Thursday, March 28, 2013

9 plus 1 plus 1 = You was played... 8 Must See Videos...

What are the chances the children would be reciting these words?

Sarcasm speaks a thousand words...

The most facts you never knew about the companies involved...

Almost forgot to include this video...


  1. The pet scape goat...Islam...

    1. Point well-taken about the scapegoating. I agree with you that Islam has been scape goated (and it works remarkably well in the U.S. with the Republicans), but choosing to reject the propaganda that scape goats doesn't equate to approval of Islam, either. Islam has its own issues, problems and dangers. Choosing to see the propaganda that scapegoats a group doesn't give that group an automatic pass.

      Besides, we are way beyond the nation and group identity boundaries now. The cabal has their people in all types of groups and nations. Add to that the fact that corporations are the new nations...we've lost a lot of the national identity we once had or thought we had.

      We are naturally inclined to want clear-cut good guys and bad guys, and it's just not possible. Movies and TV support this black and white morality in society. People often support the cabal because of blackmail or their loved ones are threatened and sometimes don't even know who is making the threat. If you could even cut the head off the monster,it would grow another.

      The truth is that Saddam was our guy since 1957 and "we" (they) decimated Iraq on purpose so that they could make money tearing it down and then rebuilding it. The dinar RV that we all wait for is technically being paid by the mortgaged resources of the country well into the future.

      And if free energy should happen to be released... oops! Oil and natural gas production may not be in demand for transportation but only for production of products.

      I'm starting to ramble... sorry... it's 2:44 a.m. and I should go to sleep. Sorry! :)

    2. You have it in one. Corporations ARE the new Countries. And Corporations are run by Asset books. Stocks, Reserves, Work in Progress and Future sales. Its ALL about Buying and Selling. Or- Selling YOU out! Very ugly Neocons, or the worst kind of Zionist Banksters, who have totally monopolized control of the money now rule. The country lost its Constitution and was taken prisoner by a Corporation with no Soul. An Organization. You, as a collective Nation of Real People, need to ORGANIZE to defeat it. You are in bondage. Is this what you want for your Children's futures? There are no credible future Fiscal models and they are not focused on such solutions. Your future, or your LIFE. O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E.

    3. John, haven't most of the world's nations moved to this, the New Deal, with birth certificates, social security cards, collateralization of the labor of the people, and implementation of the UCC?

      England, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and so on and so forth... it's definitely not just the USA. Although, we do seem to have a very nasty bunch in power here...

    4. John, if Corporations are the new countries, and we see that our Federal govt. agencies are subject to the state Sovereign (Delaware), in that do you not have also its Achilles?

      A corporation can be sued, have its corporate veil pierced... and so on. Seems like there is strategy there for when the time comes. Why not treat it as the entity it truly is, not the one it is pretending to be?

    5. I mean, our govt. agencies and Federal corp./ "country" are actually incorporated in Delaware.

      Corporations operate under the legal definition of "Persons", but they are NOT Sovereigns.

    6. PVG
      Your own Sovereign Person can, by Free Will, as of Magna Carta,chose to be addressed as the Sovereign Person and secede from recognizing their powers as to your Sovereign Person which is inviolate,with only your physical person being present but not addressing the issue, not having issues to respond to at this time. The Sovereign Person is the Intellectual Spiritual person, able to reject at will their claims,in Sovereign Free Spirit, independent of the physical person. Let them try to sue the Sovereign spirit when the Physical Person is then able to claim, this is not me. It is the Sovereign spirit entity you need to address. There are actually Statute cases which buggered the Courts.

    7. I do know some things about this process, however, they have us tied into all sorts of contracts and unraveling them is one thing. Also, "might makes right"... in the final analysis. One must be ready to embark on the Sovereign path and be diligent to speak the proper legal language at all times, etc. etc.

      However, I'm talking about the OPPOSITE: The fact that the cabal agencies are subject to a Sovereign state's laws... being a mere creation of state law and not sovereign at all. Seems like there is a play there...

    8. For a Corporate entity to have collection enforcement powers, there needs to be an AGREED contract of SERVICE in situ to collect against. You have non, its a presumption of power. When all Americans tell them to SHOVE IT then you have control. The IRS is an unelected Corporation imposing its will for profit. O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E!
      They DID. The sheep failed. Get wise, wake up, get marching. Or be picked off in small groups. WAKE UP AMERICANS! SAY -NO MORE! If not it's over. This IS YOUR Alamo time. The Rail Cars,Tanks, 2 Billion Hollow Head Bullets and FEMA Camps are now here. With an Illegal who was shoehorned in for this. No allegiance or affinity with you and a White Hating wife.Hello?????

