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Targeted Individuals (Not Fun)

Ms. Casagrande: Oh, no problem. I am here as a representative of victims of telebiostimulation and control. If you'll turn your page, I have a definition just for those of you who aren't familiar with the technology, and what it's all about. Telebiostimulation and control is the manipulation of biological processes by the use of telemetry. This technology tapped into the networks of research or targeted living organisms and input signals into the organisms neuronetworks. Telebiostimulation and control were used in neural networks where the brain goes beyond simply recording thoughts as they are processed within the mind. Instead, technology is capable of placing thoughts, feelings, sounds directly into the mind and relaying signals to muscles, making them contract and/or release. A little bit about myself. I am an engineer. I have a masters degree. I have worked for one of the Big Three in Detroit. This technology is being used on myself, and subsequently I have lost a lot of my life. I am now working again. I'm a senior engineer for a small firm and trying to regain my life. And I'm here today to explain the technology and try to add credibility to what's going on out there. The next page is a listing of nonprofit organizations that are either existing or becoming existing, not something most mental patients usually do. We are forming. We are gathering together, and we will be a viable force if we have anything to do with it.

Targeted Individuals [TIs] Direct Energy Weapons, Mind-Control and the CIA Torture Matrix

Beaverton : OR : USA | Feb 01, 2009 at 3:26 AM PST
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Targeted Individuals [TIs] Direct Energy Weapons, Mind-Control and the CIA Torture Matrix [02.01.2009] By Bob Levin, When the government releases technological information to the public for dissemination, very often the science is watered down and at a minimum already ten years old. Although interesting on some level, this information also acts as a reverse technique to psychologically comfort or worry depending on the application for distractions to hold your attention in place [chew baits as I term them] while Targeted Individuals are continually being herded into the Virtual Death Camp Environment. Look into the wake of history to understanding yourself in the present moment as a Targeted Individual [TI] or as a Human Test Animal [HTA] within a “deep state” black project often shrouded beneath the misnomer title of a U.S. Federal Government Program; e.g. the Federal Witness Protection Program [WitSec] with a hidden agenda and ulterior motive in direct conflict with its mandate and others that serve as boiler-plating to conceal the conversion of government funds into black project money laundering operations. Begin with the end of WWI and in 1920 with George Herbert Walker, Prescott Bush and the pro-Nazi American oligarchies still in power today laundering the financial dealings of the Nazi Industrial Complex during WWII and the Jewish Holocaust against the United States of America and the free world for the continuation of the “New World Order” espoused by Adolf Hitler and George H.W. Bush. Understand the perpetuation of the medium of endless wars for profits by the false prophets of the Military Industrial Complex and the U.S. Congress who are paid-off with unreported hidden legislative earmarks beneath the veil of villain verses hero scenarios and blackops events cousin to that of “Operation Northwoods.” Continue though the layers of historical records with Rockefeller’s protégé John McCloy who later became the head of the World Bank and as High Chancellor to Occupied Germany overturned 75% of the Nuremberg Tribunal verdicts to begin the importation of 1600 Nazi SS war criminals to America under the OSS/CIA’s “Operation Paperclip.” Once established in America and Canada the CIA continued the evolutionary genocidal formulas originated with the Nazi SS in the Auschwitz–Birkenau Concentration Camps [built by Karl “the architect” Rove’s grandfather]. This attempt to create a “Manchurian Candidate” through systemic genocidal practices on unknowing and knowing human test animals continued under the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Program [Bluebird, Artichoke and approximately 250 subprojects in the U.S. and Canada]. The MK-ULTRA Program was the “Manhattan Project” of Mind-Control or “Brainwashing.” With unsatisfactory results under MK-ULTRA that caused the staged murder/suicide of Dr. Fran Olson in 1953, the suspicious death of CIA Chief Bill Colby three days before he could testify [replaced at the CIA by George H.W. Bush] and lest we forget the most recent alleged suicide from the Fort Detrick, MD classified facility of Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, the