Monday, March 18, 2013

John Shows Support to Obama

Irrespective of personal concerns relating to the integrity and legal rights of O, hard facts are as follows for Americans and the world.

1. Obamacare will give up to 100M Americans access to Health Care otherwise denied by an over costly commercialized and rapacious system. EU Health Care costs less than 8% of GDP. Yours is 15.6% because of all the profit rip offs! Of course the Insurers will feed you lobbied crap and lies to protect their fat margins. Welcome to the real world. Catch up and wise up. Think for yourselves. Media spin contains far too much false disinformation in the US.

2. Right now, if a Bush Clone was in the White House,you would be swept into costly wars with Iran, with them feeding from the profit margins,to protect vile Israeli Hegemony in the Middle East. Only O is facing down the Zionist Mafia. No bad thing and less body bags coming home. So, O profiles better there.

3. Gun control, by whatever means of screening is needed. There is no case for Tactical Assault Rifles in civilian hands, and they need to be taken out of the population hands. Gun Clubs can hold them for true sport. Secured. Screening will restrict access. America has a real gun problem and it needs addressing. Charlton Heston posing was just an over rated mediocre B Movie idiot speaking PR crap. O at least is trying to get it debated. A balance needs to be found. Credit that. How is the issue to debate.

4. Drugs are a huge US problem underpinning crime. Not least Agency crimes, drug running and killing generations. How could Romney have tackled it without cutting off Bush Family and Agency illegal income from it? Agreed O has real issues, but between them both? Maybe they may try. The Neocons fed it and still do.

5. Immigration is a killer. Population control equally. He himself is a consequence as a Stateless Illegal who brazened out his own way through. More fault of your inept systems.
Reality is, the standard and quality of Leadership currently is so abysmal. Who are the viable alternatives right now? When you truly study the past, and options, it's frightening territory.
O has his 4 years. Maybe its time to encourage real debate and change. The Neocons or Zionist Mafias are dreadful alternatives and even worse. It may be time to get hard on Congress now as Senators are just a slop trough of bought pigs seeking a lick. Agreed Congress is no better, but at least they can block bad moves.
Time for America now to assess real issues. They won't go away. You really don't want the Neocon options. O just may get some good things done. Does it take an Illegal to try to straighten the Zionist / Neocon train wreck?


  1. Hello America and World, this is Geno Kalmes webmastering for John who is of a high stature position in Britain. He will contribute to this blog as will a brilliant young researcher from the Netherlands who goes by Saturnalia.

    My first post is a disclaimer as webmaster. I am not an Obama supporter. I sense through my research he is just another agent serving the committee of 300 in their end game of a weaker America. I am not so much against America surrendering their aggressive posturing as I am for truth in every aspect of world reporting so the people can base their opinions on facts and not emotional distortions and illusions.

    The saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" may well describe this blogging effort. I probably agree with John half of the time, and could get into a war of words with him, or I can debate him with respect. I am the administrator of this blog and whenever I feel the truth is slanted in certain directions to serve agendas I will counter it in a post or allow others to, as long as it doesn't turn into a vile exchange of troll warfare.

    This is a private blog and as editor I reserve the right to delete posts that in my opinion have an insidious purpose. The post will appear until I decide it's fate so freedom of speech as it pertains to anything goes has a shelf life. Newspaper editors decide what letters to the editor get published. TV program directors decide what gets aired. Your post does not have to be cleared. It will appear. But if it smells of obfuscation it may be curbed and I may or may not offer an explanation. However I feel most opinions are often excellent springboards for good debate. Some of my best essays were inspired by countering other people's opinions which are often formed by this world of lies we are fed as reality.

    I am more concerned with concepts such as teaching people to question everything and to strive for arguing with civil respect.

    This is an experiment and we shall see how it goes.

  2. question for John. In other posts you seem to accuse Obama of some lies as well, such as using forgery to gain office. Other bloggers have criticized you for seemingly playing both sides of the fence. Can you explain in your own words whether we are witnessing consistency from you or inconsistency and why?

