Monday, March 25, 2013

The Secret Shadow Government


The secret "shadow" government is the large organisational network which operates alongside the officially
elected and appointed government of the United States of America. Just as with the official government,
 the secret government has functional branches.

Just as with the official government, the Shadow Government has functional branches. However, unlike
the official government, the purpose of the non-executive branches of the Shadow Government is simply
to distribute various functions, but not to achieve a system of checks and balances, as was supposed to
happen constitutionally between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. Government.
That is because the Shadow Government is a creature of a powerful elite, who need not fear being
dominated by an instrument of their own creation.

In the Shadow Government five branches may be identified. These branches are: the Executive Branch,
the Intelligence Branch, the War Department, the Weapons Industry Branch, and the Financial Department.

The reporting lines of the Intelligence Branch and the War Department to the Executive Branch are
straightforward and obvious. Intelligence exists to provide the Executive Branch with sufficient necessary
information to make adequately informed policy decisions. The War Department exists to provide coercive
force to carry out Executive policy decisions which could meet with public resistance. The Special
Operations units within the Intelligence Branch and War Department exist to carry out policy directives
requiring covert action and official deniability.

The Weapons Industry Branch reports to the Executive Branch most often indirectly, through the War
Department and/or the Intelligence Branch (for Black Budget weapons systems).

The Financial Department theoretically reports to the Executive Branch for fiscal policy implementation,
but de facto also reports directly to the international power brokers who have created the Shadow
Government. The Financial Department serves at times directly as their instrument of fiscal policy

An analysis of the overall purposes of these five branches suggests that the overall purpose of the Shadow
Government is to exercise covert control by:

Collecting comprehensive institutional and personal information
By establishing national and international policy independently of the established Government
By developing high-tech arms and equipment, and, with these, establishing small, specialized,
highly mobile, elite military units to effect these covert policies, when need arises, without having to rely
on the official (and "unreliable") Armed Services, (whose subservience to the Shadow Government is
 reasonably suspect)
By developing an armed capability to repel any threat to the status quo, (including the uncertain ontological, social, and economic impacts of any revelation of the reality of UFO and extraterrestrial presence) through the
development of a Star Wars/BMDO ground and space-based surveillance and SDI weapons network
By denying information compromising to the Shadow Government from all those outside "need-to-know"
policy-making levels
By exercising control on the money supply, availability of credit, and the worth of money, through policy
decisions made outside of the official Government
    Council on
    Foreign Relations
    (CFR) includes George Bush, Bill Clinton, all modern CIA Directors, most modern Joint Chiefs of Staff, most modern Cabinet and top Executive Branch appointed officeholders, etc.
    Trilateral CommissionDavid Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, John D. Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Zbignew Brzezinski, Anthony Lake, John Glenn, David Packard, David Gergen, Diane Feinstein, Jimmy Carter, Adm. William Crowe, etc.
    Bilderberg GroupPrince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, Bill Clinton, Lloyd Bentsen, etc.
    National Security Council(NCS), the military and intelligence policy-making and control group for national and international security, which reports directly to the President, its secret 5412 Committee (which directs black [covert] operations), and its PI-40 Subcommittee (aka MJ-12: which exercises policy direction and control of the UFO Cover-Up).
    Joint Chiefs
    of Staff
    (JCS)'s Special Operations compartment, the operations directorate which implements the orders of the NSC's 5412 Committee, utilizing the U.S. Special Forces Command.
    National Program Office(NPO), which operates the Continuity of Government Project (COG), an ongoing secret project to maintain command, control, communication and intelligence executive centers during an extreme National Emergency by operating clandestine, secure, underground cities staffed by surrogates for above ground national leaders.
    Federal Emergency
    Management Agency
    FEMA's black projects compartment, which operates federal preventive-detention camps [often located on military bases or Federal Bureau of Land Management lands], secure underground shelters for the elite during cataclysms, etc.

