Saturday, March 16, 2013

I agree to be raped Sir!

I brake for legal fiction...Strawman Crossing

All trad-able Securities must be assigned a CUSIP NUMBER before it can be offered to investors. Birth Certificates and Social Security Applications are converted into Government Securities; assigned a CUSIP NUMBER; grouped into lots and then are marketed as a Mutual Fund Investment. Upon maturity, the profits are moved into a GOVERNMENT CESTA QUE TRUST and if you are still alive, the certified documents are reinvested. It is the funds contained in this CESTA QUE TRUST that the Judge, Clerk and County Prosecutor are really after or interested in! This Trust actually pays all of your debts but nobody tells you that because the Elite consider those assets to be their property and the Federal Reserve System is responsible for the management of those Investments.

Social Security; SSI; SSD; Medicare and Medicaid are all financed by the Trust. The government makes you pay TAXES and a potion of your wages supposedly to pay for these services, which they can borrow at any time for any reason since they cannot access the CESTA QUE TRUST to finance their Wars or to bail out Wall Street and their patron Corporations.
The public is encouraged to purchase all kinds of insurance protection when the TRUST actually pays for all physical damages; medical costs; new technology and death benefits. The hype to purchase insurance is a ploy to keep us in poverty and profit off our stupidity because the Vatican owns the controlling interest in all Insurance Companies.

You may receive a monthly statement from a Mortgage Company; Loan Company or Utility Company, which usually has already been paid by the TRUST. Almost all of these corporate businesses double dip and hope that you have been conditioned well enough by their Credit Scams, to pay them a second time. Instead of paying that Statement next time, sign it approved and mail it back to them. If they then contact you about payment, ask them to send you a TRUE BILL instead of a Statement and you will be glad to pay it? A Statement documents what was due and paid, whereas a TRUE BILL represents only what is due. Banks and Utility Companies have direct access into these Cesta Que Trusts and all they needed was your name; social security number and signature.
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  1. Geno,

    Here is just another classic example of the shell and pea routine. Gov collects money from proud law abiding Americans. From this pool of money some is paid out to qualifying recipients (social security as example). Even if this money was getting a marginal positive return in interest all should be well. The problem is that to many people in high places have keys to the vault, and have borrowed from the fund....Stolen is a better word. However these holders of the keys do not account for their withdrawals. They assume that as long as no one looks in the vault all is well. Guess what ? The vault is empty, the pea is gone, has been, and worse yet, our elected politicians continue to borrow (again steal) against these trusts. It is like credit card maddness where the interest gets so high you can't afford to pay your bill so you get a new credit card to pay the interest on your last one. What is that term?.....Oh yes ...borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. The Vatican went through this when families of priests starting dipping into the vault, hence the celibacy/non marriage rule that is present today.

    Insurance as you a system that, often by law forces us to pay into a unregulated dishonest enterprise or go to jail. Here is my newest personal experience. I am a licensed general contractor, who needs to be bonded to work in California legally. My bonding fee went up 1000% last year. I did not have any work disputes, or complaints. A bond is supposed to be based on performance and record. Here is the real kicker. If I do screw up, the bonding company does not pay. I do. The bonding agency is a cash cow.mooooooo. Workers comp in California is bankrupt, yet if I hire employees I have to pay into it. Does Moonchild (Gov Jerry) shut the account, audit, punish the criminals who illegally depleted the funds, and re-establish a legitimate fund to do what it was intended to do? No the ponzi ship is afloat on paper so why rock it.

    My point...who is going to be the first to get their electricity turned off because the ptb want more and we should not have to pay? If we are under Maritime law, there is no law, except for the one who has the flag with the fringe. Establish Common law again and abide by it. Re-establish order.

    "One for you nineteen for me"..."should five percent appear to small, be thankful I don't take it all, yea I'm the taxman" "Taxman" The Beatles

    Whoa. Could it be , the reason that Paul was the only Beatle who did not declare bankruptcy is because Paul was not alive to do so? "That grasshopper, is something to sing about"

    1. sometimes it all looks like a really bas costume catastrphe to me from a bad B movie...other times it feels like one of those really scary creepy movies where they establish a foreboding fear just with music and inferring something is there....waiting and watching...

      See the difference?

      One quite clumsy amd laughable...

      the other connecting with a person's sixth sense and the hairs on their neck and arms and the chill dispensed by the spine...

      What exactly is that thing out there?

      Don't you know the joker laughs at you? heeheeheehahaha

      Sometimes it feels as if John was the one replaced... what a personality change ....

      remember how he couldn't help but stick his tongue in his jaw and make a retardo face at any camera?

      When did he ever do that after 1966?

    2. Geno,

      I would have a hard time smiling if I was forced into a life of lies by some money grubbing record execs. Talk about people riding on your coat tails, collecting percentage points on creative artistry, yet contributing nothing but misery to your persona.

      Perhaps John was tired of getting raped? Perhaps he was ready to tell the truth? Double fantasy...That Title certainly can be seen in a different light.

      Remember the scene in "Animal House" where Kevin Bacon (any relation to Francis?) was down on all fours getting his initiation into his fraternity? Needamier is looking down on him, as he prepares to swat him with glowing anticipation. "Thank you sir may I have another" Bacon replies Kwack!!!!!"Thank you sir may I have another?" Kwack Thank you sir may I have another? Every time I watch that movie now I switch Bacon's character for any politician, and Needamiers for George senior. So that is what it takes to become successful, knowing the right sex deviate. Talent, hard work, and honesty have nothing to do with it. Fact is, these traits, are defects of character for the ruling class.

      "All States that are liberal of naturalization towards strangers are fit for empire" Sir Francis Bacon

  2. I do NOT agree to be raped, Sir (which is why, incidentally, I find the White Hats Reports so unreadable, what with the open threat of rape to those who stack silver and measure their in ounces and not in dollars). On a related note, we just may decide not to saddle our children with birth certificates in the first place.

    They can always say that their parents were crazy and opt in themselves at a later date if they so choose ... Otherwise what a shitty thing it is to to sell the unborn.

    Nowadays I laugh at these baby-boomers who attribute their standard of living to their intelligence and work ethic and to plunder and wars of aggression. As I listen to these bozos counsel the young, I am pleased to see the audience shrink.

    Anyways, assigning birth certificates and social security numbers is a little like sending one's children to public school -- evidence of failed parents. And public (socialized) health care? Sheesh. Talk about asking to be raped!

    As for common law, that would be sweet token gesture, but hardly a substitute for a free and moral society. A simple rule of thumb is that anything you are not allowed to opt out of is tyranny.

    If it's not voluntary, then it's tyranny. I do not consent to be raped, Sir!


    1. agreed... let's have consensual discourse...