    1. I challenge the misdemeanors, but credit what may be good for America and the world. There is no Black/White simple dynamic, not all good or all bad. Encourage the good. Expose and crack down on the bad or nothing happens.

    2. Good can be a matter of opinion, especially when it has been exposed to be black op/psych warfare/government propaganda... Problem/reaction/solution... 99.9% of American gun owners are responsible... the school shootings have been proven at least to me... that they were staged ops and NOT REAL... all for emotional hysteria to pass legislation... for that matter I am convinced most of our so called elected leaders are actors working for an elite psyop... and who would fear guns more than them?

    3. Geno
      What I try to do is encourage good from the bad lot you have in US Politics. How do those clear dis-functionals ever clear screening? Once stuck with them we can only try to encourage them to take the right steps and make the best of a bad selection job. A dead fish rots from the head up.

  3. Question for Saturnalia,,,feel free to re-paste other narratives you have posted elsewhere but can you summarize the world power structures?

    Be aware that I may have my usual counter arguments.

    1. Saturnalia told me he can't contribute until mid April.... mark it on your calendar... this kid is a star researcher... and talks with a funny accent... ;)

  4. I must state I am 100% against gun control as it defiles the original intent of the 2nd Amendment and must state clearly that my research reveals DECEPTION from world agencies who train killers or stage killing to justify gun legislation and the reason is clearly that the elite fears a well armed populace that can defy tyranny.

    I see no other way to defend the common man from elite tyranny but for the government to fear its people and not the other way around.

    1. hello Geno,

      we don't need gun control....once people feel safe they won't buy will evolve...and from what i read more people die from hammers than from assault rifles...which brings me to another point...."assault rifle" has no real the use of that term is ambiguous at i think someone should have a AR15 full auto tactical rifle with laser pointer, infrared scope and grenade don't...some of these things are illegal already....but what i have found is if you give government a inch...they take a foot....and if ya don't complain....they push a yard....

      i think the gun control debate is only taking away attention of what we rally need to be debating...

      attack poverty...kill corruption...allow true justice to reign ..... and the people will disarm themselves....

    2. It's a tool... we don't need to get rid of a tool... we need to rid the world of desperation caused by sadists who thrive on control freak infliction of misery.... and until we do... a gun is a handy tool for defending one's home.

      Once people live free of desperation the guns will gather dust but reality is reality...

    3. The thing I find stupefying by people who suggest "people don't need" is that it suggests they or some other entity should have the right and power to take it away.... how is it they can live in a world of perpetual power abuse by governments, militaries, cops, courts, corporations and mafias and think the individual is the one that needs to have his power stripped...dumbfounding in it's blind side to what the real threat is...

    4. 60 million innocent people were systematically murdered by Stalin beginning with the "intellectuals" and on into the farm land... Do you think those people would have stopped the mass murder if they had the best guns money could buy? You bet they would have...

    5. and one more thing, sandy hook, aurora, virginia tech, columbine and several others have a ton of evidence to prove staged ops for the purpose of vilifying gun owners as to nullify the idea that the guns are in the wrong hands... get this through your heads people...POWER is in the wrong hands and they are scared to death of awakening people picking up arms against them... that is why they are faking the death of children to emotionally play people...

      We all think we were the awake one's after we watched Loose Change but the fact is 911 is also part of the enigma wrapped up in a riddle... it is all designed to create civil disturbance... provoke rioting and violence... justify storm troopers kicking down doors...

      Frankly the last place I care to emulate is England... more cameras watching their citizens, and the founders of the Fabian society and Tavistock who has been behind the social engineering through psych warfare for well over a hundred years... and their citizens unarmed and virtually helpless...