    National Security
    (NSA), monitors and screens all telephone, telegraph, computer modem, radio, television, cellular, microwave, and satellite communications, and electromagnetic fields "of interest" around the world, and orchestrates information-control and cover-up activities related to UFO secrecy and surveillance of extra-terrestrial operations, Fort Meade, MD.
    National Reconnaissance
    (NRO), controls and collects information from global spy satellites, monitors UFO traffic entering and leaving Earth's atmosphere, coordinates firing of energy beam weapons from orbiting Star Wars satellites at selected human ground and airborne targets and selectively at extra-terrestrial craft, Pentagon basement and Dulles Airport area, VA.
    National Reconnaissance
    (NRO) (aka MJ-TF), the military/intelligence operations arm of the PI-40 Subcommittee, conducts surveillance, interdiction, capture and confiscation of UFOs and their extra-terrestrial occupants for intelligence and "International Security" purposes; surveilles and "interacts" with close encounter experiencers, including occasional physically and sexually assaultive mind control kidnappings disguised as "Alien abductions" for psychological warfare and dis-informational purposes, headquarters unknown, probably compartmented and dispersed among various elite Delta Force Special Operations units, such as the USAF Blue Light at Hurlburt Field, Mary Esther, FL and Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, CA.
    Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), commands, often controls, and sometimes coordinates, the gathering of secret overseas information gathered by spies (HUMINT), electronic surveillance (SIGINT), and other means; carries out covert unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations and preemptive political pacification projects in violation of international law, as well as counter-intelligence sting operations against foreign agents; engages in domestic surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S. political process, "in the National interest" in direct violation of its congressional charter; operates proprietary "false front" companies for profit; conducts a major share of international trans-shipment of illegal drugs, using National Security cover and immunity; and cooperates with NSA's UFO cover-up operations, Langley, VA, and worldwide branches.
    Federal Bureau of Investigation,
    Counter Intelligence Division
    The branch which investigates, surveilles and neutralizes foreign Intelligence agents operating within the U.S., and cooperates with the National Reconnaissance Organization in the surveillance of those involved in close encounters with UFOs and extra-terrestrials.
    Department of Energy Intelligence(DOE-INTEL), which conducts internal security checks and external security threat countermeasures, often through its contract civilian instrumentality, the Wackenhut Corporation.
    NSA's Central Security Service
    CIA's Special Security Office
    Which respectively spy on the spies, and conduct special operations which cannot be entrusted to line intelligence officers, Ft. Meade, MD and Langley, VA.
    U.S. Army Intelligence
    and Security Command
    (INSCOM) whose assignments include psychological and psychotronic warfare (PSYOPS), para-psychological intelligence (PSYINT), and electromagnetic intelligence (ELMINT), Ft. Meade, MD.
    U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence(ONI), which gathers intelligence affecting naval operations, and has a compartmented unit involved in UFO and USO [Unidentified Submerged Objects] information gathering.
    U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations(AFOSI), which gathers intelligence affecting aerospace operations, and has a compartmented unit involved in investigating UFO sightings, extra-terrestrial contact reports, as well as IAC [Identified Alien Craft] surveillance, and coordination with NRO interdiction operations, Bolling Air Force Base, MD.
    Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA), which coordinates the intelligence data gathered from the various Armed Services intelligence branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Special Forces), and provides counter-threat measures, (which include providing security at ultra-classified installations by the deployment of U.S. "Thought Police", who conduct surveillance, by remote viewing and other para-psychological measures, against penetrations and scanning by foreign or civilian remote viewers [clairvoyants/out-of-body seers], Pentagon, VA, Fort Meade, MD, and the entire astral plane.
    NASA IntelligenceWhich gathers intelligence data relating to space flights, sabotage threats, astronaut and reconnaissance satellite encounters with UFOs and ETs, and coordinates the transfer of alien technology to U.S. and allies' aerospace operations.
    Air Force Special Security ServiceWhich is an NSA/USAF joint intelligence operations unit dealing with possible threats to aerospace operations from foreign powers, terrestrial or otherwise.
    Defense Industry Security Command(DISCO), which conducts intelligence operations within and on behalf of the civilian defense contractor corporations engaged in classified research, development, and production.
    Defense Investigative Service(DIS), which conducts investigations into people and situations deemed a possible threat to any operation of the Department of Defense.
    Naval Investigative Service(NIS), which conducts investigations against threats to Naval operations.
    Air Force Electronic Security CommandWhich conducts surveillance and interdiction of threats to the security of Air Force electronic transmissions and telemetry, and to the integrity of electronic countermeasure (ECM) warfare equipment.
    Drug Enforcement Agency
    (DEA) Intelligence
    Which conducts surveillance and interdiction of drug smuggling operations, unless exempted under "National Security" waivers.
    Federal Police Agency IntelligenceWhich coordinates intelligence relating to threats against federal property and personnel.
    Defense Electronic Security CommandWhich coordinates intelligence surveillance and countermeasures against threats to the integrity of military electronic equipment and electronic battlefield operations), Fort Worth, TX.
    Project Deep WaterThe ongoing effects of the compromised personnel, sources and methods resulting from the secret importation of Hitler's own Nazi Intelligence chief, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, to redesign the US's Intelligence apparatus.
    Project PaperclipThe ongoing results of the secret importation of Nazi weapons and aerospace/UFO scientists into U.S. secret military research and development bases.

