Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Simple Plan by Complex Rats...

You see a monolith in the desert I see an erect penis... One of us is crazy and one of us is going to man's country in Chicago to release a little tension this afternoon...

  1. What do you guys think of Ben Fulford's answer to this gentleman's question?

    RE: ILLUMINATI Use China to Loot the West
    Hi,I'm a male 40- year old Kenyan who's been a follower ever since your Fukushima expose. I have some questions I've always wanted to ask to simplify things. Is there a single high command at the pyramid apex or is there not a single Illuminati monolith? If not, which are the main factions and their specific agendas if any? Is there a single geographical region for each faction like an agreed sphere of influence?
    Are any of these factions ever at loggerheads even though they share the same underlying philosophy of elitism, inbreeding, satanism(?) and contempt for Man? There are many threads on the illuminati and I've looked long for a functional description but haven't seen one.

    Fulford's Response:
    Thank you for the very thought provoking question. It will require a long answer. First of all, I believe that for most people the word Illuminati has become a generic term for a secret elite manipulating world events.
    The reality is more complicated. Two groups have contacted me, each claiming to be the Illuminati. One says they have been opposed to secret rule by Satanic bloodlines for thousands of years. They claim to have started the French, Russian and American revolutions. Another group calling itself Illuminati says they are descended from the Caesars of Rome and control the Vatican and the Mafia. They are better known as the Vatican P2 lodge. Together they were plotting a fascist world government known as the New World Order. They were opposed by the inbred Royal families of Europe who I think of as the Old World Order.
    Until recently, there was unified leadership with 5 key people at the top: David Rockefeller, George Bush Sr., Evelyn Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth and the Pope. Around the time of the election of George Bush Jr. and the self-inflicted 911, 2001 terror attack, they split into two factions: the war on terror faction and the global warming faction. The war on terror faction was the New World Order and the Global warming faction was the Old World Order.
    Recently, my contacts with people at or near the top of the Western power structure lead me to believe the real situation has become really complicated because of a power transition. A good parallel is a band of hyenas that has lost its alpha leader. For a while there is complex factional infighting going on and it is hard to figure out exactly what is going on.
    That is because an Asian group decided Western leadership was destroying the planet and started to take on both factions. They have done very well and the result has been the 180 nation BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) alliance.
    President Obama was very limited in what he could do during his first term because of the power of the two secret factions. He was set up to be a puppet who could fool the colored peoples of the world into thinking he was the world’s leader and not the old white men like George Soros, David Rockefeller and George Bush Sr. who were pulling his strings.
    Recently though, the situation has changed. My sources tell me the Rockefellers have fled to an Island near Fiji the Bushes tried to flee to South America but were stopped. Obama is now free to do more than he could in his first term. However, an American president has to represent the consensus of the establishment, especially the military industrial complex, so Obama is still fairly powerless.
    Another way to understand what is going on in the West it to realize it has a split personality. One part of the West thinks of itself as heir to Greek (science and democracy) and Roman (law and strong military power) culture. However, a large part of the elite think of themselves as heirs to Babylonian or Egyptian cultures which were ruled by God kings. It is the Babylonian and Egyptian traditions that are associated with occult secret societies, slavery, finance, guilds and Satanism.


    1. In my opinion that is an accurate simplification of the complex. The Hyena analogy is good. Again, remember the Godfather scene where the families discuss dividing up the city (world) and how one doesn't want drugs and yet others see drugs as lucrative and decide it's okay to destroy the black side of town with the drugs. Later the families go to war over some personal issues.

      The first two Godfather movies show the use of Casinos, and Congress and the phony two faced politicians, and violence as both a threat and a weapon to bring parties to a stalemate and business as usual. We the masses is the one thing they agree on. Keep us down on the plantation.