      Squeamish hysterical emotional reactors calling for the removal of guns here in the states have no idea how the idea of a well armed populace has stopped new Stalins from killing hundreds of millions here... the idea... the IDEA that 100 million are armed stops the control freaks cold... and as the control freaks continue to control the media and lay chemtrails does that not suggest to you how frightening they really are in their ability to get away with audacious criminality constantly? And why you should be armed... why all the men in this country who get that are your best friends and the TV is the biggest deceiver you will ever know...

      I presently do not own a gun but I know the "idea" protects me...

      Our founders were quite brilliant...

    6. Geno
      We not only have 4m identified face recognition cameras able to spot a criminal and trigger an alarm, we have cameras on every bridge and roadways, checking each car is insured, road taxed,not stolen, or on a criminals watch list. Speed cameras are everywhere. Stores and every road has them for shoplifters.Drunks are monitored by cameras. It's way, way, way OTT. Big brother's really arrived.
      But, as for the brilliant Founders, why has the Constitution been dismantled and why cant you even keep a blatant illegal out of the top job? No surveillance of any criminality? How the hell did he ever clear screening? As for the UK being helpless,see how many Wonky Politicians get booted, and we would NEVER allow Crime Families like the Bushes or Clinton's to operate. 20,000 Top Americans a year emigrate to London to avoid US issues.
      The only reason you really do need a gun is the Trash you have in US Politics and the real HS danger they pose. On that we do agree.Protection from a crooked, despotic and venal government.

    7. I believe that a government reflects its people. We have an immoral society of people who spend more time watching un-holy-wood, who are brain dead from video games, and who never socialize or communicate except in syncopated verbiage via text msg. What do you do with a bunch of nimnods who are only concerned about their own entertainment and who are completely propagandized by intentional social psych engineering.

      Sometimes it takes a bit of pain to make people hit bottom and want change. If the pain of changing hurts worse than staying as is, then it's often not impetus to change. Are we there yet?

    8. good point, maybe so... but can I get off at the next stop before the pain train goes into this long dark tunnel?

  5. Hi Geno, John, Saturnalia...phxvalleygirl here (PVG, for short...John, you've been getting my acronym mixed up!)

    Speaking of gun control, I wish that someone would control DHS and keep them from buying up all the ammo. Guns kill people, right? eek...


    The bank holiday taking place in Cyprus, and soon to be all of Europe, will soon take place in the United States.

    Remember, we are dealing with $660 TRILLION of worthless, toxic JPMorgan Chase derivatives.

    Terrorist neo-Nazi Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano is already planning how to deal with the U.S. bank holiday.

    She is planning to place bulldozers in front of the crooked banks and armed guards whose orders will be to prevent American citizens from withdrawing their life savings from these bankster casinos.

    We now see why the TREASONOUS Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammo as they plan to wage war against the American People on behalf of these crooked banks.

    The DHS is also planning a FALSE FLAG terrorist attack, once again, staged in New York City that will then coincide with the U.S. bank holiday and a declaration of MARTIAL LAW.

    Napolitano is being assisted by treasonous Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and treasonous Senator Dianne Feinstein (Democrat of California).

    Both Bloomberg and Feinstein are extortion-friendly and viciously oppose the 1st, the 2nd, the 4th, and 5th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States.

    Bloomberg, who wants to ban soft drinks at 7-11s and anywhere in NYC, once stated that the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights is an outdated document·

    As far as Feinstein is concerned this elderly person wants to do everything she can to destroy the U.S. Constitution so as to foster the phony "war on terror" and the foreign policy goals of the Benjamin Netanyahu government in Israel.

    Question: Guess who the biggest campaign contributors are to both extortion-friendly Bloomberg and extortion-friendly Feinstein.

    Answer: You got it, crooked U.S. banks.

  6. Hi PVG. And all.
    The first step of understanding is the Black Eagle Trust.
    First understand one key source of Cabal power and its criminal abuse starting from War Looting and Fraud.
    Move next to Project Hammer. Also part of 48.
    We can not release that on a site full of Trolls, Nincompoops and irresponsible language. Serious debate deserves more.
    Hopefully truth can speak its name here with respect for all. A step at a time.

