation in ways that much of this other does not. We have to respect each other if nothing else. I have always said everyone brings something to the table...

      Lastly, I could be at work arguing with sheeple who are clueless, yet I choose to come here... and read and work with those who, I believe, have much to offer and much to teach...

      JMHO ~ GetReal

    4. I actually thought that Geno and I were pretty much in agreement on most points. It's difficult sometimes to communicate in short blurbs online. I agree that the political Zionist group of Jews not only controls top spots, but also has its tentacles all over the place. Catholics and their Jesuit army also the same thing. The thing that they all have in common at the top is that they are all Luciferian/Satanic, Babylonian Brotherhood Sodomic Priestcraft who are trying to catch the entire globe in their net (and/or wipe out 90%). They spoonfeed the average Joe to 'network' and 'do good works' via Freemasonry membership and oaths.

      Most people at the lower levels, whether Christian or another religion, don't know what they're involved in.

      If you write what is true and supported by proofs, it is not libel. I don't have a problem with pointing out the Satanic greedy Jewish bankers and un-Holy-wood mobsters. But it seems that all are in agreement that it's not all Jews, all Catholics, all Christians, all Muslims, etc. It's really NOT about the religion itself. That is a separate subject with regard to the merits of the various religions and whether the religion is tainted/corrupted or provides any benefit to mankind.

      Still and all the AIM of winning the info war is to succeed at communication. Sometimes it is important to clarify terms and definitions to the reader, and that is actually to OVERCOME political correctness and social psychological engineering.

  12. Sorry, have the flu & navigating this new site is a slow learning curve....

    Geno, please don't pack it in just when you have begun!

    John, you did not comment on Henneghan's newest post one way or the other. I recall you stated you were going to notify him that he was stating mistruths via legal means. I see he has NOT taken down that page you had a problem with. Is he ignoring your legal means? Would you comment on his last posting?

    And John, Geno like the rest of us here are faulting the Khazar jews who we know are not even jewish. You waste your time adressing something here that was not even stated by Geno. ALL the good jewish people you refer to are the Khazars scapegoats! They hide within their midst, yet worship an evil god(s). They sodomize, torture, kill and eat the flesh and drink the blood of innocent children in their blood sacrifice rituals to their god(s).
    THESE are the true enemies of humanity.ALL that aide them are just as guilty. Period.

    Funding should get stopped immediately, which supports all the chemtrail spewing planes of death that continue daily worldwide. That seems to be low priority, yet should not be. These insane monsters are allowed to kill the planet if not stopped. And, why isn't the order given to shoot on sight? It makes no sense!


    1. Heneghen was served notice of legal proceedings for Slander and Defamation by Cottrels Attorney.
      Agree with you on the Chemtrails. And so much more. The list of horror Black Ops needs exploring. Start with the Tri Laterals first who want a 95% Global population reduction and have the means to achieve it. Elitists? Look at the Bushes and Rockefeller's. Can they be more ugly and dysfunctional? Cross breeding that?
      Once the funds are released, we will do a lot of good with many teams invited to help.
      Please, do understand, in sophisticated Government theaters of operation, if you don't know how to talk the talk,on their level,you get nowhere. I transcribe all needed.
      Any parties engaged for real in Satanist ops are despicable, but be very sure before accusation. so much is wild unfounded rumor.
      The latest Heneghen is nothing. No major changes, just talk.
      We are in REAL,talks, DAILY and we have the SIGNED Master Contracts so we will know when real before anyone. The rest is all Blogger speculation. Rumors and rubbish.

      So much good came from so many of you on the WH site. The WH did achieve a lot and we have a lot to thank them for.
      The support we had re projects from all of you was excellent. That will be expanded when funds are freed up.

      We need to focus on core issues. There are huge issues to take on and face down.

    2. @ John...