    9. @John,
      We are with you... we understand. You think it's frustrating from over there... try living with the idiocy of it all and the blank stares of those who are moving through this with no worries of the world. Believing their world is safe, their lives are perfect. I have tried for years to explain to people and they give you this look... glazed over.

      When I come here and view the posting of some, I realize how little I know... when I speak to people in my sphere, I look brilliant... I am so far ahead of them, they can't follow the conversation. It was so frustrating, I had to give up - recognizing that some won't make it, some are not meant to know and those who do, will somehow get through this... JMHO

    10. The problem with organizing is that they have infiltrated and co-opted every movement. They have crowd control methods that far exceeds our ability to overcome. Our methods must be exceptional, and smart. I enjoy watching the series burn notice and their innovation. Sometimes small groups with smarts can overcome the oh-so-wise...and with everyday 'stuff'.

  2. While we don't want 1,000-2,000 comments per blog entry, is it possible to slow the entries down so that the people can get into some discussion before the next one? Just wondering. I don't know how much material you're hoping to put up and how fast...of course.

  3. The point is to have many conversations going at once and get out the information that underscores the situation we are in... When I get a second I will look at settings... the point isn't to jump to a new post like a bunch of camp followers... the point is to
    have people around the globe look at the posts and comment if they like and check back and take in their own discussions as they care to in their own time...

    1. Plus, as so many more intellectually capable people are now coming on line to address and understand real issues, we need to interject new live, and current events or actions as they occur. With the world, in play, you need to have your say. Having ditched the Plebgate Groupies, you are the target creative thinkers who can coordinate with others to start to challenge and effect change. Reshaping the future is a flexible dynamic. Cross absorbing it all is the key.
      Contributors have shown impressive, cogent awareness. The seed of change is the light of consciousness. From that, resistance can grow. It must. I deal daily with the gruesome, inept,stupefying realities of Government. Mediocrities abound and rule with Vermin in key roles blocking progress or ethical redress. The Corporation has neutered and sterilized the Political needs and rights of the people by low, devious cunning, stealth and subterfuge. Akin to a dose of Neocon / Zionist HIV infection blasted into the Body Politic of the US Governing Apparatus. Congress is for Self seeking, mediocre, neutered mental Dwarfs.

    2. Bribo the 8th dwarf elected to Congress?

  4. Geno - video #1 I have not seen previously. I'm glad you located the unedited or lightly edited version of this reading/recitation/incantation.

    The fact that they read the kite phrase once for tower one and a second time for tower two exceeds my ability to conceptualize the trillion+:1 long shot odds of that being a coincidence.

    1. exactly that is why I put this one first....

    2. kite as in hologram...or drone...or airplane technology or check kiting?

    3. I had seen that one before - but it's a good one to download and keep for future reference. That video makes it difficult to handle people saying that Bush did not know what was happening when he led the ritual himself.

    4. Hadn't seen the vid about the corporations. Yet more proofs and facets of the complicity.

    5. I have said it before... I suspect that 911 was about the two major factions of this world suckering each other into a spectacle so huge... they obviously wanted us to watch as to "finger" what I believe was a Zionist Mafia that up until that moment was winning the war for world domination... That what happened was... some men who were likely being blackmailed to death by the Zionist Mafia used the event that was in the works for decades... to do a sort of Kamikaze mission.... how else could they get close enough to bring the Zionist Mafia down but be so audacious as to get in the middle of it themselves... Certainly no one would be that dumb? Sly?

      All the events that took place like the van painted with a mural of planes hitting the building that was found by the cops that day and of course the kids reciting these words...

      and see the videos on 911 telegraphed in the Hollywood movies and TV... apparently Hollywood had secret agents who made sure those bits subtly got put into the movies...

      Why? To show everything was pre-planned...

      What have we seen since? The on going struggle as the Zionist Mafia who let their guard down tries to put the blame back solely on their favorite scape goat... The American right wing...

      Who... though plenty guilty of mischief... did indeed pull off a major op that day by showing some of the world... those who aren't as easily fooled... that planes destroying computer rooms smelled of destroying evidence...

      Note in the third video... Greenberg? Isn't it fascinating how the major rioting happened everywhere but America where Occupy Wallstreet tried and tried and tried to lead mobs to riot unsuccessfully...

      I detest cloak and dagger end justifies the means Machiavellian tactics but if my theory is correct... The renegade Americans have been brilliant in their suicide mission to set Zionism back 30 years...

      Control of the media is certainly key and let us not forget we are talking about some seriously creepy ritualists who do all sorts of perverse things to bond their loyalties while simultaneously fighting each other for control...

      But when Rumsfeld stated September 10 that 2.3 trillion was missing and the next day the pentagon accounting office was hit... I don't think he was covering up... I think he was exposing.

