Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Cross to Bear...

1. Matthew: Suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, Killed by a sword wound
2. Mark: Died in Alexandria, Egypt, after being dragged by Horses through the streets until he was dead.

3. Luke: Was hanged in Greece as a result of his tremendous Preaching to the lost.

4 John: Faced martyrdom when he was boiled in huge Basin of boiling oil during a wave of persecution In Rome . However, he was miraculously delivered from death. John was then sentenced to the mines on the prison Island of Patmos. He wrote his prophetic Book of Revelation on Patmos. The apostle John was later freed and returned to serve As Bishop of Edessa in modern Turkey . He died as an old man, the only apostle to die peacefully.
5. Peter: He was crucified upside down on an x-shaped cross. According to church tradition it was because he told his tormentors that he felt unworthy to die In the same way that Jesus Christ had died.
6 James: The leader of the church in Jerusalem , was thrown over a hundred feet down from the southeast pinnacle of the Temple when he refused to deny his faith in Christ. When they discovered that he survived the fall, his enemies beat James to death with a fuller's club. * This was the same pinnacle where Satan had taken Jesus during the Temptation.
7. James the Great: Son of Zebedee, was a fisherman by trade when Jesus Called him to a lifetime of ministry. As a strong leader of the church, James was ultimately beheaded at Jerusalem. The Roman officer who guarded James watched amazed as James defended his faith at his trial. Later, the officer Walked beside James to the place of execution. Overcome by conviction, he declared his new faith to the judge and Knelt beside James to accept beheading as a Christian.
8. Bartholomew: Also known as Nathaniel Was a missionary to Asia. He witnessed for our Lord in present day Turkey. Bartholomew was martyred for his preaching in Armenia where he was flayed to death by a whip.
9. Andrew: He was crucified on an x-shaped cross in Patras, Greece. After being whipped severely by seven soldiers they tied his body to the cross with cords to prolong his agony. His followers reported that, when he was led toward the cross, Andrew saluted it in these words: 'I have long desired and expected this happy hour. The cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it.' He continued to preach to his tormentors For two days until he expired.

10. Thomas: Was stabbed with a spear in India during one of his missionary trips to establish the church in the Sub-continent.
11. Jude: Was killed with arrows when he refused to deny his faith in Christ.
12. Matthias: The apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot, was stoned and then beheaded.
13. Paul: Was tortured and then beheaded by the evil Emperor Nero at Rome in A.D. 67. Paul endured a lengthy imprisonment, which allowed him to write his many epistles to the churches he had formed throughout the Roman Empire. These letters, which taught many of the foundational

Doctrines of Christianity, form a large portion of the New Testament. Perhaps this is a reminder to us that our sufferings here Are indeed minor compared To the intense persecution And cold cruelty faced by the apostles And disciples during their times For the sake of the Faith. And ye shall be hated Of all men for my name's sake: But he that endureth to the end shall be saved. Matthew Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God WILL!
Jesus' Death: The Death of Jesus For the next 60 seconds, set aside whatever You're doing and take this opportunity! Let's see if Satan Can stop this.


At the age of 33, Jesus was condemned to death. At the time Crucifixion was the "worst" death. Only the worst. Criminals were condemned to be crucified. Yet it was Even more dreadful for Jesus, unlike Other criminals condemned to death by Crucifixion Jesus was to be nailed to the Cross by His hands and feet. Each nail Was 6 to 8 inches long. The nails Were driven into His wrist. Not Into His palms as is commonly Portrayed. There's a tendon in the wrist that Extends to the shoulder. The Roman guards knew That when the nails were being hammered into the Wrist that tendon would tear and Break, forcing Jesus to use His back Muscles to support himself so that He could Breath. Both of His feet Were nailed together. Thus He was forced to Support Himself on the single nail that Impaled His feet to the cross. Jesus could Not support himself with His legs because of the pain So He was forced to alternate between arching His Back then using his legs just to continue to Breath. Imagine the struggle, the pain, the Suffering, the courage.