      China, if smart and they are, will enlist us as their "family" to give themselves the power to go beyond. Therefore promising us some wealth is a wise move. Hopefully, they will promise and come through with it. 1 million new millionaires over night will set back the New World Order at least another 20 years.
      Tom Heneghan is stating - It can now be reported that as Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols remain imminent pending the confirmation of U.S. Treasury Secretary-designate Jack Lew.

      I have read in several places that the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand funds release is necessary for the IQD RV to happen.

      I am also aware that Lew's vetting is to take place Feb. 13th.

      I am told by a extremely reliable source that the possibility of an IQD RV prior to the 15th is impossible. Could it be that we have to wait for the vetting and placement of Lew to make this happen?

      Any thoughts... John? or anyone else who might have other information to shed light on this happening in the near future???
      1. The RV situation remains confused daily. Our team are in Reno addressing daily issues. The Bullion support is now in place to underpin the Dinars. We still have the Bush interference seeking to obfuscate and delay. Having lost their core assets, again, this time on the Australian Derivatives exposure, they need liquidity as a bridge again. Having lost control of the White House and Treasury, Sr now has to go back to swamp rat days blackmailing and threatening to hold their crumbling sewer together.

        The GS issue has access to vast bank base dollar liquidity, even if worthless paper in truth, as its core capital right, but that, as the IMF is finding, means dislodging a lot of Military Industrial Cabal subterfuge and taking back from compromised Banks what is not theirs. Under the Zionists from Greenspan up, they leveraged these funds off the planet to maintain reckless vast Global Military Base and Agency waste. In addition to personal corporate theft and looting as despotic asset strippers, unchecked by a dysfunctional Congress.
        As always, pulling back what is long overdue and owed, means collapsing so many leveraged dependencies and having to create yet more illusions of core assets underpinning consequential black holes, created by Sr and the Cabals unchecked Agency and Pentagon wildcat expenditure.

        Le Guarde and the IMF are in a dog fight to recover what is due. China and Asia want reparation for US Hegemony and theft. In a fast changing power shift where the very Axis of power is now challenged, the US are out of place and out of time. So, it's a dog fight with many interests co combining to throw out the Old Guard of failed US Imperialism and to seek a new Global Collective Power for good. No one can call it. The skill will be getting the perception of liquidity released from a heavily bankrupt American nation, and the world colluding to treat ever more unbacked valueless USD $ Toilet Paper as real to keep the show on the road. Bottom line, feeding the illusion of stability.
      2. Dear Bush mercenaries, grab some dinar and refuse to help those who are stopping the currency revaluations and the global settlements. When it collapses for your bosses, exchange your dinar and live free as your own boss for the first time since you walked into the recruiters office.


  1. Geno,

    A Rat is a rodent, that will eat it's young. Is it safe to say that a complex rat will eat our (collective) young?

    I have been going in circles reading and researching who is at the top (better put; who is at the core) of the world's power elite. East vs west, Royal vs Bush. It doesn't matter. Big picture is this, right vs wrong. They are all greedy, self centered, ratschildes. In all circumstances the power elite will build up society, all the while taking away the foundation that it grows upon. When society becomes a threat through prosperity, education, or unity, the power elite eliminates the upper middle class if (there is one), and pushes its subjects into poverty through war, over taxation, and starvation. Rather than work for the greater good of humanity, the elite have, time and again, taken the good that comes from learning (medicine, science,etc), and turn it into weapon that can be used to destroy humanity.

    Big fire in the forest. All the animals run to the river and swim to safety on the other side except the scorpion, who cannot swim. Along comes the tortoise, the last of the creatures from the forest. The scorpion pleads "take me to the other side" !

    The tortoise replies "Why should I? you are the deadly scorpion, we are better off without you" "I will change my ways, besides if I sting you we will drown" The tortoise agrees to help the scorpion, and halfway across the river stings the tortoise. "WTF...why did you do that?" now we both die" The scorpion replies "It's my nature"

    Let the rats feed of themselves. We are the ones who provide them with food...ultimately!