CIA moved their operation to Canada to perform the KUBARK experiments where the CIA Torture Matrix evolved into a training manual for interrogation and torture. KUBARK remained the standard systemic genocidal tool for use by the “deep state” against Targeted Individuals [TIs] within the “public state” and for the Export of Prostituted Constitutional Democracy around the world. The CIA Torture Matrix evolved further with blackops programs beneath the veils of Abu Ghraib Prison and Hurricane Katrina. The CIA Torture Matrix consists of: 1. Causing Self-Inflicted Harm; 2. Sensory Disorientation; 3. Attacking Individual Fears; and 4. Attacking Cultural Identity. Together the application of these ingredients becomes terrorism and torture through various methods. From the defective groupthink of messianic hypomaniacs within the “deep state” infrastructure under the Bush-Cheney administration and others, the entirety of our nation and the free world of human beings have systematically been eroded through systemic genocidal tactics and techniques to accept layers of insidious to blatant Mind-Control Programming. These crimes against humanity deaden the Sovereign Thought Process with a form of Stockholm Syndrome and create a Putrefied Toxic Society where meaningful lives are transformed into an existence of Adjunct Human Slavery within a Virtual Death Camp Environment. Psychologically this cocoons the mind into a “bubble boy” existence and physically changes the brain’s neurology and nervous system while destroying the individual sense of self-identity in human beings. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] follows on average at 24 days with the onset of mental illness, hopelessness, and eventual death. The desired end product of the primary earmark within the four part CIA Torture Matrix is self-inflicted harm to cause suicide. In the cases of Targeted Individuals [TIs], these factors combined with black project technological protocols, additionally recognize the potential for increased rates of cancer through “slow kill” and “silent kill” weaponized neurological radiation deployed by Direct Energy Weapons [DEWs] aka Enhanced Radiation Weapons [ERWs]. Targeted Individuals as the human test animals and cash cows of black project budgets are the victims of an unseen global holocaust. Targeted Individuals are innocent human beings around the world who collectively serve as a Laboratory Control Sample for something cousin to a precision surgical strike using Stealth Antipersonnel Nuclear Weapons Attack technologies ordered by the “deep state’s” components within the military industrial complex. Often TI’s ask me why they as innocent human beings are subjected to genocidal technologies to which, I often refer back to the corporatist participants who financially benefited under the CIA MK-ULTRA Program that never ended and only went silent and deep while migrating elsewhere with its propagating tentacles. The chemical and pharmaceutical companies could not do enough for the CIA and the military industrial complex during MK-ULTRA’s use of human test animals and the subsequent creation of child and adult sex slaves for high ranking government officials as described by those I have personally interviewed and as publicized in the “Franklin Coverup”, “Snuff Flick at the Bohemian Grove” and elsewhere. 

Geno's Note: I began being stalked in 2002 maybe earlier I just wasn't aware of it. I have witnesses and I really should find some time to interview them. After a while I sort of got used to it and By going public they sort of stood down... However, it put me in a nomadic way of life of attempting to stay ahead or away from targeting. They interfered with employment and my business and deflect sales of my books and traffic to my websites and disallow me to earn a living. However it is way worse than that. The term dates back to early soviet and Nazi tactics called Stassi tactics or Gaslighting... Which is organized stalking meant to silence political enemies or even drive them mad. This has gone viral to millions worldwide and I will allow their story to tell mine.
I decided to keep a sense of humor about my horrific situation because laughing in their faces is a pretty strong counter attack.

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  1. Put all these elements together and guess what? I can write, direct, animate, write music for... an internet series that has all these dimensions crossed with verisimilitude and I have a weird entertaining interesting intriguing cutting edge internet TV series where I don't have to spend any money to produce, all I have to do is make sure the camera battery is charged... or the people get that?

    My only problem is...I am discussing things they don't want discussed...especially in the way I break it down so minds grasp the idea they have choices....