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  6. Watch out for Obama's Wealth Tax in Planning to seize funds and Assets to Presidential Order. As President of the Corporation,he has limitless powers for such malfeasance. Chicago gaming rules, your Bank accounts, if doesn't move, take it! They will come after your Cash and Pensions next.
    If he legalizes the current c20m illegals waiting, it's game over for America. The voting block then gives him a Dictatorship.

    1. Every piece of paper he signs into law is invalid... he should not be there... George jr. was invalid...

      tell us what governing body/law enforcement needs to erase this fraud?

      There is a top down hierarchy and if the word comes down to stop the fraud and bring it to justice then it will end....

      even if that hierarchy is foreign and secret...

      asking american citizens to do what is luring them into a trap is not what I will endorse...

      chaos seems to be the clear goal... rioting...violence... then of course we will get troops in the street speaking foreign language...

      since that is the plan why not just hurdle all the chaos and put the "order" in place...

      for example all channels play the same thing....

      The secret power comes on and says...

      We control space and every corner of the globe... we were going to kill you and still can but we decided to demonstrate our total control...

      then demonstrate all weapons and insidious control...

      and if anyone has the guts... here we are...


      but the secret order wants to have the excuse to destroy vast populations under the fog of war and chaos...

      ultimately the ruling elite is saying hurry up and go crazy...kill.. riot... freak out because that is the plan... what are you waiting for... how many more blatant things do we have to do to you?

      Might as well just say it...

      whomever the controllers are that allow Obama/Bush/sleeper cells... to agitate...

    2. in other words the elite controllers know they will be in control even while chaos spreads like a wildfire... they aren't worried... so why not just take a bow? Why not skip the middleman--iacal?

    3. I said it before... remember when Mom and Dad just stared at you when you told a whopper... that's what we the people have to do...just strae back and do nothing but keep spreading the truth...

  7. a friend on Facebook commented on Obama signing some new monster law and I commented...

    just wait until the "kids need shoes" act is voted through and signed... that bill authorizes government to install TV cameras in your butt to monitor your bowel movements... And the liberal left will swear kids need those shoes...

  8. Replies
    1. note that her name is an anagram for Mossad...aremossad? Modaress... these are clues... if a name has an anagram or some sort of jokey feel.... protect your brain...

  9. powerful links...

    War may be imminent

    This article is being live typed and will continue to change until this line is removed.
    I have ignored certain current events recently, like the banking "crisis" in Cyprus, and the heating up in North Korea up until now, because I want this site to be one that covers topics that not everyone knows about. However, due to a stunning convergence of events I feel it is time to draw a conclusion from them

    First of all, this so-called obviously manufactured "banking crisis" in Cyprus, which went from being a ten percent shave to a 40 percent whack. Pure B.S., there is NO REASON FOR IT. All fractional reserve banking systems can just pull cash out of thin air, and all of the major banks are interconnected and have the same top ownership. This means that if there are problems in one region, except for paperwork tricks and other charades to the contrary, NONE of them need to ever go down. The situation in Cyprus was staged, and I sensed it from the beginning. So that begs the question then, WHY DID THEY DO IT.

    There are two big reasons, and BOTH are related to a hot bullets flying war. The first of these is to normalize the concept of having your money stolen on a global scale. If they succeed with this in Cyprus, it will set the stage for a domino effect, where it is ok to declare a banker crisis anywhere, and then rob the bank deposits. The stolen wealth can then be used to fund the war machine.

    The second big reason is even more ominous. Most people who are paying attention know that they want to separate the domestic dollar from the internationally traded dollars, and issue them as separate currencies, with the domestically traded dollar getting - you know it, just like Cyprus, a 40 PERCENT WHACK in value, while the internationally traded U.S. dollars keep their full value. So they can tank the crap out of America while maintaining the currency status around the world - PERFECT if the DHS is going to go around killing millions of people with their star of david hollow point bullets, an act sure to destabilize America.

    The end game? Destroy the Euro, and steal all the wealth the people invested in it, destroy the American economy while robbing a majority of the wealth invested in it, and then emerge supreme with a single international currency - the international US dollar, to be traded ONLY BETWEEN GOVERNMENTS and to be backed by the work of their little slave pool populations, still reeling from being robbed of their Euros and other forms of exchange. Unify all of them under ONE central economy and currency, and then use this unified front to wage war with Russia, Persia, and China in a final grab at total world domination. Far fetched? Possibly, but then there are other things I have noticed, which indicate we are going to war.