    CIA's Directorate for
    Science and
    Which gathers information with promise for scientific and technological developments which present a superiority advantage for, or a threat against, the National Security, [also contains the "Weird Desk", which centrally processes intelligence about UFOs and ETs and their interaction with Earth], current Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Science and Technology is Ron Pandolfi.
    Strategic Defense
    Initiative Office
    Ballistic Missile Defense Org.
    Which coordinates research, development and deployment of Star Wars electromagnetic pulse, killer laser, particle beam, plasmoid, and other advanced technology aerospace weapons.
    Department of Energy(DOE) which, besides its cover story of researching cleaner-burning coal and gasoline and more solar power, is principally involved in research and development of: more specialized nuclear weapons; compact, self-sustaining, fusion powered, particle and wave weapons, including electromagnetic pulse, gravitational/anti-gravitational, laser, particle beam and plasmoid applied weapons research; high energy invisibility "cloaking" technology, etc.
    Lawrence Livermore
    National Laboratories
    Sandia National
    Which are involved in nuclear warhead "refinements", development of new transuranic elements for weapons and energy applications, development of anti-matter weapons (the Teller Bomb: 10,000 times the force of a hydrogen bomb), laser/maser technology applications, and, reportedly, successful teleportation experiments, among other projects, at this Russian nicknamed "City of Death"), Livermore, CA.
    Idaho National Engineering Laboratories(INEL), which houses numerous underground facilities in an immense desert installations complex larger than Rhode Island, has security provided by its own secret Navy Base, is involved in nuclear, high energy electromagnetic, and other research, and includes Argonne National Laboratory, West), Arco, ID
    Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
    Phillips Air Force Laboratory
    Which are sequestered on Kirtland Air Force Base/Sandia Military Reservation, and conduct the translation of theoretical and experimental nuclear and Star Wars weapons research done at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories into practical, working weapons), Albuquerque, NM.
    Tonopah Test RangeSNL's DOE weapons testing facility for operationally testing Star Wars weapons in realistic target situations, and is adjacent to classified stealth and cloaked aerospace craft and United States-UFO bases at the Groom Lake [USAF/DOE/CIA] Base [Area 51] and Papoose Lake Base [S-4]), Nevada Test Site/Nellis AFB Range, Tonopah, NV.
    Haystack (Buttes) USAF Laboratory,
    Edwards AFB, CA
    A 30 levels deep, extreme security facility reportedly engaged in alien technology retro-engineering.
    Los Alamos National LaboratoriesThe premiere research lab for nuclear, subatomic particle, high magnetic field, exometallurgical, exobiological and other exotic technologies research, Los Alamos County, NM.
    Area 51/Groom Lake
    (USAF/DOE/CIA) Base)
    S-4 (Papoose Lake Base)
    Ultra-secure "non-existent" deployment bases where extremely classified aerospace vehicles are tested and operationally flown, including the Aurora hypersonic spyplane, the Black Manta [TR-3A] stealth fighter follow-on to the F-117A, the Pumpkinseed hyper-speed unmanned aerospace reconnaissance vehicle, and several variants of anti-gravitational craft (U.S.-UFOs).
    U.S. Special Forces CommandHurlburt Field, Mary Esther, Fl, along with its Western U.S. Headquarters, Special Forces Command, Beale AFB, Marysville, CA, coordinating:
    • U.S. Army 'Delta' Forces (Green Berets)
    • U.S. Navy SEALs (Black Berets), Coronado, CA.
    • USAF Blue Light (Red Berets) Strike Force
    Defense Advanced Research
    Projects Agency
    (DARPA), which coordinates the application of latest scientific findings to the development of new generations of weapons.
    The Jason GroupElite weapons application scientists, developing cutting-edge science weapons for DARPA, and operating under the cover of the Mitre Corporation.
    Aquarius GroupUFO technology application scientists, reportedly working under the guidance of the Dolphin Society, an elite group of scientists privy to extremely classified science and technology findings.
    Defense Science BoardWhich serves as the Defense Department's intermediary between weapons needs and the physical sciences.
    Defense Nuclear AgencyCurrently concentrating on fusion powered, high energy particle beam, X-ray laser, and EM forcefield weapons development and deployment.
    U.S. Space CommandSpace War Headquarters for operating "the next war, which will be fought and won in space", Falcon AFB, CO.
    North American Aerospace
    Defense Command
    (NORAD), operating the nuclear survivable space surveillance and war command center deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO.
    Air Force Office of Space SystemsWhich coordinates the development of future technology for operating and fighting in space.
    National Aeronautics
    and Space Administration
    (NASA), which operates covert space defense, ET research, and space weapons compartments, in addition to manned Shuttle and unmanned scientific satellite launches.
    NASA's Ames Research CenterWhich conducts the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Project, Exobiology (alien life forms) Division, and "Human Factors" (PSY-Warfare) Division), Sunnyvale, CA.
    Project Cold EmpireSDI weapons research - Classified
    Project SnowbirdPseudo-UFO's used as misinformation.
    Project AquariusUFO research - Classified
    Project MILSTARDevelopment and deployment of WW III [space war] command, control, communication and intelligence satellites.
    Project Tacit RainbowStealth drones/pseudo-UFO's.
    Project TimberwindNuclear powered space vehicles.
    Project Code EVASpace walk based technology.
    Project Cobra MistSDI energy -beam (plasmoid?) weapon research.
    Project Cold WitnessSDI weapons - Classified

    Stanford Research
    Institute, Inc.
    An Intelligence contractor involved in psychotronic, para-psychological and PSY-WAR research.
    AT&TSandia Labs, Bell Labs, etc. Star Wars weapons research and NSA telephone/satellite communications interception facilitation.
    RAND CorporationCIA-front involved in Intelligence projects, weapons development, and underground bases development.
    Edgerton, Germhausen & Greer
    NSA/DOE contractor involved in Star Wars weapons development, fusion applications, and security for Area 51 and nuclear installations, etc.
    Wackenhut Corporation(NSA/CIA/DOE cut-out contractor) involved in contract security operations for Top Secret Ultra and Black Budget surface and underground military reservations, such as Area S-4 (U.S. UFO base), NV and Sandia National Labs, (Star Wars weapons base), NM), and, reportedly, "dirty jobs" for CIA and Defense Intelligence agencies.
    Bechtel CorporationCIA's main contractor for covert projects and experimental underground bases.
    United Nuclear CorporationMilitary nuclear applications.
    Walsh Construction CompanySeems to undertake CIA projects contracts.
    Aerojet (Genstar Corp.)Makes DSP-1 Star Wars battle satellites for the NRO.
    Reynolds Electronics EngineeringSeems to undertake CIA and DoD projects.
    Lear Aircraft CompanyBlack budget technology.
    Northrop CorporationMakes U.S. anti-gravity craft, back-engineered from alien technology, near Lancaster, CA.
    Hughes AircraftClassified projects compartment.
    Lockheed-Martin CorporationBlack Budget aerospace projects.
    McDonnell-Douglas CorporationBlack Budget aerospace projects.
    BDM CorporationCIA contractor, involved in UFO back-engineering and psychotronic projects, etc.
    General Electric CorporationElectronic warfare and weapons systems.
    PSI-TECH CorporationInvolved in military/Intelligence applications of research into psychotronics, parapsychology, remote viewing, and contacting extra-terrestrial consciousness.
    Science Applications International Corp.(SAIC) - "black projects" contractor, reportedly including psychic warfare.