Jesus endured this Reality for over 3 hours. Yes, Over 3 hours! Can you imagine this kind of Suffering? A few minutes before He died, Jesus stopped bleeding. He was simply pouring water From his wounds. From common images We see wounds to His hands and feet and even the spear wound To His side... But do we realize His wounds Were actually made in his body. A hammer Driving large nails through the wrist, the feet overlapped And an even large nail hammered through the arches, then a Roman guard piercing His side with a spear. But Before the nails and the spear Jesus was whipped and Beaten. The whipping was so severe that it tore the Flesh from His body. The beating so horrific that His Face was torn and his beard ripped from His face. The Crown of thorns cut deeply into His scalp. Most men Would not have survived this torture. " He had no more blood To bleed out, only water poured from His Wounds. The human adult body contains about 3.5 liters (just less than a gallon) of blood. Jesus poured all 3.5 Liters of his blood; He had three nails hammered into His Members; a crown of thorns on His head and, beyond That, a Roman soldier who stabbed a spear into His Chest...All these without Mentioning the humiliation He suffered after carrying His own Cross for almost 2 kilometers, while the crowd spat in his Face and threw stones (the cross was almost 30 kg of weight, Only for its higher part, where His hands were Nailed). Jesus had To endure this experience, to open the Gates of Heaven, So that you can have free Access to God. So that your sins Could be "washed" away. All of them, with no exception! Don't ignore this situation.

Wounded from Jesus Christ LOVE  

Please pass this to Saturnalia, PVB,, Abby and any other parties you consider suitable.
Just the way EACH died, when and for what is the issue. Question reality and reason.


  1. I am more and more on the fence about Jesus as a true story which obviously defies faith which in itself is the biggest red flag..don't question just believe or go to hell...

    However I like the concept and the words written in the King James Bible by Sir Francis Bacon... and the concepts and the fact that when I pray...and use the name Jesus... I have indeed been given answers and signs of something real in this dimension and beyond, so my faith is in prayer... that some force just wants communication...

    I don't believe a God who knew what lies we face would be angry with us for being fooled... unless of course we do the things that we all know inherently to be wrong... theft, rape, murder, lying for self gain... plotting, planning... decency...golden rule... striving to make amends when wrong...conscience...

  2. states, "Many people contributed to the writing of the Bible. Actually the Bible is a collection of writings from about forty contributors, thirty in the Old Testament and ten in the New Testament. For example, the Psalms are a collection of the works of several authors, of whom David, the "sweet singer of Israel", is the best known. But psalms were also written by Moses, by Asaph, by a man named Ethan, and by the sons of Korah.

    The accounts which have been preserved in the Old Testament date from the earliest times and were both written down and transmitted orally. As time passed they were collected together and received by the Hebrews as coming to them by God's mandate. The prophets transmit God's message to humans, while many of the Psalms articulate cries of people to God. Yet these psalms are also preserved in the Bible as part of God's message to mankind.

    The New Testament stories and teachings were widely circulated among the early Christian churches. The letters of Paul to the Christians in several cities were likely the earliest writings now found in the New Testament. But many other letters and epistles were circulated as well. Gradually it became clear to the early churches which writings were truly inspired and which were spurious or simply edifying messages from pious authors.

    It is truly amazing that all forty of these authors, spread out over 1600 years, have such a unified message in spite of their great diversity in language, culture and time. There is a reason for that! The reason is that these forty or so writers are all secondary authors. There is actually only one primary author, the one who inspired all the human authors, the eternal God."

    1. So, when you think about that fact, then consider that New Testament lists 52 prophecies fulfilled in Christ's birth, life and death as stated in 81 passages in the Old Testament, such as:

      Among other things, the Old Testament prophets predicted:

      • He would come from the line of King David (Isaiah 11:1-5; Matthew 1:1, 6).

      • He would be preceded by one who would announce His coming (Isaiah 40:3, 5; Malachi 3:1; Matthew 3:1-3).

      • He would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-20).

      • His birth would occur in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2; Matthew 2:1).