    The first of these is the vilification and mocking of Kim Jong Un. Take a look at this photo montage, and ask yourself - why the mocking tone, to make him look stupid? There is nothing odd about those pictures at all, except the way they are narrated. Interestingly, they were published like that in an Australian paper. Why do it there? Well, it's a classic stab at making ol Kim Jong look like a fool, and this happens in the run up to every war, in this case an upcoming world war. Additionally, North Korea and Russia have intelligence agencies that are not stupid, and North Korea's recent nuclear test may have been done as a result of gathered intelligence, a rattle snake warning that they will strike if provoked. You can bet that NK has no interest in a conflict with America, and that whatever is coming out of NK is the result of their intelligence agencies knowing something is on the horizon.


  11. @ john,
    I realize that you think Heneghan is not trust worthy with some of his information. However - there must be some truth in this... and at this point this is all we have to go on...

    Friday March 29, 2013
    Now It Is Total Bank Fraud
    by Tom Heneghan
    International Intelligence Expert

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that Dutch bank ABN Amro, the Nazi German Deutsche Bank and the bank-controlled discount brokerage whorehouse AmeriTrade have not been executing orders for their customers who have been buying long positions and call options in gold and silver but instead collecting the premium and then putting out falsified electronic statements that the customers' own the positions when they do not!

    This is the PFG fiasco all over again only on a much larger scale.

    These gangster banks, with their computer geek enablers, use the premium collected from their customers to then write naked short positions in the gold and silver futures, as well as the Japanese yen currency, with the direct assistance of the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of Japan.

    The underwriter for this fraud aka the casino pimps of last resort are JPMorgan Chase and Union Bank of Switzerland.

    P.S. This new grandiose PFG-style ponzi scheme has now generated $9.9 TRILLION in illegal cross-collateralized derivatives that threaten to implode the world economy at any moment.
    Question: Is there any difference between Bernard Madoff and Federal Reserve Chairman and crooked bank stooge, Ben Shalom Bernanke?

    Answer: There is none!

    Neither fraudster ever took a course in accounting.

    P.P.S. As the April 1st deadline nears for the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the new Chinese government officials have told U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to sign off on the transfer of funds now or there will be hell to pay!

    P.P.P.S. Hell to pay may have already happened.

    In closing, at this hour, the New York COMEX exchange does not have the physical silver or gold to make delivery on specified future contracts.

    Stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing in which we will explain how world financial markets are manipulated with the use of cell phone and voice inflection.

  12. What part do you question? Crooked Bank games? Add on all the rest. JPM's fantasy Silver book rackets. Non existent COMEX Gold.Non existent US Gold Reserves.

    Let me spell it out. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE INSURER OF LAST RESORT FOR DERIVATIVES.NOT POSSIBLE! SO -As Derivatives gambles run into THOUSANDs of T's. the entire Global GDP is outsold hundreds of times over.
    ONLY by a Global consensus not to allow ANY Derivatives litigation, can we avoid the train wreck coming. ALL DERIVATIVES need to be declared contracts of no validity. All Banks need to be split between core business Ringfenced Client Depositors and Lending, then ONLY SEPARATE Investment Banking which must stand alone and be cut loose if it goes wrong.

    Law Firm Partners are jointly and severally liable for losses occasioned. Make all Bank Boards responsible,their Homes, Pensions,Saving, the works. They demand cover from you. Why isn't that Sewer Rat at Goldman's in Jail for life? When will Bankers be jailed? Long, long overdue.
    WH Plunge Protection Teamn etc. No Gold prices are real.

    We all see the GS projections for next week. What value is the word of a Liar?

  13. reimplementation of Glass/Steagall.....would go a long way....

    @ John..

    does it look promising for the the UST moving forward or stalling... I hate to ask and I know the need to be ambiguous at best....but the internet is ablaze .... hard to not get excited and stay grounded .... we all want this to happen ....not asking for news....just wondering what the general "feel" there progress?.....

    cause i am not sure how to take this... "We all see the GS projections for next week"....

    1. John, that is a good plan - global consensus not to alloy ANY derivatives litigation and all derivatives need to be declared contracts of no validity. That is something that we can begin to do... to write letters to our state and federal representatives. The state representatives are easier to convince. That could catch on rapidfire, actually, if it got some momentum in the states.

      What did you mean about the GS? That was unclear, except that the Liar is O. Always.