  7. A letter written to a Senator from a "TI" - Targeted Individual that I know:

    My name is Alan **** I'm a native of Arizona. I live in Phoenix, Arizona currently.
    I'm a victim of directed energy weapons torture and organized stalking. I have suffered from directed energy weapons which influence and communicate with the brain and human nervous system since 1992. It was when Fife Symington III was Governor of the State. I am also a Vietnam veteran and served in the United States Navy for (4) four years active. I served in Vietnam at the H.E.C.P. (Harbor Entrance Control Post) Inshore Undersea Warfare Group (1) One, located just outside of Vung Tau. I served in two campaigns in 1969/70. I was of the rate of Quartermaster and a E-5 rank and was released three months early to return to college in September 9, 1972. I am currently retired and am suffering from indigence due to this technology. I am in severepain daily and I am in need of help. I am at a loss at what to do, due to very few understand this dilemma I am enduring and want to believe that such technology exists.

    Why am I experiencing torture with directed energy weapons? The perpetrators’ ceaseless surveillance, intimidation and torture of me 24 hours a day - 365 days a year(through Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving as well) is an ATROCITY And violates Human Rights and the Rights guaranteed under the Constitution of this country. Perpetrators of this torture are in a remote location and torture me with directed energy weapons.

    The PRIMARY mind control symptoms are:

    1. Microwave hearing
    2. Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
    3. Visual disturbances, eye blurring at times
    4. Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
    5. Manipulation of emotions
    6. Reading thoughts remotely
    7. Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
    8. Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what i see exactly
    9. Control of sleep patterns. Awaking me all night long forcing to move around and to suffer sleep deprivation. They "voices" with familiar names that constantly threaten to kill me. Not all but a couple that others claim they are not aware of.
    10. Computer-brain interface, control and communication
    11. Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories (See
    12.Excessive urination when electronic wave strikes, also control my bowel movements through wave manipulation on my back.
    13. Voices of friends, family, and associates with stories only they and I would remember. However they claim to be sworn to secrecy, and can not come or talk to me in person under fear of reprisal by others; constant lying and intimidation.However some deny any involvement

    In the Congress of the USA, the congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, on October 2, 2001, presented a bill proposing Permanent Ban on Basing of Weapons in Space. Among the weapons to which the ban should pertain there were listed systems: "inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person(or biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) - Through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations" (See The weapons were characterized as “psychotronic” in Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s draft of House Resolution 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001. On July 26, 2001, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir V. Putin signed the addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "About weapons". And Russians banned psychotronic weapons.

    1. Yes I know first hand about this stuff. Not fun. And what tiny minority of people would have the authority to order army and cops to secretly harass citizens of the world for having opinions? The same people who were the Stasis...Secret Police... and they work for those who dwell in the top of the pyramid... who dwells in the top of the pyramid? Trillionaires and billionaires... The money printing press being pretty key to that end... people who run the sex slavery kidnapping rings, snuff films and organ harvesting but I'm the bad guy for leading horses to water...

      Just got word that many "americans" are not happy with me... you see that word "americans" is used to white wash criminal power syndicate... if I have that kind of power jeeze... give me a million dollars and I'll go away...

      I see no reason why my hard work shouldn't be rewarded...

  8. Drug addiction in Portugal dropped 50% the first year after legalizing drugs. Addiction is treated as a health & social problem, and not a crime problem.

    Taking away this massive cash cow from the cabal's hands(via legalization)
    is a win/win situation and proven to work time & time again. Leaving it stand the way it is just keeps feeding evil with trillions of dollars yearly & filling the gulag with more cheap labor, issue "prisoner bonds" on the market, and they get more cash that way, too.

    this brings up the huge issue of citizens of the world have had their birth certificates at birth monetized into bonds. Is that a concern of the White Hats?
    OPPT claims to have resolved this, but I see no concrete evidence of that from that organization, which btw has gone viral this last 30 days.....Too much airy-fairy language coming from that camp, which makes me even more suspect of their information.Seems like just another HOPE TRAIN that appeared on the horizon that in effect disempowers, not empowers people. I would love to believe their information was true, yet I remain very skeptical....