      • He would be rejected by His own people (Isaiah 53:3; John 1:11).

      • He would be betrayed by a friend (Psalm 41:9; John 13:18-30).

      • The price for His betrayal would be 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12; Matthew 26:15).

      • A potter's field would be purchased with His betrayal money (Zechariah 11:13; Matthew 27:3-10).

      • He would be slain as the silent Passover Lamb of God (Isaiah 53:7; Matthew 27:12; John 19:14-16).

      • He would be condemned and executed like a criminal (Isaiah 53:12; Luke 22:36-37; Matthew 27:28).

      • His hands and feet would be pierced (Psalm 22:16; Luke 23:33; 24:38-40).

      • No bone in His body would be broken (Psalm 34:20; John 19:33-36).

      • Exactly what His dying words on the cross would be (Psalm 22:1; Mark 15:34).

      • His garments would be claimed by others by the casting of lots (Psalm 22:18; John 19:23-24).

      • He would be buried with the wealthy (Isaiah 53:9; Matthew 27:57-60).

    2. There are two ways you can look at faith... as a belief for the ignorant and as a profession for the cunning.
      Hmmmm.... or is that one way when you think on it... pick a card - any card... are there two ways?

      Was it ever about feeding the poor?

      Well, what is poor? You can poor water... you can draw water from a well and poor it out over the land. Rich is a very ugly word. The letter R represents the head. Look at the letter R... it is a head in profile... the regis or that which rules. So, in the word rich, we see the itch of the would-be rulers. In reality, we are all rulers. Our G0d... oh you are G0d... O-U- R- oh you are. That is encoded our language... and is a direct gift from that witch created us. What precedes us creates us, just as we are creating our future now... we are creators. Our language took countless millions of years to evolve... it evolved in us... with us... we created it.

      Those who profess will have you place your faith in some illusory (ILL-Usury?) words on paper... but the words on paper won't show you this... they don't tell you that. They will tell you how great their religion is... they are feeding the poor, aren't they? They are feeding feeding the Itch... feeding the BITCH... feeding the Beast is just a spell cast to throw you off the trail. B = be... Bitch = B itch. Belief = Be Lie.
      Be East just tells you which way the wind is blowing.

      The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Maybe these professors help no one and are holding humanity back from progressing.
      If they really wanted to feed the pour, they would tell them this because we are all one in this carnivorous fishbowl... the deep blue see. Those who PROFESS, and it is a profession, are serving themselves.

  3. Jay Antonic further states:

    "Jesus Himself could not have controlled how all of these prophecies were fulfilled. No one can control the circumstances of His own birth, who his ancestors are and where he is born. Nor could He control the actions of others in betraying Him, putting Him to death and laying His body in the unused tomb of a wealthy man.

    Yet these remarkable details were given through a variety of prophets from several hundred years up to a thousand years in advance. Even details of Christ's death by crucifixion were predicted by King David many hundreds of years before the practice of crucifixion became common as a method of execution.

    Why this precise accuracy in foretelling Christ's birth, life and death? God was providing irrefutable evidence for all who would carefully read and consider these facts that His prophecies can be trusted.

    Therefore we have every reason to conclude that, just as the details of Christ's birth, life and death came to pass exactly as predicted, so will the prophecies related to His second coming. We should expect them to be fulfilled precisely as they are revealed in God's Word."

  4. The question is, why would they all die such gruesome deaths for a lie? Obviously, they were fully persuaded of the truth that they died for. Hardly anyone I know will stand up for truth in any sense. The apostles were fully persuaded of the truth of Jesus, the death, burial and resurrection power.

    Luke wrote about Paul (Number 13 in list, above) said when Paul was going to be taken captive to Rome if he went to Jerusalem:

    The disciples warned him by the Spirit not to go:

    Acts 21:4 And having found the disciples, we tarried there seven days: and these said to Paul through the Spirit, that he should not set foot in Jerusalem.