    2. PVG , Canauzzi.Abby and all.

      Derivatives are the biggest threat to to Global Solvency right now. Another giant Ponzi scam waiting to implode. Wall Street Racketeers will push it for all it's worth for fast bucks. They KNOW when it goes bang, which it will, always they are bailed out. So, get this apology of a Government to act.
      1.Get Congressmen and the Senate to declare ALL Derivatives trades to be reckless Private Speculations NOT covered by Bank or Federal Indemnity or support.
      2.Direct the Fed and Treasury to direct Goldman's and JPM not to approach the Fed or Treasury for any more Bail Out loans. Break up Goldman's now! Stop all Goldman's privileged deals.
      3. Let a major Bank fail and do it now. Make the Boards accountable and take their homes and Pensions from them. How much did Fuld ever pay back? Zero! Go after it and him.
      4.Cease funding Israel right now.No more money. No more Arms supply. NO WAR WITH IRAN. Make that clear. The will of the people.NO MORE US INVASIONS- NO MORE US WARS! The world has had enough. Stop US Hegemony! Butt out of invading countries for Oil control.
      5.Get out of Iraq. GET OUT! Release their Dinars and leave. Cease all US support for Middle East insurrections.Get out of Syrian war games which ONLY arms and strengthens the Muslim Brotherhood.
      6. Stop ALL Agency Drug dealing. Stop ALL Agency Funding outside of Congressional appropriations. No more Wild Cat, out of control, loose cannons. Audit the Agencies. Freeze all Clandestine funding. Suspend all Agency staff involved in Criminal funding.
      7.Stop ALL Private Contractors Freelancing Boots on the ground out of control. Get them out of the Middle East. Stop hiring, start firing!Money for American jobs. Fix the Broken America first now. FIX AMERICA!
      8. Starting right now, replace ALL Jews and Zionists in the Fed and Treasury. They have abused Trust and betrayed America. Stop the Monopoly scam in one move. Once the Jewish stranglehold on the Fed and Treasury is broken, all the Wall Street Banking scams will fold. The case is clear. They can not be trusted. You would close a Mafia or Spy ring. They are worse. Close theirs now. No Jews in the Fed or Treasury. Clean out Jews from the Government and Supremes. Turn America around. Recover control of American finance. America for the people. It's all gone way too far. It needs to be rebalanced. Goodwill wont work. A real clean up has to start. Or it's over. This is NOT anti Jewish. Be clear. Its ONLY Anti Jewish Racketeering and then rebuilding a fair and inclusive society for all. Good Jews( of which there are many!!) can live with that. The devious monopolies must end now. A fair and responsible society.
      9. The GS and RVs need to start now. No more games.

    3. Best thing you have ever written!!! Bravo!

    4. Get this through your heads...This is mafia racketeering and they have the racket on everything!!!!

    5. courtesy the

    6. .......and so, I don't think this can leave any doubt in anyone's mind, that america is run by (zionist) jews.
      Those that control the money, control the country.

      (p.s. geno i posted a suggestion to you over on the 'Chattel' article.)

    7. See, I don't have a problem with what John wrote at all. It's GREAT. I have a problem with people who say, "Destroy evil" in the same breath as "It's all Jews who are the problem". That sounds like too broad of brush, IMO. I like term that Paladin and others have used, "Zionist Satanists". I have a friend in Israel who is 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Arab. He lives on the Mount of Olives... wonderful man. Which half of him do you plan on destroying? I am FOR people, and each person should be held accountable based upon his/her deeds, not ethnicity.

    8. I'd like to know who plans to implement John's plan and actually DO something vs. sit around and complain all day. Time to contact congressmen/state legislators... letters to the editor, etc. If I post more infrequently here, it will be because I'm busy with John's handy dandy list. Sounds like a good place to start.

    9. time to contact the fake actors employed by the do that.

    10. So, I assume that you mean to oppose John's admonition to us here on this blog? We are to simply post endless emails here and not take up his suggestions? You've got a readership of about 10 here, and that's supposed to do something earth shattering? You've been blogging 4 ever... it's not like that is rocking nations from their why mock other ideas?

    11. meant posts, not emails, of course.

    12. Readership is 900 a day on average.

    13. Pageviews last month
      Pageviews all time history

    14. which doesn't include the spook types who have blocks on their paths on the internet.

  14. G & J;

    Hope this informed blogger from the old country is on your reading list. Tell it like it is in real time.


  15. It IS NOT Islamic terrorists it is Israel posing as Islamic terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It's both! It's never that black-and-white!

  17. Bullshit...when it's Islam it's dumb goat herder kids suckered in by Mossad...

  18. where's this Islamic Pentagon power base? They wiped out Saddam and Ghadaffi over night and will do the same in Iran... Israel wants us to believe Islam is dumb enough to invite atrocity on themselves? it's ridiculous...

    Israel is the wolf in the wool...they are the one's who want to dominate the middle east and as Helen Thomas said... get the hell out...

    Unfortunately they run the Pentagon and White House and the media and the courts here so the worst thing that could happen is the destruction of Israel because it will be the excuse to kill all the non jews here...