  9. Geno,

    You mentioned that the bills we receive we should just return "APPROVED", so that our stawman account has payed for them all.
    You stated the utilities know all about this, and double-dip, by making us pay when out account has already made the payment. I have coma cross similar information, but cannot verify other than people stating, "Yep, it works!". No real evidence. But, there is REAL evidence people get jailed for doing it.

    I came a cross a guy that states on his blog he has all the info needed for $65. But, the guy never returned any emails & pm's. I was all ready to buy, but that is a major red flag of a scammer. He has produced over 30 youtubes on the subject from 2010 until over a month ago.Right in the middle of my personal research into his info the OPPT came on the horizon, then went viral.

    Are you actually paying bills now from your strawman account?

    Here are two businesses that seem to help achieve that I have found:

    One is reasonably priced, but you do all the work. The second is expensive, but they do the work for you and it takes time(over 6 months or more).

    I am reluctant to post the blog I was researching for the $65 one-time cost because of the reason I stated. He may be a scammer. I'll gladly send to anybody that asks who wants to look into it, and maybe we can talk further here about it?? darylluke AT yahoo DOT com



      Daryl this is Judge Dale's article who said mark "approved"

      I pasted part of the article with the URL...

      As always it is meant to get people to wake up to what goes on around them.... Challenging the system will always result in the system trying to crush dissent... If this were widespread and people did this as a protest all at once... It could be interesting but it did not originate from me. I have no responsibility of this advice, I pasted it from Judge Dale who I'd like to know more about.

  10. I can't begin to see the tributaries and pools of all the different factions of bad guys, to me they're just that, bad guys.
    I don't know that IDing them doesn't play into their camps since it seems they're always ready to do battle on paper/blogs/media etc..trolls are a dime a dozen, maybe cheaper.

    Attacking what they're doing, trying to do, and shedding light upon them would seem to be the best offense. Maybe I'm completely naive but I feel 'discovery' is their single greatest fear, uncovering their past, present and future intentions, then watching to see whom, and what comes from where to cover it up again would seem to be the best tactic.

    They're too prepared to shout what I won't even mention here. they're simply the bad guys that have bad intentions and I believe their days are seriously numbered. There are and always have been 'tools' at our disposal for 'standing' up to the system and its minions. The trouble has always been the 'fear factor' and its ability to 'freeze' people in their tracks. That's always worked like a charm for them, simply issue or send a court summons and the masses are brought to their knees, almost in religious discipline, oh, did I just say the 'R' word?

    The avalanche of disbelief has met the tidal wave of change and the heavy lifting of what 'fear' used to be is slowly being removed from the equation. There are too many holes in the dike for the 'bad guys' to contain and the common man is finding he/she has ten thumbs if need be.
    We can choose what we want to believe, not the other way around, we can just shine a light and report what we see, let the bad guys come out to cover it up and just ask why.

    Could it just be so simple? Why have the bad guys always been so thorough at being so covert? Why have they been so good at controlling all we see/learn/hear/eat etc...? Because it's so important to do so, it's the nucleus of their core of existence. If this level of awareness (small) were present just five years ago this game would have already been over. They seem to be focused on the 'hammer' and we're already used to being nailed. What else do they have? You tell me. They already know that's not working anymore. They are off the prepared script.

    1. Graham how dare you use the "B" word... (bad guys) Bad Guys have feelings too...

      Part of my problem is I have read accounts of what these people do to children... in their own families and how they raise sick depraved psychopaths and that these families engage in secret ritual... These bad guys everyone fears because they say ... if anyone talks about us we will target them...

      and this is why identifying the chain of command is imperative before these blood ritualists wrestle back the lie to a stable working position as it has for 1000 years plus....