    Then later:

    Acts 21:12-14

    12 And when we heard these things, both we and they of that place besought him not to go up to Jerusalem.

    13 Then Paul answered, What do ye, weeping and breaking my heart? for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.

    14 And when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, The will of the Lord be done."

  5. Could you please explain to me why the worst atrocities to some 25 million souls since 9/11 are blessed by today's Christians?

    Evangelical Christianity is America's State religion....

    This State religion supports that aparthide state in supports its wars and it supports the lies of this current regime in the United states of America.

    These modern "Evangelicals" delight in these wars of conquest fought for our American rulers the jews....and I must remind you that they crucified him!

    The Jews crucified him shouting "give us barrabas" a real criminal and terrorist over the Lord Jesus Christ who stated "my kingdom is not of this world" and "render to Ceasers what is Ceasers and to God what is Gods"....and they plotted his murder in secret and conducted an illeagle trial at night in violation of the law.....

    And dear Geno, this country was founded on the preaching from the Geneva Bible.....the KJV was something controlled by the ptb....

    And that term was tyrant....the king was a tyrant....the money system was tyranical....that was what the revolution was about....


  6. Geno,

    Please look into The Scofield bible and this rascals history as a con man and of course Billy Graham sponsored by the Jewish buisiness man Bernard Barruch which gave the Graham ministry's access to mass media which were under his control. His Zionist message was most friendly to that little country in the middle east.....and in the '50's no preacher could preach the trash preached in today's Evangelical churches.

    So yes, Billy Graham was foundational for the rise of Christian Zionism in this country....the word I am trying to think of...yes that's it ......Traitor....or is that to politically incorrect of a term for these folks??

    Yes, these folks are the heart of the current Republican party....and they feel threatened by Obama since he is against their programing that they get on sunday mornings in Church and most importantly where the most brain washing occurs is in the home Bible study groups....

    Yes Geno my own family's home church now is preaching about getting a gun and a permit for said gun 'cause their comming for our "faith" whatever that is...

    I am telling you that these folks are for every outrage happening in this country and they worship the ground that our corupt police and military walk on....

    And here we see how our controllers minipulate the people into needless disputes and pit one group against another....

    I pointed out to my dear father inlaw that if he gets a gun permit the gubbernment knows that he has at least one gun in his house and possibly more and would it not be more prudent to set back and watch the gun control show and to just wait and see what they do next???

    His response was a blank stare back at me.....not in his programing.....


  7. And the biggest con men are running the Vatican....who knows what secrets are locked up in this church of the "truth" so I rejected evangelical christianity and have replaced it with nothing at all...and I am free....kind of like Thomas Jefferson's bible after he cut out all the stuff that could not stand up to logic...

    to each his own....


  8. And dear Geno,

    Why is it that all of these preachers of the truth do not say a word about vaccinations? And not eating GMO food and not a word about buying local and organizing real communities?

    And what about the real benifits of that mj plant and all that intails? Not a focking word....

    Hmm....sounds to me like a psy-opps progam for sure...

    There is little "truth" in American Christianity and spiritaual answers need to be looked for elsewhere...

    Hey....did you not know that yer focking gardin is not allowed in yer front yard....or why are our homes not poured concrete which will last forever and be storm proof as opposed to a stick built tempoary shelter?

    Mr. Stone has an answer for that one.....


    to each his own...


  9. I provide the space and you write in it... I do not deny it or argue with what you say... I try to give respect where it is due.... If Jesus deserves respect he gets it.... if Christians murder in the name of Christ and do mental contortions to rationalize the killing I do not condone it... I have always drawn lines between the parts that are wrong...

    I stated above I am not sure the story is even real... and I have written or pointed people to thousands of words where they might seek alternatives to what are lies... it's all I can do...

    I awoke from a very evil dream... so real I know true fear and evil from it... people who are so scared join the evil because they are scared.... it is better to die than join it....

  10. That term Armegeddon is a programing term for evangelical is a self fulfilling prophisey for lots of folks.

    It means a Jewish state of aparthide...the means nuclear war with billions of means a total police state for the survivors of said means that folks that belive such things are insane....and policy at the highist level of American politics are with this sort of thing?