      Here is another idea....we are a consumer based economy which i don't see changing in the near future...because of this advertising is done with the easiest most profitable form of packaging available....which most form of packaging is harmful to the environment and in some cases animals/humans(BHP) the very least not biodegradable...though recycling here has caught on and does very well it is simply not enough....landfills are still overwhelmed ....

      a public awareness campaign could accomplish consumers making an educated choice in which products to buy based packaging choices by the company....which would lead to companies making better choices on packaging ....which would lead to better innovations ...

      a child...i think he was around 10 ....came up with a biodegradable golf tee....some manufacturers have gone back to cardboard instead of styrofoam...

      incentives are always needed for change...but we should use the right incentives...not subsidies or laws...just plain old public knowledge to choose change....

      this basically falls under independent scientific reviews as previously stated...

      an example Health Canada stated several years ago that BHP could pose a significant health due to lobbyists they are saying they maybe mistaken...Harper our PM fired all our scientist (mostly environmental) and have them under a severe gag order....wonder what they are trying to hide....whatever it is it can't be good...

      Harper is the worst PM we have had in recent memory...a zionist puppet....

    3. @darylluke,
      I agree this new site takes some getting use to... It appears that you have to subscribe to each blog post and not the site as a whole. So it requires the reader to check for new posting... At least, this is what I've figured out...

  13. John - Once again, I shake my head. I agree with Darylluke about the 'shoot on sight'.
    There was a man whose name I will not reiterate, who has been telling on this Cabal for years. At some point in the past 5-10 years, he was reduced to doing menial work, and was working to revamp an empty house. The Cabal tried to kill him in that house by trying to zap him with some sort of lazer that causes one to have a heart attack and die. This act was done from a plane, as I recall.
    However, he had a direct line to the u.s.-french inteligence group that is located here in the states; he called them, and immediately they were on the scene and shot down the plane. I believe this happened in Kansas.
    Point is they could easily do some much needed strikes, and I think its high time that be considered. Otherwise, we are going to pussy-foot around with these bastards......for how long?
    You know they will continue to block everything.
    When one method does not work, its time to change the M.O.
    Diplomacy? How's that been working out for us.

    Now we know that Lew was/is in China, and that China is falling all over themselves wanting the vnd revalued. Is it possible that China persuaded Lew to go ahead and get that done? There is no reason for delay on that one, but just have been waiting for the IQD....and I suspect that China is tired out waiting around.

    As for Christine, I immediately suspected the Cabal of now trying to discredit her with their stupid stunt. The accusation made of her shows thats all they can come up with, and I don't think its any big deal at all. Im sure she is wise enough to know this and how to handle it. Now just how do they think this will curtail her rv'ing the IQD. It goes to show how desperate they are.

    If you are all waiting for all the pieces to be in place first, then don't hold your breath...the cabal will see to it that they pull another piece out of place.
    Time to change the tactics here, and get down and dirty. You can't play nice with bullies and we are frankly fed up with it.
    Do you need the Houston address?

    1. @Abby,
      I agree all the pieces will never be placed perfectly for the "go" button to be pushed.

      My understanding of tactic changes are that Wu is angry and wants to move the whole "Reno" show out of the USA and out of the control of the cabal. I have one connection who states that "would be ludicrous and doesn't make sense" "that it would take a year just to move the operation"... My response back to him was, "what about this whole thing has made sense" and "if they choose to move it, they could and they will."

      @John - could / would you speak to the possibility of Reno relocating out of the country?

      Get Real.

    2. Get Real - First of all I've never known just what this Reno thing is or means. I've never seen it told anywhere.
      So just what is this Reno stuff. What's going on there; I find it kind of hard to believe that is where the RV is decided.
      It's also my understanding that many have now left Reno empty handed as we are. If true, then what does that mean.
      Maybe you and others in the know, can explain.

    3. @abby,

      Who or what Reno is was spelled out by John on the whitehats blog... My understanding is that Reno will happen before the RV.... It took me several months to vet the validity off Reno. All that John speaks to concerning Reno is over at the other blog and gives great insight into Reno ... IMO

    4. Get Real - I never saw it over on the tdark Site and now I'm not gonna go try to hunt it up.
      I was wanting to know here.

    5. Abby - I will see if I can locate the information but it will have to be at night, when I am not working.

      Should you want to look over there, he started talking about Reno somewhere around Feb 1 or so... So just go back and look only at John's postings and no other.