    Federal Reserve
    Cartel of private banks overseen by elite super-wealthy financiers, such as the Rockefellers, Mellons, DuPonts, Rothschilds, etc., which dictates to the Government the flow of money, worth of money, and the interests rates.
    CIA self-financingThe operation and/or control of much of the international drug trade in heroin, cocaine and marijuana, as well as "front" business enterprises, as a source of cash for off-the-books covert operations, and the purchase of exotic munitions and strategic bribe funds.
    Department of Justice
    the use of confiscated money and valuables from "targets of investigation" to finance "special projects".
    Special Forces
    The self-use of confiscated money from covert military operations to fund other clandestine operations.

    The Illuminati

    A masonic sect founded in Bavaria in 1776 that claimed the illuminating power of Christ resided with it alone. (Collins Dictionary)


    1. darylluke

      Does this keep it real for you? Real insight and knowledge? It will open a lot of eyes and help you all.

      1. John;

        Is the Committee of 300 also part of the shadow government.

      2. URL will not open

      3. looks like the NSA has scrubbed these sites as they direct you to garbage or server not found. Hmmm....Methinks the Bush boys and gals are a bit nervous?

      4. I scrubbed them all together...

      5. Stormyweather
        Part of Yes, but there are so many more.
        We will address issues weekly for you to help.
        Tri Laterals,
        The Bush/Clinton Crime Families.
        The Israeli/ Zionist Agenda.
        FRB New York, and Racketeering Bank Conspirators behind.
        The Vatican's Knights of Malta Agenda.
        The Round Table.(major hidden one)
        The old Majestic 12.
        The Committee of 12 Wise Men.
        It branches out from there.

        Why are ONLY Jews and Zionists in all top Fed and Treasury jobs locking all others out with a stranglehold on the money? Not a Monopoly but a TOTAL Oligopoly.

      6. Thanks John, sorry I jumped you on this subject but the way you phrased it before sounded like you were letting them off and saying Geno is OTT on the subject... I wouldn't mind if these people weren't proactive in their punishing of anyone who speaks out... we need more voices not less... regardless of the intimidation, we have to ask our self chosen superiors to pretty please with sugar on top try hard to see they stink like everyone else... and that monopoly is supposed to be quite illegal...

    2. G & J;

      Post today here worth a look. Sorry it is OT, but in the end it ties.

      Before you scoff at his writings, look at some of his scientific work which includes CO2 as a solid at room temperature. Something present science will say is impossible.

    3. and to think my shadow has been doing all this behind my back...

      1. Like you, he's been trying to do it in plain sight with his Foundation, lectures and UBS sticks with his technology for anybody that cares to ask.

        Odd how few ask.....

      2. those that ask questions some times take a break and just sigh a lot...

    4. Just an FYI; most of the articles/links above have been scrubbed.

    5. The net on all Free Speech and Internet is closing fast.

      1. freedom is over rated... master.... lol...

    6. Where do YouTube and other Internet
      trolls come from?

      Here's proof that at least some of them are government paid employees, agents and contractors.


      1. ... And they continue to get away with ... Someone once told me that the New Orleans debacle was practice for the FEMA camps.... Can we force them into one place and make them stay?

    7. John,

      The layers are so many and so deep.... I look at the list above and feel overwhelmed.

      You then go to the website and read the article:
      Department of Homeland Security Insider Update: "It Has Begun.", page 1

      I already feel defeated and maybe I shouldn't say that openly... But it is reality.... Out of 300 million people, maybe a couple of mil, if that get it.... And that is probably a high number.