    I told my prepper pal that armegeddon was called off....his response was a blank stare....way out of his programing....

    It would be a bitch for our controllers if there FEMA camps were used instead to re-educate our ignorant evangelcal masses.....and put the controllers in said is us or them as they say......

    Don't know about you but it seems time to leave this country....and as my pal says so goes America so goes the world.....

    and they got to Chevas down in Argentina did they not??

    If he was so horrible why did the people love him so??? Questions are forbidden in America....



    Naming names of large corporations, pointing fingers at everybody and everything else, are only trick-up-the-sleeve deflections. What we are looking at is the end run achievement of a small and tightly knit tribe of people, accomplished under veil of secrecy. They walk among us as if they are us but in their hearts that is not what they feel... it's not what they think or act... they consider us as cattle, as if that somehow justifies what they do to livestock. One could say, they do say... It's just a business. You could return every brick and mortar corporation to dust and it will accomplish nothing until we realize (real eyes) what it is this tribe has become... something wicked.

    Refusing to assign blame at it's root only assures it's continuance... constant and endless turmoil. We must consider, at this late hour, the jews are no more capable of rising to the level of humanity than it is for humanity to continue to abide by the depths of their depravity. We must reflect on what they have destroyed, because they have created nothing. They have cheated, raped, stole, extorted, swindled, pillaged, lied, murdered, conspired... no deed too dirty, no act too low, and for the most base of reasons... and they're not finished. They destroyed their own blood line for love of money. For two thousand years or more, in defiance of nature herself, they have biologically changed themselves from human into the most deadly parasite on earth.

    1. if there are high level people murdering/sacrificing in blood ritual....which there is a ton of evidence from those who saw it.... we are looking at a Satanic sect for a lack of a better word and all the walls that insulate them are things like corporations to blame and religions to blame and their creepy double faced agents head up most all the churches and synagogues... and they all preach what is for lack of a better word luciferianism because they want a one world order and they intend to murder 80% and are doing it with food, water and chemtrails in the air which will soon contribute to no crops and many diseases... and the Jews are infiltrated as the Christians are...after to a Christian in the military.... they are convinced it's okay to kill Muslims... they aren't interested in finding out they may be wrong and falsely led to the worst kind of horror... But as each wall encircles the inner core of blood ritualists there is a hierarchy... and it does seem Judaism whether Zionist or otherwise has been given the top circle of key realestate and job positions.... and they will pay a price because the inner most core has established itself as fantasy.... something a 15 year dungeons and dragons teen ager plays... and not truly sadistic men who enjoy sadism... so though I agree with your words in part, in whole it is a grand con...conspiracy.... all the religions and collectives created as players on the chess board to destroy one another as the game ticks into the final minutes.... and pointing a finger solely at the Jewish circle just ends up helping the inner core... and I explain this over and over as to try and get it to sink in to people... it is confusing but somehow over a thousand years ago some great minds figured out divide and conquer and it isn't ethics that moves is power... money is just a weapon they control for power.... I could have a trillion fiat dollars in the bank and still not have their power because they own the bank and the right to give that money any value they want...

      So... there you are....If the Jews don't help themselves see this crucial point they will be targeted... but so will the Christians whose self righteous delusion of being ordained to kill will indeed result in the clash of swords...

    2. Good input... So be it. Although, i think all the ritual is crap, and i'm not saying it doesn't happen... but it is not magic, black or otherwise... it is only fuel for fear machine... it runs on the blood of innocents/innocence.

      For a spell to have any real effect, the blood utilized must be one's own... and look for the deeper meaning in that statement.

      Language was coded into us by our divine creator and took countless millions of years to develop..... all of our words have meaning and intention... like this:

      Our God = Oh you are God... because.... O U R = oh you are.

      The word race does not apply to human beings any more than the word clock refers to your refrigerator... that is the magic of spell-ing... casting spells.

  12. Jesus... Jews/Us... any questions?