  14. There is a home page...

    on the right is what? 6 articles thus far? click on one and read and comment if you like...

    articles in theory will continue to be posted and the fact there will be many allows you the reader/blogger to check in on each conversation and continue the conversation...

    we will not have a thousand comments on one as a likely result...

    if you subscribe to the blog you can get all the comments sent to you even the ones that get deleted...

    You will get nothing but brutal truth from me even when it jeopardizes my own hopes of having my dinar exchanged and when I get played by troll linguists or even inadvertently by people who don't know their words are painting me as the "xenophobe" I will not hold back... because it simultaneously allows the usual suspects to get off free and clear as the psychology is designed to do... so re-train your brains to figure out what helps THEM and what helps us...

    I understand the point John is trying to make that anything about the J word paints a certain perspective in the spectators mind but my point is that psychology can only be broken by not being afraid to stay the course of FACTS....

    I conceded deleting 20 comments on the subject and what happens, the subject is made a point of contention again by the person who asked me to remove the comments thus having two results... I am the xenophobe who created the xenophobe blog and those who get away with murder continue to get away with murder....

    So I will not mince words...

    If people want to wallow in fantasy land and pick and choose politically correct sentences then I will walk in a second... I am hardwired to isolate the bullcrap and will never compromise that so I might enjoy some sort of privilege....

    Our power and privilege comes AFTER we isolate and end the psychological gaming of the oppressors...

    and by the waay...readers are smart... they know when something sounds like pandering and something sounds real... if people want real we will have conflict...

    until two things happen... everyone gets up to speed on the psychological tactics that repeat history by gaming us into the same reactions

    and when TROLLS cease to be paid by those who run the game...

    I have been at this 11 years and been through hell so I just as soon walk as stick around and watch as the greased pig continued to elude the grasp of those who think this is fun.

    1. Geno said: "There is a home page...
      on the right is what? 6 articles thus far? click on one and read and comment if you like..."

      Geno - if you go to the home page and try to subscribe to the blog itself, one should be notified when there is a new posting, such as the one you just did on E. Griffin.

      But when I click on this: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) - I am given a page of garbage.... so I am not certain if I am subscribing in the wrong place????

      I can, however, subscribe to the individual post... and am receiving those via email. just not the main page.... Don't mind checking in daily to see if there are new post but I thought you might like to know.

      For what it's worth.

  15. Just some questions muddling around in my mind
    and a century old report.

    NYT June 19, 1912 This links to the exact New York Times article to this archived article. So much gold discovered that it would change the world reserve currency within 10 years.

    What would have been the impact and chaos of this? If it were suddenly physically injected into the world markets over the next ten years when the Sterling[reserve currency], Dollar and other currencies were gold backed and exchangeable?

    Large power factions for an gov.independent central bank in the US were already back in play with renewed fervor since 1902. These alliances were suggesting the need for an independent reserve bank (NLP suggesting repackaged solution to designed problem for years) while priming the bubble pump which popped in 1907 (problem). Sen. Aldrich began making a series of concrete proposals Senate proposals(solutions) beginning Jan 9, 1912.

    Did a group/faction of powerful families like Astor's who suffered a devastating loss in the April 15, 1912 tragedy(Luciferian blood sacrifice?) perhaps realize it was too dangerous to take the money changers on head-on and begin strategizing how to make the common decent men of the world could see fathom and grasp the depths of theft[inflation,confiscation,...] and enslavement[direct fruits of labor taxation]?

    Or perhaps some families who are much older in their family tradition who understood the value in passing down the blessings of thought, wisdom gained and work from themselves and their ancestors to their children, nephews and nieces during family meals, shared and separate work, celebrations, etc.

    1. whether your theory is right or wrong or in between it is the correct way to think... keep thinking what is really going on no matter what the internet or TV gurus say...

      From George Harrison


    I was sent this video and it makes solid points...

  17. Geno - I'm in agreement that we cannot let our speech be tailored, watered down, and controlled. This only serves to leave out the real Truth.