      1. Yes. The problem is, the Elitists have such contempt for the masses, they are tactically so advantaged it's now becoming only a question of when. We allowed a Super Power to develop which became a Secret Government Monster. Instead of Machines destroying Man, Man themselves will. When they view the populace with such indifference and contempt, where is humanity? The political indifference and naive stupidity of the masses is leading them into their own end game. When a farm herd of anything becomes too big, you reduce the herd or flock.
        Tactically, Man is becoming unaffordable as a species where Welfare costs are simply unsustainable. The Old,Sick, Injured, Impaired and Unemployed become economically surplus to need. It all comes down to money, which they have blown! So, with the CFR and Tri Laterals tucked away in Bildeberger conferences, where will it end?
        Badly, thats for sure.
        All they need is to reduce the masses, and problem gone. But the masses, glued to dumbed down TV, are clueless as to what is about to envelope them. If the Dollar and Banks collapse, envisage the reality of 7 Billion without food,water, medical support,education, no power, no gas, no hope! Mad Max time. The State Elitists can not self occupy the planet with their perceived herds of human swine at large, so what will they do to remove the threat to their domains? Take it as a Given, that is well planned. Yet man slumbers on beyond the precipice. The Shadow elite feel nothing but contempt for the defeated masses. A surplus herd, just trouble waiting to happen. In a heart beat this can all unfold. Why do you think the Bushes, Cheyny,Soros and other Neocons have their bolt holes for when this comes down? Safe from the chaos they will leave behind. Now you see the depth of what faces us as portrayed for you. Waffling about religions won't help anyone. It never has. Reality is, the Monster is within us, it's us!

      2. Back to our regularly scheduled programming I see.

        So, dire as it is, is there still a reasonable chance to get out of this democide gigamurder situation? I will assume so because we are all sitting here doing what we can, each at our respective levels in the system.

        As an aside, and it bears repeating for the useful idiots that think they will be on top in the new world order: Bioweapons mutate. I don't care how clever the bioweapons people have been. If it's alive, it will mutate. Your vaccines won't work. Dead, only later. As to anything else planet-killing, humans are not in any real sense of the word, separate from the biology of the ecosystem. Kill the planet, kill yourself. Don't believe me... go ask your so-called experts... put them on the spot. Ask them to guarantee no mutation. Ask them what I mean by "not being separate". They know if they are competent. If they don't, do you really want to gamble the planetary and galactic future of yourselves on the opinions of incompetents?

        And if you allow the system to collapse, do you really think the survivors won't find you? Do you really think there isn't enough talent, when law and order goes bye-bye and you don't have retaliatory law restraining them, that said talent won't hunt you down?

        Walk away from this democide gigamurder concept and turn your energies into first salvaging the system and then building a Humanity to be proud of. Much can be done to square the life-curve of the masses so that all Old and Infirm won't be an issue.

        As to employment, free the entrepreneur class. It's an old axiom, but it's visible on inspection. ANY sum of money can run an economy IF prices are allowed to readjust. Which means that the economy needn't pancake down flat. Given freedom to act with core law (no force, no fraud, no threat of force)but without insane regulatory laws as barriers to entry, the entrepreneur class will re-employ everyone.

        It can be done.

      3. They know vaccines don't work... the vaccines aren't to cure disease they are to plant the seed for disease...

        Watch a medicine commercial's side effects and ask yourself what are the long term side effects of vaccines...

        These ingredients plant themselves in organs and blood, the heavy metals are well known to be bad...

        Now plant the seed they already know will mutate with something they put in a chemtrail


        population reduction...

        mutation is the goal not the fail...

      4. I do not doubt the democidal nature of the chemtrail. Until proven benign nothing this government does is above suspicion and common prudence dictates asking "what else does xyz do?".

        What I can tell you as someone schooled in multiple arts that it can't happen as you describe. The human body is exquisite against pathogens. The closest you could come is either a virus-virus combo or bacteria-virus combo or bacteria-bacteria. Fungi are out because the immune response would be instantaneous and violent. Two passive bacteria that shed two separately benign chemicals that together block life processes is not outside the technical capability of the present without invoking alien tech.

        However, all three combos above suffer the same shortcoming I mentioned. It WILL mutate as sure as the sun rises. You might get population reduction but the elite survivors will suffer death at the hands of the new mutations. Especially when the stuff jumps cross-species.

        Bioweapons have not been used in warfare for one reason - boomerang effect. You can't shield yourself over the long run.

        While it is possible that some in the Shadow Gov are plumb stupid, I doubt most are.

      5. @probabilitybroach,
        Thanks for the insight. On the face of it, what you say makes sense...

        My concern is that the "4th" or "5th" floor missed the memo that this wouldn't/couldn't work and they are still on "go" ... meaning so many are involved [so many layers] and not all are informed the mission is a "no go"... just a thought... :)

        And while I don't like the possibility of being wiped out by the PTB, the boomerang effect makes it palatable.

      6. I will defer to your education but I'm sort of using chentrails as an example of a"delivery system"...

        We know they spend billions financing gern warfare... GMO and Monsanto... Chemicals at Dupont, Union Carbide...etc. We tend to believe what we hear that depopulation is a goal...

        Vaccines and Medicines kill many... and it seems as though their is no accountability and in my opinion/theory... they just put the medicines on TV..."ask your doctor" so they can legally test them by having you ask to try them....

        but back to the means to deliver their weapons... what better way than to have us eat them, breathe them, drink them and ask for them...

        filthy water is a delivery system... a water plant could be a delivery system...

        but again, clearly as we watch movie and TV show after movie and TV show sell us on "outbreaks" it doesn't take a genuis to see they are up to something and I will say this again too...

        this may all be designed to freak us out and provoke civil war...riots...hysteria...

        I have a friend who is connected and he told me they have a weapon in space they plan on using the second they create the chaos they are looking for... a weapon that sees everything....nowhere to hide...

      7. Bah. Educated smeducated. They pulled a democide gigamurder ploy right under our noses to the point that the gun is at our temple. (And I thought I was being irrationally ambitious trying to cure cancer!) So much for education! Ambassador Raab suggested politics to me as a young boy. I should have listened.

