Sunday, March 10, 2013


Maybe the paypal button isn't working?

I believe I have created way more product, entertainment and educational value than you will be able to catch up to. To do this, not only did I spend thousands of hours of the learning curves and employing artistic trial and error, but some good people helped with a loan or a couch or a wall socket. This donate button isn't just supporting me it is supporting those who helped me and those who may be helped in the future by my work continuing.  The fact I am finally beginning to see some results makes me understand I can make a difference with continued support. Please make a donation. My journalism is going into the belly of the beast and for that I need a little help from my friends. I need to raise $500.00 and just so you know, I have been given around twenty five hundred total by generous folks in the last 3 years so this isn't exactly a cashcow... Immediate needs is a tooth filled and upcoming rent. I ask every couple months and usually see a response of a couple hundred. Today I am particularly down because as I read the news of the world I am not finding much hope. Maybe I should ask you the reader, what can I do for you? More humor? More rants? Less of something? How about this original ode to the dollar?

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