  19. PVG - I'm afraid it IS that black and white. Its a well known fact that the 'jews' want to rule the world, 'because they are gods choooozen peeeple' as they TRY to tell the world.
    Detroying the world by destroying its economy, is done by banksters, and ALL the banks are run by these zionist people hating jews. Sorry, but its a fact.
    We all know that muslims are not doing any of those things, but the trick that is being pulled on all people, is to keep them focused on 'those muslims are terrorists' to keep every mouth off the real culprits and trouble makers..the zionist jews aka israel.
    And then every time the word terrorist is heard, one is supposed to automatically think 'its those muslims'.

    Whether we like it or not, we must look at their actions and call them what they are, and tradition or heritage or religion must go by the wayside.
    They are not any 'people of the Book' but are imposters; fakes.

  20. yes it is black and white when the black owns all the rackets and the white suffers the consequences... and gray is the smoke and mirrors they try so hard to this mask off...ding dong the witch is dead...

  21. It's not only one group, AND the one group you're referring to aren't really even Jews. Hence, you obfuscate. Sure, this group of non-Jew Jews is running a racket, but not alone. They're getting plenty of help, even from Muslims. I don't mind you painting with a brush, just not such an overly broad brush. You discredit your message when you over-generalize and fail to properly define the terms.

  22. I can appreciate the frustration toward certain people/groups. However, my belief is there are some Jews suffering as much as any of us. Just as with the Catholics, there are many parishes that are impoverished/the priest are paid minimal salaries, while those who sit in the Vatican live their "lives in the lap of luxury". We know these are not real jews but they have used history and religion.... they have played mind games with us all.

    I believe the focus should be on the groups in DC/on Wall Street/major think tanks, as well as, neo-nazi's that are fighting for positioning against this group.... the greed between these two groups and their antics with implode us all before this is over with.

    John says it best with the following:

    "Starting right now, replace ALL Jews and Zionists in the Fed and Treasury. They have abused Trust and betrayed America. Stop the Monopoly scam in one move. Once the Jewish stranglehold on the Fed and Treasury is broken, all the Wall Street Banking scams will fold. The case is clear. They can not be trusted. You would close a Mafia or Spy ring. They are worse. Close theirs now. No Jews in the Fed or Treasury. Clean out Jews from the Government and Supremes. Turn America around. Recover control of American finance. America for the people. It's all gone way too far. It needs to be rebalanced. Goodwill wont work. A real clean up has to start. Or it's over. This is NOT anti Jewish. Be clear. Its ONLY Anti Jewish Racketeering and then rebuilding a fair and inclusive society for all. Good Jews( of which there are many!!) can live with that. The devious monopolies must end now. A fair and responsible society."

  23. Who, i wonder, put the "Don't paint with a broad brush" meme into public consciousness? Who, rhymes with who anyways, is the only tribe in this planet that could possibly plant any meme into public consciousness..... hmmmm? Owning and controlling the media is a very powerful tool. So, i say... apply the broad brush... apply it liberally.

    Naming names of large corporations, pointing fingers at everybody and everything else, are only trick-up-the-sleeve deflections. What we are looking at is the end run achievement of a small and tightly knit tribe of people, accomplished under veil of secrecy. They walk among us as if they are us but in their hearts that is not what they feel... it's not what they think or act... they consider us as cattle, as if that somehow justifies what they do to livestock. One could say, they do say... It's just a business. You could return every brick and mortar corporation to dust and it will accomplish nothing until we realize (real eyes) what it is this tribe has become... something wicked.

    Refusing to assign blame at it's root only assures it's continuance... constant and endless turmoil. We must consider, at this late hour, the jews are no more capable of rising to the level of humanity than it is for humanity to continue to abide by the depths of their depravity. We must reflect on what they have destroyed, because they have created nothing of value. They have cheated, raped, stole, extorted, swindled, pillaged, lied, murdered, conspired... no deed too dirty, no act too low, and for the most base of reasons... and they're not finished... yet. They destroyed their own blood line for love of money. For two thousand years or more, in defiance of nature herself, they have biologically changed themselves from human into the most deadly parasite on earth.

    I got a hard time associating with a bunch of jews trying to keep people wringing their hands over some shekels which... it is highly evident, are not going to materialize. By rights, you all should have been making other plans a long time ago... do yourselves a favor, change the quality of your attention.

    1. You write like the razor edge of a surgeon's scalpel...

    2. And that is my intention... I thank you.

  24. PVG... are your saying Freemasonry is not jewish? Because i will argue it is. You are correct in your assessment it isn't only jews... that is true. And the useful idiots are traitors to America and humanity. Jews are traitors to humanity (jews are not the only humanity... no word games being played here) because they have never had any loyalty to any country.

    Get Real... yes, let's get real... you "think" some jews are suffering the same as the rest of us.... that is anecdotal at best... and it is well known, no jew respects a poor jew. They have simply been failures at doing the jew thing... screwing the goyem.