        Agreed. The chemtrails are a delivery mechanism, and in a centralized society they can use hydraulic despotism, withdrawing services to trigger all sorts of malarky and chaos. What would happen to LA if power went out for 14 days? Water out for 7 days?

        As to space-based weapons, I can talk to a few folks at my monthly scientists gig and see how much power is required to fry you from orbit. Due to inverse-square law, even at 100 miles LEO it's a lot. And it gets worse the higher the orbit. I suppose fusion could get you there on the power requirements. I'll check.

      8. John, again, regarding your comments on "welfare"

        This is the great misconception IMO...

        sure, everyone having good decent jobs as some sort is better than waiting on the mailman...

        But the words "cannot afford" is just baloney....

        We all know we are talking quadrillions of insane numbers assigned to pieces of paper and assigned to hunks of metal...

        Those numbers assigned could be any number... It's simple math to take 7 billion people and assign a floor.... the floor being some sort of food, water, shelter and healthcare...

        The pay for it is a huge lie since the people screaming this are the ones who created this bullcrap game for self enrichment that created wars to take over countries and resources and kill innocent people... that is a criminal conspiracy and murder in the first degree... people guilty of murder don't get to keep what they steal lawfully...

        But we have this chaos of weapons and drug dealers and sex slavers and organ harvesters and mafias etc. with billions in hidden accounts who don't want to pay for the billions of people who get checks in their mailboxes...

        Even those who somehow tried to keep their billions seemingly clean are likely quite guilty of many things like toxic dumping, polluting, and cronyism that includes racketeering sort of control grids in their favor...

        The billion welfare recipients is simply just another assigned value/number to pay them to eat cheese burgers and die... to be too fat to riot... that 600 dollars a month is hardly PAID FOR by government or the rich when for one thing our birth certificates are traded on the stock exchange and for another thing...

        we were purposely dumbed down and taught nothing of real value in school... 8 out of 10 kids given all the reason to fail and not feel they have a chance...

        All of this by design... in a real world of justice... a civil class action suit should be able to be brought against all government for purposely with negligence and malice of forethought targeting the general population...

        This is where the heavily Jewish left wing lawyers use to be champions of the under dog... finding ways to hold the elite corporations and controllers of money responsible... (of course that too was a long term plan to destroy justice)

        But what we truly have is an elite that created this mess PURPOSELY and they sooooooo want the killing to begin and to rationalize it... blaming the poor for being poor in this shit system is like blaming the dog for crapping on the rug when left home alone for a week...

        The answers reside in a decision... the decision not to kill people but find true ways of helping them to help themselves and this is all simple math...

        There is plenty of work to get done... and paying for it is simply assigning value to almost everything and value needs to have tiers that correlates with what resources exist and land mass... there is plenty for everyone...

      9. Geno
        I help because I care.

        Your misconception, with respect, is even thinking the power Elite give a damn.They don't. I will never forget the venal and manic laugh of Jr 41 mimicking a death row woman pleading in the death chamber not to kill, but pardon her. He laughed and mimicked her desperate plea. A cruel and vile reaction of an evil man with no compassion for someone about to die. He came to gloat. I don't condone her crime, but his ugly, cruel and cold indifference stays with me. No compassion, this alcoholic, ex Junky,whose left almost a million dead in Iraq, but never published. He mass slaughtered with weapons supremacy and indifference. They- don't care. To them, removal of a species is more tenable. How can you appeal for humane compassion from these shallow Nazis? Geno, these are the Mongol Hoards, now ensconced within.America has fallen to the Neocons. Nazi families with Fourth Reich mentalities. Paraguayan Nazi bolt holes. Hello?

      10. well I agree with the psychopathy being the problem we face but why even suggest the welfare class is the problem... The problem are the psychos... the psychos benefit from people being mad at the person who gets welfare.. it diverts attention from them...

        What I speak of is math...

        You are a math about we begin with 7 billion people and figure out the floor, then a way to get everyone what they need and then a schedule of work based on skillsets...

        no one has to work more than 20 hours a week with that many people...

        Then once the plan is in place then we look at the psychos and ask the 7 billion to help us form a massive militia with a list of people to arrest...wait for them to go golfing and baddabingbaddaboom...handcuffs, and maybe some tar and feathers...

        Hell we can make the whole project a reality show...

    8. One of the rules of a successful disinformation campaign is to draw upon the overall umbrella of events surrounding a crime and the multitude of players and events; and then paint the entire affair as too complex to solve. This causes those who would otherwise follow the matter to begin to lose interest more quickly without having to address the actual issues.

      This is appears to be more than just an allegation. Where it's being published and not because of the source may allow it to gain the currency necessary to clearly, as well as plainly for the uninitiated worshipers, reveal to the world that the emperor, indeed, has no clothes.

      Even the more cynical among us can maintain some degree of interest because of who the actors are and connect these dots. Of course, everything begins with desire.

      "Down goes Frazier; down goes Frazier"...

      1. @Hugh - I was surprised to see Veteran's Today posting Ben Fulford... have they done this before?