    JOHN - Maybe you can tell us just exactly WHAT is going on, in detail, as to just exactly who and what is causing this over-delay in the RV.
    You have been giving us just a fly-over explanation. There seems to be as much that you don't what you do say.
    ALSO, just exactly WHO is in charge of 'pushing the button''?

    1. A complex web of different co owning or ruling groups and entities.
      1. The Secret Shadow Government are a major player. Agencies included.
      2. The Committee of 300 have Stakes in the game. Major.
      3. Texan Cabals and the Oil Barons are part of the pack.
      4. The 12 Wise Man of which Sr and Jr are 2.
      5. The Israeli/ Jewish/Zionist co Cabals
      6. Chicago power players who are Owed
      7. The collective Owners of the Fed.
      8. Vatican and Jesuit cross power.

      A cross combination of all of this lot and more can derail anything for self interest. Juggling this bunch is what it takes. As the IMF and other Nations now seek to do.

    2. John - I suspect these rascals are trying to find a way to get it for only themselves, and to leave us peons out of it, and thats the hitch. Under the table stuff. Their control of People is to keep them needy.
      Theres only one way to get rid of skunks.

    3. John - You left out my last question up there:
      Just exactly who is in charge of 'pushing the button'?

    4. That is the question we all now ask as Sr is unraveling fast. Go back to the CFR group.

    5. John - and just WHY are these bastards in your above list wanting to prevent the RV? Why, when they also have dinar.

      And in what way is Sr. unraveling?

    6. Abby,

      Very good questions. Fulford just posted that Sr. is in custody being questioned. Maybe that is what John refers to?


    7. I also seem to recall somebody else who publicly called Cottrell a murderer. Anybody else recall this?


    8. Daryl - Hmmm, I'd wish John would respond to your 'question' Sr really in custody. Better yet is he locked up and charged....or are they still afraid of him.

    9. I suspect when you have a small collective of thieves and murderers blackmailing one another it isn't easy to state anything for certain... especially when some of what we know is pure theater with actors playing parts...

      Ever ask a drug addict where they were or where the money is? And their story doesn't make sense?

      In blackmail the people involved say, "if you reveal that, we will reveal that..." So piece by piece the two step has to have certain law groups/authority apply pressure and yet they still answer to the same higher authority and therefore the "arrest" or "detainment" is more for threatening to bite with teeth removed...

      Meanwhile the collectives blackmailing each other continue to try and decide who takes the lesser role and that is always the problem given the blackmail material is pretty nasty on all sides... which leads to the control of the message after the fact.... and everyone wonders if they can control the information if one finally tries to nail another to the cross...

      so bit by tiny bit we seem to get nowhere...

    10. @ darykkuke....tes I recall Cottrell being called that....wasn't it Benjamin....he was asked to retract and Benji said he had sources claiming this and would not retract...i maybe wrong but it rings a bell....

    11. Yes Abby, it would be nice if John would answer the questions. I wonder why he is silent?

      Canauzzie, thanks.

  18. Just one last word on the above subject.... the defense of those who own the game destroy their enemies by labeling them, racist, bigot, xenophobe, etc.

    If people read my screenplays from the 1980s through 1990s you would know I was a bleeding heart liberal trying to save the world from "hate" especially pro_color...

    (My Dad once led us from our Aunts home because she used and ethnic slur...)

    But once I learned all of the liberalism was actually a psychological warfare device not to heal but divide by creating these perceptions of hate... that the more skin color or religion becomes an issue the more it becomes a problem... and that religions for example were never meant to unite but divide... and therefore it became necessary to identify the power structure-- the pecking order and how it works and protects it's chain of command...

    ...the more I realized people need to understand the mechanisms of the con to ever stop ourselves from running off the cliffs...and smack dab into the con artist trap...