    We are going nowhere pointing fingers at who is not doing it. More than anything, i think, they want us to put our banks out of business and kill our own government... that's what i think... they will step right up with their solution. All the ducks are in a row.

    1. But of the Jews who also call this out and whose own humanity instinctively keeps them from participating, my deepest respect...

      I am leaning more and more against religion and secret sacred oaths and toward one simple golden rule that needs know swearing... you just live it...

    2. Wanda / PVG
      Free Masonry was developed by the Knights Templar and Cathars, albeit using some old Jewish symbols developed working as Stonemasons in Egypt, taken by the Crusaders from the Holy Land and designs of the Temple of Solomon. It is NOT Jewish but takes from the old Jewish history certain elements and practices. It was developed by the Knights Hospitalliers acting for the Papacy with Rome behind. A sub version of the Knights of Malta. The English version came in via the Teutonic Knights Templer rebelling against Rome and the Papacy. It was a new step taking away the power of Rome and seeking Enlightenment.

  25. yes it is a broad brush when you say Jewish mafia but not when you list them by name at their top positions in banking and media and the Obama cabinet... Jesus. So sick of the psychological rape and the whiney wusses that present themselves prostrate for it. I vote for Wanda. lol.

    not meant @ anyone... Get Real gets it.

  26. You may be right, Get Real gets it. We all need to get directions when we veer off the course, myself included. There are many detours placed out there for that very purpose... many memes planted.

    A poor jew is the same as a goyem. Is it Sam the grocer, MAYBE not. Is it Wegman's or Tops or City Market... YES -it is.

    One thing i do not hear any jew saying is how they need to save America... there is more in what is not said than in what is said. That is where you find the heart of the jew... in the negative space... the space between... the part they've trained us to not look at.

  27. The real semite blood Jews are 8% of the Jewish population so that leaves 92% of the so called false Jew who practice all the same Talmudic rituals and have the mantra...Is it good for the Jews...which translates to exclusion of everyone else...

    The power to print and control money has the result of ultimate power.... no matter what dude stands up in office and shakes his fist every single job is waiting on their paycheck or funding...


    And the media makes the useful butt sniffing idiots love their slavery...

    One thing couch serving does is give one a front row seat to imbecility woven into the mass household.

    News Flash

    Those guillotines in those camps are for Goyim and Noahide Law is what will serve the grandest genocide of all...wake up.

  28. There are major syndicates running black market for each continent....BUT... he who buys and fences the goods and launders the money in the banks... Is the top syndicate...

    1. Read James Moras Book about secret societies and how The pirates had their booty fenced on the Eastern shoreline that gave rise to the wealthiest families in America who financed Harvard and Yale...

      And yes... not all these men were Jewish or Khazar... Certainly Catholic and Jesuit were quite prominent but it is the creation of Catholicism that sought to divert the rise of Christianity that brings us back to the original people who sought to control all institutions...

      Yes man of any stripe can be corrupt and self serving and it is seemingly absurd to pin anything on any group but if one doesn't then guess what you get?

      What we have now...

      No accountability...

      If it is Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves who run this me...

      Benjamin Freedman gave us some grand clues in his speech...

      Scorcese and Coppola in their movies show us Italian Catholic mafia and Jewish mafia are shoulder to shoulder...

      Why are all these Jewish names in the top positions?

      To protect the Catholic dynasty? Quite possibly....

      and where are the slipperyest of all? The soddomite pedophiles who have the ultimate bond of silence among thieves and whose network absolutely has to control wealth and secrecy? Well, they are men who hide behind all religions and charade..

      But which layer of the onion do we peel back first... the one we can see and identify or the ones underneath?

      But a slick teflon coating at the top brought on by the politically correct hysteria brainwashed into the couch potato from the TV set and Archie Bunker allows the FRAUD to slide off...and end...

      Gee golly whiz you are just too nice to call a spade a spade...

    2. Geno - Bingo ! You hit the nail on the head when you said 'catholicism sought to divert the rise of (true) christianity'.
      This is exactly why Ive been saying what is presented today as being christianity, is NOT. It is like the Vatican and others who followed, removed the genuine diamonds and replaced them with Paste, and blind followers dont realize the difference.

      (It should be obvious to anyone, that Ishtar eggs and Ishtar bunnies have NOTHING to do with the death and resurrection of Christ. Those things are totally from PAGAN false religion.)

      I like the way Wanda does not mince words.

  29. Did people get the inference in the third 911 video from the top about the paint?

    It may well be they painted the steel girder rails with this paint that melted the girders upon ignition...

    1. Oh, I think the whole place got 'redecorated' big time.
      And lets not forget that Neil Bush was the Building Manager.