      2. He's been referenced there before. When he's quoted it's usually accompanied with the obligatory caveat of "consider the source" addendum. As far as I know that's the first article of his that has been posted in full. The editors there, in particular senior editor Gordon Duff, must have felt the content was relevant and worthy of disseminating.

        I respect the writers at VT including Duff, although I think he has an agenda of some kind. He will chastise Obama in one piece and then spend time in another article extolling his virtues. It reeks of disinfo.

        I'll say this much, he's one smart SOB.

      3. I agree about the site... I, too, have questioned Duff's allegiance... however, my belief is at the time he was making such statements about O, it was b/c O was the lesser of the two evils in play... meaning obama v. romney. But I also agree he has some kind of agenda in play... and he does have great intellect.

        I have exchanged emails with J. Dean and he reads as an upstanding guy trying to fight for our country... at least, he portrayed this in his emails to me...

      4. sort of proud of this...

        I'm the Geno in the article...

      5. You should be proud; after all you're just doing what comes "naturally"?

        On behalf of all "keyboard patriots"; thank you....

      6. the exchange on that was much longer... certainly vicious and telling..

        and Ringo I may be the biggest fool to ever hit the big time...

    9. William Lyne opines that Relativism was intended to wipe "ether physics" from the mind of the scientific world, because the media giants, owned and controlled by the industrial giants and international banking interests, feared the consequences of an ether science which would destroy their monolithic control and interests.

      I think that we're being set up (desensitized) with all this recent "alien" UFO talk in order to introduce the shadow government's secret space program and all that it portends. Another manufactured crisis but this time an off world alien threat to get us to run to them for protection.

      Very interesting read:

      1. good to hear your perspective Hugh... always a smart addition...

    10. Hugh
      When you study the sheer scale of what is both hidden but mass operating,the dichotomy is which bad ending will be attempted and what is plan B to clean up the rest? We gave you an overview of the operating units in reality. the scale and sophistication of the recovery tasks.

    11. In a recent dream I was standing on a platform at what seemed to be a railroad depot underneath an elevated train supported by these massive, vertical and well weathered oxidizing iron girders. The sun played peek-a-boo, casting an intermitant shadow on my face as the el raced by overhead leaving the impression that I was in Chicago for some reason. Plastered on the walls of the platform where I stood were dozens of posters in which Obama is portrayed as the surreal "Joker". Below his face on each poster were words that at first were hard to discern; they only came into view after I felt a great deal of anguish which turned to an intense fear when the words were temporarily clear enough to read. I could only read one and so I must assume that they all said the same thing and that was April 1. Stranger still were the individual and identical suitcases that sat below each poster of the "Joker" as if in formation like a squadron of trained troops ready to march on command when given their orders. What happened next is fading from my memory but I do recall the ground beneath my feet starting to tremble and then a tremendous flash as everything turned white; it was so bright as to overwhelm the sun. That's about all I can recall.

      Attempts at analyzing the dream have been futile. However, I do recall reading somewhere that a very wealthy hedge fund manager (are there any poor hedge fund managers?) had bought millions of dollars worth of put options on what I believe was the CME (Chicago Merchantile Exchange) and that maybe they are set to expire on March 31, which is the end of this fiscal quarter and, of course, the day before the date on the poster seen in my dream; April 1. Also, there have been some rumors, speculation that a suitcase size nuclear device has been smuggled into the country with a final destination of Chicago via our porous southern border with Mexico. Rumor has it that this device will be detonated only as a last resort by the cabal if they're unable to gain the popular support necessary for a conventional, frontal assault on Iran. The nuke, of course would be blamed on Iran and be the pretext for all the hell that would surely follow. By way of deception, thou shalt do war.

      I know this doesn't make much sense to many but it sure felt real to me when it was happening and then to have read those stories about the put options and then suitcase nuke; hmm.

      I would only add that I'm glad I'm not living in Chicago. BTW, does anyone have his mayorship's itinerary; is Rahm going on spring break this year?

      1. Hugh - I just read Tom Heneghan reporting that 'the us-french military intelligence forces stated that the bush-clinton crime family is planning a false flag for BY April 1.
        Apparently they are trying to prevent the Wanta Funds mandatory to go into effect on April 1, and Wanta is receiving hourly threats from this Cabalist family.

        So maybe your dream isnt so whacky afterall. ? I'm sure they are being watched closely, however. A LOT is on the Table right NOW, not just the Wanta Protocols.

        Makes one wonder just what does it take to wipe out these scoundrels. Oops, I forgot; they prefer to use diplomacy.

    12. I doubt heavily Jewish Chicago will blow themselves up...

      1. A few sayanim pawns sacrificed to obtain a positional advantage in the quest for world domination can easily be excused.

        Nevertheless, I regret being downwind from Chi'town.

      2. no, if anything gets nuked it will be coastal where the wind blows out... I'm pretty convinced this isn't countries against countries but elite against us... they are actually pretty screwed as long as the masses continue to do nothing but watch them squirm... hey, front row seats...

      3. Re Chicago Jews, Geno stop assuming the Lotus position and praying!

    13. For your bedtime reading, the excellent NonViolent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points

    14. And a ZeroHedge article that I am finding very useful tonight in making my case to a friend. You will too:

    15. Geno,

      Of course this is an excellent blog.