    It was then I realized what an idiot I was with the liberal programming and perpetuating that emotional hysteria with my screenplays/stories...

    a good example of this type of Hollywood propaganda is Mississippi Burning... If you know what the game is you know what sophisticated propaganda that film is .... The Gene Hackman character uses emotional hysteria from what in reality was likely a false flag event -- a falsely created empathetic situation brought on by agent provocateurs hurting innocent blacks to create the "justification" of the end justifies the means dirty tricks by the so called good guys to infiltrate the so called bad guys...

    with what we know now about how the FEDS are often the ones creating the "incident" to justify their abuse of power... a movie like this is seemingly 2 dimensional that good guys gotta do what they gotta do to fight bad guys when really there are 3 or 4 more levels to this including the idea that right wing republicans are painted as KKK or Nazis in order for the liberal left to play the role of champion of the under dog when many right wingers know that they are being smeared the same way the Germans got suckered into being reactionary as testified to in the Benjamin Freedman transcript... (see on this blog)

    I will post a KGB agent testimony soon so you can understand the tactic better...


    When I... a person who has spent thousands of hours being empathetic and compassionate to the under dog/minorities... writing my bleeding heart movies to save the world...feels that I am being labeled as a racist/antisemite/bigot for having the guts to confront the sneakiest psychology of all... I just get livid. This is how the psychology is designed... any question and it blows up in your face. continued...

    1. The "some of my best friends are" thing is too trite to attempt... and psychological warfare with the extreme advantage of media has created this emotional hysteria of politically correctness to safe guard the secrets of the mind games by having people react to any stimuli such as pointing out cultural traits however true as a reason to stop discussion dead in its tracks... which in turn stops words which are not the cause of violence but the pressure valve for violence... words and communication and listening is the key.... we are all entitled to be pissed... You think Islam isn't entitled to be pissed or blacks or American Indians?

      So when one looks at all the power positions and sees the same collective largely in those positions who use media to say Islam is the problem what we are seeing is a lie repeated over and over again in the media to make a lie seem true... constant movies vilifying Muslims as crazed terrorists... and when viewed analytically with the simple premise of Que bono...who benefits... we can see Islam as the true victim.... and trust me if they really were the aggressors I would say so just as I am prepared to say up there with the Jews we have a white man contingent who is neck and neck in sneaky sabotage for self enrichment who may or may not constitute part of the Luciferian sect I believe hides behind the all seeing eye...

      (which is a bond of ritual -- I think more than color)

      But the point being we are always being played with sophisticated propaganda that uses emotionalism to nullify logical analysis and divide and conquer using race and religion as an obvious tactic...going so far as to create characters like Archie Bunker to make any person who dares wonder if tribalism isn't actually quite be a buffon...when nature shows us... birds of a feather, like to like... herds sticking multi culturalism is shoved down people's throats not for their own good but to sew imbalance.... to create a reason for more laws, police and especially thought police who erase freedom of thought because fear is assigned to the idea a word is the cause of violence...

      Couple all this with persecution complexes brought about by trauma based incidents in war and we are all walking on egg shells...

      One should resent it and have the guts and smarts to try and explain the con so the con fails to work...

      So though I understand why it so easily blows up in my face and hold no real grudge against those who react as programmed, it still makes me quite angry to be labeled with the very branding I have fought against my entire life...

      And yet...there is nothing wrong with getting really angry... my son was beaten to death by 4 black people and I had to bring him back with CPR... you think I didn't use the N word? God would have it my black neighbor assisted me saving his life so doesn't that speak volumes about how amazing life is?

    2. Geno said, "But the point being we are always being played with sophisticated propaganda that uses emotionalism to nullify logical analysis and divide and conquer using race and religion as an obvious tactic...going so far as to create characters like Archie Bunker to make any person who dares wonder if tribalism isn't actually quite be a buffon...when nature shows us... birds of a feather, like to like... herds sticking multi culturalism is shoved down people's throats not for their own good but to sew imbalance.... to create a reason for more laws, police and especially thought police who erase freedom of thought because fear is assigned to the idea a word is the cause of violence..."

      Yes, that particular attack was aimed at the predominately non-Jew, non-Catholic sector of America that descends from Anglo-Saxon, Scots-Irish Protestantism. Talk about a fiercely tribal culture, albeit imperfect, but poses a real threat to the PTB.

      Their diversity crap is tossed about but they don't want diversity. They want a homogeneous blend of controlled namby pansies who live for entertainment and satisfying their lusts.