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From: "Walter Burien"
Subject: PS: Re: WJB Re: Do you know about the CAFR funds? our govt's hidden trillions
Date: Sat, February 16, 2013 3:50 pm
To: "Bob Hurt","Elaine", "Cheri" 

Bob, Elaine, and Cheri:
PS: Here is a good exercise of time and effort that is the "sniper" kill shot:
Local governments send out to all a tax bill once a year and sometimes quarterly.
Mandate that those local cities; counties; and the state that sends out a tax bill to put one little "conspicuous" square box on the tax bill that says:
We strongly recommend that you carefully review your local government's:
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
 for this and previous years.To download and view please go to the following:

STATE CAFR - http:// xx.x 

COUNTY CAFR - http://xx.x        
CITY CAFR - http://xx.x

You could have one "standard" link that lists "all" CAFRs in the state of FL categorized by city, township, county, school district, enterprise operation, community college, state University(s) and the State. A one click find all link.
There is no real cost to the local government, it is "ink" on the mailings that are going out anyway. $30 in ink per million tax bills sent.
This can be presented and mandated at every City Council, School District, and County Board of Supervisors meeting.
There is no reason what-so-ever for them not to immediately do this in their next and every other subsequent tax bill mailing. Now if the TRF comes into being, there goes the idea of sending that little printed box out on the tax bill.
The CAFR "is" the report. The Holy Grail of financial accounting for every local government. To say no would be like the Catholic church refusing to conspicuously mention and direct parishioners to the Bible.
Refusal to do so for their next tax bill mailing and each one thereafter would be as condemning as it gets. It would be a clear indictment of their ethics of fiduciary responsibility and open disclosure. Clear grounds for immediate removal from any government office.  Copy the box above. Swap out "We" with the name of the local government sending out the tax bill. Then make it happen! Arrange for a one-link get all webpage in your state to be used so separate links do not have to be printed in the box.
Now 70% of the population that see it and look may say: "This is not the TV Guide" and go elsewhere. It is that 30% factor who looks and learns. Learns and sees what they never had a clue about that is and has developed in their local governments over the decades. They will talk and discus with many their findings. If there are 1.2 million in a local government venue, 30% that is 360,000 that will look.. Gigs up! There are a lot of sharp cookies out there who will now be "very" motivate to take corrective action where corrective action is needed. That 70% who would have their noses buried in the TV Guide do not matter. It is that 30% that do. 
Turn the screw tight and make it happen as soon as possible!

Walter Burien -
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From: "Walter Burien"
Subject: WJB Re: Do you know about the CAFR funds? our govt's hidden trillions
Date: Sat, February 16, 2013 1:56 pm
To: "Bob Hurt" 
Cc: "Elaine" 

Bob, Elaine, and Cheri:
Wealth building and investment for any party is a good thing.
The CAFR is not a swindle. It is a report. The swindle / fraud comes in when 99% of the population over the last five-decades does not have a clue it exists or the data contained therein.
An example from the past was: Twelve years ago I got a call from a sharp cookie in Oregon. Briefed him on the CAFR, he got a copy of the state CAFR, looked it over and called me back. What he said was: They show everything. Everything is accounted for here. So what's the problem?
I replied back to him with a question: What is being promoted as the state's budget on the radio / TV / and news print? He said 14-billion. I then asked him what it showed as the gross income on the state CAFR? He looked and said 38-billion? Duh!
Get it???  Selective presentation has been going on now for decades to the population's disadvantage.
With restructuring of investment return and enterprise operation income as was done in part by the city of Mesa, AZ 40-years ago (45% to 65% of their general purpose operating budgets depending upon what year you look at are satisfied in this fashion), going the extra 9-yards as the principle of operation, taxation can be eliminated entirely. It is not needed.

Walter Burien -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

From: "Bob Hurt"
Subject: Re: Do you know about the CAFR funds? our govt's hidden trillions
Date: Sat, February 16, 2013 11:09 am
To: "Elaine","Walter Burien" 

This is nonsense. The CAFR is a financial report, but omits many details that you can get with further inquiry. For example, in Florida it shows how much money the state has invested from trust funds. If I contact the CFO's state board of admin, they will send me the spreadsheet detailing 15,000 investments of those funds.

The CAFR is not a swindle.

If you don't like the state trust fund system,, challenge it in the legislature.

Florida is one of the few fully solvent states that never spends money it does not have.

Last year the $150 billion trust fund earned over 10% interest. We can only wish the feckless of America could invest as well.

Bob Hurt

On 02/16/2013 09:38 AM, Elaine wrote:
From: Cheri Bohman
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 7:20 AM
Cc: Elaine
Subject: Do you know about the CAFR funds? our govt's hidden trillions
Budgets are a HUGE scam, showing only the income from taxes. The govt has enormous investment income, enough to not only eliminate all taxes but to fund all retirement:

The CAFR Swindle - The Biggest Game In Town

Walter Burien's site:
The govt doesn't want this info to get out to the people because once it does, they're going to find themselves hanging from the rafters. Mr. Burien, who will answer any emails and phone calls, has been trying to get this info out since 1998. YouTube always shows hardly any views of his video, which has had millions of hits, to try to make us think that no one is interested in this incredible fraud.

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