      It is Satanists,Luciferians... but they had to lay out a long term plan for divide and conquer and that is where psychological warfare plays in....

      The parts on the board are indentifiable... We have Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, Mafias, Secret societies...etc.

      So the brilliant diabolical minds had to assign every collective a function in protecting CONTROL... and the key psychological component is they had to make certain people TEFLON so the criticism slides off and ends there.... Give those people control of media and message to criticize everything but themselves and the nucleus of true evil can never get touched... it? It is only by identifying the pecking order, the chain of command... the strategy of whose function achieves what purpose... can we as a human species OVERCOME...

      But I find the closer I get to the top the more the top wants to scapegoat someone or some group and get on with business as usual...

      They really do not like people identifying the secret formula for the grease on the gears...

      Good cop bad cop is a huge part of it... in divide and conquer it drives a wedge right down the middle of anything to begin with....

      EVIL wants what?


      Collective challenges control...

      Evil sends in agents... a good cop and bad cop who wrestles the discussion around to them.... they frame the argument as a sliver of the true possibility and one is nice about it and the other isn't....

      eventually good cop wins and the collective now has a sliver of their functionality and possibilities compromised into a manageable box...

      This is why they do not like me attempting to explain this but they should stop worrying because clearly people refuse to get it.


    top of blog...

  12. "I like to conjure up the image of the eyes wide shut human sacrifice sex ritual to have people understand this is the sort of strange power collective we are dealing with... maybe some are jews, christian, catholic, atheist... who knows... maybe all satanists... But note they are in COSTUME...

    this is key..."
    Geno, this I understand, seems to be the tool of their choice. Theater and actors, they can be anyone they want them to be in any scenario of their choice.
    Newscasters=actors reading lines written for them.
    My brother has auditioned for bit parts in CNN's sister station, TRUTV and as he says, it's anything but true. Reality TV, all fake. We know this, I'm preaching to the choir here but I also believe that if enough people help others 'connect the dots' because that's really what it's about and the factions of alternative sites/whistleblowers and the like, are tiny fires easily stomped out. Focus needs to be brought to a single, vulnerable spot and uncovered repeatedly until the masses take notice.

    It's a big, fake, reality TV show/Wizard of Oz bullshit fest. Might as well call it out for what it is, and make the producers prove otherwise.

    1. I love real world experience as testimony...thanks...

      When Jon Stewart joked the other night about his 10 Jews in a room trying to come up with a joke it spoke least to me... about the power of The Daily Show controlling everyone's idea that everything is a joke... and worse yet... the news is scripted to be a joke...

      so how easy is it to make jokes about what is meant to be ludicrous...

      Thus keeping people in a perpetual state of imbalance...

      "where nothing Israel...strawberry fields forever..."


    Essays From The Church of Theists Suck:

    Revelation revealed in Lego-like toys... hilarious, and it makes its point... very well...

    1. I can't do this on this computer but I need a screenshot of the Leggo Revelation? How else does one piss off absolutely everyone but to point out with Leggos that everything is bullshit? Do they cover American history also?

  14. My latest hero:

    1. I used to correspond with John about 10 years ago. He has a very clean writing style. Well researched.

  15. GENO SAID: "So the brilliant diabolical minds had to assign every collective a function in protecting CONTROL... and the key psychological component is they had to make certain people TEFLON so the criticism slides off and ends there.... Give those people control of media and message to criticize everything but themselves and the nucleus of true evil can never get touched... it? It is only by identifying the pecking order, the chain of command... the strategy of whose function achieves what purpose... can we as a human species OVERCOME..."

    Yes Geno, chain of command will stay in place, from what I can tell, even after the GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS are released. THIS is what I was bitching about to John stating to him that what good is the release if all these structures are not destroyed as part of the process? So, it is a massive job being postponed & to do after the release, so probably will never get done.....