  30. PVG - Throughout this blog and over on the tdark Site, we have always made it very plain and distinct for a couple of years now.
    Also, in my above recent post I DID make the distinction, saying they are Imposters and not 'of the Book'.
    It is time for you to let go of your heritage putting it first and foremost. (Just as I had NO problem celebrating the gruesome demise of the Dictator Ceacescu from my country of heritage....because I always put FIRST and foremost, ones fruit, whether it be rotten or good.....and to hell with them being of my heritage.)

  31. Abby - I wasn't addressing you but you inserted yourself into the thread as though I was addressing you. No problem, but please don't take offense when I wasn't addressing you and you have made yourself clear that you are not including all Jews or all of any group. I agree with you that you judge a person's deeds or FRUIT. I have no problem with saying that the Zionist Satanists controlling Israel, Un-holy-wood, and U.S. are bad and our major problem. I have problems with anyone that misrepresents an entire group of people as culpable and giving a pass to another entire group of people. Such was my problem with Geno's sweeping statement that Islam is the scapegoat for Israel. In some things, yes, but Muslims are not innocent of all guilt,either. In fact, many are cooperating with the Zionist Satanists ruining our world! Let's just stick to accurate and specific facts so that there is good communication and understanding.

    Geno - I have no problem with anyone reporting facts as long as they are not inflammatory or misrepresentations, but have sought in my petitions to you to ask for good communication to the audience that would not catch all of any group up in the acts and commissions of others. I used to work for an Iraqi and dealt with the Middle Eastern community for over a decade. There are many that I am friends with that I love dearly without regard to their ethnicity or religion. You take people as individuals and judge their actions, not lump everyone into a group. I have a problem with the Babylonian Talmud and I also have a problem with the Quran, etc. etc. etc.

    You have to know that it's not only the Mossad that intends to rule by deception. Islam also has that same motto! It is the doctrine of Taqiyya تقية.

    Zionist Satanists have used Islam as a scapegoat in many ways, but many Muslims have also been complicit with the Zionist (Freemasonic) Satanists...along with other groups. For example, Masonic Yasser Arafat was trained by the Vatican and the Nazis. He played his part in the controversy of Zion. Saddam was on our U.S. CIA payroll as a young thug in 1957. Tim Osman... Let's not forget that the Bush Dynasty and the Bin Laden Dynasty are completely in bed together in many projects and businesses including the Carlylse Group. So, I'm saying it again, you can't make sweeping statements about ONE GROUP as it's not true. I'm sure that they have plenty of Chinese, Japanese, North Korean, etc. etc. leaders and operatives complicit in their doings.

    I have no problem with your list, above... and shining the light of truth on the actual deeds of each and every one and having them held accountable for all their traitorous and treacherous acts. The fact that I have to state over and over that it's not all Jews... and please use another term that more adequately describes the ones who are masquerading as JEWS.

    If you're saying to eradicate the Zionist Satanists, great. But don't forget the Satanist Catholics and Jesuits and the Satanist/Masonic MUSLIMS! The freemasonic net covers the planet and people of every ethnicity.

    So, if your post is going to give a pass to one group and place blame entirely upon another, I'm not buying.

  32. How many times do I have to plainly spell out that it's a Luciferian sect that is setting up the Jews? And if the Jews are 92% false due to exterminating the real that means the Luciferians are riding around in a Trojan horse of all stripes as I clearly wrote about a thousand times for years.

    But I promise you this... you falsely twist my words one more time and your posts will disappear until you disappear out of frustration.

  33. Satanic? Lets not forget that the very flag of israel has that 6 pointed star on it, which is VERY satanic. And right out there in the open. (it is not any star of david, as there is no such thing)
    Any questions?

  34. PVG - Not all zionists are satanists. Satanists practice satanism, like a religion.
    Zionists are just plain evil, twisted, and working against the people of the u.s. They despise us; ALL of US, including you.
    And to say 'well, they arent the only ones' is a sly way of defending them. I don't think that is gonna work in here. Either a person is wicked, or they are not.
    This is no place to give credence to nationalities.
    Gotta set that aside. Period.

  35. A report reveals that thousands of Iraqi scholars have been assassinated by Israel’s Mossad spy agency in collaboration with CIA agents since the occupation of Iraq.

    According to the report published by a British magazine, since 2003 over 5,500 scholars have been killed by CIA-Mossad agents in Iraq.

    The report added that Mossad has formed secret terror groups to kill Iraqi scientists, intellectuals, researchers and physicians as well as nuclear and chemical experts.

    The report also indicates that Israeli intelligence officials ordered the secret terror groups and sent them to Iraq.

    On March 19, 2003, US-led forces invaded Iraq under the pretext of wiping out the stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) belonging to the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime. However, no such weapons were ever discovered in the country.

    Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and Iraq’s infrastructure was destroyed following the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of the country.