      I did logistics for the United States Postal Service for three decades and looking at a lot of the fear mongering going on the internet I simply will have to say that things are bad but....not all that bad as it were....the USPS army of workers in the lakeland district in the Midwest is about 15000 employees....with contractors and UPS and FedEx as privatized entities of USPS bringing that total to maybe....25000 folks....with huge and I mean an absolutely huge infastructure....and this is just Wisconsin and the UP....

      The department of homeland security even with all its guns and bullets is a joke for a national do you get all those buggies in position and all of those men in position and of course all of the guns ammo and supply lines....their budget is not even close to be enough....the USPS's budget selling stamps at a small loss is about 70 billion...homeland security with total funding and no revenue of 35 billion mostly for their shitty job at our air ports and tremendous waist from their private contractors....

      We had a hard enough time getting the mail out with out thinking about taking on a hostile armed society...and where I live that is what you have and Obama is the best gun salesmen I ever saw....

      Of course they could use bio-weapons or space based or psyotronics...but of course every agency is full of patriots just waiting for the go ahead to clean out the shit.....will this happen? I hope so....and I believe guys like Gordon Duff and VT are on our side many ex military and spooks....

      My pay grade was transportation logistics.....Gordon Duff is way above that and is a guy I think a lot of.....


    16. John,

      Thank you for everything you do to try to get those Global Settlements released.

      Is TMan still in Reno?


      1. Yes and the GS are the key from which the Taxes will pay the rest. Your Top Boys ( Brass ) work 24 x 7 shits and so do we. It is relentless with no quarter given. This is a full War of Attrition! Again, 2 big dogs can not eat or live off a meal for one so one dog ( Cabal) won't be happy. The only shape-shifting which will take shape here is their phasing out as corrupt control is lost. Their end game is coming.

      2. Darylluke
        Sorry, missed the f out of Shifts, but it feels like it often!

      3. Tman and Reno.
        Yes, I think his teeth are locked in the Toilet seat in frustration!

      4. John, do we have any hope in the near future of the GS and dinar to RV? I had heard talk of moving the Reno operation to Canada...that did not sound plausible, but who knows what one hears.

        You had mentioned before that it could be possible in a week, or in 3 weeks, I think.

        Also, how is Christine Legarde holding up with the recent cabal attacks upon her?

        I like hearing that their endgame is coming... I hope and pray so. Please give us news of success to that it is wonderful news to our ears.

        And as darylluke says, THANKS for all the hard work and the shifts and all that! ;0

      5. Huge pressure in on daily with the GS. The battle is with Historical Debt and Chicanery. Having spent it on reckless activities, they now begrudge paying back what was never theirs. Removing funds propping up a Fiat / Ponzi pyramid takes time. Also the criminal Political families make so much weekly from them. Time scales are impossible. It's a by the day thing. They have subverted the Constitution so badly, there is no Justice process.They own it. With groomed criminals in place as Gatekeepers in each key role.
        What you have are Al Capones posing as Political elite, or City Mayors. Criminal Zionists sucking up ever dime in Banking. Gung Ho Agencies peddling drugs, or chasing tail! Impotent and compromised Supremes. A Military Industrial Cabal which survives by mass genocide!
        Le Guarde is facing 20 years old dead meat charges.
        Yes, the End Game is coming, but its also YOURS if we don't stop them. The West now hangs over the cliff. Society has no idea how perilous it really is. There is no plan B. Mad Max or we turn this mess around.
        It CAN be done, but who in the Military will step up and round up these scumbags en masse? They are entrenched like tapeworms. They truly believe they own America as their Fiefdom right. By mindset alone they hold you all as Chattels with indifference. Dinars may be Reno or Atlanta. The pallets are the key it has to near a major airport. Canada is still possible for secrecy if needed. Dinars will only be done after the part GS. It is possible by the day, but which day, or week? Lew is the new boy on the block.It takes time.

      6. well i hope this gets done soon...if it gets moved to Canada and it happens to be my city....tell Tman he has a place to stay... :)

      7. @abby,

        Take note Reno was mentioned several times above... I am sorry I haven't follow through with your request... My day job has been an unbelievable drainer thus far this week. However, there are many conversations concerning Reno and it would be hard press to put them in this blog ...

        Is there anyway you could give Abby the short version of the significance of Reno w/ relation to the GS & RV?

      8. Get Real -- Thanks. I honestly don't know how I ever missed the details of what reno is all about. All I ever saw was reno being mentioned, nothing else.

    17. Hugh,

      It is my understanding that options expire on the close of trading on the third Friday of the respective month(s).


    18. Check out this website on TI's

      What do you all think of this Senator's investigation into the govt. targeting individuals? Sometimes, I wonder if it's their way of seeing who will squeak off their handlers, all the while keeping them in their grasp.

      And why copy the President? The last couple of presidents appear to be Manchurians, so how will that help?

    19. Geno, I thought you would like reading this one:


      1. Let's hope they go for the jugular....

        I read his Pulitzer Prize Winning book...

        He shot himself twice in the face you know... suicide by redundancy...

      2. Geno,
        It was an assassination, yet gets called a suicide declared by a corrupted coroner no doubt. Remember all those dozens of "suicides" regarding Mena, AR when Clinton was governor there?

      3. yes.... and they like to make it obvious.... but I am also of the suspicion people get relocated... shooting the face would be perfect then right?